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Characters I Thought Were Gay Before I Knew What Gay Was

When I was a little kid there always characters I thought were gay even before I knew what gay was. Which I don’t quite understand, but I suppose it must mean that I saw some part of myself in them.

Miss Honey from Matilda (1996) - was it because she was alone in a cute little cottage in the woods? I dunno! But it seems a lot of kids like me thought it too. 

Eddie Kaspbrak from Stephen King’s IT (1990) - I saw this film when I was far too young and unfortunately believed it was a documentary until I was about fifteen. He says something about never having sex and then being in love with all his friends (who are mostly guys) so sorta gay???

Ursala from Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989) - IDK she’s like an artist on her own and she’s really helpful? At one point a guy says he thought she was a boy cause of the way she’s dressed and she’s like “WITH THESE LEGS!?!?!?” 

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What is your honest opinion on Billy and john?

I mean, while I don’t entirely like the Saw series since it’s just… so damn gruesome and I can’t stand a lot of the pains and tortures a lot of the people go through but… I do like John and lil Billy.

John seems like the kind of guy you’d really want to be friends with, y’know? He’s very smart – he has so much thought through on every little detail of his ‘games’ and it’s astounding. He seems like he’d be a pretty good friend, not just because you don’t wanna get involved in his games and of course Billy is just a cute lil puppet that is such an iconic look to it!

Basically, I love em both a lot – not so into the movies, but just them I do enjoy.

BTS Reaction to: Them having a crush on a Produce 101 trainee

Anon asked: "can you do a bts reaction to them having a crush on a Produce 101 trainee whom they don’t personally know or acquainted with??? like it was love at first sight when they first saw him/her on TV. that would be rlly cute. thank you!!“

Author’s note: Because you said him/her I decided to do some reactions with him and some with her. Also because Namjoon said ‘boyfriend or girlfriend’ in that interview. Hope you like it! Also gifs aren’t mine. Sorry it isn’t that long. x 


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Seokjin thought that he was just gonna watch a fun episode of Produce 101 with his friends, but when he saw the guy on TV he just couldn’t keep his eyes off him. There was just something about him that Seokjin really liked. He wasn’t sure what but he definitely ended up watching all the upcoming episodes just to be able to see him again. 


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When he saw the guy entering the stage he didn’t know what was happening. Butterflies erupted in his stomach as he stared bluntly at the stage. Yoongi tried to be smug about it to hide it from his members but they weren’t blind. Everyone could see that he started to like the trainee. 


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Namjoon had convinced him to watch an episode of Produce 101. Hoseok had never seen it before but decided to give it a chance. When he saw the next trainee walking in he couldn’t help but smile. Namjoon instantly noticed as he laughed at his friend’s behavior. He knew the girl on the screen was cute but he didn’t expect Hoseok to practically fall in love with her at first sight. 


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Namjoon obviously knew about the show but never had the time to actually watch it. So when he was free for the rest of the evening he decided to watch an episode of it. What he didn’t expect however was to practically fall in love with the girl who appeared on the screen. Just like Hoseok he spend the rest of the evening watching episodes just so he could see his crush again. 


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Unlike the others Jimin was actually a big fan of the show. He liked seeing the young people trying to achieve their dreams. So when he found out the new episode would air tonight he’d grab a bowl of popcorn and made himself comfortable on the couch. However, Jimin definitely wasn’t prepared to practically drool when he saw the cute guy on the screen. Hoseok laughed at the younger’s actions as he started to scream at the sight of Jimin looking so in love. 


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Just like Namjoon he knew about the show but never actually had the chance to watch it. So when he had the entire day off he decided to watch an episode. Mainly because he heard such good things about it. When he saw the cute girl on the screen he practically choked on his drink, staring at the screen with wide eyes as he felt his heart flutter. From then on he knew he’d watch all the upcoming episodes just to find out more about her. 


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Jungkook liked seeing the young trainees trying to follow their dreams. It reminded him of when he was still a trainee himself. He knew just how they felt and that’s why he liked watching the show so much. When a new trainee appeared he felt his breath hitch in his throat. He instantly was attracted to her and was glued to the screen for the rest of the night. Jungkook would keep watching the episodes just to see the girl again. 

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alix i just saw cats for the first time and. what the fuck. what the actual fuck they’re all dead???? there’s a pirate interlude??? the railway cat song is a bop tho that was cool, tbh i didn’t really hate it as much as i thought i might but like. they’re all dead and i only know bc someone told me can alw pls explain himself here. also rumpleteaser was cute af #notafurry

i’m printing this ask out and framing it holy shit

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TILLY. Love your blog. I saw a cute lil vampire of yours in cowplant-pizza's game and I LOVE HER. Is she on the gallery? (It's totally okay if it was a private download and I can't have her, don't worry!! I just thought I'd ask.) <3

ahh ty !! and I presume you mean from my simblreen gift? if you do she’s not on the gallery but i’ll make sure to upload her tomorrow for you !! :+)

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I might be going to Hell for even asking this, but---Is your profile pic your fursona?

More of a blog mascot, actually.  I first saw the original image on a Something Awful “Photoshop Phriday” thread (“Animal Anomalies”).  It just struck me funny, and I thought it was cute, so I used it as my profile pic/avatar on Newgrounds back in 2002.  It’s just kind of followed me ever since then.

Nowadays, I occasionally make little doodles for it, and I also like to “dress” the owlcat according to the holidays and seasons.

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It was the time where i hesitated getting back to kpop because i just got my first work. Then my friend started telling me that i should watch a kdrama that was recently finished(moonlight drawn by clouds) i was into bo gum that time . Then i saw a video where he had v in it. I thought the guy was handsome(still is).(1/2)

Anonymous said: (2/2)Then spring day mv came and i watch v again but i ended up falling for the pink haired guy(which is obviously jimin) he was so cute and so sexy at the same time. And i just love his voice-raspy and smooth. Thats when i started watching their other videos/fan made/theories and the rest is BTS history. Im really glad they found me. PS. I love jimin. 

I’m glad you found them too <3 I agree Jimin is so cute in spring day I absolutely love how he looks in that era. And his voice is just…mesmerizing. Long live the BTS history :’)


When I saw the first pic with Bill and Jackson together, I quickly thought of a moment during filming where they’re doing the opening sewer scene and they made a lot of takes and when they finally got it, Bill quickly crawls out of the sewer to ask Jackson if he’s ok and telling him he did great and all just for Bill notice him yawning, so he picks him up and heads to his trailer to lay him down for a nap. 




one of my favourite lines from the script!! i’m proud of him :’)

Ladybug and Kitty <3 My adorable little muses. 
I saw this really great video awhile back and there was this quick shot of a couple sleeping while holding hands and I thought it was pretty cute so I did something inspired off of it. 

I tried to keep the Ladybug wings still ladybug-ish. 


// seokmin for dazed kr.