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Tax Returns, A Savings Account Love Story…

Tax return time is upon us, so I thought I would be timely and make a post about being fiscally smart about your refund this year.  

I know that for most people, your tax refund is an opportunity to splurge on something you’ve wanted but didn’t have the money to buy during the course of the prior 12 months. A vacation? A new laptop? New clothing? A new TV? A new Chanel bag? Make it rain! You’re rich (kind of)! And while I’m definitely of the mindset that everyone occasionally needs to ‘treat yo self’, I would challenge you to save/invest at least 50% of your return this year.  Why? Because your future self will thank you for it when shit hits the fan and you have an emergency expense.

I started adhering to the “at least 50%” rule a few years ago and it has made a huge difference in pushing me towards my savings goals. You have probably seen me mention signing up for a Mint.com account to manage the larger picture of my finances. It has seriously changed my life in the financial management sense – it has helped me to feel completely in control of all my accounts, all in one stop. That being said, when setting up my Mint account, one of the first things I did was establish a goal to create an Emergency Fund. 

Side Note: Mint allows you set all sorts of “Goals” (i.e. paying off credit card debt or student loan debt, saving for specific events like a new car or house or emergency fund).  It’s really simple to tie the goal to a specific account (savings/checking/investment) and track your progress.

Once you have the goal set, you select the amount per month that you want to aim towards accomplishing that goal.  Mint will then generate the date by which it expects you can accomplish it.  If you are putting your lump sum tax refund into the account, it will let you know how far ahead that deposit put you (for example, “You are 2 months ahead of your goal!).

When I can put a big chunk of change in my savings account, there’s a sense of accomplishment. I feel secure/prepared if something terrible happens (car repairs are the WORST offender). There’s also a freedom in knowing that you’re not on the edge of financial devastation should an emergency occur.

If you’re thinking of heeding the above advice and buffing up your savings account with your tax return this year, I also recommend getting more bang for your buck by signing up for a high interest savings  or checking account.  I’ve mentioned this in the past as well, but I figure that now is a good time to remind you. There are tons of accounts out there that offer a better yield with higher interest rates (some up to 1% or 1.05%) than traditional big bank savings accounts (national average is .06%).  I have two of these accounts myself (Checking – Aspiration Summit; Savings – Ally), in addition to my big bank checking account.   Both of my accounts were really easy to set up and I can withdraw from either at any time, if needed.  However, my rule is that I don’t touch that money unless it hits emergency criteria. That new TV that I mentioned above is NOT an emergency, even if it feels like it in a moment of retail desperation… and even if it is on sale.

Beyond high interest savings/checking, there are also tons of robo-adviser options for beginner investors out there. I have personally tried out two platforms over the last year (Wealthfront and Betterment - my average return is 1.6%, which is slightly better than the high interest yield on my savings/checking accounts of 1%).  I’m still learning the ropes of these platforms, but will report back as I become more comfortable.

Moral of the story: If at all possible, save those tax return coins ya’ll!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional financial planner – this is just a hobby of mine that evolved as I decided to do my research and take practical steps towards becoming more fiscally intelligent. Hope it helps! I also wanted to say that lately I’ve received several messages about you all appreciating this sort of content – I’m happy that you like it!  I’ll try to keep posting every once in a while when inspiration strikes : )

Even wanted to change the story

This season started off with Romeo and Juliet references and parallels all over it. Isak watching Even walk outside school, the pool scene, cuddling in bed, ‘someone has to die for it to be an epic love story’. And we’ve all been freaking out because we thought that meant Even would die. 

But these past couple episodes Even has been referencing Pretty Woman. Nobody dies in Pretty Woman. They get their happy ending at the end of the movie and maybe Even realised that epic love stories don’t need tragedies, sometimes you can be in a long-lasting happy relationship. He even talked about it in the last clip, when he climbed up the balcony Isak would think it was a Romeo and Juliet reference but it’s not it’s Pretty Woman where they ‘save each other’ instead of dying. I remember reading on here a while ago about some people wanting to see the parallel  of the infamous ‘balcony scene’ and maybe the reason we haven’t yet is because it’s not the one we think it will be. Because Even has changed his perspective now, he WANTS the outcome to be different. 

Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I just truly want to believe Skam will do this right, that they will make Even’s feelings genuine and not a ‘side-effect’ of being manic. 

I love giving and receiving fic reviews, but for a long time the whole process of writing a review used to be very fraught because I wanted to show my appreciation but I didn’t want to leave a generic “Loved this, please write more!” like every other comment the author had already gotten and was probably sick of. (Note - as an author, we do not get sick of these comments. We do not get sick of any comments.) But I figured something out a while ago and I figured I’d share it. How to leave a good comment on a fic: PICK A LINE.

Literally any line. Pick it as you’re reading. If a phrase or a sentence or a paragraph jumps out at you, highlight it and hit Ctrl+C. Then save that puppy until the comment section, paste it in, and let the author know why you liked it.

“___” My favorite line, it was hilarious!

“___” I’m gonna cry! Poor Character B!

“___” That is totally something Character A would say.

“___” omg this totally sums up their whole relationship, doesn’t it?

I’m a writer who is friends with a lot of writers. I have never met a writer who didn’t fucking love this. Worried that you’re not leaving a comprehensive review? It’s okay. Tell the author about the five-word sentence that you loved in their 10K word fic, and they will glow. I’m telling you this is foolproof. Take the stress out of commenting. Pick a line. Make a writer’s day.

Strange Creature (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Newt had many wonders in his case, but his most favorite of them all has to be her. He watched her sitting on a rock underneath the full moon on that small lake, her sisters surrounded her speaking ever so softly.

He had found you not to long ago along with your five other sisters injured while he was on his way to India. He saved you from a group of wizards that were trying to smuggle you for some money.

Ever since then he had taken care of each of you all keeping you on a strict no human diet. I

He planned on seeing if he could prove too the wizard community that you weren’t just vicious man eating monsters, but could be treated as equals among them.

But what made you the most unique of them all was the fact that you never spoke a word to him.

Of course he would try to get you to speak but not a peep came from your lips.

But still he’d often come to talk with you for hours on end talking about where he has gone to those fascinating places up above.

But when he stepped into New York things has gotten different.

Lately your behavior had been off. You weren’t eating, you never came out when Newt came by to talk with you, and you seemed to dislike Porpentina whenever she came by you’d hiss and snap your fangs at her before diving back under water.

Just when he went to walk in carrying a basket he heard a new voice, soft and hoarse.

“Maybe I’m right….we are too different after all…” You sighed looking down at your hands.

“Maybe he should have his head examined?” Melpomene asked only to be pinched by Clio who gave her a stern look.

“Or maybe he does belong with her! Little Miss.human, with her rosy cheeks, and those stem legs” you bitterly chuckled with a sigh as you rubbed your f/c tail.

“Oh those girls are a dime of dozen” Thalia said rubbing your shoulder.

“Why you’ve got…you’ve got” Calliope looked back at her sisters for help.

“You’ve got a wonderful personality!” Terpsichore pointed out only for you to shake your head as you slid back in the water. Your sisters sighed diving back under to go off to their caves.

“You know…y-you have a very nice voice, I wish I could hear it more often” You squeaked hiding halfway under the water. Newt knelt by the edge of the lake smiling at you squinting your eyes at him.

“Are you upset with me?” He asked nervously twirling with his thumbs avoiding your sharp eye contact you tilted your head he saw this and continued on.

“You never come out anymore…your sisters tell me your upset but they won’t tell me why…I-I care for you Y/N” you felt your cold cheeks warm up and turn a faint red at these words.

You placed your hand on his chest “I care….for you too…” You stuttered nervously. He smiled at this.

“Porpentina she uh she told me to send this you you…a uh peace offering” he nervously chucked holding out a tiny basket. You slowly swam up to him leaning up you look in to see different colored combs with gemstones depicted in different styles.

“Pretty” you mumbled pulling one out you pinned your hair in a quick bun sliding it in.

“Indeed you are” Newt mumbled your head snapped to him his eyes widened.

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to- I mean you really are beautiful but uh” you giggled at his half rant placing your hand over his, he stopped his rant to look down at you his cheeks red in embarrassment.

“Thank you…” You gave him a small smile which he returned giving your hand a quick squeeze.

“You know maybe if you’d like I could uh take you outta this case I mean if you want I can’t bare leaving you down here all alone I mean you do have your sisters but” you giggled once more nodding.

“I’d love too”

Meanwhile from the opening of the case three heads watch Newt and you talking amongst each other.

“Ain’t that the sweetest thing you seen Jacob” Queenie sighed.

“It sure is” Jacob said smiling.

“How much you wanna bet he confesses his love next week?” Porpentina questioned looking at the two.

“As if she’ll tell him first!” Jacob said.

“Will not!”

“Will too”

Queenie giggled at the two watching the two lovebirds with her head tilted as she heard both their thoughts.

You say it. Go on. You say it first.

What Molly means is tell me this isn’t a game. When he does, she leaves the conversation having done what was asked.

But what Sherlock hears from Molly is convince me. When he tries, he leaves the conversation an utterly different person than he was three minutes ago.

She helps him while undoing herself. He lets go of his stubbornness in order to save her. That is love: choosing them instead of you.


This story was requested by @tizniz and was inspired by the soulmate prompt that was circulating a little while ago. I hope you enjoy, love bug!<3

The squeaking of trolleys and squawking children surrounded them as they entered the supermarket. It was a warm and bustling Saturday afternoon in the heart of London. Normally, these food trips were saved for later in the night or during the week so the boys wouldn’t be noticed as much. But, turns out, none of them had properly prepared for the Maynard’s house party, and had chosen to put it off to the last minute.

And, as luck would have it, everyone else was busy. So, it was just Y/N and Joe on this little outing. And, she was annoyed.

“Come on, then,” Joe called out as he headed further into the shop. “No dilly-dallying!”

Y/N groaned as she rolled her eyes. Joe Sugg. From the very beginning, he just rubbed her the wrong way.

It all started when she first met Jack over Tinder. The date had been a disaster, but the hilarity of it all made her agree to a second one. Though, half way through the second date, it was pretty clear they were better suited as friends. They got along so well that Jack thought it’d be great to introduce her to the rest of the boys at a holiday house party, certain they’d all love her.

As far as first impressions go, everyone was great. Except for Joe. When Y/N had met him, he had already been drunk, arm slung around the shoulders of a, equally as trashed, girl. He had spared her maybe two or three words tops before retiring for the night, female friend in tow. The day after, he apologized and introduced himself properly, but his feminine shadow lurked at his back the entire time, silk robe falling from her delicate shoulders.

From then on, even the sound of his name left a bad taste in her mouth.

It didn’t help that every time Y/N was around him, she was his target for constant teasing. She didn’t consider herself to be a sour puss, but whenever he picked on her, it drove her up the bloody wall. It was like he always had something smart to say accompanied with a stupid little smirk on his stupid, stupid face.

She gasped when she ran into something hard and warm.

“Oi oi. Watch out,” Joe drawled, looking over his shoulder. “Deep in dream land, are we?” He continued rummaging through the wine selection.

Y/N scowled at his back when he wasn’t looking anymore, finger rubbing at her forearm, “I was just thinking about everything we needed to get while we’re here.”

“And, yet you haven’t been helping in the slightest,” Joe said. “Maybe less thinking, and more looking.”

She shot him a glare, “Well, it’s not like you wrote a list.”

“Actually.” His hand dug into the pocket of his joggers, pulling out a small, folded paper. “I did.” He passed it to her, a small grin on his lips. “Now, go on. Chop, chop. We’ve got about 30 more minutes until we have to start setting up.”

She knew it was immature, but she couldn’t help rolling her eyes before walking off. Y/N could have sworn she heard him chuckle as well. She gritted her teeth and grumbled as she set out on her mission to find snacks.

About 10 minutes had passed and Y/N was confident that she had got everything that was needed.

“Now, time to see where that idiot buggered off to- AH.“ She jumped when a sudden poke came to her ribs.

“I surely hope you weren’t talking about me.”

Y/N leveled him with another glare, which seemed to be a common thing when around him, “I got everything on the list.”

“Perfect,” Joe took the basket from her hands with ease, placing the few items he had in his hands inside of it. “And, we’ve still got time to spare.”

“I can carry that, Joe.”

Joe smirked, “S’alright, love. I think I can handle it.” He jokingly flexed his free arm at her. “Besides, you’ve been favoring your arm all day, so I figured I’d help out.”

She chose to ignoring his showing off and went straight to confusion, “What are you going on about? I’m fine.”

He pointed down at her, “Then why do you keep messing with it?”

Y/N looked at where he was pointing, realizing that her constant rubbing and pinching had succeeding in making a rash on her right forearm. “Oh.” She blinked, still staring at the thin, rectangle of little, red bumps. “I didn’t even notice.”

“Might want to check your house for bed bugs.”

“Oh, piss off. I don’t have bed bugs.”




“I shower twice a day, no!”

“You shower twice a day? Jeez, clean freak much.”

Y/N sighed, exasperated, “Why must you ALWAYS be such a smart ass.”

Joe just laughed, heading toward the registers.

“I swear you’re going to be the death of me.”

“Oh, this is nothing,” He shot her a wolfish grin. “Cheer up, the worst is yet to come.”

In that moment, Y/N’s vision went white. She heard Joe’s muffled voice, but couldn’t comprehend anything that he said. Her knees hit the floor. Her hand cradled her arm to her chest. She heard calling. Who was calling her?

Reality snapped back to her with a pop.


She jumped.

Joe’s face was close to hers, his eyes full of worry, his hand on her shoulder.

“Love, are you okay?”

She took in her surroundings. A few people stared from the aisles closest to them, but for the most part, no one was alarmed. She was still on the floor, her left hand wrapped tight around her arm. She let go, pulling her arm away so she could look.

The rash was gone, but in its place, was tiny lettering in jagged script.

Cheer Up, The Worst is Yet to Come

Y/N stared at it wide-eyed, not quite believing her own eyes. She switched her gaze to Joe, who was staring at her strange tattoo just as intently. His face that was contorted with worry earlier, then to mild shock, now softened into a small smile. Joe’s eyes met hers.

“Well, it’s about bloody time.”


He grabbed her hand, pulling her up to her feet. Once she was standing, he rolled up the jacket sleeve on his right arm, flipping it over. Y/N’s breath hitched.

On his forearm, in the same font and in the exact same spot read:

You’re Killing Me, Smalls

Y/N let out a sharp laugh. Joe grinned as he pushed his sleeve back down.

“Of all the things I’ve said to you, THAT’S what pops up?” she asked.

“I mean, it’s fitting,” his eyes glittering with mirth. “You did say, I will be the death of you, earlier.”

“But, you don’t even like me!” Y/N said. “When did that happen? Just now?”

“No,” Joe said. “Maybe about three weeks ago.”

She blinked.

“And you never said anything?”

“Nope.” He started scanning the items on at the self-check-out.

“We’re you planning on it?”

“Not unless it happened to you, no.”

She was so confused. It took her a few moments to realize that she was standing there like a fish out of water, and Joe was done paying for everything. And, before she knew it, he was out the door.

Y/N hurried after him, her confusion and frustration with the man growing by the second.

“Wait.” He didn’t respond. “Joe, wait!”

He stopped, turning to her, “Yes?”

“Can we talk about this?”

“Not right now. We’ve got to go set up for the party.”

Y/N froze, “You’re actually joking me.”

Joe kept walking, “Nope!”

Well, surprise, surprise. That’s not changed.

Joseph Graham Sugg still held the title of most infuriating person she knew. Soulmate or not.

A few hours had passed and the party was underway. Joe had purposefully kept his distance from her the whole night, and much to her annoyance, Y/N wasn’t able to corner and confront him at all.

At least the party was a hit. She attempted to keep her mind occupied with beer pong for a bit. She was Jack’s partner, playing against Mikey and Conor. Mikey was useless, but in the end, it was all good fun. Her and Jack cheered as she sank her ball in the final cup, nearly knocking over the game table in their excitement.

They started to clear off the table, but was stopped by a voice.

“Alright, our turn,” Joe shouted over the music. “You two, against Oli and I.”  

“Ohh, you’re on mate,” Jack smirked, setting up the cups with Oli. Both completely unaware of the staring contest happening between the other two.

Y/N felt a shudder run down her spine. His cheeks were slightly pink, evidence of the alcohol strumming through his body. His hair was disheveled. His shirt clung to his chest. But, his eyes were what stopped her in her tracks. They were the bluest she had ever seen. His pupils wide. Were they always that blue? Had she just never noticed before?

The other boys shouted that they were ready and the game started. Oli went first and missed. Jack didn’t do much better. Joe stepped up and aimed, but instead of looking at the cup, he stared right at Y/N. She felt her face flush as she stared right back. She heard the plop of the ping pong ball hitting liquid, the cheer from the people watching and the groan of anguish from her partner.

“Your turn,” Joe said, a small smirk on his lips.

“Come on, Y/N,” Jack clapped his hand on her shoulder. “You got this.”

She couldn’t help but chuckle as the Maynard brothers gathered behind her, talking smack to the opposing team.

Again, Y/N realized that it wasn’t mature, and had a high chance of going badly for her, but she wasn’t going to step down. Taking the same stance as Joe had just a second ago, she aimed, leveled him with a hard stare and a smirk, and shot.

The resounding plop turned her smirk into a full-on grin as the people around the table went nuts.


Jack and Conor both threw their arms around her neck and shoulders, jumping up and down.


Oli looked proper shocked. Joe just shook his head and laughed.

The game continued, both teams doing stupid things to show off and distract the other. In the end, Y/N and Jack won again, the rest of the boys cheering and jumping around. Oli hung his head in defeat, his feet kicking the air, while Joe just stood in place and smiled, slowly drinking the rest of his beer.

The night had really improved from when she had first walked in, and she was glad of it. The party was starting to wind down a bit, some people starting to filter out. Y/N was talking with Josh and Mikey about what a friend’s date had done to Joe’s plants, when Joe himself popped into the corner of her peripheral.

As soon as she turned his gaze to him, he beckoned her to him, his shoulder leaning against the wall. Y/N sighed and excused herself from the boys, and followed Joe to the guest bedroom. When he closed the door after she stepped in, she couldn’t say she was surprised.

“So, he finally decided he wants to talk?” she drawled.

“Why do you hate me?”

“Uh,” Y/N blinked. “I don’t hate you.”

“Well, you certainly don’t like me.”

“I don’t like that you tease and contradict me all the time, simply because you know it annoys me.”

He cocked his head ever so slightly to the side, “I pick on everyone.”

“Not as much as you pick on me.”

“Well, of course not. But that’s not why you don’t like me.”

“Yes, it is.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Oh, my god, Joe. You’re doing it now! I’m literally telling you why I get frustrated with you, but you won’t let me get a word in edge wise.”

“No, I just know better. That’s not why you hate me.”

“I obviously don’t hate you. This is proof!” She flung her right arm in the air.

He glanced at it, a smile growing on his face. “No, that’s just proof that you’re stuck with my ‘annoying’ ass for the rest of your life. Nothing more.”

“Really?” she glared.

He just grinned, the tip of his tongue running along the bottom of his teeth, his eyes shining with amusement.

“Of all the people in this universe to have me tethered to, why you?!” her hands clenched into fists, trying her best to stop staring at his mouth. Why did his lips have to look so damn kissable? It wasn’t fair.

He took a step closer to her. “What’s so bad about me?”


Joe chuckled, “Oh, really.” Another step closer. “That’s why you can’t stop staring then?”

“You’ve been staring too.”

“I’ve never denied that.” Another step. “I have no problem saying that I like what I see. I always have.” He brushed a strand of her hair out of her face and behind her ear. “You, on the other hand…”

Her breath caught in her throat. He was so close now. Y/N could smell the dark musk of his cologne. She could feel the warmth radiating from his chest. His baby blues gazed down at her. She felt as though she could get lost the longer she looked.

“Fuck it.”

Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down, their lips crashing together. She sighed into his kiss. Joe’s arms immediately snaked around her waist, backing her up until her shoulders met the wall behind her.

The bedroom door flew open, bouncing off the spring stopper. The couple jumped apart.

“FINALLY!” Jack, Conor and Josh piled into the door way.

A flash of light caught their attention, and they all looked down at Joe and Y/N’s arms. The gold glow dimmed down until there was no more. The only evidence of the words ever being there was a series of raised dots on both of their arms. An identical constellation.

“Well, that’s just freaky.”

“Kind of wish we had filmed that.”

“Oh, my god, yes. Think of the views.”

OUT!” Joe and Y/N both retorted, startling the boys away, the door shutting closed behind them.

Joe sighed, looking back at her, “Anyway, where were-“ Her lips stopped him in his tracks. He chuckled, picking her up, her legs wrapping around his waist. She grinned.

Maybe he wasn’t so bad. Maybe.

Shame amongst kpop

So, as some of you may know, a fansite master for BTS passed away a while ago and news about it has come out yesterday I believe because the family was grieving and couldn’t even release the news after. 

But then I see this, something about a person, a human being who passed and even donated their organs to save two other people’s lives. 

I can’t…I know the world is big, and there’s many types of people in it, good and bad. But to actually see a sociopath like this is just.. I already reported this person, and I hope you guys reading this will also report them. They obviously have no conscience, no empathy, no morals, so attacking them and trying to get them to see their wrongdoings won’t help, it just won’t. You may think “If I say it in a nice way and full of manners like my momma taught me then maybe just maybe it’ll get through their thick skull” No. No, it won’t. It’s evident they do not have a conscience, it’s gonna be impossible for that to get through to them. Just report them and those who have sided with them. Even though Karma will affect them, this still can not go without consequence.

This is not about kpop, it doesn’t matter what fandom you’re in. This person and their acquaintances are taking the names of those who have passed and using them in the most disrespectful way. Death is not something to joke about. Death traumatizes people, it causes fear for some and causes possibly the largest amount of grief somebody can feel. 

I just feel sorry that this has happened and for those who have read and seen this and have become angered by this. Please use that anger and report them. Once again, saying something directly to them will have no effect on them.

Embarrassed, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Lin is a fan of the Reader, who sees Hamilton with the insistence of her friend.

Words: 1122

Author’s Note: I was supposed to post a Daveed fic today but I was too tired to write it so I’ll let you guys have this fic I wrote a little while ago and have been saving! Day 4 done, 3 more to go!

Warnings: Cursing? I usually curse in a fic, so probably cursing.

Askbox | Masterlist

It had started innocently enough - a friend had recommended the album to you, you usually trusted her judgement, so you listened to it in your spare time.

Not that you had much spare time, but it basically consumed it.

You insisted on having it on full blast whenever you could - during photo shoots, while in hair or makeup, whenever you were walking around on set. Someone was bound to say something about it.

After nearly a month of the Hamilton album playing as constant background noise, you decided to fully dive in and see the show.

The alternate was announced to be playing Alexander Hamilton for your night. You allowed yourself a second of disappointment before he took the stage. He was phenomenal, and the voice you had heard for a month was pushed away.

You frantically started following them all on any social media during intermission. You were invited backstage after the performance, where you gushed over anyone and everyone you saw.

You practically hung off of Phillipa Soo - who insisted you call her Pippa - for as long as you could. Javier Munoz, who was your Hamilton, boasted about performing for you.

“Lin will be jealous.” He promised while posing for a picture, “He’s such fan of your work!” You were given a quick tour and ushered to the ‘Hamilton’. Pippa whispered the word ominously, but it simply turned out to be a cardboard cutout of the real Hamilton, which acted as a guestbook for celebrities.

You were quickly handed a pen by your friend, who already had her phone out to take pictures. You thought for a second before quickly scribbling:


Thank you for sharing your gifts and your story.


What the fuck did I just watch?

Everyone around you laughed as you posed next to it. Jonathan, who played the King, called dibs on sending the picture to Lin. His phone dinged within seconds, he read the text quickly before letting out one loud laugh, offering it to you.

Lin, 9:59pm:

I’m on my way. Give me 10 minutes. NOBODY SAY ANYTHING EMBARRASSING.

Oooh, what dirt do you have on him?” You winked, joking. Jonathan immediately dived into stories off the top of his head, all while ushering you to his and Lin’s dressing room.

“You can’t tell anyone.” He whispered, just as the door swung open, Lin stumbling in.

He took a second to compose himself before attempting a casual lean against the door frame.

“What’s up?” His voice came out nervous and squeaky. He immediately cleared his throat, his cheeks burning a dangerously adorable red.

“That’s my queue.” Jonathan sent you one last smile before taking his leave, patting Lin once on the back for encouragement. The sudden force made him stumble forward, nearly making him trip into you.

“Hi.” He said, breathless.

“Are you okay?” You asked.

“Totally.” He squeaked, “Not to sound super creepy or anything, but I watch you every week.” His eyes widened when he realized what he said, “Your show, I mean! I watch your show every week.” He let out a grunt of embarrassment before flopping himself onto the couch in exhaustion, “I’m dumb.” He grumbled.

“If it makes you feel any better; when I met Tom Hanks I told him I dreamed about him.” Lin shot up, happy to share in your embarrassment, “I meant to say that I dreamed to be like him. I’m pretty sure there’s a restraining order out there somewhere. Good thing I didn’t tell him about all the lurking I do in his bushes.” You winked.

Lin giggled, happy you were just as comfortable making a fool of yourself as he was.

You parted with each other’s numbers, and a promise to keep in touch whenever either or you did something unbearably embarrassing.

You texted everyday. It started simple enough.

You’d send a picture of a magazine cover you happened to walk by on your morning coffee run with the message, “That’s you!”

He’d send a picture of himself watching your show with the message, “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?”

Eventually, your relationship became rather public. Random sightings of the two of you out to lunch together. You returned to the show to see him perform, he’d visit you on set. You started tweeting each other and people quickly began commenting.

You started getting questions about him in interviews, always theorizing just how friendly you were to each other.

“We’re friends, I’m a big fan of his.” You’d answer.

As time went on, the questions died down, but the thought never did: ‘Why aren’t you dating?’

You spent a week convincing yourself to march right up to his door, do something to show your interest, and march away with your head held high. You eagerly waited for the end of the week, when you knew he would have the day off.

You sat, lingering in the cab outside his house.

“Are you going to go in or…” Your driver trailed off, pointing to the meter, which was slowly increasing your fare.

“Sorry.” You handed him the appropriate amount with a hefty tip before forcing yourself out of the cab. The screeching of his tires down the road confirmed there was no turning back now.

The climb from the sidewalk to his front door felt longer than usual. You took a deep breath before knocking confidently three times. Your confidence quickly died down as you heard him shuffle to the door.

It swung open, revealing him in pajamas, hair a mess, eyes tired.

“Lin I-” Before you could get farther, he rushed forward, pressing his lips desperately to yours. You immediately reciprocated as he tugged you inside, slamming the door closed and backing you into it.

You pulled back with a gash, completely and utterly dumbstruck.

“Right. Well.” You stumbled, searching for any coherent thought to break the silence, “Thank you.” You finally settled on.

“You’re welcome?” He teased, glancing back down at your lips, wanting nothing more than to continue what he had started.

“You’re the worst.” You whined from embarrassment, refusing to meet his eyes. Your eyes glanced around the room before settling on his bedroom door. He followed your line of sight, gulping when he realized what was on your mind.

You smirked when you saw him falter. Knowing you still had an edge over him, you quickly stripped yourself of your jacket, draping it over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, you’re already dressed for bed.” You took a few steps in the direction of his room, “It’s only fair that I am too.” You made work of your dress, sauntering over to his room. He sprung into action, quickly dragging you to bed.

“If you insist.”

Ari’s 2 Year Re-Birthday a.k.a Halloween 2016

As I mentioned in my last post, I have hit my 2-year mark of being on Hormone Replacement Therapy. I celebrate this day as a second birthday. It marks the beginning of the period in my life when gender dysphoria no longer had its horrific grip on me. (I still deal with it at times of course, but HRT is a life saving treatment. This is truly my Re-Birthday :)

A year ago, I was in a situation where I was still getting used to living on my own and I was just starting to be able to be in public while letting the walls down and just being myself. That year, I spent my Re-Birthday alone and posted some costume pics on Tumblr about it. While I was grateful to have the outlet of Tumblr at the time and you all sent me encouraging messages of support.. I also vowed to myself that next year would be different. I promised myself that I would have a group of friends that knew only the real me to celebrate this special day with me. This year that happened. It did take effort on my part. I had to be intentional about being more social. If you followed me for a long time, you know that I started going to meetup groups. I went to a Dungeons and Dragons meetup first and there I made two amazing new friends who I visit with weekly now. I also joined a women’s group on meetup. This meetup in particular is just incredible. They accepted me into their fold and I have made several friendships through that group. The events are always a blast even though some of them take me out of my “comfort” zone :)

I am so grateful to be in the position I am in now, where I have new friends that just know Ari and accept her and like her for who she is. I am actually crying a little while writing this because I remember how I felt last year and how worried I was that I would be feeling alone for a very, very long time. Sure I have family members that still love me but they struggle greatly to accept me for who I am.

But.. on to the pics of the celebration! This is a happy occasion!

My friends are amazing when it comes to costumes. I was at first planning on going as Counselor Troi from Star Trek TNG. However, there is a serious lack of costumes out there for her. There is an off-color short dress that really does not come close to matching her outfits. There is the standard TNG uniforms but I did not want to look androgynous in any way for this outing ;)

So, I went with a Dr. Carol Marcus costume that I found online. I also got a blond wig, but ultimately I decided not to use the wig. I was worried it would be too hot as this was going to be a bar crawl and long night. Also, the wig framed my face poorly and reminded me of the time when I was desperately trying to grow my hair out. I was able to snap a few cute pictures with the wig, but trust me it only looked cute in those pics as that camera angle worked the best for the look. Pics from the side view and such made me look like I was wearing a child’s wig. I decided I could just be a Science Crew Member from the reboot universe :) Science Officer Ari reporting for duty, Sir!

Also, after shopping at several stores with my daughter I found some futuristic looking earrings at Charming Charlie that I thought were perfect. You can see those in one of the pics.

Anyway, here are photos both with the wig and without, followed by pictures from one of the most fun nights I have had in recent memory :)

I could not find a “phaser” so I bought a mini, but very loud toy laser gun from World Market..

My purse almost looks like that side bag that Dr. McCoy used to carry, doesn’t it??

Lens flare pic! :) lol

One last note about this night, I had some real fear leading up to it. As a transgender woman, despite my best efforts, I still fear being called out by someone in public. In particular I still have that uneasy feeling when I need to use the restroom. Being Halloween, with many non-transgender men dressing as women.. it amplified this fear. Once again all of my fears were unwarranted. In fact, as I was about to leave the restroom at one of our many stops on our pub crawl, a random young woman said to me, “Hey are you..” she paused and I took in a breath.. “Star Trek??” Lol! Her wording was funny, but she was just trying to confirm that she “got” my costume. I said, “Yes!” She responded, “I LLLove it!” As you can imagine that was great for me to hear ;) I simply smiled and told her thank you because I honestly was not sure what her costume was supposed to be so I said nothing about it! 

I hope you all have an amazing Halloween. If you are in a place where you wish you could make some new friends please make a direct effort to do so. You will find them!


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

Me five months ago: You know what? I think I’m over anime now, I just haven’t been able to get into a series for a while. I can finally be a functioning human being again.

Present me: *Blog is flooded with victuri and Yuri On Ice shit posts* *Anticipates Wednesday as if it were a holiday* *reads fanfiction about Yuri On Ice* *is general trash*  Hoo boy sweetie, are you in for a ride.


Nanu’s really poor timing to want to battle… And the MC’s really bad judgement of priorities.

I sketched this one a while ago but didn’t get around to line arting and shading until tonight. I was always excited to battle Nanu, even if it meant rescuing damsels and saving the world had to go on hold.


Requested by Anon

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Word count: 268
Warnings: None

Your heart seemed to beat in your ears as you ran up the stairs towards the room where Isaac was suppose to be in. Melissa had called you just about 10 minutes ago to tell you that Isaac had come in to the hospital along with a girl who saved him from the alpha twins.

”What the hell Isaac?” you roared while slamming the door open. Making the glass door almost shatter with the power you had pushed it open with. He flinch and turn towards you, looking at your panting face.

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Long before I became obsessed with superheroes, before I read any comics, before I watched any superhero shows, before I’d even seen half of the superhero movies out at the time; I walked into the room while my parents were watching season one of Flash. I don’t remember what episode it was, but Caitlin was captured and begging Barry not to run headfirst into a trap by saving her and he went to save her anyways. I had no context to go on, didn’t know who the characters were or even know what show it was, but neither of those were my first question, instead I asked if those two were a couple. This was two years ago and I didn’t even start to be interested in anything DC until last fall, didn’t start watching Flash till last March, didn’t get obsessed enough to read comics or search for background information till May. Yet I have shipped them since that very first moment, when my 100% unbiased mind saw two people desperate to keep eachother safe and immediately thought there was no other possibility than that they were in love.

Because of how I started shipping Snowbarry it pains me when people say that it’s ‘Racist’ or anti-Iris to ship them. I didn’t even know who any of the characters were, I hadn’t even see Iris yet, I didn’t know that Barry and Iris are canonicaly a couple. Even after starting to watch the show for the first few months I didn’t know that Iris is white in the comics, or that there was any contention surrounding her casting. I absolutely love Iris as a character and am perfectly alright with Westallen being the direction that the show is going. I have no problem with her casting, in fact she is probably one of my favorite actresses as a result of this role.

Yes I still ship Snowbarry. I’m not trying to devalue the amazing canon relationships, nor trying to diminsish the presence of Barry and Iris’ romance or the heartbreak and PTSD that Caitlin must be going through with how many times she lost Ronnie and then the whole ordeal with Zoom. It’s not out of spite or dislike of what is canon, but because not even family usualy try to protect eachother as much as Caitlin and Barry do in that first scene I saw of them, and my heart and mind came to the conclusion that there was no other possible explanation than love.

Welp, Deisre’s lollipops, in the end, have had a purpose.

I was not sure about posting this drawing here, I had it saved a while ago, I just needed to paint, but since I’m lazy and with no idea for something new, it’s here. I’m sorry if I’m a little absent, without re blog or anything, is that lately I’m having some health problems and to improve I have to change some things in my lifestyle ;u; there are also some other problems, but those are more private, srry guys, i will try to  be here more often

Desire belongs to me

Sprinkle belongs to @6agentgg9 (i’m so sorry dude)

The Littlest Winchester - Save a Hug for Me

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 663

Prompt: “You did a bad thing for a good reason.”

A/N: Hey guys! I’ve decided to do the occasional writing challenge. Right now I only have one person signed up for my first one, so if you like writing challenges, go over to my challenge side blog @angelschallenge for details! Hope to hear from you guys!


    “Save me a hug, okay?”

    “Okay. I’ll stay up all night until you get back. Don’t take too long because I’m tired.”

    “I’ll drive fast. I love you, baby girl.”

    Those words were what Dean and his four-year-old daughter said to each other the last time he called her. The call was placed six hours ago while he and Sam packed to leave a very bad few days behind them. When her voice answered his, he nearly started crying, but he held all that back, repressed all of his bad feelings, because she didn’t need to hear them. When he gets back to the bunker, though he wants to see his little girl more than anything, he stays in the car long enough to clean off blood and dirt so she won’t worry about his physical well-being. Then he allows himself to be heard as he enters the foyer. Moments later, the toddler is running at him and all but leaps into his arms. Picking her up, Dean kisses her cheek.

    “I saved you a hug, Daddy,” she announces. “Do you want it?”

    “Of course I do.”

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does anyone remember that touch meme from like 2 years ago?? bc back then i did that w jm and for a while ive been wanting to redo/update it bc idk for whatever reason drawing visual headcanons like these are my favorite thing to do???

so here we are time to kinkshame them straight to hell afsgdhfjh

EDIT: DAMMIT the underside of marco’s arms is supposed to be yellow for the friends one just save me my sanity and pretend it is please rip