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reader x scoups ; thigh riding

Slow Down

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 882

Summary: Riding Seungcheol’s thigh. That is all.

(A/N): THIS HAS BEEN IN MY INBOX FOR LIKE TEN YEARS I’M SORRY I hope you enjoy it tho!!! I rage wrote this bc I’m stressed af about finals so (Oh also this has some light daddy kink in it so like if you’re really not into that I suggest skipping this one)

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And Suddenly I See You ~ Svance

Next stop on Pebble’s Svance train: Pure Fluff place.
Please have mouthwash to hand, this is tooth-rotting.
(Also I cannot write kisses I’m so sorry)
Apologies for bad formatting, I’ll get on it as soon as I can!


Thanks to life experiences, Lance could claim to be a lot of things. For example, he was easily the best dancer of the Voltron Force, and could eat any spice level that was given to him and thought of jalapeños as a light snack. He was excellent at dealing with kids, and could name most of the countries of the world alphabetically.

But dealing with the cold?
Now that was impossible.

Turns out that Norwegian tundras are incredibly cold, and bundling up in at least three of Sven’s thick winter coats can’t keep out said cold out. He was finding it hard to walk, even the few meters through the thick snow back to the Land Rover.
Sven was somehow walking beside him like nothing was wrong, chattering happily about the blizzards they sometimes get whilst somehow wearing a shirt and a single fleece-lined jacket, as oppose to the layers of insulating plastic that Lance was busy shivering under.
“Sven,” Lance cut him off, breathing heavily, “how do you even cope here?”
“I grew up here, didn’t it?” Sven replied with a chuckle, earning a pout from the paladin next to him. “You learn to deal with it, like how you can deal with your world’s Cuban heatwaves.”
“They’re not heatwaves,” Lance shot back, “just warmer temperatures.”
“Yes, and this is just light snowfall.”
The snow, as if on cue, began to fall heavier, fat flakes drifting and sticking in the wool of Lance’s beanie cap. Around their feet, the mounds of snow they were already trudging through were quietly building up; he could feel snow melt on his socks and in his shoes, and judging by Sven’s sudden grimace, he could as well.
Another gust of wind blew over the white plains, and Sven’s breath curled in front of his face in a smokey cloud.

Lance wasn’t going to admit he was looking at the flush of his cheeks as the wind changed direction, or the way the grey light from the sky lit up his cheekbones in a very particular manner.

“We should be getting back,” Sven eventually mused, hopefully not noticing Lance’s sigh of relief, “if the snow builds up much more, we might not be able to drive back.”
“So what if we’re stuck in the car, all night?” Lance asked coyly.
“Then we’d run out of petrol for the heating by about midnight and freeze until the morning or someone manages to rescue us,” Sven replied, smirking at the fall of Lance’s face, “all in good time, Sharpshooter, don’t rush it.”
“This better be a quiznaking nice cabin you booked,” Lance grumbled, the snow squelching under his boots.
Pulling some car keys out of a trouser pocket, Sven clicked his tongue and ran the small distance remaining to the car. “You can be the first judge.”

Lance’s grumbling continued until the duo were safely in the car, forcing Sven to crank the heating up until it hit one that Lance considered a more sensible temperature and Sven considered way too hot, but wasn’t going to debate.
“So where were all the elks or whatever then?” Lance asked, pressing his nose against the window in an attempt to see through the increasing snowfall.
“You’ll see them tomorrow, don’t worry,” Sven said with a patient smile, “I have a friend who runs a nature reserve, there’s lots of elks to observe there.”
Lance turned round suddenly. “You have a friend who owns an entire nature reserve? How many pies do you have your fingers in?”
“I’m a well-known space explorer here, I can call in a lot of favours,” Sven responded, “like how this cabin isn’t technically on the market, but I knew the owners, so…”
He trailed off, laughing slightly at Lance’s awed face. “What’s this cabin like, then?”
“You’ll see.”
Lance pouted and leant back in the chair, folding his arms. “You keep saying that.”
“And you need to learn to wait for things,” Sven snarked, “you’re very impatient for a member of a team who actively takes out Galrans using endurance hunting.”
Lance narrowed his eyes. “And you’re, uh…” he trailed off, Sven humming playfully at Lance’s inability to create a comeback, “you’re annoying!”
“Whatever you say, my love, whatever you say.”
Lance huffed, turning back to the window. “The snow’s easing off now,” he said absentmindedly, as the windscreen wipers slowed down to a much more regular rate.
“Just in time, we’re almost there.”


“God, Sven, this place is amazing!”

The cabin was, without a doubt, the most luxurious place Lance had ever been in. The living room was the length of the cabin itself, all oak panels and floor-to-ceiling windows that gave a lovely view of the snow-doused plains and forests, and was furnished with plush sofas, minimalist wall hangings, and the biggest fireplace Lance had ever seen in his life. The kitchen was compact but high-tech, and was stocked with all kinds of interesting looking food that he hoped Sven knew what he was doing with, and down the hallway was the bedroom, containing a heavenly looking bed.
There was only one bedroom.
Lance’s heart may or may not have skipped a beat.

“That good, eh?” Sven confirmed, shrugging off his jacket and hanging it on a pair of faux antlers near the doorway.
Lance hummed an affirmative, collapsing on the sofa nearest the window and lazily undoing the zips to his many coats. “Can I just stay here forever?”
“Well, if your definition of forever is seven days, then by all means, yes.”
“You know what I mean,” he replied, poking his tongue out to the other man, who laughed and pulled his coats out from underneath him.
“How does hot cocoa sound to you?” Sven called once Lance’s coats were hung up.
“Sounds fantastic.”
“Then get up off your arse and help me then.”
A beat.
“On second thoughts I can survive without.”
“Alright, I’m coming!” He replied with a laugh, pushing himself off the sofa, “but if you’re one of these weird people who eats the powder straight out the tub, I’m teaching myself to drive and going back to the ship.”
Once he was in the kitchen, Sven shot him a smile and tossed him a block of chocolate. “Who said we were using powder?”
“Marry me.”

The cocoa was eventually made, but only after Lance decided to try and eat half of it, sneaking cubes away when he thought Sven wasn’t looking.
“Hey, Lance, look at me?”
“What’s up-”
That was when he felt Sven’s lips softly crash onto his, squeaking in surprise before melting into the kiss. His eyes fluttered shut as Sven tilted his head, pushing into it, and-
Sven pulled away, smirking widely.
“So it was you that was stealing the chocolate,” he said, turning back to the pot of hot milk on the stove, “don’t try to evade your guilt.”
“That’s-” he stalled, still somewhat comprehending what happened, “that’s cheating!”
“You would have denied it if I asked,” Sven sing-songed back, finally tipping the hot liquid into two mugs, “I’ll go set the fire up, come in when you’re ready.”

The hot cocoa really was good, and Lance plonked himself next to Sven on the sofa in front of a roaring fire. “Dude, this is incredible,”
“You like it?” He asked, stretching an arm around Lance’s shoulders, who in turn took that as an invite to snuggle into his side and rest his head on Sven’s shoulders.
“I love it.”
“That’s good.” He took a long sip of the cocoa and pressed a kiss into the top of Lance’s head. “I was worried I had gone a little, uh, over the top.”
Lance looked up at him, confused. “How?”
“Well, I wasn’t sure if it was all a bit-” he gestured to the rooms decor- “too much.”
“Sven, babe.” Lance put a hand on his cheek, and moved his head so he was looking at the smaller paladin. “I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be right now.”
“And your team-”
“Can survive without me for a week.”
Sven hummed in reply, reaching down to press a proper, tender kiss into Lance’s lips. He tasted like the cocoa, all sweet and milky, and Lance gently pushed back into it, sliding his mouth open to deepen it. Their heads tilted slightly, and Sven placed his mug on the table sloppily to place his now free hand on Lance’s jaw.
“I’m sorry,” Sven eventually said, pulling back with a pant, “I should control myself.”
Lance gave a breathless laugh. “Babe, I honestly couldn’t care. That-” he stopped to catch his breath- “that was great.”
Sven hummed again, leaning in for another quick kiss before sneaking a sip of the now lukewarm cocoa. “Are you hungry?”
“For you? All the time, babe,” flirted Lance, snapping his fingers into a gun-shape and pressing it into Sven’s cheek.
“For food, Casanova.”
“Oh yeah, sure.”


Sven certainly knew what he was doing with the food.
Lance had wandered into the kitchen after getting his breath back to see his standing over a large pot of something that smelled fantastic, and Sven was beckoning him over to help.
“Cutlery is in the first drawer on the left, and plates are up here,” he instructed, pointing to a cabinet by his head without ever taking his eyes off the pot.
Throwing an arm around his waist, Lance leaned in to look into the pot. “This smells amazing.”
Sven sent him a genuine smile, reciprocating the hug around his shoulders. “It’s my mother’s recipe, I hope you enjoy it.”
“Compared to the food goo I’ve been living on for the past year or so, it’s gonna’ be the best thing ever.”

It really was. Lance decided that, if he had to eat one thing for the rest of his life, it would be that. The lamb practically fell off the bone, and the cabbage was sweet, rather than the slightly slimy variant that his dad used to try and make. To top it off, he’d never seen Sven look quite so genuinely pleased as he did when Lance tried to groan his appreciation around a mouthful of food.
“I’m glad you liked it,” he later murmured into Lance’s hair as he passed behind to put some washed plates back away, “I was worried it wasn’t going to be up to your tastes.”
Stifling a laugh, Lance spun on the ball of his foot and wrapped his arms around Sven’s neck, grinning up at him. “Dude, you literally could have given me plain pasta and I would have thanked you.”
Lance nodded. “It’s not food goo.”
“I don’t know what this food goo tastes like,” Sven mused, sliding arms around Lance’s waist, “but you’re making it out to be something I should never try.”
“Ugh, for good reason.” Lance’s face pressed into Sven’s chest and he groaned. “It tastes of nothing! Absolutely nothing! And has the texture of literal mush!”
Lance scowled at Sven’s continued snickering. “Did you never have to put up with the goo?”
“Nope,” he replied through laughs, “we got monthly supply deliveries containing actual food, although most of it was dehydrated.”
Lance moaned again. “I would have actually died for dehydrated food sometimes.”
“Tsuyoshi couldn’t survive without actual food, so blame him rather than me.”
“Neither can Hunk, but we don’t really get a choice, y'know?”

Lance yawned suddenly, jaw snapping open and ears popping with a crack.
“Is someone tired?” Sven taunted whilst Lance shot him another scowl.
“No, it’s just been a long day.”
“Then why don’t we just go to bed, then we can start tomorrow early.”
He had hardly finished his sentence before he felt Sven’s arms move from his waist, and a hand around the backs of his knees. Next thing he knew, his feet weren’t touching the floor at all, and Sven was holding him horizontally with one arm under his knees and the other supporting his back.
“Are you comfortable, my Prince?”
Once Lance had gotten over his shock, he tossed an arm over Sven’s neck and pulled him down for a short kiss. “I can’t believe my knight in shining armour was here all along.”


Later, Lance was cocooned in duvet and Sven had happily pulled him into his arms, taking their legs together and tucking Lance’s head under his chin. The pale light from the moon that filtered through the snow clouds made the window glow, casting soft shadows in the room and giving everything a silvery lining, and the residual warmth from the fires kept the room pleasantly warm despite the thick duvet.
“So, tell me,” Lance whispered, voice muffled and scratchy from rest, “what’s the difference between elks and moose, just so I know for tomorrow?”
Sven hummed in thought for a moment, causing Lance to squirm slightly in his arms and his breath ghosted his ear. “It’s all in the name, my love,” he stated simply, “what is a moose to you is an elk to me.”
Huffing, Lance rolled over, careful not to crush Sven’s arms as he buried himself further into the larger man’s chest. “Why is there even a difference in the first place?”
“Because you Americans are a strange, strange people.”
“And yet, I’m not even American,” Lance shot back, pressing a soft kiss into his collarbone with a smirk. He felt a hand mingle in his hair, working gentle circles into his nape and neck. Sven’s general presence was nearly overpowering, but perfect all the same; all Lance could smell was his musky body wash, and the faint scent of the cocoa they’d had earlier that day, and all he could feel was Sven’s arms around him and the hand in his hair whilst the other held him tight around the middle.
“G'night, Babe.”
“Sleep well, my Lance.”

He dipped off to sleep, replaying the lilting voice of the man next to him in his head.


This was an apology for everyone I hurt with my last fic, and as per, my AO3 link is in my bio!
Thank you!

3. Wingman // Klance

« {Part 3 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

The space bar was exactly what Keith would have expected a space bar to look like. He almost expected the Star Wars cantina song to start playing.

“Dude! Check out that giant keg thing! Oh my god, I’m going to get space-wasted!” Lance said, shifting from foot to foot in excitement. “Do they have legal drinking ages here in space? Shit, I don’t have a space-ID—”

“I’m sure it’s fine,” Hunk said. “Look—they’re not even asking for ID. It looks like… self-serve?”

He pointed at where some short alien people were serving themselves cups of electric green liquid from the “keg thing” Lance had noticed earlier. The aliens put coins into a slot and then pressed a button to fill their cups.

“Let’s just get some of it before Shiro and Allura notice we’re gone,” Pidge said. “I really don’t want to get another lecture about responsibility.”

“Psh. They’re still at that space movie theater. We’re free for the next couple hours for sure,” Lance said. He sidled up next to Keith, slinging an arm over his shoulder. “So, what do you say—should we get completely shit-faced?”

Keith rolled his eyes. “You’re ridiculous.”

“Hey, you didn’t have to come along,” Lance said, poking a finger at Keith’s chest. Then he turned to Hunk. “Hey, Hunk—be my wingman for tonight? There have to be some pretty alien ladies in this bar.”

“Uh,” Hunk said. He shot a quick glance at Keith and then looked back at Lance. “Not tonight, man. Sorry. Pidge and I were going to…”

“We were going to play space foosball,” Pidge said quickly. “I thought I saw it when we came in, so….”

“Yeah,” Hunk agreed. “We’re going to do that.”

“Well, damn,” Lance said. He looked back at Keith. “Well, it looks like you’re going to have to be my wingman tonight, Keith. You up for it?”

Over Lance’s shoulder, Hunk and Pidge gave Keith a pitying look. He sighed. “Sure, I guess,” he said. “Why not?”

Why not wingman for Lance? Why not wingman for the guy he might sort of actually like in a not-so-platonic way?

This wasn’t going to end well.

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Padawan - Anakin Skywalker

Prompt #2 of the Hamilton fics.
Song: Aaron Burr, Sir

“Pardon me, are you Anakin Skywalker, sir?” you asked hesitantly, walking up to the tall man who had a eerie scar across his eye. He looked over at you and raised an eyebrow from that side of his face.

“That depends, who’s asking?”

“Oh well, sure, sir, I’m Y/N Y/L/N. I have been looking for you.”

“I’m getting nervous,” he said with a smile, making you laugh nervously.

“I’m a Jedi, too. I heard your name at the Jedi Temple.” He looked at you curiously. 

“You seem pretty young to be a Jedi master,” he said. You laughed.

“Well, I’m still just a learner, but I did move on sooner than most. I was a little enthusiastic.” He raised his eyebrow and again and tilted his head. “I may have forced punched someone, way before we had even learned how.” He laughed wholeheartedly this time. 


“I wanted to join the fight. I wanted to be a part of the Clone Wars. I was inspired by everything that happened at Genosis a few months ago.”

“Can I buy you a drink? Or are you not old enough.” You laughed and shook your head.

“No, I’m old enough. A drink would be nice.” He nodded and started walking in step with you towards the nearest club. 

“While we’re talking let me offer you some free advice. Talk less. Smile more.” You did a little, but looked at him curiously. Usually when someone told you to smile more, it was a creepy old man who had only known you for a second. Technically, Anakin wasn’t that much different. After ordering, he looked back at you again. “Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.”

“You can’t be serious?”

“You want to get ahead?” he asked.


“Fools who run their mouths often wind up dead,” he said seriously. 

“You did,” you said. He looked over at you and you giggled. “I mean, you’re the one who went to Genosis, stopping the dark side from killing your master, Obi Wan Kenobi.”

“Okay, firs of all, I think you know too much about me, second of all, what did I say about talking too much?”

“Sorry.” He smiled and sighed.

“Why did you even come find me?”

“Because I had a question.”

“Okay,” he said, looking at you nervously. 

“Well, you told me not to talk so much.” He laughed and seemed a little annoyed.

“Just tell me.”

“I came to ask if you would take me on as a Padawan.”

“You’re kidding.” This time it was your turn to laugh nervously.


“I’m still training myself-”

“I know, that’s why Master Yoda thought we would make a great pair.” He sighed.

“Master Yoda sent you?”

“And Master Windu, yes.” He took a drink and pondered for a while.

“Hell of a time to send a new Padawan.”

“So you’ll take me?” you asked excitedly. 

“I didn’t say that.  I’ll have to ask Obi Wan first.”

“But it’s a yes from you,” you said, beaming.

“I didn’t say that either. You’re putting words in my mouth.” You laughed, knowing that he had already decided. That was the thing about being a Jedi, your impressions of people were nearly instant and unwavering. Anakin had already made the decision to teach you, and you could see it in his eyes.

A week later, you were traveling on a ship to Coruscant, next to Anakin, and Obi Wan. Like you expected, Anakin gave you a fabulous review, and Obi Wan agreed you would make a great addition to their little team. Since you had only been with them for a week, you weren’t exactly sure how to follow them, but were slowly catching on.

You and Obi Wan would tease Anakin quite a bit, and you and Anakin would talk about Obi Wan when he was’t paying attention. It had only been a week, and the Clone Wars were coming to a close. You knew you should have been happy about that, but you didn’t want to lose your chance to learn with Anakin and Obi Wan.

When you stopped day dreaming, you looked over at them, and noticed that they were discussing what would happen when the war was over.

“The revolution is imminent, Anakin, what do you stall for?”

“If you stand for nothing, Obi Wan, what will you fall for?” A silence fell over the men, and you felt a presence you hadn’t sensed before. Anger, maybe. Jealous? Fear? Something. Something wasn’t right about the way that Anakin was fiddling with his hands, or the look that Obi Wan had on his face. A moment later it was gone, and you forgot about it entirely. But that feeling would come back again, and the same confusion and worry would wash over you.

Indefinite Hiatus;

I’m sure some people have noticed that I haven’t been around lately again, and I wanted to further explain myself before going on an indefinite hiatus. Please bear with me, as I don’t know if this will come off as me venting or ranting, but I feel this is all stuff I need to say and want to get across to everyone.

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To Michael, with love.

Five years old, in the living room hearing the screams of the family at war.
I would often leave and turn on the television and you were always there. You’d bring me comfort when I felt the world at my shoulders, when no one was by my side. I knew I could always count on you.

I just turned six, record stores over the city, my aunt told me I could get anything. Walking back and forth, your picture was staring back at me and the albums were sitting beside.Bad and Thriller, a photograph of you performing live, I left happy while my aunt scowled at me throughout the entire ride.
The picture went on my wall, and the albums laid peacefully on my desk, that was my favorite childhood memory.

Seven years old, I watched as the world threw you in the dirt.
I watched as they tore you in half, as they stole the life from your eyes, as they completely shattered your image.
The lies spread on the newspapers and magazines, the media had nothing better to do. How could they do that to you? They all said guilty, my heart believed your innocence.
You walked out a free man, but you never came back.

I just turned ten when you decided to return;
You welcomed the screaming crowd full of tears and excitement, you said “This is it.” but who would’ve thought the end was already near?

3 months later, you were gone, but this time for good. I didn’t want to leave my room, I felt like everything I ever loved was taken from me. I use to feel comfort knowing we were both under the same sky, that one day I would see you in person and tell you what you meant to me; I wanted to say you helped ease the ache of this everyday pain, you were there to wipe my tears, and you gave me strength to get through another day.

Throughout that night, I stared into the night sky, your music was playing from neightbors homes, to around the world.I didn’t sleep; I had trouble sleeping for the next two weeks.
I watched as the words “I love you and I’m sorry” left those who did you wrong your entire life, the same ones who helped break your spirit, they apologized, but it was too late; The world apologized, but they did so too late.
They did so when you were in a casket under the ground; they should’ve known you needed to hear those words while you were here with us, while you spent your nights wondering about your fate, wondering what you did wrong to have the entire world against you. It was all too late.

You were all the good I believed in the world.
You made me want to be a better person, You restored my hope when I felt like I lost it all.You were the definiton of what love can look like, of what love is suppose to be. I wish you knew you’re a hero in my eyes, you’re my hero for the rest of my life.

Years later, I still watch the sky while listening to your music; years later, I still have trouble sleeping on June 25th,
your pictures are still on my wall, your albums are laid on my desk, and that childhood memory is still my favorite.

— Topaz P.

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a firefly’s flash - minhyuk

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a/n: tbh in my personal life things are not so great….. i think writing this will get my more sensitive side out hahahhaahhha 

genre; oooooh the angst is real with this one and then sweetly dropping back into fluff like before

also the lovely @acousticdreamin requested this !! Thank you for requesting and for the slight song recommendation! It’s a very beautiful song! I tried my best to keep the song relevant to the fic! I hope you enjoy this!! ♡

“…All that I know about us is that beautiful things never last…”

Those were the words uttered out of your mouth, just as you read the last chapter of the book. You felt sad for the main character of the book, and you had to read their story about the trials and tribulations of being in a relationship with a person who had a busy job, or who got stressed easily….like a celebrity. Which was…your situation. Yes, your special guy…one and only…was Astro’s lead dancer, Rocky. Or as you liked to call him, Minhyuk. He was sweet, kind, caring, and amazing. All those words were the ones that you could think of at the top of your head; you had so many more beautiful words for him. Every time he had a break, or anything, he would come over to your house, just to see you. Of course, you couldn’t go to the dorms because you know….the paparazzi and fans. But since he wore a mask, sunglasses and a hat every time he came to yours, the paparazzi and fans never really found out. You two had a sort of love fuelled by a simple firefly. At night, the firefly would flash up, lighting up the world. Of course, you could only see Minhyuk at night, in your house, since it was a conspiratorial relationship; one not to be known by others; the others being fans. But he was the light to your firefly, making your whole world light up, even if it was night time.  

“Minhyuk should be here by now…it’s getting late…”

The cotton jumper hung low on your body, only holding on by shoulder. Your leggings hugged your legs, and so did the fuzzy socks too. You somehow glided across the floor to the kitchen, picking up a single grape and placing it in your mouth, reaching out for another. Just at that moment, you hear a singular set of knocks on your door, resulting in a “it’s open!” to slip out of your mouth. You heard heavy footsteps enter your house, before hearing the door slam behind. You jump a little, because…Minhyuk never slams the door, even by accident. You instantly knew something was up, from the second the door met the frame harshly.

“Minhyuk? You ok?”

“I’m fine…just let me be.”

That tone hit you like a tonne of bricks, leaving you to turn around and see him at the entrance of your kitchen. You just….blink at him. What…was that? Just let me be? You hadn’t seen him all day, he was working. You were confused at the statement, but you just let it slide. So you try to cheer him up a little by asking how his day went.

“How was your day?”

“Y/n what did I just say? It was great. Leave me alone.”

What was that? You were…shocked at this sort of attitude. You didn’t think that your boyfriend had this sort of…demeanour packed up inside of him. You were…also slightly mad now. You didn’t do anything to him…so why was he having a go at you?

“Minhyuk……what’s with this sort of attitude? This isn’t like you…”

“Y/n! Stop talking to me!”

Gulp. You…already felt that familiar lump in your throat come back around, keeping you and your emotions on a thin string. You took a step back, your hand supporting your now weakened legs with the countertop. You…never heard him shout…and when you did it was the happy shouting…but not angry shouting…and the way he said…’stop talking to me’…was almost heartbreaking. He placed both his hands on the table, having quite an indignant look on his face.

“I don’t know why you have this attitude but I don’t like it–”

“You know what I don’t like? You nagging me about my day! You know the answer! It’s always going to be good, great, fantastic! It’s always those three words!”

“Well sorry for caring about you and being interested in what you did!”

You just…snapped. You shouted back, not knowing that you had the capacity to even shout in this emotional state. 

“Well you should stop it! It’s annoying!”

“You know what? I will!”

You shouted back, storming out from the kitchen. You didn’t anticipate this at all, the book you read was the calm before the storm. The storm called Park Minhyuk…and his unbelievably high levels of stress from the next comeback. You…didn’t know though. All that stress festered up and hid itself inside of him, keeping you away. You wanted to know what was wrong, so you could maybe help him. But that didn’t seem to be the case. You only seemed to be a nuisance to him; annoying, bothersome, vexatious. You hurried into your room, slamming the door behind you. You…became a sobbing, quivering and inconsolable mess on the floor, sliding down the door on your back. Minhyuk…was so lost. He stormed out too, but out the door.

“Minhyuk…don’t go..”

 And that was the last you saw of Minhyuk- well, for a while.You didn’t receive calls, messages or anything from him. You assumed that….he didn’t like you anymore. That you were just abandoned from his love. For the next coming weeks, you felt heartless inside. This was supposed to be your summer vacation from studying…this wasn’t the time to be moping about…because of Minhyuk. But….that’s how it turned out. You cried at least once a day, thinking about what you did wrong….at the same time…Minhyuk was regretting every bad word he said to you. Blaming his anger and stress on you wasn’t the best thing to do. He was also…empty inside. And the sky agreed with the both of you. It hadn’t stopped raining for weeks, and you had just about enough of it, seeing your windows with the same marks as your cheeks. You also found out that…your light had gone out. Your firefly light had been sparked out…nothing was there at night anymore. You thought that nobody knew about this, but oh no. You had all the Astro boys messaging you about him, but they were just asking about what happened, and how you two could get back together, but nothing was working. Until…Dongmin dropped you this message in the early hours of the morning. 

[5:52 AM] From Dongmin; hey could you give some encouragement to Minhyuk today? It’s our comeback…and he really needs it.

[5:54 AM] From Y/n; I…sure….I’ll try

And you did. Somehow your brain and your hands managed to type his name in, look for your chat, and have it pop up for you. The last message you sent him became a blur for you, but it was refreshed for you at that moment. The moment your eyes became fixated on the message, the lump in your throat came back.

[4:50 PM on 1/7/17] From Minhyuk; I love you so much…you have no idea how happy I am to be yours ♡♡

You felt the tears in your eyes becoming too much, as you let them dribble and drown your cheeks. Your vision became blurry, typing out the message to Minhyuk. You really thought you two were…..over. But you had one last drop of optimism left for you two. 

[6:00 AM] From Y/n: Hey…I know we haven’t talked or anything…but I know that today is your big comeback, and I just wanted to give you a good luck message. Hope your new album sells well, and yeah…I don’t know what else to say…other than good luck. So….good luck.

You placed your phone down as soon as you sent the text over, and you were….just numb inside. You hadn’t talked to him in over a month, and you were just about ready to delete yourself from life. But……you kind of saw this as a ray of hope. The sky did too. Just as you sent the message, the sun came out. What…? Wait, was this a sign? Speaking of signs, the second you sent it, he read the message, a small smile developed on his face. Taking a sharpie, he started to write something. 

“She still likes me…wow…”

“Hm? Minhyuk did you say anything?”

“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing, don’t worry.”

It wasn’t nothing. It was you. He couldn’t say that just yet though….he couldn’t exactly tell you he loved you just yet…but decided to tell you in a different way…just very slowly. The comeback ended pretty shortly, since there were a lot of different schedules to finish for different members, so it was kind of like….an early summer break. Kind of. And the first thing that Minhyuk did? 

“Hah….maybe I should get something–”

The set of single knocks came back. You stopped right in your tracks, to have your eyesight dart straight to the door. You wondered who it was, and when it came to that person, you were in denial. It couldn’t be him at all. No, wait….could it? You slowly start to shuffle to the door, the question that you wanted to ask replacing the lump in your throat. And then you asked it, your confidence running on it’s last legs.

“W-Who is it?”

“Y/n, take a guess.”

His voice sounded like…home. It wasn’t exactly, but it sounded so nice. Such a nice…feeling melted into your emotions, opening the door to see that one at your door. The first thing that came to your senses was his apologetic facial expression, paired with the hand scratching his neck, and the beautiful bouquet of flowers he was holding in the other. You were……heart-struck. Cupid somehow became a person called Minhyuk, and aimed right for your heart.



“Listen I’m–”

“Sorry. I’m sorry for shouting at you…”

“I’m sorry for taking everything out on you….I shouldn’t have…”

“Took all my anger out on you…”

“We’re both apologising for the same thing…wow…”

“..Minhyuk….I…wait. Would it be weird to say I want you back…? Because that’s the vibe I’m getting from the flowers and you just being here and the–”

“Come here..”

A small mumble spilled out, making him smile before leaning into you. His free hand took yours, pulling you in closer to him. That old reliable blush came sneaking back onto your face, leaving you speechless. And the space between you two shortened, until it became non-existent. Your lips came into contact with his, the somewhat hateful words leaving your memory. They were to be no more than just a simple bad time, overruled by this one kiss. You two separated, his forehead leaning up against yours.

“Yeah…can you be mine again? I kind of missed you–”

“Kind of?!”

“Well…I say kind of…I actually missed you a lot. I missed you a whole bunch. So…?”

“I’ll have to think about it…sure.”

And in that pure melodic moment, you two were a secret, but not secret thing again. You had your little light back. You were a firefly with a flash again. 

“Minhyuk…can you promise to tell me if something’s wrong? I need you to tell me asap…”

“Sure, I will, don’t worry. You’ll be the second person I tell.”

“Who’s the first? Bin?”


“Park Minhyuk–”

“Ok it’s Bin”

Burnt Into Ashes (OCs, sickfic, part 1)

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

A/N: IMPORTANT NOTE to understanding where in the GingerSnap timeline this takes place. There’s a point (a few years into their relationship) where Liam and Elliott broke up, and things didn’t end well. Liam was not nice through that time. To anyone, really, but especially Elliott. This fic takes place right in the middle of the year or so between their breakup and them getting back together. I hope that’s not confusing, but feel free to ask any questions if things aren’t clear. This is something I wrote like a year ago, but I’m still happy with it, so I’m sharing it anyway. That said, enjoy!

Elliott woke to his phone vibrating and ringing on the table next to his head. The sound cut straight through his skull, exacerbating the headache he was dismayed to find had not gone away with a good night’s sleep. Then again, he thought, he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep with all the tossing and turning and not being able to breathe.

He reached for the phone, nearly knocking it into the tissue-filled trash below, and squinted through the early morning darkness at the name on the blinding screen. Liam. The last person he wanted to talk to at–what time was it? He wasn’t even scheduled to work today, he remembered groggily.

“Yeah?” he answered, surprising himself with the roughness in his voice.

“Good morning to you, too, Chapman,” Liam said with an ever present snideness. It never used to be like this, Elliott thought. When they were together, Liam would bring him tea with honey and lemon in it and do whatever he could to keep Elliott from having to work when he was ill. Now it seemed like Elliott was the first person he called when he needed someone to cover. He wanted nothing more than to tell Liam to shove it, to leave him alone and let him go back to sleep, but he was afraid of what that would cost him.

“Whad’you wadt, Price, ’b ndot scheduled for t’day,” Elliott mumbled into his pillow. His head pounded harder with each moment he was awake, and he feared he might not be able to get back to sleep at all if Liam didn’t hang up soon.

“You are now,” Liam said matter-of-factly.

Elliott expected it, but that didn’t keep his heart from sinking. “Cad’t you fi’d sobeode else?” he asked. He knuckled the tip of his nose, a vague itch starting up in his nasal cavity. “I’b ndot re-hh!-really up to it.”

“Afraid I can’t,” Liam said, and he sounded genuinely exasperated by it. “Believe me, I take no pleasure in having to ask someone who spent half of the previous day sneezing in the bathroom, but we’re short staff as it is, and I can’t afford to have you out.”

The tickle was rapidly becoming much more than vague, and he missed most of what Liam said while he was trying to keep from sneezing. “Ndot sure you cad afford to hahh…have mbe there either.” God, the last thing he needed was to sneeze in Liam’s ear. He didn’t know how Liam would react to it now. Things were quite different from when they were together. Liam didn’t even bless him anymore. And yet, Elliott knew it was still plenty distracting for him if the way he flinched and grimaced were any indication.

“Better than nothing,” Liam muttered. “I can cut it to half what I actually need you for, if you’re going to be difficult about it.”

“D-diffic–huh! AEGhJISsSHu!” The sneeze wrenched itself free at the first possible opportunity, as soon as Elliott was distracted. And it wasn’t the only one. While his eyes watered, and he tried desperately to recover, his nostrils twitched and flared with the insatiable need, and he almost forgot to draw the phone back before the next outburst. “hah’EHGKtZIhSHU! h-huh’UhKtJISsSHU! h-hh-hih’IHGhTJhSSH!

He sniffled and groaned in the aftermath, throat burning while his head assaulted him with a relentless throbbing. He couldn’t think, and when he pressed the heel of his hand to his forehead, even he could tell it was too warm. With a shuddering breath, he returned the phone to his ear, ready to ask Liam one more time if he wouldn’t reconsider. But before he could even form the full thought, Liam spoke again.

“Be here for eleven, Chapman,” he snapped, and the call ended.

Elliott lay stunned for a moment until the reality hit him that yes, he did in fact have to work, and no, he could not persuade Liam to let him off for the day. He dropped the phone off the side of the bed, the soft thump cushioned by several used tissues, and draped his arm over his eyes.

softhorts  asked:

College au? I'll let your creativity run free from there ;D (also what the heck, I'm planning on my major/minor to be English too?)

College Freshmen Are Loud

Read it on ao3!  & send in a prompt!

Summary: The noise in Dan’s dorm hall is cutting into his sleep. Phil provides a solution

Word Count: 1.9k

Notes: thank u, ryanne. I love college aus :(( (we should talk majors)

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School Project - 707 x Reader

Word Count: 1563

Trigger Warnings: None

Genre: FLUFF

A/N: high school au, first mysme imagine lmao sorry if it’s really bad it probably is

Your eyes followed your teacher as she paced herself table to table, sliding a piece of paper to each student. The clicks of her thick-heeled, black pumps got louder and louder as she made her way closer to you. You absent-mindedly clicked your pen as you waited.

Today marked the new unit in AP Chemistry, a unit entirely weighted on a three-week project. The small slip of paper, which would inform you of your partner, could possibly determine whether you would ace it or fail it. You weren’t too picky with who you would be paired up with, as long as it wasn’t some slacker. Considering this was an AP course, there weren’t very many.

There were several small celebrations or annoyed groans as your classmates peered at their paper. Some simply didn’t react. You were one of them as you opened the folded sheet carefully handed to you by your teacher.


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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'm always glad to see another Haikyuu blog around! Would it possible for me to request something about a S/O that really likes to cook and bake with Saeko, Ushijima, Oikawa, and Ukai? I don't really have a preference, so I'll let you decide if you want to do headcanons or scenarios. Whatever works best for you is 100% cool with me. Thank you for doing these and I hope you have a lovely day! :]

Hi anon, hope you have a lovely day as well!

I’ve decided on headcanons since a lot of my thoughts didn’t fit together to make a scenario! I wish you like it.

- Admin Miya

p.s. I’m going to put Ushijima, Oikawa, and Ukai under the cut since they got realllyyyy long! If you’re having issues with it, just message me and I’ll remove it.

- She meets you at the newly opened bakeshop near their home and holy shit does she not expect the owner to be a bad ass with the same style as her.
- Like really? The place was all pastel and light and you had the cool “nobody fucks with me” vibe but mixed with sweet smiles and even sweeter treats
- Speechless when she was about to order the cupcake she wants to try
- “Cat got your tongue?” “…” “I envy it then.”
- Did the hot baker just flirted with her??? Your giggle???? That smirk on your face???????? If she wasn’t gone the time she saw you then she definitely is now.
- Would not visit the shop for the next few days because that was embarrassing.
- Gathered up the courage (collected some good comebacks as well) to go back after a week
- Surprised that you were easy to talk to. Thought you were this flirting deity. There was occasional flirting, but now she has comebacks and she absolutely loves it when she makes you blush
- She invites you over for dinner and you brought tonkatsu! Ryu loved them. He immediately told Saeko to marry you.
- Both of you don’t know what happened but after that you were officially dating. No words needed. It just… happened. Everything was the same but now with more holding hands and random kisses on the forehead and cheeks.
- Your first kiss together was when you invited her into your shop kitchen and had a small food fight. She put icing on your lips, “Looks like I need to clean it up,” and kissed you.
- You were initially shocked but you said after a short while, “Well now you have some on you,” and you kissed her. It just went on like that.
- When you’re cooking, she’d do the cliché thing of hugging you from behind! 21397103x better since her chest is really soft!

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Fangs And Claws

Beauty And The Beast modern AU (violence)

Chapter 1

The bed is soft under her and the music is loud in her ears, perhaps too loud, but she can’t care less. She has the same song on repeat because honestly there is time to transfer them from her laptop but there’s no energy in her body, barely enough for her to survive her first day in school. She had always heard good things about taking a semester or a year abroad, but it always felt…. far-fetched, it is not in her nature to travel away from her family just for this, but she has no family anymore, the contact list on her phone is as empty as the desert and even if she fills it soon, she’ll probably get her landlord’s number and a couple of fast food restaurants, friends…. maybe in a couple of months.  

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Under the Rabbit’s Moon

Part 2

Their story did not have a happy ending. Happy endings were endings, the finishing of things. Their story cycled into the hibernation of another ancient pattern doomed to be repeated in a later generation. Her boys died to save the world and all it had achieved was a handful of years meant for peace.

But it was peace, and hoards of people were too tired and too lost and too broken to believe it was anything less than what they had been fighting and dying for all along. The fatherless drank deep cups of sake in a shared tent and sang until they couldn’t feel the tears on their face anymore.

To them it was enough.

Not for her.

Sakura felt cursed with her inability to let go and see the resolution to their conflict as anything less than what it was. She couldn’t lie to her self, (though she tried), and believe things were okay. No, her boys were dead and that force was not yet defeated. Their last, best hope hadn’t been enough to lay the moon goddess to rest for good. The mother of all chakra still remained, but Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi were all gone.

She was alone, and that was why she dug through the ancient tree, peeling back bark and acid sap and carving out chunks of the innermost wood before reaching the nub of gelatin like coating that housed the immortal. Sakura’s body was decaying fast, burning down to bones, but she peeled it back and broke the pod open, yin seal blow wide and glowing.

‘‘You hope to kill me?’’ Kaguya’s voice was a mournful echo between Sakura’s ears. “Ah, if only you could. There must always be a cursed one. That is the price of things. Magic, chakra, power…it isn’t free. Don’t you know that silly child?’’

Sakura screamed, feeling her face burn as the seal spread out lines of iridescent purple thicker and thicker across her body. She was dying and being reborn all at once, but it wouldn’t last forever. She would run out of chakra and die soon enough and no one would be around to find her body. No one dared come close to the sacred tree, not after they saw what it had done at the last battle. Too many people remembered being a part of it, of being sucked dry by it.

“I’m taking you with me,” Sakura grunted through clenched teeth.

The woman’s voice tinkled like a bell. “Will you do it? Will you free me from this curse?”

Suddenly, it was more than just a voice between Sakura’s ears. She saw the moon goddess  standing in the darkness, her skin ash white and eyes as wide and ancient as the surface as the moon reflected across a still ocean. Sakura’s mental defenses sprang up in response, strong and faster from all those years of developing a second persona. Mental hands reached for the mental moon goddess, but froze just shy of squeezing her to death.  

“I’ll give you what you want if you can take it from me,’”Kaguya intoned, closing her pearl colored eyes and opening the slit on her brow to show a spinning third eye, patterned with the sharingan.

Sakura’s body was nearly gone, approaching the point of no return as the acid burned faster and harsher than ever. In her mind she fought against the woman, but in the real world she was paralyzed.  It wasn’t unexpected. Sasuke and Naruto had been powerless when they teamed up alongside Kakashi. What made her think she would be enough?

“But you are. They were going about it the wrong way,” Kaguya cried.

Sakura screamed, feeling the pain of her physical body  give her the last mental boost needed to finish closing her fists and squeezing the woman out of existence. Kaguya was gone in a cloud of shimmering moon dust and Sakura collapsed, knowing her body wasn’t going to last more than a minute.

’That’s fine. I’ll see them again,’ she thought, closing her eyes.

In the back of her mind she felt cold fingers run patterns through her thoughts. There was a tinkling of bells and womanish laughter. “Yes, you will.”

That had been three years ago.

Sakura makes it a game to guess the ages of the children who dare each other to pass into her hedge garden, a place she’s tended to with the intention of making it a place for healing the sick and tending to the injured. It just so happened that too many of the men and women she restored took to repaying her with cultivating the land into a zen garden surrounded by intricately trimmed hedges. It makes it easy for her to develop a genjutsu on the hedges that keep out intruders.  

Children too young to see through her illusion wander until they are tired and give up or fall asleep in the cooling shade. More than once she’s had to carry out sleeping children, proving further stories of horror and terror.

There is a boy today too young to be much older than five or six with ashen blond hair, stumbling around, trying to get through. Sakura recognizes him as one of the boys she has had to carry out. Admittedly she found him cute with wide eyes and a face full of soft baby fat too innocent and too young for the leg guards and gauntlets he already sported.

When he falls asleep under one of the hedges Sakura stops just outside the reach of the hedge’s shade and wonders if she shouldn’t just keep him to herself, protect him from the fighting she knows is happening not too far away in a land she has no interest in.

She kneels, loose pants brushing the soft grass as her knees touch down. His mouth is open and drooling onto his arm as his legs stretch out in sleep. He is content where he lies, he feels comfortable in the shade and it nearly breaks her heart. 


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Be Her Valentine [1/2]

Levi’s not all that great at being a Cupid’s Angel, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to redeem himself. It would go a lot better if Eren’s plans for the Angels’ most important day didn’t go directly against his though.

Now with part 2 here :D


Silence hung over the throne room. Queen Historia was trying to go easy on him, Levi supposed. But there was no way around it. His results of the past year had been, quite frankly, terrible. Terrible enough for his Queen to have most likely considered revoking his title and sending him back to the Superior Council for reconsideration of his assigned functions. The sleek white wings folded on his back stiffened.

Truth be told, Levi never understood why, as a young Angel, he had been offered to Queen Historia’s Kingdom. Why it had been decided that he would serve his eternal existence as a Cupid’s Angel. He had thought his main ability was to stay strong in the face of adversity, and therefore had expected to become a Guardian Angel. Sure, he had lacked in multi-lateral planning skills, which might have made him miss that calling, but then surely his sharp tongue and wit could have led him down the path of the Quarrel Spirits. Not that he wished for that either, though.

But a Cupid’s Angel? Now that had been downright laughable. No one had dared laugh though, it remained a highly respectable function after all. Levi certainly didn’t have time to laugh before being none too gently thrust into training, to become an expert in all things sappy, cheesy, and other representative variations of the word “sentimental”.

Empathy, care and a genuine desire to expand the horizons of inner happiness. So were the values that defined the typical Cupid’s Angel. And so were not the values that stood out in Levi’s personality. Or at least he thought not, but hey guess he fooled the Superior Council.

“I believe you are aware of… your weaknesses, Levi. And if you do know what went wrong this year, you should be capable of sparking and influencing many happy and lasting relationships in the year to come. In any case, you’re going to need to convince me you can.” Queen Historia was finally getting to the point, what would be done with him now. After a whole year without a single successful match to his name, Levi was not sure he’d be capable of much though. He awkwardly adjusted the quiver hanging off his shoulder, and his fingers tensed around his arc, symbols of his allegiance to her.

Queen Historia had spoken so far in her well known angelic tone, and had made her request in the sweetest of voices known in the realm. Her smile was as warm and beautiful as a summer morning’s first sunrays, and her pastel gowns flowed around her and blended with the cloud-like texture of the throne room floor, completing her image of a Goddess as splendid as dawn. Queen Historia, the Goddess of Love, flawless inside and out. So her people believed her to be, and so she strived to appear day after day.

She had most everyone fooled, but not Levi. If she really were made of sugar and spice and everything nice, she would not care so blatantly much for Ymir, who really should have been stripped of her status as Cupid’s Angel after all the crap she pulled last Valentine’s Day. There was nothing sweet about Ymir in his opinion, and the fact that Queen Historia kept her close for reasons other than training was a sure sign that there was more to the Goddess than met the eye. The thing was, Ymir’s status was probably the only reason Levi still got to keep his right now. Queen Historia could not banish him from her Kingdom without raising questions about what should be done about Ymir too.

“Levi… This might be a bit difficult to hear, which is why I decided to make this audience private. I have addressed the Superior Council to see if there might not be more suitable options for you in the future,” Queen Historia announced.

Levi bowed his head in shame. He’d expected it, but it was a terrible blow to hear that he truly was failing miserably at his calling.

“However, they insist you are indeed meant to remain under my care. They have decided you are to remain a citizen of my realm no matter what. Do you understand what this means, Levi?”, his Queen asked him. Levi’s eyes widened in horror.

As long as he kept his status as Cupid’s Angel, all would be well. He’d keep his wings, his stupid bow and quiver full of arrows, and would carry on floating in and out of realms, dimensions and planes, free to spread love wherever he went (joy). But if he didn’t, and couldn’t regain standing somewhere else, he’d be trapped within the Kingdom. Sure, it was a vast Kingdom, there would be plenty of places to go, plenty of people to meet. He’d find a job in the administration or in the academy. Lead a quiet life.

The exact opposite of what he wanted for himself.

While he still had to learn to enjoy his job (and actually do it properly), it meant the cosmos to him to be able to cross through lands far and wide. Having known that freedom and having it revoked… Levi was beginning to panic.

“Levi, I do not believe giving up your status as one of my Cupid’s Angels is anything you’d desire. It does pain me to have to consider it. It is a title you should bear with great pride, and your successes reflect on this Kingdom as a whole. You know that. So,” her voice gained strength as she spoke her next words, “I would like you to redeem yourself.”

Levi’s eyes shot up. Queen Historia smiled at him. “Nothing terribly complicated,” she said, leaning back into her throne of flowers. “Just very traditional. On Earth, certain areas will be celebrating Valentine’s Day soon enough. You know what would look perfect on your record? I think it would be very sweet if you could get someone to ask someone else to be their Valentine before the actual day. What do you think, Levi? Won’t you do that for me?”

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One shot where you were experimented with the twins, and you got really close especially Wanda who was like a mother to you. You escape and join the the avengers to find the twins. So in wakanda you are with them, Wanda is hurt because you changed sides and uses her powers in you and sees that your worst fear is losing her. You wake up crying and she comforts you. Lotsss of fluff and cute ending pleaseee

TITLE: Can’t do this

You flinched as the heavy door was yanked open. Even though you were facing the door, you hadn’t been paying attention. Your focus was zeroed on your hands. Shadows danced between your fingertips, showing off your new abilities that Strucker had granted you through many bouts of pain and suffering. 

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Title: Sugar Sugar

Pairing: 6yr old Junhao

Genre: fluff horendous levels of fluff

Summary: Five year old Minghao and Junhui have a system, one which involves Minghao evading having to eat his vegetables and gain a best-friend

To say that Minghao dislikes vegetables would be a gross understatement; he absolutely abhors eating anything green. He doesn’t believe it when his mom says carrots will help his eyesight—he can see like twenty blocks away—or that eating them will make him grow big and strong like his dad. So he doesn’t understand why his mom always packs vegetables for his lunch when she makes him suffer with the stupid green things for dinner.

Minghao survived just fine last year in second grade eating snacks and sticky jelly sandwiches so he doesn’t understand why this year it has to be different.

“Is your mom a veterinarian,” Mingyu asks, mouth drawn in disgust as he peers into Minghao’s lunch box.

Jihoon sighs from across their brightly orange coloured lunch table “It’s vegetarian.

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Where Dooku has an interesting selection method for choosing his padawan

Quite possibly my last Circle snippet for a while, as I’m going to be heavily focused on world building soon. Feel free to chime in on discussion of that however, as I’ll be tossing a few rambles up I’m sure.

In tonight’s instalment, Dooku chooses Qui-Gon as his padawan. Well, maybe chooses isn’t the right word…

Attitude, Dooku knew, was at least fifty percent of fooling people. Even, especially, other Jedi.

He’d been knighted for over a year. So, it was perfectly reasonable, if a bit unlikely, for him to have acquired a padawan. As such, it was also reasonable that he would have access to the lower level commissary. The one in closest proximity to the creche and younger children’s classrooms, reserved for Masters with young apprentices. A commissary which, due to the reduced number of knights and Masters using it, tended to have the best selection of teas still available.

The fact that Dooku did not in fact have a padawan, was irrelevant.

Qui-Gon darted into the lower level commissary looking for all the world like he was running late to meet his Master. Which he was, running late that is. Qui-Gon didn’t actually have a Master yet, a fact that meant he wasn’t technically meant to be here. But in the interest of actually getting access to tea, it was a technicality he was quite happy to ignore. After all, he mused, as he slipped in behind an unaccompanied young knight, he was old enough to have been chosen. The fact that his Master hadn’t collected him from the creche yet wasn’t his fault.

For two weeks Dooku used the commissary on and off as he waited for his next mission. Every now and then he thought someone was going to challenge him, but then eyes would flicker behind him, and the challenge never came. It was the start of the third week that Dooku’s luck finally ran out.

“Taken a padawan you have, my old apprentice?” Came from about level with his knee. “Heard this I had not.”

Dooku froze, and turned to face the small green form of the Grandmaster of the Order.

“Master Yoda.” He managed to greet his old Master calmly. “This is a surprise.”

“Indeed. And answer my question you did not.”

Dooku was mentally running through every curse word he knew as he rapidly tried to come up with a reasonable deflection, when he felt a tug on his robes. He looked down into bright blue eyes.

“Master,” said the boy. Who Dooku vaguely recognised from the previous two weeks. “Can I try the red leaf this time?”

“Initiate Jinn,” Yoda spoke before Dooku could formulate a reply.  “Another surprise this is.  Heard you had been selected I had not.”

It was then that the lack of padawan braid, and the glint of mild panic  in the boy’s eyes clicked. An insane idea formed in his mind, and Dooku seized on it before he could examine it further. He cleared his throat, interrupting Yoda.

“Its padawan actually. Or it will be.”


“I was using the opportunity to make sure the youngling was okay with the idea.”

“Spoken with the Council then, you have not. Do that soon, you should.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Bring him round for tea after, you should.”

“Of course, Master.”

With that, the elder Jedi shuffled off. It wasn’t until Yoda was out of sight, that Dooku finally relaxed, and turned his attention to the youngling at his side. Human, mousy brown hair, and quite tall for his age. Tall enough to be mistaken for a padawan despite the missing braid. A quick mind too, skilled at improvisation, and a daring to bend the rules. He supposed he could work with that.

“Well, Initiate Jinn,” he started.


“I’m sorry?”

“My name is Qui-Gon.”

Dooku smiled. “Very well, Qui-Gon. The red was it?”

And all that, in the name of tea. Yes, Dooku decided. He could do worse.