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Cherry Blossoms (I) - a chanyeol story

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Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight

Plot: You loved Chanyeol with everything you had; but after many broken promises, it may be time to let him go

Genre: Total and complete angst

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader


I woke up with a start. I felt sweat beaded on my brow; I wiped it with the back of my hand and slowly opened my eyes. I could see the beginnings of a sunrise creeping in through my blinds, a few birds chirping to start their early day. ‘What time is it?’ I couldn’t find my phone. I  lazily pawed at the other side of my bed, startled when my hand hit something warm. 

He’s here. Chanyeol is here.

When did he arrive? He surely wasn’t here when I went to sleep at 2am. He had promised me he’d be home by 11. He said he would make me popcorn, and we could finally watch that cheesy drama I’ve been begging him to watch with me. He said we could finally have time together, alone. 

But as usual, Chanyeol broke every single one of his promises. 

He was pretty good at that.

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I spy - Chapter one

Feyre Archeron works at the Spring Court- a secret spy agency. But when a fight with her boss -and ex lover- ends in violence, Feyre makes the decision to leave. But she has nowhere to go- except for the Night Court, a rival agency. And as the threat of a Crime Lord grows bigger, Feyre finds herself drawn in to Rhysand, the mysterious leader of the Night Court.


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Ten Minutes (Older!Damian Wayne x Reader)


PROMPT?:  Could you write something about older!Damian Wayne (like around 15/16 years old) having his first crush and being quite harsh with her at the beginning? Maybe he could ask Dick some piece of advice? 😏😂

A/N: Awww this prompt literally made my mind spin with ideas. I was so excited to write this when I saw it. Also, my first Damian Wayne!!

WARNINGS: older!damian, cursing, (light) abuse and fluff 

You sat as Alfred stitched you up again, scowling at the boy. Who technically  wasn’t that much of a boy anymore, since your first meeting a few years back. He was so angry, so small and so hateful, like anything had changed. “You know maybe if you trained harder-” he scoffed, making you almost jump out of the chair, Alfred and Dick both springing into action to hold you back. “Sorry I wasn’t trained by Ra’s Al Ghul-” you snapped, seeing him flip his sword back and forth. “Me too.” he promptly walked out, a smirk just urging you to beat the shit out of him. Just once, to prove the little shit wrong, even if he wasn’t so little now. 

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I just had the wildest thought ever

So hear me out

When they were running from the black hooded figure, seokjin and v suddenly stopped as if they were shot, followed by other members and we see a reflection of a person in Jungkook’s eye and then we see his horrified face

As you’ve all know and realized in spring day mv, there are two jungkooks

What if…

What if he saw himself (the train version) shot his hyungs (if you look closely the person in his eyes is him holding a gun)




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hello! I love your stories so much and I wanted to send you a prompt, if you have the time/inspiration and feel like writing it! yousana amnesia/losing your memory AU, please make it as angsty as you can (but with a positive ending) since I'm kinda in a "want angsty yousana mood". If you decide to do it, thank you so much!!

Hey :) Thank you so much for this prompt. This was so interesting because I had to do some research first and I really enjoyed that. (If I made any mistakes about the medical stuff, I’m sorry!)
Oh, and this is probably not as angsty as you wanted it to be but it’s harder for me to write angst than fluffy stuff. So I hope you still like it!

Also: This got a bit longer and I know some people hate these long posts but somehow the ‘read more’ thing only works on the computer when I do it so I’m not doing it until I find a solution.


Hospitals. Yousef hated them. Always. For as long as he can remember.

The smell of desensitizer that covers everything else. Nurses and doctors rushing around which means someone is hurting and they need to help. People crying over loved ones suffering. The only good thing he can think of is people giving birth in hospitals but even that is connected to pain. 

He just doesn’t like hospitals. Especially not now.

He’s rushing through the main entrance, asking where he can find who he is searching for while his heart takes turns between beating so fast that he fears it will burst out of his chest and it feeling like it doesn’t beat at all. His hands are shaking and his voice trembling when he answers the woman at the information counter when she asks who he is here to see.

“Sana Bakkoush.”

The woman shows him a polite smile and calmly looks for the right information. Yousef can’t wait. He needs to see her. All he knows is that she was brought to the hospital. Elias couldn’t really tell him anything because he was having trouble speaking. Even over the phone.

As soon as the woman tells him where he can find his girlfriend he sprints towards the elevators. After pressing all the buttons he realizes he can’t wait. He takes the stairs. His stomach feeling uneasy, his head is spinning. Yousef tries to take deep breaths, calm himself before facing her. 

Running through the halls of the fifth floor, Yousef looks at the numbers on the doors and only after seeing 515 on the door, he sees Elias sitting outside of it. Elias hears Yousef coming closer, looks up and then walks over to his best friend before he can barge into the room.

“What happened? How is she? Is she injured badly? But what happened?”, Yousef starts rambling as soon as he sees his best friend. 

Only then he notices Elias looking like he is at the verge of tears and he never cries. Not in front of other people. Yousef immediately pulls him into a hug and notices how much he needed that, as well. Not knowing what is wrong with Sana but her being in the hospital makes him want to punch something and cry at the same time.

“I don’t know yet. Apparently, after training for a long time under the sun she tripped and hit her head on concrete stairs.”, Elias tries to explain but has to stop after every second word. It’s his baby sister he is talking about. Yousef’s eyes instantly widen and tears spring into his eyes. Without being able to stop it he imagines Sana like that and his chest tightens. 

“Mom and Dad are inside. And a basketball friend of Sana that saw it happen. They’re still doing tests and until they’re done we should stay here.”, Elias puts a hand on his best friend’s arm and pulls him to sit. Yousef doesn’t budge though.

He shakes his head furiously. “Elias, I can’t just sit here. You said she hit her head. It could be very serious. What if..”, he doesn’t even want to finish that thought.

Hospitals freak him out and make him more anxious than he already is. 

“Yousef!”, Elias says in a serious tone, very harshly. “I called you because I thought it’s important to you to know that Sana is in the hospital. But it doesn’t do any good when you freak out now. I know as much as you and am freaking out here. We’re talking about my baby sister being hurt so please shut up and sit down until we can see her.”

Yousef knows Elias is right. He needs to get a grip on himself. It’s not about him or Elias, it’s about Sana. Sitting there, waiting without knowing when anyone will tell them what’s going on makes Yousef feel worse and worse. He starts getting a headache, his hands don’t stop shaking, he can’t even walk up and down the hall because his legs just go weak.

Both boys shoot out of their seats when the door opens and a doctor and nurse leave. Elias quickly asks if they can go in and gets the green light. They warn them to first talk to the patient’s parents but neither boy listens anymore after they are allowed to go inside. 

Sana’s face lights up when she sees her older brother and she sits up quickly, making her wince. Yousef winces himself, seeing Sana like that but stands back. All he wants to do right now is run over to her and embrace her in a hug and not let her go but he knows family is more important and he is aware that her parents are in the room. He is so concentrated on Sana that he doesn’t even realize that her teammate walks past him to leave the room.

“Elias, can you please tell Mom and Dad that I’m fine and can go home now?” Sana complains and looks very sure of herself. 

Elias immediately looks at their parents and sees his father shake his head. Yousef sees that too and his stomach sinks. What is that supposed to mean?

Mamma Bakkoush turns to Sana and asks: “Can you tell me how you got to the hospital?”, in a tone that is supposed to proof that Sana cannot leave the hospital now.

Elias and Yousef quickly turn to the girl sitting in the hospital bed, her hijab not as neatly done as usually, just loosely wrapped around her head. Yousef watches as Sana opens her mouth to answer but no words come out of it. She looks from her parents to Elias and seems to have no answer. 

What is happening, is all Yousef can think.

When he saw her sitting on the bed, talking, he felt relieved at first. She couldn’t be in a too bad of a condition but now he’s not sure at all. 

Finally, Sana’s gaze lands on Yousef who stood back for a while. She doesn’t show him her dimpley smile, like she usually does when he sees him. She looks down on her hands for a second to avert her gaze from him. He hasn’t seen her react to him like that since … since before they started dating, two and a half months ago. Yousef gets a very bad feeling.

“Elias, you brought your friend?”, Sana addresses her brother and doesn’t acknowledge Yousef at all after that. His eyes widen first, then he raises his eyebrows and opens his mouth to say of course he would come, he is her boyfriend, but decides against it when he realizes that she genuinely looks confused about him being there. 

At the same time her parents shake their heads at Elias and Yousef. 

“Boys, let’s give Sana a bit alone-time.”, her father says and nods for them to leave the room. Neither of the boys moves. Yousef can’t take his eyes off Sana. Why doesn’t she acknowledge him? What exactly happened to her? The fear of it being very serious comes crashing down on him and he has difficulties breathing. “Let’s give her time, now!”

Yousef doesn’t really realize that Elias drags him out of the room by his arm. As soon as they close the door to Sana’s room, Pappa Bakkoush turns to the boys and starts explaining.

“The doctor is not a hundred percent sure yet but it looks like Sana has transient global amnesia.” All Yousef understands is Amnesia and it feels like his heart stops beating. She fell after being exhausted from training too much, how could that lead to this. Yousef wrings his hands together and clenches his teeth. “That’s temporary amnesia. Her teammate described that they had been training a lot under the sun and Sana seemed really exhausted and then she fell and hit her head. Those can be triggers for the amnesia. From what the girl explained there were no signs of an epileptic attack that would indicate something more serious. We’re going to see if the memory loss lessens over the next hours, which it should but she might not remember things dating back about a year for those next hours.”

Elias and Yousef look at each other in horror. Elias is worried about his little sister being in pain, not remembering the past weeks, months or even the past year. She is such an overachiever and now she has temporary amnesia. He doesn’t know what to say or what to do. 

“But she’ll be fine?”, Elias asks.

“And there won’t be any long-term consequences?”, Yousef asks, feeling himself getting worried once again. “Right?”, he asks with more pressure behind his voice. He knows he is talking to Sana’s father but he can’t help himself. The thought of Sana hurting is bad enough and makes him want to literally cry but her having long-term deficits in her brain? No, that can’t be happening. Her brain is what Sana is most proud about herself. She has worked so hard to achieve all the knowledge she has and loosing parts of that would crush her. He doesn’t even care that she might not remember him for now. At least not as her boyfriend. The other things are a lot more important to Sana. 

Elias’ father nods and makes the two boys sit down for them to calm down. “Honestly, I’m thinking the same as the doctor. It’s most definitely temporary amnesia and that usually only lasts up to 24 hours and her memories should come back in the next hours. She might just not remember the incident well or at all. But don’t worry. All we can do is to wait and see what happens.”

Although hearing this from Sana’s father who is also a doctor is relieving, Yousef can’t stop worrying. He doesn’t have to be a doctor to know that memory loss is not a game. 

“Oh and one more thing: When you go back in don’t pressure her in any way to remember something specific.”, the boys hear but Yousef feels like it’s more directed at him than at Elias, “She has difficulties forming new short-term memories already and doesn’t need to worry about that as well.”

When the boy enter the room again, Sana is talking to her mother but then turns to Elias and Yousef. Mamma Bakkoush leaves the room after that. When she sees Yousef she raises her eyebrows and asks Elias: “You brought your friend, too?”

Elias just nods, keeping in mind what his father told him. He doesn’t even want to look at Yousef because he knows that this must be killing him.

“How are you feeling?”, Yousef asks with a polite smile.

Not remembering the past weeks or months, does that mean she doesn’t remember they are together? She doesn’t remember the first time they hung out alone? The first time they held hands and hugged. The first time she introduced him to her friends and not just as her brother’s friend.

Sana smiles at him shyly but looks away quickly, to her brother. “I’m fine. Just have a little headache. No big deal.”

Elias laughs at that, to lighten the mood. He sees Yousef’s reaction to Sana not looking at him for long and knows he needs to do something. To make his sister feel better and to make his best friend feel better. And to make himself feel better, too.

“Sana, let’s be honest here. You just didn’t want to go to Aunt Fatima’s birthday party so you did all this.”

Sana laughs at that but winces lightly. She tried to cover it up but Yousef’s hand itches to help her sooth the pain in any way and he extents his hand intuitively but let’s it fall next to him when he realizes what he’s doing.

“I.. I actually forgot about that but her birthdays can be so hard to endure.”

Now Yousef is sure. 
For now, she doesn’t remember the first time Yousef introduced her to his cousins. She doesn’t remember the time they went to a dance performance of the kids from his kindergarten. She doesn’t remember that Yousef finally had the guts to do something about his feelings he had for so long.

His heart breaks seeing her try to hide that she’s not feeling too well.

Yousef doesn’t hear some of the conversation his best friend has with his sister because he was too deep in thoughts.

Sana asks: “What happened again that I’m here? I’m fine.”

Elias’ face falls for a second but he conceals it as fast as he can. “You fell and hit your head after basketball practice.”

“I… okay.”, she doesn’t say anything more but her hand finds the same spot on her head like before.

Yousef doesn’t know what to do. His girlfriend, who doesn’t remember that she is his girlfriend, is in the hospital with what is hopefully just temporary memory loss.

“Do you want to sleep for a while?”, Elias asks and then they exchange a few sentences in Arabic which Yousef doesn’t understand. 
Then Elias leans towards Yousef and whispers: “Apparently her hijab covers the part of her head she fell on and it hurts. So she wants to take it off.”

Yousef understands what he means to tell him and quickly nods. Looking at Sana once more and seeing her already close her eyes, he whispers back: “I’ll be outside.”

Elias shakes his head. “You can go home and I’ll call you when something changes.”

The next look Elias receives from his best friend clearly shows that Yousef is going nowhere and that it’s not even a question.  
Elias moves and without knowing that he just wanted to sit down Yousef tells him to not leave Sana alone. Before leaving the room Yousef looks at Sana again and presses his lips together.

She should rest. How he feels right now doesn’t matter.
But he still can’t help himself. It feels like all the progress they made in the past months didn’t even happen. They are back to square one. Sana thinking Yousef only sees her as Elias’ little sister. But that hasn’t been the case for many years now. In Sana’s confused look when she saw him, Yousef could see it. He could see that Sana didn’t see him as her boyfriend but only as her brother’s friend. Now he knows that she had feelings for him even before they started to properly talk but it doesn’t make it hurt less now. The worst part: Yousef feels like he doesn’t have a right to feel like this. Sana had an accident that hopefully has no long-term consequences. How he feels is the smallest of the problems right now. 

Sana and Elias’ parents are sitting in front of the room and both smile lightly at Yousef as he closes the door behind him.

“She wanted to sleep.”, is all Yousef says with a weak smile before he starts pacing up and down the hall. 

“Yousef, don’t you want to go home and Elias will call you if something happens. Sana is okay for now.”, Elias father says but Yousef quickly shakes his head. 

“No, it’s fine. I’ll wait here.”

After some time in which Sana is just sleeping, her parents go down to the cafeteria and Elias still sits by his sister’s side. The doctors said she is fine, the tests basically confirmed that it’s temporary amnesia and within a few hours she should start remembering thing, probably older memories first. 

Another while later Elias leaves Sana’s hospital room. Yousef’s head snaps up and he looks at Elias questioningly. 

“Did something happen?”

Elias can clearly hear the worry in Yousef’s voice. Elias has been sitting by his sister’s side for a couple of hours now, in which she just slept. All that time Yousef didn’t move from this hall. All he did was walk up and down or sit, facing the door. 

Elias shakes his head. “No, don’t worry. I just need to use the bathroom. Maybe you want to go in there? Just so she’s not alone if she wakes up while I’m gone.”

Yousef immediately stands up and goes to the door. Before he opens it he thinks of something. Elias is not too far away yet so Yousef calls after him. 

“Did you cover her hair again?”

Elias doesn’t know if he should laugh, roll his eyes or cry because his best friend, and his little sister’s boyfriend, is such a nice and thoughtful guy. Yousef just waits for an answer with raised eyebrows until Elias nods. 

Only then he opens the door slowly and closes it quietly behind him. He tries to be as quiet as possible and sits down on the chair right next to the bed. His eyes wander along Sana’s body that is covered by a blanket as if he could see if there are any injuries. 

She’s lying on her back, one hand just at the edge of the bed. Yousef leans forward to take her hand in his but stops millimetres away. His hand hovers over hers but he shakes his head and withdraws his hand. She’s sleeping, probably still not remembering that he is her boyfriend. It would be wrong. 

Yousef rests his elbows on his knees and looks at Sana. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. But it’s still unsettling. She’s lying in a hospital bed. The doctor said she should be fine but that she is still in the hospital makes Yousef feel unsure. Rationally, he knows that it’s just for safety measures but he has never been the most rational person. Sana is the rational person in his life that helps him see things from that perspective.

It’s a bit eerie. There is barely any sound in the room. The sun is setting so there is not much light either. But he somehow gets used to the silence in the room, right when Sana starts waking up and turning in the bed. 

Yousef sits up straight and braces himself for another comment like: Oh, Elias’ friend is here. 

Sana finally turns to the side Yousef sits at. She blinks a few times and slowly sits up. Her eyes wander all over Yousef’s face and all he can think is that she’s going to ask him to leave. Something in the way she looks at him tells him she still doesn’t remember him being her boyfriend. It’s okay, he tells himself, it’ll come sometime soon.

“Yousef.”, she says and stops. She tilts her head lightly and furrows her eyebrows. “What are you doing here? ”, she looks down on herself and along the bed and mumbles: “What am I doing here?”

Yousef tries to sound calm to not freak her out: “You fell after basketball practice and hit your head. But don’t worry, there’s nothing too serious.”

Looking a bit confused Sana nods and her hand goes to touch her head. She blinks a few more times and Yousef wonders what the best thing to do would be. She doesn’t know why he would be here instead of her brother. If she doesn’t remember the past months.

“Maybe I should go get Elias.”, he says and stands up. He doesn’t get to go far because he feels how a soft hand slips into his and tucks him back. Now he is confused but starts getting happier and happier by the second. With a step back to the bed he looks at Sana who smiles at him, showing her dimples, which makes him start grinning.

“Elias will come soon enough. Having my boyfriend here with me now is good enough.”

When You Gonna Give Me Some Time?: A Reality Bites CS AU (1/?)

For @lenfaz, on the belated occasion of her birthday. There will be more. But this is the first bit. A taster. Because you deserve. (I was writing you something else, but this came much more naturally. Sorry?) Inspired by this photoset you gave me for my birthday last year.

Emma Swan was going to Make It. Cannes. Sundance. Hell, even Telluride. She was going to be the toast of them all. One day she was going to make a documentary that changed the world. She was going to make someone feel the way she had when she’d crept downstairs when she was twelve years old to watch a crappy ex-rental VHS of The Thin Blue Line with her Dad, and felt her world spin off its axis.

Truth, Justice and the American Way were just lines from a comic book. The system was not infallible. And yet, if someone cared enough, a condemned man could walk free. A film really could change the world. And one day, Emma Swan would too.

But first she had to survive her graduation dinner with her parents.

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Okay, I’m back at it again with another long ass, symbolism heavy theory. I would heavily suggest reading my other theory here before you read this one since I will be referencing that one often in this. There’s a tl;dr at the bottom fyi!

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I’ve noticed that the fandom really often forgets about how smart Yamaguchi is. Like he’s not just in the college prep class with Tsukki for show. He helped tutor Kageyama and Hinata when Tsukki refused (I mean so did Yachi and I love her but it wasn’t all her). I feel like as a whole we just forget about his brains and instead focus on his puppy-like loyalty, adorableness, and eventually his badassery as we saw him coming out of his shell at training camp and then at spring interhigh.

Petition for more fics and headcanons and Art and whatnot about Yamaguchi Tadashi’s smart little brain.

Title: Your lie in april
Pairing: Dazai/Atsushi
Summary: A your lie in april au nobody asked for. RIP in rest, my friend.
Notes: the funeral here is the death of (spoilers). I’m also crying.


Dazai holds the letter tightly in his hand while walking down the sidewalk.

He’s not a sentimental person, per se, he just thinks it’s more appropriate to read the letter when the right ‘time’ comes. It’s been almost a year when he left. This could have been the third year they will spend the spring together.

As soon as he sees he’s approaching the train, he takes the letter out of the envelope that has a ‘For Dazai Osamu-san’ in a messy handwriting. He takes a deep breathe, he can do this.

He reads:

Dear Osamu-san,

You must be reading this letter before the first day of spring while walking to the train, aren’t you?

(He knows too much)

I can’t blame you. I would read it in the same atmosphere too. How’s life going? It’s weird asking you that because you are right beside me, sleeping peacefully.

There are so many things I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t find the right words to say. I am very glad we have become friends, and you let me make so many good memories with you. To tell you the truth, that’s all I ever wanted. But, I became greedy.

Seeing you being happy with me awakened something in me that wanted to keep it forever. I wanted you to fall in love with me so deeply, the same way I am to you. It is extremely selfish of me, I know that. But, I couldn’t stop. You were everywhere. And I have loved you so much to stop.

I succeeded, sort of. Since you confessed to me in the train, last spring, under the cherry blossom sky like a romantic you are. I never wanted to say yes so much, that time made me so happy I could cry.

But, you remember what I said, don’t you? I said no. I said no and I said I don’t love you like that. And Dazai-san, I lied. I lied because I don’t want you to live on thinking we could be forever. I can’t give you that hope when I gave up on my own.

But, you remained friends with me when I thought you wouldn’t. The next day, you pretended nothing happened and it made happy and sad at the same time. It was wrong but I wished you fought and asked for the reason why. If I would have told you the truth, I don’t know. Probably not. I’m selfish, aren’t I?

I want to thank you and Kunikida-san, Yosano-san, Ranpo-san and everyone else. I wanted to leave with so many memories and you gave it to me. I will treasure them forever.

All I want is for my feelings to reach your heart.

I did, didn’t I? You know that I am in love with you as much as you are to me?

I’m really sorry, Dazai-san. I would have told you the truth myself if it wasn’t that painful. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

Remember that theory you told me that before people die, their lives will come in a flashback for 40 seconds?

I have no doubt I will never regret those flashbacks if I see them. And that’s what’s important, isn’t it? I will die with my last breath on Earth will be a sigh of relief.

I love you. Please remember that. I love you as you are sleeping besides me. I love you as you are my favorite memory. I love you as you are reading this. I love you as you are in the future I will never see.

I love you.
Thank you for the adventure.

Atsushi Nakajima

Dazai stares at the letter. So, Atsushi did lie. Of course, Dazai knows but he didn’t expect it to be confirmed. He laughs softly, and then he cries.

Atsushi died over a year ago. For someone who values life so much, he left Dazai a little too early. He didn’t even said goodbye. At that time, him and his friends were in the beach, having fun. Atsushi said he couldn’t come and that they should have fun for his sake.

But, what they didn’t know was that Atsushi was dying without them.

Dazai couldn’t remember the time he felt so much pain in one day.

He was about to put the letter back in the envelope when someone throws something at the back of his head.

“Will you stop crying?” Kunikida’s voice rings in his ears.

He looks back to see that it was a book that hit him. Dazai rubs the back of his head. “That hurt, Kunikida-kun.”

“You deserve it.” Kunikida replies. “You were gone as soon as the class ended. Yosano wanted to do karaoke!” Kunikida looks down to see the letter. “You read it, huh?”

“Yeah.” Dazai nods. “He said thank you, by the way.”

Kunikida snorts. “I know.”

Then, he hears the sound of the train, like how it usually is. He remembers this place. This is the first time he saw Atsushi in the other side, reading a book with his red scarf, this is also where he confessed his feelings and when Atsushi lied.

And now…

The train comes and for a second, Dazai imagines Atsushi is in the other side.

Spring is when he met him, spring is coming soon.

The train ends, and the wind comes, blowing the cherry blossom in the sky.

“Spring without you is coming.” He says as if Atsushi is in the other side.

He’s not.


Author’s note: i’m sure you know the lie is that atsushi said no i dont love you like that when dazai confessed. pretend the confession happened in april. rip

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40*media*tumblr*com/e34b09ce3d4145d96adc776d4d6b08b8/tumblr_nsz9taeuP31s2tcfso1_500*jpg Felicity on instagram: "Robbie is very confused by his daddy's sports talk #icanrelate #oursontakesafterme"

“It’s good to know we’re not the only ones who get bored listening to Ollie talk sports,” Thea said over the phone. She had called Felicity as soon as she saw the instagram post, gushing over how adorable her nephew looked.

“I mean, of course Oliver knows we’re proud of him and his career, but it’s the offseason! We’re supposed to be on vacation, not discussing spring training while it’s still 2 months away. And don’t even get me started on this fantasy football nonsense, Thea. Yesterday when we went out to lunch Oliver made sure to pick a restaurant with televisions so he could keep track of all the games. He actually jumped out of his chair when one of his fantasy players scored a touchdown. You’re brother can be really embarrassing sometimes.” Felicity shook her head as she stood on the balcony outside of their hotel suite. She looked through the glass sliding door and could see Oliver sitting on the couch with Robbie, the two of them watching Sportscenter.

Of course.

“Ugh,” Thea groaned, “you don’t have to tell me. Him and Tommy used to be the worst when it came to fantasy football. What’s his team’s name this year?”

Felicity was still staring into the hotel room, watching her boys, and as if Oliver could sense her eyes on him he turned in her direction, sending her a smile and a wink before directing his attention back to Robbie. 

She sighed, not wanting to repeat Oliver’s team’s name for the sheer embarrassment it brought her just by saying the words. Quietly, she replied.

“….Party like a Gronk star.”

Thea let out a snort. “Why am I not surprised? I guess that’s better than last years ‘Belicheck Yourself’ team name.”

Felicity hummed in agreement as she pulled open the door and stepped inside the room. Robbie’s eyes lit up at seeing her and Oliver waved her over to sit beside them on the couch. She quickly said her goodbye’s to Thea before taking a seat next to Oliver and pulling Robbie into her lap.

Oliver pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Great! You came back just in time for the show,” he said, motioning towards the television, making Felicity roll her eyes at his excitement. Without a second thought she stood, Robbie still in her arms, and she began walking through the suite’s living room and towards the bedroom.

“Fe-li-ci-ty! You’re gonna miss Monday Night Countdown!” Oliver yelled after her.

She spared him a glance over her shoulder.

“I think our son is tired so I’m going to put him down for a short nap.” Oliver opened his mouth to protest but she continued. “You can stay out here with your fantasy players if you want…or you can join me in the shower, and we can play out a whole other fantasy of yours…”

Felicity wasn’t even three steps into the bedroom before she felt Oliver’s arms wrapping around her waist from behind. Robbie laughed happily as Felicity walked them over to the bed, gently placing their son on top of the mattress. She turned to Oliver, meeting his mouth in a soft kiss before whispering against his lips.

“Good choice.”

Impromptu Ice Cream

The day that you met him began like any other. You woke up, had breakfast, and headed for the park on your morning jog. You had just reached your midway point when the real beauty of the May morning hit you. Slowing down, you stopped for a moment over on the bridge and took a huge deep breath, the air full of that fresh, after-rain scent and a couple ducks were paddling in the shallows. It was stupidly picturesque.

The moment was ruined when a toddler, roughly four years old, rammed right into your legs. He had an excited smile and he wrapped himself around you, laughing with excitement.

“Hey! Hey, hey buddy,” you said, attempting to pry him off and failing. He buried his face into your leg, holding tight.

“Hi!” He squeaked. A mop of fine, blonde hair covered his head and as you finally pulled him off of you, he smiled at you, his big blue eyes shining and his round cheeks rosy red.

“What’s up, buddy?” You asked, crouching down to his level.

“I wanna see the ducks!” he answered, wiggling with excitement.

“Where are your mommy and daddy?” You tried again.

“I don’t know,” he answered, shrugging.

“Do you know their phone number?” He nodded so you passed him your phone and he dialed a number. It rang three times before a deep voice answered.

“Hello? Who is this?” The little boy in front of you wiggled in excitement at hearing his dad’s voice.

“Da, it’s me!” he shouted.

“Theo? Where are you? Whose phone is this?” his dad’s voice became panicked.

“With a nice lady. Uncle Ni is here too!” Uncle Ni? This kid was an odd one, that’s for sure. There was no one else with you, no one around at all.

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“If Your Heart Wears Thin (I Will Hold You Up)”

[An Ashton Irwin one-shot.]

                Rating: PG (no smut, sorry)

                Pairing: reader/Calum Hood, reader/Ashton Irwin

                Summary: You and Calum have been together for two years but for the past few months, he’s grown distant and seems distracted. Ashton, who has been your best friend since you’ve met the boys, does anything he can to keep you occupied on lonely nights.

Ashton breaks the news while simultaneously mending all of the broken pieces.

                Word count: 1,517


Calum flopped down beside you on the couch in the recording studio lounge and you subconsciously curled into his side. His arm remained stretched over the top of the couch rather than wrapping around you. In fact, Calum hasn’t been very affectionate towards you lately but you chalked it up to him being tired from recording with the lads quite a bit.

                “We’re going out tonight.” Calum said as he kicked his feet up onto the coffee table.

                Ashton, followed by Michael and Luke, joined the both of you on the couch. Even with you and Cal as a couple, personal space was still nonexistent with the boys. Ash was pressed to your side, touching shoulders to thighs while Calum was angled away from you as he leaned against the armrest.

                “We should go home and get ready then.” You suggested as you smiled.

                It’s been what seems like forever since you and Calum have been out.

                He swallowed hard. “No, just Luke and I are going out tonight.”

                Luke smiled sheepishly before returning his attention to his phone. Ashton shifted uncomfortably.

                “Oh okay, I’ll just-“

                “Come over and watch movies.” Ashton interrupted you. “We’ll do a Marvel movie marathon or something.”

                You could always count on Ashton to find something for you to do when Calum and Luke went out, which was becoming more and more frequent.

                “I’ll bring some snacks.” You agreed


                “What club are you going to tonight?” you asked as you pulled a hoodie over your head.

                Calum shrugged. “I don’t know.”

                You situated the material over your stomach and stuffed your hands in the pocket. “If you need a ride or anything, will you call me?”

                Again, Calum shrugged as he fussed with his hair in the mirror hanging on the wall above your dresser. “We’ll just get a town car.”

                Still assuming Calum’s distance lately was because of stress from recording, you simply hummed in acknowledgement as he left the room.


You rode in the town car with Calum before it dropped you off outside Ashton’s apartment. With just a kiss on the cheek and hardly a wave, Cal sent you on your way. Again, you assumed nothing of it. Ash answered the door with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. It was then that you began to suspect something was up because Ashton’s smile was rarely anything less than genuine. He led you into the living room and settled onto the couch beside you before clearing his throat.

                “I’m just going to come right out and say it because I think you should know. Calum is seeing someone else behind your back.” Ashton paused for a moment before drawing in a deep breath. “I didn’t want to believe my suspicions but when I saw him bring another girl into his car and kiss her, I knew it. And I knew I had to tell you.”

                Your blood ran cold as you sat in a stunned silence. All of the late nights, almost no texts or phone calls between the two of you, and plans that never included you began to add up. It was so obvious to you now and bile began to rise in your throat. How long had this been going on and how many other girls had there been?

                Ashton gently set his hand on your knee and ran his thumb over the soft material of your leggings. “I’m so sorry. I couldn’t let it happen once I saw for myself that it was true.”

                Your mouth opened as if to say something but you closed it again.

                “Is there anything I can do?” he asked, his hazel eyes trained on your face.

                “Help me get my things, please.”


                The ceiling light casts a soft glow over you and Ashton as you sat across from each other at the kitchen table, waiting for Calum to return from his night out with “Luke”. Your body became wound tight as a spring when you heard the front door open. Stumbling in behind him was a tall brunette who was giggling and whispering about how sweet Calum’s skin tasted. When you stood from the table, the sound of the chair scraping the floor caused Calum to whip around and shoot you an accusatory glare like it was you who had done something wrong.

                “I thought you were with-“

                “Me.” Ashton stood and came around the table to stand beside you with his arms crossed. “I saw you with another girl and I told her. She came here to collect her things but changed her mind.”

                “Get out.” Your voice came out stronger than you expected.

                The brunette behind Calum shifted her weight nervously.

                “I said get out. Both of you.” You spit. “I don’t care where you go but don’t come back.”

                Calum cursed under his breath before turning his back to you and heading towards the door, his new friend close behind.

                “Your shit will be by the curb tomorrow!” You shouted as the door clicked shut.

                When your knees began to shake, Ashton guided you to sit down at the table again, this time sitting next to you rather than across the table.

                “He didn’t even try to deny it or fight for me. He just left that easily.”

                You let a few tears escape, only to be wiped away softly by Ashton’s awaiting thumbs. He let you cry and curse without saying a word and for that, you were thankful. When you felt as if your eyes couldn’t tear up anymore, you sniffled one last time before turning to Ash, who was already looking back at you.

                “I don’t want to be alone tonight.” You mumbled, your voice still thick from sobbing.

                Ashton nodded. “I understand. What can I do?”

                You silently thanked God and anyone else up there for giving you Ashton as your best friend.

                “Help me strip the bed and wash everything. I feel disgusted thinking about sleeping on dirty sheets.”


                Once the clean sheets, duvet, and pillow cases were tucked in and made up properly, you glanced at the clock beside your bed. The green numbers read nearly three in the morning. Ashton could almost sense how exhausted you were as he pulled you into his arms.

                “You need some sleep.” His voice rumbled through his chest as you rested your head against it. “What would you like me to do?”

                You let out a slow, steady breath. “Come lay down with me.”

                “Okay, I can do that.” He whispered before releasing you.

                You clicked off the bedside lamp, filling the room with darkness. Still in your leggings and hoodie, you peeled back the covers and climbed in while Ashton did the same on Cal- the other side. Ash pulled the blankets over your shoulder and tucked them in around you before settling on his back with his arms under his head. Your friendship with him had always been platonic but you needed to feel safe and secure now more than ever.

                “Hey Ash?”


                “Can you kinda, just-“

                “Yeah.” He said as he draped his arm over your waist and pulled you close.

                You were flush against him, back to chest, with every inch of you touching. With Ashton wrapped around your body, you felt safer and more at ease than you had for the past few weeks with Calum.

                “I don’t mean to dump this on you after what happened tonight but I just want you to know that I love you.” Ashton’s warm breath fanned over the nape of your neck as he spoke.

                You love Ashton too, of course. You tell each other at least once a day but this was different. In Ashton’s voice you could hear the depth and sincerity. All this time, seeing you with Calum and then seeing Calum with another girl must have hurt Ash just as much but he was being strong for you. You could feel him tensing in anticipation for your response.

                “I love you too.” You answered as you turned in his grasp to face him.

                When you looked up, Ashton’s eyes met yours like they always seem to. His broad hand, that covered the entire expanse of the small of your back, pulled you closer as he tipped his chin downward. You sensed what was coming and closed your eyes as his lips met yours. He moved slowly and cautiously, as if any sudden movement would scare you away. The kiss was soft and chaste before he pulled back, only to press a gentle kiss to your forehead.

                “I will never hurt you.” Ashton whispered into the darkness. 

My friend Heather died on Saturday.   She loved life and lived it with THE MOST enthusiasm. She was a beautiful bundle of love and light and an absolute joy to know. Seven years ago she got cancer and fought hard to stay alive. Fuck cancer.  Fuck cancer, fuck cancer, FUCK CANCER! 

I close my eyes and I picture Heather dancing. I remember her sweaty from dancing and singing nonstop to old school hip hop at Dragon. (And Blue and Boogaloo and even in the middle of the pier where all the music from all the bars spilled out into the night.) I remember the awful perfume she wore for a summer and the bright pink lipstick she wore the next spring. I remember her orzo salad that she made for book club (I tried to recreate it once and it was a disaster) and the beautiful jewelry that she made for her friends. I remember her strong embrace, the sparkle in her eyes, and the breathless, animated way she’d tell a story.  I wish I could her voice again.

Patrick saw me crying on Sunday morning. He asked why I was sad and I told him that my friend had died. He gave me a hug and ran off to play with his trains. Several times throughout the day he spontaneously and (seemingly) randomly bust into tears and would say “I’m sad” as he snuggled into me for a hug. I know he’s too young to understand death but I think this was his way of showing empathy. It was heartbreaking to watch him experience sadness (even if he was only mimicking me) but I’m glad we were able to be there for each other.  

Heather wrote a blog to keep her loved ones up to date on her health, her adventures, her journey.  This is a quote from something she wrote this past Thanksgiving:

“This whole cancer things is a roller coaster and I don’t always express the depths of my sorrow or pain. But I’m ever grateful for cancer. It has been my biggest teacher. It has taught me more about myself than anything else. It’s ups and downs, twists and turns have allowed me to come closer to knowing the present moment. Taught me the value of surrender and  the benefit of allowing what is to be.  It reminds me that love of self and others is truly the only thing that matters at the end of the day.  Cancer and its side effects are so extremely hard at times yet I wouldn’t trade the life I’ve been given for it is mine and I’m going to find a way to love through it all.”

Her life was big and bright and very, very important. I’m so thankful I was lucky enough to be a part of it.  Rest in peace, my sweet friend.  

A Visit to the shop


“Remember, my mind is a computer. Everything I think, process and say can be reduced to numbers within my CPU.” Jason said, pointing to his head. “And depends on the universe you’re asking about. Are you talking about this Metro City, or The Place Where Spring Connects?”

Smiling kindly, Jason continued his story. “Well, as I was saying, I went to the south and reached India. It was there when I met my friend Ezayne, a swordsman who was traveling to Japan with the idea of becoming stronger. He was in trouble - some guys wanted to kill him, so I just punched those guys, grabbed Ezayne and threw him into the first train I saw. I jumped into the train after him. We got really lucky - that train was on their way to China.”

Haz`le nodded. “I remember. Sometimes it’s hard to forget.” she smiled at him happily.

She hummed a little as he spoke, then raised her hand. “Is this the story where you did something with your head to save your friends life?” she asked. She had heard that story before. But that was a while ago.

Paths Crossed


April 19, 2013. Friday. 4:39 p.m.

The scenery whipped by, no longer forming the outlines of trees and buildings, but instead morphing into one long, continuous green blur as the motorcycle rides the middle line of a two-lane back road. The rider revved the engine once more, enjoying the growl as he upped the speed to a ridiculous pace.

 The wind whipped through and mussed his gelled hair and chapped his lips and cheeks, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care. He scrunched his nose in an attempt to adjust his sunglasses, but they kept slipping farther and farther down his nose since he had forgotten the band to them back at his apartment. 

As he reached the end of the path and was beginning to merge onto the main highway, he was ready to just chuck the sunglasses and risk the terrible wind for the duration of his joyride. Glancing over his shoulder to be sure he was in the clear, the young man almost wrecks as he accidentally yanks the handle bars when he sees her.

It’s only a split second, seeing her face as she quickly passes him in a 2012 red Mini Cooper with that standard solid, white line down the center. She had the top down so her long, blonde hair trailed behind her in golden, highlighted waves. 

Not really sure what feeling was taking over him, the man had no idea what was going through his head as he took off after the car, doing his best to catch up. He shook his head as he did so, knowing it was completely irrational what he was doing. He had only seen her face for maybe a split second, but something in him was telling him that he needed to see her again. 

So, revving the engine once more, he kicked up dust and pebbles into the windshield of the car behind him in his haste to catch up to the mystery girl.

How have I never seen her before? He found himself wondering. A small town like this, everyone knows everyone and their mother. Literally. And it’s not like we get tourists this time of year.

When she turned on her left blinker and pulled into the other lane, the young man saw his chance. He did his best to keep pace beside her, ignoring the angry honks from the cars behind him as he glanced over to his left every so often. He wasn’t sure whether or not he wanted her to look over and see him, but before he got the chance to make up his mind, she looked anyway.             

Their eyes locked, and he subconsciously wrinkles his nose again in an attempt to fix his sunglasses. He sees her smile, and he decided then that the smile belonged on billboards.

It was a moment written down a hundred times, a hundred different ways in a hundred cheap, romance novels. Though, despite this, neither could bring themselves to look away.

The road was theirs, and this moment was theirs. No matter how cliché it was.

And it really, really was.

Then, the young man’s stomach lurches when the sudden screeching of the girl’s brakes sounds and ruins the moment. He sees her glance back to the road and watches as her eyes widen, and he catches the wide “o” shape her mouth makes a split second before he even realizes what is happening.

He hears the crunch of metal on metal as her car collides head first into the back of an old, rusty pickup truck as the driver slammed on his brakes.

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i have 1,000 nyc train stories because my job requires me to ride the train for nearly half of my work day.

one of the more recent, funny ones–

homie came on the train and sat directly on the first seat he saw available. first off, i don’t know any new yorker that doesn’t look at the seat before they sit because there is no telling what nasty shit some mofo left behind.

anyway, he sits down and instantly springs up because he emerged his whole white tee and ass in some unknown fluid clearly on the seats.

naturally, i look up at him at this time because why the fuck is he jumping up like that. i’m almost positive he thinks i knew there was liquid on the seat and just didn’t say anything because he proceeds to grill me the whole ride.

the funny part is he kept digging his hands along the wet part of his pants/ass and sniffing hard as hell to determine if he sat on pee. he even went as far as to attempt to sniff the liquid directly on the seat. the train makes an abrupt stop and his face falls flat into the liquid.

i swear i could not. but i did because he looked so mad. probably had piss on his lips.

Imagine Steve Getting Stuck At The Airport

(I’m literally stuck in a 5 hour layover… So yeah, I’m writing.)

The avenger looked down at his ticket once more, not really believe what the time it said his flight was leaving, but sure enough? It said one-fifty-five p.m… It was currently eight in the morning.

Groaning, the soldier took out his new phone and dialed the number of a certain billionaire, who was in charge of buying the plane tickets. 

Her picked up on the third ring. “What is it, Old Timer? Got lost in the big scary airport?”

“Tony? Why am I stuck at the Denver airport for five hours?”

“Because it was the cheapest-”

“Your a jerk.” Steve hung up the phone .

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