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Distance between us.

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hEY!!! I was wondering if you could do a Draco x Reader imagine where you’ve been actin distant lately only because you don’t wanna annoy him and you feel like you are and he confronts and comforts you about it? sorry that’s oddly specific!! thank you, though!!! -Anon

He had been busy this year. It was not only the final year of school but also the year that everyone knew would bring the great war. He was in a constant battle within himself. Did he really believe in the fight of blood? He knew wonderful witches and wizards who didn't have pure blood. One of the most important witches he knew didn't have pure blood. That witch being you.On the other hand, he was raised from birth that he should believe that all unpure wizards were undeserving of their powers. You should earn the magic through family, not dumb luck. If he didn't stick with his mother and father he would be shunned and possibly killed. Draco didn’t let a lot of people in his life but his mother was one of the most important people in his life. That being said he could never give up on you. You had shown him a whole new world. Filled with love, balance, trust and most importantly to Draco you provided him stability. He could never imagine leaving you standing on the battlefield where he could possibly see you get killed with him unable to save you.

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Hey @fluffy-klance, I’m your secret santa for the Voltron gift exchange! This was loads of fun to write, so sorry it took so long! Happy Holidays! ( @voltron-ss )

Characters: Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge

Ships: Klance, Shatt (mentioned)

Keith never wanted to go to the arcade.

All he’d wanted to do on his day off was to play some video games, maybe watch a movie- heck, even just lay around and procrastinate the inevitable mountain of college application essays. But no.

Pidge, of course, had to go to the arcade.

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Help for the Blind

A/N: Here you go! This was very different than what I normally write so I am pretty happy with how this turned out. Feedback is greatly accepted. <3 

Request: Can you do an imagine where the readers daughter (13yrs) goes to help Sam hunt and gets hit with a spell that makes her blind for 3 days please?

Warnings: Blindness, cursing, witches, angst, a teensy little fluff, switches between P.O.V.’s, witchcraft.

Pairings: No Pairing.

Word Count: 2,734

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“Check, freshly sharpened.”


“Mom, I have everything, don’t worry, besides Sam will be there, its not like I’m going by myself.” Your daughter explained.

“I know, it’s just I don’t want you to get hurt, or worse.” You said, shuttering at the thought of what horrible things could happen.

“I’ll be fine, I love you, mom.” Your daughter, Marissa hugged you walking off to put her bags in the car.

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could you write this headcanon about the king erasing Scorpio memories of mc but she is pregnant and he didn't find out or recovery his memory until the kid is 4 years old????

Scorpio drops his duties in order to save you from danger from a car accident. That result in changing your life span. Given the rule that no God should be involved in the human life span, Scorpio is locked up pending for his punishment by the King. You heard the punishment that he will be vanishing from heaven and earth. You been going to the mansion and begging Zyglavis to do something to save Scorpio.

“Well, the King did give him an option but was rejected by Scorpio.” Zyglavis replied sadly.

“What is the option? I will do anything to save him.” You cried and begged.

“Take away his memory of you from his mind.” Zyglavis muttered and you collapse on the floor. That would mean that you will never be able to be with Scorpio. However, if you do not want him to vanish and that outcome is even worst. This option is better at least totally losing him.

“Can you tell the King to proceed to remove his memory even he is against it?” You sobbed.

“Are you sure?” Zyglavis asked again and you nodded your head.

On the day before the execution, you visited Scorpio with the King permission. He seems to lose a lot of weight. You caress his cheeks and not sure what to say, but your tears flow down nonstop.

“Remember to take care of yourself when I am not around. Remember to go ask for Dui and Ichthys if you need any help. I will be vanishing tomorrow. Sorry, I can’t keep my promise to be with you forever.” Scorpio said sadly.

“I will only love you forever.” You replied and refuse to tell him what you have agreed with the King.

You then give him a deep kiss before Dui accompany you out of the cell room. On the day of the execution, you hide yourself from Scorpio and saw the King executed his punishment on him. That day is the last you saw him and you are glad that he is safe. From that day onward, Scorpio never steps into earth and perform his duties in heaven. You soon realized your pregnancy and glad that you had something of him to treasure of. The rest of the Gods still allow you to visit the mansion and they even help you during your pregnancy period. Times seem to pass by very fast and it has been 4 years since you last saw Scorpio.

One day, the King suddenly sends Scorpio to earth for an assignment together with Dui. After the assignment is done, Dui insists that he should drop by at the mansion for a chat. Scorpio reluctantly agrees and visits the mansion. The moment both of them step into the mansion, they heard Ichthys shouting at boy who is running toward them.

“Toshiro, I told you to stop running around. You will get hurt.” Ichthys shouted but it was too late. The little boy bumps right into Scorpio and fall on the floor.

“Hey, are you alright? Dui, how come there is a boy in a mansion?” Scorpio asked but Dui looks away, not sure how he should reply him. Scorpio helps the boy up and he can feel what the boy is thinking.

“So you hide an apple in your pocket?” Scorpio chuckled.

“Apple is my favourite. I can read from your mind that you like apple too.” Toshiro replied innocently.

Scorpio was shocked when he heard what the boy say. How is he able to read his mind? Who is this little boy? Upon looking closely at him, the boy bear resemble of him. He can feel that there is a connection between him and the boy but he can’t seem to piece it together.

“What is your name?” Scorpio asked immediately.

“Toshiro. My mum told me that she and my dad promise to give me this name if they ever have a child. However, I never get to meet my dad before.” Toshiro replied sadly.

That name is very familiar. It is a name that keep flashing in his mind every night, but he never have any idea what it is about. Beside this name, there is another name that keeps flashing in his mind as well. He wonders if he should ask the question to the boy.

“Is your mum name _____?” Scorpio asked nervously.

“You know my mum?” Toshiro asked innocently. That is when bit and pieces of memory which was taken away from him start to flow back into him.

“Dui, Ichthys, is he my son?” Scorpio asked. “Where is ____ now?” He asked again.

Just when both of them wanted to answer him, you walked right into the hallway. Scorpio turns to look at you when he heard your footsteps and you stood there in surprise, not able to move further. You never expect to see him and you wonder how you should react to him. After all, you know that he can’t remember you.

“That is the reason why I insist you drop by.” Dui smiled.

Scorpio walks slowly toward you and you move a step backward. He then pulls you into his arms and embraces you tightly. You are shocked by his reaction and not sure if you should hug him or push him away. Should you get your hope up?

“Stupid woman! Why you have to make a decision without my consent few years ago? But I should thank you instead. Otherwise, I won’t be able to see you again and our son.” Scorpio sobbed.

“You remember?” You sobbed and asked, finally wrapping your hands around him.

“Yes, I remember. Thanks to Toshiro that I remember everything.” Scorpio exclaimed happily.

“Toshiro, meet your dad.” You beckoned him to come over in tears of happiness.

Scorpio carries him in his arms and pulls you together. He is so glad that he has you by his side again and there is a family for him. He promised to make up for the lost time that he is not by your side. You never thought this day will happen but glad that he is by your side again.

We Never Give Up

Requested by pinkydallasCan i leave a imagine request for Teen Wolf? If so can i please have an imagine where I’m dating Isaac and I’m Derek’s little sister and Cora’s older sister and i get mad because you find out Isaac likes Allison and Derek gets mad? Just a happy ending thank you xxx :)


Your name: submit What is this?

In the School:

You came out the door, with your two best friends Scott and Stiles. You were laughing and smiling, it was a beautiful and sunny day. No Alpha’s who tried to kill you or an Deadpool list where everyone tried to kill you. You were making plan’s for Lydia’s party tonight, Scott and you couldn't stop laughing as Stiles started to talk about how amazing Lydia would look.. but then Stiles stopped talking. 

Stiles stopped walking and stood in front of you, “Heeey, Y/N you know what? How about we walk over to you and you can show us what dress you will wear tonight?” he questioned stumbled.

“Walk? Are you out of your mind?” You laughed a bit. “You know where I live right?” You looked to Scott.

Stiles gave Scott a little push and let him notice what was happening behind Stiles, why he stood in front of you and why he tried to convince you to walk and not going over to his Jeep.

Scott nodded to Stiles and moved next to him, he wanted to make sure you wouldn’t have to see this “Actually, I think that’s a great Idea..”

“What is going on here? Is the Jeep finally dead?” You laughed because you always told Stiles that his Jeep wouldn’t live long.

Immediately were Scott and Stiles nodding and you laughed again and walked trough them, you wanted to see why Stiles’s Jeep no longer drive.

Stiles panicked a bit, “Y/N, don’t.. please let us walk.” but you laughed and shook your head.

“No, No, No, Y/N…” Scott said and hold you soft on your arm but it was too late.

You stopped walking and laughing, “I-Isaac?” you asked shocked and tears came into your eyes as you saw Isaac and Allison kissing. “Wh-What.. why? Why would he do this to me?” You asked Scott and Stiles heartbroken and couldn’t stand much longer. 

**Isaac and you were a couple before your brother, Derek, turned him into a werewolf. Derek turned Isaac for you, so you wouldn’t have to lie about who you are. Isaac and you had a great relationship, besides Scott and Stiles he was your best friend too. You knew that he and Allison were friends and noticed that they were often together but not like this.**

You fell to the ground and Scott held you in his arms. Stiles didn't know what to do until Scott gave him a sign to hold you because he wanted to go over to Isaac.

“Shhhh, everything will be okay..” Stiles said soft and took you in his arms while Scott walked downstairs to Isaac and Allison. 


Isaac stopped kissing Allison as he heard his Alpha’s fast heartbeat, than he noticed your heartbeat as well and knew that you had seen them. Allison saw Scott’s angry face and tried to calm him down.

“Scott, don’t.. we’re not longer together so leave us alone!” Then she saw you crying in Stiles’s arm. “Let us explain..” 

Scott tried not to change in his werewolf-form, to control himself but it was hard for him as he got closer to Allison and Isaac, “That is not about us.” he growled and walked straight to Isaac.

Isaac trembled, “Let- Scott.. please wait.”

Scott’s eyes turned red, “You never deserved Y/N.” he growled again and beat Isaac in the face. 

“Scott!” You shouted and as he heard your voice he calmed him down. 

You stood up together with Stiles, who still hold you. You both walked to his Jeep, without looking to Isaac or Allison.

Scott’s eyes turned normal again, “If this wasn’t clear enough, you’re out of the pack.” then Stiles drove over to Scott and picked him up, you were sitting behind and Scott with you.

“No word to anyone, not to my brother or my sister.” You said and wiped your tears away.

“But Y/N..” Stiles replied.

“No word, both of you.”


In Derek’s Apartment:

You told Stiles and Scott to let you out and drive to Lydia and you would catch up later. The Boys nodded but didn't believe you would come but it was okay for them, they understood that you wanted to be alone.

You were standing in front of the Gate and wiped your tears away again, you tried to look like everything would be fine and not like your boyfriend cheated on you in public. You opened the gate and Derek attacked you. You forgot that you had training today.

“Y/N, focus!” He shouted and beat you against a wall.

Your eyes turned yellow and you decided to let all of your thought and feelings out. You ran over to your brother, slipped trough is legs, stood up and kicked against his back so that he fell to the ground. Derek laughed and pulled you of your feet, you fell as well and tried not to cry because you thought of Isaac again and how you fell on your knees as you saw him kissing Allison.

You stood up, “Derek, we can train tomorrow okay? I’ve to get ready for Lydia’s party tonight..” you said soft.

Derek nodded with a smile. “Yeah okay, but you’ll sleep here and Cora will come with you.”

You nodded soft and went upstairs into your room. Derek knew that something was wrong with you, you loved fighting against your siblings.. You were a Hale and actually didn't care much about party’s, you were going because of your friends, but for nothing in the world you would give up a fight.

Derek noticed that Cora came trough the gate as well, “Something happened.”

“What do you mean?” She asked confused and shut the gate.

“Y/N, she gave up a fight and not just that, she agreed that you’ll babysit her on the party.. without saying a word.”

Cora looked a bit pissed, “Who said I would Babysit Y/N today? She’s old enough Derek.” then she stopped focusing on Derek and listen carefully to you.

“It was a test Cora, calm down..”

“Derek shut up. She’s crying..” Cora replied. “You go and look what is going on, I’ll call her stupid friends.”

Derek nodded and walked upstairs to you.


You heard someone going upstairs and stopped crying immediately, you wiped your tears away and put fast new make-up on. Someone knocked at your door and you knew it would be Derek because Cora never knocked.

You jumped on your bed again, “Yeah, come in.” 

“Hey little Cupcake..” he said soft with a smile, closed the door behind him and sat next to you.

“Don’t call me that.” You chuckled.

Derek smiled soft, he called you that since you were little. You loved Cupcakes and whenever you had eaten them, they were everywhere in your face. “Is everything alright? You seem distracted nowadays. Whats going on?” he asked careful.

“Nothing I’m fine, you see?” You put a fake smile on.

Derek knew you to well, you had more luck than Cora because you had Derek whole life. “Come on, Y/N..”

You were still smiling, “Isaac and I broke up.” but as you said it out loud you cried again and your brother wrapped his arms around you.

After a few minutes in Derek’s save arms, you stopped crying and your brother kissed your forehead, “You sure you want to go tonight? We could watch movies.”

You had to laugh, “You hate movies.. and I’ll go. I’m a Hale.” you said proud. “I’m not giving up a fight and especially not because of some stupid guy.”

Derek nodded and you showed him dresses you had picked out for tonight, you asked him to choose one.


Meanwhile downstairs:

“I’ll break his bones.” Cora said sharply into her phone, she was talking to Scott. “Thank you fro beating him first, we’ll see at the party and yes I’ll come to see Isaac and then I’ll kill him.” The Gate opened and as Cora saw who was coming trough she laughed a bit and shook her head, “I’ll hang up now.”

Isaac shut the gate behind him, “Hey, ehm is Y/N here? I’ve to talk with her.” 

“Isaac, I will say this only once so listen carefully.” Cora replied sharply with her hands in her jacket. “If you ever come into my home again, I’ll kill you. If you ever get closer to Y/N than 7 feet, I’ll kill you.” Cora chuckled again as she walked closer to Isaac. “If you speak to her or say Y/N’s name, I’ll not just kill you.. I’ll torture you and will bury you alive, anywhere in the woods, so deep that not even your own soul would find you. Do you understand?”

Isaac broke off terrified and nodded. Cora and Isaac could hear your door opened and you and Derek were laughing and coming downstairs.

“And it would be better for you, when we never see each other again.” She smiled satisfied. “I think you should go now, good luck with Allison.” Cora said soft and sarcastic.

Isaac nearly ran out of the Apartment and you were coming down in a beautiful blue dress. Derek was right behind you holding another dress. As you were downstairs, Cora had a proud smile in her face and Derek throw another dress over to her.

“Dress up Sis, the party will start soon.” Derek laughed and you had to.

Cora looked a bit pissed again, she hated party’s like this and actually all of your friends but she nodded and you nodded back. You knew that Isaac was here and that Cora knew why you both broke up. You heard his heartbeat and what Cora said to bring it really fast, even when you were laughing upstairs with Derek as you showed him your dresses. Cora wouldn’t say any word to Derek about why you and Isaac broke up because then Isaac would be dead in minutes and she knew you wouldn’t want that.


As Cora finally made it into your red dress, she looked beautiful. You gave Derek your phone and stood next to Cora and pulled your arms around her and kissed her cheek while Derek took a picture of you two.

“Thank you.” You said soft.

Cora nodded. “We never give a fight up.” She replied.

The Gate opened again and Cora growled because she thought it would be Isaac again but then she saw Stiles and Scott.

“We thought we shall catch you both up.” Scott smiled.

Cora and you were walking with them out of the Gate and to Lydia’s party. You knew it would be hard to move on because you really loved Isaac but you knew, with your family and friends you would win every fight.

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Would you write something about that cliche "I was in the shower so I didn't get your very important call/text" with older Percabeth and the call/text is super important but they're just in the shower wonton while the other one is saving the world.

  • Percy was walking home when it happened. There was a huge pack of hell hounds in the middle of 54th street. 
  • And he was out numbered, ten to one. He reached into his pocket and called Annabeth.
  • “Stupid voicemail.” He breathed under his breath. The phone beeped. “Annabeth, you got to get to 54th street as fast as you can. There’s a pack of hell hounds and I need help. Love you and see you soon.” 
  • He hung up and took out Riptide. He took a deep breath before he charged. 
  • The hell hounds back off for a few moments when they realized that Percy smelled like hell. But that did not stop them from attacking. Multiple were coming at him at once. 
  • It took everything he got. But it wasn’t like he was sixteen. He was a bit out of practice and older. He hasn’t fought like this in years, especially when he had the smell of Tartarus on him that kept the monsters away.
  • Percy was panting and sweating when he was surrounded by gold dust. He felt pain in his right leg where he got scratched and his head throbbed where it’s paw whacked him in the head. But besides that, he was okay.
  • He blinked as he looked around the area for any more hell hounds ready to attack him. But it was clear.
  • “Percy?” He heard Annabeth’s voice. “What happened?”
  • He looked at her and smiled a bit. “You know, saving the city of Manhattan. Where were you? I could have used back up.”
  • She blushed a bit. “I was in the shower. I only got out a few minutes ago and when I was done blow drying my hair, that’s when I saw you called. I’m sorry.”
  • “Wait, you were showering as I was saving the world? What have you come to, Chase?” Percy joked.
  • “Shut up Seaweed Brain. Want to go take a shower?” 
  • “Promise that you’ll save the world next time and I’ll just relax?” He half smiled.
  • “Yeah, sure.” She rolled her eyes as she took his hand.