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I saw someone else do something similar to this, so I figured it’s cool if I jump on the train. Here’s a whole bunch of prompts I’ve had rolling around in my brain but just don’t have the time to complete myself. Feel free to snag one if it speaks to you, just tag me so I can enjoy it!

Jack and Bitty

  • Jack doing one of those “mean tweets” videos for the NHL. But all the “mean tweets” are from the members of SMH. Jack calls out every single one of them in response and becomes an overnight internet sensation.
  • Times Jack Zimmerman’s Boyfriend Owned the Internet: an article by Buzzfeed. (I tried starting this but got sidetracked and really did not get far at all. Bonus points for fake Twitter posts and everything.)

Nursey and Dex

  • Everything is the same, but Dex works as a model part-time to pay for school. Nursey can’t handle how hot his boyfriend is.
    • Bonus points for a photo shoot involving flower crowns.
  • (NSFW) These two morons totally have a bet going on what they can do to each other in public without their teammates noticing. Spoiler: their teammates notice everything.

Ransom and Holster

  • Med school student Ransom has a tumblr that he goes on to take breaks. He discovers Hockey Tumblr’s obsession with his boyfriend (NHL player) Holster’s relationship with one of his teammates and gets jealous.


  • Soulmate AU where everyone has a compass on their wrist that points to their soulmate. Their “True North.” Confused PolyFrogs because their compasses have never pointed in just one direction.


  • Kent and Alexei flirt over social media so obviously but no one actually realizes they’re flirting.
    • Bonus points for including all social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Speaking on Snapchat…… Kent Parson has a public Snapchat and a private Snapchat. He accidentally outs himself by forgetting to switch over to the private one and posts a “missing the boyf” snap on the public one. (I might do this for Patater week…)
  • (NSFW): Someone tells Kent the best way to build core strength is to take pole dancing classes. RIP in pieces Alexei Mashkov.
Why We Should Listen to Ezra!

New clues and theory alert! So, we all know that Ezra was spying on the girls for the longest time, gathering informations, folders, notebooks and at some point Aria discovers all of this and ends up reading a lot of his notes. I decided to screen shot many of those pages and let me tell you, there’s some interesting stuff in there. Now, the show explains (and at this point we all think Ali is dead) that Ezra believed that one of the girls were involved with whatever happened that night. And for the most part, after the girls discover all this information, they do nothing about it and Ezra’s knowledge is never put to good use. Well, I am here to say that we should be listening to Ezra, because he makes some pretty valid points and honestly, I think he was on to something. 

Personally, I think there has to be a reason why he chose to approach Aria out of all the other girls. As we’ve seen both Spencer and Hanna have been into older guys, but he chooses to befriend Aria and while I don’t necessarily think she’s A, I feel like there’s more going on with her than we know. 

In episode 4X22 the girls are together discussing Ezra and everything he did, including the book he had been writing. See, I love the opening scene of this episode because it raises some important questions and clues. 

Let’s begin. Spencer asks Aria if she read the book, but she responds that she only read a few pages. 

Aria goes on to explain that Ezra knew who she was and who they all were when she met him. The girls exclaim that he must know about A or must be A, or must have had something to do with Alison’s murder. While Aria explains that he probably didn’t because his whole book is about trying to discover who the murderer is. 

When Spencer asks Aria what Ezra’s theory was, Aria explains that he believes one of the four girls had something to do with it. The girls go on the defensive, but Aria even more so. Spencer demands to know who he thinks hurt Alison, while Aria says she never asked because she knew it wasn’t true. 

Alrighty, we’re all caught up so far. So tell me, isn’t it interesting that while Aria has the opportunity to check who he thinks is Ali’s murderer (and he has literally been watching these girls for “years” as she put it) she does not check because she thinks ‘it’s not true.’ Honestly, that seems like a bogus excuse. Which leads me to the conclusion that Aria actually knows more about that night than she would actually like to and she is not telling the girls. Because Ezra, my friends, was on the right track. 

You see there are two different story lies that will be explained by the end of this show. What the hell happened 'that night’ and who and why A is! While I don’t think Ezra knew who A was or is, I do believe he had discovered a great deal in terms of the girls and that night. Which leads me to my next observation:

When Aria goes through all of Ezra’s things in 4X22, she comes across a notebook that specifically has information, details and facts about her life. The camera pans through these quickly but let’s look at these pages one by one!

So, these are the facts that Ezra has on Aria. She’s independent, artistic and in some ways the odd ball. Now here’s something that caught my eye! 3 YEARS IN ICELAND…wait WHAT?! There was one year between Ali’s disappearance and the show’s beginning. Aria says she just came back from Iceland. So we assume she’s been gone for 1 year. Where did Ezra get 3 years from?!!!! 

If we continue reading we see that he states that she tends to be interested in older guys (which older guys?) and tends to carry on multiple relationships at the same time. That’s weird. 

But the background information continues in the next page!

Ahh so some information about “that night.” Finally! So the girls do go look for Alison. It’s interesting that he states “A FEW YEARS GO BY - GROUP SPLITS UP.” Once again, I thought they were only separated for one year (????). But Ezra says differently. After Ali has apparently gone missing, a few years go by. What?! 

In the next page, Ezra explains that a possible motive for revenge on Ali would be the Jenna Thing. He suggests a boyfriend of Jenna’s or Toby. But unlike his other notes, these notes make sense on the timeline. The Jenna thing happened before Ali disappeared and thus, his timeline does not seem to be wrong. So what’s going on here?

Now, Ezra is kind of like one of us: a theorist! Lol. And just like us, he has his eye on Jason. Supposedly drunk the night of Ali’s disappearance but also had so many pictures of Aria. You said it Ezra, creepy! (I know, Ezra was kinda doing the same thing lol)

It’s clear through his notes on Jason, and even Caleb below, that Ezra really did have his eye on everything and he knew how Jenna was observing the girls and what talents Caleb possessed. If you look closely you can see he writes, “Whether or not Caleb’s working with Jenna, his technical skills could come [in handy].” Is it possible that Caleb might have helped Ezra with his computer watching and hacking plans? 

Ezra! Why are you so smart? He knew, unlike the girls, that Mona was not A and he also knew that a new A had emerged. He knew there was a “new A.”

In the last of the pages we get to see, we see that he describes a close call with the girls and that Aria does not suspect a thing. 

See, these are all clues and facts about Aria and that night and Rosewood never get discovered. Why? Because besides Ezra who wrote all of this, Aria never tells the girls what she reads. She just brushes it off. And then, after reading all of this she destroys Ezra’s apartment. You could say, it makes sense that she destroys everything because she was betrayed but it almost seems that reading everything caused her to have a panic attack. 

After looking through all of Ezra’s notes, I realized that what he had been writing was not silly nonsense. He was really trying to piece together what happened that night but the show never mentions his books again and thus we forget. But I think he chose to approach Aria because he knew she knew something, more so than the other girls. I think that the person he suspected of killing Alison was Aria. 

At the end of the episode, A is reading Ezra’s chapter that Aria dropped. You can see it below and it’s actually AMAZINGLY INTERESTING. I’ll transcribe it, in case you can’t read it. It reads:

“Danger. That was Alison. Alison was different. She’d walk into a room and the room would take note and if heads didn’t turn, they were bound to roll.

She was heaven in hell. A chilling inferno. Deliciously wicked, when standing with saints. Hopelessly innocent yet laughing with sin. The capability to touch you as softly as only a child could, shaded by the power to drive you to fury filled by the wrath of a vengeful old man. No shock that she’s lost… not a wonder she’s gone. Less that she’s talked about long after her day. She’d make you laugh but rather you cry. And believe me…you would. But only in time… and always on hers. As lovable they come and as cruel as the world’s ever known.

Perhaps Aria knows best. She was the first to reveal herself to me. Or perhaps I was the one to reveal myself to her. The setting as ironic as the meeting itself, but there she sat, in the same stool as her friend, a year after her disappearance. She hadn’t a clue, as she sat their unmoved, pretending to be someone else… beyond her years. Something I couldn’t help but think she’d learned from Alison.”

Wow wow wow. That last paragraph really got to me. Because I always saw Aria as so independent, I guess I never realized the similarities she had with Alison. How she seems so much older than her years and how she pretends, just like Alison did when she first met Ezra. If that’s not some amazing insight, i don’t know what is. 

All I can say is, is that all of Ezra’s notes and writings show how much detail there is behind each and every character and how there is so much we actually don’t know about the characters. I can’t wait to see if Iceland will be explained in the future!

That’s it for now :) but please let me know, did you find anything I missed in these pages and Aria’s behavior?! 

What did you find interesting about Ezra’s notes, clues, and writing? 

... UM GUYS ... a thought occurred to me....

So, remember how the shapeshifter said this would be the last form Dipper ever took? 

And then in the last episode, he took that form. 

But wait a second, that’s not his last form right. He got better right? Yeah. We see him after the woodening, talking and partying with folks.  

But a thought occurred to me. What if that’s not Dipper anymore. What if the shapeshifter was right. What if that’s Bill? 

It’s a stretch (and probably not remotely true) considering we aren’t seeing the “Bipper” behavior in full swing. And we aren’t used to Bill being subtle. Or are we? Whenever we have seen Bill directly everything is flashy and ridiculous. But up until that point, everything about Bill was subtle. The messages, the background images and clues. All subtle. Maybe that’s why Bill acts as crazy as he does, so that the more subtle things are less likely to be noticed. 

So when I saw this:  

I remembered this: 

Similarity? The hand placement on the hips. A subtle similarity. 

And maybe Bill’s possession was more subtle than it seemed? I mean, the episode was essentially all from Dipper’s point of view. No one else noticed Bipper’s eyes. No one else seemed to notice the voice. Maybe when we aren’t seeing from Dipper’s point of view, Bill possessing someone isn’t as obvious as we first experienced. 

Or maybe Alex Hirsch has succeeded and I have joined the ranks of those who are full of theories and have no answers (see: raving lunatics at this point). 

I don’t know. It just bugged me. How is that his “last form” then? Should I even take the shapeshifter seriously? Why did Dipper seem put off by McGucket saying something terrible was going to happen? Granted, he’s 12 and almost just died. But, he seemed annoyed. 

And how the hell did he miss the tapestry?? 

That’s Bill plain as day and it was right there. 

I know the episode is hyping up Stan Pines as being “not what he seems” … but what if that’s the point. What if the hype is like Bill? The hype is crazy and huge. But what if that’s the distraction? What if it’s all a red herring? What if “not what he seems” for once doesn’t just imply Stan Pines?

What if it’s Dipper who is not what he seems? What if we should not trust him in this next episode? 

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The Chairman and God of death 2 don't really count as evil because they're beautiful and have tragic backstories. I dnt care how many people they've killed or lives they've ruined.

Um you come into my house????? 

Alright humpty dumpty lemme ding dong fuckin educate u a thing or two.

I know this is supposed to be a joke and shitpost blog, but No. Let’s educate a handful of you dunderheads first.

Let’s start with mr good ol chairman. Because oh boy once I get to nidaime…

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i saw someone say similar thing abt harry opening for niall and saaaame. i really dont like the idea of anyone from 1d opening for anyone else from 1d because its just weird - usually opening acts are smaller, less known artists, and theyre supposed to prepare the crown for "the big one" so its inherently hierarchic, sort of? a joint tour would be great, or guest appearances etc, but i rly dont like the sound of one of them opening for another ehh

Exactly! Like- I know it’s probably not supposed to be insulting, but it kinda feels insulting. 

A little Garnet and Stevonnie musing

So, I’ve seen all of the comparisons to Stevonnie and Garnet first being formed, but one I haven’t seen yet is just how similar the second time is. This is going to be rambly and gif heavy with gifs that I’m looking up and some are missing because it is 6 AM and I am tired and can’t find the ones I’m looking for so bear with me. I just woke up this morning with serious Garnet and Stevonnie feels.

So, again, let’s look at the second time Garnet and Stevonnie are formed.

Both come from a cute spinning dance that frankly made my heart explode when I first saw them. I have been posting from beyond the grave all along.

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And then they are seen by someone else and react in fear:

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(Insert that gif of Cotton Candy Garnet when Rose and Pearl see her towards the end of The Answer because I can’t find one and I’m not sure if it’s because it’s 6 AM)

Garnet even states “We didn’t mean to fuse! Well… well, we did this time. We’ll unfuse!” Whereas Steven and Connie unfuse before Connie panics with: “Please don’t tell my parents, Mr. Universe! They don’t know I’ve been doing magic stuff with Steven! I can’t tell them, they’re not going to understand!”

We even have the Rose and Greg reactions as well

(Insert any awesome Greg moment from We Need To Talk, especially him being supportive of Connie and Steven … again, can’t find a gif and might be because I am tired xD)

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There’s even a little bit of a pep talk with both Rose and Greg in both situations, showing their support for this fusion of love, their relationship.

I don’t quite know where I was going with this, but basically, there’s another comparison that I haven’t seen brought up as much when talking about Rupphire/Connverse and Stevonnie/Garnet

(Also, if Stevonnie becomes a permafusion at the end of the series, I’m going to cry ugly tears).

Why I Love Liam Payne

I don’t know what to begin with because Liam is fucking amazing there is so much to say about him so I’m just gonna go through a list and talk about everything aight
This isn’t in any particular order I just like the neatness of it

1) His Personality

Nanananananana BATMAN!!!! Liam is a total geek and I love how enthusiastic he is about his interest its so adorable and makes me smile because it makes him happy to talk about the Avengers or/and the movies he’s watched. He loves Harry Potter and comic books and other nerd ass things. 👀✏️He’s a wall of muscle with fluff underneath and that’s so important to me like he could beat ya ass into the pavement but he won’t because he’s a sweetheart. Liam’s smile is what powers my house its so powerful. When he’s smiling and lookin goofy it makes me emotional. I can’t even begin to explain how goddamn genuine Liam is with everything he does. Taking pictures with fans with that fuckin smile and dressing up in silly costumes is apart of who he is. He means every thank you and every dedication from the bottom of his heart and that means so much to me.

2) His Dedication to the Band and His Fans

I think everyone knows that Liam is the glue that holds that MESS together lmao. He treats his band like brothers and from the beginning he was labeled “Daddy Direction” (remember when Zayn called Liam “Daddy” because bitch me too) He puts everyone and their feelings before his own because he’s selfless AF. Plus he is so sweet to his fans although he is a TERRIBLE INFLUENCE (jk he’s the best influence tbh but remember the Hanky Code incident) He always has a smile and a hug for his boys and that connection and relationships is hella important.

3) His Talents

This bitch can s i n g!!!! Ya’ll sleep on Liam’s voice too much wake the fuck up!!! Squeaky Clean Dream snatched more weaves than any of your faves. Everyday, more hoes are scalped when Liam hits those high notes and shows that he’s a major part of One Direction. His songwriting skills are great too. Liam puts on his little punk ass nerd glasses and handles business. He’s also a kickass boxer like damn son beat my ass. Liam got me like Justin Timberlake who???? Not many people mention how he was a damn good cross country runner either but ya boy Liam can haul ass.

4) His Background

Not gonna lie, it breaks my heart to hear that Liam was bullied in school, even if he’s huge now and that’s all “past him”. Liam is a pacifist tbh like he may be jacked and his biceps can crush steel but he wouldn’t hurt anyone and that’s!!!so!!!!important!!!! Ya boy only had one kidney from infant difficulties and idk how that’s huge to me but its Liam so it just is like the fuckin juice he drank as a kid is important to me. Anyway people don’t see how brave he is also. When he auditioned in 2008 for the X-Factor at the age of 14, he made it to the judges house but Simon said that he wasn’t ready yet and he should come back in 2 years and bitch he did!!!he came back and blew them away with Cry Me A River! Liam was placed in One Direction at bootcamp and ya’llknow what happened from there but even getting up on stage at his age is a huge deal. Liam is so great I hurt.

5) His Relationship with His Family

Liam and his family are poppin like they’re so cute it’s like that family you see on TV where you point out all the similarities between family members and just see the love and endless support that’s beautiful.

6) His Looks

Liam is one sexy bastard he doesn’t even know what he has packin. His body is a blessed temple that I praise thanks God Amen. People wanna talk about how 2013 was his prime because he was thinner like hoe shut the fuck up whenever Liam is the most comfortable or confident is his prime ok when he is happy that’s when he’s at his best eat my ass. We’ve almost seen his dick twice and I’m getting tired of these teases when will he have mercy. We all know Liam is packin heat it’s a weapon of mass destruction banished by federal law. But really he’s that balance of adorable puppy and sexy beast holy shit 😫😩.
I just wanna talk for a minute about Curly Liam…
Currly Liam was my SHIT ok I didn’t know perfection could manifest itself as a human being but that is Liam and Curly Liam was the proof of God’s existence.
Ah I remember when Liam shaved his head that was a rough day but then I saw how good he looked and my soul sang the cords of the heavens. Shaved Liam was such a LOOK he pulled it off so well!
SnapBack Liam is even more important let’s bring back SnapBack Liam please it has me feeling some type of way.
CEO lookin Liam is a gift now Jesus take the wheel. He is the person JT envisioned when he sang “Suit & Tie” no lie. Liam’s looks inspires people everywhere and gives then something to believe in BLESS Liam 👏🏾🙌🏾🔥
Anyway “What Makes You Beautiful” is about Liam #confirmed.

7) Pause….Lets Talk About How Under Appreciated Liam is

It pisses me off to no end when people don’t recognize Liam’s significance and value to One Direction. They sleep on everything he has to offer and only mention him as “the other one”. Like that girl who asked to not have Liam in the pic with her got me so damn mad. What kind of rude ass hoe is gonna sit here and act like that was appropriate or acceptable fucking fight me how is she even allowed in I’m so thankful that Zayn had her fall the fuck back and was like “I’m out too.” Like HA!! BITCH!!!! WHEN WILL YOUR FAV!! Anyway Liam is so under appreciated no one gives him any credit until he either 1) does something extra adorable or 2) does something that they can spin to make their own ships real (most of the time they don’t even include Liam he’s like the wingman) and that’s so shady. I see ya’ll

Liam is so invested in his band and his fans it’s heartwarming and yet he is treated like he doesn’t matter. When I see him say things like “I’m a loser” it breaks my heart even though I know he’s joking it just seems like he actually feels that way about himself because of how people treat him. Do ya’ll remember when Liam couldn’t stop to say hi to a fan and that bootyhole was like “that’s why everyone likes Harry!” 😡😡 just thinking about it I’m pissed what kind of fucked up fantasy realm are you living in to think that’s ok to say that to someone ya’ll are a goddamn disaster. Celebrities are people with feeling and emotions too how is it so hard to understand that. I need to stop and breathe because I’m feeling so many types of ways.

8) His Relationship with His Band

Let’s talk about Liam and his band mates jfc this kills me

Every Liam ship is important and every Liam ship makes me WE A K

Harry & Liam: these two are the Curly Class omg I remember when they both had similar curls and it was a debate every time we saw them from the back we had to debate who was who by the outfit they were wearing. Lirry is adorable in every aspect of the ship just Harry can see when Liam needs someone to look after him for a change instead of always being the most responsible one but what I see is that Harry can also be that responsible one that Liam can rely on to help him relax and know that someone else is looking after everyone just those two leaning on each other for support ughhh 😫👊🏾👌🏾

Niall & Liam: this is prob the most chill ship ever like they’re so relaxed and could have minimum drama like Niam is the calm after the storm. They would be cute together I love Niam.

Louis & Liam: Let me tell you something Lilo is my guilty pleasure ship. I feel like Liam is a match for Louis’ personality and he has the ability to take Louis down a few notches and can also beat his ass when his big ass mouth gets to be too much. Louis can help Liam loosen up but Liam can reign Louis in when he gets too hype. They can both learn a lot from each other and help each other grow as people and learn about their strengths and weaknesses.

ZAYN & LIAM: SHITTTTTT THIS SHIP 🔥🔥🙌🏾👏🏾👊🏾😩✨👌🏾😭 my ultimate OTP ride or die to the end bitch loyal hoe #1 that’s me. Ziam is just amazing the dynamic between the two is unreal. Liam and Zayn know each other through and through and have endless love for each other. They have this connection based on friendship and trust and f u ck. They admire and inspire each other Zayn thinks Liam’s BRAVE and they KISSED damn like lips on lips I still can’t get over how much they care about each other. “Right next to you Leeyum” SHOOT ME!! Kill!!my!!!ass!! Ugh this ship man Liam supports Zayn through everything and “Our brother Zayn” killed me I was dead my heart stopped. I could go on and on about Ziam but that’s a different post for a different day. Also Zayn called Liam Daddy so 💀💀

To conclude Liam is the one that keeps me going everyday he’s so amazing and admirable. I’ll defend him to the grave. He’s beautiful inside and out! And I also Liam should get more recognition for being so bomb💣💣

“Sorry my friend wrecked their car”

She went missing for the entire weekend. You don’t just not talk to your bf of two years. That Friday I saw a buddy of mines snapchat and a watch that looked weirdly similar to my girlfriends customized one in almost all of his snaps from that weekend.

He had just broken up with his girl. My girlfriend apparently had been waiting for that.

I literally never heard from her again.

I hate that I see this so much on here. It seems like people will ride hard as fuck for you until someone else will for sure have them then it’s fuck your feelings.

So insincere and such a waste of time.