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Just Friends
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From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Just Friends.

It is weird seeing animated choreography to a song you wrote. It’s like, they’re dancing, but someone had to draw them dancing, so a poor artist in South Korea had to listen to this ridiculous song a million times to get the timing right, and then that poor artist got into his/her car at the end of the day and spontaneously burst into “be juuuuuuuust frieeeeeeends” as he/she pulled out of the RDK parking lot, and was like DAMMIT.

Anyway. @zachsleepshere saw me in the Star offices one day, and was like “Brian, we’re bringing Love Sentence back. They’re gonna sing out of a toothbrush.” 


“You know, those toothbrushes that have songs coming out of them so kids will brush their teeth.” 

“Right …. wait, what?”


I wish I had a video of Nick Lachey singing this in the studio. That guy’s fun.

Best lyrics ever courtesy of @zachsleepshere and @brettvaron!

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Hi so... I'm a 9th grader and I'm an artist as well. Whenever I'm bored, I draw stuff like scarecrows, monsters and dragons. Then one day, my teacher saw me draw and she asked me that offends me SO MUCH! She said, "You always draw scary stuff everytime. Do you have depression?" Calling me a depressed person just for a creepy art is getting on my nerves. Thar's why I never show my art to everyone. It's not the first time people ask me if I was depressed but.. what shall I do with this situation?

Interest varies with each individual. 
Art is displayed in different forms.

When I was in 5th grade, I use to like creative writing but one day I had a teacher took my paper/story away and stuck it on the board and asked everyone to laugh at me.

I understand..its hurtful and it scarred me. But it should not stop your creativity and talents. It took me long enough to regain the courage to display my art/interest in writing again. You can’t let these “people” affect you that way. They are just briefly there in your life and soon they will get out of it. 

It is YOU, YOURSELF that matters and YOU can do what YOU love :)

African Wonder Woman

I saw these kids, 2 sisters, having a play fight. While striking their favorite Power Ranger poses, one of them declared:

“You can’t touch me! I have super powers!!”

“What super powers?” Asked the other.

“I’m Wonder Woman!!

Unfazed, the other replied:

"Well…I’m an AFRICAN Wonder Woman so you can’t beat me!”

I was Floored. Never in my life had I seen such a powerful assertion, spoken so matter of factly, from a child no less. To see such pride taken in her people, to see African-ness wielded like a weapon superior to any Superman, Batman or Wonderwoman cemented within me our responsibility to teach our children a profound love and reverence for our culture, for African-ness. What also resonated with me was this child’s understanding that this reverence for our culture serves as a power source to strengthen us and is key in our fight for liberation. She understood that African-ness is something to be revered as well as weaponized and used to fuel out struggle. She understood that African-ness is a super power and she is our African Wonderwoman. Kudos to their parents because these babies are a shining example of a conscious subversion of the white supremacist ideals our children are bombarded with the moment they enter the world. This is what we need to foster in our children, an unshakeable pride in their skin. It starts in the household. Ofcourse, before we can nurture it in our children, we have to nurture it in ourselves. African-ess is a grounding, self-affirming energy to imbue within our selves and a weapon to wield against our oppressors. Its a reminder of our African, radical tradition of struggle and perseverance. It’s an evocation of the enduring strength of our ancestors, an inextinguishable spirit that burns within us today. We all have this superpower; we just need to activate it.

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Black Lace Panties

#11 - “I can’t take you seriously until you put some pants on.”
- jensen x reader, requested by @blacksiren for my two year drabbles

You walked back through to your bedroom, your glasses perched on your nose as you looked at the script that had arrived for Jensen a few days before.

He always got you to look over the parts he was asked to read for, wanting your opinion on whether he should go for it or not.

“Okay,” you smiled, pushing your glasses back onto your head. “What did you think of this one?”

Jensen looked up, his reply dying on his lips as he saw you.

“I- uh-”

“Come on, babe,” you laughed softly. “You have to get back to them this afternoon, and I won’t give you an opinion until I’ve heard yours.”

He shook his head, biting his lip.

“I’m sorry darlin’, but I can’t take you seriously until you put some pants on,” he admitted, his eyes grazing over your legs.

You grinned, placing the script down on the bedside table.

You pulled up the hem of the shirt you were wearing - one of Jensen’s old football jerseys - to reveal a sliver of black lace panties, raising an eyebrow at your fiancé.

“This distracting you?” you teased, grinning when he crawled across the bed, pulling you closer, his strong palms warm on your hips even through the material.

“How did I land me someone like you, huh?” he questioned, kissing your neck.

You smiled, draping your arms over his shoulders.

“I guess you must’ve been real good in a past life,” you murmured, and he hummed in agreement as he kissed your lips.

“I guess so.”

Clingy (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: hello! love your blog! can i have a jughead x reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and she overheard him telling someone (maybe like archie or betty) that she’s clingy and so she distances herself from him? lol idk if that makes sense but if you could write it that would be amazing! thank you!!!!

A/N: I love this prompt so much. I had so many different storylines come to mind but hopefully you enjoy this one! Requests are Welcome!!

– Clingy (Jughead x Reader) –

You were walking towards your locker when you saw them.

Jughead and Archie talking by Jug’s locker.

Your heart skips a beat when you see that he’s wearing your favorite sweater of his. The soft green one that goes oh so well with his eyes.

Stop at your locker then go say hi to your boyfriend and his best friend. Routine. Like clockwork. Only today is when things change.

Opening your locker, you hear Jug say something sounding like your name. Thinking he saw you, you move your head a little to smile at him only to find him and Archie frowning at each other. That’s weird.

You pull out your English book and shut your locker, shrugging it off.

As you start to get closer, you hear him.

“I don’t know Arch. Is she clingy? Are all girls like that?” He sighs and digs around his locker for his science book.

Were you being clingy? Your heart starts to tighten in your chest. Was it making Jughead uncomfortable?

“Nah. You know (Y/N) is just a touchy person.” Archie offers him a smile. Neither of them saw you standing in the hall by the water fountain.

Archie says something quieter so you couldn’t hear but Jughead responds.

“I know. we spend every day together. We do everything together. Sometimes I feel like she’s always there. I can’t concentrate on anything half the time. She’s a huge distraction.” He shuts his locker and turns to Arch.

Archie nods and pats his back, saying something else but you already turned to leave.

Feeling hurt, you decide not to stop and say hi to them. It would be too clingy.


Clingy. That’s what he called you. That’s all that’s been running through your mind since he said it. And it hurt every time.

You spent the rest of the day avoiding the whole group as you know they’d know something was wrong.

As you sat in the library, your phone buzzed.

From: Ronnie 🌸🖤 U ok? Haven’t seen you today xx

To: Ronnie 🌸🖤 Yea could use some girl time after school though.

From: Ronnie 🌸🖤 Meet us by my car after school

Smiling, you put your phone away ignoring the texts you got from your boyfriend.

Girls night is what you needed to clear your head.


As you walked to Ronnie’s car, you remember that you usually walk with Jughead to Pop’s after school. Pulling out your phone, you sent him a short text. Just one won’t hurt right?

To: Jug ❤ Going to V’s. have fun at pops.

You stare at it for a minute before sending it. Clingy. He just needs his space. You’ll give him just that. You don’t want to be a distraction.


“So, as much as I love girls night, why didn’t you eat with us today?” Kevin’s the first to ask.

Girls night was mainly for when we needed advice or a distraction. Mostly both in your case.

“Do you think I’m clingy?” Your heart pounding as the three others turn and look at you.

“No. I mean you’re an affectionate person but you’re that way with everyone. Why?” Betty states and Veronica narrows her eyes.

“Who said you were clingy?” She leans into your side and links your arms together in comfort.

“Juggie said it to Arch this morning as I went to say hi like I do every morning.” Tears gather as you speak.

“And you heard them talking.” Kevin sighs. “Boys are such pains.”

Betty rolls her eyes at Kev and turns back to you. “What are you going to do about it?”

You take a deep breath and squeeze Ronnie’s arm. “Well. He said that we spend too much time together and that I was a distraction so maybe I’ll just find other things to do to distract myself from him.”

Everyone nods along.

“Yes! Ooh maybe you could join the Vixens!!!” V grins.

“Lets think of something else less soul sucking.” Kevin offers as you make a weird face.


One week. That’s how long it took Jughead to realize something was wrong.

You spent a total of 4 hours alone with your boyfriend in the past 6 days.

You sent one or two texts to him per day but only if he texted you first or to let him know you were busy.

You made sure that Betty or Veronica always sat next to him rather than you as you knew you’d want to hold his hand or be affectionate in any way.

You missed him. A lot. But you never wanted to make him feel uncomfortable or distract him so you stick through it.

V was the one who offered to sit next to you and let you lean into her or link arms. You needed some affection even if it was from a friend. You didn’t get a lot from your parents growing up so sometimes you starved for it. Veronica knew that.


The seventh day, everyone was going to meet up after school and walk to Pop’s together.

Ronnie and you already linked arms and were chatting when Jughead grabs your other hand.

“V? You mind if (y/n) and I chat alone?” He links your hands together and softly pulls you out of her grasp.

“Sure!” She send you a quick look and with a nod, grabs Kevin’s arm.

Glancing at your intertwined hands, your heart stops. What is he doing? You’re supposed to be giving him his space yet he wanted to hold hands? Thinking this, you start to let go of his hand only for him to squeeze your hand firmly.

“Jug?” You glance up and see him staring at you with a frown etched onto his face.

“Why have you been ignoring me lately? I figured you were just busy with the girls at first but you canceled our date last night. Did I do something?”

You shake your head. How do you tell your boyfriend that you heard him talking to his best friend about how clingy you were? That you were a distraction? “It’s nothing. I’ve just been busy.”

Jug rolls his eyes. “I know when you’re lying. Stop. Just tell me what’s wrong. It’s clearly not nothing if you don’t even want to sit next to me.”

Silence fills the space between you.

“…I heard you talking to Archie last week. I was at my locker and saw you guys and wanted to go say hi but overheard a bit of your conversation and decided against it.” Your face flushes.

“What does that have to do with you ignoring me?” A confused look spreads across his face.

“Nothing.” You mumble and turn to start walking.

“No. I want to know what’s wrong, (Y/N). Did I say something you didn’t like?” He held onto your hand firmly so you couldn’t leave.

Without speaking, you give a small nod.

Jughead huffs and wraps his arms around your waist, hugging you from behind. “What part of the conversation did you hear? Because if it upset you, you clearly didn’t hear the whole thing.”

Your mind starts racing. Why was he being so affectionate towards you? Wasn’t this uncomfortable for him?

“(Y/N)?” He turns you around and continues to leave his arms around you.

With a small voice, you answered.

“The last part I heard was you complaining about how much time we spend together and that I was such a distraction. I didn’t want to be too clingy.”

It’s silent for a moment then he starts chuckling.

“Well for one, I wasn’t complaining. I was stating a simple fact to Archie. Reggie had asked me how much time we spend together and how you were clingy towards me as we are always together. Archie and I were discussing it after I told Reggie to fuck off.” He offers you a smile and kisses your forehead.

“As for the distraction part,” he continues with his famous half smirk. “You are a distraction. But not in a bad way, (Y/n). If you had heard the rest of the conversation, you would have heard Archie call me Loverboy and me agreeing with him.”


“Nope. I do love having you around. If I didn’t, we wouldn’t be dating. I don’t mind you being affectionate. Although I will say, I was a bit jealous of Veronica this past week. I thought you’d leave me for her at one point.”

You laugh and lean into his frame. “You’re stuck with me.”


“… So you don’t mind if I’m clingy?” You look up at him to see him grin and roll his eyes.

I have never once denied a child food because they didn’t have enough money. People treat poor kids so badly and it is really horrifying to see. Today I might have (would never break a RULE at work over a $1 fruit) given a kid a banana because we throw em away daily and he was a little short. But at my old job at a grocery store we always got this woman who used WIC checks (which you have to be reeeeeally broke to use and even broker to actually use because they are so restrictive) and who sometimes got shit because some of the cashiers were too lazy to just run the checks through properly the first time. And I was sitting on my lunch break and her daughter came up (she recognized me, because eventually the lady came to my lane when she saw me because I could run the checks) and told me about a girl in her class who had my name and we had a little 3 or 4 minute convo about her class and her mother looked like she was going to cry and it was so upsetting to think it must have been so unusual for someone to just talk to this super smart and incredibly kind little girl, just because her mom was poor. That’s horrifying to me. I’m almost crying as I type this.

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I just saw a thing for anti nazi furries on furaffinity on the main blog and I remember back when I had my furry phase I used to rp and draw a lot and do requests and one time someone asked me to draw their OC but turns out their character was like a nazi sonic fan character and I was so shocked it shocked me out of being a furry and I never went back on furaffinity again

The fact that nazifurs are a thing is like being kicked in the chest as hard as possible after having my sense of balance removed inexplicably

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What is killing stalking and why do people hate it? I just liked seeing Johanna the Mad's art on my dash again I had no idea what it was about.

It’s a manga (and only a manga - I didn’t saw any anime content of it) about two guys having an abusive relationship (at least I think so - correct me if I’m worng!) and well the name says it all. One of them is a murderer and the other one is a stalker…. (I’m not sure what the plot is, since I only saw stuff of it on tumblr and instagram)

And I know that some people really don’t like it since it is abusive and other people like the story but obviously don’t support the relationship either.

It’s complicated and I won’t get in it since I want avoid drama ^^’

So yes, I rebloged the pics just because I love johannathemad’s art style and love the way she draws proportions. And I hope I didn’t step on someones toes in any kind of way.

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No, I was hoping that you would give example and signs of him loving her romantically, treating her like no other. I used to be a Caryl shipper but lost hope when they stopped giving them scenes together and then I just kind of thought "okay well I guess if anything was going to happen, they would have done something by now or at least built up their characters" so I, very sadly, lost hope. Everything I saw as romantic wasn't any longer because it had been so long since a Caryl interaction.

It’s not my job to convince you. And if that’s what you WANTED then you should have asked that, instead of that garbage you previously sent.

I’m not going to spend my time finding “proof” for you. it’s all out there. If you watched New Best Friends and can’t see that Carol was being shown to be the single most important person in the world to Daryl, then there’s nothing I can say to help you.

This is my killer floof ball..he is my living stuffie and loves cuddles and to have his belly rubbed while he purr/drools all over.
Just wanted to share with you mister! ♡

When I first saw this picture… me and this cat had an intense staring contest which soon turned to me falling into a hypnotic rabbit hole where I contemplated my entire existence and ultimately ended up realizing I needed to drink more tea.

he’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


I had completely forgotten about this video I made immediately after the end of season 10, and I would never have uploaded it on YouTube if a post I saw a few days ago hadn’t reminded of it.

Now, I am not particularly good at making videos (I mostlydo it as a way to calm down when I am paricularly anxious) but I think this one might be worth watching simply because of how perfect the song I used is for Dean and Cas. It may be my favourite destiel song of all time, probably because it’s not meant to be a love song, but a prayer.

In the first part there is a person talking about their longing and need  for God, and lamenting their own unworthiness. In the second part, they somehow hear God’s reply: a declaration of omnipresent, selfless, all- encompassing, forgiving love.

I can’t help but think of the first part as Dean’s unconscious prayer to Cas - an expression of his ever present longing- and the second part as Castiel’s reply, given mostly silently, through his actions, his sacrifices and his constant presence.

It reminds me of how Castiel and Dean’s relationship, while definitely and undeniably romantic, is also somehow more than that: before becoming human love, it was the devotion of a divine creature to a human and the faith of a faithless human in an angel. The fact that now, after all these years, we can see this song also as CAS longing for Dean (praying to him) and DEAN answering tells us so much about the revolutionary nature of this untold love story: an angel who is devout to a human and has faith in him, and a man that loves an angel with a kind of love that goes beyond the limitations of humanity.

(Maybe I should consider doing this video in reverse?)

I hope someone enjoys it!


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Frank didnt even have to talk about the mcr group chat in that interview like he could've just said they weren't talking about re-releases but he couldn't contain this info and felt like he Had to tell someone & so I'm guessing the group chat is Lit

i know….how often do they use it…i gotta know….do they talk every day or like do they have to seach for it when they wanna say something…what about all the side chats where they’re like [eye emoji] about something the other one said…is frank sending pics from europe of sigts they saw tofether…im emo/????

send me an ask about literally anything it’s wine onesie wednesday

It’s Better This Way. (Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

It’s been a while since I’ve written for Barry! Funny considering that I actually have been keeping up with the show. 

This is a long imagine ( I seem to be writing these a lot)

Requests Are Open! (Just bear with me) 


I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by gustinfucker

Barry has noticed how distant you have become ever since the team has been trying to change the headlines of the future. Your usually upbeat personality was cut down and you were nearly as cold as Killer Frost. Your gift of precognition was a valuable asset to Team Flash, but Barry saw how you had been keeping your visions to yourself. 

He stared at you from across the cortex. You were staring off into space, usually a sign that you were seeing something, as H.R. and Cisco bickered about something. Wally had been pestering Barry about all these questions about being a speedster but he had been tuning out the kid. 

In your vision, you saw Savitar pierce his blade into your chest as Barry crumbled to the floor, unable to save you. You pushed yourself out of the vision, closing your eyes to stop the tears from falling. You knew for a long time that they had succeeded in saving Iris, but now you were the one cursed with her fate.

You knew it was selfish to keep the vision to yourself. But you hoped that their continuous efforts in trying to save Iris that they might save you in the process. So far, it was unsuccessful.

“What are you looking at?” Wally finally asked, following Barry’s gaze towards you. “Oh…” The two speedsters watched as you walked out of the room with your head low. As much as Barry wanted to chase after you, he knew that Wally would only tell Iris, who was already having her suspicions about his unspoken love towards you. So instead, he continued the conversation.

A few days later, Jullian was the one to ask you, “(Y/N), what have you been seeing in your visions lately?” You shrugged as you attempted to push past him. “You can’t tell me you haven’t been seeing anything. You’re staring off blankly every chance you get to yourself. Just answer the question, is our efforts in saving Iris working?”

The team all stared at you with wishful eyes. Iris had her bottom lip between her teeth, her sign of nervousness, while Barry had his first pressed against his lips. You thought it was a sign of worry, which it was, but not for Iris. He was worried about you. Something was off about you but Barry knew asking would make it worse for him and Iris’s relationship.

You told them you would check and pushed yourself into a vision. “No!” Barry screamed as he began to run, the yellow lightning coming off of him. But Barry wasn’t fast enough, as much as he wanted to be.. he wasn’t. Savitar was still successful in killing you. You pulled away from the vision. Your friends shouldn’t stress anymore about trying to save Iris. They already had. There was no use in lying to them just to save yourself. You forced a smile, which Barry knew was fake as he also noticed the tears shining in your eyes.

“Iris’s safe.” 

When Savitar made his reappearance, you knew your time to go was near. On the night of your upcoming demise arrived, you quickly found Barry who was pacing around the cortex. “Penny for your thoughts?” You smiled, glancing at your watch. Two minutes.

It was silent for a few moments until Barry blurted out, “Are you okay? You’re always upset. You’re keeping to yourself. You’re always pushing into visions. You gave H.R. the key to your apartment. What’s going on, (Y/N)? I’m worried.” 

You gave him a genuine smile. “All is well, Barry. You and Iris will live a long, happy life together. I know it.” 

“But what’s wrong with you?” Barry asked, stepping forward and grabbing your arms. “Why are you always on the brink of crying?”

“Because my future’s set, Barry.” You whispered, looking at the clock. He’s almost here. “I just want you to know that I love you. I love you so, so much.” Then you pushed Barry away from you as Savitar made his entrance, swooping you away, but with Barry at his trail. 

The chase ended at the same venue in all your visions. “You think you can change the future, Flash?” Savitar’s haunting voice echoed. “You can’t win against me.” He raised his blade and you looked at Barry. 

“I love you, Barry.” You whispered. 

“No!” Barry yelled, running forward. But ultimately not being fast enough. Savitar’s blade sliced through your stomach with easy as you felt the tears rolling down your cheeks. Savitar fled. 

Barry caught your body before you fell to the ground. “Why… why didn’t you tell me?” 

You smiled at him, your eyes glossy. “Be with Iris, Barry. You belong with her… always… It’s Better This Way.” And then Barry watched the life drain from your eyes. The sheen of your tears being replaced with the dullness of death.

“No…” Barry whimpered, pulling you closer to his chest, the tears falling from his eyes. “I love you, too, (Y/N). It was always you.” 

Woah… that left on a sour note… I’m so sorry.

Many of you who have known for years have seen me at some point reference a sword in the family collection (my personal favorite) that we know is antique but had no identifying information on it. Not so much s a country of origin. A little while back, random browsing on google images introduced me to this sword. The hilt and scabbard are in far better condition than the one I have, but the blade, down to the fleur-de-lis-esque carving above the fuller groove and the gilded markings on the blade (which are in better shape on mine) appear to be identical. 

I had to try not to cry or jump up and down when I saw the images at CabinCon 2017. I did gasp. I may finally know what MY SWORD is. 

I KNOW that it seems silly, but it’s been a mystery since I was LITTLE BITTY. I have spent decades trying to identify this sword. There’s been a lot of maybes, but never anything so definite as this near-identical blade.

Part of me wants to email them to ask how much it sold for so I’d know what it’s worth, but I know I’d never sell it. The (probably) first sword I ever held is priceless. Part of me wants to email them to ask if they can translate the script. That part is extremely tempting.