i said kneel

Deleted lines from the Avengers script #508
  • Loki:You *will* kneel before me!
  • Cap:*(sighs)* Fine.
  • Cap:*(kneels)*
  • Cap:OK, your turn.
  • Loki:What?
  • Cap:You said I had to kneel before you did. I kneeled first, so now it's your turn.
  • German Old Man:He's got you there.
  • Loki:*(curtly)* Yes, *thank* you.
  • Loki:*(half-kneels/bows)* How's this? This good enough?
  • Cap:*(thwacks Loki in the balls)*
  • Loki:*(falls to knees)*
  • Loki:*(silent screaming)*
  • Cap:Much better!