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I guess on Monday I accidentally dressed just like this guy named… uh… Ethan Dolan?? I think that’s his name but idk I’ve never heard of the kid. He looks like a weirdo, though.


MODERN DAY BTVS. Timeline shifted up 10 - 15 years, on all accounts (ex. Spike has a 90s grunge aesthetic instead of 80s punk). I’m really curious how much improved technology and communication could potentially completely alter situations, and snowball into bigger events.


  • Giles’ bewilderment when asked upon purchasing a rare, ancient tome whether he’d like an ebook copy.
  • “Willow, sweetie, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to 3D print an Urn of Osiris”
  • Spike’s frustration over the shitty leeched wifi in his crypt. How is he supposed illegally download his shows when this connection is complete bollocks?
  • “Now if I’m not mistaken, some lucky girl’s got herself a Playstation 3.” “No way!”
  • The ensuing disaster when someone tries to Google Translate that ancient prophetic ritual.
  • Cordelia setting up an internet presence for Angel Investigations on Facebook. Or as Angel calls it, Headpages.
  • That time Willow almost got murdered by a demonic robot she met on Plenty of Fish.
  • The secret to restoring Angel’s soul is on a flash drive under Ms. Calendar’s desk. With a backup copy on Dropbox.
  • Buffy’s growing list of excuses as to why she sometimes doesn’t pickup her phone, because you very well can’t tell your mom you were too busy getting repeatedly punched in the face by a demon with fists the size of butterball turkeys, and that’s why you didn’t answer her texts about what you want to do for dinner tonight, and can you walk Dawn home from Lisa’s? It’s fine, mom, it’s fine, lasagna is fine, Dawn will be fine–Lisa lives like two streets over, remember?–I had my cell on vibrate ok? Sorry. It’s no big. Chill.

Also, Happy Birthday to Cristina Pucelli, the voice of Luan Loud – one of my favorite characters!

I was saving this until Tuesday when “Fool’s Paradise” premieres – but I didn’t know Cristina’s birthday is today, so now is a perfect time to post my poster! 

Nowadays, I began to create art based on a future episode of TLH I look forward to the most on its premiere week. Last month I started with Lucy using her great-grandmother’s spell book for the episode “Spell It Out”!

ETA: I forgot all about Lisa and had failed to include her in this poster, as well as Lucy. My apologies to the Lisa and Lucy fans out there…

In terms of the worst Spike S7 outfit, it has to go Beneath You’s “What are you talking about, I’m totally sound of mind” ¾ sleeve ladies blouse (in hyperlink blue)

I will take all the dowdy tattooed henleys if I never have to see him in that color again. Yikes.

That ending tho {TVD 8x13 Review}

Hey guys! You know the drill, I write everything in real time which means if I make a mistake in the beginning it may be fixed by the end. In this review there will be anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Bamon, anti-Steroline sentiments, probable mentions of misogynoir, anti-blackness and racism, possible mentions of other TV shows, if you do not like it do not read. I did this on my phone so bear with me. OK ready? Let’s go!

1. Seriously, Cade seems like a really petty devil though. “Kill 100 people or your brother’s girl” like … why? Don’t you have some world domination plans going on or…? Like why the interest in Stefan and Damon, what about either of them are particularly special to the devil? It doesn’t make sense to me. At least with Supernatural, everything from season 1 was leading up to Dean and Sam being vessels for Michael and Lucifer, like every season, every plot point fed into that so it made sense, this is just fucking random.

2. I’m legit taking this opportunity to tell people to watch Goblin because it is so much more intriguing than whatever the hell TVD has become. You can watch it on: Drama Fever, Box Asian, Drama 4 U Viki, like so many sites, guys. I mean, I’m just saying, if you want a show that’ll make you cry and keep you in suspense and make you fall in love with characters then that’s it.

3. Yeah Bonnie’s scream of pain totally could’ve been better.
Why do I care about Matt again? His family made a bell that could kill sirens? Or witches? And that somehow makes him important?

4. Everyone is having like such lowkey reactions to things. Damon’s reaction to Bonnie telling him that Stefan is human is like “Oh. Damn. OK.” LIKE? Bonnie crying over Enzo is like … I mean I guess. I remember when she cried over Jeremy, that shit looked painful.

5. “Stefan, thank God” sound even less enthused, Caroline.

6. Seriously Candice has NO conviction in her voice.

7. Why are there never any cars on the roads they drive on?

8. Alaric and Matt, the two characters I care about the least in one room.

9. “I don’t think this is just colonial bling” did they seriously make Dorian say that? UGH. Also who says bling anymore? Are we in the early 00s?

10. Why are we acting like this history wouldn’t include the enslaved or First Nations populations?

11. Why is Damon acting like he didn’t kill Tyler? I find this actually unbelievably fascinating. He can stand there and lecture Caroline about how Bonnie wouldn’t answer her calls when he killed Tyler who was supposed to be Caroline’s first love and her childhood friend? LIKE THIS WRITING.
I don’t understand this, Stefan is human so he can’t be immortal anymore and therefore is out of the contract so Cade will kill him? Can’t he just make Stefan an immortal human? Like why does he have to be a vampire? He can kill people without biting them, there’s always good old fashioned weaponry. Like what powers does Cade actually have?

12. Cade, why can’t you just get the book yourself? You’re supposed to be the freaking devil.

13. So the cops knew all of these people Stefan killed over two months and we’re just now seeing their presence?

14. How did Abby get to where Bonnie is so quickly?

15. “But don’t worry, Damon’s on it” yeah that isn’t a sentence that inspires confidence, Caroline. Shit.


17. Damon’s hair is stupid.

18. Seriously Damon, it was that easy for Alaric to kill you? Why are you terrible at everything?

19. I’m sorry this “funeral” for Enzo is kind of ridiculous.

20. Like there are no side effects to turning human? You’re just human and that’s it. You don’t feel slower, weaker, you can just operate normally?

21. Damon is ANNOYING. Like I’m sorry but his “zingy” one liners just make me want to punch him. SHUT UP.

22. I also don’t get a sense of urgency at all. Everything is moving so slowly.

23. These costumes are TERRIBLE. We’re flashing back to the Maxwell and Bennett ancestors, Zach is playing his ancestor and this black woman is playing the Bonnie’s ancestor and the acting is just done so poorly.

24. Sybil does look good in period clothing though. Even if the period clothing is awful.

25. Lol Caroline and Stefan are so bad at being together.

26. I can’t believe I’m only 20 minutes.

27. “You know him by another name, the devil.” Guys, if people knew him as “the” devil, then they would know him also as Satan and Lucifer or any other religious name for the devil, you can’t just pretend like religion isn’t a factor.

28. Why would Sybil tell Ethan what the bell would do?

29. So Bonnie opened the door to hell with her scream, yeah this is Supernatural.

30. Wait, why does the cure make a human reject vampire blood? How does that work?

31. “Sirened to ring the bell” it’s just compulsion.

32. These flashbacks are actually so fucking awful.

33. Matt just die of a heart attack.

34. How can vampire blood cure a heart attack but not cancer?

35. Caroline’s “you’re going to live” speech is SO WEAK.

36. All they had to do was photocopy the fucking book to know how to kill Cade.

37. Seriously Caroline and Stefan just feel like really close roommates.

38. OH SHUT UP ABOUT HOW BONNIE IS BEING SO STRONG, let her CRY, let her GRIEVE, let her just fucking FEEL.

39. Matt kissing Bonnie on the forehead looks really weird.

40. And seriously he’s not even going to STAY with her? The supposed love of her life died and no one is going to just BE with her? Remember when I said she would grieve alone?

41. “Thank you for saving my life.” “Oh that, I do that because it’s Tuesday.” LMFAO OK, DAMON.

42. KAI KAI KAI KAI OMG IT’S KAI KAIAKAIAIoisno oaf oafn oang og osg ! And he shows up like a BOSS.

Yeah this episode wasn’t the worst episode of the season but it was still entirely boring. I wish we could’ve seen Stefan’s apology to Bonnie and also where are the twins, who would Alaric entrust to keep them safe when the last person he trusted was a siren who kidnapped them? Does Caroline know Alaric is back? Does she get regular updates on her kids? But whatever because KAI IS BACK AND I’M SUPER FUCKING EXCITED DESPITE MY BETTER JUDGEMENT.

Please bare with me for for just a little longer. I just need a few more days and I’ll have some more free time. All of yalls sweet messages are helping me get back to normal. I love and appreciate all of you, really from the bottom of my heart 💖

Scenario Request Queue (2016.07.18)

Thank you to everyone who sent their requests in to me!

Usually, I would stick to only accepting 20, but you guys had such amazing and fun ideas that I couldn’t stop at 20~ This time I picked a few that really stood out to me and included them as well! (I have mixed them up in between first come first served requests so no one feels left out!)

If your request isn’t on the list, I’m really sorry - but I can only accept as much as I can physically handle and this is a suuuper huge list for me as it is. I apologise and I hope you can understand ^^

As always, I usually post 1-2 scenarios every day and I update my Jay Park - I Can Save You series every Tuesday ^^

Requested scenarios to be expected;

1.       GOT7: Jaebum x Youngjae (Smut) - Read here.

2.       GOT7: Jaebum x Reader (ft. GOT7) (Angst/Fluff) - Read here.

3.       BTS: Namjoon x Reader (Cheating Angst) - Read here.

4.       GOT7: Jaebum x Reader x Yugyeom (Smut//Threesome) - Read here.

5.       BTS: Jin x Reader (Fluff/Smut) - Read here.

6.       GOT7: Jaebum (Single Dad/Angst) - Read here.

7.       GOT7: BamBam x Reader (Smut) - Read here.

8.       ASTRO: Moonbin x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

9.       BTS: Jin x Reader (Rough Smut) - Read here.

10.   BTS: Yoongi x Reader (Fluff/Smut) - Read here.

11.   BTS: Jungkook x Reader (Fluff/Smut) - Read here.

12.   GOT7: Jinyoung x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

13.   BTS: Yoongi x Reader x Jimin (Angst/Fluff) - Read here.

14.   BTS: Jin x Reader x Jungkook (BDSM Smut) - Read here.

15.   Jay Park x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

16.   GOT7: BamBam x Reader (Angst) - Read here.

17.   Jay Park x Reader (Pregnancy/Angst/Cheating) - Read here.

18.   GOT7: Jaebum x Reader (Cheating/Amnesia/Angst/Fluff) - Read here.

19.   BTS: Reaction - Read here.

20.   BTS: Taehyung x Reader (King + Mistress Smut) - Read here.

21.   GOT7: Yugyeom x Reader (Shower Smut) - Read here.

22.   GOT7: Jaebum x Reader (We Got Married Fluff/Smut) - Read here.

23.   BTS: J-Hope x Reader (Pregnancy/Angst/Fluff) - Read here.

24.   GOT7: Jaebum x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

25.   GOT7: Jaebum x Reader x Jinyoung (Threesome Smut) - Read here.

26.   ASTRO: All of ASTRO x Reader (Fluffy day at an amusement park) - Read here.

You can check out my MASTERLIST which I update every time I post a new scenario! ^_^

Requests are now closed for the time being until all of the above is completed!

If you have any questions or comments - or you just wanna say hi; dont be afraid to shoot me a message <3