i said kneel before me

[Have you ever said “Don’t you know who I am?”] “Only at every meeting I’ve ever had with a casting director. Seriously, though, I’ve never said that and nor would I dream of doing so. My family would disown me and my mates would punch me if I even came close to saying that.”


Klaus x Reader

Requested by Anon

Prompt List

“She gets whatever she wants!” Klaus sighed and sipped from his drink as you huffed out of the changing room.

“I don’t want anything from here.” You sighed grumpily.

“Well what does the princess want then?” Klaus sighed and rolled his eyes as you thought it over.

“I want the King to kneel before me.” You said firmly.

Klaus chuckled and sighed before taking a sip of his drink. “She always gets what she wants.” He muttered.


favorite characters

Loki Laufeyson
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kneel before me. I said… kneel! Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.

Prison/Bellamy Blake Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

My dudes I’ve been having hella Bellamy Blake feels so I needed to write this. 

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I Caught Fire: Part 1 - A Roan x Reader Imagine

Originally posted by bobmorleyisking

Summary: You’re an Ice Nation warrior with a soft spot for the prince but your affection for one another brings your relationship to a dangerous end.

Warnings: Mild violence

Rating: T

Words: 3,353

Thick, white snow blanketed the palace grounds and tiny snow crystals floated down from the sky. There was an icy chill in the air as deep winter cloaked itself over the Ice Nation. And even now, as the blue sky turned gray and blotted out with dark clouds, Azgeda battle training continued, paying no mind to the inclement weather.

There were menacing warriors of various statures lined up across the stony courtyard. All were outfitted in traditional Ice Nation garb – warm furs and animal skins – to sheath their bodies from the cold as they clasped their heavy, crude swords in their hands. They obediently followed strict sword drills as they were called out by a single combat chief. This group of men and women were the picture of a perfectly disciplined military unit and they operated as a single, well-oiled machine.

The clanging blades and breathless grunts of a wayward pair could scarcely be heard beneath the hearty battle cries of the many soldiers. These sounds belonged to you and the prince. The two of you were just below the courtyard and outside of the palace walls, participating in one-on-one lessons.

Scraggly brown hair danced in the gusty wind as the young prince shuffled backward across the forest floor and away from the point of your sword. Duck, dodge, and parry – he slipped in and out of the trees and left soft footprints in the snow. A small smirk curved the corner of his mouth, a small gesture that told you he was growing more and more confident in evading your strikes.

A quick taunt escaped his lips as he blocked your next attack.  

“Is that the best you’ve got?” Roan sneered.

“You’re cocky, Ice Prince. You shouldn’t underestimate me,” you replied with another swing of your sword.

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Sentence Starters {Avengers Edition}
  • "He’s adopted…"
  • "Want to give me a lift?"
  • ”Do I look to be in a gaming mood?”
  • ”Do you remember none of that?”
  • "What’s the matter, scared of a little lightning?"
  • "Kneel before me. I said, KNEEL!"
  • "I’m not the one who’s out of time."
  • "Thank you… for your cooperation."
  • "You and I remember Budapest very differently!"
  • "I have a plan: attack!"
  • "Seeing, still working on believing…."
  • "Well, I got his attention. What the hell was step two?"
  • "What just happened? Please tell me nobody kissed me."
  • "You have no idea what you are dealing with."
  • "Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?"
  • "Verbal threat! Threatening! I’m being threatened!"
  • "I - I don’t see how that’s a party."
  • "Is everything a joke to you?"
If i was in Avengers
  • Loki: Kneel before me. I said, KNEEL!
  • Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.
  • German Old Man: [slowly rises to his feet] Not to men like you.
  • Loki: [sass af] There are no men like me.
  • Me: *Bows at his feet and calls him a daddy*
Self Love

I laid completely naked, completely open to his lustrous eyes.

“Don’t do anything. Don’t arch your back, don’t bend your legs, don’t try to look sexy for me. Just lay there.” He rasped as he kneeled before me. I did as he said, dropping my shoulders and undoing all the muscles in my body.

“You’re beautiful like this.” He spoke sincerely, running a hand across my foot. “The chipped and uneven nail polish on your toes still compliments your skin tone, the small veins popping out of your feet don’t take away your beauty.” He left a peck on my foot, and did the same with the other.

“Your legs are still such a breathtaking sight, even when they’re a couple of days from being shaven. The small cuts from where you went wrong don’t remove anything from the sight that you are.” He kissed up my left leg, his hand trailing up the other. “The dints in your kneecaps are actually adorable, even though you dislike them.” He pecked both of my kneecaps, nudging his nose against them.

“Your thighs touch, but that too, doesn’t take anything away from you. And even if they didn’t meet each other, they’d still look so beautiful wrapped around my body.” He left a small, wet kiss on each of my thighs. He inched up my body.

“Your stretch marks are more beautiful than you could ever imagine. They are nothing to be ashamed or insecure about; they’re a part of you and they make up who you are.” He kissed along them on my thighs.

“Probably my favourite place.” A subtle grin rested on his lips, he glanced up at me for a moment. “Your clit is still the spot that can make you fall apart so damn easy, even if it’s been a couple of days since you shaved. It doesn’t take anything away.” He pressed his lips against the folds that sat in front of my clit, making me gasp as his lips lingered.

He crawled further up my body. “Your stomach is still as beautiful as ever, even with the baggage you carry, or even on bloated days.” He planted a soft kiss just below my belly button.

He let out a sigh. “Your boobs are as gorgeous as ever, always have pride and confidence in them, but never feel like they should be sexualised where it’s not needed. They’re beautiful even when they’re not erect, they’re beautiful when they fall freely when you don’t wear a bra.” He left an openmouthed kiss around both of my nipples.

“Your collarbone is beautiful, even if it isn’t visible, that means nothing.” He slowly trailed his tongue across my collarbone.

“Your hands and fingers can do wonders, it doesn’t matter that you think your fingers aren’t the thinnest, or you think they’re too thin; they come to be a part of you.” He lightly kissed the surface of my hand. “Your arms are beautiful no matter what you think of them. Use them to embrace those around you.“ He kissed up my left arm slowly.

“Your jawline, whether you think it looks sharp or you think it’s practically nonexistent, it’s irrelevant. Either way, you still shine bright.” He kissed along it softly, making me sigh deeply.

“Your ears are so dainty, no one sees them from behind your hair, if you’re insecure about them, that’s only because you’re paying too close attention to them.” His teeth bit down on my left ear and pulled it softly.

“Your hair is so beautiful, even on days when it’s been neglected and not lathered with shampoo, or when it’s in need of cutting and the ends become split, it’s still beautiful.” He nudged his nose into my hair and sniffed it, sighing afterwards.

“Your forehead is beautiful even when it’s creased from frowning or from the questionable look you give, it gives your face so much more expression.” He kissed my forehead lovingly.

“Your nose can be what makes you recognisable. And whether you think yours is too big, too small, too round, too pointy, no one else has the exact same as you. Embrace the small feature.” He whispered, pecking my nose, making me giggle.

“Your cheeks are the cutest. They lift up when you smile, they turn red when you become flushed. Sometimes, you might decide they’re too full or too chubby, but those aren’t bad things, your mind simply creates them to be.” He pecked my cheek softly, doing the same with each.

“Your lips, your mouth. They’re beautiful; they can do so much and speak so many amazing things. As long as you use them for only good things, they’ll always be beautiful, no matter what they look like or what shape they are.” He pressed his lips onto mine with force, I parted my mouth and he greeted me with his tongue entering.

“The freckles on your skin, you might dislike, but once again, no one else has the same marks, dints, moles, patches, scars as you do. Choose to love them.” He whispered against my lips.

“You are a beautiful woman who is so imperfectly perfect; You have multiple flaws within you and on the surface of your body, but that doesn’t take away your beauty as a human being. Learn to love yourself and who you’re becoming and everything opens up for you. Take the love you eventually find within yourself and use it to spread that love to other people.” As the tears welled up in my eyes from his words, he crashed his lips back onto mine one final time. "I love you.”


Self love is something that is so important, I think, for everyone. So this imagine was just my way of getting you guys to think and to see that you all really are beautiful human beings, and that just because society have told you that certain features are a negative thing, you can still be a bad bitch and rock those things you’re insecure about. It’s time to see the true beauty within yourselves and open it up to become something so much more powerful than you could ever have imagined.

How Could You ... Unhappy Ending

Klaus x Liz

Song: Owl Eyes – Diamonds in Her Eyes *song goes with the story*

A/N: I wanted to apologize that ‘How Could You’ made people cry. I literally didn’t think anyone would like it. I’m not very confident in my writing and honestly getting these sweet messages in my inbox made my day thank you! Also, I decided to post this one first because I’m evil and if you think ‘How Could You’ is sad you’re going to need a box of tissues for this one. But thank you for all the support I love you all! If you have any story requests for one shots please submit them to my ask box. Masterlist will be getting updated today hopefully if the internet wants to be friends today. Don’t forget to read my new series ‘The Princess of Time’ so sit back relax with a pillow and a box of tissues and let’s get this started.

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Arranged Marriage Phan AU - Nightmares

Title: Nightmares

Paring: Phan (Dan and Phil)

Warnings: None

Words: 1394 in this chapter

Plot: AU where all marriages are arranged. Gender, race, and age do not matter. Phil is an 18 year old with his dream job, Dan is a 14 year old about to start high school. When they’re arranged to be married, and Dan has recurring nightmares, this is what unfolds. 

Chapter: 1

Chapter Links: 2

Genre: Fluffy angst? 


Dan’s P.O.V

“Mum! Please, don’t make me do this,” I cried. I was sat on my bed with my mum as we were packing my things. “I don’t want to go, Mum!”

“Daniel! Philip is a nice guy! I expect you to give him a chance. You’re lucky you got the gender you wanted. It doesn’t always happen that way. You did want a boy, right? Well you got one. Now, go take a shower and get ready. We have to leave in two hours,” she said as she glanced at her watch. “I’ll leave your clothes on your bed for you.”

I sighed and took a shower. When I came back, a button down shirt and black pants were left on my bed. I quickly put them both on and then walked downstairs. “Tuck in your shirt. Do you want some breakfast?” My dad asked. I shook my head. I was too anxious; if I ate, I’d be sick. In less than an hour I’d be getting married. He nodded. “It’s all right, Daniel. Philip will take good care of you. Don’t look so sad.” I nodded and sat at the table. A few minutes later we all got into the car and drove to the church. My dad handed me a blazer, which I put on. After being in a tiny room and tons of preparation, my father knocked on the door. “It’s time, Dan,” he said. I sighed and walked out with him.

“Dad, please, don’t make me, I’m not ready,” I sputtered as we neared the door.

“Daniel, yes, you are. Now, come on,” he said. Tears welled in my eyes and we walked through. I kept my head down and looked at the floor as we walked down the aisle. We stepped on various flower petals which I had assumed my little cousin, Maggie, had dropped while walking down in front of me. My dad let go of my arm and walked over to my mom on the right. I walked forward and stood in front of who I assumed to be Philip. It was no surprise that he was older; my parents already told me he was eighteen. He had piercingly vivid blue eyes with a green hint to them, and dark black hair that fell over his forehead similar to mine. Except mine was brown with a slight curl to it whereas his was straight. Who I assumed was the preacher was blabbing on about something but I couldn’t focus on anything aside from my feet. Philip had grasped my hands at one point and I felt him look at me.

“Do you, Philip Michael Lester, take Daniel James Howell to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do,” I heard Philip say. His voice was deeper than expected, and he seemed to be calm and collected, where I was visibly shaking.

“And do you, Daniel James Howell, take Philip Michael Lester, to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do,” I whispered.

“Then you may kiss your groom,” he’d said. I still didn’t look at Phil, but I felt him kneel before me. His hands went on both sides of my faces and we made eye contact. I began shaking in anticipation of what would happen next. Philip’s eyes softened and he shot me a pitying look. Before I could react, I felt Philip’s thumbs over my lips and he leaned in and kissed his thumb. It was something we used to do in our drama class, to fake the kissing. I was slightly relieved, being fourteen and not having my first kiss yet, but I was also slightly disappointed, like he didn’t want to kiss me, like he was repulsed by me.

He grabbed my hand and we walked out of the chapel and over to his car. “Your parents already put your stuff in here, just so you know. We can unload it at my house, er- well, our house,” Philip said as we neared what I assumed to be his car.

“Okay,” I replied. It was around half past four and we still had a very long day left. We got into his car and he began driving to what I assumed would be his apartment, house, or whatever. We fell into a very awkward silence and I fiddled with my thumbs. After what felt like an eternity, we pulled into an apartment complex. He stopped the car and we got out. He grabbed my bag and I followed him into one of the flats.

“There are two bedrooms, I left one of them empty for you. You can decorate it however you please. The kitchen is to the right, then there’s the living room, bathroom down the hall, then my room’s on the left and yours is on the right down the hall. I figured you’d be more comfortable in your own room for now, but you’re always welcome in my room if you’d ever want to sleep there. Do you want me to help you unpack?” Philip and I were standing near the door when he said all of this.

“Um, yeah, okay, sure, thank you, Philip,” I whispered.

“Just Phil, if you don’t mind.”

“All right, Phil. I prefer Dan rather than Daniel, just, so you know.”

Phil nodded. “Shall we get started?” He gestured toward my suitcase. I nodded and followed him down the hall and into my room. It was plain; there was a bed in the far left corner with black and grey sheets, and a desk by a window, but that was it. Phil and I unpacked my bag in silence. After we finished, as I only had one bag of clothes, Phil spoke. “Do you want some dinner? I don’t really know what you like to eat, but we could order something, or make something,” he trailed off. I shrugged. I didn’t want to impose.

“I’m fine with whatever,” I whispered, not meeting his eyes.

“How does pizza sound then?” He asked. I nodded. “Are you fine with pepperoni?” I nodded again. “I’ll order it then.” Phil walked downstairs and I sat on my bed. I put my hands on my face and sighed. Why the hell am I so awkward? I’m married to him, and I can’t even fucking talk to him. Way to go, Dan. Phil walked in again. “Hey, I just ordered the pizza.”

“Thanks,” I whispered.

“No problem. Do you want to go talk in the living room or something?” Phil asked.

“Okay,” I replied and followed Phil into the livingroom. We sat on opposite ends of the couch. He asked me a few questions, but I replied with brief sentences. A buzzer came on, and Phil let the pizza guy in. We got plates, and ate in silence.

“Dan, I know neither of us got a choice in the say, but can we please try to make this work? You have to talk to me to make it work. If not for the sake of the marriage, then for your parents,” Phil pleaded.

“I’m sorry, it’s just a new to me,” I whispered. “I’m not very good with new things.”

“That’s okay, it’s new to me too. We’ll figure it out together, yeah?” Phil said. I nodded. “So, are you in school?”

“It starts back up in a week,” I replied.

“What grade are you going into?” He asked.

“I’ll be in 9th grade in high school. What do you do?“ I looked into his eyes, noticing the vibrant blue with green specks again. I could get used to them.

"I work on a radio show,” Phil replied. I nodded. “Well,” Phil looked at his phone. “It’s getting pretty late. I’m going to go to sleep. You can stay up if you want, or go to sleep, it’s your choice. Good night,” Phil said as he stood up.

“Good night, Phil,” I replied. Soon after Phil retired into his room, I walked into mine and closed the door. It was unfamiliar, not being in my own room. Well, being in my new room. It worried me, why didn’t Phil kiss me today? Don’t most married people have sex on their wedding night? Or at least sleep in the same room… I sighed. Phil must be repulsed by me.

(A/N: Thanks for reading! Of course, please don’t steal, only reblog/like, don’t repost. Copyright and all that jazz. I love feedback, feel free to message me!)

Second Chapter Link: 2

Imagine...Being the Queen of Witches

Originally posted by mooseleys

Request: Can i request a Crowley x reader where the reader is a powerful being (Crowley doesn’t know what she is) and when Reader meets Rowena, Crowley learns the reader is the queen of all witches? maybe make rowena an ass until she realizes? 

Pairing: Crowley x reader

“Hello love,” you heard Crowley say as he entered the kitchen where you had been making yourself lunch. He gave you a quick kiss on the cheek before moving to the stove.

“Already did it hun,” you said without looking up. You heard him pick up the kettle and laugh quietly.

“Freshly made tea from my favorite human? You’re too good for me, Y/N,” said Crowley, a smile in his voice. You liked when you could bring that out in him, not that you minded the constant snark, but a little genuine human reaction out of the demon wasn’t something you were adverse to.

“I know I am,” you said, looking up at him. You took a bite of your sandwich, not bothering to clean up your mess until you were done. 

“Fergus, you break you’re mother’s heart,” you heard a familiar voice say. You swallowed hard. Rowena. You’d never had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Crowley’s mother in person. From your phone conversations, you wouldn’t have minded if you never did.

“Mother, how kind of you to just drop by unannounced,” said Crowley, taking a sip of his tea, eyeing the witch carefully. Rowena frowned.

“Oh don’t be like that. Can’t a mother come by and say hello to her son?” she said, moving to pour herself a cup of tea. You saw that Crowley would rather she not be there, especially with the way she felt about you.

“Hello Rowena,” you said, trying to be cordial. Rowena snorted, ignoring you and speaking to Crowley.

“I see you still have your little pet, Fergus. You should teach her to clean up after herself,” she said, pointing at your plate. Crowley sighed as you chewed your food, doing your best to make as large a mess as possible.

“She’s not my pet mother. She’s my Queen,” he said, an edge to his voice. Rowena rolled her eyes.

“Still a stupid little human,” she said. “Really Fergus, you couldn’t have ended up with someone, I don’t know, at least with a touch of magic in them? She’s just so…simple.”

Crowley caught your eye at that last comment, noticing you were verging closer towards becoming upset. But you were with the King of Hell, a demon. If you couldn’t handle your mother-in-law, you shouldn’t be with him.

“Rowena…” you said, putting your crust down on your plate, wiping your hands free of crumbs. She folded her arms across her chest and popped out her hip, Crowley watching you closely.

“Need someone to help you dearie? I know how difficult this situation must be for your small, feeble brain,” said Rowena. “First you have to pick up the plate-”

You snapped your fingers and Rowena cut off mid sentence. Her eyes going wide, your plate and scraps now gone. 

“You were saying?” you said, standing from your seat. You moved next to Crowley who shared a similar expression as his mother, even if he didn’t understand what had happened.

“Y/N, I mean..I am so sorry dear. I didn’t…you have to forgive me,” said Rowena. She moved to kneel before you but you shook your head for her not to. You really hated that. You just wanted to be Y/N, not someone else.

“What the bloody hell is going on?” asked Crowley, far more calm than you’d anticipated. You turned to Rowena and motioned for her to speak.

“Well, Fergus, Y/N here is the uh, Queen of our kind, my kind,” she said, now fearful of you.

“Of witches,” you said, turning back to Crowley. “I didn’t tell you before because of you’re relationship with your mother and on account she’s also a witch…” you said, nervous for the first time at his reaction. His eyes weren’t hard like expected.

“I might not be the biggest fan of witches but I’ll make an exception for you love,” he said. “Always knew you were my queen, didn’t know you were your own,” he chuckled to himself.

“Every king needs his queen,” you said, letting him pull you in tight. “Rowena?” you said, not looking at her. You heard her hum in response. “I’d like to talk to you later, but for now, please leave us be,” you asked. Rowena ducked her head and scurried from the room.

“Witch talk?” Crowley asked. You laughed and shook your head no.

“There are some things I’ve really wanted to say to her for a while. I think she’ll finally listen to me now,” you said. 

“So what other things can the Queen of witches do?” he asked in a low voice.

“You’ll see,” you said. “You’ll see.”

Deleted lines from the Avengers script #519
  • Loki: Kneel before me.
  • Steve:
  • Loki: I said...KNEEEEELLLL!!!!!
  • Steve: Wow, OK, I didn't think you'd take it that seriously.
  • Loki: *(pouts petulantly)* It's not a real proposal if you're not down on one knee.
  • Steve: Fine...!
  • Steve: And they call *me* old-fashioned...
Flood my Mornings: One Besides

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Touch [this was a very short bonus scene posted outside the Imagine queue, so if you missed it, be sure to check it out!]

One Besides 

“Excellent news, my love!“ I called as I trundled, heavy-laden, through the door and into the sitting room, “You won’t have to walk around in a blanket any longer!”

 “Och, that’s too bad.” Jamie was smiling broadly at me from the sofa, Bree on his lap and a book spread out across hers. “I quite liked wearing a kilt again.” 

The improvised garment, donned once more after bathing (in scorn of his ragged blue jeans), was wrapped firmly about his waist, and for the first time since I forcibly disrobed him in my kitchen last night, he was wearing a shirt. Pity, that.

It was just after one o’clock and I’d returned from the department store with an impressive array of shoes, shirts, trousers, pajamas, neckties, and all manner of other things. Admittedly, it would have made things far simpler in terms of sizing and cut selections if Jamie had simply accompanied me. He had insisted, however, that he wished to stay at home with Brianna rather than have me call for Mrs. Byrd. He’d seemed so eager that I hadn’t pushed the matter. Seeing them sitting together–she snuggled against him, freshly besmocked and rosy-cheeked–I was glad I hadn’t. My loves.

Bree, in her usual fashion, broke the idyllic scene almost at once. “Book,” she barked up at her erstwhile reader, little face screwed up in displeasure.

Jamie gave her a stern look. “’Book,’ what?”


“That’s right, a nighean. I’d be happy to finish the wee book since ye asked nicely. Almost done, Sassenach,” he said with a grin, picking up the picture book.

 “SO,” he read grandly, “the poky little puppy had to go to bed wi’out a single bite of shortcake.…and he felt verra sorry for himself. ”

I burst out laughing, the sheer absurdity of hearing these foolish words in Jamie Fraser’s voice (Praise be to God!) so delightful I couldn’t even contain myself.

Jamie carried on, but there was laughter in his voice, too, and his eyes were crinkled up as he read the last page. “And the next morning, someone had put up a sign that read: no desserts EVER unless puppies NEVER dig holes under this fence again!”

He closed the book, considered for a moment, then craned his neck to look down at his daughter. “If that isna the most pointless story I ever heard, I dinna ken what is.”

I snorted. “It really is! Hardly high art, but for some reason it’s her favorite.”

“Oh, the reason’s obvious enough. ‘Cause she’s the greedy wee pup that eats all the sweets,” he said, tickling Brianna’s round belly. She giggled and squirmed. “I will say, though,” he said, examining the back cover as he bounced her on his knee, “it truly is incredible how they printed it thus, wi’ all the colors and drawings just so. Was it expensive, this wee book?” 

“No,” I said, trying not to show my amusement, “not a bit, in fact. Printing has simply come quite a long way in two hundred years.”  

“Um’ginn!” Brianna pushed the little golden-bound book in Jamie’s hands up toward his face, her own aglow. “‘Um’ginn!” 

He raised his eyebrows.


Jamie smiled and obediently opened the book again, but Bree seemed content just to point and babble about the pictures rather than demanding a second reading.

“It’s just as well you didn’t feel equal to venturing out to the department store, darling,” I said genially, beginning to sort through the parcels and lay the articles out on the coffee table. “It was a madhouse! I think I ended up with a good selection for you to try, though.  Will you come take a look?”

I’d unpacked the last of it before realizing that he hadn’t responded. I looked over and saw him staring down at Bree’s book, brows furrowed, not blinking.


He looked up blankly for a moment, then came to and gave me quick smile. “Oh…oh, aye. Thank you, Sassenach.” He set Bree down and walked over to look at my wares.

“Do try them on so we can see what your best sizes are, won’t you? I’ll put Bree down for a nap and then we can look together and see–”

Noooo-nap,” Bree said definitely.

“Oh, yes, NAP,” I said right back, scooping her up off the floor. “Off we go, lovie.” I cast a smile back at Jamie on my way out of the room. His back was turned, though, head bent down over the coffee table, and he didn’t see. “Won’t be but a few minutes, Jamie.”

When I came back into the room, he was naked, the pair of brown trousers in hand as if he were about to try them on, but not making any move to do so. He just stood, still as a stone, faced away from me.

“Jamie?” I said tentatively. “Is everything alri–”

I had just enough time to perceive the trousers dropping from his hand as he turned and the deep, blue burning in his eyes before his hands and mouth were on me. I moaned, all my senses rushing in response and bringing me hard against him with the intensity of my longing. 

He was hiking up my skirt, and–my God!–even as underweight as he was, he was still unbelievably strong. He had me on the ground in a moment, one hand grabbing my arse and rooting me to him, with a groan of need from both of us. Our coupling last night had been far from gentle–but this was fearsome; in no way brutal or unwanted, but alarming in its intensity. The fury of it roused me more strongly than I could ever remember and it seemed mere seconds–though certainly it was longer–before I was quivering and clenching around him and he growling into my ear as he found his own release.

When conscious thought returned, I was gasping heavily, laughing a bit, loving the feeling of his bare chest above me, hot and slick with sweat. “Much as I’ve–been enjoying all the passionate lovemaking on the floor–” I panted happily, “think we might–take advantage of our nice, soft bed for round three?”

He didn’t laugh. He didn’t even smile. He just stared down at me, eyes full of….

Jamie?” I reached up to lay my hand on his neck and jaw above me, frightened. “Jamie, love, what on earth is the matter?”

He kept looking down unblinking into my face, brows furrowed hard. When he spoke, his voice was deep and cracked. “I want…to be a man for ye, Claire.”

Well… that was quite a statement…and one for which I seemed to have absolutely no response.

He seemed to find confirmation of something terrible in my muteness and shook his head, looking distinctly ashamed. “I dinna feel like a man...wi’ you and the bairn.”

I sat up abruptly, such that we slipped apart and he rolled off of me with a grunt. “Jesus H–-Of all the terrible things to say!” 

He had shot my heart right down to my feet, the bubble of joy that had been growing steadily at seeing Bree in her father’s arms bursting with that single statement. He’d looked so joyful to be with Brianna, so contented and at peace…and yet somehow two hours alone minding a baby had made him less of a man?

Before I could reason it away, my hurt was barreling out of me like missiles, hot and angry. “Jamie, you were the one that wanted to stay home with Bree! I told you we could have called Mrs. Byrd, and if you’d just bloody told me that I was –emasculating you by–”

“Christ, no!” he said at once, kneeling before me and looking into my face in deepest alarm. “Sassenach, that isna what I meant at all.” He put a reassuring hand on my knee. “Taking care of my child doesna make me less of a man–it’s my joy.” His face burned with the truth of this, and then darkened. “….but being a coward does.” He gestured to the bags and parcels, teeth gritting. “I should have gone along wi’ ye today. ”

I stared at him. “The–the bloody clothes?” Relief and exasperation joined the hurt and anger already collectively in complete control of my tongue. “You’re–not a man because you didn’t–go shopping with me?” 

“It isna about the damned–” he snarled in frustration, gesturing wildly and practically shouting, “I havena been a man since you left before Culloden!”

I felt exactly like I was veering off a cliff, screaming as I watched the catastrophe unfold, my insides shredding with terror, but unable to stop, fear and instinct propelling me even further and faster downward. I grabbed at my racing thoughts wildly, lashing out with, “So you’re not a man unless you bed your wife and show her who’s in charge, is that what you’re bloody saying to me?”

“NO, God, Claire, that’s NO’–” His words choked off in what was clearly–Jesus H. Christ–a sob. He sat down hard, leaning against the coffee table and putting his face in his hands. “Christ,” he whispered, sounding as terrified as I felt.

This isn’t how I remembered us.

I took a deep, shaking breath and closed my eyes, drawing my knees up to my chest and wrapping my arms around them, hiding in the momentary haven of dark.

Just listen to him, Beauchamp.

It’s going to take some time to be accustomed to one another’s moods again. 

This is Jamie. Your Jamie.

He isn’t trying to say anything awful, so stop trying to paint him into a corner out of your own fears. 

I blew out the breath. When I spoke, my voice was quiet, but calm. “I’m listening, darling. Tell me what you were wanting to say.”

He took a breath himself and raised his head with a grateful nod, though he kept his eyes closed. He paused. Then…

“After Culloden, I lived in a cave for two years.”

“Oh… Jamie…” I breathed.

His voice was heavy and lifeless. “There was a price on my head, ken. If the Redcoats had caught me at Lallybroch and the family been found to have harbored me…” he shuddered, “they’d all have been punished. Or killed. It was as bad as ye said it would be, Claire. Still is, for them…”

He looked up and saw the tears running down my cheeks, his expression softening somewhat. “Dinna fash, mo nighean donn. I left them better taken care of than when I was there, I promise.”

A momentary qualm of dread rippled through me at that. From his tone, I thought that perhaps it had not yet occurred to him that while in one sense, his family was alive and well, every single one–Ian…Jenny…the children…God, our Fergus—was dead and had lain beneath the earth for centuries, now. When might the finality of those losses hit him, I wondered? For they had certainly hit me, many…many times. 

…but that wasn’t why I was crying now.

“A cave?” I croaked, the pain squeezing my heart like a vice.

He nodded. “Tiny wee thing. No bigger than the front hall, there.”

Nine feet long. Maybe not even that. My Jamie had lived like an animal in a hole for two years. 

I saw his gauntness differently, now.  Not just a man who had been tired and hungry for six weeks…a man who had been living in earthly hell since our parting.

I wanted to touch him, hold him…but I forced myself to be still. 

Listen, Beauchamp.

“Every second I spent out of that cave, I put my family in jeopardy.” He was crying still, but his expression was hard and fierce, wild. “Every single person I loved…all the ones left to me…were in danger because of me.” He gritted his teeth, almost spitting the words. “And so, I hid. Didna remove myself from the country so that they might truly be safe from me. Hid…because I was too afraid to be completely alone in the world.” 

He looked directly at me, then, his eyes full of pain and a deep, palpable shame. “That’s the man I’ve been since I sent you away, Claire… a coward. A man that hides and risks those he loves.” He shook his head with a look of disgust. “I dinna want to be that man anymore, for you or the bairn.”

“Jamie…” I said, equally bewildered and heartbroken for him. I did touch him now, laying both hands on his chest. “Surely you don’t truly believe you could ever bring us harm?”

“Maybe no…and maybe it’s naught but my pride…” He looked away, and I heard the fresh wave of tears he was gritting back. “…but I dinna want to be an embarrassment to ye either, Claire….someone ye must constantly apologize for.”

I took his face hard in both hands, trying to get him to look at me. “Never. You never will.”

He made a sound of frustration. “Won’t I? When I dinna understand how a–a Frigidaire works, or canna drive a Van, or dinna ken what happened in the year 1870–”

I released him. “Jamie, for Christ’s sake, those things don’t bloody–”

I’m sorry,” he said suddenly, closing his eyes and shaking his head, gesturing to quell me. His voice was quiet and calm. “Truly, I am sorry, mo chridhe. I’ve gotten fashed when I didna mean to.” He laughed weakly, wiping his tears away with the back of his hand. “Christ, I didna mean to say any of this.” 

He reached forward and ran his fingers back through my hair, his face still and serious, but tender. “When I came to ye like that just now…when I lay wi’ ye, I only wanted to be near ye, Claire…and then to tell ye that I’m going to face things–even when I ‘dinna feel equal’ to them–so that I might bring ye honor…that I’m no’ going to hide.”

I opened my mouth at once, both to apologize profusely for my careless choice of words that had started this whole debacle and to tell him it was alright to bloody hide. He’d been here for less than a day, for Christ’s sake, and I certainly hadn’t adjusted to life in a new century overnight! 

But before I could speak, he put a gentle hand to my lips. “I just need ye to hear my promise to ye, Claire: I’m going to work verra hard to be a good man, a proper man, for you and the lass.

I could see the light shining from his eyes as he said it and while I still felt well-meaning protests bubbling upward, something in me knew it would be wrong to take this from him: the mantle of care and mission and personal responsibility that he had apparently lacked for so long, whose absence had made him–in his own eyes, at least–less of a man.

Thank you,” I said simply. “I trust you with my life; and Bree’s.”

He exhaled deeply So did I, relieved beyond measure to have found the right words. The tension between us dissolved into the quiet of the house, leaving behind only tenderness. Closeness.  

“I shall…need a great deal of help, ken?” he said quietly. “This place…I feel so verra…” He leaned hard into my shoulder with a troubled sigh. “I dinna even ken a tenth of all the things that I dinna ken. The ways things are done. How I’m to act or dress or behave. What’s to be my place.” He kissed my neck softly and murmured, so vulnerable and so hopeful at once, “You’ll help me?”

“Of course, “I said, willing him to hear my sincerity. “Of course, sweetheart.” I cradled his head against my shoulder. “We’re neither of us alone anymore, Jamie.” 

He exhaled heavily and squeezed me tight.

“There’s the two of us, now,” I whispered. 

From across the house, there drifted a plaintive, “Ma-maaaaaaaaa?”

We both shook with silent laughter but did not loosen our holds, not yet ready to be parted, desperate to keep this moment of utter peace. 

From the silence, there came a begrudging, “….peas?

We laughed aloud, then, and reluctantly broke apart, Jamie kissing my forehead before rising, beaming. “The two of us….and the one besides.”

to be continued

History of Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers is a man from the forties who fought Nazis and he’s 🎶beautiful🎶.

In the year negative a billion, Steve Rogers might not have been here. In the year 1920, he was here, and he was a scrappy little fella, so people walked all over him. Then he learned how to fight, he got all beefed up, he became a super soldier, and now there’s lots of 🎶muscles🎶. Because of Dr. Erskine.

So now he’s all beefed up and traveling from city to city because the army doesn’t want him, learning his lines and dancing along to his own theme song. Like, with the USO, and girls.

Ding dong, it’s the outside world, and they have technology from Hydra. Like really scary guns, and 🎶crazy experiments🎶. Now you can annihilate your enemies really really quickly. That means if you own a gun, then you have a lot of power, which is something Hydra needs to survivvvve. So that makes Red Skull evil.

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The Avengers sentence starters

☆ ❝He’s an astrophysicist❞

☆ ❝That guy’s brain is a bag full of cats. You can smell crazy on him❞ 

☆ ❝He’s adopted❞ 

☆ ❝…well, you’re not wrong❞ 

☆ ❝What’s the matter, scared of a little lightning?❞ 

☆ ❝Right. Better clench up, Legolas❞ 

☆ ❝What just happened? Please tell me nobody kissed me❞ 

☆ ❝Have you ever tried shawarma? There’s a shawarma joint about two
      blocks from here. I don’t know what it is, but I wanna try it❞ 

☆ ❝I have a plan: attack!❞

☆ ❝I thought the beast had wandered off…❞

☆ ❝Kneel before me. I said, KNEEL!❞

☆ ❝You know, the last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above
       everybody else, we ended up disagreeing❞

☆ ❝What’s your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?❞

☆ ❝Apparently I’m volatile, self-obsessed, and don’t play well with others❞

☆ ❝Are you an alien?❞

☆ ❝Well then son, you’ve got a condition❞

☆ ❝This is just like Budapest all over again❞

☆ ❝’______?’ Uh, his first name is ‘Agent’❞          

Avengers Inspired Memes -- Send one for my muses reaction
  • "You better stop pretending to be a hero."
  • "Please tell my nobody kissed me."
  • "Do not touch me again."
  • "Don't take my stuff."
  • "This usually works."
  • "He made it personal."
  • "We're a time bomb."
  • "I'm bringing the party to you."
  • "I don't like being handed things."
  • "Following's not really my style."
  • "Just stay awake. Eyes on me."
  • "We have orders, we should follow them."
  • "Is this the first time you've lost a soldier?"
  • "Are you ever NOT going to fall for that?"
  • "Sometimes there isn't a way out."
  • "Thank you for your cooperation."
  • "I have a plan: attack!"
  • "I have an army."
  • "Kneel before me. I said, KNEEL!"
  • "You're a monster!"
  • "Love is for children."
Song Fics: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Song Fics – Truly, Madly, Deeply – Take Me Home Edition

If you don’t know what song fics are, please click here first.

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Part III: They Don’t Know About Us

(N/A: As promised, here it is! The last part of the little series I did with the song fics! Thank you for reading it and supporting me, once again. I love all of you! Enjoy the fic!)

(Y/N)’s POV

It was early when the sun woke me up, finding its way through the curtains gap and illuminating the room. Lazy, I frowned and turned around, hoping to hug my boyfriend. Not finding him anywhere near, I opened my eyes to find only a rose with a card. I got up smiling and shaking my head, it was lovely to wake up with such a romantic gesture and Harry would never cease to amaze me.

“Happy Anniversary, (Y/N)” Says the front of the card. I opened to see the message within it. “Before, you were my best friend. I found in you the safety and reassurance I needed. I could always rely on you. Today, you are still my best friend, my safety and my reassurance, the only difference is that now you’re the love of my life and you make me truly happy every day. I love you, babe. I hope you like the surprise I made for today. – H”

Intrigued about such surprise, I laughed and looked around, until the rose in the bed caught my attention once again. There was a little note hanging on it that said, “Find another me”.

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Breaking news (Harry Styles Imagine)

Yes, you read right. It has been long since I did a One Direction imagine, but here it is ( : * It was for one of my closest and dearest friends*


“Breaking news, Harry Styles cheats on his girlfriend while being on tour.” Giuliana Rancic says. I knew better than watching stupid gossip channels, but something inside me told me to watch it, or rather my best friend telling me there was actually something worth watching on it.

“Will this be the end of Hollywood’s most glamorous couple of this generation or will they pull through. There is polls on our site, www.eonline.com, where you can leave your vote on whatY/n should do, should she forgive him or leave his cheating butt or do you think it’s just a r-” I turn off the TV before her words could actually sink in and make me doubt Harry.

As soon as I fathomed the idea of Harry cheating, my phone rang- of course being Harry. Before I could stop myself I found myself ending the call.

“What am I doing?” I asked myself picking up my phone and putting my finger on the 1 that was my speed dial for Harry, but something stopped me. Instead I pressed number two that took me straight to Niall.

“Hey Y/n, what’s up?” He asked sounding cheery… He obviously haven’t watched the news.

“Did he do it?” I asked already standing up to do my usual nervous pace.

“Who did- Oh, you’re talking about the rumour.” He says. His mood suddenly jumped from cheery to serious in a split second.

“Is it just a rumour? Niall, please I beg you to tell me the truth: Did Harry sleep with another girl while you were away on tour?” I say feeling the tears brim at the side of my eyes threatening to spill at any moment.

“I think you should talk to him first. It’s-” Niall started but I quickly interrupted.

“Niall James Horan you tell me the freaking truth before I fly to Ireland and kick your skinny ass!” I exclaimed.

“Is that her?” I heard his voice… Everything inside me broke into a million pieces. I ended the call before I could hear any more. Then I collapsed right where I was standing and started to cry. All the memories of us started to swim through my head, jabbing knives through my heart.

“Honey? Honey, are you okay?” I heard my mother voice before I felt her arms wrap around me. She ended up holding me in her arms not pressuring me into answering. Finally I calmed down enough to get the words out.

“I…I th…t…think Ha…Har…ry chea…ch…cheated on me.” I manage to stutter. Luckily for me my mother understood.

“I’m going to make you some tea, to calm your nerves, before you call him to find out the real story.” She said. She helped me to the couch and kissed the top of my head.

While see was in the kitchen I made the mistake of looking at my phone. There was already 15 missed calls form Harry, 7 from Niall, 9 from Liam, 8 from Louis and 6 from Zayn, to make it even worse your twitter was exploding with mentions:

@Harry_Styles: @Y/t/n you have to believe me, I didn’t cheat on you!!

@Harry_Styles: @Y/t/n please answer my call, I’m on my begging you!!

@Harry_Styles: @Y/t/n you’re killing me!!

Not just for Harry I had mentions from fans telling me to dump him, others telling me that it was my fault, some telling me that they hated me from the start, others saying sorry and they routed for us and they like Harry when he was with me.

“Here you go- Y/n, what are you doing?” My mom asked looking like she almost wanted to grab my phone from me.

“Nothing.” I replied hiding my phone and taking the tea from her.

“Honey, you can’t be-” She started, but was interrupted by the doorbell.

“Mom, you have to tell him that I’m not here. I can’t face him, not right now anyway, please mom, please don’t tell him I’m here!” I whispered-cried the words pleading with everything inside of me that she would listen to me.

“Just this once.” She says standing up, “But you are calling him tomorrow.” She walked and opened the door.

“Please! Please let me see her.” Harry says. His voice broke and I could hear that he’d been crying. I took a deep breath to keep myself from crying, but it didn’t help, tears started streaming down my eyes again.

“She’s not here. When she heard the news she ran out and told me that she went to a friend’s house for the night.” My mom lied, probably without even blinking, “I couldn’t stop her even if I wanted to.” She added lastly, even convincing me that it was true.

“Please, if she’s in there I need to see her. I won’t make it through the night if she thought I cheated on her.” He sounded more and more like a broken person.

“Sorry Harry, but I can’t help you. Good bye.” My mom says and I heard the door close without any protest.

“Thanks mom.” Is all I say when she returns.

“Don’t thank me, thank you that Harry is broken enough to believe that. I don’t think he cheated on you and I think you should talk to him before you go to sleep tonight, because you’re not the only one hurting.” My mom says before leaving again.

I down my tea, feeling the effects immediately, and headed up to my room. I scrolled through twitter reading every post about Harry and me, I even checked out E’s polls on what I should do and at the moment forgive him was winning. I don’t know when, but I finally fell asleep crying.


Clink. I heard something at my window. Clink. I heard again before a cold breeze filled my room. I was too late for any action I wanted to take on the intruder. I saw the outline of the person walking to my door and turning the lock before heading to me. This is the end… Was the only thought running through my head.

“Y/n? Babe, are you awake?” A too familiar voice asked.

“What the hell, Harry, you’re breaking into my house now?” I exclaimed-asked almost slamming my pillow into him.

“If it’s the only way you would talk to me, then yes, I will break into a million houses.” He says. He walked closer and took a seat at the edge of my bed.

“If I wanted to talk to you, I would’ve replied to your messages, to your voice mails, to your Instagram’s, to your twitter mentions, to all the freaking social media you have.” I replied grabbing my pillow and hugging it to me so that it was almost as painful as what Harry was doing to me.

“Well, if you answered at least one of them then I wouldn’t have to do this.” He countered my defence.

“I hate you.” I mumbled looking away from the place where his eyes would be.

“Well then, I hate you too.” He replied and I could swear I heard a smile in his words.

“Are you enjoying this?” I asked trying my best to sound offended.

“Am I enjoying the fact that my girlfriend thinks I’m cheating on her? Am I enjoying the fact that she believes fake gossip stories above her own boyfriend?” He says and I could hear him trying to hide the sharpness in his voice. That’s when I realised how much the story didn’t just hurt me, but it was busy destroying and hurting him too.

“Harry-” I started, but Harry interrupted.

“I think I’ll just give you that time to think.” He whispers standing up from his place, but before he could walk away I grabbed his hand pulled him to me so he was almost awkwardly sitting on my lap.

“I’m so sorry, babe, I should’ve believed you.” I whispered putting my head on his shoulder.

“I just wish you believed me and not all the gossip.” He replied kissing the top of my head and moving so that he was holding me and my head was on his chest.

“I can’t help it, you are surrounded by the most beautiful girls in the world and you can have anybody. So why in the world would you pick me?” I say and for the first time ever I decide to break down my walls to let him in. To let him see every part of me.

“Don’t you see it? You are the only one that can make me smile, you are the only one that knows every little detail about me and still manage to find it in your heart to love me. You are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with now and forever.” Harry says. I lift my head from his chest so that I could try and look him in the eyes, “And you’re probably the only one that laughs at my jokes.” He said and we both started laughing.

“You want to spend the rest of your life with me?” I asked when we stopped laughing. I felt the butterflies start in my stomach.

“Yeah, and I wanted to make it special, I was actually planning to ask you tomorrow, but then you decided to go all MIA on my ass so you left me no choice but to do it right now and so very unromantically.” He said standing up and kneeling before me.

I think my heart stopped when he took my hand in his.

“Y/n, will you please do me the honour of becoming my wife?” He asked. I sat there staring at him in shock. He started waving his hand in front of my face to get my attention, “Babe, please, respond.” He asked and I could see he was close to a panic attack.

“Oh, yeah right.” I say shaking my head, “Of course I will marry you!” I exclaimed and threw my arms around his neck. He stood up and started to spin me around till we both got dizzy and fell on my bed.

“You had me in a panic attack!” He exclaimed out of breath, but there was still a massive smile on his face.

“Sorry, I was a bit overwhelmed.” I replied leaning over so my lips were inches away from his, “I love you though.” I whispered and kissed him.

“I love you, too.” He said against my lips making me smile even bigger- if it was even possible.

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