i saw a pattern and i just went with it


So I’ve made my own crochet sweater pattern for the first time! It’s gonna be a silver and black Venom pullover based on the one featured in @hannahblumenreich‘s wonderful comic, which you can read here: http://hannahblumenreich.tumblr.com/post/140880595913/aunt-may-does-right-by-her-nephew

After I read it, I HAD to looked at pretty much all of her spiderman art, so I REALLY recommend you at least look at the comics on her blog, they’re ALL good. (now that my nose is good and brown, let me talk about something else) After I saw the sweater in the comic, I realized that I NEEDED that sweater, but I couldn’t find one like it ANYWHERE!! So I just went “fuck it, I need that, I’m making one.”

For those that crochet, I made a chain of 45, skipped the last stitch, and single stitched until I reached the end again. Then, I did a 1:1 pattern of front-back double crochets for three rows. I switched to single stitch for the rest, and I’m basically going to do this for the entire sweater. Once that’s done, I’ll slip stich the sides and tops together and do the same 1:1 pattern of front-back doubles around the collar. I hope that was coherent. This pattern is pretty much free for anyone to use, just tell me if you make this, I’d love to see what other people make!!! (I’d also love it if you checked out @hannahblumenreich seriously I’m pretty sure she’s one of the few people I know of that loves Spiderman more than me) Also this is taking like six balls of THE SOFTEST yarn i’ve ever felt, I highly recommend Lion Brand super bulky, IT’S SO SOFT THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST SWEATER!!!

What color is your phone case?

Ok, I want to know what color everyone’s phone case is because I see so much boring black, white, clear, navy blue, gray… Where are the colors?! I’ve always had colorful ones. I had a turquoise/blue Otterbox Defender for my iphone 5. When I had a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (for a very short amount of time bc it sucked), I had a pink Pelican case. And then i had this Otterbox Defender for my iphone 6 that had a cool pattern on the back, but from the front you just saw gray and white, so it was kinda boring, so I bought a new slip cover that is purple. Then for some reason I decided to try an Otterbox Commuter instead of a Defender and I got one that was periwinkle and dark purple. But that one cracked on the corner two times when I dropped it so I went back to my purple Defender, but then my dad (super cool electrical engineer) fixed my RF Adapter (how I listen to music in the car), but he put a bigger thing on the end- idk what it’s called but it’s the part that goes into the headphone jack. Anyway, it turned out that it didn’t fit with my Defender. So I decided to go with something smaller but with good  protection, so I got this Speck case:

And I really love it. Look how pretty this thing is. 

So, do you guys have boring phone cases or colorful ones? Post pics if you like.

recoverycactus  asked:

Leila! How are you? What's going on? Hope you're ok! Much loves ❤❤❤

Hey Dorrie! I’m OK, I guess. Due to stress (school, family…) I tend to forget to take care of myself and fall into old patterns. But I went to the cinema with two old friends of mine and then afterwards I treated myself with waffles. So this can be seen as progress, right? I hope your okay too! Just saw your lastest post with Bob :). I’m glad your making progress (foodwise) and eating your snacks! Ily xxx

( week 12 : 3/19 - 3/25 )

coming back from spring break isn’t easy - there’s loads to pick up after relaxing for a week! doctors appointments litter this entire week, & my sleep pattern just went haywire after i got an implant in my arm on that monday, plus getting on anti-depressants for the first time. this week was themed after the astounding greenery i saw on my travels during spring break. you could tell i love succulents, but all plants are good plants!



~The feeling when you have your favorite drink~ Some folks lay back, chill, snuggle or space out but it’s awesome to have a nice break and drink till your heart is content. Can you locate the following drinks? Pina Colada, Coffee, Soda, Bubble tea, sleepy camomile tea, Milk, Tiki drink, Lemonade & milkshake, all good stuff.


In the morning I was thinking what to do next, I saw a photo of a dude walking and holding a coffee so I picked that subject. Next I thought of a pattern, something fun that could visually represent a feeling and decided to go for bubbles, just like a carbonated drink. 

The bubble is soft looking, comfy and has a privacy feel to it. Asked around for ideas of drinks and sketched them, gathered the reference and did a callout for the characters. The drink was important so I went for big hands that could hold oversized containers. 

I chickened out and went for a light transparent look for the bubbles but the callout shows what I was aiming at first. I sketched the bubble shape first and fitted the character inside, that’s why most of them are snuggling their drinks. -Gabo

Fitz became a man in season three, in his hunt for Simmons, when she disappeared through the Monolith and went to Maveth. That change, that look that we did for him last season, is going to continue along with Elizabeth, Simmons, you’ll see her shift as well. What we saw at the end of season three, she had on her coats, she had on her blouses and her pants and was just a little more adult looking.

Okay so this is a thing I mentioned when I went and saw the movie for the first time, but I just want to note something about the makeup difference between Nux and Furiosa and the other warboys.

The warboys are mostly painted (powdered?) in this white stuff, which presumably works as some kid of sun block, as well giving them a more skeletal appearance. Each warboy has a different preferred pattern of darker markings, again evoking skeletal imagery. What this also does is to make them appear less human and therefore cause the audience to sympathize with them less.

Now, Furiosa does not wear the white paint. Her skin color is clearly visible, and when when we first see her, she’s not even wearing the grease on her forehead. She looks far more human than the warboys, and that, in addition to making her stand out, makes her easier to sympathize with. Even the fact that we see her APPLYING the grease makes her seem more relatable, because she does not suddenly become the skeletal creature that the warboys are from the very beginning, and so her applying the grease does not evoke a connection, necessarily, with the warboys’ warpaint.

Now Nux IS wearing the warpaint when we first see him. But his is less of the solid blocks of black and white than the others and is more subtle. In fact, as the movie goes on and Nux is “redeemed” and brought over to Furiosa’s side, his paint wears off more and more, leaving him with only traces around his nose and eyes and with his scars, to remind us of where he came from but to signal his transformation from just another warboy into more of a person.

Dark Hook...


So, I noticed some things on Dark Hook’s Robe/Vest.

I see some Dragon-looking-creatures.  I also see a very familiar looking pattern with the ‘dragons’.  So I went through some old pictures and realized where I’ve seen them!

(Closer Look!)

And the pattern (Top Circle)

Now, I know that this probably doesn’t mean anything or maybe it does idk.  It just caught my eye and I thought maybe I should look into it.  When I first saw the ‘dragons’ I thought about some other dragons that we know that are in Storybrooke.  Maleficent and Lily!  

I remembered how Lily and Maleficent don’t know who Lily’s father is.  And because Lily told Emma that “it happened in dragon form”, we can assume that Lily’s father is part dragon.  That’s what brings me back to Dark Hook’s ‘dragons’ on his robe/vest.  

Now, I’m thinking about Papa Hook.  Although, we don’t know much about him yet, I gave it some thought about who he might be.  He does look a lot like Killian, but he also looks a little like… Lily.  

Plus, young Lily and young Killian look a bit similar too.

Papa Hook might have some relation to Lily.  Like… maybe her father?!? It might be why Papa Hook abandoned little Liam and little Killian.  Because he was a dragon?!

Oh well, we’ll get the real answer soon anyways! Just a little idea that popped into my head.  Probably no relation at all.