i saw a shark. and reminded me of this


Rosewood Sharks!

For the people asking questions about what “ear piece” I was referring to that I saw Ezra wearing, I just snapped some screenshots to show what I meant. To me, it’s much clearer when actually watching the scene, but I at least wanted to get a few shots off.

Also, friendly reminder that during last night’s “Previously on Pretty Little Liars”, Aria SPECIFICALLY mentions Sydney’s earpiece. Unless I’m forgetting, Sydney doesn’t come up in any other way this episode. So, why that specific clip?

Ezra is involved somehow. I thought so before, but this has me irrevocably convinced.


The Akatsuki’s Secret Santa

To welcome the beginning of December I’ve written up a Christmas themed list! Who would get what in an Akatsuki Secret Santa? I’ll be using an online generator to produce results!

1. Pein gets….Sasori

What he gets him: A metal chest plate

Pein: “Seriously your heart is so obviously vulnerable when you take your cloak off.”

Sasori: “I guess I should say thank you but I really don’t want to.”

2. Konan gets….Kakuzu

What she gets him: A handmade sweater

Konan: “You were complaining about the cold but said you didn’t want to spend money so…enjoy!”

Kakuzu: “I hate it. But I will wear it because it’ll save me money in the long run. Plus I guess I kind of look good in it.”

3. Sasori gets….Tobi

What he gets him: A santa hat

Tobi: “This is AMAZING. How did you know I wanted a hat?!”

Sasori: “Honestly I just bought the first thing I saw. I really couldn’t care less about you.”

4. Deidara gets….Kisame

What he gets him: A shark plush from build-a-bear

Kisame: “Honestly? Just because I’m a half shark and I use sharks in my jutsu DOES NOT mean it’s the only thing I like in life. And furthermore-”

Deidara: “His name is Felix.”

Kisame: “I love him.”

5. Hidan gets….Pein

What he gets him: A Jashinist Bible

Hidan: “I thought I’d get you something to remind you how fake you are and how Jashin is the one true god.”

Pein: “Why must you do this to me.”

6. Kakuzu gets….Itachi

What he gets him: A walking stick

Kakuzu: “Seeing as you’re going blind and everything I thought you might need it.”

Itachi: “You bought me….a walking stick…for Christmas?”

Kakuzu: “Well technically it’s a stick I found on the ground that LOOKS like a proper walking stick so I saved money in the process.”

7. Kisame gets….Deidara

What he gets him: Hair clips

Kisame: “Your hair annoys me okay how do you even SEE things?”

Deidara: “Oh wonderful I can blow up buildings whilst wearing the latest accessories! Lucky me.” 

8. Itachi gets….Hidan

What he gets him: 10 tubs of hair gel

Hidan: “Okay to be honest I’m kind of surprised you actually got me something useful?”

Itachi: “This isn’t for your sake, it’s for everyone elses. What I’m trying to say is STOP USING EVERYONE ELSE’S HAIR PRODUCTS.”

9. Zetsu gets….Konan

What he gets her: Angel flowers

Zetsu: “You know since you’re an angel and you like flowers….it fit.”

Konan: “That’s….actually really sweet of you Zetsu. Thank you!”

Zetsu: “I was going to get you a venus fly trap but Pein said it was a bad idea.”

10. Tobi gets….Zetsu

What he gets him: Fertilizer 

Tobi: “Thought you might need it!”

Zetsu: “I honestly can’t tell if this is some sort of joke directed at my appearance or if you genuinely gave this to me for my garden.”  

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This is going to be really weird but I got a flashback reminder when I saw otabek bite off the glove. It reminded me of the stingrays that nearly sucked up my pinky when I was in 8th grade. It's weird timing but I just wanted to tell this story. Also bless wttm I've been craving it

….. stingray mermaid otabek sucking tiger shark mermaid yuri’s fingers

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I really really love this ask cause there’s literally nothing else here. Just Thot7. Cause that’s all that matters. Just cause of this I’m gonna do a Got7 appreciation post cause I really love my boys (sorry in advance, this is gonna be LONG)

Jae-freaking-BUM: beautiful, short-tempered, beaver baby boy who is totally husband material and hard working. Waking up next to this? 

I’d say minus the makeup but he took it off once and STILL LOOKED THE SAME im mad (his face after he removed his makeup)

So romantic (he’s left-handed, as am I. Coincidence? I think not). He’s a savage and sarcastic bastard <3

He also has a thing for art. Film, photography and such. He really loves the sky (just read it here) and like, that’s literally my line of work so he’s like extra bae im emotional right now. He has a beautiful mind. And gorgeous smile.

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I also find his eyes incredibly beautiful. See those two beauty marks above his eye? God’s art. 

Also him with long hair is my weakness. Not exaggerating. 


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I was so upset when he cut it. 

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But then I forgave him when he did this

I feel physically attacked by him. Like he’s not even a bias wrecker. Boy got his own section reserved just for him. Boyyy what that tongue do??? Exit. 

I’m not one for calling men ‘daddy’ cause wtf but w/e do you, but JB…Ima stop. Let’s just say he can get it. 

Any time. 

Any day.

Mark TUNA aka Tuan Shark Man: When I first saw Mark he reminded me of a shark (hence the nickname) till he did this cute face and i nearly died

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Had no clue he was the eldest but like, he’s so quiet yet he’s there, you can’t miss him. He’s cute, he’s so freaking cute. He’s also got the most precious laugh in existence. Like…listen for yourself 

Same Jr same.

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Literally did not ask

He looks so fine here but he always looks so confused. Poor kid, someone take him home (he really looks like their puppy Coco)

I also think he’s the type to throw mad shade at people, of course without having to say a word. Looking like he ready to roast somebody as he chews that gum

Park Squishy Jinyoung: my second-third bae and mama of this mad group (so in your face)

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When I first got into them (through Real Got7) I thought he was such a jerk, I kid you not (especially to Yugyeom) BUT I realized that’s just how he was and he didn’t mean it that way at all. He’s also hella sarcastic (as am I). Prob why I didn’t fancy him then. Times have changed!! (sorry babe)

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This blasted scene had me nearly crying at school

Like he was so good at this he actually couldn’t stop crying. 

His face!! So much squish

But I also have a thing for his legs and butt. Apparently so does he. 

So round

Like???? (I see you in the back Daeil)

Love when a guy has meat on their legs. Look at that smile and jawline that could cut my tuition in half

Basically Jr is fine from head to toe

And he knows it too

Jackson Extra Wang: I don’t even know where to start, but we have this (how his hair remained in place is beyond me) Eye contact is important kids.

As stated before with Jr, I love reasonably muscular legs on guys. So I was hella happy to see this. THE THICKNESS, even tho he doesn’t really like it and a rant was made on why he’s perfect 

White Chicks 2??

So you pulling a Xiumin now?? Okay

This fancam made me back away from my screen, why he gotta be like this??

He’s a freaking sweetheart who deserves as much happiness as he gives, and that’s a lot of happiness.

Choi Random-English Youngjae: he is my marshmallow son, lately been acting up tho. But his laugh literally makes everything better

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Like…he’s so loud and I can’t stand noise but I love to hear him

He’s so cute and full of life, I just wanna squeeze him!! 

He has the most beautiful smile!!!! (him and that freaking hat)

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I relate to him and these face expressions on a serious level

Watch this and you’re kinda guaranteed to fall in love with him cause that’s how it happened for me

BamBam: the one I want to take shopping with me cause boy can dress to depress. His shoes are forever on point 

The world is his runway and he is here to slay

Boy wyd???? Spider fingers

Where did his baby cheeks go??

He’s so freaking cute

100-0 real quick

I love this kid, I want his closet.

Kim Tater Thot Yugyeom: my UB. 

Now, I know he’s underage for another month, but when I saw him it was the first time I even looked in Got7′s direction and I didn’t even know his age. 

But it was too late, just like it was too late for JB to stop his son from being such a hoe. I never go younger but Yugyeom was a splendid exception (also cause he doesn’t look his age!!)

This moment sealed the deal. This is why 

He’s always messing with Jr (and always grabbing his junk, like chill bruh damn)

Sometimes he does crap like this and I forget his age


Then he does something stupid and I remember that he’s a toddler in a giant body


He’s 5

*says a prayer*

I often go back to this video cause he was literally so fine here

He was ready. I was not. Amber did not care lol

My precious baby. He’s really the sweetest thing. When he mentioned that his father taught him positivity and humility, I knew he was the one. 

Love him to bits

Thank you for sending this, I needed to get this out of my system. I always feel as if I’m missing one member…

But if you meant to type something else but sent it by accident unfinished, send it again ^-^

(gifs and pics aren’t mine, if they’re yours, message me and I’ll give you credit for your awesome work)


I was looking at the Rinharu tag and saw kudouusagi ’s post regarding the mysterious book under Haru’s bed. And I was like “wow Haru has a cool room”, then I looked at his table and I thought “he sure likes blue, huh” BUT THEN



Idk if someone has mentioned this but ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Haru has a fcking shark figurine ON HIS DESK?! I’m sure as hell it’s a shark because of its fin and the grey colour and NOW IM JUST EMOTIONAL BEcause Haru HAS A SHARK ON HIS DESK and you know who it reminds him of? YES

Since god knows how when, each time Haru sits down to read a book or do his homework, he’d see the shark on the table and he’d think of Rin and he’d stare at it and just


“H-haru, is this…”
“Rin, put it back or you’re sleeping outside.”

Someone hold me as I sail on this heartwrenching Sakura Rainbow Kiss ship

EDIT: A few people have pointed out that it’s a dolphin! I had doubts about it due to the blurred pic, but there’re clearer pics now. And yeap I saw the way its body is curved (typical of a dolphin), when I first made the speculation, I just thought that it’ll look something like this 

Sorry for the misunderstanding guyssss (but you’re welcome to write a fic about Haru having a shark fig tho, that’d be cute)

Still sailing on SS Sakura Rainbow Kiss regardless