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Why esports needs two hosts for big events

In the beginning there were no casters. No hosts, no analysts, no interviewers, side-line reporters, panel members, observers, desks or stages. This was esports in 2002. In fifteen short years, we’ve come to expect all of these job roles to be filled by highly professional talent members at every single tournament, no matter the size of stadium or LAN hall.

In 2005, a small collection of budding shoutcasters (as we were known back then) from Radio iTG (one of the two main studios in esports at the time) headed to one of the most prestigious esports events of the year, Quakecon 2005. In that year, the event was held in the exhibition hall of the incredible Gaylord Texan Resort Hotel in Grapevine, Texas. Those early pioneers included Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham, Alison “Trillian” Suttles, Stuart “TosspoT” Saw, Darren “Lun” Webber and our production maestro for the weekend (the only one!) Chad “Blankz” Budd. And me, heading, for the first time in my life to a North American esports event.

We all paid our own way to the event, as in, those of us like Stuart and I, paid for our rather expensive, middle of August flights from London to Dallas, costing around £800 each. We also had to pay for the hotels, which Marcus kindly covered a couple of rooms for us to share. Though, we arrived a couple of days ahead of our check in date, so Darren (sadly, killed in a motorbike accident less than a year later) kindly put some of us up in his house for a couple of nights. Chad also ran the chauffer service, picking us up from the airport. There were no shuttles, talent managers or anything resembling a welcoming committee other than the kindness of our own group.

We were given a small spot on the Intel stand, to setup a PC and some small broadcasting equipment and a pair of us at a time would stand next to the table where our equipment was set up and cast the games from Quakecon. On this occasion, Quake 2, Quake 3 and Doom 3. We’d take it in turns to stand up there and cast in pairs, while the other shot off and collected interviews where we could. The main broadcast went out on internet radio and to the small and slightly bemused audience crowded around the Intel stand. At this stage, the match audio went absolutely nowhere near the main stage in the other hall and that area was certainly off limits to any of our shoutcast team. Our audience on site reached about 50 or so people over the course of the day and while Intel were kind enough to donate some space, I remember thinking: “They have no idea what the hell we are doing here”.

The idea behind our attendance wasn’t a vanity exercise, though we were all nerds who loved Quake and wanted to be part of the experience. Our job was to show the people running Quakecon and Intel for that matter, that we, as casters could bring excitement and entertainment to their venue by commentating the tournament matches. That we would, over time, help bring more people to the venue and the trade stands and grow an online viewership for those not able to get to the event by doing what we did best: cast the matches. That in the future, if they wanted us, they would have to pay our flights and hotels. God forbid at some point in the future we would actually earn any pay for the week we worked.

I guess, if you weren’t around back then and perhaps only found esports in the last few years, this will sound rather incredible, almost unrealistic and incomprehensible. But that’s how many tournaments began using talent. It should go without saying too, we were paid absolutely nothing and indeed even struggled to get enough free tickets for everyone to get in!

Imagine for example, the CS:GO Major in Krakow having no live commentary for the attending audience or anyone watching around the world and instead, you heard about the results of the matches on Twitter. On Monday. Sure, there were websites around like ESReality reporting back scores and so on, but they mostly relied on players or us to give them that information! Most of the early esports galleries are from me or Michal “Carmac” Blicharz as we were just two of a handful of people who even owned a camera! And we had no social media back then either, just mIRC to spread the word.

I explain all of this to help put in context something that I have been thinking about for a little while now and to help people understand I make this statement not because I am ungrateful of my fortunate position (doing something I love) or that I am mistreated in some way, but because like all the steps we have taken in esports since those early days, we need to make progress. Progress comes painfully sometimes, by raising difficult questions or by taking a hard look at ourselves and our industry. By examining our relationships and work practices. But, never the less, just because it might be difficult or invite ridicule from those who believe (wrongly) that we are behaving like spoiled brats, it is right to ask questions, reach for change and challenge accepted norms.

In more recent years I’ve seen others working to improve our industry, James “2GD” Harding, Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat, David “LD” Gorman, Scott “SirScoots” Smith and Henry “HenryG” Greer (to name but a few). All of them greatly helping to improve industry standards, pay and conditions.

Even as we began doing more events in 2006 and 2007, it was rare to have more than a few casters attend each event to do the entire tournament. Often leading to incredibly long days for all concerned. In fact, I remember one acute case where the tournament for Quake 4 began at 11am on Saturday and was still going at 7am the following morning, all casted by one person the entire time. While that is certainly an outlier, there were often 12 to 15 hour days for those delivering on-camera duties at every event and often even longer for those delivering production.

And don’t think this is something that happened a few years ago, I racked up 93 hours at the recent CSGO Major in 7 days. It has not been uncommon to complete 13-18 hour days in many of the tournaments held this year.

Casters in recent years have fought hard to ensure they aren’t subjected to these kind of hours. It’s unusual for less than three pairs to be hired for big events today and in doing so, they are able to stagger their call times and reduce the workload to a sensible set of matches not usually going past 8 hours and often even less. This allows the talent to deliver an optimum experience, avoid burning themselves out and ensures high quality production and broadcasts. Ultimately, the fan at home benefits with casters no longer tired beyond comprehension after multiple 15+ hour days.

More recently, thanks to ESL and PGL in particular, analysts are now common place among the broadcast team and can rotate in and out of the show. Again, improving the experience for everyone watching and those contributing to the show. No longer do we have the same two people looking like zombies on day 3 of a long tournament having completed 15 hours in consecutive days. Even observers have rotations now often between two or three people at each event. Gone are the days of Josh Nissan or Alexandre “FunKa” Verrier sat in a hot stuffy office for 15 hours on their own.

So I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest we have rotating desk hosts at big events. It’s not very common, though Sheever kindly took over the last game of the night for me at the DAC tournament earlier this year and even saving me a few hours a night made a huge difference to my mental state and sleep pattern such that I believe the show was better for it.

My original tweet about the subject (coming on day one of the major) was, in hindsight, rather ill-timed and I wasn’t looking for sympathy or wanting anyone to give PGL a hard time about it. In fact, it wasn’t even related to the event (other than pointing out the long hours) itself.

Nor was I complaining about the lack of a second host at the event, just that it was a subject I’d been thinking about for a while and that we should discuss it more. Indeed, SirScoots offered to step in for me if I was feeling fatigued, so that wasn’t the issue at the time of the tweet. Nor was the fact that I may have looked a little pale on the first few days (I’m fucking British, of course I’m fucking pale!) related to anything other than some bright lights and some light make up, which we fixed.

I also heard people saying we should be grateful we don’t have to work the hours of the production team and trust me when I say this (having been part of that production team on many occasions) I am. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the work put in by production crews, often finding themselves in the venue an hour or two ahead of talent and staying behind after the show ends for an hour or two. They can easily rack up significant hours during an event. I estimated for example that PGL production staff likely completed more than 120 hours of work in 7 days at the major. And that doesn’t even take in to account all the prep work leading up to the event which they started on months before and worked on continuously leading up to it.

It’s not unreasonable to say we should be looking at their hours too and just because I raised the issue of one host covering the entire event not being enough, doesn’t belittle production staff or make their case any lesser. Ridiculous hours for talent or production lead to mistakes and mistakes cost money, time and reputation. I hope to see a place in the future where there are different teams of people to cover production roles too. Progress.

I don’t expect everyone to understand the host role or be able to empathise as a result. But I will admit, that while I love the job, the hours can be insane, the stress involved in staying focused for long days over an extended period put a lot of pressure on you and there are a lot of moving parts you have to be able to cope with during the show. You’re constantly listening to your panellists, while trying to feed the great questions, following the producer in your ear, wrestling with time and a show rundown with parts to throw to, bringing in videos and interviews, adapting to changes and issues on the fly, introducing graphics you might never have seen and appearing to the viewer that it was totally planned, helping the conversation flow seamlessly from one part to the next and then when you aren’t on camera, taking in the match, watching every round and trying to eat and drink occasionally. Overall, my job is to make sure you are guided through the show seamlessly and without drama (other than that coming from the matches!). It might not sound much and it’s not laying concrete for sure, but it is very stressful and tiring.

And for those saying I get a break during the matches, no. Yes ok, I get to sit and watch the match, so from that point of view I’m sitting down, sure! But I’m not resting, I’m watching, taking notes, building narratives for the analysts to discuss when we come back after the match, discussing the other parts with the producer, updating stats and rundown points, doing signing sessions or photo sessions or press interviews (as part of our job). While there is no doubt that production have to stay focused at all times and mistakes can lead to people being fired, on-screen talent have that threat too and face public backlash at the smallest of mistakes. Some mistakes can (as we have seen in the past) be career ending.

I don’t accept the premise that I am out getting smashed out of my brains on alcohol either. I have a very good work ethic and in the main I avoid any alcohol (or dancing!) until the end of the event. I need to stay sharp and focused and that means getting enough sleep, which usually by the end of the day is the only thing left to do in any case!

I’ll also say that I feel a sense of pride in what I do and that extends to ensuring I do the job I’ve been hired for. If an event has hired me, I want to ensure I host the show for them, not whine on day two about the hours and ask for a replacement to step in, even if, like Scoots, there is one to do so. That’s a personal feeling of responsibility to the role. I’d feel like I was letting people down if I asked for a break.

Then there is ego. Something Scoots said to me rang true when we discussed the idea of two hosts. We all have egos and part of that ego is believing we can do the job better than someone else, so it’s hard to admit for us that actually we should have two hosts for a show. It’s like Scoots said “we entrust our baby to someone else” and that’s hard.

This is absolutely not about money either. In fact a few of us hosts have already discussed lowering our rates should we be able to do a joint hosting event.

Ultimately, we need to persuade the organisers and publishers that having two hosts becomes the norm (much like in Olympic broadcasting for example) and I’d personally welcome the chance to prove this can be a better road for everyone should the opportunity arise, not least that the fans get two hosts for the event!

There is no need to grab the pitchforks and complain to the organisers just yet either, we’ve hardly spoken to them or discussed two host setups, which, yes, will cost more. It won’t however cost more than extending tournaments to extra days which also means additional costs of renting arenas, production kit, people and so on. It seems wholly unreasonable to do so too, especially as players are now happier than they have ever been with schedules of matches. No longer those days of playing 7 back to back matches…

It’s not a big deal having two hosts, it’s just that having one do everything has become the norm and it’s important to challenge norms. That’s down to those who do the job and not (despite the support) a reddit thread demonising organisers.

I firmly believe that the show would benefit from having two hosts and I’ll work with other hosts and organisers to make that a reality.

Mending Burned Bridges


Chapters: 1, 2, 3

Summary: After a weekend out with the Gems goes awry, Steven finds himself face to face with his most dangerous enemy yet…and he’s the only one who can help her.

Note: Credit for this version of Yellow Diamond goes to @kibbles-bits, creator of the Steven Universe AU comic New Home (for context for this character, and to read an awesome webcomic, go read it)

Another note: Unlike New Home, which is only canon up to Catch and Release, this fic is canon up to at least Bubbled. Consider it an AU of an AU

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#Haven5 has begun. Let us Pray. Spoilers for 5x01 See No Evil reaction post,

Spoilers..whining…crying..weird stuff in here *spoiler warning 5x01"

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okay this is gonna be kinda deep

so i wanted to take a minute and talk about my new EP. it’s almost completely finished and i’m super excited to share it with you guys. it’s been fun releasing the past 2 EP’s but this one is different. over the past 6 months i was totally out of it. i was constantly either tired, sick, depressed, or all 3 at once and i just didn’t know what to do or who to ask for help. i was tweeting super depressing stuff and i wouldn’t leave my house for weeks at a time and i just felt lost and unwanted. this EP saved me. it all started with the second song on the EP (Sunny) which i named the EP after. it’s super simple and fun but the thing was i hadn’t written anything happy since february and it was a huge turning point in my life. somehow my ability to write a happy song reminded me i was still a good person and that i could still find happiness in things. then i wrote want me more, then battle cry and all the rest, and then i starting actually going places and talking to people. i did shows with fanrave, i reached out to old friends and a lot of them have started talking to me again. and i started skating which introduced me to some of my best friends today. i kinda realized that it’s not beneficial to shut the world out around you. there are people everywhere, nice people too. sometimes you have to break out of your own box in order to grow, and i’ve learned that over the past 6 months. hope you guys enjoy the EP. stay rad.

I've sent a message to Tumblr Support asking for Leelah's blog to be memorialized permanently.

The message I sent is below, which all are free to copy-paste at will, or edit to whatever is necessary. Maybe if we send enough messages, we can save her blog. We know ourselves that our tumblrs are reflections of ourselves—perhaps we can save this small part of her yet, and preserve her words. 

I am not Trans+, so I hope I did not overstep, I hope I did her justice. I do not want her last words to be lost to her mother’s whims. 

Dear Staff,

I am writing on behalf of Leelah Alcorn and the rest of the trans+ and Trans+ supporting community to request that Leelah Alcorn’s tumblr account be memorialized permanently. 

I do not know if this is a course of action that has been taken in the past, but I do believe that it is what Leelah would have wanted, given that in life her voice was silenced by the oppressive and transphobic behavior of her family and the “therapist” charlatans she was subjected to as a result of seeking help and support from her family. 

Her mother, most obviously, has not accepted her part in Leelah’s struggle that ultimately resulted in her suicide and passing, as evidenced by her intentionally misgendering her daughter and lying outright about her cause of death. 

I, like many others, fear that even in death, which Leelah saw as her only course of escape, her voice will be silenced by her mother’s with the removal of her suicide note, will, and call for change from the world and community that surrounded her. We beg you not to allow this to occur. 

Leelah’s words were powerful. They were desperate and passionate and emotionally charged and they were her last hope that maybe, just maybe, with her passing the world could see change. She felt, in life, that she did not matter, that no one cared about her, and that no one ever would.

The outpouring of rage, grief, support, and love from our community shows that was never true, but this is difficult to see when you are entrenched in such oppression and hatred from those that were supposed to care for you most.

We are screencapping and reblogging and tweeting and quoting her words as quickly as we can, so that if her mother succeeds in erasing her stamp on the world, she cannot erase her entirely, but as a group of people running an internet community, you know how fragile and fickle it is. We cannot save her legacy alone. We cannot make a stand for equality alone. We cannot prove her worth alone.

As such, again, I ask that Leelah Alcorn’s blog be memorialized, permanently, so that her last words and last attempt to make a difference for those around her are not silenced one last time. Leelah’s story is not unique. It is tragic, but so are all the others. Please help us keep her memory alive to stem the flow of new stories, new children’s deaths, new horrors like her own.

Help us save her and fulfill her literal dying wish.



anonymous asked:

You mentioned you are currently working on writing a book. Can you tell me a bit about what it might be about ? ^_^ also,i love u !! xx

Oh!! It’s a book of poems and drawings and short stories! I haven’t fully organized what I want it to be yet but I have most of the writing done I think & also the title. Some of it is also just unused tweets or ones I’ve deleted but think were worth saving. I’ve been collecting sentences and fragments for over a year now! I write a lot on the bus, more than anywhere probably. There’s no real theme to the book rly! It’s mainly love poems I guess and it has exterior themes of being locked inside of a castle. Maybe some poems about birds and towers and ghouls and stuff. A bit whimsical and a bit dark at the same time. It’s mainly just a collection of various different things! Not like a huge release or anything but I thought it would be a good way to start. I want to write longer books in the future tho with stronger concepts! This one will be fun

Dear Mr LD Jackson

First of all: Hi and welcome to the fandom! I’m sorry you’re joining it so late in the game and thus is being immediately subjected to the nastier parts of fandom interactions - you’ve been tossed into the deep end of the pool right away and that’s probably not a nice way to learn how to swim. But swim you must, if you’re gonna be a TV writer - especially one that interacts with fans on twitter, which you should and can do very successfully if you know how - and I would like to help you. 

I’m sure the other writers and producers have told you some of what’s been going on. Probably you’ve even seen some of it online yourself. I’m also sure a lot of it is true, or at the very least true for them. This is our truth, or mine at least because I don’t pretend I speak for the entire fandom or even the part of it on tumblr I’m fortunate enough to be part of, this is what you’re walking into:

Most of us fell in love with this show within the first half of season one. The things we love about the show can all be found there - the instantaneous connection and chemistry between Ichabod/Tom and Abbie/Nicole, the fraught and rich relationship between Jenny and Abbie, the spooks, the thrills, the silly fun times with Ichabod vs the modern world, the spectacular skills of the actors and potential of the characters, with especially the complex and layered performance of Abbie making her a compelling and relatable lead. We had only a few misgivings about Katrina, but the hope and trust that she would be developed further in a way that made sense and payed off. This was the second time we extended our trust to the writers of the show - the first being when jumping into this crazy show with it’s crazy premise in the first place and investing in the characters. 

Then season one wrapped up and people were unhappy with certain developments, not least Crane’s casual betrayal of Abbie’s trust and Katrina being brought into the 21th century and yet again placed in distress. But again, we hoped and we trusted, we waited to see. Alarm bells went off during Comic Con with typical racially charged arguments against Ichabbie being made and worrying spoilers emerging - again we pushed it away, we committed to the show, we invested our time and emotions and we hoped, and we trusted, and we waited to see. 

What we ended up seeing was the mess that was season 2 - you seem like a smart guy who is well aware of most of what went wrong there so I’ll skip that part - and the responses from the writers and producers to our concerns about this. A hashtag was made advocating better treatment for Abbie - it was met with angry defensiveness, more calls to wait and see that were never delivered on, and the pushback from the racist Ichatrina shippers was supported by the writers. Raven Metzner favorited and retweeted them, and responded to callouts on this with aggression and condescension. I don’t have all of it saved, but I do have this:

He also favorited a tweet referring to us as “not real fans” - I believe it has since been deleted but a screenshot might exist somewhere still. 

Speaking of Deliverance, this embarrassment of an episode that made use of one of the most sexist tropes TV has to offer - the mystical pregnancy - and once again robbed Katrina of her agency and reduced her to her reproductive parts while simultaneously sidelining Abbie to bodyguard and midwife and being outvoted by Crane and the wife he spent half his time mistrusting, was capped off with most of the writing team/official SH twitter account making distasteful jokes about it:

Again, any attempts to point this out were met with hostile defensiveness and more “wait and see”. (Personal sidenote: I had a bit of a breakdown at the end of this episode because it was here I first truly lost hope for the first time. I managed to get it back, eventually, but it was mostly due to wanting to stay in the fandom and I’ve never been able to forget that feeling of “wow this show is fucked” I felt there. And that was before I saw most of the twitter comments.)

Meanwhile the show’s ratings were going down, the Ichatrina fanbase kept coming with their BS and we kept on campaigning for better writing/direction. We were told the special Mills-centric episode Mama was coming up (which mostly delivered) the midseason finale would be amazing and to wait and see yet again - and we did, and we saw Frank get unceremoniously killed off, by the son of the lead who was then “redeemed” by killing off the central villain with direct connections to the Mills sisters, the one piece of the puzzle not solely tied to Crane. Fans left, fans came back, we were disappointed yet again, but most of us stuck it out because once more the narrative shifted - now the writers were listening, acknowledging things had gotten off course, and in the final few episodes things would be steered straight! Wait and see!

And finally, mostly and in stutters and stumbles, it did start to look like things were turning around. The final episodes of the season weren’t perfect but they did provide the show with a lifeline, a way where we could see the show being salvageable. So once again we invested our hope, we extended our trust and we fought to get the show renewed, some of us working around the clock to rally support - we organized trending campaigns and rewatch parties on twitter, we worked on back-up ideas of approaching sponsors, all the usual fandom tricks for saving shows on the bubble. And I don’t think that’s the sole reason, or perhaps even a major one, that FOX decided to renew, but I do think it was a factor, and either way it doesn’t erase the time and effort the fandom invested - all because we trusted that this time, this time it would be different. That this time our trust would be rewarded and well-placed. 

The show was renewed, and after some standard “yay we did it” tweets the writers fell silent. Fine, no worries, it’s the hiatus - we all know the drill. Maybe we’ll hear something in May, around the time of the Upfronts? No? Okay, that’s cool, you guys got a late renewal, new showrunner (another thing that enforced our hopes for the reboot/return to form), you’re still working things out - we get it. Disappointed, but we can make it to Comic Con…

And then OJ “left” the show. And then Comic Con was cancelled. And then the first bit of news we heard about season 3 was that we’d be seeing a sexy spy version of Betsy Ross who, according to the casting call, would be the “Mrs Smith to Crane’s Mr Smith”. And we were officially concerned. We found out Orlando didn’t leave of his own choice, and the concerns grew stronger. We kept reaching out on twitter and getting nothing back. 

Which brings us to yesterday, where our fears of history repeating itself seemed confirmed by the announcement that at last (I know - come from the media, not you, but it was made possible by the casting call and by extension the role you, the writers, created) Sleepy Hollow had a sexy female character in sexy Betsy Ross who would be a regular and played by predictable casting choice (but undoubtedly a fine actress and great person) Nikki Reed. We’d swap out incompetent “spy” Katrina in tight corsets who was there for Crane’s benefit (and not Abbie’s) for this supposedly skilled spy … in tight corsets, who’s there for Crane’s benefit and is unlikely to provide anything for Abbie. And not only that, but in the process we’d lost OJ as well. 

Please take a moment to think how it looks to us when the only two bits of news we have to go on for the new season boils down to “black man out, white woman in” and “more hot women in corsets for Crane!”. The cherry on top was the news that SH would be crossed over with Bones, of all shows, in a desperate and sad move that I’m 100% convinced is all FOX’s doing and far beyond the writers’ control, but nonetheless doesn’t exactly go in the “good news” column.

And there you have it. I don’t think you’re in any way responsible or to be held accountable for the mistakes made on the show before you joined it, not one bit. But by jumping in between us and the writers and producers who were there, who we do have a bad history with, you’re putting yourself in the fray and shouldering some of that bad history - especially when using the exact same language as them - and that kind of forfeits your right to pretend like this is coming out of nowhere, like we’re overreacting and jumping to conclusions without base for them. 

I’m sure the relationship between the fandom and the writers is riddled with misunderstandings and “two sides of every story” situations, but this is where we’re at now. We’ve been trying to establish a dialogue with the writers since season one and we’re delighted to see someone actually willing to engage with us. But it does require you to have knowledge of what you’re walking into - to, if not know both sides of the story then at least to understand that there is story here already, that you’re not coming in fresh into a new fandom. We’re more than willing to wait and see what YOU bring to this show, but the people who burned us before are still around, and frankly speaking they’re higher on the totem pole than you are. And we’re not willing to wait and see what they do, because we’ve been down that road many times already.

Fans are a passionate, hyperbolic bunch by our very nature. We’re also a force to be reckoned with, a resource you can use, and at least a little bit smarter than most people give us credit for. And when it comes to this part of this particular fandom you can always count on us to be brutally honest, because most of us have seen this all before and know all the moves to this dance, and because we care

Even now, even with my own hopes completely gone for this show, I’m still writing this. Why? Because I’m a fan. Because even if the fandom couldn’t make a difference for this show in the end I still hold the naive, foolish hope that maybe - just maybe - something we say can register somewhere with someone and change things for the better in the future with how writers and fans interact, with how fandom is perceived and treated. And because I do still care, about the fandom which is full of some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, about the cast that made us all fall in love with this show in the first place, and about fandom and TV and the people who create it and the endless untapped potential that exists in finding ways to bridge the gaps between the three. 

We need more writers like you, and I need you to know that we’re more than just the knee-jerk reactions you see coming into a show with two years worth of the worst baggage I’ve seen in my 20-odd years of online fandom. This didn’t happen overnight, it’s not all that we are and it’s definitely not all that we can be. 

Thank you for your time. 


As you all know, we had our first successful, organized WW trend on our first go ‘round last MONDAY! *round of a applause to you all* No matter if you tweeted once or 100 times, all of your contributions were greatly appreciated!

This time though, we are doing a bit of a different trend. It’s time to spread love to our favorite brave bartender, Camille O’Connell because she doesn’t get nearly enough. Am I right?

Monday, May 11th is the date so save it! Finale day!

‘We Love Camille’ is the trend. Just as written, the first letter in each word is CAPITAL.

DO NOT use xWE LOVE CAMILLE x we love camille x we Love Camille x We love camille x  DO NOT USE hashtags

DO USE   We Love Camille RETWEETS will count, so retweet as much as you want!

Also replying to someone’s tweet is awesome, just make sure to add the phrase on your reply. Example “ @geektastic08 omg that is so fetch!  We Love Camille” , or “@mother_of_4 no mom there’s no more milk in the fridge, but We Love Camille”

The phrase is still there and it still counts. K?

Our goal is to tweet for an hour and trend, so we highly encourage using twitter drafts. Twitter drafts are handy because you can save a set number of tweets before our scheduled trend, and start sending them when the time starts. The more tweet drafts you have, the more tweets you can do in an hour, the better chances we have of trending!

You can make drafts on the Twitter app (mobile), Tweetdeck (works on Mobile/PC), Futuretweets (for scheduling tweets on the PC), TweetCaster (scheduling tweets on mobile), Hootsuite (scheduling tweets on mobile/PC).

Even if you do not ship Klamille and love Cami the way we do, please feel free to join us! We’d love to have you and we don’t bite ;)

Here is the schedule for different timezones:

New York (U.S.A. - New York) Monday, May 11 at 4:00:00 PM EDT UTC-4 hours
Chicago (U.S.A. - Illinois) Monday, May 11 at 3:00:00 PM CDT UTC-5 hours
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Delhi (India - Delhi) Tuesday, May 12 at 1:30:00 AM IST UTC+5:30 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Monday, May 11 at 20:00:00

For questions you can contact the following lovely people:

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Welcome to this new project, a trending time on twitter, to ask for Robin to be a Guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Fans have been expressing the desire to see Robin as a Guest, the savementalist Team had first put together a project for a trending time, and now I’m very glad to give my help to organize this! 

Here, you can find an explanation of how it will be done.

If you’re on twitter, on October 13th and October 20th 2014 (Mondays, day chosen via a poll organized by The Save The Mentalist Team), we’re going to try to trend worldwide “Robin Tunney on Ellen” (written without the “…” as you see in the image below).

All you have to do is join us, on those two days, at 3pm EST! You can check the image for all the different timezones, thank you Save The Mentalist for letting me use their layout- idea with the timezones for it!

If you can’t make it “live” at those times, you can also schedule your tweets, using Tweetdeck, or Future Tweets. They are both very simple to use!

All your tweets must, of course, contain Robin Tunney on Ellen in them. You can also mention Ellen ( @TheEllenShow ) in some of them, if you want, just try to be polite and nice, we don’t want to scare her! ;)

If you need any help, you can contact me.

I hope you’re going to join us, thank you! :)

This probably isn’t an unpopular opinion but some of the explanation might be. 

I don’t like Nash Grier, but the only reason for that is, is that he never truly apologized for the video. In my opinion, he just apologized to save his own ass. The majority of his audience is teen girls, and it’s very destructive to say things like “entertain me” and “shave your arms” to girls who already have self-image issues. Yes, some of the things he and the other 2 said in the video were preferences but there is a huge difference between preference and blatantly telling girls what to do with their bodies.

In his defense however, I don’t think people should be calling him racist and homophobic for tweets he made 2 years ago. People change drastically in 2 years time. I know this is no excuse for being a dick in all cases, but he was rushed into the spotlight incredibly quickly. All viners kinda are, they are still normal people who have to deal with new found recognition. No one does the right thing all the time when they’re rushed into the limelight like that. 

tl;dr: I don’t like Nash Grier because he never truly apologized for the video, but he isn’t racist or homophobic and he isn’t a terrible guy.

timeforhaim-deactivated20150301  asked:

yo - tell me everything that happened when you met Haim ...

ok so let me start from the beginning, I first heard about Haim when Emma Watson tweeted “Haim - don’t save me” and i listened to it and i thought it was different but very catchy i listened to it a few times. Then last fall I heard about them again and thought “hey don’t they sing that one song?” and yep and that’s when the love story truly began haha I’ve rarely had artists where I truly liked every song they’ve put out (ed sheeran, lorde, relient k, and taylor swift are the only ones besides them i think) and the thing is, is they all sound different. So i’m like “i really like this band, i wonder if they’re going to play any gigs near me soon?” (i’m from Idaho btw) and i checked and like every gig was sold out and then i saw that salt lake (a 5 hour drive) and washington (sasquatch fest) were the closest gigs and hey both were some of the few shows not sold out i found out i couldn’t get the sasquatch off from work so i got tickets to SLC for me and my friends and they’ll drive. 

Ok last thursday (May 22nd aka show day) we got to the depot (the venue) at like 6:20 and there was already a line of over 100 people at the door (which is quite impressive actually 40 minutes before doors) then there was the show, which was actually quite amazing even considering my really high expectations and they thing that set them apart honestly had nothing to do with how they sounded or played, it was honestly their faces and looks of genuine love and happiness when playing and seeing how the crowd reacted to them, and how you could tell that they were absolutely having the time of their lives up there performing songs that they genuinely love and are proud of (as they should be) i’ve been to a few concerts and their’s was the only one where they were really into the lyrics and when they sang the love parts Alana’s face would light up. And Este’s bassface of course nuff said. to me Artists who genuinely feel and connect with the music when playing and lose themselves in the music are the best performers and they definitely were. Each of their faces would also light up whenever the crowd was clapping along to the beat unprovoked or singing the lyrics for example when they got to the clapping part of “forever” everyone in the cloud clapped along to the beat and Este kept yelling “come on” and “yeah” haha I can only imagine what it must feel like to be up there in front of over a thousand people playing something you created, and having the crowd show their love for it i honestly would be overwhelmed, i’m surprised they don’t start crying tears of joy every time that happens haha my personal favorite from the show was probably forever because that was when they seemed the most in awe of everything.

Ok so the show ended I leave and their bus is by the back (it’s pretty obvious) there’s already like 50 people waiting their for them to come out. I’ve heard if you wait they come out and say hi. So we decided to chill after like 15-20 mins my friends tried sneaking around to barnes and noble (behind the venue)  and i stayed by the bust and like 5 minutes later my friend called me and told me to go to the back because they were talking to Dash. I went back and he was smoking a cig, we shook hands and he liked my shirt (taylor swift or die (i’ll tell ya why i wore it in a sec)) he asked us what there was to do and that he was looking for places to go to party lol (total rockstar) we were definitely the wrong people to ask that question haha considering we were staying at a motel 6 lol then some uptight security dude came out and told us we had to go back out front, which now only like 25 people were still there 20 minutes or so passed and the head of security for the place told us that it would be at least an hour before they came out, but they were going to come out, and that security was done for the night and to just be good. I spent most of the time chatting with some folks including fivefoottwoandbulletproof whom had met them earlier in the day and would most likely have a better story than me honestly lol the hour passed and their tour manager came out (name escapes me and i know that i know it gahhhhhh) and told us that Alana and Danielle were coming out to take photos but couldn’t sign anything (label’s orders) and to please not ask the girls for one and have them feel bad for saying no or something. it came my turn and what was great honestly (this is going to sound weird) was their hugs, they really hug you. They’re 100% real and genuine. Other artists barely even put their arms around people and hardly even acknowledge them, but if felt like they were thanking me for coming to the show and waiting outside for them. They both saw my shirt and sort of smiled. Then Alana (whose the reason i wore the shirt, because i saw an interview where they were talking before the camera came on and the first thing you heard was Alana saying “I’m not talking shit! I love Taylor Swift. I fucking love Taylor Swift.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVThy4iCldo which i do too haha) and she’s like “I’m trying really hard not be creepy right now, but I remember you tweeting me that you were going wear that shirt or something haha” and I just nodded and said “yeah” and Danielle asked if it was like official merch (because she obviously wanted one duh) and I told her no that I got it online, and she looked sort of bummed lol I told her you could do pretty much anyone a shirt like that. and then we took the pic 

and my friends asked them for a selfie which Alana said “Oh let me take it i’m the best at these” which for whatever reason the pic won’t load here so i’ll put the link to it

and then I told them to come to Idaho sometime which they said “we will” (which is funny/ironic because I bet they drove through Idaho that night to get to Washington and up to Vancouver lol) and that was pretty much it we left right after that because it was 1 am and my friend’s gf was bummed because she shattered her iphone (white gurl probs) she didn’t even come out of the car to meet them (her loss honestly) but the night was super amazing and met/exceeded all my expectations an they were nicer than could’ve imagined and I honestly want nothing but the best for them because they work hard, are extremely talented, and genuinely deserve it. (i said genuinely like 00555 times haha) 

ps. I think Este didn’t come out because it had something to do with her Diabetes she doesn’t strike me as someone who would miss out on fans. Oh well I’ll definitely see them live again and hopefully meet them a few more times (mine and D’s wedding day maybe ;D lol)