i salsa my face

The Taste Of Your Lips

**An Incredibly Cheesy™ Clizzy College AU that literally came out of nowhere. Some kissing/ making out, nothing really explicit. Happy late Valentine’s Day? ❤️ read on ao3**

Clary hadn’t wanted to come to the party. She was perfectly content to stay in her dorm room, working on her drawings or studying for her chem test next week. But her roommate Helen wouldn’t leave her be.

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anonymous asked:

I'm another one who loves Andy, Ben, Leslie, April, Chris, etc. The only character I didn't love was Ann---outside of serving as one half of an awesomely strong female friendship, she had no distinctive personality at all, and I hated how she always needed a guy in her life to feel complete. She was just really dull, flat and underwritten on a show with otherwise vibrant characters.

ok i completely disagree with you about this, so excuse me for going off on a rant, but here it is:

ann was not flat nor dull. she had a quirky personality, but it didnt always show because the show is filled with such caricatures and she is the “straight-man”. this can annoy viewers, i understand, where there is a person who doesnt always “get” the weird-ness of other people. she was independent. she had her own house and an awesome job and loved her friends. she didn’t take shit from anyone, especially from the likes of tom and april. even if she did want to be friends with april at some point, she still didnt let people push her around. and she was funny. one of the best lines in my opinion is “i salsa your face,”  which is a lot of who ann was. she was awkward in certain situations and assertive in others. they point out a lot that because ann is pretty, she’s never ~whatever (gotten dumped, had to be funny, etc) and i think that played to her character a lot. she wasnt sure of who she was and i think that that is a very important point to make because you can be 30 and still be uncertain of what you want. and just because she wanted a boyfriend doesnt mean that she’s any less independent. i should also point out that her needing a man to be complete just isn’t true. she wanted a family, a baby, and didnt think that she needed a man to do that. just because she ended up with one doesnt make her any less of anything.