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Please reblog and follow those who reblog. I’m looking to establish a network of Christians that are committed to prayer for one another and for a semi-public internet space to be open and deeply honest about struggles and fears. We are called to community and genuine love. Wherever this reaches, I hope you will publicly declare yourself a Christian and be unafraid to ask difficult questions and ask for help via prayer. Let’s use the internet to strengthen the church and each other’s faith.

  • I have magic in my blood: It beats and throbs with my heart, never resting, never tiring.
  • I have magic in my tears: Rooted in the salt of the earth, my tears flow freely in pain, imbuing them with strength untold.
  • I have magic in my bones: They grew with me, seeing a world beyond themselves, and finding a way to harden but not too much.
  • I have magic in my cells: Tiny but infinite, like stars in the midnight sky, they signal back and forth, never giving up that fight.
  • I have magic in my eyes: They see the colors of the universe and though they are weakened by an inner age of their own, they still open wide and send their messages.
  • I have magic in my tongue: Trained over my life to speak, my tongue has the words of power on it and with them, the magic flows as easy as water.
  • I am magic: I am the witch.
we didn’t get the chance to become what we wanted but that’s okay because tonight 
I could have set the sky on fire and slow danced as it burned, and you would’ve drifted out of my mind, just like smoke
and I was never the salt of the earth, brave girl I wanted to be, 
but I never stopped choosing peace 
even when I felt like hell, and I think one day, peace will conquer all the thoughts of you 
so I think I’m just going to keep slow dancing,
watching the fire, because what else is there to see
—  laceerainspoetry, Smoke & I

I want bigots to feel unsafe expressing their bigoted views. I want people to feel like their social circle and family will judge them, I want them to feel like they might lose their job and face financial ruin.

I want the world to be very unsafe and unwelcoming to those who’s “views” undermine the safety and existence of other people.

So don’t tell me not to fight fire with fire, I WANT to burn this shit down. I want to have so much pre-emptive and reactionary hatred for bigots that they feel unsafe, that they taste just a little of what their hatred brings to the lives of others.

I don’t want to Mother Theresa people, I don’t want to hold hands, sing kumbaya and guide people see my viewpoint. I want to create a world where their bigoted viewpoints are seen as inherently disgusting and these kinds of people are pushed to the fringe of society and we all view them with scorn.

I don’t need to change, people don’t need to change who they fundamentally are to fit into the world of a bigot and we don’t need to earth mother this bullshit and lead them there on a cloud of endless patience and internalised screaming.

So I’ll fight hate with hate, fire with fire, I’ll hate every bigot with passion and set fire to the very institutions that shelter them and take pleasure in salting the goddamn Earth with their tears.

💐🥚What Can I Do To Celebrate Ostara?🥚💐

There’s so many wonderful things you can do for Ostara and I’ve had some asks about it lately so this is a little list I compiled.

   💐Decorate with flowers. Gather wild flowers, daffodils, tulips, violets, or primroses for your altar! If you don’t have access to them, you can always buy fake flowers, draw saw, or pick flowers of your own choosing! Do what makes your heart glow, little star.
   💐Light or pastel-colored candles. Green, blue, pink, yellow, lavender, and white all work wonderfully. You could also use flower-scented incense like jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, or lavender. I like to keep it light and fresh.
   💐Color eggs for focus. They can be real eggs, clay, whatever you want, my boyfriend and I are personally painting wooden ones. Again, the colors listed above would be best for symbolism but do what you want!
   💐 Bake something with eggs! There’s a lot of wonderful posts floating around for certain breads and egg custards, I personally enjoy quiche as my eggy involvement in Ostara. You can find the recipe I make here.(3 spoons)
   💐Include a water dish. I like to include one of salt(air) or earth as well, to have a little element party. Try to remember balance while organizing your altar and manifest the balance you want in your life into your altar.
   💐 Write down ideas or goals! It’s also fun to start a bullet journal. You probably have all sorts of grand  ideas brewing your brain, write it all down. It’s all about renewal and rebirth, so this is a wonderful time to reaffirm the path you are on. 
   💐 Just appreciate yourself. Think about how far you’ve come and how much further you can go. You can do it, we’re all cheering for you.🎉

✧    AHS   :   ASYLUM   PROMPTS   !  

  • Do you think I’m full of shame and regret for what I’ve done now, Sister?
  • Mental illness is the fashionable explanation for sin.
  • There is no God. Not a God who would create the things I saw.
  • Your story about little green men? That won’t do here.
  • They weren’t human. They were monsters.
  • All monsters are human. You’re a monster.
  • Let me give you fair warning: I’ll always win against the patriarchal male.
  • I’ve dealt with bigger monsters than you, ______.
  • I have a cucumber in my room. But not because I was hungry.
  • Might we speak privately about the conditions here?
  • Conditions? What conditions might those be?
  • Bend me over a bread rack and pound me into shape!
  • Please. I just want to feel the sun on my skin. I’ll do anything.
  • You’re a dirty little slut with a poisonous tongue.
  • The times may have changed, ________, but the nature of evil has not.
  • I admired her purity. Her innocence. I never had any, even as a boy. 
  • Now? But the Christians are about to be eaten!
  • You tried to fly away, so I had to clip your wings. ‘
  • Are the police pursuing a case against him?
  • Just a moment. Where are you getting this information?
  • But there’s mounting evidence that this man is a war criminal.
  • When I was a child, I’d come home after school to an empty house.
  • I certainly hope you’re not blaming yourself.
  • Skin to skin contact. That’s what I was craving, that’s what I was missing.
  • When they arrived here, these patients were less than men..
  • Now, because of me, they’re more than human.
  • I know everything. I’m the Devil.
  • I come when I’m called. That’s what I do, _____.
  • What do you take me for, an idiot? Huh?
  • You might expect to remain in irons for the rest of your life.
  • Are you ready for me?
  • Well, I don’t want to be in your shitty picture, then.
  • Rubies are the most glamorous of all.
  • I knew someday I’d meet someone who was worthy of their exceptional beauty.
  • Look how beautiful they are on me. They bring out the rose in my cheeks.
  • I don’t believe in God. But I do believe in evil.
  • So you’ll spend the next couple days here, reflecting on your behavior.
  • How can I reflect when my hand’s tied down?
  • There’s going be some changes around here, starting with that.
  • If you’re not going to tell me then I’ll just have to find out for myself, won’t I?
  • Just remember if you look in the face of evil, evil’s gonna look right back at you.
  • You don’t have any idea of what I’m capable of.
  • So I guess you’ve had a pretty great life, huh?
  • It’s about to end. You get that, right?
  • Babycakes, I’m only just starting to toy with you.
  • You’re one tough cookie, you know that?
  • Every time I think about her, I wanna do things! Bad things!
  • I want it burned down and the Earth salted!
  • I’m goddamn plucky, remember?
  • At the very worst, I’ll live a long life in prison.
  • I’m clearly insane. I’ll be institutionalized.
  • God knows, there are some disturbed individuals behind bars.
  • You have no idea what it means to have lost you.
  • Why didn’t I listen to you? Why was I so stubborn?
  • Should I confess and walk away from my beloved Church and my dream?
  • You think they’d allow you to continue your barbaric practice?
  • I’m struggling with whether I should renounce my vows.
  • I tried to resist, but I don’t know where else to turn.
  • They’ll take you, open up your head, and stir your brain with a fork. 
  • She’s destroyed you. And now she’s destroyed me.
  • They tied me up and paraded me in front of a judge.
  • Are they family heirlooms?
  • I don’t want to be any part of your damn lie. 
  • I can either cut your throat or I can strangle you. I don’t believe in guns. 
  • I’ve succeeded beyond my wildest imagination.  
  • And her skin, even after I removed it, was cold. And stiff.
  • Normally, by now, I would’ve removed the skin and head.
  • You can begin by kissing her cold lips. Don’t worry. She won’t bite.
  • You’re gonna write about this. You’re gonna win a Pulitzer Prize.
  • I just want to go outside for fifteen minutes in the sun.

Eddy Lee - Paving the Path in Hamilton and Beyond (Huffpost):

As the first Asian male dancer to get hired for the Broadway Production, what are your thoughts on this? Do you feel you have to represent the API community? Or are you able to be just you?

Well, it’s definitely crazy to think about. I mean I never thought I’d be the first of anything! Let alone the first Asian Male ensemble member of Hamilton on Broadway!! I mean that’s just crazy! I’m just so grateful that they saw something in me and gave me this opportunity to represent in this already incredibly different and diverse show. I definitely feel a sense of need to represent the API community. Especially after meeting that Asian boy Leo after my debut. It was so telling for me the power that representation has to bring hope and belief to those watching. But I also don’t know any better way to represent than being who I am haha. This show just resonated with me on so many levels and I think it was because of that that I caught their attention. If anything maybe I’m helping to represent the API community by letting them know it’s okay to be yourself.


As one of the most hard-working, sweetest, salt of the earth, performers I know do you have any words of advice for your fellow Asian-American performers?

Aww, you’re too sweet! Ummm it might sound cliche but I’d say trust in yourself. I think too many times we rule ourselves out before we’ve even given casting the chance to do so haha. Trust in your own talents, your own abilities, and your own gifts that you know you have and show it to the fullest! You had that wonderful challenge earlier in the year about hitting 100 auditions by the end of the year or something along those lines and I think that’s such an amazing goal! Even if we’re not “right” for the part why should we stop ourselves from gaining that experience? Auditioning is such a different beast and you can learn so much every time you get into that room. It keeps you sharp and on your toes and if nothing else it’ll show casting that the Asian and Asian-American Community are here and we’re ready!

I remember when you started going in for this show. You had quite the lengthy audition process. Can you talk about it? How were you able to maintain a positive attitude throughout it?

Oh man! Indeed it was! I think I went in for them 13 or 14 times over the span of two years! I mean I don’t have an agent so I just kept going into every required call they had. Even if I had gotten pretty far in the call prior I still went to the ECC’s every time. I even went to some of the EPA’s! I wanted to keep going in and show them that I was working and improving, and I wasn’t gonna chance them remembering me and calling me in for an invited call. And Ooooh Weee, let me tell you it wasn’t easy keeping a positive attitude toward the latter part of those two years. Especially after I was in final callbacks for the Angelica tour. It was the furthest I had ever gotten and I felt pretty defeated when I didn’t get it. I kept beating myself up and wondering what I did wrong, or what I could have done better, or if I just wasn’t good enough and they finally saw that. A whole plethora of negative thoughts rushed into my mind, and truthfully the only thing that kept me a float and kept me in the game was the unrelenting support from my friends and family. I can’t tell you the number of talks and phone calls I had where I kept beating myself up and they kept picking me back up. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be here without any of them and I need to thank each and every one of them for knocking some sense into me and for not giving up on me! I mean they must have been so annoyed with me always having to bring my spirits back up! Haha! But what became really helpful to me is from talking to everyone I realized that I had become too focused on Hamilton. By that point, I was thinking, “This is my only shot and the only show I’m right for!” (Having a hip-hop background and loving theatre I mean it just makes sense). I had forgotten that I wanted to be a performer before I even knew Hamilton was a thing! And that’s when I shifted my mind set from “How can I get into Hamilton,” to “How can I improve myself as a person and a performer.” I started to get back into classes and going to as many auditions as I could and doing workshops and readings and whatever I could do to improve. It seems like it worked out for me! But for sure having my friends and family was absolutely critical for me booking this job. I’m nothing without them! […]

& congrats for having made his debut as George Eacker yesterday!

‘Strippers do nothing for me. I like a strong, salt-of-the-earth self-possessed woman at the top of her field. Your Steffi Graf’s, your Sheryl Swoopes’ - but I will take a free breakfast buffet any time, any place.”

 - Ron Swanson

Prof: You should publish this essay in this specific journal.

Me: No. This was for your class. I don’t actually know anything.

Prof: This is my area of expertise. These are interesting arguments.

Me: Haha. No. This is not good enough to be published. 

Prof: I’m literally the person who decides that. 

Me: …If I publish it other people might read it.

Prof: …What do you think grad school is for exactly?


The Paladins at Dinner
  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> Hey daddy can you pass me the salt?<p/><b>Everyone, groaning:</b> not again<p/><b>Shiro, bright red:</b> *passes the salt*<p/><b>Lance, smug:</b> I can't wait until we get to earth and have a new crowd for this<p/></p>
I’ve always admired flowers that grow through the cracks in the pavement for the same reason that rainbows only happen when it’s raining. It’s the reason I like rough diamonds… those salt of the earth people who haven’t had an easy day in their life but still have so much love and kindness left to give out to others.
People like that inspire me because they’ve transcended their hardships by allowing them to shape them into better people… and you have to admire something beautiful that battled through adversity to be what it is
—  Ranata Suzuki | The beauty of genuine people
Earth Charged Black Salt

So I wanted to make some black salt but had no charcoal so I thought I’d come up with a new recipe, more charged with earth magick (SO LOTS OF DIRT)

- Salt (as if you haven’t guessed)- absorbs negative energy

- Black pepper- ward, banishing negativity 

- Cinnamon- sanctifies an area, healing, protection

- Chilli Powder- protection, strength, power

- Tobacco- offerings, cleansing

- DIRT (graveyard, garden, swamp, whatever the eff you want)- grounding, earth 

Mix and Charge with intent.


Have fun guys! 

anonymous asked:

how can i enchant or bless something to become a protection amulet? i apologize if this is a silly question but i think you would have good information

  • Find a pendant or trinket that has meaning to you, and is (for you) personally symbolic for protection, e.g. if I wish to create a protective amulet, I might choose a pendant shaped like a sword.
  • Cleanse the object to get rid of previous energies attached to it by holding it in your right hand and visualising a brilliant white light cleansing the object. 
  • Get a burning candle, a bowl of water, incense (preferably Frankincense, Myrrh, Ginseng, Cinnamon, or Dragon’s Blood), and salt at the ready.
  • Hold the amulet with a string or a chain in your right hand, and sprinkle it with salt while stating out loud, “I consecrate you with the element of Earth.”
  • Pass the amulet through the incense smoke and state out loud, “I consecrate you with the element of Air.”
  • Next, carefully pass the amulet through the candle flame while stating, “I consecrate you with the element of Fire.”
  • Finally, depending on your spiritual preference, you can lift up the amulet above you in the air and say, “You are now consecrated in the name of the God and Goddess.” or “You are now consecrated in the name of Tetragrammaton.” or you may choose specific deities. If you wish to keep it secular, you may say, “You are now consecrated in the name of the Source/Universe.” 
  • Cup both of your hands over the amulet and bring it close to your heart, visualising a protective white light pouring from above into the object and state, “I charge this amulet to protect “x”/me. So mote it be.”
  • It is done

anonymous asked:

During re-watch Civil War for fourth time, i cannot stop thinking Tony literally beg Steve for the entire movie saying "We need you", but only end up being brushed off and pushed aside on Steve's "agenda" and in the end getting the few fake as hell words in letter, "If you need me I'll be there". Gosh I can't believe Russos dared to make Tony smile at that. Thank you so much for writing Irreparable, that should be the exact first move for Tony to crash that stupid fake phone and burn fake letter

Like that was my literal gut reaction to the movie. Steve being like ‘if you need me’ when he was told multiple times how needed he was.

THE LETTER GUYS. I will never recover from how fucking terrible that letter was. If you take every single action Steve does in the movie and compare it to the letter, it might actually make your blood boil. (or not. I think THE LETTER really only bugs some of us the way it does. Others are like ‘how nice of him!’ Nah, fuck a Steve Rogers. Burn that bitch and smash the phone, we don’t need nothing!)


Setting Up Your Altar

There are many ways for one to set up their altar. I, personally, change my altar according to the season. The Altar in the top left picture is my current Fall altar. The altar in the top right was around Imbolc, and the altar on the bottom was during the spring/summer time. Some people like to change their altar up like I do while others keep theirs exactly the same year round. 

When you are preparing to set up a permanent altar, clean the space thoroughly – the carpet, wood, furniture, etc. You may also want to think about the direction in which your altar is laying. Generally in ritual, the altar is facing North. If you can’t face the altar in that direction for certain reasons, choose a space that feels the most comfortable to you. 

Altar Cloth – You can choose to have one or not. This is a cloth that sits under your ritual tools. You can coordinate the color and/or symbols on your cloth with your ritual or spell work to enhance your magick.

Pentacle – This is one of the main altar tools. It can be made of wood, glass, ceramic, metal, etc, and usually has a pentacle upon its surface painted or carved. Your pentacle can have any symbol that you wish upon it such as the tree of life, the triquetra, or the triskele. This tool typically represents Earth and has grounding properties. It is considered to have feminine qualities.

Athame – Not everyone has an athame but I like to keep mine on my altar. The athame is a ritual knife used for ceremonial purposes only. It is generally used to focus and direct energy. It is also considered one of the four main ritual items to have. This item can represent Fire or Air depending on your tradition. It is considered masculine in aspect.

Wand – Another of the main ritual tools, the wand is used similarly like an athame. I tend to use my wand when working with elemental energies and spiritual work. This tool can represent Fire or Air, and in some circumstances, Earth, depending on the tradition. It is considered to house the masculine aspect.

Chalice – This is the last of the ritual tools and usually represents Water and the feminine aspect. The Chalice is used in Cakes and Ale.

Representations of the Elements – I like to place representatives of the 4 elements around my pentacle and cauldron. I use a bowl of salt for Earth, a red candle for fire, a bowl of water for water, and an incense holder with incense for air.

Cauldron – This is probably my most beloved tool. It represents all the mysteries of the feminine divine and Witchcraft. I have my cauldron placed upon the center of my pentacle as a representation of the spirit and its fathomless depth. I burn herbs and my intentions within the cauldron during ritual and spell work.

Crystals – I like to place crystals that are representative of the season upon my altar to enhance my spiritual work. They can also represent the Earth.

Herbs – I tend to infuse my water with herbs to enhance my spell work. I also like to burn them upon coal within my cauldron.

Sage Bundle – I like to keep a bundle of Sage nearby for quick cleansing.

God/Goddess Candles – If you worship deities, you may want to have them represented on your sacred altar. I keep a God and Goddess candle – with respective colors – upon my altar. My Goddess candles lays to the left which represents mystery and the feminine aspect and my God candle lays to the right which represents power and the masculine aspect.

Charge Box – I place my Charge Box upon my altar every so often when I feel that I need secrecy and something to enhance my spell work. This box holds certain items that need to be charged with power.

Statuary – Some people prefer to have statues upon their altar that represent their deities.

Decorating Your Altar:

Here is a list of some extra decorations you can place upon your altar with intention:

  • Tarot cards
  • Rune stones
  • Candles
  • Herbs
  • Crystals
  • Pictures
  • Scrying Mirror
  • Jewelry
  • Talismans
  • Charms
  • Seasonal Decorations

tr0utpout  asked:

Hello! How would you distinguish between ENFP and ESFP - specifically how do you determine whether someone is a se user, or whether they just have well developed te and can turn ideas into immediate actions?

(Gif: Aurora and Klaus, The Originals. ENFP + ESFP.)

N’s are more interested in the unseen intangible meaning of things. They read into situations. They see something and move beyond it to what it says without words. The object interests them less than the thoughts that come from the object. Se’s are not like this. The object is the object. It is to be used, worked with, manipulated, experienced in its realness. The idealism of Ne, intangible focus of Ne, “unrealistic” element of Ne, seems naive and out of touch to Se.

It’s not about ideas. Anyone can have ideas. Tons of them, in fact. Se’s are great with ideas and with making them HAPPEN. The idea becomes an action, due to Se’s desire to “make real” what is in the mind. This is why a lot of high Se’s have one primary goal in life; they are experiencing life to the fullest, but the lower pull of Ni tries to give them a singular greater purpose in life. Like the catchphrase for The Last Kingdom: “Destiny is all.” (Se: I’ll get around to it.)

A real Ne, a HIGH Ne, is more interested in what is unseen, in what is happening between the lines, in “intuiting” into circumstances, people, their motives. It makes everything more complicated than it seems on the surface. Its focus is connections, establishing and linking things together.

I’ll give you a personal example.

Would you believe I wrote upward of 300,000 words on the Christian / Catholic symbolism in The Lord of the Rings? For fun? I could have had a college level thesis, for the amount of work I voluntarily did out of personal enjoyment, just because the first time I saw the film I went, “Oh, look, Gandalf falls into the abyss in the position of the cross… and he’s going to come back later as a resurrected higher being! Hahaha, that’s great. I wonder what other symbolism I could come up with?”

It ranged from the Mother Mary embodiment of Galadriel to the four different incarnations of a Christ figure (Aragorn, Sam, Frodo, Gandalf) to Sam’s little box of salt, and how believers are called to be the salt of the earth. I explored what salt is for, what the meaning behind the salt is; I talked about Tolkien’s Catholic concepts of Purgatory and how they influenced the Dead Marshes, and Gollum’s state of half-life, and what the White Tree of Gondor represents, and how the entire last section of the film speaks to deeper symbolism; how people change, how death comes upon us, etc. One little (okay, LONG) movie opened up an entire world of imagination for me, which I then went on to make infinitely more complex.*

That’s what Ne does.

It was a movie the first time I saw it. Now, it’s an entire mythology in my mind, far and beyond what Tolkien intended. My Ne saw a ton of symbolic connections and entwined them together, until literally every scene in that film is pregnant with deeper messages.

And, I do that with almost everything, all the time.

I went to The Force Awakens and came out with a thousand questions about Kylo Ren, why he chooses voluntarily enslavement while most villains are either trying to create an enslavement of others or escape the chains confining them; what that means for his psyche; what the mask represents, in his mind, and to the external world – and within the mythology of Star Wars. I went on to think about the natural antagonism between sons and their fathers, and how that branches into an overall attitude toward God. I branched from there into the inverted (reversed) symbolism of Anakin being a Christ figure for the DARK SIDE and whether Kylo Ren will follow in his shoes; I thought about how the Jedi represent a rigid moral force of service without love, and how that can cause severe failure and black and white rejection of those who need their help, but have too much “darkness” in them to be thought of as worthy.

Tired yet? Or excited?

So far in this season of watching Doctor Who, I’ve thought about the ethics of slavery, the moral complexities of replacing humankind (and animals) with slave-robots, the black and white nature of morality, the duality of parenting with arguments for both sides (too much or not enough?), the literal, figurative, and $$ of sacrifice in a comparison between morality and capitalism, and the ultimately terrifying but enlightening realization of “I don’t have all the answers.”

Oh, and this is what happened after I watched Labyrinth.

Basically, what I like inspires my imagination and what I like, I must INFUSE with my imagination and entwine it deeply into the things that I value the most (Fi) through giving it individualized greater significance.

I have no idea if that helps or not. But… there it is. My Se friends love what I do, but they are not initiators of similar books, blog posts, or conversations. My mind naturally rushes to the unseen and makes “a big deal out of nothing.”

- ENFP Mod

* Eventually the book wound up in this format, after I tried 10 different approaches over a six month period. And I’ve taken some criticism for it, due to my “cheekiness” and “casual relationship with God.” Sorry. Good natured irreverence comes with the Ne. Even the sacred isn’t… well, that sacred. ;)