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After spending quite a bit of time googling how to get pwp requests, I’ve come up with (almost) the perfect strategy. I’ve combined other people’s techniques along with my own and this is what I’ve come up with. This is also known as the diving trick, but as I stated before I’ve added and replaced some techniques that, in my opinion, make it better. Also note: I tried doing this without any other pwp’s built and I did not get a single request, after I built two pwp’s I started getting requests.

Items you’ll need:

- wet suit

- flowers

- timer and shovel (optional)

Step one (optional):

Trap the villagers that you don’t want pwp’s from by digging holes around them. What I typically do is I separate the villagers, if I want pwp’s from peppy and uchi I’ll have my peppy and uchi villagers in the top portion of my town and I’ll dig holes so they can’t cross the bridges. OR an easier way would be to dig holes around the villagers so that you know where all of the villagers are, so you’re not chasing them around town and pinging villagers you don’t want to ping.

Step two:

Empty your pockets of bells and items then fill them up with flowers!

it’s important to note that if your pockets are empty then villagers can ask you to buy stuff from them, if your pockets have items in them then villagers can ask to buy those items, they can also ask you to run them errands, or they can even give you items for free; which is nice but that isn’t our goal here. You don’t want more than 500 bells on you. I usually carry 99 bells. Also, by filling our pockets with flowers we will eliminate a lot of possible outcomes of a ping!

Step three:

Put your wetsuit on and swim to the far bottom right or far bottom left corner of your ocean. The idea here is to be completely out of sight from your villagers. Sit in the bottom left or bottom right hand corner of your ocean and wait for 5-10 minutes. This is where the timer comes in, you can time yourself using the timer or you could always set a timer on your phone. I personally set a timer on my phone. While you’re waiting you can watch tv, do homework, do chores, or whatever you’d like to burn time!

Step four:

After the you spend 5-10 minutes chilling in the ocean swim back to your town and walk, I repeat, walk by the villagers you want requests from. More often than not you’ll find out that villagers will want you to change their catchphrase, greeting, nickname, etc. I usually change these when asked. Why? Because I don’t want them to ask me to change it again. I usually only change it slightly though by adding an exclamation point or pluralizing it. You should get a request within the first five times.

Step five:

IF YOU RANDOMLY STOPPED GETTING PINGS THERE’S A REASON WHY!I found this out the hard way, but if you randomly stop getting pings it’s because you’re “tired”. Talk to your villagers and they’ll say something like “Wow…you’ve been playing awhile you should take a break!” right after that dialogue it’ll reset and you’ll start getting pings again. You’ll get a ping right after you talk to a villager about this so don’t talk to a villager you want a ping from. This will happen about every hour or so.

Step six:

It’s said that you can only get one request a day! I don’t know if this is true, but I surely don’t want to take the risk. After I get a request I’ll time travel a day in time to continue grinding for pwp’s. I have never gotten two requests in a day.


- Empty your pockets of bells/items

- Fill your inventory of flowers

- Trap villagers you don’t want pinging you (optional)

- Swim to the farthest edge of your ocean and wait for 5-10 minutes

- Walk by villagers to get a ping

- Change catchphrases/greetings if possible.

- Talk to villagers if you’re not getting pings anymore (typically after an hour)


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