i saw a romantic movie today

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LOINS!!! Vmin shared a room in Mexico and after Tae was done playing Overwatch they watched romantic movies together a bitch is cRYING

well now i’m just thinking about soft movie cuddles and the world’s littlest big spoon park jimin and occasional stifled sniffling and tae wiping his nose on jimin’s sleeve, and i would personally like to float off into space

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i saw the power rangers today w my best friend, she was really annoying the whole movie, saying stupid comments and saying all the time that it was really shitty, i end up so angry with her and even more bc she shipped little baby trini with zack i swear to god straight people have to stop

SHITTY!? that movie is pure gold, your friend clearly didn’t pay enough attention to it. Anyway… Trini and Zack? I just made an inhuman noise. Trini and Zack are bro’s, how can anyone ship that? that’s like… incest. They have 0 romantic chemistry, oh my God. You need new friends.

Today I saw The Promise. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I highly recommend it. A few bullet points worth mentioning:

· The background of this film is the Armenian genocide that took place before the first world war/the beginnings of the collapse of the Ottoman empire. While there is a romantic story that takes place, and some details might have been romanticized, overall the narrative is done with enough sensitivity and respect to the subject. It does not paint the Turks in a positive light, instead focusing on the resilience of the Armenian people. As it should.

· While Oscar Isaac is not Armenian, he gives a riveting performance and certainly his character, Mikael, is the narrative that drives this story forward. It is because of his character that the audience meets Ana, a fellow Armenian, as well as her husband, Chris, a journalist with the Associated Press sent to cover the goings on in Turkey/the Ottoman empire.

· The romance does not feel displaced or smacked on for dramatic effect, the film paces itself to build the set up between when Mikael and Ana meet and the time inbetween. It doesn’t come off as forced, which I felt is notable to mention since there are many examples of films using a particular part of history to serve as their background for their love story and failing epically (*cough*, Pearl Harbor).

· Though the romantic story is fictional, one does not walk away from this film feeling as if their story couldn’t have happened. The French navy did in fact save some of the Armenians, which is depicted at the end.

It has an incredibly powerful message and it is something that needs to be seen. There’s some reports saying it’ll fail at the mainstream box office because some other Fast and the Furious movie is also playing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be entertained but it is also vital to know the history of the world around oneself. What happened to the Armenians is what is happening in Syria. It will happen again and again. It is worth noting that the Turkish government still denies any wrongdoing and has not taken accountability for their actions. It is ALSO worth noting that the United States really didn’t get involved and fostered the silence of the genocide as well. That is why it is very important this film exists.

**Edited to add two quotes that truly sum this film up:

· During a scene in Musa Dagh, Mikael says to Ana how he wishes for revenge, despite knowing it won’t bring his family back. In reply she tells him, “The best revenge is survival.”

· At the end of the film, photos and facts from the genocide are shared, along with this quote from William Saroyan: “I should like to see any power of the world destroy this race, this small tribe of unimportant people, whose wars have all been fought and lost, whose structures have crumbled, literature is unread, music is unheard, and prayers are no more answered. Go ahead, destroy Armenia . See if you can do it. Send them into the desert without bread or water. Burn their homes and churches. Then see if they will not laugh, sing and pray again. For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a New Armenia.”

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Do you have the movie scene when in an active relationship with Jaal? I saw someone's screenshot and I'm like :O

I was planning to capture it today, yes. Had a feeling that there will be some romantic content and saved the quest for a dessert :)

S t a r s 【Yoosung x MC】

He’s got a deep red hue cascaded on his cheeks as he’s grasping your hand as you take an evening stroll together. His heart is racing a hundred miles an hour, his eyes locked on the cool gray pavement ahead of him.

This blonde angel doesn’t intend to avoid contact with you; he just can’t help but feel nervous when he’s feeling the ever still warmth of your fleshed hand and the brushing of your shoulder against his. This isn’t your first date with him, but even so, he’s worried about messing things up and embarrassing himself.

After all, you are his first love.

You and Yoosung spend the whole day sightseeing and going to the movies. Now you’re engaging in subtle conversation with him about random things like the romantic comedy you both just saw together and the overall highlights of the day. Everything about today was perfect, although you wish he’d relax a little.


“Y-Yes?” He perks up, escaping his anxious thoughts.

“You don’t have to be nervous…” You assure him with a gentle smile. “I had a great time with you today like I always do when we’re together.”

“Y-Yeah I know, hehe….” He chuckles sheepishly. “But I always want things to go perfectly, because I’m with you. I want you to know you’re dating a man, not a dork.”

“Yoosung… You’re so cute~”

“E-Eh? Hey, don’t tease me…!” He pouts, his face reddening more.

“Ahaha… Don’t worry Yoosung. You’re the manliest guy I know.”

“R-Really? You mean it?”

“Yep! ^^”

He smiles softly, finally making some eye contact.

“(Y/n)… Thank you.”

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Yoosung speaks.

“Are you tired?” He asks you. “Since we’re closer to my place, you can spend the night if you want to.”

You both blush at the realization of what he just said.

“N-N-Not in THAT way! I-I wouldn’t do anything to you, especially without your consent!” He says all in one breath, frantically waving his arms.

“O-Oh, ahaha…” You respond, still pink in the cheeks. “I’d love to spend the night. But let’s stop right here for a minute.”

“H-Huh? Why?”

Yoosung captures his surroundings with his eyes. You’re both standing in a beautiful meadow with plush green grass. The entire landscape is vacant, so it’s only you two under the same night sky.

“Wow…! I didn’t know I lived near a place like this! I need to get out more, hehe.” He chuckles, scratching the back of his neck.

“I thought of stargazing before we call it a night, if that’s okay.” You suggest shyly.

“O-Of course!” He beams.

He lies down next to you on the grass, both of your heads projecting to the starry night.

“Woah… Not a cloud in sight.” You gasp in awe. “Ooh, look! It’s Orion’s Belt!” You point out.

“Yeah, I see it too!” He agrees.

“All of the other stars are in remarkable patterns too. They’re all so beautiful…”

“… Not as beautiful as you.” He mumbles.


“N-Nothing!” He stammers, flustered.

You continue gazing on the millions of silver-white trinkets hovering in the stratosphere, convinced they were calling you with their silent peaceful song of the galaxies. Yoosung’s orchid violet orbs swerve to the spot you lay with his heart stirring from the eagerness in your eyes.

No, (Y/n)… None of the stars’ beauty compare to you.

To his surprise, you roll over and your eyes meet his. His entire face reddens and sweat beads on his forehead.


Your face gets closer and your lips softly press against his own. He’s stiff at first, but he soon finds himself pulling you into his arms and returning the passionate kiss with a loving embrace. After what seemed like an eternity, you both finally pull away with a light gasp for air.

“I love you, Yoosung.” You whisper, nuzzling your head on his chest.

“I- I love you too.” He responds before kissing your forehead.

You spend about an hour laying under the stars together until you decide it’s time to get home. Yoosung is now able to hold your hand without steam seeping through his ears.

He doesn’t understand the reason, but it seems like the stars have given him more confidence as a man. He’s not sure why, but that feeling alone makes him feel amazing. Not because he’s taken a step towards manhood, but because he has the girl who makes him want to be a man.

He wants to be a man for her because of those stars in the sky.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

La La Land is the best film of 2016.

I would like to preface this very, very short review by saying I just reluctantly saw this movie today because it was free and I like hanging out with the guy who invited me.  I have almost no interest in movie musicals or romantic comedies.  Ryan Gosling does nothing for me and Emma Stone hasn’t been impressing me lately either.  The trailer did not light a fire under me and all the good ratings and critics reviews seemed like a bunch of old white people bestowing their good favor on a very white movie dripping with nostalgia released during the height of awards season.


I’m still giddy over it and I left the theater two hours ago.  This “review” is going to be short because I honestly feel like every person should have the experience of going into it without knowing what is going to happen.  A few things I can point out without spoiling the film:

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Disney got it right

Saw Rogue One today. Still taking it all in. No spoilers, don’t worry. But I must say this.

Jyn is a living response to the naysayers who claim that our female heroes are Mary Sues. Jyn is never sexualized, never dressed up, never artificially romantic, and certainly never taken aside by a character for “being a woman.” The things she achieves are based on her growth and choices, not by a director’s hand.

The movies, its characters, and its story, do not draw attention to the fact that she is a woman… but don’t you forget it. Young Star Wars fans have another non-princess figure to look up to, and it’s about damn time Disney wrote one up.

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Valentines day messages- 5sos preference

This pref is about messages the boys leave on your messaging machine on Valentines Day, I hope your valentines day isnt too miserable:) Enjoy!

Michael: “Hey Loserrrrrrr,It’s your best friend michael.” He slurs. “Do remember me? We had plans tonighttt. We were going to party until the sunrise but you were out with that jock guy T.J. How can you even stand him? He is such an asshole."He growls."but you love him..so I’ll be nice. Well you two are probably making out in his car somewhere I am at home waiting for you to come over but you are sooo late. Incase you don’t remember what we were going to do. We had that drinking game that we invented before you and T.J. became a thing. It was for when someone complains about being single we take a shot. I have had 10 shots so far. Is this complaining?Should I take a shot? Anyway your voicemail was the first time I have heard your voice in weeks. You must really must like this guy… ” Michael whispers. “I’m just some guy sitting in his parents basement,drunk leaving a voicemail on the phone of the girl he loves on valentines day. Yeah,I love you (Y/N)  Um I should go my pizza’s heree. Talk to you later loserrrrr”

Luke: “Hey babe sorry if I woke you up while I was leaving this morning.Long night? I’m going to pick up your Valentine’s Day surprise. I know you said no big surprises but I couldn’t resist. Plus there is a benefit for the both of us. I get to spend the rest of my life with you and you get a pretty ring. Damn it. Well the surprise is ruined now. I was expecting Michael or something to ruin it not myself… Uhm at least he doesn’t know about the puppy and romantic dinner part . Fuck, I did it again! Well you might as well start getting ready I guess..  Happy Valentine’s day babe. I’ll talk to you when we get home meaning the puppy and I .There’s heart shaped pancakes on the counter. I loooove you.”

Calum: “Um hi (Y/N), I hope everything is going okay.” Your ex Calum sighs.  ”You are probably asking why is this asshole calling?  but please before you hang up…hear me out. Today luke was watching that terrible romance movie that we went and saw for our first date,a year ago. It was like suddenly I was back there in that cheap theater,eating stale popcorn,giggling at how bad that douchebag’s actor acting was.but despite how terrible it was we kept going to it every weekend because that is all we could find to do in that little town.   I don’t know why its suddenly hitting me now,but I want that feeling we had those nights back. I want the uncomfortable seats and the fear of getting lice back. I want to hear your giggles in my ear and the warmth from your whispers against my cheeks back.” There was a long pause.  ”I guess I want you back. Um Happy Valentines Day (Y/N). Call me back when you get a chance. Talk to you soon

Ashton: “Hi sweetheart. It’s Ash. You are probably sleeping right now. I just wanted to call and say happy valentines day before I go on stage. It’s still unbelievable that I have the privilege to call such a stunning woman my wife and the future mother of my children. Six years ago I only dreamed to meet such an incredible girl like you and here I am leaving a voicemail for my dream girl. You have been such a huge support to my career and so accepting of everything extra that comes with it including fan hate and the long distance relationship even being pregnant with twins at 8 months you still want me on tour,living my dream. But truly darling my dream is being home with you and our little family,happy. I am so lucky to have someone that the boys love ,my family loves, and most of the fans love you” he chuckles. “But most importantly I love you. I’ll text you after the show. Goodnight (Y/N)”



I SAW MALEFICENT TODAY AND LET ME TELL YOU ALL SOMETHING IMPORTANT - DISNEY IS ON FIRE. Every male charcter in that movie, and let’s remember that they were almost entirely typical, heterosexual white dudes, every single one of them was useless. The main male character was proven to be greedy, vainglorious and weak. The two good male characters were easily dominated and served Maleficent’s rule. The end message of the movie cumulated in a female centered rulership, in which different kingdoms could unite. True love did not take the form of romantic love, yet again (looking at you Frozen), but in the form of mentorship and friendship. Men took a step back or, in some cases, were forced back, and the women moved forward in fantastic, beautiful and powerful glory. That is just killer for children to see. Keep up the good work Disney. For a huge corporation with a sometimes shoddy past, you’re certainly in my good books. 

CS is everywhere...

So, today I saw promotional clip for a new German cable tv station called “rtl passion”. The concept isn’t quite clear to me, but they showed a lot of bits from movies and tv shows that were romantic/passionate/sexy scenes, among these bits from Outlander and this one

…and this…

and I was just so happily grinning when my daughter shrieked: “Mom! Look! It’s your pirate and his blonde!”

And somehow my day was made.

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Dan liked that YUI Phan Au fan art after raving about the movie he saw on their cinema date today Can you believe he is still reeling in from that very telling and very public gesture from Phil yesterday :)

too much too fast I cannot process it all what are they even doing

Dan liking an explicitly romantic piece of Dan/Phil fanart and tweeting the artist to say he liked it after talking about the movie date and on top of everything from the awards show yesterday - fuck, man, whatever has them so happy and in such a sharing mood right now please let it last for a while.