i save myself

i’m so glad i’m so terrible at telling when people are being sarcastic a lot of the time because i’ve probably saved myself from getting my feelings hurt so many times thank god i’m fucking stupid as shit

Jimin: I just slept for 12 hours what did I miss?
Jungkook: dis dick ;)
Jimin: thank god I thought I missed something big
Taehyung: *bursts through the door doing somersault ending in a dab* boi u gon’ need some ice for that burn!!

Sangwoo: “Bum I saw an article on my phone yesterday saying if you lie around all day it can really affect your health negatively, so today I went out and bought this elliptical for you to work out on! Aren’t I cool?!”


Bum: “But Sangwoo, I can’t, my legs.” Did he seriously…?


Sangwoo: “Oooooh that’s right, you can just do your exercise down in the baseme-”



A week in the life: Husbands Edition - Robert Sugden & Aaron Dingle
February 20, 2017 to February 24, 2017


A compilation of all Sanvers + Alex coming to terms with her sexuality scenes from Supergirl 2x03 to 2x08.

Just a little something I made to tide us over the Supergirl hiatus, enjoy!

the wings of a devil (m.)

Summary: Taehyung doesn’t feed like normal vampires. (Vampire!Taehyung)

Genre: Smut, Romance, Humor, Oneshot

Rating: Mature (18+) (light dirty talk, light possessive tones/biting kink, fingering, dry humping

Length: 6.1k

Sweeter than Sweet Masterlist (series)

A/N: I no longer know myself.

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Your phone vibrates. 

You pause in the middle of watching last week’s episode of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and stare at it warily. It’s Saturday morning, your one day off from studying to catch up on your dramas and stretch out like a starfish on your couch all day in your pajamas, making your way through two boxes of strawberry pocky and the instant ramyeon in the cabinets. You’d been desperate for this day by the end of the week, having battled your way through two exams and a research paper, and not even your neighbors throwing a kegger party next door and blasting American 80′s songs could wake you the second you’d dropped on your bed last night. You’d earned this, damn it. 

But that text could only be from one person. 

That psychic little bastard.

You bite your lip, hard, because you know you’re going to answer it. And that fucking sucks, because this always plays out the same way, and all you’d wanted to do today was watch TV and eat everything in the kitchen while your roommates weren’t here to judge. Groaning, you press your fists against your eyes before rubbing your hands down your face, swallowing back the disappointment. 

Then you swipe your phone off the coffee table and open your texts.

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