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#god fucking dammit those two are so fucking perfect together #honestly #annalise pushes everyone out of her life because she’s bad and she’s toxic and she does nothing but bring misery into people’s lives but she’s not #a bad person - or at least she doesnt want to be - so she does her best to save her people but ultimately she thinks that people are better #off without her #so she pushes and she hurts and she lashes out until there is no one else around her (both because she wants the best for them and the best is anything but her #and also because if she makes them leave now they cant choose to do so later when she’s attached and hopeful) #but Eve always comes back dont matter what annalise throws at her she always comes back #and annalise cant quite manage to be as hard or closed off as she is with the others #cant quite manage not to smile not to have fun not to be vulnerable #not to be /truthful/ #annalise fucking keating master of lies and manipulation the woman who does nothing without a motive #has never tried to lie or manipulate eve #she doesnt tell her everything of course but she’s more honest and open than she is with any other person in this show and i just want them #to run off and be happy together

I hate all the people that thought they would make a fortune out of ruining Michael Jackson’s life and all the other people that agreed to help and join in the bandwagon, making up some ridiculous stories and selling them to tabloids. I hate his lawyers who decided to settle this case because they cared more about their reputations as lawyers than wanting to save him. Evan Chandler’s lawyer filing a lawsuit against Michael for slander makes me sick to my stomach. I hate the police that were blinded by racism. I hate those pathological liars that insisted they were telling the truth. I hate the Neverland workers that kept changing their stories they were selling as they received more and more money. I hate people who, even to this day, say shit like “Spoken like a true pedophile” and think what they know is is the only truth and everything else is invalid. If I asked them to tell me about what really went down, how all of this started, who was involved in the case, all they would be able to tell me is “That little boy said he was molested by Michael Jackson. He’s creepy as hell anyways.” I bet these people have never even bothered to research the case, and know not even one of the small details that make this a complete, total fraud and an extortion plot. If you want to comment on a subject so sensitive as this, especially one that completely and utterly destroyed the life of a human-being, you should at least try to do some research beforehand. If you really looked, you’d know that it was all lies. People that keep demeaning him because they think he was a pedophile are just proving their laziness/stupidity. Don’t be lazy. Everything is out there. Why is it so hard to be a decent person? It’s not that hard to not be mean to people. It’s not that hard to treat other people with respect. How can someone be so shameless? I genuinely don’t understand it. I understand money is great and all but how can you live with yourself knowing you destroyed the life of an innocent person?

Writing Tips

Someone asked me if I had any writing tips and I started answering it and then saved it to my drafts but now it is nowhere to be found so??????? I’m just going to answer it here and hope that they see it,,,,,

I’m just going to make a list of things that come to mind:

  1. Don’t feel pressured!! Go at your own pace. Writing is tough. It takes a lot of time, effort, energy, motivation… and the list goes on. If it’s stressing you out (which is most likely going to happen at one point or another) then take a break. When you come back, it’ll be much more enjoyable and chances are that words are going to flow easier too. (Aka: don’t listen to people who are trying to rush you. you are not obligated to write anything.)
  2. Take time to write things that you want to write. Obviously, you’re going to have to tackle that are a bit tougher or… just unappealing (even if they’re only unappealing because you're stuck) for some reason, but don’t let those be the only things you write. 
  3. When you sit down to start writing something new, make lists. Make as many lists as you want. Make so many lists. Lists of words that convey the feeling you want, lists of things you want to take place, lists of emotions the characters are going to feel, lists of possible settings, lists of clothing, lists of appearances, lists of nice phrases that randomly pop into your head. Make lists. This is a brainstorming technique that I always use because it works well for me. When you have something written down so that you can look at it, your brain is going to cough up so much more than if you’re just trying to imagine it because the imagining part takes up brain power that could be used to come up with new stuff. Make lists.
  4. Ask yourself questions. Things like: “What am I trying to make my audience feel?” “If I was reading this, what would impact me the most?” “What would X person really do in X situation?” “What situations have I been through that made me feel similar to how this person would be feeling right now?” “What are my options?” “What’s the end goal, the purpose?”
  5. Spend time just sitting around and describing the things around you. You’ll probably feel silly at first, but it’s exactly what you have to do when you’re writing and if you actually do it in real life, it’s going to come a lot easier when you’re staring at a screen and just trying to imagine things.
  6. Never hesitate to look for inspiration. Find random word/sentence generators or, better yet, ask your friends to give you words/sentences to write about. Or look up pictures that relate to what you’re trying to write… have someone read it and tell you what they think should happen next. Or have them tell you what they think is going to happen next and do just the opposite.
  7. Don’t just simply state things. This is kind of a hard concept to put into words, so I’ll give you an example. Instead of saying, “She cried,” tell us how she cried. Tell us how her crying impacted those around her. Tell us why it’s significant that she cried. Really, I’m telling you to describe things. Giving your audience a vision and a feeling is the most important thing that you can do and just telling them flat out what is happening isn’t going to do that. (Along with that, you can also say things that give readers the idea of what’s happening instead of telling them that it’s happening. Like, if someone is distracted, you can have them describe things other than what they should be focusing on instead of just stating that they are distracted.)
  8. Study other people’s work and figure out what they’re doing to make it work for them.
  9. Just write as much as you can. As with everything, the more you do it the better you will get, and in no time, you’ll be looking back at previous works and cringing at them.This is a good thing! It means you’ve grown! (Even if it is sort of horrifying…)
  10. Starting with a basic blueprint is really helpful. You can begin with just the basics and then beef it up later. Basically, do the exact opposite of what I told you to do in #7 and then go back and make it mean something.
  11. If your writing doesn’t make you feel anything, there’s no way your audience will.
  12. But. Sometimes what you think is bad, another person will love. Having a second opinion is always beneficial.

I hope this helps!! If there’s anything specific you were looking for that I didn’t cover, feel free to come back and ask!! I’ll always be happy to help out

you know there’s a lot of stuff in mass effect that makes for a very interesting and broad universe that houses an unfathomable amount of possibilities for stories but think about the really simple things. Like. there’s so many alien species interacting with each other all the time just think about the kids that grow up surrounded by this whole melting pot of people

like how there are teenagers all across the galaxy making friends with each other. Bonding over the new blasto movie, making fanart of shepard and their team, getting super into alien history. Kids making friends with each other despite bad blood

little asari girls making friends with batarian kids two systems away

a salarian making friends with a hanar and both of them geeking out about science

a turian and a human, on palaven and earth respectively, making plans to meet up on the citadel when they’re finally old enough bc they’ve been best friends for years and want to meet

a drell child and a quarian kid sharing stories from their homes and dreaming about owning a ship and exploring the galaxy together

biotic kids doing youtube how-tos on easy tricks to control your biotics and making a safe community for kids that would otherwise be isolated because of what they can do

groups of kids that, after shepard “dies” rally all across the galaxy because they believe what shepard said and they want to make a difference

just!!!! kids worrying about their friends systems away when the reapers start attacking, and feeling so relieved when they finally get messages saying that they’re okay!!!! 

all the alien kids being friends with each other!!!

i found messages between me and x from like YEARS ago saved in my drafts and what the fuck dudes im spiraling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! twistin spinnin turnin twirlin

anonymous asked:

Hello!! Love your page!! I was wondering if you could help me find some dramione fics. I read "Kiss, with tongue" and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT, it's the best fic I've ever read. So I'm looking for similar ones, where there isn't much feeling and they're at Hogwarts (I especially loved the 8 year post war idea, but it's not necessary). Also if you know any fics from the same autor. PS: Blaise Zabini appearances are always welcome!! Sorry for being so picky, thanks a lot!!

OMG i just found this ask on my drafts, i had saved it so i could find some fics to help you!!!

does anyone know any fics like this??

I tried ignoring God for a week

but I found diaries from
elementary school
where I told Him my

I asked Him if He was real
and to forgive me for saying
I hated my sister

I wrote to Him
on vacations
like a postcard

I confessed that I’d marry
the boy Isaac from class
and asked if that was okay

The counselor called my mom
told her I was sitting alone
on the bench at recess
She didn’t know
I was talking to God
too scared to talk to the other kids

I asked Him why
my friend kept hitting me
and bruising my skin
when I didn’t want to play

why the boys laughed
and squeezed me where
I didn’t like
when I wore a bikini
for the first time

why I couldn’t go to a dance
and feel beautiful
like the rest

and He replied by shining
in a dream where I
it doesn’t matter what they say
when He’s the one that
has always been

And I remembered the time
my dad drove away
after a fight that made me
wonder if he was ever coming
and in fear, I fell
begged God to make him
turn around
and He told me
if he didn’t
He’d be my proper father

He’s all I’ve had
my only solid
He hasn’t let me down
so no matter how much
I want to, I can’t
give Him up just yet

—  I tried ignoring God - Christina Hopp

       ship aesthetics :  Anton Shudder // Larrikin


                                   He’s a maverick, and you’re the most well-behaved person there is.

He’s short and pretty and he smiles like there’s no tomorrow. You’re tall and crooked, you save your smiles only for the rarest of occasions.

It’s to hide the fact that you’re alone, and you deserve to be. A person with thoughts as dark as yours deserves this. And it’s alright.

But suddenly you find yourself with that man         and you realize that maybe, just maybe, he’s one who hides his own dark with a smile.

And then the person who can always find a way to make you smile grins at you        with  b l o o d i e d   t e e t h  and a frenzy which could be described as bloodlust.

It’s when you realize he’s got the same problems you’ve got. It’s then when you understand that seldom is it that true soulmates find each other on Earth, and you’ve just found yours.

Finally, you’re content. But never do you speak a word. There’s always  t i m e  , you reason. All the time in the world, you’ve got it.

And then he dies, and all you have left are forgotten promises and broken memories.

tfw u accidentally,

twitter drafts are a funny thing because you rarely save them on purpose, they just sort of happen anytime a tweet doesn’t get sent or at mysterious other times for which you have no explanation. this can lead to amusing juxtapositions of sentence fragments.

when i checked twitter on my phone earlier, the app practically forced me to look at them, which i hadn’t done in a while, and i discovered there were … a lot. and somehow i got it into my head to arrange them in the manner of found poetry, or book spine poetry, that sort of nonsense. (utter.)

i realised halfway through cutting the most promising snippets out of screenshots that this project might not actually be worth the effort i was expending, but by then IT WAS TOO LATE TO TURN BACK.

so here is some nonsense??

twitter draft poetry, or: “motion sickness that i didn’t have as a child”

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