i said not to reset

So I’m not 100% sure of this or if someone has point this out but consider this..This is the visual novel before the game branches either to 707 or Jumin’s route. With the whole theory and such going around that Seven is aware of the whole reset stuff… What if this visual novel is actually him.. I know Rika said some similar stuff but i just get a feeling that this is not her.. They leave the name as (???)
So what if it’s Seven hinting the multiple times MC may play the game.. Especially on deep route. Meaning that he wants to experience all the good times with MC all over again… And before the game branches.. To promise him to meet him again.. To promise him you’ll take his route again.. To promise him that you’ll love him again..

Like I said.. I’m just putting this out there with the whole reset theories I’ve seen lately.. But geez… My heart aches just thinking of the possibilities.

I am legit hurt and this isn’t even real life!!! Mystic Messenger has emotionally ruined me! :(

(707 SPOILERS) Edit: HOLY SHIT I have analyzed this a little bit more and ok listen. You know how Seven and MC talked about marrying in the space station and on this visual novel it says “back on Earth” !!!1! Meaning that after he asked you to marry him (in after ending) even though it wasn’t in actual space station… Marrying there was a 707 & MC thing and he is most likely referring after the marriage up there, to meet again back on earth to pick his route & love him again and such!! Argh!! I’m so emotional!! (I know I didn’t word this correctly but I hope you understood what I meant. I need sleep. Too much feels)

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so a few days back i changed my laptop password and immediately forgot it, with my pw hint being 'not vagina' bc im a little shit who likes using vaguely vulgar unhelpful hints as my pw hints, and i was ready to be sad because everywhere i looked said id have to reset to factory settings and lose stuff, but after some intense google-fuing i managed to hack that motherfucker and break into my own laptop. i just felt the urge to share the fact that i now know how to hack laptops with someone

I’m so proud

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☎ Swap papyrus ( Hopefully this is the right place and i am not bothering you with weird things )

You’re good, honey boo bab! <3
Dude. I totally just finished right this, and I realized you said “Swap Paps” and not “Swapfell Paps”
WELP. Have both of them then!
ALSO! I’m basing this as though the Resets were said and done, and these deaths were final. They weren’t coming back after they died.

☎ How would they react to receiving a phone call from a deceased love one?

Swapfell Papyrus

It would depend on who they were. Papyrus has had a lot of people come and go in his life. And while he naturally loved the ones that were kind to him and his brother, each of them were on differing levels.
Most of the kind people from his past are people he’s long lost contact with. Because they left, the brothers left, or they were killed.
Receiving a phone call from one of his dead friends would be like talking to an old friend. Just like passing them on the street. he thought he’d never talk to them again. And while it would be weird, he would happily converse with them about their past life, and what’s happening in his own now.

Should it be one of his friends (from the game), he would be a little more broken, but he would still be holding on. At least he had Sans…

Now… should Sans be the one that called him..
Papyrus was already contemplating suicide in order to be with his brother again. He did so much in his life just to make sure his baby brother was happy and healthy… And now his reason for living was gone. What was he supposed to do? When the reason you continue on is no longer there… What motivates you?
He was prepared to die. He was staring straight at a knife, ready to shatter his soul with it… when the phone rang. He didn’t want to pick up. But something compelled him to.
He held the phone to his face, “H-hey….” He didn’t mean to sound that emotionless.
“…….” No reply came from the phone. Papyrus huffed, “I’m busy. Don’t call aga–” “It’ll be okay.” Papyrus froze. That was… Sans. That was his brother’s voice. Papyrus felt anger boiling inside him, “Look! I don’t know w-who you are! But that’s not funny! D-don’t mimic his voice!”
It takes a while for Papyrus to understand that he was talking to his brother. Sans kept telling him to keep holding on. It was so out of character. Papyrus didn’t believe it for a moment. “You’re sick, you know that? ….I have to go.” He just wanted to die. But why couldn’t he bring himself to hang up?
It hurts so bad… But he replays the phone call in his head everyday. It’s the only thing that keeps him going.

Underswap Papyrus

He has trust issues galore. and because of this, he doesn’t befriend people easily. However, having lived through so many resets, he’s grown to love the friends he’s made through out the game. And he loves his brother more than anything in the world.
Should the call be from one of his friends, he will be very upset. He’ll want to apologize to them, profusely, for not doing more to save them. But they’ll all tell him to stop.
He’ll spend hours on the phone with them, talking about anything he can think of. He won’t say it, but he just doesn’t want either of them to hang up. He doesn’t want to lose them one last time… He’s angry. But he won’t show it…
Why did they have to reappear in his life? Couldn’t they see that he was having a hard enough time thinking that he’d lost them forever? And now he’s going to be teased by phone calls? Did anyone he cared about ever truly die? Why couldn’t he just grieve without being tormented?!

If his dead brother calls him, he’s a mess. He tells Sans that he loves him very much, more than Sans could imagine. Sans says that he loves Papyrus too.
They talk for hours about everything they can. It almost seems like a normal conversation.. But the nagging feeling that this would be their last… It kept Papyrus talking. He refused to end the call.
When Sans says it’s time for him to go, Papyrus begs him not to. For the first time since the call began, Papyrus breaks down into tears. He pleads his brother to stay with him. Just for a minute longer. He can’t bare to lose him again. Not after everything. To know that this was the final time… After all the suffering he went through. All the times he lost his brother, he knew that Sans would come back. But this time he wasn’t… Papyrus can’t handle it.
When the phone call ends, Papyrus’s soul shatters.
He’s reunited with his brother at last. And no one take him away again…

Ooc omgs here I go! Reset post lets do this! Before I get to that though I would like to thank all of you amazing people though. Like honestly. I prolly wouldn’t even be here right now if it weren’t for you guys. It’s been an absolute wild few months and I’m so grateful and happy for your friendship. This is still so surreal to me. It’s been a great what half year now? We’ve been through so much in this rp and I’m just blabbering by now but seriously. Thank. You.
Now! Everything below this has been a part of the neverseen era. These characters don’t remember a thing from it. Sooo yeah. Resetting to lodestars standards now!

Lots of thoughts

((hey my dudes i have a lot to say and i dont wanna clog up you guyses feed with a buch of small ooc posts, so heres a big one. 

Gemma didnt say goodbye when oc swap ended because we had to push her back into the void for naughty children. if Gemmas exessive flirtation or crude language made you uncomfortable this is my sinseir apolagie.. 

as i said before, werewagon wont be in the reset au or the stand swap, there both coming up too soon and there witin the same time as each other and i just don’t want to deal with an event that my heart isnt in. But the blog will still be running even if everyone else is doing the events. 

to be honest with you guys, i should really be takeing a break from this blog, because its a big distraction from a lot of school things i need to be doing. even now im in class suposed to be wrieing an essay. im not gonna take a break from daily werewagon however, i will need you guyses support because im at a streesful time right now. ive gotta apply for a lot of scholorships so i can go to collage and all that jazz. so i may not take a break, but i may get more relaxed.

and on another note, im about 5 or 6 followers away from 200! very exiting! i think i will try to do an art stream where i actualy have my mic on and take requests for doodles. much like what i wanted to do for 100 followers but didn’t.  

also i hope all of you guys are having a nice day! ily all! and sorry for the shit ton of miss spellings of words in this post.)) 

((At first I wasn’t going to do the reset AU simply because I had no ideas, but then inspiration just kind of hit me out of nowhere.

So, with that being said, may I present to you my reset AU version of Daniel, known as Jordan D’Arby.

Now, those of you who know me… know that Jordan happens to be my name. I decided to make reset AU Daniel’s name be Jordan simply because I wanted it to still have “Dan” in it so that it’s close to Daniel, but I didn’t want to just keep the name “Daniel” on its own, since everyone else is changing their characters’ names to some degree or another, and “Danny” sounded too informal for this lad who likes to pretend he’s some sort of gentleman (along with being the name of a dog/mouse)… So, naturally, “Jordan” was the first thing I thought of lmao.

Anyways… more info about this guy under the cut.))

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(( so, earlier I said how i am resetting after i deleted all my bad drafts that i haven’t posted in over the past several days and so,

please like this if you are a mutal and would like a reverse starter or if i can PM you about a plot from daryl, beth, or jesus, or any of my other muses! ))

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why do you hate Westworld? I still can't decide if I want to watch it and I really value your opinion

ah well thank u but my opinion is not objective. lots of people love the show. but i personally could never understand how can someone watch that. i couldn’t even finish the first episode. the show is basically about what would people do if they could do anything and get away with it. so there’s rape and all kinds of violence. some people pay for westworld so they can fulfill their grosses fantasies, while others are kind of just programmed to be their victims. and after some time it all just resets and begins again.

like i said, i didn’t even finish the first episode so i’m not too familiar with what happens after. but from tumblr i gather that some of those programmed victims, puppets or however u call them i don’t even know what they are, they become aware of what’s happening?

anyway, i could never watch something that gross and violent and i honestly can’t understand how can someone enjoy it but to each its own but imma stick to nicer things.


I am deeply obsessed with this soup. It tastes like a smooth, mellow, umami green dream. It’s supremely clean, yet quite a few notches heartier than a broth. And it’s the perfect solution to your winter need for warmth and sustenance without the weightiness of butter and sugar. It’s almost a cleanse in a bowl.

Speaking of which, I need to rant a moment on the subject of cleanses. Because I’m over them. Here’s why:

The science has confirmed you can’t actually detox your body.

Starvation isn’t healthy.

Eating for real health and beauty should be an all the time thing. Don’t harm your body with food just so you can purge later. Kale & Caramel, y'all. Get that balance.

All of that said, I am infinitely cool with periodically hitting the reset button and treating yourself to what my genius friend Amanda Bacon of Moon Juice calls “feasting” rather than cleansing.

My body—and yours—naturally gravitates towards what it truly needs at any given moment. 

Read more and get the recipe here.

Today a fixture wasn’t working

When I got out the Big-Ass Death Ladder to check on it, everything was fine–it had power, was addressed correctly, was getting data

So I was like…I’ll unplug everything and plug it back in…?

Went back to the board to check it and, as I dialed it up I said, “You’re going to turn on now!” in an authoritative voice.

And it did

Was it the reset? Was it what I said? Science will never know!