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I'd like ... 'are you still awake ... ?', if you wouldn't mind. :)

Months ago while searching for writing inspiration, I found an prompt that said  “You were supposed to be a one night stand, but we ended up talking till dawn instead of sex. And wow we really click, so do you maybe want to have breakfast and stay longer?” and I’d really wanted to write that for these two (it just seemed to fit so well!) and with this sentence prompt I was finally able to do it! So enjoy a modern, not-quite-a-one-night-stand AU :)


The first fingers of light were coloring the distant horizon when the balcony door slid open behind her. She didn’t turn at the noise, leaving her head resting on her hand and her eyes trained on the early sunrise.

“Are you still awake?” Cassian asked gently, the accent that first intrigued her last night at the bar thicker now, more tired than it was when she’d first heard it.


“You’d been quiet for so long, I wasn’t sure.” At that, Jyn turned to him, enjoying the way his lips curved up into a half smile and his eyes softened as he looked at her.

“What can I say?” Jyn gave him a smile of her own, teasing. “You wore me out last night.”

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Anon said: Hey, I recently got into the fandom one month ago, at first I saw tae/kook videos and thought they were cute but when I came across a jikook video it hit me so much in the feels… My question for you is, do you think BTS or at least some of the members know about jikook? E.g. The v-live from Taehyung in Osaka with Jungkook acting suspiciously as if hiding jimin? Itt occurred to me that maybe Tae knows something :’) I'de like to hear what you think :) for my jikook heartue ya know

Hi, anon! Please put a ‘/’ or ‘*’ in between the ship name so it doesn’t go into another ships tag please! 

To answer your question simply: yes, i think all the members know about jikook - if jikook are real. All of the boys are extremely close, like actual brothers. They care for and love each other a lot, it’s really obvious how close they are. If jikook were real, I don’t think they’d hide something that major from other members. I feel like for a few weeks they would, because of hesitance and anxiety over their reactions… but then they would tell them. I believe that that jimin and jungkook would not risk the groups future, and would make sure the other members are okay with them being together, and if they weren’t then they’d break up. Both jm and jk seem like the type to put the group first then themselves. And I truly believe if they are together, the other members know and accept them. Maybe there was slight hesitance because their futures could be ruined, but since bts is such a great family, they would want everyone to be happy. 

In summary, i don’t think jikook would have to nor want to hide their relationship from other members :) 

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I'm 16 and was hired to work part time 3 months ago. Low and behold, I'm working 6, 6 hour shifts for the next 6 days... I'm the only teenager being scheduled with these crazy hours When they hired me they said I'd be working 2-3 shifts a week and I've been getting 4-6 the past few weeks.. I'm conflicted about whether or not to talk to my manager because I do like making money and I don't want her to cut my hours severely but at the same time this is getting out of hand!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ4nv9gX29s)

I trained underneath a waterfall for three months to learn how to draw Papyrus.

JK I just haven’t drawn a single thing since August. :B


It’s been a while since everyone put theirs in but I wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Constantly fretting over homework
  • Favourite with teachers, even the grumpy ones
  • A pretty damn good gymnast
  • If he sends notes in class, it’s always something nice like ‘good luck!’ or ‘I’m glad you’re alive today!’
  • Most of the other classmates are probably indifferent to him but he still gets his fair share of bullies
  • Most often seen complaining about hygiene
  • Wears a bunch of sweaters and the like
  • But likes to stick to his traditional outfit
  • Tries his best to hide and fix his hybrid accent
  • Doesn’t say much to anyone at all, still keeps fairly quiet with friends
  • Is roped into baseball by friends, not the best at it
  • But watches all his friends’ matches and is basically a cheerleader for them
  • Claus basically does all the back-chat to bullies for him
  • Oblivious to flirting, doesn’t know how to flirt

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I need some advice, I've been working at my job for 2 years and 3/4 months ago we got a new manager. He's brilliant at the job but a few members of staff left because he wasn't our old boss. I'd been thinking about changing jobs, but 2 weeks after he arrived he asked me about a promotion, so i said yes. Since then, when i ask he says he needs to talk to the AM about it but hes spoken with him multiple times since. I feel like he's makin a false promise to stop me from leaving, what should i do?

Ask him again and tell him he has a deadline to make a decision before you look for another job.


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Icarus/apollo "please stay"

Icarus thinks of spilled light, of light spilling, of the way it spills into dark rooms quite suddenly, like a monsoon. What would he do if he could cup that light in his hands?

He would swallow it.

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Dont fetish something that is used by people with disabilities. Metal arm is not sexy or cute, and Bucky, who has no fucking arm, probably doesn't think that too and so is any person who has no arm. Don't romanticize and sexualize disabilities.

Are we actually serious right now?? I come on here to post a gifset after like 93 years and I find this? 

Regardless, it’s the arm itself that I find hot. It’s not like I sit and jerk it to the fact that his real arm got torn off on some mountains somewhere 70 years ago.
I try to be as nice as possible on this account but I kinda draw the line when it comes to things like this.
Obviously you’re more than welcome to your opinion and if you find me being sexually attracted to a cybernetic arm offensive then that’s fine, by all means never look at my blog again, block me, do whatever.
But don’t come up in here and think you can try and  t e l l  m e  what to find attractive or sexy. As long as I’m not doing anything illegal then that’s for me to decide and no one else.
There are people on this site who actively defend and no doubt post all sorts of illegal material, meanwhile you’re here basically defending a fictional object and it’s fictional owner. Prrrrriorities.

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I genuinely believe most of 5H's statement and I also believe Camila's statement. I think she wanted to leave since IKWYDLS and the girls knew she wanted to leave. They tried to get her to stay and work their problems out but she wouldn't do it. Her behaviour since that time period til now matches up with everything said in the statement. I think it sucks that she didn't get a proper send off/goodbye. That's mean tbh. I'd like to know WHY she wanted to leave them as far back as 18 months ago (1)

cont. (2) Was it because she wanted the spotlight to herself? Was it because she wanted to get away from the girls that she had fallen out with? Did they actually fall out or did they drift apart naturally with age? Would they have still drifted if Camila’s side projects hadn’t of happened? I have so many questions and no answers.

Ok clearly you didn’t really read Camila’s statement, she said that part of the reason why she left was because she wanted to follow her heart, and she wanted to be able to right her own music but I think that’s only the top of the iceberg. Both statement said that Camila talked with the girls - and when she wrote about discussing it during the tour, she meant the 7/27 tour, so it hasn’t been 18 months, only 6.

If Camila did refuse to work things out in those supposed meetings and group therapies there must be a reason - and everything we’ve seen during the 7/27 tour, the tears, the break downs makes me believe that management pushed them so far that they couldn’t handle it anymore, just like Lauren said in the recording “we’re slaves”. Camila made the decision to get out of this nightmare because she had the opportunity to do it. Camila had an out that the other girls didn’t have, her solo projects and her personal management. Camila can survive as a solo artist because she already has a big fanbase with her collabs with Shawn and MGK. LAND aren’t as well known as Camila and going solo now would be suicide for them, that’s why they renewed their contracts. 

I think Maverick, Epic and Syco just didn’t like being screwed over by a 19 year old and now they are trying to destroy her image - tbh I think they don’t give a shit about what it might do to the girls and their friendship. They just want to paint Camila as the bad guy, and separate her from the 5h image as quick as possible, making it look like she betrayed everyone and forcing Lauren, Dinah, Ally and Normani to stay quiet about the matter, probably threatening them through their contracts.

What I’m hoping is gonna happen now is that Camila secures herself with her management and maybe a label and then tells the truth about what’s really going on behind doors. I hope Ally, who got herself her own management as well, follows and get to be out of that trap. And I really hope Lauren, Normani and Dinah quickly do the same, so they can all get out as soon as their contract expires.

I’m sure now more than ever that what we see is only what is being manufactured by management - don’t include the girls in that statement because they clearly didn’t write any of it. They care deeply about each other, they have almost 5 years worth of memories, they wouldn’t just end things like that. We know our girls, we know they’re kind and caring, they care about each other and they care about their fans, I’m sure they would’ve made the ending be as smooth as possible and full of love for us. This is not their doing and they deserve better than to be used like puppets.

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Just saw your response to my ask from whenever. Why do you assume I'm trans phobic? I never said anything of the sort. I asked you a question and I'm taken aback that you attacked me for it... I'd like to sincerely point out that with that attitude you will not make a lot of friends who are different from you. Please don't say I'm transphobic or hateful again (you can say ignorant or stupid or whatever but I really don't hate you) and I'd just suggest you take a second to respond peacefully

LOVE when i get asks like this about stuff from months ago

this is the ask in question:

link to it here

OK so first off? I’m not transgender. I am not a trans guy. It CLEARLY states this in my sidebar, and has for literally years now. I am genderqueer, a subset of nonbinary. This is separate from transgender people. Just some quick facts. In no way shape or form am I a guy, male, a boy, a man, or any other way you’d like to put it.

Second off, I was never a girl. I was raised as one and i identified as one for 15 years of my life, but that was because it was thrust upon me. I’ve always been genderqueer, it just took me 15 years to figure that out.

Implying either IS transphobic. That ask is, in fact, transphobic. You were exhibiting transphobic behavior. Given this, you probably STILL DO exhibit transphobic behavior, especially from the language of this ask.

I’m not here to make friends with everyone. I’m here to make friends with people who respect me completely and don’t say these kinds of things about me because guess what, it’s rude and completely unneeded. 

Are you ignorant? Yes. Are you also transphobic? Yes. Don’t try to shake off that label, because the actions you execute make you deserve it. Instead look at it and think to yourself, “Wait, how am I being transphobic? What did i do wrong? How can i fix this?” Instead of “Wait, how am I being transphobic? I can’t be, this person is obviously attacking me for no reason.”

Transphobia isn’t just saying “I hate trans people etc.” It’s also implying that they are unnatural or abnormal, as well as alienating their experiences (among other things) with comments like “i just dont understand how you can be like this.” GREAT FOR YOU. Why should we care what you do and dont understand? It’s not our problem, it’s yours. The only time it gets to be our problem is when you come to us with bullshit questions like this.

And last but definitely not least, you can take your condescending tone right the fuck out of my ask box right now with your bullshit “I’d just suggest you take a second to respond peacefully” It’s not my job to calmly take your hand and guide you through. I’m a human and I get offended. I’m a human and I get pissed off when people send me transphobic asks. I’m a human who deserves basic respect. I don’t give two shits what you have to say honestly, if you’re the kind of people I could have the chance to make friends with otherwise I’ll happily stay this way please and thank you.