i said oh snap


“Then, I went away, and had you-”

“You’re forgetting something.” Maxim cut across her.

“Are you going to keep interrupting?” Harper snapped.  

“Loric.” Maxim said.

“Oh, yes. I killed the youngest, Loric Alkaev.” Harper said, and Ren clapped her hands to her mouth.

“Shot him straight in the head.” Maxim said, his face betraying a hint of anger.

“We were in a gunfight.” Harper fought the urge to roll her eyes.

“He was hardly 20. He was going to be married. He had a promising future.”

“Harvey was 21,with a promising future on the right side of the law.” Harper retaliated. “That didn’t stop Mikhael shooting her.”

“He had just seen his little brother’s brains splattered all over the wall! He didn’t know who shot him. Of course he wanted revenge on who had shiot his little brother. He didn’t think you had it in you, so he guessed wrong.” Maxim said. “I knew it was you. But I never told him the truth. It would have broken him.”

“Will you drop the ‘he secretly loved me act’? We both know you’re bullshitting, trying to make him seem like a better man than he really was.” Harper said coldly. Maxim silenced himself, and gestured with his hand for Harper to carry on.

“Then I went away and had you. I vowed that I would always keep you safe from your father, and from the entire organisation that threatened us. Because you were threatening us, weren’t you Maxim?” Harper taunted. “I heard you say it to your brother. What were your words… ‘You should have let me kill the baby when I had the chance’?”

Ren gasped, and looked at her Uncle. He looked sympathetically at Ren. “You had to understand, from my point of view, that the birth of a child was a… complication. Being in my violent line of work, that was the only solution I could think of at the time. I was bloodthirsty, angry about the death of Loric, and the endangerment of Mikhael. But he wouldn’t let me touch her- you.” Maxim corrected himself. “An act I greatly appreciate now.”

“Then what happened?  How does this relate to my father?”

Pet store story

Ok so my sister’s birthday is tomorrow and I’ve been wanting to get her a bigger tank if she were to get a betta fish. So I went to the pet store tonight and picked out a 5.5 g. I went up to the register to pay for it and a cashier I’ve never seen before asks if I was gonna put a hamster in there (cause their were treats for my sister’s Guinea pig that I was buying too) so I say no, I’m gonna put a fish in it. She looked pretty relieved after that lol
After paying she asks “what type of fish are you planning on putting in there?” and I respond with a betta fish. She looked so happy omg and said “Oh wow! I’m so proud of you! Snaps to you! That’s great!” I felt accomplished XD
I’m so happy to know people at that pet store actually care about the wellbeing of betta fish! And hamsters for that matter

So, the other day this guy told me that one time he held a door open for a woman, and she said she didn’t want him to do that, and instead of being a reasonable fucking human being and respecting her wishes, he ranted to me about how women are sooooo crazy and unreasonable, you can’t even hold a door open for one these days, but then other women are offended if you don’t, and how the hell is he supposed to know how to act blah blah blah.

And I dunno what happened, but I fucking snapped and said, “Oh wow!!! I feel so sorry for you!!! One woman didn’t appreciate your antiquated polite gesture, so that means all of us are crazy!!! It’s almost like women are individuals who want different things!! Who would have thought that we’re not a giant hivemind?!?! We actually have differing preferences and are not in fact all the same?!?! It’s soooooo terrible that you have to treat us like people instead of lumping us all into one category and doing the exact same things for all of us because you operate under the assumption that we all have to appreciate your gestures or else we’re all horrible, oh noooooooo!!!”

His face was beautiful. I’ve never seen such sputtering rage before.