i saw it anyways though so it's all good

So I did a lil Kumirei comic thing for my (and Reina’s) birthday but like idk it just started because I saw some shotgunning gif or something and now I have this whole au, even though the comic starts off with no context whatsoever, rip (if you wanna know more about the au it’s pretty much just Reina trying to ‘peel that good girl skin’ off of Kumiko). Anyway the comic is under the readmore

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Wait i'm so confuse right now. What happened to Johnny?

the writer of ennana told johnny (the dj mind you lol) to talk less using informal language last night and fans got mad at the writer for saying that to him. 

plus on the sidelines hes been getting dumb hate from fake fans *** and you know how sm has barely given johnny a role in both comebacks… so yeah, its an accumulation of problems i guess

the writer saw the feedback though and has just apologised for their mistake! they said they are reflecting and it won’t happen again.

just f.y.i though, from all the lives i’ve watched, the ennana staff have been really good to johnjae, always guiding them, making cute signs, badges, and giving them drinks so they aren’t being mistreated in anyway. 

hopefully this was just a one off mistake made at a particularly sensitive time for nct stans

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I love your art!!! Honestly your style is super unique and cute and I love your coloring especially!! Can I request Kenneth and Dante?? Please and thank you!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!! <3

Okay so I just sent an anon asking about Dante and Kenneth and then I saw your post about what you can draw and!!!! I’m so sorry!!! I didnt see it before I asked!!!! If its okay, can I request Ty instead? Again, I’m super duper sorry about not checking before. I still hope you’re having a good day/night though. <3

That’s alright, dear <3 and yes you can! I already had a sketch for Ty sitting around to finish anyways, so it all works out ^^

Thank you so much, btw!!! It always shocks me when someone says they like my art :o 

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we've never really talked but I'm curious so!! 👀💙☁️

kait callout post

(first of all i did a lot of stalking so i can do this lmao)

  • has the most beautiful header ever??
  • iwas stunned the moment i clicked on you blog and saw laura
  • anyways amazing blog???
  • stans all the right people (fictional and real)
  • is in all the right fandoms
  • has #makeskatehappy tag which is cute af
  • very good original posts
  • 10/10
  • ALSO UR THE PERSON WITH THE  “finn and peter hang out in space” IDEA
  • seriously i love it so so much
  • (i hope i did well)
  • (also lets be friends that was a nice ice breaker lmao)

mutuals send me 👀 and ill make a ‘callout’ for you