i sang in front of people today

While driving home I thought about this:

Lena and Kara had just exchanged vows and were now officially wed. As they arrived into the reception hall, Lena led Kara to a chair that was placed in the middle of the dance floor. She leaned closer to her wife to let her know that she had a surprise in store. Traditionally, Kara had always been the one to sing but today was different. Winn had walked over to both women to escort Lena up to the stage. They had been practicing for weeks now to perfect the song she had chosen. While Winn quickly tuned his guitar, Lena moved closer to the microphone. She had never sang in front of so many people, her heart was pounding in her chest. She cleared her throat before speaking, “This is for you..I love you…” Her eyes glanced around the room until she reached her wife’s gorgeous blue eyes, filling her with all the courage she would need to sing. The sounds of Winn’s guitar began to fill the room as Lena took a breath before singing.. “You look so wonderful in your dress, I love your hair like that. The way it falls on the side of your neck, down your shoulders and back…….. And should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me, ‘cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need……. The way it brings out the blue in your eyes, is the Tenerife sea…. You look so wonderful in your dress, I loved your hair like that. And in the moment I knew you.” (x)

50+ Followers & Karasuno Mistletoe Special!

AN: Happy Holidays, everyone! As a thank you for 50+ followers, I wanted to write Christmas scenarios of you under the mistletoe with our favorite Karasuno boys. They, uh, turned out to be quite long…. Daichi will be shown first and the rest of the boys will be under the cut. I hope you all enjoy!

DAICHI: School had been out for winter break for about a week now, and that meant that volleyball practice had been on hiatus due to the holiday season. It was quite relaxing for everyone, really, but the team had missed each other so much that Coach Ukai agreed to hold a small holiday get-together before everyone left on vacation (thanks to Takeda-sensei’s begging).

As one of the older managers, you helped Kiyoko and Hitoka decorate Coach Ukai’s home with tinsel, candy canes, and per Hitoka’s request, mistletoe.

“_____-chan, you know it won’t be Christmas without mistletoe!” Hitoka beamed, shoving the plastic plant to your chest.

You pouted. “What if you and Yamaguchi fell under the mistletoe!? Will you really kiss him?”

“_-____-chan!! You don’t have to actually kiss under the mistletoe!! T-that’s just tradition!!” her cheeks burned a bright red.

Knowing the boys, you knew that if you, Kiyoko, or Hitoka fell under the mistletoe with them, they would probably attempt to kiss either of you, without any hesitation at all. But you only wanted to kiss one person, and one person only.

The whole team had finally arrived around dinner time. Sugawara was the only one dressed appropriately with an ugly sweater. But your attention was focused on Daichi the entire night. He looked so good in green….

Your relationship with Daichi would not have existed without the volleyball team. You didn’t meet him until you and Kiyoko joined as managers, and you were so thankful for that. You fell for Daichi almost as soon as you met him. He was friendly, reliable, smart, and so much more. He was simply amazing.

You were chatting with Sugawara about his sweater when Daichi approached you two.

“Thank you for planning all of this, _____-san,” he smiled. Boy, did you love that smile.

“It wasn’t all me,” you messed with the hem of your sweater. “Kiyoko and Hitoka-chan helped, too.” You noticed that the his mug that was once filled with hot chocolate was empty. “Do you want more hot chocolate?”

Daichi gave you his signature smile that made your cheeks flush. “I’d like that.”

You grabbed his mug and he followed you into the kitchen.

“_____-san,” he said. You turned to look at him with curious eyes. God, you were so cute. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Of course. What do you need?”

“Can you look up?”

Confused, you looked up and your eyes widened. You saw one of the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. Had you hung that there earlier…?

“M-mistletoe,” you stuttered.

“You know what people do under the mistletoe, right?” Daichi teased.

“Of course I do!”

“Then can I kiss you?”

You felt your face burn as hot as the stove. Had Sawamura Daichi really asked you to kiss him under the mistletoe? How could you decline?

Instead of answering verbally, you leaned into him slowly. He cupped your face with his hands and kissed you. His lips were so soft and boy, did he know how to kiss. You could feel every emotion he felt fo you. You felt like you were melting into him.

Christmas was your new favorite holiday.

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!!!!!!!!!!!! i sang in front of people and didnt have a panic attack for the first time today!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

my DUDE  ur a Rock Star!!!!!!!!!!!

“Anyone with eyes...”

Here it is guys the moment we have all been waiting for thank you so much @irenedrew your pictures turned out so so beautiful and I’m so excited to be able to SEE my story alive like that. Collaborating has made this extra fun and I hope everyone who reads this story and sees your art is as excited as I am!

This story is for the prompt 

“I really want to see the Captain of the Desus ship, Rick, get fed up with the non-movement of the sip and call all hands on deck to get it sailing.”

Ill include an AO3 link if that’s your preferred format otherwise read more!


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Ya boi sang on stage today in front of like 300 people (including my parents) for Rockquest and it went really well!!!

Our band may have not got through to the finals, but hey: We had a really good time (we rocked hard) and Dad said he was proud of me and gave me $40 and Fish ‘n’ Chips for dinner 



Today was incredibly special. I made my runes in the shop today, practicing galdr in front of people for the first time. The high priestess of the store brought her daughter in to see me make them, and together the three of us sang the runes as I drew them on to the antler. It was so powerful having three females sing together, it made me feel like we were channeling the Norns, who gave Odin the knowledge of the runes. I had to keep this set for myself.

Still Do.

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Recommended Song: Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) by Alicia Keys

Moment of honesty

It had been six months since I’ve started coming here.

About the same time our group had debuted.

Cooking King Restaurant.

A quaint, little restaurant, nestled in between a tiny, neighborhood corner store and a dry cleaner.

I reached for the door handle and the bell chimed to signal my entrance.

“Hey Ho Seok. Welcome back. Only you today?” The owner’s son, Joon said, as he wiped his hands on his apron, while walking from behind the counter, towards me.

“Um, no. There’s one other person coming. He’s just getting something from the car.”

“Ah alright, follow me.”

I followed Joon down mini rows of people seated at low wooden tables, which are spread out across the restaurant. I looked around to the waitresses and noticed that there was something slightly off.

“Umm…. is Cassie working today?”

Someone’s gotta take the lead tonight

Whose it gonna be?

A small smile grew on his face.

Oh God, he knows.

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  The weather was nice and Chase was not working today so he decided to play his guitar which he had not touch in a while. Any time played Chase always ended up getting lost in the music, “this is my melodies, music of the heart only a whisper this is my melody-” he sang but stopped when he noticed someone. 

  “Hey, i did not realized that someone was around”

The Nightingale

Pairing: tony x reader

Summary: the recent events of the battle have led tony to become more anxious and stressed than he already had been. He lays in his bed sleepless until he finds something comforting.

Author’s Note: I SOOOO wanted to write this. I love to sing (I am pretty good at it, no bragging) and I had this idea of writing something about the reader being a good singer for a long time so I finally wrote it. The reader’s powers are shadow manipulation. Hope you like it!

Warnings: mentions of alcohol

Trigger Warnings: anxious thoughts, panic attack

Word Count: 1638

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

With another day spent being the man he wasn’t; tony collapsed in his bed.

  You see, he wasn’t feeling like he was being honest with his own self. He was torn between being a man like his father and a man he truly was. His personality in the daytime or being around strangers was charismatic, confident and witty. His own honest self consisted of a man who was selfless, caring and loving for the people he cared for.

  He was acting well on the stage before but, after the civil war, it had only gotten worse. His thoughts had become too loud. It was difficult to pretend when he was breaking part. The voices inside his head telling him how the fall of the avengers was his fault, how he couldn’t become the man he was pretending to be and how he couldn’t be like his father. He was always taught to man up, be a gentleman and never show weakness. So, that’s what he did, he put on this façade of a confident, witty, flirtatious tony stark he quite never was. But his mask was getting heavier, his thoughts darker, his sleep lighter, his appetite smaller and his will to carry on weaker. how could you suddenly open up to someone and throw away that mask which was keeping you together?

He was lying on his bed, even though it was the best of mattresses it felt like lying on a rock. When you aren’t happy inside all the joy of the world seems dull. He was thinking about a whole difference world where everything was still alright but how far could he have run away from his demons?

‘my fault its all not true.’ He thought and his breathing hitched. All the self-depreciating thoughts, the self-loathing the words of his father started playing in his mind on a tired loop.

A heavy smoke seemed to have settled in his chest, breathing wasn’t feeling refreshing. It felt like it wasn’t air he was breathing but heavy, dark smoke which was filling his lungs. One of his demon had choked his throat while others were sitting on his lungs.

‘not again!’ he screamed and gasped for air. ‘I need to get outside.’ He thought and paced to the roof.

You were sitting on the roof thinking of all sorts of things and messing around with your powers. You made black butterflies float around and giggled. You were a new addition to what was left of the team whom tony had found out about. He was impressed by your powers and how you incorporated them in your fighting. You had said yes to them almost instantly.

You loved being there. You always sat there, letting the breeze kiss your face. You loved to sing alone, you were good at it but you never had the heart to sing in front of a group of people and let them criticize you. You could sing in different voices deep or shrill. Today was no different and you decided to pour your heart out. You smiled, took in a deep breath and started.

‘Don’t take this the wrong way,

You knew who I was with every step that I ran to you,

Only blue or black days,

Electing strange perfections in any stranger I choose.’

you sang smiling and eyes closed.

Tony stopped on the entrance of the roof when a beautiful voice entered his ears. He peeked and saw you sitting with your legs crossed, singing with grace. Your hair were flowing with the air and you moved your hands with accordance to every note. You always talked less but when you did it was the best conversations he had. You had a good sense of humour and were mostly sarcastic. What else did he need? He had a liking for you he couldn’t and didn’t wanted to understand. It was too beautiful for that. He just stood there and listened.

‘And so I fall in love just a little, oh a little bit every day with someone new I fall in love just a little, oh a little bit every day with someone new’

He realized that the weight had left his lungs, he was breathing evenly and… was he smiling? You stopped abruptly and he frowned. He observed as you scratched your head and looked above.

‘damnit! I forgot the lyrics.’ You pouted and folded your arms. He chuckled and you snapped your head in his direction. Luckily, he quickly hid himself and you ignored it.

‘she’s adorable.’ He thought and walked to his room for he could feel a certain relief he was craving these days.

He slept well that night. He woke up and felt renewed. It felt like the wear and tear was not hurting that much a new feeling called you had that covered it.

He walked in the kitchen and found you nibbling on some muesli. You were tapping your feet to something and the spoon fell in the bowl as you tried to do some step. He chuckled at the scene and walked straight to you.

‘how are you so cute?’ he cooed and pulled your cheek.

‘I was born this way.’ You folded your arms and looked at him grinning. ‘how’d you sleep?’

‘like a baby. Why?’ he turned to face you.

‘I-I don’t know. Um, it seems like something’s been bothering you.’ you got up and looked in his eyes.

‘nothing’s bothering me.’ He lied perfectly.

‘great!’ you gave him a small smile. he turned around to get a glass of water.

‘tony?’ you fidgeted with your fingers.

‘(y/n)’ he kept the glass aside and turned to you. you hesitantly moved closer and he furrowed his brows.

‘I wish one day you can be as happy as you are pretending to be.’ You kept a hand on his cheek and it felt like someone had punched him in the tear ducts. He pursed his lips. ‘I care for you, you are the only person I have been myself with, you’re my only friend. It breaks my heart to see you hurting.’ You patted his cheek lightly and left.

He placed his hand on his cheek to preserve the lingering touch. You were one of the very few who could see his pain. He stood there silent. He understood the feeling. It was love.

Every night from then on, he would sneak to the roof where you would sing carelessly. He would mostly take a drink of his liking, hearing you and watching you gave him a few moments to himself where he didn’t pretend, where he didn’t over think. You would sometimes make a fool of yourself or crack random puns to which he would snicker to the next day in the middle of anything he would be doing whenever he remembered it.

You by now have figured out that someone had been following you but kept quiet. It could have been someone who wanted to kill you but something told you that this following person was good. It had been four days and you grew impatient. One night you decided to take some action. You didn’t know that tony had decided the same.

That night he brought two wine glasses with him. He was great at flirting but this time he had to explain why he had been ‘watching’ you.

  ‘I hope this goes well.’ He muttered to himself and kept quiet standing by the wall perfectly hidden from your eyes. He waited but you didn’t sing. He had planned to stop you in the middle by complementing you and then take care of how things go.

‘I know you are there!’ you shouted.

‘shit!’ he hit his head lightly on the wall.

‘why don’t you come out? Mr or Ms stalker.’ You folded your arms and tapped your feet. He let out a deep breath.

‘you know that’s not my name.’ he walked towards you.

‘tony?!’ you were pleasantly surprised. ‘ooh, you brought me something.’ You looked at the wine bottle.

‘yeah, ok,so-‘

‘shut it!’ you grinned. ‘you don’t have to explain anything.’

  ‘really? You didn’t find it creepy.’ He furrowed his brows and tilted his head. ‘no, I find it rather sweet.’ You shrugged. ‘come sit with me.’

‘oh that’s a relief!’ he sat down and you chuckled.

‘so is my voice pleasant?’ you faced him.

‘it’s beautiful.’ He looked in your eyes. You blushed and smiled like an idiot. ‘I mean you can sing in different ways and that to so graciously, it’s just amazing.’ He smiled ‘Also when I would see you singing I had some thoughts I can’t say out loud.’ He winked.

‘stop making me blush!’ you shoved him gently.

  ‘wait let me see,’ he cupped your face. ‘you are blushing so hard!’ he chuckled. You stayed in the position for a minute too long.

‘you have very beautiful eyes.’ You breathed and got out of his grip. ‘they are the perfect shade of chocolate.’ You gave him a goofy grin.

‘thank you.’ he bowed and you chuckled. ‘I really do mean it.’

  ‘what?’ you looked at him.

‘thank you, you helped me. Being with you makes me happy. It-it relieves me somehow. You are a fuzzy ball of happiness and I can’t stop smiling when I’m around you. I am very… fond of you.’ There was a certain honesty in his eyes as he said it all too quickly.

You hesitantly moved closer and he fixed his eyes on the view from the roof. You placed your hand on his and gave it a gentle squeeze. He looked at you with sadness in his eyes.

‘I am very fond of you too.’ You kissed his cheek and hugged him tightly and so did he.

‘just the cheek?’ he mumbled in your hair.

‘for now, just the cheek sweetheart.’ You chuckled.

hope you liked it!

@_amatsuki_ 今日ほんとうに嬉しかったし感動したのは、生だから後ろまで聞こえないといけないと思って、みんなの中に入って歌っていたんだけど、僕の周りの人たちが後ろの人に気を使って座ってくれたんです…!!


amatsuki: I was so happy today. I was singing without a mic or anything, so I sang in the center of the crowd. The people sitting in the very front sat down out of consideration for those in the back, and I was just so moved…!!

My singing got all emotional after seeing that…!!

It's been a long day, without you my friend ~Omelia

Under normal circumstances, I would write a huge as f*ck Authors note, with the prompt and stuff, but that would spoil everything.

Don’t try to shoot me through your screen.


It’s been a long day without you my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again

The funeral was crowded. Many people had come. 
There were people Owen knew, and people he had never seen in his entire life. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered anymore.
Callie usualy never sang in public, because she was terrified of standing in front of a big crowd. Today… She had liked it to make an exception.
Seated on the first row, his mind could recognise every word. His soul did not.

How could we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gonna be with me for the last ride

Torres had also been the one who had pulled Owen through the entire day. She had been the one who made sure he would not freak out, or get an PTSD attack, because she knew his triggers. She had also been the one who explained to people why he had not talked since it had happend.

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Clean by Taylor Swift (Cover)

Flashback to my eighth birthday. I had a huge box waiting for me in my grandmother’s living room. I thought maybe it would be some new toy or another doll, but it wasn’t. I was surprised to find a light blue guitar waiting to be played. A couple months after opening that box, I started taking guitar lessons. While playing through Teardrops on My Guitar, my teacher asked me to sing along. So that’s the story of how all of this happened.

Teardrops on My Guitar was the first song I ever performed in front of anyone. I sang quietly in front of close to 50 people in a small church just down the street from my house for my guitar recital. The sound was lousy and I was terrified but that one time led me to now.

I have been playing guitar and singing for almost ten years now, and I’ve played your music for the majority of those ten years. I remember getting out of elementary school and making my mom play your first album in the car all the way home. You have made me who I am today.

That’s why I’ve decided to cover your song Clean. This song means so much to me, and the speech(es) you give before it on tour make my heart happy. When I was in middle school, I was bullied for being “fat” and “ugly”. I was given awful nicknames by all of the boys in my seventh grade class. From then on, I always had low self esteem. Then, in high school a couple of the boys from middle school were in my freshman class. They continued to pick on me, not so much with the mean nicknames, but they just didn’t respect me as a human being. They wore me down so much to the point where I considered suicide. I only told one person about it at the time and she said I need to go talk to my mom, even she didn’t know. We talked and she helped me break through that darkness, but my confidence has still always been extremely low.

To me, Clean is about reaching that point in your life when you can look back and learn from your past. You can take a deep breath and stop hating yourself for you mistakes and your flaws. I remember being at your 1989 show in Philly on June 12 and hearing Clean live for the first time. In your speech you said something that rang true to my life. You said, “You are not someone else’s opinion of you. You are not someone else’s definition of beauty.” Little did you know that I had a conversation about self image with my grandmother that very same day and she said the same thing.

Taylor, you have taught me that I am not my mistakes. I am not anyone else’s opinion of me. You have taught me to love myself. You have taught me that walking through rainstorms makes you clean. You have helped me move on and love myself. You have taught me to be fearless. You have taught me how to be clean. I cannot thank you enough for always being there for me when nobody else was. Your music has always been a go to for me, no matter what mood I’m in. I hope you can see how much this song and your music means to me through this video. I love you so much.


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