i saw her wearing this

Sorry, but I just could hold it anymore...

Back in summer of last year, long before the election, I promised myself to stay out of it. To not take any side or campaign for anyone as it is none of my business.

But today I just can’t hold my breath any longer. Enough is enough.

Banning someone from going home just because they don’t have the “right” religion is nothing but pure racism and discrimination at its best. I grew up in a town where it was normal that there was at least one muslin kid in your class. We all went along each other pretty well. Never really thought about it One of my best friends in High school was a hijab wearing Muslim. I never saw her as something else then my best friend. I remember how her family often spent the whole summer visiting her grandparents in the middle east.

Now imagine she would visit them and suddenly wouldn’t be able to come back home because of something she didn’t do.

That’s exactly what is happening right now. Thousands of people who grew up in America and call it there home are now forbidden to return home because they had the misfortune to be visiting there families aboard when this #$@&%*! piece of paper was signed.

Please, as a German I am begging you not to make the same mistakes that my ancestors did. Creating a two class system based on the religion you believe in while lead to a spiral of violence which will end in blood and death.

Don’t make the mistakes we did! It’s not to late to stop this!

I dreamt an old lady got hit by a bus and instead of flying across the road she slowly floated up into the air like it was the rapture and she had this serene smile on her face. Then I saw a little mouse wearing wellington boots and I woke up laughing.

highlights from rtx sydney 2017/things I will never forget:

- miles and kerry being absolute shit at the google trends game

- trend master lawrence

- elyse being elyse (bc tbh she’s a highlight no matter what she does)

- barbara being suuuupppperrrr excited when she saw I was wearing one of her shirts (”it looks cute on you” bless I love that beautiful canadian)

- achievement hunters walking past us in the funhaus line; caiti seeing me and as she passed she said “by the way you look beautiful” (I ALMOST CRIED)

- lawrence drinking a fosters out of adam’s thong (flip flop for you non aussies)

- millie s ramsey complimenting my shoes/being a light in my life

- waiting in line for jeremy; him pulling out his phone and recording the massive line saying “this video is going straight to my mother” 

- lil j is so little! but great at hugs 10/10

- michael and gavin standing too close whilst battling with the switch 

- the inevitable blow job/hand job innuendos that came with playing the switch

- the wet bread (rip gavin)

I saw a woman wearing a jumpsuit with sunglasses on top of her head at a concert awhile back, and fell in love with the look.  This happens to me a lot – I see a girl wearing something I love, and then I go on a hunt to find something similar.  (Unfortunately I can’t just stop someone and say how much I love what they’re wearing, and where did they buy it.  That’s something limited to ‘female to female’ conversations).

it’s a day late but IT’S HERE! 

after many years of attempting to make this happen i finally managed to coordinate a birthday art trade with my good friend, october birthday buddy, and insanely talented artist @celestedoodles!! she loves t’pring and asked me to design her a beautiful-but-utilitarian, on-her-way-to-kill-your-man outfit, and i JUMPED at the opportunity. i wanted to keep elements from t’pring’s original appearance in amok time but give it a more aos vibe – i was inspired by the delightful chunky knitwear of star trek (2009)’s vulcans, thierry mugler’s space-age silhouettes as worn by beyonce, and 1960s designer rudi gernreich (who influenced the costuming for the vulcans in the reboot). i also gave her some negative-space boots because i saw a woman wearing some in new york this weekend and fell in love

happy birthday, celeste!! i hope you like it and i hope your birthday was a blast 🎂🎂🎂🎂 

  • I was listening to Lindemann for the first time last night and trying to understand the lyrics, but my sister wouldn't shut the fuck up.
  • me: hey, shush it, I'm trying to understand what Till is saying in here.
  • her: even if you try to, you can't understand German.
  • me: but he's singing in English.
  • her: oh, in this case
Clary’s new weapon.

(Based on a conversation with @nightfallgoddess​ and some bts pictures/videos).

Clary and Izzy are training one day and Clary can’t help but look at Izzy’s bracelet and also remember Alec’s bow, so she asks her to teach her how to use something no one else in the institute uses.

Somehow it comes to Izzy instantly. Throwing knives. Why? Clary is very lean and also proven to be fast. Also, she’s not as strong as Alec and Izzy to handle physical combat yet. Isabelle knows how to use them, but are obviously not her favorite. So with Alec’s help, they get dummies and bull’s-eyes for Clary to practice and both of them teach her every day. First on still objects, next on moving ones (throwing things in the air or with moving bull’s-eyes).

Clary learns quite quickly, and soon enough she has the Lightwood siblings’ approval, so they get her a leg holster and some knives for their next mission. Trying to throw knives at demons it’s not easy at first, but adapting is something Clary is getting quite good at, so it doesn’t take long before Clary is slaying demons with her new weapon.

One day they go out to look for information on Jace and they are in this downworlder bar or someplace like that, and Clary and Izzy are interrogating this vampire about Jace’s whereabouts or if he saw something unusual. The vampire is not quite cooperative and it takes them long to get some information out of him. The information isn’t quite relevant, but it’s something.

“That’s all I’ve got, little girl,” he says, and it sounds like he’s spitting at them. “So why don’t you and your friend get out? This is no place for the nephilim.”

Clary and Izzy just glare at him and turn around. Alec is waiting for them outside just in case something happens, and he is probably nervous with impatience at this point.

Just when they’re about to get out, Clary stops and turns around again, facing the vampire that is on the other side of room, smirking. Izzy doesn’t know what she’s doing, but doesn’t say anything, waiting patiently for her with the door opened.

Fast as lightning, Clary takes out one of her knives and throws it at the vampire, missing his face by inches on purpose. The vampire, completely stunned, looks at the knife, now nailed to the wall beside his face.

“My name is not little girl.” Clary then leaves the bar, silence filling the air after that. Izzy takes a second at the door, but there’s a clear smile on her face.

“I taught her so well,” she whispers and follows, closing the door with a thud.

Does anyone else notice that Shelagh wore only her wedding band, without her engagement ring, this Series? I know she would take it off when on duty (probably so it wouldn’t snag on things or be a breeding ground for bacteria and other stuff at work), but even off duty, I can’t recall if we ever saw her wearing it. I would have to go rewatch the episodes and look for it.

Does anyone think there’s a significance to her decision not to wear it along with her wedding band like she did the previous 3 seasons?

today the school newspaper interviewed me for an article because i’m known as the parka girl at school and honestly i feel like some kind of cryptid

Text meme

Send my muse a text!

  • [text]: Hello
  • [text]: What’s up?
  • [text]: You left something at my place
  • [text]: When are you coming over?
  • [text}: Can I have my stuff back?
  • [text]: How drunk were we last night?
  • [text}: What are you wearing?
  • [text}: I saw you with her
  • [text]: I saw you with him
  • [text]: Wanna make out?
  • [text]: What type of phone do you have anyway?
  • [text]: Want to go see a movie?
  • [text]: Fuck that
  • [text]: Why aren’t you picking up your phone?
  • [text]: Can I come over?
  • [text]: One of these days, I’ll have to tell you that story
  • [text]: I need you to come pick me up
  • [text]: I have a gift for you
  • [text]: Can I text you back later?
  • [text]: How about we not talk about that?
  • [text]: Is there a picture of that?
  • [text]: I’m so happy!
  • [text]: That was horrible
  • [text]: I just want to see you
  • [text]: I’m done trying to help them
  • [text]: How did you get this number?
  • [text]: I think you texted the wrong number
  • [text]: What’s your favorite musician?
  • [text]: I think I forgot something
  • [text]: Do you happen to need a new bookshelf?
  • [text]: There’s a rodent in here

anonymous asked:

Made friends with a girl at uni because I saw she was wearing cubbies merch so sat next to her in a lecture so cheers for making friends for me

This makes me super happy ‘cause I only made 1 friend at uni and it took 2 years so you’re already doing better than me 🐸

does anyone have those childhood best friends you wish they could talk to again but can’t bc you aren’t able to contact them?