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I think this might end when Mark says something. A lot of his fans are freaked out by this too, or they're getting mad other people aren't stopping when told. Mark himself hasn't said anything yet. I am so sorry a fandom as sweet as this one was targeted, especially because I saw someone mention it was because this fandom went to help during the "reblog or they get killed" incident. I really am sorry. Most of us meant no harm. -From, someone who's a Fander too and is disappointed by all of this.

It’s not your fault, darling. It’s not Mark’s either. I know that he wouldn’t mean any harm by this.

Some people just take things too far and don’t know when enough is enough.


Hello :) I saw that a lot of people are turning to you for advice about their future and whether they should become vets or not, many of them worried about the human-interaction aspects of the job. I thought that sharing my experience might be helpful, so here it goes. I’ve always wanted to be a vet and my path in life always seemed very clear to me, there was nothing else I could imagine myself doing. As I grew up, I started realizing that I dislike working with people, I was becoming more and more of an introvert and I suppose you could also call me a misanthropist. In the first years of university I was very passionate about microbiology and I was certain that I would go into research, I was actually super excited about that perspective. But as we started clinical hours and working more and more with sick animals, I knew that my place was in a clinical setting and I would just have to learn to deal with people.

But…SURPRISE! I’ve been working as a vet for one whole year and it turns out, I love interacting with clients. I enjoy explaining everything to them - from the steps needed for a diagnosis, to treatment plans and future outcomes, listening to their stories and giving advice. And it’s such a wonderful feeling when they come back because they felt respected and listened to, so they trust you with the future of their beloved pets. Of course, there are also people that can frustrate you and drive you insane, but you just have to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are there for the animals and it’s in their best interest to be nice, polite and helpful, even when their owner is giving you headaches.

What I wanted to say was that if you feel like you would hate working with people, maybe you just haven’t talked to the right ones yet. I would hate any other job that involved working with people, but when most people I see are people that love animals and do their best for their pets, that warms my heart and makes everything much easier. 

I’ll leave you with a picture of two of my petlings, Nora the dog and Moz the sleepy cat :)

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Thanks for submitting your experience. It certainly does help, at least from my point of view, that most people I see do care about their animals, so at least we have that starting point in common. There are still a lot of people I need to talk to every working day and while I have found that I enjoy most of it, dealing with people is an aspect of veterinary medicine that is often overlooked by those just wanting to ‘work with animals’.

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for some reason you almost never show up on my dash, but whenever you do your art has gotten like 1000 times better than when I last saw it? idk how u do it but u get better at art so quickly

Selling your soul to the devil usually helps.

Hahahaahahah serious answer though? I don’t know. Sketching a lot even little stuff helps. And thank you for the compliments!

Flower District

This is another little short for Flowers and it’s sequel, and the time gap in between them. Like Sand, it’s best that you’ve read Flowers before reading this. 

For those of you who have read my work, you know I don’t do a lot of fluff. That’s not because I don’t like it, it’s because I feel like I’m not the best at writing it but I’m gonna change that! Flower’s sequel is going to have a lot of new things that as a writer I haven’t done before and I’m super excited about it! So this short is a bit fluffy. Also, I’m here for this ship!

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How did you just see the term bi and just know you fit? I’ve never seen anything that made me feel like that and it’s so frustrating. All my friends know if they’re bi or trans or gay or straight and I feel like I’ve been left in the dark. I just have never felt right with any particular label and I’m frustrated? Annoyed? I don’t even know.

I have another story for you!! It wasn’t bi that I saw first and identified with! It was actually the term “fluid” which means your sexuality changes and flows depending on your mood and how you’re feeling. I really identified with that for a while because I just felt like nothing fit exactly right.

After I was in a pretty… confusing and rocky relationship with a girl who I was pretty intensely having “feelings” for, I shifted my focused and kind of realized “Oh hey, I like the queer label too” because it’s all-encompassing. Now? I tend to tell people I’m bi for simplicities sake, I’ve boiled myself down enough personality wise to figure out that the bisexual label is one that I really enjoy! Even with all of its stereotypes.

I wouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself to find a label yet. All of the ones I went through were over a period of years of just trying to understand myself better and figure out what was me. And you know? It could still change. I could find in five years I really like the pansexual label and identify with that more. It honestly just depends on you as a person.

I will say! I actually went and looked through a full list of sexualities and read them and their definitions and just tried to see if any of them hit me like a ton of bricks. That’s how I found fluid and realized that I wasn’t just a straight girl who really really admired the female form.

I’m also going to encourage you to watch a Bi youtuber I love! Her name is MissFenderr and this is her most recent video on sexuality about being Bi and questions that come with it.

I was imagining a scenario where Finn discovers Rey’s Force bond. At first he’s skeptical, even distrustful of Rey. He can’t understand how she could believe in hope for such a monster after everything he’s done – how she could think there’s light left in such a creature?

He hurt Finn. He killed Han. He nearly killed all of them, didn’t he? The man is a monster. He had a family, people who loved him – who gave a damn, right? He had a legacy, a name…  everything Finn might’ve dreamed of as some soldier with “FN-2187” as his namesake and no family to speak of.

Rey is heartbroken, because she insists it’s not that simple. But he can’t understand it – he just can’t. It’s through the Force. She explains it to him – she can feel him, see him, sense the conflict in him. She knows there’s good, she’s seen it. And… there’s something… something that’s drawn her to him.

Finn is suddenly terrified of his friend.

Perhaps Finn even has a moment of understandable betrayal  – and tells Poe in fear that Rey is compromised.

Rey is cast out from the Resistance, and Finn is horrified. He didn’t mean for that to happen. Somehow, eventually he finds her again. And he’s sorry. He didn’t mean for Rey to receive the consequences. But how could she? How could she have changed her mind – betrayed him, and Han, and Luke? He just wants to understand.

But then it dawns on him in that particular moment – a moment when Rey is pleading for Finn to understand. Because she doesn’t want to feel like people are asking her to choose sides. She’s so tired of choosing sides…

She’s being torn apart, she tells him.

And it dawns on Finn. And he sees. He knows suddenly. A small truth.

“Rey, I think I need to tell you something. About Kylo – er, uh… Ben. He… he saved me. He’s the reason I’m even here, the reason we ever even met, Rey. When we arrived on Jakku, we were assaulting a rebel village. I saw my friend die in the carnage – saw the blood and violence and despair and I – I couldn’t bring myself to shoot. And… he saw me. He looked right at me. He saw right through me. He knew. But he did nothing. Just. Walked away. He could have killed me then. But he let me go. Maybe… maybe he let me go because there’s something good in him, something in him that didn’t want to be killing and fighting and waging war. He saw in me what he wanted to be, maybe… And then I ran into you. And Poe. And Rose… and now I’m here… So, I think I finally understand… I don’t know that I can really forgive him for what he did to me… to Han… but. I understand why you want to help him Rey.”

Hey, I might get hate for this and this message might not be for everyone, but I wanted to say -

It’s okay to be going through a kind of grief right now if you were very invested in Nick’s content. Some people might be experiencing just straightforward anger, and that’s fine, that makes sense.

But I suspect some of you, like me, are struggling with your emotions. Betrayal is complex. Maybe you wish things could go back to the way they were. Maybe you’re guilty because you didn’t realize - guilty because you did - guilty because you’re not as angry as you think you should be. You want him to get fired, but you don’t. You miss his content but don’t know if you’ll ever be able to watch it again. You wonder if this is really a big deal, wonder how much your social climate is influencing that view. You want to make jokes about it and yet you hate when other people make jokes about it. You feel bad for him and feel guilty for feeling bad for him.

Maybe you experience one or two or all of these at some point. This is NORMAL.

And I want to be clear about something here: some of these emotions can easily turn into victim blaming, but use this as a learning opportunity. Victim blaming, generally, doesn’t come from HATING WOMEN on a personal level. It comes from fear, and guilt, and betrayal. It is EASY to fall into, and it can come from a place of sincere emotions, so be careful about what you’re saying out there in the heat of the moment.

I just - not ever emotion you experience in a situation like this is going to be Morally Pure And Good. And some of them should probably be worked through privately. But I want everyone to know that feeling those emotions is FINE. It’s part of the process and resenting yourself will only make it harder. You will learn and grow from this.

If you’re struggling with your reactions to this, it’s ok to step back. It’s okay if your emotions don’t immediately fall in line with your beliefs. So long as you’re thinking critically about what you put out there, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about your emotions.

Be kind to yourself, everyone.

Winona Ryder doesn’t receive the appreciation she deserves. Her performance in Stranger Things is draining. It’s draining to watch. But, that’s a good thing. Joyce Byers is drained, tired, scared, panicked. We know this not by what creators, directors or writers say about the character, this is because Winona Ryder has a talent. She can make you feel exactly like her characters do. Winona Ryder made me understand what it feels like to be a parent, never mind being a parent to a missing child. She made understand the worry and stress. I don’t even have children, I’m not a parent, but, when I watch Winona Ryder play Joyce Byers, I feel like I should be out looking for Will.

Girl, Interrupted. Her performance in that film was outstanding. If it wasn’t for her then I would never of understand how serious mental health was from a young age. Thanks to Winona, I understand my own mental health as well as understanding the ways of helping others with mental health issues.

I’m not going to say too much, or, go into details about every single film I’ve saw with her acting in it. But, what I will say is, Winona Ryder is an iconic woman who deserves a lot more appreciation and acknowledgment for helping to keep young women like myself, empowered.


LOIS:  Look, Clark, I know that I got a little thorny when you raised the red flag on A.C.
CLARK:  I was just trying to look out for you.
LOIS:  And I appreciate it.  I’ve just never had someone to help guide me through the shark-infested ocean of romance. … Not that I can’t fend for myself.
CLARK:  You know, I think I was wrong about our friend A.C.

I just had a thought about Stranger Things. 

If Mike called her every night since she was gone, that means that in the flashforward at the end of season 1, after all the kids left, he sat in the fort, and called El. Wished her Merry Christmas and told her that they all got her present and when she comes back she could open them. 

He probably cried a lot and spend the night in the fort and maybe Nancy saw it and asked Steve to help her carry her brother to bed before he went home too.

And maybe he had a dream about her and woke up in the middle of the night and Nancy went into his room and calmed him down and let him cry on her lap. 

… I just made myself sad!!!

BTS Reaction to: Their S.O going into heat and them helping

Anon asked: ”If your requests are open or if you take requests, could you write about the reader being a hybrid (wolf or cat) and going into heat and her boyfriend, one of the BTS guys, have to help her. And if you’re comfortable with other could you please include daddy kink.” 

Author’s note: “Hi! I am taking requests but I just don’t really have a lot of time to write these days, so it takes me a little longer to post. It’s 8 am and I’m writing smut already. Also this is very smutty. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

Cat hybrids didn’t go into heat often, but when they did it was bad, really bad even. You were in a lot of pain and groaning all the time in discomfort. Seokjin and your relationship was fairly new so you haven’t been intimate yet. However, Seokjin wanted to for a while now. So when he saw you so sexually frustrated he took his chance and slowly approached you before wrapping his arms around your middle. He rested his chin on top of your shoulder as he whispered, 

“Maybe I can help you with your needs Y/N. I could make you feel really good.” 


Originally posted by iloveyoo-ngi

Yoongi was secretly excited every time you went into heat. As a dog hybrid it happened quite frequently and every time was just as intense as the last time. There was no way you would be able to cope with it on your own so luckily your boyfriend was more than willing to help you out. Yoongi always felt it coming and when your heat was finally there he wouldn’t be able to hold back and fuck you into the mattress. 

“Shit baby you always get so needy don’t you? You’re so good for daddy.” 


Originally posted by morekpopmore

Hoseok was a sweetheart. Always was and always will be, but when your heat came around the animal in him appeared, and boy was he rough. Hoseok was usually always scared to hurt you in any way but when he heard you begging him to fuck you with tears streaming down your face from desperation something snapped. He pinned your hands arms above your head as he thrusts inside of you, making you arching your back and moan in pleasure. Hoseok smirked as his hips started slamming against yours in a relentless pace. 

“Fuck baby you’re so hot like this. You look so good underneath me.” 


Originally posted by bangtan-tan

Namjoon was always dominant but whenever you were in heat he felt the need to be even more dominant. He wanted to make you beg for him until you were close to crying from desperation, which wasn’t very hard to do since you really needed him to help you during your heat. It was simply too painful and frustrating to deal with on your own. Namjoon pressed your upper body against the cold surface of the counter as he slid inside of you. Your wetness making it even easier for him to slide in. He groaned as he buried his face in the crook of your neck and started to slam in and out of you. 

“Shit baby you’re so tight! Always so tight for daddy.” 


Originally posted by kpopkpoop

Just like Hoseok Jimin never wanted to hurt you and was always scared that he would. But when he heard you calling out for him and found you on the bed with your legs spread and your hand between them something changed within him. All his worries flew out of the window and all that was on his mind was punishing you for touching yourself without his permission. Jimin could be pretty dominant when he wanted to and boy did he want to. He crawled on top of you as he pulled your hair back, making you whine. 

“You’re such a bad girl Y/N. Touching yourself without my permission. Maybe daddy should punish you, hm?” 


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Taehyung smirked when he heard you begging for him to help you out. Your heats were one of his favorites, because you always got so desperate for him. He’d often tease you just to see how much you’d beg for him to fuck you. When you looked at him with big eyes and a pout on your lips he grinned. He got you right where he wanted you. So he lifted you up and carried you to the bedroom where he fucked you hard into the mattress. Just like you wanted to. 

“Shit Y/N, you’re always so desperate. Do you like my cock that much?” 


Originally posted by bapsae-monsta

Jungkook usually didn’t take a lot of convincing. Whenever you asked him to fuck you he would, happily. But when you were in heat he was a little more hesitant. Whenever you’re in heat you always are needier and beg a lot more, which is something he likes. Really likes even. So much that he often can’t control himself when he’s fucking you. That’s why he always asks you if you’re sure that he can go rough on you. Because once he starts he won’t be able to stop anymore. 

“You sure Y/N? Because you know once I start there’s no way of stopping me. You’ll just have to be a good girl and suck it up because I’m gonna fuck you so good you’ll feel it for the next week.” 

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Have you seen the Part in mishas house article where he talks about Jensen finding him knitting and saying really and mishas says we'll get through this !!! Defos married couple aha

Yes, I did! I can’t believe Misha had to mention Jensen by name in this interview. He literally cannot help himself. Misha heard “have you turned any castmates on” and his brain went, “Uh, Jensen.”

I hope that he really does teach Jensen how to knit some day <3

[Image transcription: 

Have you turned any Supernatural castmates on to craft?

On set, there’s tons of down-time, a lot of sitting and knitting and crocheting. And I have occasionally been in the mix there. Last year Jensen [Ackles], my co-star, walked up and saw me knitting, and he just looked at me and said, “Really?” But I could tell there was jealousy behind it, more than criticism. So I’ll teach him to knit, and it’ll be fine. We’ll get through this.]


this is the photography!harry piece based off of this request:  

hello! can you do where harry is a photographer and he needs a model for an upcoming project or something so he asks y/n since he couldn’t find anyone. and during that process, both developed feelings towards one another.

Y/N liked to sit alone in the dining room. She didn’t like to watch people eat or have others watch her eat. And, she definitely wasn’t a fan of small talk. Or talking at all. She didn’t like it because she wasn’t good at it. She wasn’t good at it because she didn’t do it. She didn’t do it because she didn’t like it. It was a vicious cycle, really. 

This wasn’t to say that she didn’t have any friends because she did. Those who bothered to stick it out past her social awkwardness and the unnecessarily high walls she built around herself usually were there for life. Said friends, however, refused to wait for her to get out of class and went to eat somewhere else without her. Since she didn’t have a car she was left to fend for herself in the dining room. Which she didn’t mind as long as she was left alone. 

Apparently Harry Styles didn’t get the memo. He was this real sweet kid she saw around in the arts department a lot. They were both fine arts majors, but she specialised in painting and sketching while he specialised in photography. In their first couple years they had a few general ed classes together, so she was friendly whenever they came into contact with each other but they weren’t friends. That was why his sudden presence at her table was so perplexing. They were wave from across the hall close not sit with each other at lunch close.
She looked up from her plate, slowly finishing a mouthful of carbonara, eyeing him suspiciously. “How… may I help you?”

He flashed a big, bright smile at her which was honestly a bit off-putting. “How are you doing, beautiful?”

“I’m fine… just, ya know, trying to get some ATP.” He looked at her with a blank expression. “Adenosine triphosphate… Like, cellular energy… that comes from– ya know what? Never mind. I’m a nerd. Why are you trying to butter me up?”

He sighed. “I know we don’t talk often.” She raised an eyebrow at him. “…Or, at all, but I need to ask you for a favour.”

She patted around her mouth with a napkin in an attempt to stall time. She wondered why he couldn’t ask one of the other million people he knew. Why did it have to be her? Why couldn’t her friends have waited for her to get out of class? She figured hearing him out wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, though. “Well, I can’t guarantee I’ll do it, but what is it?”

“I’m working on a project, and I need a model. My last one flaked out on me.”

Her eyebrows drew together. “Why?”

“She found out I wasn’t paying,” he pouted.

She puckered her lips. “Oh. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. Anyway, I’m doing, like, a modern recreation of renaissance art. And, I really really really need your help.”

She squinted her eyes at him. There had to be something he wasn’t telling her. She was more than certain that he could convince any other girl to model for him. She knew at least three girls who had a legitimate crush on him, five girls who wanted to get in his pants, and really any living creature could be charmed into doing it once he batted his eyes in their direction. The dude was beautiful. “What aren’t you telling me, Styles?”

He winced at the question before blowing raspberries into the air. “Are you… familiar with… The Birth of Venus and Venus of Urbino?”

“Of course I am,” she responded immediately. When he didn’t say anything, she thought back over what he just asked her until the gears in her brain were fully turning. Her eyes widened. “You want me to pose nude?” she whisper shouted. 

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pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

word count: 1,582

warnings: none 

this is my first stranger things fic so I hope you all enjoy it. I really hope to get better at writing these characters over time :)

REQUEST: Could I request a Steve Harrington imagine, one that’s really just fluff. He’s head over heels for you and Dustin, your little brother notices and tries to set you up?

“(Y/n)! Go get the door!”

You had been sitting in your living room doing homework when your little brother, Dustin, yelled at you to answer the door.

You knew that he wasn’t doing anything but still wanted you to stop what you were doing.

The doorbell rang again. You stood up from the couch and walked towards the front door. Checking the peephole first, you saw that none other than Steve Harrington was standing on the other side of the door.

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How about Dean and Cas as University professors? Where one is a leather-jacket-wearing, motorcycle-driving badass and the other wears sweater vests and dorky glasses? And none of their students realize they're married until some event happens that ends with someone witnessing them kissing goodbye in front of one of their offices?

Gossiping is a powerful urge. University students are by no means exempt from it, despite ostensibly being intelligent adults. So when one sunny Monday morning, Professor Novak shows up to class with a visible hickey on the side of his neck, the rumor mill goes spinning out of control.

Because, yeah, Novak is good looking but he’s always seemed kind of… untouchable. Like a monk, but a hot one.

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Lilac Hues

Words: 2k
Genre: Fluff, Fairy!Au
Sequel to Azure Blue 


He giggles.

And you can’t help the smile that raises on your lips, his high pitched laughter absolutely infectious. “Hold still, Jimin!”

“I can’t! It tickles too much!” He whines out, still giggling and thrashing beneath your hands.

“Almost…” You huff out tiredly, fingers weaving through the strands of his hair. “…done.”

With one more sweep of your fingers through his hair and the liquid all soaked up, you swivel his chair around while taking a step back so his azure wings don’t hit you. His honey eyes grow in size as he peers into the luminescent mirror, hand reaching upwards but retracting carefully as to not ruin your hard work.

“You did it!”

“Of course I did.” You snicker playfully. “I’ll miss your orange hair but I think lilac suits you nicely too.”

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Here’s Wadsworth, Agent Green, and Emily! I’m finally not busy so I had the chance to finish these up today

(not pictured, because it’s not anywhere near her face but I want to share the headcanon: Wadsworth’s very unfortunate grunge tattoo from her very unfortunate grunge phase)