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PWS - M.A.D. (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Katharina @photoshamanism / edit: Tiernan @tiernanogphoto

My dear friend Katharina, knowing all too well how much I love snow, offered up an enchanted forest for me to play with.  I couldn’t help take it darker, as she might, making it more mysterious and perhaps even forbidding.  I then lightened up the front, middle part, foregrounding it to rest, trying to make the shot more dynamic–drawing the eye through it.

PWS MAD - Tiernan

I like the idea of editing a photo of another member and I know, that Tiernan loves snow. So I decided to take him for a walk and showed him my little snowy wood in the hood. Love what you saw there. The black and white edit is bewitching. Thanks.

PWS MAD - Katharina

Thirst | Pt.1

Jimin Vampire AU 

E/N : This was co-written with @exollifeisbetter. Basically, It was her idea and her original draft, I’m just doing the editing and taking care of posting and taking credit, wonderful I know. 

Genre : Angst. and future stuff not to spoil

Originally posted by ounew

“Y/N, you’re the host go get us some snacks from the gas station, hurry up,” Viv said, more like begged, with puppy eyes and the nicest smile you’ve ever saw her pull.

“But why me? One of you can go, I’m too lazy to go,” I whined. All three of them looked at me and I instantly gave in. “Fine! I’ll go, but if I don’t come back in twenty minutes, call the cops,” I added, dramatically sighing, they laughed as I put on my shoes and sweater then dreadfully walked out of my apartment. It was freezing cold outside and equally as dark. The only light coming from the moonlight shinning from above and the occasional street light. The gas station I was going to was about two or three minutes away with the shortcut I always took through a playground next to the apartment. Even that felt too far.

Going into the gas station, I grabbed a bunch of candy, chips, and drinks. Anything the girls would like but mostly my own personal favorites. I guess I really wasn’t prepared for the girls to raid my house of any food I had, leaving me with an empty fridge. As I was getting our snacks, a guy walked in. He was wearing a black hoodie and black leather pants. The pants even tighter than my own I thought as I looked him up and down. Since it was so late at night, we were the only people in the store, besides the clerk of course. I walked to the register trying not to get any unwanted attention. “You shouldn’t walk alone at night. A pretty girl like you could get snatched,” the clerk said, his eyes peered at me, looking up and down. “I’m sure I will be just fine as long as you stay away. Just give me my things, so I can go.” I said rolling my eyes, and he eventually did as you told him. I picked up my bags, avoiding the hand that reached out to touch my own, and walked out.

The breeze hit me as soon as I stepped outside and I pulled my sweater closer to my body, sinking into the warmth, sighing. It was extra quiet, no cars, and not a single wandering soul outside. I hated these nights especially. It just emphasizes every single detail making it much more frightening than it actually was. The sound of the leaves blowing through the breeze, the slight whistle of the wind, the sound of someone’s feet crushing leaves that just appeared out of nowhere. Wait?! What?! I looked behind me to find someone following me, or at least that’s what my panicked brain made me think. My heart started to beat faster in my chest and palms becoming clammy. I glanced over my shoulder again picking up my pace a little when I realized he was indeed following me, eyes following my every move. I abruptly stopped and turned around, “What do you want? Are you trying to scare me? It’s not working so Fuck off!” He stopped and I turned around to walk away.

Everything went by so fast.

He ran after me, not appreciating the retaliation, and slammed my body into a tree roughly. “Listen sweetheart. My girlfriend is being a bitch and I need something to ease my frustration. Now, will you open those pretty legs and let me enjoy myself,” he slurred out, his knee pushing to part my own.

I struggled against him, kicking, punching and trying to get him off of me. However, as I was about to scream out, he slapped his hand over my mouth muffling every sound. I just kept struggling away from him: trying to keep my body moving so he wouldn’t have a tight grip on me. But the tree started to painfully scratch at my back and I was forced to stop. I bit his hand as strongly as I could and he finally pulled away from me. I took it as my only chance to flea and started running towards the apartment.

You have to make it, please let me make it home I thought. All of a sudden, something grabbed me and threw me on the ground. He immediately crawled on top of me, not repeating the earlier mistake of letting me have the slightest movement, and grabbed my wrists holding them together. Just as fast, he was ripped off of me and shoved into a wall.

“Weren’t you taught to never put your hands on a woman when she doesn’t want to?” The other guy, whose face you couldn’t see, asked. After recomposing myself, I noticed he was wearing the same outfit as the man back in the gas station.

“I’ve been thirsty all day,” he said and dug his teeth into the guy’s neck. Did he just- My heart jumped again, almost painfully, and I quickly put my hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t be next in line. Standing up on wobbly legs, I dashed out of his sight peeking from behind the building. After he was done “quenching his thirst” he turned to face the direction I went to. I slowly moved from behind the wall to run again when he suddenly appeared right in front of me. My breath hitched and I started to breath more deeply to calm myself.

“Uh, um, thank you for saving me,” I whispered, stuttering the words more than saying them, sure he could tell my nervousness. His face was so close to mine. Too close for comfort. His eyes were solid black and peering at me so deeply. He got even closer to me.

“You’d better get out of here. I may get thirsty again and I won’t be able to resist the pull of your scent,” he whispered in my ear. My eyes opened wide in confusion, but I didn’t stick around long enough to find out, running again. I never ran so fast in my life.

I finally got to my apartment going inside and slamming the door closed. “Y/N’s back!” Becca said as they ran to me with hungry and anticipating eyes.

“Where are the snacks?” they all asked me at the same time.

“Complicated,” I whispered. “I’m going to bed,” I said quickly going to my room and closing the door. I laid on my bed, awake, and wide eyed. So many things were going on in my head and none were clear enough to process correctly. Others you just pushed to the back of your mind.

What the hell just happened? Was he a……? Of course not, Vampires don’t exist. Maybe he’s just a cannibal. Okay, no, that’s even worse than a vampire. He did save my life though, then he threatened it after. I kept my thoughts busy with him, so they wouldn’t stray away into something I wasn’t ready to face just yet, and just like that I fell into deep sleep. Exhaustion winning over.

A tapping noise on the glass woke me back up. I quickly shot up from my bed, frightened, and looked through the blinds covering my window. I could distinguish the silhouette as belonged to the man that just saved my life. Having only seen him in the dark it wasn’t hard not to. Open he mouthed. I did as he said, going back to my spot immediately and waiting for his next move. However; he just stood there outside the large window, “I’m not allowed to come in unless you invite me,” he said peering into me, a smirk evident on his lips.

“Before I do that, what’s your name?” I asked.

“Park Jimin,” he replied. His eyes didn’t drift away from my own, a chill run down my back as it felt like he was staring right into the pit of my soul.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to end up dead by inviting him, willingly, or risk getting killed later, unwillingly.

Thank you for reading <3 Let us know what you thought of it !


Star Wars IV: A New Hope 1977 Trailer

On this day in 1977, George Lucas space epic Star Wars (as it was simply called at the time) was released. It was the first film in the franchise, but it was actually chapter 4 of a 9 part series. Made on a budget of $11 million, no one had any idea how big it would be. It has since spawned an entire Star Wars Universe that fans like me are still geeking out on to this day!

When it was first released on May 25, 1977, I had just turned 1. I remember seeing it on one of its re-releases around 1978 or 79. I was hooked! I picked up the trilogy on VHS in 1995. I saw it in the theater when the Special Edition was released in Jan. 1997. I got the DVD trilogy in 2004. I guess you could say I’m a fan! Happy 40th A New Hope!

Here is the original movie trailer from 1977. 

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Relationship: Crowley x Reader

Based on this post: [x]

Word Count: 1522

Warnings: Language, Alcohol, Harassment nearing assault, canon typical violence

Tagging: @bkwrm523 @fandommaniacx (I saw you liked the post so I thought I’d tag you but if you’d like to be untagged I completely understand just let me know.

A/N: So I saw the original post and it allowed me to indulge my Crowley feels so I wrote a little something.  I hope you enjoy and please enjoy the crappy paint edit I made for the shirt. I just felt I needed to make one for visual effect.

Originally posted by crowleyslittleminion

He’s the King of Hell! What are you even thinking? What if he can hear you? What if Cas hears you? Stop thinking! Your inner monologue was running a mile a moment as you watched Crowley teaming up with Sam to hustle some frat boys in pool. Ever since the incident with the Darkness you found yourself being drawn more to Crowley. Admittedly though as a hunter having a crush on the King of Hell to begin with was already pretty ludicrous.

    You ordered another round of shots and decided the best thing to do was to drink away the thoughts of Crowley taking you back to the bunker. The King laying you down and making you come apart in new and heat inducing ways. You shuddered and quickly slammed back the shots the bartender had left you and ordered two more. A warm body took a seat next to you and you thought finally Dean and Cas had shown up to join in on the party. However, turning you came face to face with a man, who was looking at you like you were something to eat. He was one of the frat guys that came in with the boys playing Sam and Crowley and you hoped he didn’t stay long.

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Blackpink in your area
Prim M.
Blackpink in your area

I used to really not like BLACKPINK. And then all of a sudden everything they made sounded incredible.

I blame Classical Musicians React. When I realized they only have 4.5 songs (does the acoustic version of Whistle count as a separate song?), two things ran through my head; “That’s disappointing” and “Wait, I can mash up all of these and not get completely overwhelmed!” And then once I saw how well the album art could be edited together, I knew I needed to make this. And it turned out… not as well as I had hoped, but if I don’t upload it I’ll never get around to studying for finals.

Also, a quick side note; I had to delete the original post of this because the audio rendered weirdly and there was like a full minute of silence on the end.

Songs used:
- BOOMBAYAH // BLACKPINK (Instrumental from Kang Seulgi, Acapella from MR REMOVED_TW)
- WHISTLE // BLACKPINK (Instrumental from KPOP CREATIONS, Acapella from 1811912)
- PLAYING WITH FIRE // BLACKPINK (Instrumental from Naver Music Channel, Acapella from teeyeon kim)
- STAY // BLACKPINK (Instrumental from TheKisho101, Acapella from 1811912)
- WHISTLE (Acoustic ver.) // BLACKPINK (Instrumental from veemins)

Here’s the full album art! There’s a really, REALLY bad math joke in it, but it was too blatant to resist.



When I saw the original Gemception comic by @zottgrammes, I was instantly like, this would make such an awesome video! So I reached out to zottgrammes and worked with them for the past two weeks to edit this together. I hope you like it!


azka853  asked:

Hey can you do a reaction for seventeen when they come home and see you crying

Thanks for the request! Here you go hope you enjoy :)



Originally posted by wunwu

S.Coups would be one of those people that tries to comfort their girlfriend by diverting her attention to something else by taking her to her favorite places. As soon as he walked through the door, after coming back from a tiring practice, and saw his girlfriend crying his mind would immediately start remembering her favorite places to go. She likes the park where she can look at the stars? Let’s go! She likes to eat vanilla ice cream? He’ll take her to the grocery store and buy her a bucket full. If he has the funds he’ll even take her to Paris, as long as she’s back to being happy.


Originally posted by seungheol

As soon as Jeonghan saw his girlfriend sitting on the floor in front of the couch crying he would take a seat next to her and put her head on his shoulder. He would ask what’s wrong and when she doesn’t answer her would move in front of her and tilt her head so that she was facing him. He would stay in that position until she made eye contact and then give her the most heartwarming and comforting smile she had ever seen. “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me right now, just tell me later, but right now lets watch some movies, okay?”


Originally posted by seokimns

When Joshua walked in and saw his girlfriend crying he would know what to do immediately. He would silently make his way to sit next to her and once sat down he would gently poke her arm. He would continue to do so until she looked at him and when she did he would pull a funny face of make a funny gesture. If she didn’t smile the first time he would continue to do so until she smiled. When she finally smiled Joshua would give her a hug and hold her until she calmed down. He wouldn’t ask questions and just silently sit there holding her until she was calm.


Originally posted by satanteen17

Jun wouldn’t really know what to in this situation but he knew he would have to do something quickly because he hated seeing his girlfriend cry. He would make his way over to her and sit in front of her. Once his girlfriend glanced up at him he would smile and start doing random things to make her smile such as kissing his fingers and then blowing her a kiss. He would continue doing this until she finally let out a small giggle.


Originally posted by hoshl

Hoshi would be exactly like Jun. As soon as he saw his girlfriend crying he would sit in front of her and start doing random, cute, things to make her smile. He wouldn’t stop until she would eventually join him causing them to spend hours just making weird faces at each other. The rest of the evening would be spent full of giggles and laughs.


Originally posted by hosoeks

Wonwoo would take his girlfirend crying very seriously. He would ask her what was wrong and would keep asking until she told him everything. He would sit and listen to her rant for hours about whatever it was that had caused her to cry. Once it was done Wonwoo would get up and run to the kitchen. He would run back into the room and hand her some milk and bread telling her that everything was going to be okay. He would watch her eat and drink what he had brought her and would smile at her knowing that she was now feeling much better than before.


Originally posted by i-wonwoo

Woozi would be similar to Wonwoo. He would sit there and listen to his girlfriend rant about what had caused her to cry. He would throw in bits and pieces of advice and at the end he would give her more advice along with some words of encouragement. They would later spend the rest of the evening talking about everything that stressed them out and let out all of their negative emotions that had been building up inside of themm.


Originally posted by poot-blogs

As soon as DK walked through the door and heard his girlfriend crying I feel like he probably would’ve let out a little scream out pure terror that his girlfriend was crying. He would run over to her and comfort her with hugs and kisses. He would put all his effort into seeing her smile and laugh. He wouldn’t ask questions initially but he would later. His first priority would be to make his girlfriend laugh as it always had and would remain to be. 


Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Mingyu wouldn’t really say anything when he walked in and saw his girlfriend crying. He would just set his bag down on the floor and walk over to her so that he could cuddle her. He probably would’ve seen that she was on the verge of breaking down earlier, but he didn’t want to say anything at the time so he didn’t. He would sit there for hours holding her and giving her occasional kisses as she cried into his chest.


Originally posted by wonnhao

As soon as The8 heard his girlfriends soft cries he would drop everything he was carrying and run over to her. He would crouch down in front of her and pull her face in front his so that they would make eye contact. She would suddenly stop crying out of pure shock. “Are you okay?! What’s wrong?!” he would ask continuously. Once he was filled in with what was wrong he would pull her into a bear hug and run his fingers through her hair. He would tell her everything was going to be okay as she let out soft sobs into his shoulder.


Originally posted by pledisseventeen

When Seungkwan walked through the door and heard his girlfriend crying he would be so shocked that he would quickly rip his attention away from his phone and to his girlfriend who was on the couch sobbing into her hands. His jaw would drop and he would quietly place his things down on the floor. He would then timidly make his way to the couch and stop a couple feet away from where his girlfriend was seated. “A-Are you okay” he would stutter afraid that he would cause her to cry even more, which she did. He would awkwardly sit next to her without saying anything, and when he noticed he was accomplishing nothing he would slowly move his hand towards her. When his hand finally touched hers she would stop crying for a second and then start again. Noticing that he was getting somewhere Seungkwan would intertwine their fingers and rub his thumb over the back of her hand. He would continue doing this until she had calmed down.

Vernon *You can just ignore Joshua or not cause who would*

Originally posted by joshuahonq

Vernon would react very similarly to Seungkwan in the sense of not knowing what to do in a situation like this. He would keep a further distance and would take a little longer to get to the point of sitting next to her girlfriend. However, once he finally reached that point he would slowly snake his arm around her and pull her closer, to the point that their sides were touching. He would then put her head on his shoulder and allow her to continue crying until she was done. 


Originally posted by hosoeks

Dino just like Vernon and Seungkwan would also be reluctant to do something. He would differ from the other two in the sense that he wouldn’t keep a distance. He would immediately take a seat next to his girlfriend, but from there he would be lost. Should he ask her if she’s okay? I mean he could tell by looking at her that she wasn’t but still isn’t that what everyone asks? “Do you want to talk about it?” he would ask instead. He would get no vocal response instead he would only get a head shake leading him back to square one, not that he had made it to square two anyways. Not knowing what to do he would silently get up and go to the kitchen, later returning with a glass of milk and a box of oreos i suddenly started craving them sorry. He would place them on the coffee table and sit back on the couch waiting for her to stop crying and pick one up to eat.


This was my first gif reaction so sorry if it wasn’t very good ut nevertheless I hope you enjoyed :)

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P.S. GIFs are not mine all credit goes to the original owners


Edit: I would like to apologize to all the DK stans I forgot to put him on here initially :( Thank you so much to the person who pointed it out, I wouldn’t have noticed until later that I forgot him. One again I’m so sorry to all the DK stans who saw this before I added him.

elecmon replied to your post: it sucks that the youtuber is voicing the…

This is only like MILDLY related at best but I saw someone saying they liked the main guy bc his voice isn’t stereotypical British evil that Tumblr always goes for but….lemme tell u….his voice in the original presented lang is [[//THEE//]] most stereotypical villain voice used over there, and all the subtitles thus far are lying he swears like a freaking sailor (((feel free to edit to keep it more vague if u want lmfao)))

UM I LOVE THAT??? omg thats such a weird thing to care about in this case when thats literally the point of the character like Evil Personaifed Cliche The Villian omg people are amped up to 9s like everyone, shimmer, let the show, be on for a while omg

anonymous asked:

Okay so I saw that you ship Jac X Kate and I'm not saying Jac is Kate's beautiful nerd but they definitely had an argument about her hanging her Original edition Amazing Spider-Man poster in their hallway and Jac spends a lot more of her life than she'd life curled up on the side of hospital beds when Kate's got herself injured again (though she does get to play with her beautiful hair) thank you very much and goodbye.


okay tho but jac slowly creeping all her sci-fi novels into the bookcase. coming into the kitchen in the morning with her hair wild and in nothing but an oversized captain america tshirt. the spider-man poster gets to stay, but only after about a week of bickering which is only resolved after jac spoils her around the house (and in bed) until she eventually gives in because honestly, how can kate say no to that smile (and that mouth)???

and every time kate is hurt she wakes up with jac by her side and she looks over with a weak smile and reaches up to groggily stroke her cheek and jac sighs and closes her eyes and leans into it because she’s just so relieved that kate’s alive. and even though it’s not technically allowed kate shuffles up and lets jac curl up next to her on the bed and they finally can fall asleep again after what feels like a million years apart. and they whisper i love you and can’t keep their hands off of each other because there is so much love and relief and ho boy i didn’t come here to have feelings what is this

so yes, jac is absolutely kate’s beautiful nerd. 10/10 would recommend

STYLES + PAYNE  (see original post HERE to understand)

I saw the “Styles pane” button in Microsoft Word and the first thing that came to my mind was Harry STYLES and Liam PAYNE ( how much of a fan am I? haha ). Therefore, I give you the dorkiest-inspired graphic that actually ended up turning out super cool.

The thing I love the most is how Harry and Liam have vastly different music styles, so I tried to represent the two vibes into this graphic.

Harry is giving me classic rock, Romeo vibes & Liam looks like he’s headed to an epic party on a Friday night in LA.

I used a total of 6 photos to make this edit and then added other small touches like the stars, sunglasses glare, Liam’s name etc. to finish up the graphic. This is the gif version of the graphic. I loved creating this!!

Life's Too Short (Reprise) [Outtake]
Kristen Anderson-Lopez
Life's Too Short (Reprise) [Outtake]

Life’s Too Short (Reprise) is a song deleted from Disney's film Frozen.This song was meant to be used whilst Elsa is locked up in Arendelle, and Anna is beginning to freeze to death.

ElsaSadness swirls within me like the snow
I’ve frozen out the only friend I’ll ever know
There’s no way I can win
But I wish that I had been there for her long ago

BothLife’s too short

AnnaTo be such an oblivious fool
So reckless that I couldn’t see
Life’s too short to be so desperate to be loved
That I only ever thought of me
I wish I saw things clearly
I guess I’m just not the sort
Now all I know is life’s too short


adastran  asked:


  • steve doesn’t look depressed at all he looks like he just found his one true source of happiness
  • steve is protecting bucky like a mother lioness and it’s truly beautiful to see him with a purpose again (mainly, his and bucky’s happiness TOGETHER)
  • tony is suffering and he needs so many hugs
  • how does chris act? so??????
  • steve isn’t dead (chris still has 1 more movie)
  • rhodey isn’t dead (he can’t)
  • my thoughts on the trio fighting 
  • i’d fuck black panther in the suit
  • bucky & steve can now go on road trips with their bikes (◡‿◡✿)
  • natasha’s hair is beautiful but all over the place like how does even fight (cue to her cUTTING IT LIKE WE SAW FROM THE ON SET PICS THIS SUMMER HAHA)
  • steve seems to be taking care/mother hen-ing bucky a hella, so i can’t wait to see bucky’s reaction when steve gets sick from that other summer spoiler about steve going to a specialized hospital
  • what are scarlet witch’s powers seriously is it just red ‘force’???
  • sometimes i think about the russos directing that *grabs bicep* scene, like…. “and now, look at each other. a little more. like you mean it. yes!!!!” and just… seriously, what was that scene. It looked like an edited kissing scene tbh (they cut the ending where steve brushes bucky’s hair on one side and slides his fingers up and around bucky’s neck, then brings him closer and gives him an awkwardly twisted, but STILL SWEET kiss)
  • why is steve breaking so much windows and places
  • bucky’s jacket is rad af but WHO CUT THE SLEEVE????????
  • sam is taking the “i’m doing everything he does” too much to heart i mean when we saw their matching caps and sunglasses i snorted my drink
  • tony’s “[silence] so was i” is my supervillain origin story

“Astrid, sweetie, all I’m trying to do here, is figure out why your hair glows, and what it can do.”

“You’ve been saying that everyday for the past 12 years.”

“Then why haven’t we gotten ANYWHERE yet??”

“I’ll have you know, keeping someone imprisoned isn’t always the best strategy.”

Alright who saw that one coming

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Extra >> more here

> Read about the Plot here <

Moon over Monte del Diablo

by cpleblow

this is a re-edit of a shot taken in april of 2013. i was headed out for a shoot and as i left my home this presented itself so I quickly changed plans and drove to a spot I could get the best vantage point not wanting to hike in the wild without a headlamp and only coyotes to keep me company. the light source from the mid right is from a golden street lamp. this edit is not layered, no luminosity masking, all done in LRcc (not photoshop) w/o use of any plugins or presets, pretty much how I edit all of the photos in my portfolio. i have been cleaning archives and organizing my libraries and felt the first edit was lacking and rushed. the only disappointment for this edit is the noise I couldn’t eliminate in the darker areas and shadows from shooting at 800 iso that is present when blown up. realism is always the goal; capturing what I saw and rendering it to look as close to the real deal as possible. hope you like it- chas.

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Pokemon Go: Cultural Appropriation

As many of you may know because of my bragging, I’m team red. Today I went to a Pokemon go gym with 4 of my homies. We took it over from team blue and were working on leveling it up so all 5 of us could put a Pokemon in. When we had it at level 4 someone else came to the gym with a team red shirt on. We all decided that we would help level the gym all the way up to 6 so she could use it too. We talked about how we were leveling it up as a kind gesture frequently because it took a while. And all the while she sat on a park bench about 40 feet (13 M) away from us and wouldn’t talk to us. After we got the gym to level 6 she put her Pokemon in and immediately left.

We were talking afterwards about why she was being rude to us and how she didn’t really have a way of knowing we didn’t need to level the gym up more. And I was just baffled by it like, why? And Freddie, my roommate said, “yeah that’s a thing about small towns.” And I was like, “what they’re rude as fuck and don’t talk to people? I’m from a small town and people always talked to me.” and a’s like, “no, they’re racist.”

And I’m like, “oh shit I was with 3 asians.”

So yeah. This girl (white) wanted to take advantage of our help, but not talk to us or help us if we needed it. And as I’ve had it described to me, that’s exactly what cultural appropriation is. Using another group’s stuff, but distancing yourself from them and maintaining your privilege, and not sharing anything back, even respect.

So yeah. I’m white and racial cultural appropriation by white people can still hit me. She saw that the group I was in included a race she didn’t like, so she decided to take advantage of us.

edit to add on @scatterbrainedadventurelog’s original addition

This is legit–I was one of the Asians. She showed up the second everyone got a pokemon in the gym and I waved to her when she first entered the park and was like, “Red Instead!” but she glanced at me breifly then tried to make look like she didn’t /really/ look at me–was just glancing around and what not.

We found out later on she actually smoled and nodded at the white child in the group but oddly when the Asian adult and children didn’t notice–and she pretty much refused to even look at the asians.

Judy was saying she didn’t think she had a pokemon in the gym quite audibly–although she was mistaken, but the stanger also sprug up from the bench and left like the second we got the gym leveled up for her and like sped walked away–so on top of racist, to the best of her knowledge she was also kinda a kill stealing n00b.

‘Adaptors have a right to do their own thing,’ he went on. 'But they will sometimes miss out important word and that’s when I get reminders from Conan Doyle. And I’ll battle to get them back.’

At this, Jeremy turned round in his chair and picked up a large, ornately bound book that lay on the table beside him. It was an illustrated edition of The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. He opened it on his knee and flicked over the pages. I saw immediately that the pages were heavily annotated in his own handwriting.

'I have had this book beside me since we began,’ he said, 'because as I mentioned I wanted to keep Doyle’s stories as close to the originals as possible. Now adaptors do have a way of changing things, and so I needed this with me to refer to. When I found something I didn’t like, I would flip open the book and say, “Isn’t the original better?”

—  from The Television Sherlock Holmes by Peter Haining (1994 edition)