i saw forfuturerefferenceonlys blog

okay so vegetarians vegans i understand if you choose not to eat meat or what have you. it’s your choice 100% but please don’t go shaming people that don’t have the same veiws as you. if you stop eating meat they aren’t going to stop killing animals for food. meat will still be on shelves in stores. asking people to tag everything that has meat on it or leather or such is ridiculous. the idea people sould have the “common curtesy” to do such a thing is ridiculous. and shaming them for eating meat in public is just silly. i can’t eat, be around or smell any kind of seafood without being sick. im not going to call someone out for posting some kind of seafood. i’m not going to avoid eating meat in public because hey that’s what i eat i dont expect you to never have seafood around you. if you eat it i probably wont say anything even if i do feel sick because im not ging to make you feel bad for doing something you enjoy that is hurting nobody. i’m just …. i’m done. social justice blogs have killed me. i’m done. emily out.