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south side princess (part2)

Pairing ~ Reader x FP Jones
Prompt ~ after living in the upper side of Riverdale for 3 years, you decide to go stay your dad on the south and forming a crush for the older fp Jones
Warnings  swearing, drinking drugs, age gap romance (reader 19yrs old) light smut
Story ~

After a 2 weeks of living in the south side and you enjoyed your new lifestyle. Becoming what fp now constantly called you a South side Princess. Really not much had changed in school. Although you now always wore your new signature colour green still looking stunning, and you was also still a vixen but still hung round with the group. You and Cheryl was still frenemies, but both still cheered for the vixens 3 times a week like you was best friends. You’d go to pops with B&V, Archie and jug sometimes Kevin too, being like the Riverdale kids. Once you got home that when things changed, you’d go home (your dad’s who still wasn’t back yet) after practice or pops, shower getting dresses heading for Fp’s. The would always be something going on everyone would all go down the Whyte Wyrm bar you’d usually tag along drinking and playing pool always winning the serpents. Then back to Fp’s for a party when the bar closed. Most of the time you’d wake up in Fp’s room or the couch with a blanket over you. Before going back to your own home getting ready for school and meeting jug, then getting a large strong coffee from pops on the way in.

Everything was good, no great! since you moved but one thing, your feelings towards the serpent leader. You now had started to fall in love with him! It stared when you notice the lingering looks, the smirks he gave you. Then it was the odd little touches that made you melt. like if you passed one another a drink his fingertips would always touch your hand, or at the bar he’d lean close your arms touching, knuckles occasionally brushing against each other, making you want to grab a hold of hand. The flirty comments was the worst you found yourself playing up to his banter more then normal, the witty comebacks became flirty and suggestive.

It took everything you had to push the thoughts and feelings away. To lie to yourself that you hadn’t fallen in love him. ’ you have to stop thinking of him like this, your confusing his banter and kindness turning it into something it’s not, it’s because you see him every day. He’s your dad’s friend. He’s nearly 20 years older than you, Your a year older than his son he’ll never want you like that. You sat telling yourself all the things why shouldn’t love him or why he wouldn’t love you. 

Your phone buzzes breaking your thought pattern, it was from Fp,
Hi Princess, Had some business to sort out. meet us at the bar if you want I’m going straight there. Fp x
You read the message 3 times over before deciding you had nothing better to do tonight. After showering you got ready finding a black mini skirt and matching top, your snake heeded shoes and a khaki leather jacket. Grabbing your keys bag and money you headed to the Whyte Wyrm.

The bar was full when you got there, finding fp and the usual crowd at their table you walked over “hey Princess” fp called as u stood next to the table. You had begun to like the nickname but wasn’t going to let him know that. “hi, Jones” you say rolling your eyes. After 20 minutes of standing up your feet started to hurt, fp noticed your was uncomfortable and fidgety. “what’s wrong y/n?” He asked “nothing just didn’t think it would be so packed in here I would of worn flats if I’d of known” you laugh back pointing to you 6" heels. You see a smirk appear across his lips. Without warning his hands gripped your hips pulling you onto his lap. “better?” He whispers in your ear you can only nod back surprised by the sudden closeness. You tense up at first not knowing what to do but fp starts talking to the others like it was nothing you sitting there, his arm around your waist to stop you from sliding off, drink in the other. You finally relax getting yours, as the gang talked business for the next hour and a half. Every 20 minutes fp would wave the barmaid to bring more drinks holding your side again.

“what if I did it?” you say offering a solution to the problem the gang was having. They all chuckled you sit up a little on fps lap trying to look serious, “i could meet them get the stuff bring it back, who’s gonna stop and search me!” you say pointing to yourself “Keller won’t he knows me, I know Kevin his son we hang at pops” you say. The group murmur all agreed. “it could work but your not going alone” you hear from fp jack offers to go with you, fp waves his hand for the barmaid to bring yet another round over. You took a sip from you 5th (y/f/d) feeling tipsy laughing and joking with the now happy group, but now you didn’t have the gangs problem to think about yours quickly came back to the front of your mind.

You only felt fps hand on your ass when he gave a light squeeze, when did he move it, you thought, biting your lip not looking at him, trying to calm your breathing. He stayed like that until closing time.
The party moved to Fps. again you found him pull you onto his lap on the couch as most if the serpents had taken up the seats. It was chilled everyone drinking doing drugs. You had said no when one of the gang offered you cocaine but agreed to the cannabis. You felt Fp’s hand slide up and around to your bum again, you see him watching your reaction, you simply smile inhaling the joint you had, before passing it to him without looking he took the joint at the same time squeezed your ass making your breath hitch and your cheeks blush red.

Fp knew what he was doing was wrong y/n was so young to him. He knew what he was feeling was inappropriate. she was his friends daughter. His sons friend. It all started a few months back when y/n was down to see her dad, he was drunk in the bar not taking notice she was even there. So Fp stayed with y/n to keep an eye on her while she was drinking in a pub full of gang members. They had talked all night, flirted a bit more then normal laughed like nothing else mattered but them there and then, after that he started to develop something for her he couldn’t explain he’d see here and smile she’d hug him he’d get butterflies.

Now she’d had moved here it got worse, he saw her every day making it hard not to want you not to have or give in to the crazy temptation he had, to hold or kiss you when you was alone together, or run his hands over your body. He always tried to put these thoughts out of his mind but tonight with the mix if drugs, alcohol and lack of will power, his brain stopped and let his feelings take over especially when you didn’t stop him or freak out. Instead you encouraged it putting her around his neck playing with the hair, Snuggling into him.
Joaquin had come in with a bag of tables nothing you hadn’t taken before, fp took two looking at y/n he had one of them taking the bottle you had to wash it down with. Offering one to you , y/n stuck out your tongue as he placed the small white tablet on handing your drink back. You swallowed it looking deep into his big brown eyes giggling. The rest of the night you both discreetly teased and turned each other on. It started with looks but you couldn’t help it when the drugs took effect. When you lent forward to the little table at the side of the couch you’d place to your hand close to his crotch for balance then drag your fingertips across his bulge sitting back. Making Fp moan low in frustration. He didn’t let you get away with your teasing so easy he copied what you’d done, but done it better. By leaning towards the coffee table his hand slid up the inside of your thigh squeezing gently. your breathing would stop and the hand you had on his neck would mimic his griping his hair. each time he his hand would go higher and higher until the last time he did it his fingertips brushed over your underwear making you give a low moan only fp heard.

Not being able to handle it anymore, you make an excuse to go standing up to leave. Fp grabbed your hips “you okay Princess? why you going?” He asked with a knowing smirk. You wanted to scream at him your leaving because you wanted him bad and couldn’t have him, but instead smiled and told them you needed to sleep you had practice tomorrow. He walked you out and started walking to your trailer with you he was like a different person. Walking casually like you both hadn’t spent the last 3 hours teasing one another. “it’s late I’ll walk you back” he said handing you your jacket. “I can handle myself Jones” your tone confident as he smirked “I don’t doubt that for a minute. Walking you home is so I can protect my serpents from you” he playfully punched your arm. you was almost at your door now “I think you just wanted to be alone with me” you say “really?” he said looking at you “yes I think you’ve wanted to get me alone all night, maybe to finish what you started” you tried to sound confident, challenging suggestive. he looks at you but you could see him thinking over what ever was on his mind.

He mutters to himself shakes his head he couldn’t stop himself anymore. Fp looks around then grabs your shoulders pushing you into the side of the trailer where you won’t be seen. His lips hit yours in a roughly but quick kiss his stubble scratching your lips. He pulls away scanning your face for a look of ‘no, stop or what are you doing’ but instead he saw you smile as you pull him back to kiss you again. This time it was more heated, passionate. his hands ran over you body as you grip his shoulders and neck. You felt him lift one of your legs, you jumped a little as he lifted you. Wrapping your legs round his waist he plants wet rough kissed down your neck and along your jawline. It’s was exactly what you’d wanted for weeks. Better then anything you imagined. You grab the collars of his shirt pulling him closer as his lips returned to yours one hand holding you up the other slides up your top finding and massaging your boob.

Fp only stopped and put you down when he heard Joaquin shouting for him. He rested his head on yours steadying his breath “goodnight princess” he whispered giving you a small kiss on the cheek. You watched him walk to Joaquin turning to wink at you.
In bed you touched your red scratched lips memorizing the feeling of his against yours during your make out session minutes before, still overjoyed it really happens. Soon failing into a happy blissful sleep not waking until later the next afternoon.

FP looked annoyed at the young serpent “if this isn’t important I’m gonna” he stopped when he saw the look on the boys face. “It’s y/f/n, he’s been arrested!”. All that night fp sat listening to what happened. Thinking about what to do next but the kiss he just had with y/n kept creeping into his mind.

Catch Me - Rafinha Alcantara

Music blared through the speakers as the densely packed room was illuminated with flashing strobe lights. Bodies grinded at the dance floor whilst others stood around, greeting each other after years of no contact.

I felt self-conscious, tugging at the hem of my black dress as I saw Rafinha walk through the doors, clad in a black leather jacket and jeans, the confidence and pride that made him who he was radiating off him.

We’d been seeing each other for the past couple of months. In high school, we’d fooled around for two years straight without any labels. We were young and we were carefree - he was a player for the Barcelona B team and I was a girl challenging my father’s authority. It had been fun and it had ended on a good note when I’d moved away to London for Uni. He’d remained behind and from what I’d heard, had moved on to pursue his football career.

So when I’d flown back to Barcelona both for my cousin’s wedding and our school’s reunion, I hadn’t been all that surprised when I’d bumped into him in la Rambla. Still remaining unsurprised when we’d picked up exactly where we’d left off, with no strings attached.

Yet whilst it seemed nothing had changed between the two of us, at the same time it felt like everything had changed.

I found it impossible to be the once confident and witty girl around him. Before, I’d just wanted a guy as attractive and smooth as him on my arm. Now, I wanted him. Somewhere amongst the late night phone calls and drop-ins that lead to much more, I’d fallen for Rafinha Alcantara.

I knew he’d fallen for me too because it was more than obvious enough. He couldn’t get enough of me - he came to see me almost every day and when he wasn’t with me he’d be texting me, or finding little excuses to talk to me. My wardrobe was home to all of his jerseys (even his training kit) and my bathroom held his shampoo and his toothbrush. His perfume sat amongst all of mine on my dresser and a pair of his trainers were left by the door among all of my other shoes.

I’d accompanied him to his parents’ anniversary party as well as his sister’s quinceañera, and had already been asked by him to be his date for his brother’s upcoming engagement party. I was on a first name basis with all of his family members and was perhaps even closer to his younger brother Bruno than he was.

So I lay in wait for him to say something or give me some sort of indication that perhaps this wasn’t as casual as it was all meant to be, because hell, I wasn’t going to make the first move and we both knew that.

“You look really good,” he murmured into my ear, wrapping his arm around my waist and dipping his head to press a lingering kiss to my cheek once he’d greeted everyone else. Even in 6-inch platforms I still only made it up to his chin and his smirk was evident as I saw him eyeing the heels.

“That explains why I don’t have to bend over so much to get to you today.” He teased with a wink, making me roll my eyes playfully.

I was about to answer with a witty comment just as we were joined by a smiling Sergi Gomez. I squealed and threw my arms around him, giggling when he lifted me off my feet and twirled me around.

“Look at you, all big and strong now!” I spoke in awe, admiring how the once scrawny boy had now developed into a well-built man. It could of course have had everything to do with the fact that he was also a La Liga footballer, yet the transformation still left me surprised.

He shrugged casually, mockingly brushing his shoulder off with his hand.

“It’s the football. It makes you hot.” He spoke. I laughed, shaking my head.

“You haven’t changed one little bit!” I exclaimed, feeling good about seeing him.

“Come on, there’s so much we have to catch up on,” he said, taking hold of my hand and leading me outside, making me completely forget about the Alcantara brother whom I’d just left behind.

An hour later I found myself still surrounded by boys I’d gone to school with who were now influential and important people. Drinks in our hands and stood in a circle we talked about the past, about our school days that were long gone and how quickly time seemed to be passing by.

As the conversation shifted to football, as it always did in the presence of these boys, I shifted on my feet as I felt my ankles begin to tire. Sergi noticed, taking me by the hand and pulling me to sit on his lap.

“Come here, before you fall over in that death trap you call shoes,” he scolded. 

I rolled my eyes and sat anyway, partly because I was grateful for the relief and I knew that the gesture was nothing but brotherly on Sergi’s behalf, partly because Rafinha was stood, surrounded by a bunch of giggling girls, just a few metres away from us. Girls who had kept him occupied the entire night and not once had he come over and joined in on our conversation, even though a few of the boys were his old friends.

I eyed the way one of the girls threw her head back when she laughed, placing her hand on his chest, tilting her head to the side when she spoke to him. I narrowed my eyes as Rafinha bent down to say something in her ear then pulled back, pure jealousy running through me. Abruptly his head turned around and his eyes found mine.

His posture stiffened at the sight of me before suddenly he was making his way through the crowd towards where I was. Ignoring my protesting ankles, I stood up to meet him but he walked right past me, his shoulder colliding with mine as he stormed away.

I turned around to follow where he was headed, raising my brows in surprise when I saw him pick up his jacket and walk right out the door to the venue. Was he seriously leaving? He was supposed to have been my ride home. I was about to follow him before I saw the same girl from earlier walk right past me determinedly, not even once looking back before she too opened the door and walked right through.

I felt a crushing, sinking feeling in my stomach as I turned away and crossed my arms, trying not to let myself process what I’d just seen. Rafinha had blatantly ignored me the entire night whilst he’d been flirting with another girl and now they were off doing God knows what when really he was supposed to have taken me home. Yet a part of me told me I shouldn’t have really been surprised. Because hey, it wasn’t like Rafinha and I were official, right?

I hurriedly muttered my goodbyes, knowing that I was no longer in a state to enjoy the party. It was going to be a hell of a route home, and I only regretted my choice when I got to the tram stop and realized I’d missed the last one.

Cursing my bad luck, I began the 20-minute walk back to my apartment praying that the weather would at least be on my side. But my luck wasn’t entirely on my side - I wasn’t even halfway through when my foot caught a chip in the pavement, knocking me off balance and causing me to twist my ankle completely before I landed on my butt.

I cried out both in frustration and in pain, feeling like I was at my tipping point. My hurt from Rafinha added to the equation and I knew at a moment’s notice I was going to start crying, my vision going blurry due to the hot tears welling up in my eyes and a knot forming in my throat.

I blinked hard, trying to get rid of the tears and trying to fumble around my purse for my phone, seeing who I could call at this hour for help. That was when the black BMW pulled up at the curb.

I clenched my jaw, angrily wiping the tears that had made their way out of my eyes just as Rafinha emerged from the driver’s seat, slamming the door shut behind him and running across the road towards where I was. It was so hollywoodesque and if I weren’t so angry with him I would’ve found it romantic. Then again, if I weren’t angry with him, we probably wouldn’t even be in the situation there and then.

“What the hell happened to you? Are you okay?” He asked, standing above me, frowning.

“I’m fine.” I replied, trying to get up and failing as I winced at the pain in my ankle.

“You’re most definitely not fine,” Rafinha replied, bending down. Before I knew it one of his hands was tucked under my knees, the other gone round my back. He suddenly lifted me up into his arms, my own going around his neck as he effortlessly carried me to his car, pulling the passenger door open and setting me down inside.

I was flushing with both embarrassment and anger as we drove silently through the streets. I hated the fact that he’d found me in such a vulnerable state and I was embarrassed at being so helpless myself. I couldn’t even walk home on my own without injuring myself.

I shivered and rubbed my arms against the cold temperature of his car, feeling grateful when he silently handed over his jacket, but refusing to show it as I pulled it around myself. I couldn’t stop myself from closing my eyes as I felt warmth surround me and the scent of him hit me, obviously attached to his jacket.

“So how come you were walking home alone?” he finally broke the silence, a hint of wit in his tone.

“I missed all of my rides home.” I replied curtly. It was his fault I’d ended up like this - he’d ditched me for that girl.

“What? Sergi didn’t have a car to take you home in?” Rafinha snapped back at me.

“And why exactly would Sergi take me home?” I asked, arching a brow at his accusatory tone.

Rafinha stopped at a red light, turning over to look at me, his jaw twitching as he clenched it. Looking so good that I wanted to crawl over right there and then and just jump him.

“It’s the least he could’ve done. You two were practically inseparable tonight, people would think the two of you were together,” Rafinha said, a fake smile plastered on his lips.

I rolled my eyes, knowing he had no right to be witty about this.

“The same could be said for your little blonde. Did you finish screwing her that quickly, or did she just blow you and get it over with?” I snapped back at him, refusing to let him make me feel guilty for something I hadn’t even done.

He suddenly frowned, looking genuinely confused.

“What on earth-” he began.

“Oh please, Rafinha. I saw the way she was all over you and how you were whispering in her ear and stuff. I know because it’s exactly the way you are with me,” I scoffed, hating how my voice trembled and broke off in the end.

“Me? You were the one who was with those guys all night. You didn’t even look at me once. And you were the one on Sergi’s lap, by his side the whole time when really you were supposed to have been my date,” Rafinha spit back at me, revving up the car and zooming forward as the signal went green.

“Why, does it even matter, Rafa? It’s not even like we’re together or anything, right?” I finally broke out. “You just need someone to screw around with and I’m just conveniently there-”

He skidded the car to a halt at the curb, turning to face me. By this time tears were running freely down my face and I loathed myself and everything else in that moment so much that I turned away from him, fumbling to open the passenger door, no longer wanting anyone’s company.

“Stop, look at me,” Rafinha commanded, taking hold of my face and turning me to him, his expression hard. Yet his eyes held a softness to them and the caress of his thumbs against my cheeks was gentle, immediately calming me.

“You are not someone I just screw around with…you know that,” he said, pressing his forehead to mine.

Longing seared in my heart, my hopes suddenly fluttering.

“I know we’ve never explicitly talked about this but..you know how bad I am with words. I don’t know how to tell you that I care about you…And I refuse to let other guys think that they can have you. Because they can’t - I don’t want anyone else to have you, querida…because…well…I want you to be mine.” he said, shyly looking at me from beneath his lashes.

“Jeez, you don’t have to be so melodramatic about it,” I teased, trying to lighten the mood. Instead I felt his body relax before his lips were urgently pressed to mine.

I sighed into the kiss and kissed him back with a hunger that had never been there between us before, suddenly feeling so much more confident. His hands travelled down to my waist and mine to his neck, holding on to him as he lifted me over the console and on to his lap, pushing his seat back to make room for our legs as I straddled him.

His hands made their way back, squeezing my bum as my own knotted in his hair, his tongue invading my mouth and taking everything that was now his. I didn’t care if anyone saw us - in the moment all I wanted was to have him the way I was finally, officially allowed to have him.

I suddenly winced as I felt a pain in my ankle, realizing that in the heat of the moment I’d hit it against the side of the door. Rafinha pulled back, frowning as we both breathed heavily.

I cleared my throat snapping back to my rational senses and pushing back my hair out of the way.

“Maybe this isn’t the best of places…” I trailed off, as his lips attached to my neck, his grip on my waist growing tighter as he began sucking on that sweet spot right were my pulse was, making me emit a moaned sigh that only seemed to encourage him.

“Rafa- stop-” I almost whined, my body wanting him to do anything but that yet he reluctant pulled back, nodding before lifted me and placed me back on to my seat, but this time keeping a hold of my hand.

“Just wait till I get you home,” he murmured, winking at the end as he brought our hands up to his lips, pressing a kiss to my knuckles.

And it was definitely well worth the wait in the end when he did.

Stop thinkin, Cowboy!

Pairing: Dean x reader
Anon request: Can you do a deanxreader one where she’s like a hardcore Texas country girl and he tries to get into country music and rodeos cause he knows she’s into that?
Words: 2449
Warning: Ehm… second-hand embarrassment? just a bit…

This request is really old and I am so sorry that it took me so long but I never came around to do it… I know like absolutely nothing about the “country style” and whatsoever so I’m really sorry if I mess anything up. I hope you like it though! <3 (I googled some country sayings… do you really say that stuff?!)
I’m sorry I totally forgot about the country music and coudln’t really fit it in afterwards…

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