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Cutie Cats & Ice Cream

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A/N: Miraculous Ladybug (Ladybug/Cat Noir, lee Cat) -  30. “That…that feels nice…” by anon combined with Miraculous Ladybug (Ladybug/Cat Noir, lee Cat) -  8. “I’m fine! Everything’s under control!” by @shyzone

SPEEDWRITING FIC NUMBER ONE! All written in one night! Since both of you asked for this pairing + lee Cat Noir I didn’t know better than to combine them both, I hope you like it *-*

Summary: Ladybug, or well Marinette is still head over heels for Adrien. Buuut she has to admit, Cat Noir has his cute sides as well, especially when he’s  curling up on her lap, and giggling like a cutie when she tickles him.

Word Count: 1054

“To a successful battle!” Ladybug giggled as she and Cat Noir lightly bumped their ice creams together as if toasting with glasses.

“To victory!” They had just defeated an Akuma, a piece of cake- battle honestly. It was a hot summer day as well, so they decided to celebrate their victory with an ice cream together.

"Hmmh. It doesn’t happen that often we get the luxury to hang out after a battle don’t you think?” Cat said while licking his ice cream. They sat on top of a roof, their legs dangling and swinging back and fort while they admired the pretty blue summer sky.

“I guess so. But don’t you dare spare your superpowers just for this, mister,” Ladybug said, a little bit sassy, and Cat Noir laughed.

“Who said I did?!” he asked, pushing her playfully.

“I noticed you did! Well it’s not like we needed it anyway but-” she blushed when Cat Noir suddenly changed from his sitting position to one where he curled up like a cat with his head in her lap.

“Don’t get too comfortable now,” Ladybug sighed, though she caught herself lowering her hand to pet him childishly, and she blushed a little when she noticed the softness of his hair.

“That… that feels nice…” Cat Noir purred, and she blushed even more. She kinda agreed with that. Her supposed mocking petting changed into affectionate scratching of his head near his ears, her fingers combing his blond hair curiously.

“Aren’t you a nice kitty?” she taunted, trying to hide her own enjoyment. The humming and purring sounds that left Cat Noir’s lips were too cute as well. She pulled back a little when he lifted his head slightly to lick from his ice cream, but then he put his head back and made a fake meowing sound.

“You can continue,” he said, and she rolled her eyes but did so anyway. She stroked his hair and even massaged his scalp a little. It was good they were chilling on the roof because it would have looked pretty strange. Then again, Cat Noir was wearing a cat suit. Hehe. It was just like petting a kitty right?

Smiling a little, she moved her fingers down in the direction of his neck, stroking the soft hairs over there, when a sudden squeak was heard from him.

“Are you.. okay?” she asked, and she experimentally curled her fingers again and grazed them softly across his skin to test if he was hurt somewhere. Cat Noir made a squeaky yelp- noise again and he tensed up.

“I’m fine! Everything’s under control!” he replied, and he giggled when her touched reached the side of his neck.

“I-it just tickles!” he giggled, and he scrunched up his shoulders a little and turned his head.

“Really?” Now it was Ladybug’s turn to be smug, and she ate the last remains of her ice cream cone so she could use both her hands to scribble all ten fingers down his sensitive neck.

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