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hey !! ok so im like super late in joining the snk fandom (ooops) but i am getting super into ereri and was just wondering if you know of any cool fantasy/magic au fics? sorry to bother you, but i know you've been in the fandom for a while now!!

Oh man this list kind of got too long for me and somehow i still feel like i’ve forgotten so many so if anyone notices a fic that should be on here but isn’t, feel free to add it on ^_^

(These are in no particular order btw)

The Wolf and the Mountain - @bfketh
Summary: Levi didn’t really care what people thought he was - demon, spirit, or god - as long as they left him alone.That is until one winter’s day, when a snow storm deposits an injured wolf-spirit practically on his doorstep.

Time Deprives all but Memories - @appleapplepeach
Summary: Living in a future in which survival is their only victory Levi wonders if there can be anything left to lose.Offered a chance to make things right, he discovers that everything has a price…

The Choice - @appleapplepeach
Summary:  After their return from Shinganshina the survivors are doing their best to pick up the pieces. When someone intrudes on their fragile peace, will it be an opportunity–or disaster?

The Gate of the North - @appleapplepeach
Summary: Everyone knows the Survey Corp is the laughingstock of the military, a place for crackpots and weirdos. It doesn’t have the prestige of the MP or the security of the Garrison. The only people who join are people who can’t fit into modern society.It’s been Eren’s dream to join since childhood. Flunking out of school prevents him from attending military college, and he drifts along in life, ignoring his friends’ encouragement to go back to school or start a career.Levi is the gatekeeper of the Northern Gate, the most important (and most troublesome) gate that keeps the human world safe from interference and invasion. When he receives a letter from his cousin asking him to take on her friend for a summer apprenticeship he agrees against his better judgement.Neither of them is expecting the end of the world.

The Strange and the Usual - lalazee
Summary:  When Eren finds himself stuck in what is essentially a halfway house for supernaturally inclined misfits, there’s no stopping the veritable shopping list of events that leave him pushed closer and closer to ex-exorcist, Levi. But when is it ever that simple?

Be her Valentine - @raindrop-rouge
Summary:  Levi’s not all that great at being a Cupid’s Angel, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to redeem himself. It would go a lot better if Eren’s plans for the Angels’ most important day didn’t go directly against his though.

Witch’s Vein and Blood Stains - @monsoondownpour
Summary:  The Survey Corps is in dire need of a new witch after a tragic mission gone wrong resulted in their last ones death. Eren is still young and green as far as witches go, but he has raw talent and a curious mastery over wilderness that Levi can’t help but be drawn to. When circumstances conspire to pit the squad against the same adversary that took Ilse barely a year ago, will they be able to handle the challenge a second time round?

Forbidden Fruit - @monsoondownpour
Summary:  A collection of stories from my Greek Mythology AU where Eren is Persephone, Levi is Hades, and I’ll make everything else up as I go.

Demons and Darkness - @sciencefictioness
Summary:  Levi is a scout, and protects his village day and night from feral yokai, demon like creatures who feast on human flesh. When the chieftan of his village is killed by the beasts, Levi’s father takes over, putting him next in line to lead his people. All Levi wants to do is watch over Mitras with his blade, fighting along side his teacher, who he has been in love with all his life. When he discovers that Erwin is getting married, he heads off into the woods alone to drink and slay demons, trying to forget. He never expects to summon from the darkness a yokai of his own.

A Bird in the Hand - @mongoose-bite
Summary: Little ever changes in the Underworld, and few visit, but the arrival of a single songbird foretells a coming change for both the Underworld and its god, Eren.Spring is here.

Bemused! - @mongoose-bite
Summary: When an artist struggles with his art, sometimes Fate takes pity on him, and sends him a muse.Whether he wants one or not.

Magic does not Make a Garden - @mongoose-bite
Summary: Levi grows his garden peacefully on the edge of the desert, until the day he finds a boy with wings dying of exhaustion and takes him in.

Shooting Unicorns through your Heart - @emiza
Summary:  Eren is a magical girl. He is also very embarrassed over this fact, and the pink and rainbow fluffiness of his outfit, and would rather die than to let anyone see him in his magica glory.
Which is what happens when he climbs into the wrong window at night.

I am the Ocean - @emiza
Summary: Ägir and Ran, brother and sister, were the god and goddess of the ocean. They guarded over the brave Vikings upon their waves, caught them when they fell into deep waters and collected long lost treasures in their names. But as time passed and new gods were born, the world no longer needed the old ones.What happens to gods no one believes in?

Wake Up - @emiza
Summary:  Eren dreamwalks in his sleep and invades people’s dreams by accident. He usually can avoid alerting the dreamer of his presence, but one day he’s caught by a mysterious man whose touch feels like fire. However, the man only thinks of Eren as a figment of his imagination.

A Warm Breath - @ryuusea
Summary: “You’re a human child, aren’t you. You mustn’t touch me then, or I’ll disappear.“One summer when visiting his Uncle Erwin out in the countryside, Eren befriends a mysterious masked man who lives in the forest. They promise to meet every summer from then on.In other words, a story told through summers, year by year, of Eren being a (cute) brat, Levi dealing with said brat, and all the fluff, awkwardness, and strange feelings that come with growing up, despite the limitations placed on their interactions.

Starboy - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary:  In 1996, my boyfriend Eren Jaeger was abducted. In 2014, he suddenly reappeared. Only, he’s still sixteen and what’s more, he doesn’t remember anything that happened to him during his disappearance. This is a story about first loves, humanity, and maybe-alien boyfriends.

The Stag in the Dark - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: After a high school hazing prank goes awry, Eren is forced to work at local “witch” Levi’s knitting shop.

Halocline - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary:  A lousy vacation puts Eren’s life at jeopardy when he goes for a midnight surf and gets caught in a storm only to be saved by a mysterious creature. Eren tries to communicate with his new friend but it’s hard when you don’t speak fish.

Welcome to the Jungle - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: Eren and his crew run heists on magical dispensaries, stealing goods to perform illegal spells until one day things don’t go as planned…

Castle Ghost - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: King’s knight Levi Ackerman comes across a mysterious, seemingly abandoned castle. Eren and friends deal with a meticulous, neat-freak ghost.

Joy to the World - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: Pastel!Eren and Punk!Levi are the last two people on Earth. So they go to the mall.

The Perfect Temperature for Tea - @missmichellebelle
Summary: "I’m a witch.““Like Harry Potter?” A wry smile twists Levi’s lips as he mimes waving a wand. “Wingardium leviosa.”

Stowaway - @onewhositswiththeturtles
Summary:  Levi is the Captain of The Captain’s Killer, the most dreaded pirate ship in all the Caribbean, which hunts its bounty with ruthless efficiency. For years Captain Levi has dodged the Navy’s most decorated Commander, Erwin, and his attempts at sinking Levi’s ship and coercing him into sailing under the Navy’s banner. It seems that Levi will continue sailing the seas as he pleases, answering to no one but the mood of the winds, until a stowaway with a few secrets of his own ends up on his ship and throws everything in disarray.

And then there’s one of mine, Wicked Grace
Summary: “Please take this seriously,” Armin reprimanded. “The game is like Wicked Grace - played to the death. You must never reveal your cards. When you meet the Empress, the eyes of the whole court will be upon you. You’re safer in the fade with Fear demons.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Roleplay Sentence Starters
  • "You'll die! Why are you doing this? Why?"
  • "Well that's just as fascinating as the first 89 times you told me that."
  • "Well I tell you what, that's gonna wear real thin, real fast, bud."
  • " I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you've accepted me despite my blunders. It is good to once again be among friends."
  • "This dumb tree is also my friend."
  • "I have lived most of my life surrounded my enemies. I will be grateful to die among my friends."
  • "Aww, what the hell, I don't got that long a lifespan anyway... "
  • "Well now I'm standing. Happy? We're all standing now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle."
  • "We've already established that you destroying the ship I'm on is not saving me!"
  • "That is the most real, authentic, hysterical laugh of my entire life."
  • "Finger on throat means death!"
  • "They got my dick message."
  • "His people are completely literal. Metaphors go over his head."
  • "That dude there. I need his prosthetic leg. "
  • "God knows I don't need the rest of him. Look at him. He's useless."
  • "Well, supposedly, these bald bodies find you attractive, so maybe you could work out some sort of trade."
  • "That's for if things get really hardcore. Or if you wanna blow up moons."
  • "You just wanna suck the joy out of everything."
  • "Who put the sticks up their butts?"
  • "I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy."
  • "Fine, but I can't promise when all of this is over I'm not going to kill every last one of you jerks."
  • "See, this is exactly why none of you have any friends!"
  • "Oh she has no idea. If I had a blacklight, this would look like a Jackson Pollock painting."
  • "You got issues."
  • "He thinks I'm some stupid thing! He does!"
  • " I didn't ask to be torn apart and put back together over and over and turned into some little monster!"
  • "When I look around, you know what I see? Losers."
  • "You're an imbecile."
  • "I can't believe I got taken down by a raccoon."
  • "Raccoon? What's a raccoon?"
  • "Ain't no thing like me, except me!"
  • "We're just like Kevin Bacon."
  • "I live for the simple things... like how much this is going to hurt!"
  • "Dance-off, bro. Me and you."
  • "I like your knife, I'm keeping it."
  • "Oh, I was just kidding about the leg. I just need these two things."
  • "He said that he may be an... a-hole. But he's not, and I quote, 100% a dick".
  • "Well, I don't know if I believe anyone is 100% a dick."
  • "Let's see if you can laugh after five or six good shots in your freakin' face!"
  • "Creepy little beast!"
  • "I don't learn. One of my issues."
  • "Look at this thing. It thinks it's so cool. It's not cool to ask for help! Walk by yourself, you little gargoyle!"
  • "Hooked on a Feeling, Blue Swede! That song belongs to me!"
  • "Hold on a second, you're being serious right now?"
  • "I can't believe I'm taking orders from a hamster."
  • "You're a good looking girl. You should try to be more nice to people."

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evak tangled au for your prompts?

this is probably not what you wanted but a proper au would take me forever so instead i wrote you a small snippet of what could be an evak tangled au, somewhere in the universe

“You said there’s a lost prince,” Even looks at Isak. “Was he handsome?”

“He was a baby,” Isak blinks. “There was no way to tell.”

Even thinks on this for a moment.

“Do you think he’d be handsome, now?”

Isak looks at Even, disbelieving. “Even, I don’t know, why would I know—why would I think about—”

Even interrupts him. “Do you find men attractive?”

Isak chokes on his fish. “Jesus.”

“Is that a man?” Even furrows his brows. “Is Jesus a man you find attractive?”

“Not unless I want to go to hell,” Isak quips. Even looks at him, expression more perplexed than before. Isak sighs loudly, eyes cast towards the night sky. Their surroundings are illuminated only by the light of the stars and the moon and the fire before them, one Isak had started expertly, after years of living on the run. “No, that’s not – it’s a form of expression,” he shifts his gaze downwards again, meets Even’s stunning blue. He still hasn’t gotten used to the intensity of them.

Even bites his bottom lip. Isak is careful to not follow the movement. “I think that I might be,” Even begins slowly. “I think that might be – wrong,” he finishes, looks at Isak in earnest.

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But You’re the Bad Guy - Theo Raeken Imagine Series

based loosely on this imagine credits to owner for this idea 

Warnings: steamy make out sesh,swearing that’s all i guess

I walked into my class as I normally did not looking up afraid to make eye contact with my peers they thought I was weird. Somehow it felt different today, I couldn’t understand why my heart was racing but just then it hit me Theo my one and only weakness. I looked up big mistake there he was looking directly at me smirking dammit he was seated behind me great. I took my seat just as my teacher came in “class today we’ll be talking about psychology” he spoke.

I felt his eyes burning into the back of my head “y/n” he leaned in and whispered “you’re heart is racing like crazy” I could hear his smirk from here “you nervous or something?” Theo went on. “Mr.Raeken do you have something to add to why serial killers are the way they are?” Mr.Thompson asked raising a brow at Theo “no sir I was just asking Y/n for notes guess she doesn’t have any” Theo’s tone was cold I brushed it off.

I knew it was horrible to not talk to him but I couldn’t he’s the pack’s worst enemy and to have me be seen with Theo or communicating with him was bad news. I wouldn’t risk my friendship with the pack for anyone,Theo especially. He was an asshole he wants to over throw Scott and I’m not going to be the one who helps him accomplish that. But I do admit I have a terrible crush on the power crazed chimera sadly, I knew he couldn’t feel the same so I’ll just say quiet till class was over.

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Wicked Lyric Meme
  • "Isn't it nice to know that good will conquer evil?"
  • "No one mourns the wicked."
  • "The good man scorns the wicked."
  • "Goodness knows, the wickeds lives are only."
  • "Goodness knows, the wicked die alone."
  • "Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?"
  • "Have another drink, my dark eyed beauty."
  • "Woe to those who spurn what goodness they are shown."
  • "Many years I have waited for a gift like yours to appear."
  • "My future is unlimited."
  • "What is this feeling so sudden and new?"
  • "Let's just say, I loathe it all."
  • "Every little trait, however small, makes my very flesh begin to crawl."
  • "There's a strange exhilaration in such total detestation."
  • "I will be loathing you my whole life long."
  • "These things are sent to try us."
  • "The trouble with school is they always try to teach the wrong lesson."
  • "Life's more painless for the brainless."
  • "It's just life, so keep dancing through."
  • "Life is fraughtless for the thoughtless."
  • "Those who don't try never look foolish."
  • "I hope you'll save at least one dance for me. I'll be right there. Waiting. All night."
  • "It's clear we deserve each other."
  • "Finally for this one night, I'm about to have a fun night."
  • "Black is this year's pink."
  • "I've got something to confess. A reason, well, why I asked you here tonight."
  • "We deserve each other. Don't we?"
  • "I've decided to make you my new project."
  • "When someone needs a makeover, I simply have to take over."
  • "You're gonna be popular!"
  • "I'll teach you the proper ploys when you talk to boys, little ways to flirt and flounce."
  • "I'll help you be popular!"
  • "Don't be offended by my frank analysis, think of it as personality dialysis."
  • "Did they have brains or knowledge? Don't make me laugh!"
  • "It's not about aptitude, its the way you're viewed."
  • "He could be that boy, but I'm not that girl."
  • "Don't dream too far."
  • "Don't lose sight of who you are."
  • "Wishing only wounds the heart."
  • "One short day full of so much to do."
  • "I think we've found the place where we belong."
  • "One short day to have a lifetime of fun."
  • "I am a sentimental man who's always longed to be a father."
  • "I think everyone deserves the chance to fly."
  • "Why couldn't you have stayed calm for once instead of flying off the handle!"
  • "I hope you're happy how you hurt your cause forever."
  • "I hope you're proud how you would grovel in submission to feed your own ambition."
  • "I don't want it- no- I can't want it anymore."
  • "Something has changed within me. Something is not the same."
  • "I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game."
  • "It's time to try defying gravity."
  • "Can't I make you understand youre having delusions of grandeur?"
  • "I'm through accepting limits cuz someone says they're so."
  • "Some things I cannot change but til I try, I'll never know."
  • "If that's love it comes at much too high a cost."
  • "I really hope you get it and you don't live to regret it."
  • "If in flying solo, at least I'm flying free."
  • "Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
  • "People are so empty headed, they'll believe anything."
  • "I can't harbor a fugitive. I'm an elected official."
  • "There isn't a spell for everything."
  • "Finally from these powers, something good."
  • "Surely now I'll matter less to you. You won't mind my leaving here tonight."
  • "I've got to go appeal to her. Express the way I feel for her."
  • "You're going to lose your heart to me, I tell you."
  • "I never asked for this or planned it in advance."
  • "If you insist I will be wonderful."
  • "Where I'm from we believe all sorts of things that aren't true. We call it history."
  • "A rich man's a thief or a philanthropist."
  • "Is one a crusader or a ruthless invader?"
  • "It's all in which label is able to persist."
  • "I need help believing you're with me tonight."
  • "My wildest dreamings could not foresee lying beside you with you wanting me."
  • "I'll make every last moment last as long as you're mine."
  • "Maybe I'm brainless, maybe I'm wise, but you've got me seeing through different eyes."
  • "Somehow I've fallen under your spell."
  • "Say there's no future for us as a pair."
  • "Know I'll be here holding you as long as you're mine."
  • "It's just...for the first time, I feel wicked."
  • "Let his flesh not be torn."
  • "Let his blood leave no stain."
  • "Let him never die."
  • "You're the latest victim of my greatest achievment in a long career of distress."
  • "No good deed goes unpunished. That's my new creed."
  • "Was I really seeking good or just seeking attention?"
  • "No good deed will I do again!"
  • "Wickedness must be punished. Evil effectively eliminated."
  • "I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn."
  • "We are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them."
  • "I know I'm wrong am today because I knew you."
  • "Who can say if I've been changed for the better."
  • "Because I knew you, I have been changed for good."
  • "So much of me is made of what I learned from you."
  • "I ask forgiveness for the things I've done you blame me for."

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For the 5 ficlet, how about percabeth and the five times one of them tries getting a pet?


Percy was six years old when his mother took him to the aquarium for the first time. Sally and Gabe had gotten married a few months ago and things at home hadn’t gone the way she planned, but she finally managed to save enough money to take Percy out to a nice place.

Percy was more than happy to visit the aquarium, even though he wasn’t sure why he was hearing voices calling him “Lord”. When he told Sally, she just laughed and told him to find his favorite exhibit, Percy didn’t see the worry on his mother’s face.

Percy loved the aquarium, he couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this happy—well, a time when his mother’s cooking wasn’t involved. They stayed there from opening time until closing, enjoying each other’s company and feeling happy to be together, away from Gabe.

“Can we buy a fish?” Percy said when they were walking back home.

“I don’t think right now is the best time to get a pet,” Sally said, holding his hand a little bit tighter.

“I can take care of it, mom!” Percy replied. “Please! I can buy the food with my allowance!”

“Gabe won’t allow it sweetie, but I promise you, one day I’ll get you a pet,” Sally said.

“But mom!”

“I’m really sorry baby, I truly am.” Sally couldn’t look  Percy in the eyes; she didn’t want to see the sadness in them. “But maybe I can bake you some cookies?”

“Can I help?”  

Sally laughed. “Of course you can! You’re my little assistant after all!”

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What went down in Copycat
  • Alya: I think it's time you called Adrien
  • Marinette: HE MUST NEVER KNOW
  • Alya: you mean about your crush on him? or about some deep and incredibly plot-relevant secret that you're keeping from everyone?
  • Marinette: um...the first one? bc I defs don't have any secrets
  • Alya: yeah I think he already knows you have a crush on him
  • Alya: and probs your secret too honestly
  • Alya: I think we all know about that
  • Marinette: oh come on lemme just call him already
  • Phone: hello you've reached Adrien Agreste, fashion disaster extraordinare, and I think you're stunningly gorgeous
  • Marinette: AAAAAAAAH
  • Phone: psyche, this is his auto-responder, just leave your message now
  • Phone: message saved!
  • Marinette: HE MUST NEVER KNOW
  • Alya: for once I agree
  • Marinette: imma steal his phone
  • Alya: you're gonna what now
  • Marinette: it's what I do best
  • Alya: kk well imma go to this ceremony thing where they're gonna unveil that statue of you
  • Alya: yeah you're defs keepin that secret identity hidden from everyone
  • Adrien: *is cool and has a sword*
  • Plagg: you have one new message!
  • Adrien: lemme listen to it
  • Plagg: oh it's not recorded
  • Plagg: I answered the phone and pretended to be your auto-responder
  • Adrien: well who was it and what did they say?
  • Plagg: it was Marinette basically just being herself
  • Adrien: gotcha
  • Plagg: shouldn't we go to the statue thing
  • Adrien: yep! Plagg, catify me!
  • Chat Noir: *allons-y's himself over to the park*
  • Théo: hey Chat Noir where's Ladybug?
  • Chat Noir: defs on a date with me
  • Théo: um what
  • Chat Noir: you can kiss your chances with her goodbye
  • Théo: I didn't even—
  • Théo: that was weird
  • Théo: anyway I'm sure she's doing something very important
  • Tikki: which one
  • Marinette: ALL OF THEM
  • Tikki: I think maybe you should calm down
  • Tikki: here I found the phone now calm down!
  • Tikki: ok how are you gonna do that
  • Marinette: *spikes phone into the ground*
  • Tikki: I guess that works
  • Chat Noir: well she didn't show up so she defs loves me more than you
  • Théo: why are you going on about th—
  • Théo: fine imma go get akumatized I guess
  • Hawkmoth: hey Théo do you wanna replace that guy
  • Théo: that guy?
  • Hawkmoth: that guy
  • Théo: why would I wanna be that guy
  • Hawkmoth: idk maybe you could steal valuable artworks?
  • Théo: ok I guess
  • Copycat: *steals the Mona Lisa*
  • Roger: ok officers listen up
  • Roger: so Chat Noir's stolen a painting and this is definitely him and there's nothing suspicious about it despite his past behavior not matching this in the slightest
  • Roger: so here's our foolproof plan
  • Roger: when he shows up and says the cat burglar was an imposter imma pretend to believe him
  • Roger: and then imma lead him to where the painting was
  • Roger: and imma trip the alarm to close the gate and trap him in there
  • Roger: and then I'll leave him unsupervised because he defs doesn't have any powers that could break through a metal gate
  • Roger: and that's how we'll capture him bc this is the best possible plan
  • Chat Noir: I'm standing right here
  • Roger: oh hey Chat Noir! you wanna see the site of the burglary
  • Chat Noir: I was gonna be cooperative but you just said you're planning to trap me so instead imma run away
  • Roger: chase after him! with helicopters!
  • Chat Noir: *evades helicopters*
  • Ladybug: *calls Chat Noir*
  • Chat Noir: so just a hunch but the akumatized villain is probs that sculptor guy who said he was gonna go get akumatized
  • Ladybug: kk where you at
  • Chat Noir: I must face him alone
  • Ladybug: ok but here's a better idea
  • Ladybug: what if you face him alone but with backup from me
  • Chat Noir: oh yeah that's way better and I probs won't die now
  • Copycat: HEY GUYS
  • Chat Noir: I guess the cat's out of the bag
  • Copycat: dammit! I was just about to say that! stop stealing my puns
  • Chat Noir: stop stealing my identity
  • Copycat: ok that's a valid piece of criticism and now imma beat you up
  • Ladybug: and imma beat up both of you!
  • Chat Noir: what really?
  • Ladybug: jk no, I have no spoons for this fight
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *spoon happens*
  • Ladybug: correction, I have one spoon for this fight
  • Copycat: you can't beat me with a spoon!
  • Ladybug: *beats him with a spoon*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Chat Noir: no that one's him this is me
  • Ladybug: whoops
  • *beats the actual Copycat with a spoon*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Alya: so Marinette do you still have Adrien's phone
  • Marinette: yeah it's here. and there. and there.
  • Alya: you spiked it into the ground, didn't you
  • Marinette: mebbe
  • Alya: well I'm sure he'll defs date you now
  • Adrien: *defs dates her*
  • Alya: WHAT

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Can you please do a request where josh and you are getting to know each other and definitely like eachother but shortly free he had to leave for tour again so he eventually invites you to join him for a week and the he asks you if you're ready to make it official?

I’m sorry that it took me a little bit, but I hope you like it! And sorry, if some things aren’t the exact way you requested them. But thank you! :)


Getting to know each other

Words: 2074 words

Triggers: None (at least I think so, if not please tell me!)


You met Josh at a party one of your close friends invited you to. At first, you were a little skeptical about him. Of course, you knew that he was a part of the upcoming band called „Twenty One Pilots“. And you expected him to be at least a little bit arrogant since he was somewhat a celebrity.

So as soon as Josh introduced himself to you, you anticipated him to be cocky and full of himself. He was probably used to get all kind of attention from women so you wouldn’t have been surprised if he made somewhat of a move on you. But this didn’t happen.

Instead, Josh was a truly a gentleman. He introduced himself as „Josh“ the friend of Tom, not as „Josh“ the drummer of Twenty One Pilots. Actually, he didn’t even bring his band up, only as he told you funny stories about being on tour with Tyler and the other members of the crew. Josh was genuine and a great guy to talk to. So as the night came to an end, you didn’t hesitate to give him your number, as he asked for it.

Now, a little over a week later, Josh asked you if you wanted to grab a coffee with him, at a little café. The two of you stayed in contact the whole time, messaging and talking on the phone occasionally. But you haven’t had time to properly meet again because you were busy with work.

It wasn’t hard for you to spot the bright yellow hair at one of the booths in the far back, where you could talk without being interrupted by the other loud customers who waited in line. To your surprise, you saw that Josh already ordered the drinks.

„(Y/N), Hi! I already ordered, since I was a little early, I got you a cappuccino with extra caramel syrup, that was it or not..?“

You couldn’t help but to grin, somewhat along the party, Josh asked you what your favorite order at a café was, and he remembered it perfectly.

„You’re right, thank you very much! How much do I owe you?“

As you heard him say, that it was on him, you slid into the bank opposite of him. Even if you wanted to argue about him paying for you, you knew that it would be pointless. Josh and you met only a few days ago and you already had the feeling of knowing him more than a lifetime. It just clicked with the two of you.

„So, how is it going for you? Everything alright with your co-worker or does he keep on annoying you?“ Josh smirked.

„Daniel is just an idiot, really. My boss told him to start working properly and he didn’t listen. Now I have to work twice as much because he got himself fired.“ You couldn’t help but pout. „But actually, I already did all of that, now that I think of it.“

Josh laughed. „Wow, maybe I should start working properly too! I wouldn’t want Tyler to throw me out of the band since I wouldn’t know what to do then. Literally.“

„What do you mean?“

„I wouldn’t want to work at a record store again. And since I didn’t go to college, my work options are very limited, you know?“ He chuckled lightly.

„Wait, what? You didn’t go to college?“ You couldn’t hide your astonishment. In no way were you meaning to be rude, but Josh took your outburst not so well. He got all defensive.

„I’m sorry that I don’t have a degree like you or anyone else for that matter.“ Josh looked away, being mad and slightly embarrassed.

As soon as you noticed your mistake, you took his hand in your own and forced him to look to you again. „I didn’t mean this in any bad way, I was just really surprised, that’s all. To be honest, I kind of envy you. You’re living your dream and didn’t spend many years at college, for a degree that you don’t even use. I’d love to be able to experience this, too. Actually, I majored in literature and where do I work now? At a little clothing store down the street. I don’t even know if I wanna do anything with literature for the rest of my life. But you knew what you wanted to do and you took any chance to get to your dream, even if it meant to take risks.“

Josh just looked at you. Completely amazed. He didn’t know what to say, what to answer. It took him some seconds to get your little monolog in. „I-… You’re literally the first person who told me that. Everyone said how dumb I am for throwing my chance at a good and save future away.“

„Well then, I’m glad to be the first, even if I think that the others are complete idiots.“ You smiled at him, still holding his hand. It felt nice and frighteningly comfortable. Like you’re used to it. What is happening to you? You never experienced those kinds of feelings that fast. You didn’t even know Josh that long!

„(Y/N), actually I wanted to meet with you because I had something to tell you.“ Just hearing those words, made your heart drop into your stomach. There never comes something good out of these kinds of messages.

„You know that Tyler and I tour a lot, and we’re actually leaving Columbus in less than a week again. For several months.“

There it was. You couldn’t help the pang in your heart. It was too good to be true, he’s gonna leave and forget about you.
You didn’t say anything, not because you didn’t want to but because you didn’t know what to say. You never had to experience this kind of situation before. What were you two gonna do? It’s not that you’re actually dating or anything like it, for that matter. Hell, you just met! But that didn’t stop you from falling hard for the yellow-haired drummer.

„I know this sucks. If I could, I would stay here… I really like you,(Y/N), even if we just met.“

You smiled sadly at him, squeezing his hand lightly. „I really like you too, Josh“

„I- okay screw this, I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but do you wanna join? Like, go on tour with me? Even just for a week! I can’t stand the thought of leaving you so suddenly when we are just getting to know each other.“

You were even more speechless than before. Going on tour with him? Like actually touring? That sounded so crazy. But what sounded even crazier, was your answer.

„You’re right, this is crazy… But yes? I wanna go on tour with you?“ Never did you think that you would even consider something like this. Leave everything behind and join some boy you met a few days ago on tour? Like actually touring? You are crazy. But it was Josh, and if you liked it or not, the first time the two of you talked it instantly clicked. You already felt so comfortable around him, which you weren’t even with some of your long-known friends. If you wanted to give this a chance, you had no other choice.

Josh grinned, practically from ear to ear. „Really?“

You nodded, grinning as well. This whole situation was so unreal, you couldn’t believe it.

Before you could even register what was about to happen, Josh put his one hand on your neck and kissed your cheek. „Thank you so much!“

You felt your blood rush to your cheeks. How on earth could you fall so easily and hard for this boy, who was sitting right across from you?

A week has passed and you were currently watching the third show of the boys. Tyler took his wife Jenna with him, who you got along really well. The two of you were watching them perform while talking.

„I’m really glad that Josh met you. He’s doing a lot better now and that’s all because of you. I’m sure he hasn’t told you all of that, but he was single a long time, because normally the girls he was interested in, weren’t so supportive with the band and touring. So he actually gave up on meeting someone, until he saw you.“

You felt your cheeks reddening, as Jenna assumed that the two of you were official. Sure, you both acted like a couple and confessed your liking to each other, but Josh hasn’t made any move for making it official.

„We’re not- Josh and I aren’t together.“

Jenna looked at you like you were crazy. „Please don’t tell me that Josh hasn’t asked you out yet? He’s such an idiot, really.“

You just shrugged, not sure of what you should answer. Hell, you weren’t even sure that he really likes you.

„I need to talk with him, or with Tyler so he talks to him. I’m sure that he already thinks of you as his girlfriend, he probably only forgot to properly ask you.“

„Please, don’t do that, Jenna! He probably has his reasons, why he wouldn’t want to make it official.“ You practically begged her. It would be so awkward if she asked Josh, why he hasn’t asked you out yet. Josh would assume that you asked her to do it and then everything would be over.

„Pfft, he’s head over heels for you, the only reason why he hasn’t made any move yet, is because his dumb head forgot it. Don’t panic, everything’s gonna be alright.“ Jenna smiled at you, which you eventually returned.

The two of you watched the rest of the concert in silence. Jenna watching her husband perform, while you watched Josh drum his heart out. You couldn’t help but stare, seeing him living his dream made your heart flutter. You hoped that Jenna was right because at this point there was no way you could deny your feelings for the yellow-haired boy any longer.

After the concert was over and Josh tackled you in one bone-crushing hug, ignoring the fact that he was a sweating mess, you noticed how Jenna and Mark silently talked while casually glancing in your direction. She wouldn’t…? Oh no.

„Hey, Josh! The others wondered if you and your girlfriend wanted to hang out later, at one of the busses.“ Mark looked at you, trying his best to hide his grin but failing terribly.

„Yeah, why not? You don’t have a problem with that, right (Y/N)?“ You just nodded your head, accepting the offer silently. Why didn’t he correct Marks assumption?

Just as you wanted to ask him yourself, because you couldn’t wait any longer, Josh noticed his little ‚mistake‘.

„Wait- Oh god, I’m sorry.“ Even if you didn’t understand why exactly he was excusing himself, it wasn’t like he hurt your feelings or so, your heart fluttered again because Josh was actually blushing. Probably because of embarrassment. But nevertheless was it cute.

„Don’t say sorry, it’s no problem.“ You gave him a reassuring smile, hoping that he would take the hint and finally ask you. 

But nope. Josh just kissed your cheek and told you that he was going to take a quick shower before you two meet the others.

As you wanted to go to the bus, where you were staying at, you heard Josh calling for you. „Wait (Y/N)! I forgot something!“

You turned around, looking expectingly at him. „What?“

„I- err,“ He took a deep breath, before answering your question. „Do you wanna be my girlfriend?“

You couldn’t believe your ears. Was he serious?

„I’m sorry that it took me Mark’s assumptions to finally ask you, but to be honest I already thought of you as my girl, so… I don’t know why I didn’t ask you sooner.“

As you heard him, you couldn’t help but chuckle. „Good to know that you already claimed me as yours, before I even knew it.“

Josh looked at you, shrugging lightly while smiling like the cute idiot that he is. „So, you wanna be mine officially?“

„Yes, I’d love that, you dork.“ And with that, you leaned in to kiss him. Just as your lips touched, you heard Jenna scream.

„Yes! Finally! Took you long enough, Josh!”

The two of you burst out laughing. Now, the yellow-haired drummer was finally yours, and you wouldn’t want to change that for anything in the world.

#132 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “the reader busking in a town and she sings catb songs and she’s really good and Van sees her and think she’s really good at singing and playing guitar and he joins her. Then he starts to fall for her and they always sing on the street together and he takes her touring with her and brings her on stage to sing with him sometimes” and “a fic where the reader is opening up for catfish and over time grows a relationship with van cuz they’re like touring together n stuff??”

Note: If this is your jam, you may like the one I wrote about Van falling for another singer he meets at a festival (click here), and the same prompt written by @you-andthebottlemen (click here).

You don’t remember how the CD found its way into the rest, but you owned a demo of some band called Catfish and the Bottlemen. One Sunday afternoon, alone in the house and all out of inspiration, you found it between One Hot Minute and Black Market Music. You held it up and read the unevenly cut piece of paper. It didn’t say much. You put the disk in the player and laid back on the floorboards.

The music was badly recorded but it was full of heart. The lyrics were catchy and you liked how unpretentious they were. Melodies of potential, and rises and falls that begged to be heard live. You started to listen to it daily, and after teaching yourself the chords to a couple of the songs you began to incorporate them into your busking.

It wasn’t those songs that caught the attention of a boy in ripped up jeans and a dirty leather jacket; it was your cover of Crazy Love. He was walking through the park and recognised the notes. You didn’t see him approach, but smiled when he stood in front of you. A few people walked past, dropping loose change and notes into your guitar case. You nodded at each of them as you sung. The boy, though, stood motionless apart from his hand lifting a cigarette to his lips every now and then. When the song was over, he clapped.

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anonymous asked:

If you're taking prompts.... (>.>) ... (<.<) ... Prinxiety and i give you a choice: 15, 16/31 (pretty much the same, but one works better with Roman, while the other with Anxiety) or 34, sorry if it's a tad too much, gonna go annon for this, byeeee, have a nice day/evening

Welp I tried using all of them.

Warnings: blood mention, sleeping medication mention

15. “Don’t die on me - please”

16. “I never meant to hurt you”

31. “I fucked up”

34. “I don’t deserve to be loved.”


Anxiety was running. He was running as fast as he could, desperately, never thinking he would actually have enough breath and energy to run so far away in so little time. But no matter how fast he ran, the mistake had already been done.

No matter how much he tried to say to himself that it was Prince’s fault, he couldn’t convince himself. Not when he saw it happen. Not when he watched the act. Not when he was the one that put them in that mess and the one guilty for…

No. He wasn’t dead yet.

He couldn’t be.

He heard Morality’s and Logic’s screams after him, begging for him to come back. The nightmare wasn’t over. The monster was still free, wondering, and Anxiety wasn’t safe, not in an open field, not without any armor or weapon to defend himself, but neither was Prince.

Run. You can save him. Run!

You can’t save him. You killed him Anxiety. You fucked up. You hurt him.

You didn’t mean it. It wasn’t your fault! You didn’t mean to hurt him in any way!

Maybe it is easier this way. You won’t have your heart broken by a rejection. Like this you can let go and forget him. You didn’t deserve to be loved anyway.

Run Anxiety! Don’t listen to them! Your speed is lowering! He won’t make it unless you get there!

Anxiety felt his eyes tearing up as he ran, sobs coming out of his mouth as he approached Prince’s body, laid on the ground, filled with cuts and bruises and blood and he was so destroyed. It didn’t look like Prince at all.

“Roman!” he yelled out, falling next to him and taking his head carefully on his lap, tears falling over his chest as he gently pushed his hair away, seeing with hope as the royal coughed weakly, showing signs of life. “Roman!”

“An…” he muttered, and then coughed again, blood coming out, painting his clothes. Anxiety held him close, looking around, not knowing how to begin taking care of him.

“D-don’t worry. You will be okay!” he said, shakily, moving to remove his coat and put it over his body, but as he did it, Roman placed his hands over Anxiety’s arms, a weak smile on his face.

“An… It’s no use” he muttered, and a sob left Anxiety’s mouth. Suddenly, the sound of a wild animal came to his ears and he flinched, moving closer to Roman. “Go… Take shelter…”

“N-no. I am not leaving without you” he said, voice shaken, broken, as he avoided sobbing the most. He put his arm under Prince’s legs and under his back, trying to lift him up but failing, a sob leaving his mouth as he realized there was no way of taking him away from the battle field. “Roman!”

“Save yourself” he said, shakily, but eyes firm, decided. Anxiety whimpered, the tears falling from his eyes, showing how desperate he was. “Please…”

“N-no. This is my fault! You can’t… You can’t die here” he said, the animal sounds becoming louder as time passed, but Prince just smiled, weakly, and lifted one hand to caress Anxiety’s cheek.

“You are… beautiful” he said, cleaning his tears gently. “Don’t let… People… Say different”

“Roman” Anxiety sobbed out, holding him closer, gently. “Don’t die on me. Please. Roman, I need you. If you are not there… How will Thomas live? How will we live? You are our leader…”

“Hide away An” Prince repeated, weakly, holding his shirt and closing his eyes, a painful expression taking over his features. “Please. Just… go”

Anxiety sobbed deeply and hugged the prince under him, sobbing against his chest as the animal sounds became louder and louder, closer and closer.

“I… I love you…”

Suddenly, Anxiety opened his eyes widely and looked around, scared. He blinked, slowly, and rubbed his tearful eyes, confused, shaken, heartbroken. He was in his room. Why?

“Time for breakfast. Dad told me to call you” he heard Prince’s voice outside, before steps going down the stairs. A nightmare. That was all it was. A nightmare.

Anxiety groaned and closed his eyes, trying to make the feelings go away as fast as he could. After all, if he saw Prince in that state, he would probably hug him and that would be weird.

After a deep sigh, he stood up and walked to his bathroom.

He needed sleeping meds. Those nightmares were ending him.

Shrek (2001) Starters
  • "What's that? It's hideous!"
  • "We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I'm making waffles!"
  • "Man, this would be so much easier if I wasn't COLOR-BLIND!"
  • "I like that boulder. That is a NICE boulder."
  • "Whoa. Look at that. Who'd wanna live in a place like that?"
  • "Well, I have to save my ass."
  • "Example... uh... _______ are like onions!"
  • "Oh, you both have LAYERS. Oh. You know, not everybody like onions. CAKE! Everybody loves cake! Cakes have layers!"
  • "Well, let me put it this way, Princess: men of his stature are in SHORT supply."
  • "Yeah, it's getting him to shut up that's the trick!"
  • "You know, (name)... when we first met, I didn't think you were a big, stupid, ugly ______."
  • "Eat me!"
  • "Okay, I'll tell you... Do you know... the Muffin Man?"
  • "She's married to the Muffin Man..."
  • " So where is this fire-breathin' pain in the neck, anyway?"
  • " You can't do this to me, (name), I'm too young for you to die! Keep your feet elevated! Turn your head and cough! Does anybody know the Heimlich...?"
  • "Huh, celebrity marriages. They never last, do they?"
  • "But this isn't right! You're meant to charge in, sword drawn, banners flying! That's what all the other knights did!"
  • "I'll find those stairs. I'll whip their butt, too. Those stairs won't know which way they're going... take drastic steps, kick it to the curb. Don't mess wit' me. I'm the Stair Master. I've mastered the stairs. I wish I had a step right here, right now, I'd step all over it..."
  • "LOVE me? She said I was ugly, a hideous creature! I heard the two of you talking!"
  • "Well, I have a bit of a confession to make: _____ don't have layers. We wear our fear right there on our sleeves."
  • "Hey! I'm nobody's messenger boy, all right? I'm a delivery boy!"
  • "All right, you're going the right way for a smacked bottom."
  • "Like THAT's ever gonna happen! What a load of..."
  • "The line, the line you gotta wait for: the priest's gonna say "Speak now or forever hold your piece", and you rush in and say "I object!"
  • "Then ya gotta, gotta try a little TENDERNESS! Chicks love that romantic crap!"
  • Wow! Only a TRUE friend would be that cruelly honest!"
  • "Now really, it's rude enough being alive when no one wants you, but showing up uninvited to a wedding?"
  • "Oh, I know. Maybe I could have decapitated an entire village, put their heads on a pike, gotten a knife, cut open their spleens and drink their fluids. Does that sound good to you?"
  • "The battle is won. You may remove your helmet, good Sir Knight."
  • " Let's just say, I'm not your type, all right?"
  • "Oh, that's funny. Oh. Oh. I can't breathe. I can't breathe."
  • "...And then one time I ate some rotten berries. Man, there were some strong gases seepin' outta my butt that day!"
  • "Thank you, thank you very much. I'm here 'til Thursday. Try the veal."
  • "There's an arrow in your butt!"
  • Because that's what friends do, they FORGIVE EACH OTHER!"
  • "Don't worry, (name). I used to be afraid of the dark until... No, wait. I'm still afraid of the dark."

Prompt: Clash of social classes in which Luhan is poor

Genre: ??? I actually have no idea how to categorize this. Mild angst? Idek

Word Count: 1987

The first time you saw him, you had to do a double take.

Yeah, he had some dirt and grime smudged into his skin, clothes that had seen better days, and his hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in a while, but he was still cute. In fact, you didn’t look back at him because of his clothing status, or hair; there were plenty of other people on the streets like that. You looked back because he was handsome, and it wasn’t until you took the second glance that you noticed his ragged appearance. And putting both observations together caused confusion, or was it intrigue?

Whatever it was, it made you slow down because you began to stare.

He noticed.

You quickly looked forward again and began walking to the subway entrance a little bit faster, failing to see him duck his head to stare back at the ground as soon as your eyes met.

Every day, when you walked to the subway to go home, he was there, sitting against an old building, sometimes singing, and always a tin can for charity change which sat in front of him. Beside him, there lay an old, yet reliable backpack with rationed food, water bottles, a blanket, a jacket, and the money he received from yesterday.

Every day you’d pass by him, and every day the two of you would make fleeting eye contact.

It wasn’t until one day, a month later, that you got off work early and stopped to listen to him sing. He had his eyes closed, and he was leaning back with his hand folded over his chest. If he wasn’t singing, you’d think he was sleeping.

His voice was sweet and captivating and when he held out his last note, you found yourself wishing the song didn’t end.

He opened his eyes and looked up at you.

You startled back a step, blinking a few times, before clearing your throat and pulling out the first bill in your bag that your fingers felt to drop it into the can.

“You have a really nice voice,” you said with a friendly smile.

“Thanks. That took a while to say hello, though, not gonna lie.” He grinned back.

“Well…yeah, yeah it was. What’s your name?”

“Luhan. Yours?”

“Can I treat you to some coffee?”

It had been a couple weeks since you made acquaintances with Luhan, and every day on your way home, you would greet each other and whatever spare change you had was dropped into his can with soft, metallic clanking. Now you wanted to treat him to some coffee, spend a little free time together. He was cool.

“I don’t want to bother you with-”

“Nah, don’t worry about it, Luhan. I wanna hang out with you. Tell me a story or something.”

“Well…I guess, yeah. Sure. Thanks.”

“So where did you go yesterday?” You asked as he sipped his cup. “I didn’t see you at your spot.”

“I was at a hotel.”

“A hotel? Why?”

“To wash up. Once I save enough money, I can get a proper bed, a warm shower, TV, room service, though I rarely order it. I only get it if I really have enough.”

“So you only get to shower once every week or so?”

He took a long draw from the steaming cup before answering. “Warm shower,” he corrected. “I wash up whenever I can, and I take the little shampoo things from the rooms. But I go if I have enough. That’s after making sure I have enough to feed myself and get water and other essentials. Sometimes it’s choosing between a blanket or a bed. Winter can get pretty harsh, but people tend to be more generous around Christmas time. Sometimes I get enough to stay at a hotel for two days. Summer is the worst though. It’s hot and you’re all sweaty and gross and that just adds more negative appeal to your appearance.” He took another gulp.

You sat there, watching the steam rise and curl from your coffee, letting his words sink in.

“So you really are homeless?”

He chuckled. “Believe me. If I had a place to settle down, I would.”

“How long have you lived like this?”

“Hmmm…a couple years? I moved from my old spot because some of the guys there were getting troublesome and I like my face.”

“It’s a good face.”

“You know it,” he replied with a smirk. “But just so you don’t get the wrong idea,” his face grew serious again, “I don’t sit against that wall all day begging for money. It’s humiliating, honestly. Anyone who begs has to stuff down and even destroy whatever pride they have in themselves to ask strangers for money, and all we can be is thankful because without their charity…well, too bad the world revolves around wealth.”

“Would it…would it be too much to ask what happened?”

He shook his head. “Nah…not really. A lot of people actually have the same or similar stories.” He downed the last of his coffee and took a bite of the pastry you bought him. “Basically what happened was I made a bad investment at the worst time. I loaned my friend a good bit of money to help support him in his business that he wanted to start, and it had a good future if it wasn’t for the city’s economic downturn four years ago. His business was crushed, he couldn’t pay me back, a bunch of people like myself got laid off, I couldn’t pay for my bills or my home, and eventually I had to move out to the streets.”

“I’m so sorry that happened.”

“Yeah, I am too, but right now, the best I can do is just get by and save money as best as I can.” He took another bite and chewed slowly, staring at a spot on the table. “It’s funny,” he said after he swallowed, “most people who are homeless don’t actually live on the streets. Even I don’t stay out here for too long. I usually crash at a friend’s house, like most, but I felt bad for mooching all the time so I’m just…enjoying the fresh air…I actually know quite a few kids who are homeless too.”


“Mhmm. If parents lose their jobs, their homes, so do their kids. The sad thing is, since most places require a solid bank account and address and stuff, it’s really hard to get back on your feet once it’s gone. Believe me, not all of us are junkies or alcoholics. A lot of us are trying to get a home, a job, our lives back. Even people who work can be homeless too. I’m working, but housing can get really expensive in the cities so I’m saving as much as I can for a small apartment at least…sorry, I’m rambling.” He took another bite.

“No, it’s fine. It's…a bit of a perception change.”


“So what do you do.”

“Ambitiously washing dishes. My shift ends about half an hour before you pass by and then I sing a little sometimes, it helps.”

You finished your coffee. Here was this pleasant, friendly person with a nice sense of humor and a good heart, working as best as he could and still barely scraping by each day. A world revolving around money instead of character. And here you were working a solid job with great pay, with a huge inheritance from your family, and living in the penthouse suite of the chain of apartments your family also owned.

“Hey, Luhan?”


“I uh…my family actually owns quite a few apartment complexes, condos and such. I can see if we can give you an address to keep, I’m sure we can, and you can pay it off when you can and I can help you if you want. Please let me help you.”

He stared at you, wide-eyed and still processing. It took a few moments to for him to clear his throat to reply. His eyes hardened with cautious defense.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way but homeless people can disappear easily and pretty much no one would notice. How do I know you aren’t gonna, I dunno, sell me or something. I don’t even know who you really are.

This startled you. “O-oh. Well, I…damn, I-I’m sorry. I didn’t think of how weird it might be for you but I, uh…”

You pulled out your phone and typed your family name into the search engine. You started laughing, unable to believe you were actually looking yourself up.

“Here. I know this is super weird and stuff but this is really me. I just, I just really want to help a friend out.”

He stared.

“What the fuck? You're…you’re rich? Like rich, rich! How-what?”

“I really-”

“No. Hold up. You’re super rich like, really fucking rich?”

“My family is. I still work.”

“But you-what are you, some billionaire philanthropist? What are you doing just talking with me over a cup of coffee? Shouldn’t you be living in some CEO penthouse suite for the rest of your life? Why do you use the subway? The fuck?!”

“My parents raised me to earn my money. My family is rich but I’m not so different from regular people either, and I guess I just got used to taking the subway. Seriously though, I…I wanna help you out.”

He chewed on his lip, turning the whole situation over in his mind.

“But I-I don’t have enough…well, enough anything to pay you back. Why would you-”

“Please. Don’t worry about it. Think of it like…like I’m making an investment. As long as you work hard.”

“You’re serious?”


“This isn’t some sort of joke, you’re actually gonna help?”

“Yes, I am. It’s just not fair for you, for anyone.”

He looked down. “The world isn’t fair, but damn.” He looked you in the eyes, his emotions swimming and you could tell he was forcing himself not to cry. “Thank you. Thank you so much. It’s been so hard when almost everyone passes by you without looking, and when they do it’s with pity or contempt or disgust. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really don’t know how to thank-” His voice broke and he began sobbing, biting back the sounds that wanted to escape from his throat. He just hid his face in his hands, as his shoulders shook with the weight of life being lifted off, even if it was just a little.

You had invited him to your penthouse suite for a warm dinner and a nice shower and the spare bed while everything got sorted out.

You changed into something more comfortable and when you left your bedroom, you found him standing close to the window wall. He looked down, watching the night lights of the city, the moving life so far beneath him.

“It’s beautiful,” he said quietly.

“Yeah,” you stood next to him and looked down. “Yeah, it is.” Seeing the city from so far up in his point of view, his view that was always on the stained concrete, it really was very beautiful.

“Maybe that’s why so many people in this position are ruthless, thinking they’re better than the rest of us,” he whispered mostly to himself. “They’re just so used to looking down on everyone. And everyone seems to have to look down on someone else to feel better about themselves…isn’t it sad?”

You could only nod and you stared at the breathing lights below.

“Thank you for not being that kind of person, and don’t let the fleeting image of money or power cloud your kindness. Because anyone. Anyone can become homeless. Who are we to put our security in bits of paper and the intangible concept of ownership. All our stuff will go to someone else sooner or later, so why should it matter so much?”

Lucas/Maya One Shot...Kinda
  • Setting: Outside Topanga's. Lucas enters store, sees Josh with mystery girl in booth, talking close and laughing together, backs to the door. Lucas turns around and stops Maya short in her tracks:
  • Lucas(dodging and blocking her as she tries to look/get past him): Hey! Hey. Hey Hi. How are you?
  • Maya (Confused, annoyed): I’m…fine? I’ll be better once I get my smoothie though, so if you’ll just kindly move out of my way-
  • Lucas (Physically blocking her again, coaxing her like a child): -Orrrr maybe we could go get ice cream. You like ice cream, right? Yea? Come on, you know you do….mint chip? Chocolate? Strawberry with fudge? Isn't that your favorite? Great so let’s go then-
  • Maya(Increasingly annoyed): No-get off me Huckleberry I don’t want ice cream, I want a smoothie. “Lets go get a smoothie” means let’s get a smoothie not let’s get to the place where they sell the smoothies then decide to go get ice cream.
  • : Gives him strange look as she passes:
  • You are SUCH a freak sometimes…
  • Lucas(to himself): Nobody ever listens to the freak.
  • : Lucas follows Maya inside
  • Maya (Has spotted Josh, stopped short): Oh. So that’s why you didn’t want me to come in.
  • : Maya turns and walks back outside, Lucas follows:
  • Lucas: Maya, I…
  • Maya (Shaking her head): You know what? It’s fine.. We said the long game, didn’t we? We never said right now. If he want’s to…talk with someone else then that’s just part of the deal we made. It doesn’t mean anything changes between us, right?
  • Lucas: I-I don't know...
  • Maya (tearing up, desperately): No I’m right Lucas, say I’m right... You’re Mr. Moral Compass you know the difference between right and wrong, tell me that it’s fine he’s in there with some other girl and that it doesn’t change anything.
  • Lucas (Beat): …Okay. It doesn’t change anything then.
  • Maya (Wiping tears, fake chuckling): Great. So…How about ice cream?
  • Lucas (Looking back into Topanga's): Sure. Good idea. Just… give me a sec, OK?
  • Maya: You’re not gonna try and be a hero are you, cowboy? Because he’s obviously…busy and I don’t need to go bothering him-
  • Lucas: -I just need to use the little boys room, is that allowed?
  • Maya: …Oh. Ok. Gross.
  • : Maya exits up stairs:
  • : Lucas enters, taps shoulder of Josh:
  • Josh: …Lucas? Uh, hi, whats up man, how’s it going-
  • Lucas: -How could you do this?
  • Josh: Do what?
  • Lucas(gesturing at Josh and girl): This, how could you possibly do this to Maya?
  • Josh(Gesturing towards girl): Dude!
  • : Josh gets up and pulls Lucas aside:
  • Maya and I had an understanding-
  • Lucas: Yea? Did your understanding include her coming in here to see you sitting with another girl, again, and then go running out of here crying...AGAIN?
  • Josh: I...I didn’t know she would be here-
  • Lucas: -You didn’t know she would show up at a place she goes almost every day after school?
  • Josh: Well I didn’t think-
  • Lucas: -You didn't think.
  • Josh: Ok hey, wait a second, that's not very fair. I TOLD Maya she should focus on the now, that we both needed to live our lives.
  • Lucas: Do you think that makes any kind of difference when she walks in here and sees something like this?
  • Josh: It wasn’t like I was trying to hurt her. It was an honest mistake-but you know, Mr. Western Hero, you sure are getting pretty heated about something that isn't really your concern.
  • : Maya enters, standing watching, Lucas and Josh don't notice:
  • Lucas: Except it does concern me. Because I care about Maya…a LOT. She's one of my best friends and the most selfless person I know. She would do anything to make the people she loves happy and she deserves someone who can give that back to her.
  • Josh: I want to see her happy.
  • Lucas: Do you? Cause if I were you I would-
  • Josh: But you're not me.
  • Lucas: Nope. I'm not.
  • : Stares at ground, long beat, thinking/hesitating, launches into speech:
  • Do you even see the real her? Or really know her at all? How unbelievably beautiful, creative, and funny she is? Not to mention brave? Do you? Because if you don’t Josh? Walk away. Walk away now. Maya doesn’t need any more reasons to feel broken. And she definitely doesn’t need to get caught up in waiting around for some guy who isn’t going to take her feelings seriously. She needs someone who is going to appreciate how special she is.
  • Josh: And who is that someone supposed to be? You, Lucas? That person is supposed to be you?
  • Lucas: I didn’t say that-
  • Josh: -You CHOSE Riley. Not Maya. Riley. Or do you not remember that?
  • Lucas: Of course I remember, but that doesn’t mean-
  • Josh: -That you don’t like her?
  • Lucas: This isn’t about me this is about Maya-
  • Josh: -Oh no I think this is definitely about you too, man. You still like her…You still like her a lot.
  • : Lucas stares at Josh, they don’t break gaze:
  • Lucas (Gets serious, close to Joshs face, quietly and fiercely): All I know, is that if I see her cry over you one more time, I might have to ruin the reputation I’ve worked so hard to get around here. And I’d rather not do that. So how about you just do whatever it takes to fix this and save us all the trouble.
  • : Josh looks past Lucas, sees Maya. Lucas catches his gaze, turns around to see Maya there:
  • Maya: Lucas…I-
  • : Lucas gives one last glare at Josh, storms out past Maya. Maya stares in disbelief for a second, then follows him out:
  • Maya: Lucas!
  • : Lucas turns around on the stairs:
  • Maya: ….Thank you? What you said, I mean, I didn't think you-
  • Lucas(Shrugging): Don't mention it. It was nothing.
  • : Lucas exits:
  • Maya(to herself, confused): It was definitely something.

anonymous asked:

about maz kanata's line to rey, "they are never coming back..." you say it sort of resolves the answer of luke not being rey's father, but how would maz know that? how would she know if luke had a child or not? she's a friend of han's, but i don't think she knew luke. knew of him, obviously, but what would be your reasoning on how maz would know?

you’re coming at this from the wrong angle. here are the pertinent lines

           Don't give up. He still might show
           up. Whoever it is you're waiting
           for. Classified. I know all about
          BB-8 BEEPTALKS a question.

                          REY (CONT'D)
           For my family. They'll be back.
           One day. Come on.
          She tries to force a smile, but can't, really. She heads
          off. BB-8 BEEPS... then heads after her.

here rey says that she’s waiting for her family. we also know she was old enough to remember them when she was left so whoever left her she identifies as her family


           You're offering me a job.

           I'm thinking about it.
          Rey wants to say yes. But something stops her. A line she
          can't cross.

                          HAN (CONT'D)

           If you were, I'd be flattered. But
           I have to get home.
          Han looks at her, questioningly.

          Rey looks off, in thought. Yeah, Jakku.

           I've already been away too long.


          Finn heads off. Rey gets up to follow. Maz dials her lenses
          back to normal, and turns to Han.

           Who's the girl?


           I have to get back to Jakku.

           Han told me.
           (reaches out, hold REY'S HAND)
           Dear child. I see your eyes. You
           already know the truth. Whomever
           you're waiting for on Jakku, they're
           never coming back. But... there's
           someone who still could.


           The belonging you seek is not behind
           you. It is ahead.

so maz asks han who the girl is and han tells her [something we don’t know, damnit jj, but it involves that rey wants to go back to jakku].

then based on what han told her and her force eye powers she tells rey that REY already knows the truth, and that truth is that whoever she’s waiting for on jakku are never coming back. and we know she’s waiting for her family. ergo, rey’s family are never coming back

moving onto the next part: “but there’s someone who still could. luke”. and the stuff about belonging being ahead. the word BUT implies it’s someone DIFFERENT from rey’s family, and that someone is identified BY REY as luke. rey herself identifies luke as someone who is not her family. this is supposed to tell us that what rey wants so badly– a sense of belonging, a family– is going to come from someone who isn’t her family: luke. and finn tbh, i mean don’t forget this scene

           Finn. What are you doing here?!

           We came back for you.
          She is speechless -- this is all she's ever wanted anyone to
          do. Chewie TALKS -- and Rey's eyes nearly tear up.

finn is her family now. as was han for a short time. tfa is about found family– for her, for finn, for han and leia who lost a son, and in tlj, for luke, although we have yet to see how that plays out. (daisy also said that rey and luke’s relationship in tfa is about when you “meet your hero”).

and remember that the writers KNOW rey’s origins. so get inside the writers’ heads. why would they choose to write that maz scene? why would they put in the effort to have a major part of the movie be rey learning to let go of the past (her family) and recognize that she has found a new one?

so what IS rey’s backstory?

well, jakku is important for multiple reasons. it was part of palpatine’s contingency plan (look it up on wookieepedia) and there was a big battle there after episode 6 that resulted in ships with salvageable parts being left scattered. so a system of scavenging these parts was set up by a hutt businesswoman named niima– hence, niima outpost. which is where unkar plutt operated, exchanging food portions for parts. we see plenty of people in this system, essentially in indentured servitude being payed way less than the worth of the items they scavenge.

when rey was five she was left with unkar plutt (he’s the one holding her arm in the flashback) implying she was sold into this system of near-slavery. it doesn’t really seem like she was left there to “keep her safe”… i mean barring a harry-left-with-the-dursleys situation lmfao. but overall it seems to me more like she’s just one of many people who found themselves in this system.

what else is on jakku? the church of the force village where lor san tekka, an old friend of luke and leia’s, retired, and has a clue to luke’s location. and then both poe and kylo ren show up at the same time to get it. at no point during these proceedings does anyone seem aware of rey– ie, it doesn’t seem like lor san tekka was watching over her like obi-wan was with luke. i’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s meant to be a coincidence rey is on the same planet. well, not a coincidence, as they have given us good reason for both important and unimportant people to be there. it’s actually genius writing tbh.

SO i will entertain the idea that rey is luke’s daughter now. how does that fit in to everything we’ve established? well, since she was five years old when she was left there, i’m gonna rule out a scenario where she’s stolen from luke AT THAT AGE because everyone would know he had a five year old daughter who was stolen. then there’s the fact that there’s about 10 years between rey being left on jakku and the destruction of luke’s jedi. she would be 14 at the time this happens so i’m also ruling out her being one of his original students who was somehow saved from the purge, because the timeline is a decade off. i’m also ruling out him keeping her a secret, again this was years before anything went wrong so i don’t understand WHY or HOW he would or could keep it a secret.

so what else is possible? maybe the mother never told luke she was pregnant and left before there were any signs. maybe luke knew she was pregnant but then she left, or was kidnapped, or had to leave, or ran away.

and then what? she had the daughter of the most famous person in the galaxy. she raised her for five years without anyone knowing. said daughter had a good impression of her childhood. and then the mother left the daughter on jakku to be a slave. wait, what? k that makes no sense. backtrack. maybe the mother got in some kind of trouble– bad people found out who rey was, and she HAD to … leave her on jakku to be a slave? i guess? or maybe she went there to find lor san tekka but something happened and she had to leave rey? idk. my problem with any of these scenarios is that it’s not natural to write them. i can come up with them if forced to explain reysky being left on jakku by her mom, but i would never write that in the first place. and the writers– lucasfilm story group, and jj and michael arndt and lawrence kasdan– they weren’t writing this because they were forced to come up with an explanation to a fan theory, they were writing whatever they wanted from the beginning.

i mean the very origin of this scenario, luke having s*x with a woman who then leaves before he knows she’s pregnant, barely makes sense in the first place. was it a one night stand type situation? he doesn’t seem like the type. or did they fall in love but then she left or had to leave or something? in that case wouldn’t leia and han know that he had a significant other? if not then he kept it a secret. why would he keep it a secret 10 years before anything went wrong? you know? like it’s just so contrived.

not to mention that rey remembers a family, not just one person. i highly doubt they would have her say “my family” instead of “my mother” if it was just her mother so there were probably other people. maybe the mother found a new husband (or wife…) before rey was young enough to remember. or maybe rey was stolen from the mother and the people she thought were her family were impersonators? or the mom was killed, or died in childbirth? but i’m getting off track because that really seems too complex and i don’t think they would fridge the mom like that

and who even would the mother be?! why is literally no one even mentioning this? do you think kathleen kennedy’s ass would let a white woman go unnoticed like that? in ANY reysky scenario luke had a CHILD with SOMEONE. the mother is CRITICAL. and imo the mother is where reysky as a theory falls apart. it’s just… so impossible. lol like MAYBE at first he was trying to follow the old jedi code so he kept his significant other a secret, and then she left. MAYBE. but that still brings us back to how the mother ended up leaving rey on jakku in that horrible situation. but like this is why i’m critical of reyskys’ motivations. if she’s luke’s daughter i want to know every detail about the mother and how rey ended up where she did. but reyskys are always just like “she’s a skywalker” and leave it at that.

and that’s what’s funny. a year and a half ago EVERYONE was SO SURE rey was han and leia’s daughter. LMFAO. talking about how rey was dressed like han and her full name was kira rey solo and whatnot. like there was a reason for that: it would make no sense for luke to have a secret daughter AND baby mama. and everyone knew it. this is why it’s hard for me to take reyskys seriously. anyway

(also one last thing, before tfa came out we had no idea who kylo ren was. when, in the movie, we found out he was han and leia’s son, that was a reveal, a twist. THAT was the secret skywalker child moment. that’s the whole point, they DID reveal a secret skywalker but it was the villain!)

SOOOOOOOOOOOO ANYWAY reigning it in– if the writers did intend for rey to be luke’s daughter we’re back to our original question of why they would do that maz scene. see where i was coming from now? if your intention as a writer is for her to FIND HER FAMILY at the end of the movie, why would you have a major character moment be her realizing her FAMILY IS NEVER COMING BACK, but the very person she finds at the end of the movie still could. do you see how illogical that is? the ONLY possibility is if they’re using it as a technicality, like her MOTHER is never coming back but her FATHER still could… but… it just seems so unlikely to me that that was their motivation when writing that scene. you wouldn’t in your head have this whole important backstory about her mother raising her and then being forced to leave her because something goes wrong, and then write it off like that. in my onion, that scene only makes sense if, as a writer, rey’s backstory is that she was left by random people for whatever reason, and you want to show that she needs to let go of that hope because her new family is right before her eyes.

so it’s not about whether maz would know or not, it’s that we’re never meant to assume that it’s a thing for maz TO know in the first place.

as usual, and i can’t believe i have to announce this every time i say i’m a rey random, but i’m pro finnrey, pro jedi finn, anti reylo.

astrangertomykin  asked:

Imagine Dex as one of those extreme coupon people who like save every thing possible because you never know when you're gonna need 12c tuna. Maybe Nurse is visiting in Maine and joins Dex on the grocery run and is mortified but slightly turned on

it’s 1:25 am and i’m sorry that this is the worst thing i’ve ever written this coupon au deserves better tbh


“Nursey,” Dex hissed, shaking his boyfriend awake. “Nursey, wake up. Get up. We gotta go shopping.”

Nursey hissed as Dex turned on the light. “What the fuck, man? What time is it?” He grabbed the pillow next to him and pulled it over his eyes, but it wasn’t long before he felt Dex pulling at his ankles.

“It’s five-thirty. We gotta get up. Gotta go shopping now before people get in there and take the deals.”

Nursey lifted one side of the pillow from over his eyes. “The literal actual fuck, babe? What?”

Dex tore the pillow from Nursey’s hands, despite the poet’s protestations. “We’re moved in now, right? Well, there’s nothing in the fridge. We gotta go shopping. I have coupons.”

Derek finally sat up, yawning and stretching. “Babe…come back to bed,” he said, rubbing his eyes. “Shopping can wait until the goddamn sunrise.”

Dex frowned at him and yanked the covers off the bed, sending a surprised Nursey tumbling with them. “Get up, Nurse. We have work to do.”

Nurse staggered to his feet. “What’s the big deal about shopping, anyway? It’s just buying food.”

Dex, who was already walking out of the bedroom, turned around and smirked. “Not with me, it’s not.”


At the store’s entrance, Dex took his right hand off the shopping cart and placed it in Nursey’s left. “Derek,” he said meaningfully, “I am going to give you a list. You need to get everything on that list, brand specific, in those exact numbers. Follow it to the letter, no matter how strange it seems.”

Nursey raised an eyebrow. “Okay…”

Out of his left pocket Dex fished a folded-up piece of paper and handed it to Nursey. Nursey’s eyes widened as he unfolded it and scanned down the items. “Dexy…why on earth do we need…30 cans of chicken noodle soup, 10 bottles of mustard, and 28 boxes of toothpaste? I mean, there’s only two of us.”

“I told you, Derek. I have coupons.” Dex shoved the cart forward into the store and swerved immediately to the left. “To the letter, hon! Grab another cart and go!”

By the end of the trip, Nursey’s cart was piled ridiculously high with every household good and non-perishable food item imaginable. He had at least 500 dollars’ worth of stuff in his cart, and as he steered his cart around to the cash register, he saw that Dex had a cart just as full. “Babe,” Nursey whispered tensely. “How exactly are we paying for all this shit?”

Dex grinned. “How many times do I have to tell you, Derek? I have coupons.”

And coupons he did have. Out of the many pockets of his cargo pants Dex pulled massive stacks of coupons, clipped immaculately and held together with binder clips.

“Where did you even get those?” asked Nursey, eyes wide.

Dex shrugged. “I always check for them in the papers and stuff. And Johnson keeps mailing me them, for some reason.”

Their poor cashier did not seem to be thrilled with her first customers of the day being two large men with an even larger order. As she scanned yet another can of soup, Nursey caught her eye and mouthed an apology. As she rhythmically passed the red light of her scanner over each product, Nursey watched the total build. By the end, they had bought over $1100 worth of items.

“I have…some coupons,” said Dex, gingerly sliding the half-dozen inch-thick stacks over to the cashier. She sighed and began scanning them, one by one. Nursey had never felt so much tension in a grocery store checkout. He watched as their total slowly ticked down, under a thousand dollars, under eight hundred, under five hundred, under three hundred…by the time she got to the final stack, they had been there for almost an hour.

Nursey noticed Dex’s eyes gleaming with a hungry anticipation, his lower lip caught between his teeth. Dex slipped an arm around Nursey’s waist as the total shrank even more as the final stack of coupons thinned.

“Your total is…27.34,” read the cashier in a weary voice. “You saved 98% on this order.”

Dex grinned. “Yes,” he muttered, seemingly to himself more than anyone, squeezing Nursey’s waist tightly.

“Goddamn, Poindexter,” said Nursey, surprised. “Didn’t know you could pull that shit off.”

Dex’s smile was cocky. “Don’t underestimate me, Nurse. Now grab a cart. We have some very strategic loading to do.”

As they walked out of the store, each pushing a cart, Nursey felt Dex’s hip bump playfully into his. “You did good today, Nurse. Maybe I’ll find a way to thank you later.”

Nursey decided he liked coupons.


Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word count: 2294

Warning(s): None, really. Mentions of the reader’s past and cursing but that’s pretty much it.

a/n, just a little drabble i came up with a while ago and posted on my wattpad account.

“The hell are you doing up there, woman?” you heard a gruff voice call. You peered down from your high perch in the tall tree and rolled your eyes at who you saw. “I done told you not to roll your eyes at me, girl. Don’t you know nothin’!”

“Dixon, you can’t even see my eyes all the way up here so I know you can’t tell if I rolled ‘em or not!” you called back to him. You proceeded to sit back on your branch with your head against the tree and sighed contentedly. You could hear him muttering to himself. “What was that!” you called.

“Nothin’, dammit! Rick sent me down here to get you because no one else will!” Ah, that’s why he was so ill.“ I trekked all the way out here and I ain’t going back empty handed!” You heard a noise and look down at the jack ass of a hunter. He was pointing his crossbow right at you. “I’ll shoot ya down if I have to!”

“Ya wouldn’t dare!” you shouted back. You could see him raise his brow. Of course, he pulled the trigger right after you said that. You squealed when you felt the arrow zip by your head and got stuck in the tree. You untied your legs and packed all your stuff back in your pack, including the birds you had caught. You put your bow back over your shoulder.

“Can ya grab my arrow for me?” You could hear the smirk in his voice. You scowled down at him. Before you started down and you grabbed the arrow, broke it on your knee and threw the pieces down to him. He was seething by the time you got to the ground. “What did ya do that for!”

You shrugged. “You shot at me,” you said simply before turning around and headed towards the prison.

Daryl shook his head after you left. Crazy bitch. You were seriously starting to make him regret picking you up out of that barn all those months ago. You had been burning up with an infection from a recent gunshot wound. He didn’t have it in him to just leave you there.

So you’ve been with the group ever since. There weren’t many people that actually liked you, to be honest. In fact most were scared of you. Daryl didn’t know why. You were about as scary as a wet kitten to him. You never said how you really had gotten shot. You changed the story every time, each new story more ridiculous than the last. He once called you on it but all you told him was, “Gotta keep you on your toes, Dixon.” The only people that did like you were the group that Daryl had came here with. They all saw you as a little sister or a crazy cousin. You were family.

Daryl wasn’t sure how he saw you though. Hell he hardly knew shit about you! Even if he wanted to know more he wasn’t going to fucking ask, because he knew your type. You would see it as “an eye for an eye” type deal, and he wasn’t about to let you go digging through his head for nothin’.

He was brought back from his thoughts you called his name. “Daryl get down!” He ducked down just as you shot an arrow through the skull of a walker that had snuck up behind him. You grabbed his wrist and yanked him towards the now open gate to the prison. “Come on, ya crazy shit!”

You both made through the gates just as walkers were closing in on you. You put your hands on your knees, trying to catch your breath. “What the hell-” you breathed “-was that!” He just stormed past you, bumping into your shoulder as he did so. You shrugged it off and went inside to find Rick.

“Y/n,” he called out from one of the cells. You looked in to see he was feeding Little Ass Kicker.

“Hey Rick,” you said quietly. “Daryl said you needed me to come down for something?” You scratched the back of your hand.

Rick nodded once, slowly. “Yeah. Well you didn’t have to come all the way up here. I told Daryl to give ya the message if he was goin’ huntin’.”

You smacked your face. “Fuckin’ son of a bitch….” You ran a hand through your y/h/c hair. “Okay so what did ya need me for?”

You could see him, struggling not to grin. He knew exactly what Daryl did. “You’re on watch tonight at sundown.”

“Is that it?” you said.

He nodded. “Yeah, you’re good to go.”

“I’ll be there for my shift. I’m gonna go walk the perimeter.” You stalked off grumbling to yourself. “Dumb redneck… smug bastard… wring his neck….”

Rick finally couldn’t hear you anymore and he smiled down at Judith. He knew he didn’t need to worry about you hurting anyone, especially Daryl. Neither of you might have noticed, but you’re the only two who haven’t. Y/n Y/l/n and Daryl Dixon were too much like each other in personality, that was the only reason you clashed so much with each other.

You wanted to go up to Daryl and smack the shit out of him, but you didn’t want to scare anyone again. Most everyone already thought you were a freak, although you didn’t really care about what the adults thought. You just didn’t want to scare the kids that were around.

Instead of doing what you wanted, however, you ran up to Carol when you spotted her. You took out the string of birds from your bag and gave them to the older woman. You smiled at each other and you went walking along the fence until the sun was almost covered by the horizon.

You ignored all the people sitting around eating supper and relieved Glenn from his watch.

“You okay, Y/n? Have you eaten yet?” he asked.

“I’ve got it taken care of, honey,” you lied. “Go on and get you something to drink, you look flushed.”

He patted your back and nodded. “See ya later then.”

Daryl watched as you climbed up the guard tower, not even bothering to come and eat first. Stubborn woman, he knew you hadn’t eaten that day. He grunted and grabbed another plate for you. He went over and climbed up.

You turned, startled, as you saw a plate of food shoved your way. Daryl glared down at you. “Ya gonna take it or not? I ain’t gonna stand here all night.”

You took it wordlessly but put it down in front of you. “I’m not hungry, but thanks anyway.”

“Whatever,” he mumbled. “Ya need to eat. Keep up your strength.”

“I will later,” you said. You were thankful when he dropped it.

Looking back through your binoculars, you started chewing on your thumbnail. Daryl had finally had enough. “Ya need to fucking get out of my head!” he yelled suddenly.

His outburst startled you, but you didn’t show it. You put down the binoculars. “Excuse me?”

“You’re the reason I wasn’t payin’ no attention today! I don’t need some girl constantly in my head, makin’ me miss things I shouldn’t be missin’, like damn geeks coming after me!” he continued ranting. “I don’t even fuckin’ know you, so get outta my head!”

You snapped back at him. “Well none of you people have ever bothered to get to know me! And as for being in your head that’s not my fault, Dixon, so don’t even start!”

You glared at each other hard for a few moments. Finally Daryl backed down some and broke the silence. “What did you do before all this?”

 Sighing you said, “I was a waitress at this shitty little Chinese restaurant.” He let out a small chuckle. “What?”

“Nothin’,” he said. “Just thought you’d have done somethin’ more… excitin’.”

You smirked. “How do you know that I didn’t? Ya gotta ask the right questions if you really wanna know. I’ll answer your questions if you answer mine.”

He knew that was coming. “There’s some I won’t answer. Understand that.”

You nodded nodded. “Got any tattoos?”

“I have a few. Do you?” he said back.

You lifted up the jeans on your leg and he saw a weird shaped blob just above your ankle. “A camera?” he asked.

You picked up your plate and nodded. “I loved reading, writing, video games, but my favorite thing to do was take pictures. Do you ever wonder what the world looks like through someone else’s eyes? That’s what a picture is. Seeing the world the way someone else does. And the best thing about pictures? Maybe the people who were in them change, but the pictures themselves… that’s a memory frozen in time. The photographs can’t change. They’re amazing.”

Daryl just stared at you for a long moment. That was the most he’d ever heard you say to… well anyone. He wasn’t sure how to feel about him being that person, but he didn’t hate it. “Never thought about it like tha’ before.”

She just grunted and that was it for conversation. You both ate in comfortable silence.

The next morning Daryl was woken up by the door slamming shut in the guard tower. It was Maggie climbing in for her shift.

Daryl didn’t realize he’d fallen asleep up here. “Where’s Y/n?” he asked groggily.

“She went huntin’. Said you were right behind her when we tried getting someone to go with her.” Maggie looked concerned.

“Ah shit,” Daryl groaned. He packed up his crossbow and quiver and climbed down to go after you.

Hearing leaves crunching behind you caused you to groan. “Daryl, I am fine!” you said without looking at him. “It’s day time, bright and sunny, and I can defend myself against any-” you finally turned and saw a walker a foot away. You quickly shot an arrow through its head, but there were about 6 more behind it. You tossed the bow and went for your knife you had hidden in your boot. You managed to get two down before another pulled your hair and tried going for your neck. You screamed when all of the sudden it dropped, with another person’s arrow sticking out of its eye. You and Daryl took down the remaining three quickly.

He turned on you. “Do you have a fucking death wish!”

“I was handling it just fine,” you said curtly.

“The hell ya were!” He was screaming in your face. “You should have brought someone else out here to watch your damn back! Unless you really are just wanting an easy way out! I’ve saved your ass at least three times now, the least you could give me is a damn thank you!”

You flinched away from him, about to express that you actually were grateful to him until he said, “Probably wasn’t even worth the damn trouble to get you outta that barn anyway and saving your ass the first time! More trouble than your worth.”

Your demeanor changed then. You couldn’t have felt more angry. “Maybe you fucking should have left me then,” you spat.

You began stalking back to the forest and Daryl didn’t follow. He needed to cool off. 'Course he didn’t mean what he said, but you didn’t know that. He was just pissed that he almost lost you right as he was getting her to open up to him. He chewed his thumbnail before deciding to go back to the prison. He’d send someone out here to get you; there was no way you’d come with him now.

A week had passed with no change. Both you and Daryl were more moody than ever and never spoke to each other. You just didn’t speak much at all, really.

Glenn, Daryl, Bob, one of the teenagers Zack, and a few others were on a run to the Big Spot. The inside didn’t look like it’d been touched much at all. Daryl saw Glenn stopped in one of the aisles staring hard at something.

Daryl’s eyes widened when he saw what it was, and he and Glenn grabbed a couple of them each. That was then the ceiling caved in and the screaming started.

You had finally calmed down enough to try and sleep after pacing back and forth worrying for God knows how long. They should have been back by now. Not that you really cared or nothin’…

You jolted awake when a gruff voice yelled, “Dammit!” You looked up and saw Daryl rubbing his head which he had apparently bumped pretty hard.

With a sigh, you shook your head. “Let me see, tough guy.” He winced when you felt around his skull. “Just a bump. I think you’ll live. If not, I’m getting the vest and the crossbow.”

“You already have your own bow,” he grumbled.

“But it’s not a crossbow. What are you doing in here?”

“Well it was supposed to be a surprise…” He rubbed the back of his neck before deciding to give it to you anyway. He grabbed the bag from behind him and tossed it.

You caught it opened it up to reveal several polaroid cameras, the kind that develop as you take them. You looked up at him wide-eyed. Grinning widely you stood and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Thank you!”

“I don’t hate ya, girl,” he said. He hugged you back. “Just hate that I’m worryin’ about ya.”

“Ya know,” you started, “it wouldn’t kill you to admit you care about someone Daryl. More than you normally care for people. I care about you more than I probably should, even though you’re a mean old son of a bitch.”

He grinned at you and sat down beside you. “Wanna go take some pictures? The moon looks… kinda cool tonight.”

You looked at him like he was crazy. “Are you out of your mind? Taking pictures of the moon is a bitch. But we can go in the morning and catch the sunrise.” You smiled and leaned your head on his shoulder, and sighed when you felt his head rest on yours.

the signs as off to the races lyrics
  • aries: "yo i'm off to the races, laces, leather on my waist is tight and i am fallin' down. i can see your face is shameless, cipriani's basement. love you but i'm going down, god i'm so crazy, baby, i'm sorry that i'm misbehaving"
  • taurus: "be a good baby, do what i want, light of my life, fire of my loins, give me them gold coins, give me them coins"
  • gemini: "i'm your little harlot, starlet, queen of coney island, raising hell all over town"
  • cancer: "i'm not afraid to say that i'd die without him. who else is gonna put up with me this way? i need you, i breathe you, i'd never leave you. they would rue the day, i was alone without you"
  • leo: "white bikini off with my red nail polish. watch me in the swimming pool, bright blue ripples, you sittin', sippin' on your black cristal"
  • virgo: "he doesn't mind i have a las vegas past. he doesn't mind i have an LA crass way about me, he loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart"
  • libra: "slippin' on my red dress, puttin' on my makeup, glass film, perfume, cognac, lilac. fumes, says it feels like heaven to him"
  • scorpio: "my old man is a tough man but, he's got a soul as sweet as blood red jam, and he shows me, he knows me every inch of my tar black soul"
  • sagittarius: "because I'm crazy baby, i need you to come here and save me. i'm your little scarlet, starlet, singin' in the garden, kiss me on my open mouth"
  • capricorn: "you're lyin' with your gold chain on, cigar hangin' from your lips. i said 'hun' you never looked so beautiful as you do now, my man'"
  • aquarius: "he doesn't mind i have a flat broke down life in fact he says he thinks it's why he might like about me admires me, the way i roll like a rolling stone"
  • pisces: "to las vegas chaos, casino oasis, honey it is time to spin. boy you're so crazy, baby, i love you forever not maybe. you are my one true love, you are my one true love"
And Tomorrow, Too

(part two of TONIGHT YOU’RE MINE)

pairing: jikook
length: one shot, 4K words - second part to ‘tonight you’re mine’
genre: fluff, non au
rating: pg-13
warnings: mild swearing, too much fluff you might die. i haven’t proofread so ignore errors for now please~

summary: “tonight you’re mine, and tomorrow, too.” last night, jungkook and jimin became more than just friends. today, more-than-friends is the best thing they could ever ask for. 

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ursulaismymiddlename  asked:

Another option: your boyfriend Bucky has been distracted lately, you worry he might have his eyes on someone else, so you're prepared for the worst when he asks you to meet him alone on your apartment's rooftop one evening, but maybe it's not so bad?

Necessary Lies

Originally posted by kingsebastian

“You going out again?”

Bucky stopped dead in his tracks as if he’d been caught doing something he shouldn’t have. You couldn’t deny the sting in your heart, that gnawing worry that festered at the sight of him. You were obviously not supposed to see him leave.

“Yeah. Steve. He called, we’re… going out for a beer.”


There was a time when you might have pressed the issue, asked if you could tag along, but this was the fifth time Bucky had left you alone in your apartment, giving you a flimsy reason for having to go somewhere, alone. Steve asked him out for a beer (despite not being able to get drunk). Stark wanted to do a checkup on his arm (in addition to the one he did after every mission). Sam thought he should talk (because talking worked so well with Bucky).

“He’s just gonna drag me across Brooklyn, said he found a bar from our time,” Bucky added, a hint of nervousness in his voice. “I won’t be late.”

“Sure,” you mumbled, looking back at the book you had been reading, trying not to show how much it pained you to play off his behaviour. “Have fun.”

The door closed quietly, and the apartment felt so empty and cold without him in it. To be honest, it had felt that way for a while, whether he was home or not, but the sensation always kicked up a notch when he left. You had tried to play it off, of course you had, but over time his excuses had started sounding empty, and you got the feeling he was purposely avoiding you. Something was wrong, and you hated how your first thought was that there had to be another girl, someone who had caught his eye at the Tower. You weren’t special, didn’t have a top tier job, didn’t save the world on a regular basis. The two of you had met almost on accident, the romance growing out of an unexpected meeting, blossoming into a relationship that had you living together within three months of you getting together. You were happy, and you’d thought Bucky was too.

It was hard to focus on the plot, and you ended up tossing the book across the room in a fit of frustration, giving a humourless chuckle at your dramatic outburst. You weren’t one for these sorts of antics. You were cool, calm, collected… but apparently not when the man you loved acted strange. Out at a bar with Steve. The words grated against your suspicions. A bar that had been here during the 30′s and 40′s. Couldn’t be that many of those left.

Before you knew it, you had googled and found that there were indeed not too many bars from that era still in business, especially not in Brooklyn. Next you found yourself marching down the streets, heading for the nearest subway station, intent on combing through every bar on your little list, not caring if would take you all night.

The first two were a bust, and you almost considered giving up as you tried not to let the stench of stale beer that had been accidentally poured on you make you gag. No Steve and Bucky in sight, and you didn’t have it in you to even feel a little disappointed. Part of you knew you wouldn’t find them at any of the other bars either, but you needed the confirmation. Heading for the subway to take the train to the next bar, you flinched when your phone rang loudly.


“Doll? Where are you?”

Bucky. You swallowed, instinctively looking around you.

“Out. I’m taking a walk. Needed the fresh air.”

“In Brooklyn? You gotta tell me where you found it.” His voice was so easy, so teasing, like it used to be.

“I thought you were out with Steve,” you deflected, a sharp edge to your voice.

“Just got back. I… kinda need your help.”

“You need my help?”

“I was gonna go up to the roof, and I forgot that it always locks and you need the key to open it from the outside.”

You sighed. The damn roof door. You’d had to save a few of your neighbours from the roof during the time you’d lived there.

“Bucky, you have a metal arm. Rip the thing open, I’m sure our landlord will be too starstruck to ask for recompensation.”

“I can’t do that! Please, doll, come home and come save me?”

You grumbled a little. “Fine. I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

It wasn’t like hitting up the remaining bars would yield anything now if he was already home. You vaguely heard him calling out an endearment to you, but you hung up, too bothered with still not knowing what it was he kept from you. Stomping down the stairs, you glared at anyone who eve brushed up against you, and on the train back home, no one dared sit next to you.

By the time you unlocked the door to your building, you were fuming, muttering under your breath as the elevator took you to the top floor. You had to stop and take a few breaths to calm yourself, or you would no doubt have broken off the key when you tried to unlock the roof access door. The sneaking had to end here. You’d march in and demand he explain himself. No more doubt. No more secrets.

Your rage died the moment you stepped out onto the roof. Fairly lights were strung up, creating the kind of scene you’d only seen in pictures before. Soft music played from an old record player, a singer you should probably recognize crooning soothing tones through the horn.


Bucky stepped out in front of you, and your heart leapt in your chest. He was dressed up in a sharp suit, the cut old-fashioned, but fitting him like a glove. For once, he’d shaved off the scruff that almost always peppered his cheeks, and his hair was slicked back and gathered in a small bun at the nape of his neck. He looked so young, almost like he did in the old pictures Steve had showed you.

“What- You-”

“I’m sorry for being so… off. I wanted it to be a surprise,” he apologized, taking your hand to press a kiss to the knuckles.

“A surprise?”

“I’ve been taking dance classes. I wanted to take you out, take you dancing, like you were my girl, show you a good time on the town, but I couldn’t remember how to dance. Couldn’t take you dancing if I had two left feet now, could I?”

With that he bowed, taking a step back, your hand still in his. It was a silent request for you to join him on the makeshift dance floor he’d created. You blushed, swallowing before nodding and following his lead. Bucky wrapped his arm around you, leading you in a slow dance around the roof.

“So all those time you said you were out, you were… dancing?”

Bucky nodded. “Steve thought I should tell you, save myself the trouble of having to be paired up with whoever happened to be without a partner at the classes.”

“Please do next time you want to surprise me.”

You playfully nudged his chest with your forehead, causing Bucky to chuckle against your hair.

“Now where’s the fun in that, it’d ruin the surprise.”

“But we’d be together.”

“Hmm… I like the sound of that. Together.” Bucky dipped to place a sweet kiss on your lips.

“Yeah,” you agreed, resting your head against his torso. “I really like the sound of that, too.”