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The first two pics were part of a comic that I will not try to finish, because the idea was unnecessary sad and mostly ridiculous. (Also because I’ve been saving this in my drafts for God’s knows when, and I ran out of ideas.)

Basically, it was a young David trying to deal with a punished Venom. I like the idea of him trying to find in V a father figure and not finding it at all…

Smut prompts for Penny/Quentin

Because we all know these guys have massive (sexual) tension. 

  • If you don’t stop humming Taylor Swift I’m going to come over there and make you stop.
  • Oopsies, did I just accidentally travel into the room while you’re getting changed?
  • I really, really need to test this spell out… for science 
  • You’ve got some dirty shit in your mind, Quentin… how about we make it a reality
  • You’re an asshole Penny. Speaking of…
  • Only sex-magic will save us from The Beast!
  • You’re singing Taylor Swift again
  • You slept with Margo and Eliot, I slept with Alice… seems only fair that we sleep together to complete the circle.
  • You want me to give you your nerd book back? Make me.
  • ily: i love you
  • ilysm: i love you so much
  • ohtnyfnasweattdtgtiwifjtftswsceiipiptrtiwstpwoofsurmiwcabhwwatesiwerwtuhtsdrihltihtetrmasiitsaibmrtiwihchnlotreimatebouwpitbhnwtfhwtftanstntfyamabwwyfnwosfmhhmrftlohwhcmvasmlforstiwkhphbmhsticohvahwhtshpiwbhtsmbollbofjbif: One hundred twenty-nine years from now, a star will explode and threaten to destroy the galaxy. That is where I'm from, Jim. The future. The star went supernova, consuming everything in its path. I promised the Romulans that I would save their planet. We outfitted our fastest ship. Using red matter, I would create a black hole, which would absorb the exploding star. I was en route, when the unthinkable happened--the supernova destroyed Romulus! I had little time. I had to extract the red matter, and shoot it into the supernova. As I began my return trip, I was intercepted. He called himself Nero, last of the Romulan Empire. In my attempt to escape, both of us were pulled into the black hole. Nero went through first. He was the first to arrive. Nero spent the next twenty-five years awaiting my arrival. But what was years for Nero was only seconds for me. I went through the black hole. Nero was waiting for me. He held me responsible for the loss of his world. He captured my vessel, and spared my life for one reason: So that I would know his pain. He beamed me here, so that I could observe his vengeance. As he was helpless to save his planet, I would be helpless to save mine. Billions of lives lost, because of me, Jim. Because I failed.

“And why the hell do you think I’d want your help?” He asked you and you smiled. “Well, other than the fact I just saved your ass from being killed twice, while in crutches, the guy who sent the hit on your family is a wanted S.H.I.E.L.D felon.” You told him. “Who sent to the hit on my family?” He asked and you scoffed. 

“I’m not telling you, until you accept my help.” You stated. “Why does that matter? I would have though you good doers would want my head on a silver plate.” He said and you sighed. “In all honesty, Cap does. I, on the other hand managed to get your name off the CIA, FBI, S.H.I.E.L.D and Avenger hit list.” You informed him. 

“Why?” He questioned. “Saving the favor for another time. Now, are we going to work together or what?” You asked. “Yes.” He stated and you smiled. “Alright, first we’re going to hide out at an old S.H.I.E.L.D safe house.” You told him and before you could lift a crutch, he harshly grabbed your forearm. “If you’re lying to me, you’re gonna have a lot to worry about than just some crutches.” He threatened. 

“Yeah, okay.” You told him, rolling your eyes and yanking back your arm. “Let’s go.” You said and began to walk out. He rolled his eyes, seeing you stumble with the crutches and carried you into your car. “I didn’t need your help.” You scoffed. “What happened to your legs?” He asked, sitting down on the passengers seat. “A robot asshole shot me.” You said and turned on the car. 

“You sure you can drive?” He asked you. “Question me again and I’ll have your head.” You stated and he chuckled.

Page 23 - Free Fall, Part 2



「seasonal 」

i thought long & hard about it and finally decided to turn it into a taekook fic (can you believe this has been rotting in my drafts for almost 3 years) i’m so done with this

pairing: vkook with a side of vmin
genre: fluff + humor + slight!angst
rating: pg-13 for mild language
word count: ~7.1k
summary: high school au

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Ok, so today I decided to play competitive overwatch and spent most of the time as Junkrat. Early on I manage to recruit a person who played only Mercy. We spent the entire time together, every map, every mission. She wasn’t far away and saved my hide more than a few times. I saved her more times I could count. So in the middle of all this, she starts waiting in the lobby next to me. We would say hello to each other, and she would sit with me when I sat down. She would also put her spray (which was the cute version) next to mine (the year of the rooster one). When I had to go, I actually got a message from the person playing as Mercy that was just a sad emoji. Basically I now ship Mercyrat.

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