i save every other click because of this

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I don’t consider myself a needy person, but after being on Tumblr and being spoiled with wonderful followers, waking up this morning to no new messages in my in box was the worst.

I am definitely emotional because it’s that time of the month, which is definitely why an empty inbox made me want to cry.

Seriously I’m fine, just a little crazy today.

I made a fire in my new wood stove and I totally feel like a pioneer woman because I chopped wood instead of turning up the heat. Going to make some bread as well and that will really cement the whole Laura Ingalls Wilder feel. 

I’m up to forty five-ish names for my Christmas Card list and that makes me so happy! If you want to be on my list, CLICK HERE. 

Watching Criminal Minds has ruined my life. Every person I pass on the street, I like “Are you a serial killer?” Every other detective show I watch– “THAT’S WRONG, SOMEONE WITH A NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY WOULDN’T DO THAT”. Walking through the park– “KIDNAPPINGS HAPPEN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT TOO I’M NOT SAFE JUST BECAUSE ITS A WELL LIT AREA!” The show has ruined my life. Save me. 

Why is it required to eat half a bag of chips at a time? I can never eat just a handful of chips. Its all or nothing. Its like a trap. 

I’m up to Chapter Fifteen on BROKEN and Tony just went all Alpha!Mean on Coulson’s ass and I am enjoying it. 

Misha is glaring at me from across the room because when she tried to make biscuits on my face at three am this morning I kicked her off the bed and she wont forgive me. Worthless kitty. 

Alright that’s it. 

Return to your regularly scheduled programming. 

anonymous asked:

do u know where I can find a guide for hacks? (stuff like moving in/out villagers, changing town map etc) cant seem to fin a clear one

UH like how to install Browserhax/Menuhax or how to actually use hacks to do stuff?? Well I’ll give you links for both

ACNL Hacking Guide

To hack your ACNL save you first need to be able to create and load backups of your game. To do that, you need to install Browserhax and/or Homemenuhax to your 3DS console.

  • I recommend this guide for installing Browserhax/Homemenuhax to your 3DS! I would definitely suggest getting Menuhax, as it can be used without an internet connection and it’s harder for Nintendo to patch so you’re much less likely to lose it.

Once you have your hacking goodies installed on your console you can use the Save Editor thingy or whatever it’s called to create and load backups. The files created by the Save Editor thingy are what you’ll use when you wanna edit your game in the way you described!

As for actually doing the editing, you’ll need a New Leaf Save Editor (NLSE).

  • There’s an online version here which I recommend for doing things like placing trees, flowers, paths etc because it allows you to click and drag items you place, so you can easily make a row of shrubs or a long path or whatever.
  • There’s also an offline version here that I use for literally everything else. It does not allow you to click and drag items you place - you have to place everything one at a time - but in every other way I prefer it to the online version.

You can do everything from changing a villager’s catchphrase to giving any of your characters max bells to unlocking every PWP with an NLSE. Unless you want to get into texture hacking this is all you’ll need. It should be pretty clear how to use an NLSE once you have it open, but if you need any help or want a video guide or something lemme know!

byakuya togami icons masterpost!

Gosh, well I’ve been roleplaying Togami a lot of times now and so far, I’ve been receiving a great number of praises of how well I write him sooo, for the other Togami roleplayers, I’ve decided to share the rp icons I use! I unfortunately cannot source every artwork so if you think some should be removed, just send me an ask and I will do it right away.

I will, however, credit those who made the icons (but not all though because I lost track of the others. If you find your icons here, just tell me so and I’ll credit you!) Some are made by moi so please like/reblog if using.

Icons under the cut, sweeties!

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