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Would you believe me if I said I only just remembered that today’s the 5th anniversary of my all-time favorite game? Haha, yup. It’s a bit rushed because of vacation shenanigans, but this is an idea that I had in the back of my head for a long time: a mass-rebirth-meteor-shower shindig. I only wish I had more time to execute on it. Hope you enjoy!


Appreciation for Series Authors

I’ve seen these for authors of longfics, but man, writing a series is a whole new level of crazy you don’t even realise until you undertake it. 

If you read and love fanfiction series, make sure you’re letting the authors know you’re still engaged as the series goes on. Kudo/favourite the later stories. Reblog chapters of the later stories. Send them an ask about how you hadn’t expected this twist in story 3 and what will that mean for story 4. 

Writing a series is hard work. It’s easy to get burnt out after living in this universe for so long. You can help by showing the authors that our hard work is appreciated.

And to you, series authors:

  • If you’ve charted out your series and stared in mute terror at how long it will be before you finish this bloody thing, you are not alone.
  • If you realise you have three stories to get through before a part you’re really excited to write, you are not alone.
  • If you’re on story 2 and it feels like no one is reading and you’re really excited about story 5 but does it even matter because see above about no one reading, you are not alone.
  • If people only ever comment on the first story in the series when you know the writing gets better as the series goes on, you are not alone.
  • If you were excited by the idea of a series because it meant you didn’t have to stop the story when your OTP got together, but could actually show them in a relationship… and then no one seems to care about reading once they’re together, you are not alone.
  • If you feel like you’ve disappointed readers by taking the series in a direction they didn’t expect/want, you are not alone.
  • If you’re really tired of writing the series, but you’re afraid people will forget about you if you let it lay fallow for a few months, you are not alone.
  • If you’re wondering if anyone would notice if you did take a hiatus, or just dropped the series altogether, please believe me: You Are Not Alone.

This is what it’s like, being a series author. This is why series get abandoned. It’s hard work and a slog sometimes, with not nearly the amount of feedback and excitement coming from readers to keep us going when things get rough. It often feels like people really only care about the first story, and then maybe sort of read the rest out of habit, but not real interest.

Here’s my challenge to readers: Pick your favourite series, and then think of your favourite thing in that series that isn’t from the first story. Now go tell the author about it.

Series authors: You’re amazing. Keep up the good work.

Hands Off (M)

Warnings: Fem!Domme, sub!Baekhyun, slow build, teasing, thigh riding, restraints

Length: 9497

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andreil 63: “I think there’s someone in the house.” please?

shout out to the help from @andrewjsten u da cooliest and um it’s on ao3, leave a comment, i love those

Way It Goes

The worst part about playing professional exy, was that you didn’t get much say in what team you played for. Sure, yeah, there was a little bit of say, but not nearly enough. Neil had only been playing pro for two years and Andrew had one year on him, but they didn’t have enough sway with management to even discuss bringing the other onto their team. Neil had a significant scoring history to back what he said, so he felt like maybe in a year or so, after a lot of forced networking, he could convince management to bring Andrew onto the team. Andrew however, didn’t have scoring history, however he did have a significant ability to shut out the other team from scoring. The only problem, he was a very prickly person, and he wouldn’t have the support of his team or his management if he tried to broach who to sign. He would have to kiss a lot of ass and play nice for years to get there and he wasn’t about to stoop to that level.

So, while they might not have a lot of time together during the season, there were moments that were hastily snatched in free moments, where, more often than not, Andrew and Neil shared a cigarette before falling into bed, waking up in a shitty motel, taking a shower, and speeding off to the airport to get on separate flights. They had discussed whether they thought the money and the time was worth it to end up just sleeping on a crappy bed, and maybe sharing exhausted hand jobs and lazy kisses was worth it. (They agreed that even for a night, it was always worth it, but not in so many words.)

It was an especially rare treat when their teams played one other. It meant no extra travel and no shitty motels. It allowed extra hours shared between the two of them to relearn one others body and habits. Neil liked having his hair pulled and Andrew had a praise kink the size of Kevin Day’s ego, and it worked out beautifully for Neil because it was the only time he could compliment Andrew’s exy skills and only get a minor grumble and a sharp tug to his hair in retaliation. That only lead to Neil waxing lyrical about Andrew’s skills on and off the court, and Andrew would kill Neil but then Neil would lick a stripe up the column of his throat and Andrew forgot exactly why he was planning where to hide Neil’s body.

Falling asleep, happy and sated, next to Andrew was probably Neil’s favorite thing in the entire world. Feeling the other man’s weight mirroring his own on the bed helped Neil sleep better. He especially liked when he slept at Andrew’s because Andrew’s queen sized bed was shoved against a wall and had a chest of drawers at the foot of the bed, so if Andrew had to get up in the night he had to crawl over Neil to get out of bed. Instead of sliding out at the foot of the bed like he could at Neil’s. Neil loved being woken up to Andrew saying his name softly, then rolling onto Neil’s back. He liked being pressed down into the sheets for a moment before Andrew completed his roll and padded softly across the floor, beckoning for Neil to follow.

However, this particular night, Andrew didn’t immediately roll off of Neil, which was odd because Andrew was never the type of person to hold Neil down, in any context. He only allowed himself that brief moment because Neil had hesitantly conveyed how much he liked it and how it made him feel safe. So, when Andrew didn’t immediately roll off, Neil was on high alert.

Andrew leaned down and barely whispered, “I think there’s someone in the house.”

When Andrew climbed out of bed, Neil quickly followed, and once he was up, he could hear the noise that must have woken Andrew; a dull thudding coming from their front door. Neil walked towards the door with his back to a wall at all times, skirting the edges of the room, while Andrew just walked up to the door and flipped the lock. That was when Neil started hissing from across the room.

“What the fuck Andrew? You think there’s an intruder and you’re just going to open the fucking door? We should be jumping out the window and heading to Kevin’s house or something. He only lives like 40 minutes away. Put on your shoes, let’s go. If you go out the window by the fish tank, the balcony below has a couch and they’re on the first floor and it’s really not that far of a dr—”

“Neil, I’m not just going to leave. We have to deal with this stuff as it comes. I said I would protect you, remember? If you’re so worried, grab me a bat or something,” Andrew said.

“I cannot believe you would make a baseball reference on the most trying night of my life,” Neil said. But he still grabbed a frying pan on the countertop and handed it to Andrew.

The thudding noise was persistent, albeit slowly abetting, and even though the door was unlocked, whatever was on the other side hadn’t even turned the knob. Not that anything would have gotten in, Andrew’s foot was braced against the door and he had all his weight against it.

Andrew got in position and gestured to Neil to swing the door open. Neil had picked up a metal spatula and Andrew rolled his eyes before asking if he was going to spank the intruder to death. Neil flipped him off before yanking the door open.

Andrew immediately took a swing and his momentum was almost too much for him to stop before hitting a grand slam with Kevin Day’s face. (Jesus another baseball reference?)

Andrew dropped the frying pan an inch from Kevin’s face because he couldn’t slow down enough, and it dropped on Kevin’s foot. Kevin let out a curse and dropped a half empty handle of vodka and red glitter? He then fell forward into Andrew who sidestepped out of the way, letting him land face first on the carpet.

“Andrew, what the fuck? He’s not moving,” Neil said, poking Kevin with his toe.

“Leave him there for all I care.”

“We can’t just leave him on the floor. Help me move him to the couch. I’ll take his legs.”

“You just don’t want to have to carry the weight of his big head, you used to be a martyr.”

“You told me not to be.” Neil stuck his tongue out at Andrew.

By the time they got Kevin to the couch, Andrew had sworn on his tub of chocolate rocky road that one day he would murder Kevin Day and his big head. Neil was bent over laughing when Kevin woke up and puked red glitter and vodka onto the floor.

“And with that, Neil, I’m going to turn in for the night. Take care of your exy boyfriend. I need my beauty rest if I’m going to beat your team tomorrow.”

“What the fuck? Andrew?”

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What has been your fav dialogue to write so far?

Hmmm, most of my favourite lines I’ve written are prose not dialogue but there are a few bits of dialogue I’m really proud of. 

“Enjoying the view.” “You’re routine was very good today, it was worthy of second place” and “I hate you. Now fuck me.” - from chapter 8 are all pretty high on the list because I love writing sassy Yuuri

“Good…Just be careful Yuuri. If you’re not, if you let this go too far, one day Viktor is going to break your heart again…Or you’re going to break his.” and “ the last thing in the world that’s ever going to happen is for Viktor Nikiforov to fall in love with me.” - from Yuuri and Phichit’s conversation in chapter 10 because irony

“Out on the ice today, you were stunning. The audience love you…You give yourself so freely to them. To everybody…But you came. When I asked, you came…I don’t have anything else. But I have this.” - from chapter 10 because oh boy is that one going to be fun to dissect for the companion fic

“Are you familiar with eating Russian?”/ “Ah well, I guess Viktor can just order for you.I’m sure he’ll give you something that you like.”/”Sleep well” - from chapter 12 because CHRIS

“ “You insulted me and you belittled me. You didn’t believe in me. I worshiped you and you broke my heart.”” - from chapter 12 because Yuuri finally said it

“But it’s you. How can I not remember you? I would remember you.” - from chapter 12 because again, fun times in the companion fic

“Hey asshole…Yes, I’m talking to you asshole…Don’t think I don’t know who you are or what you do…The way I see it, this goes one of two ways…Either you actually do care about Viktor, even a little bit in that stupid fucked up head of yours, or you’re using him just like everyone thinks. So I’m giving you a choice. If you do feel something for him, you tell him and stop fucking him around. And if you don’t, you stay the hell away from him. Got it?…I hope you love him…But if you don’t and you keep screwing with him, I’ll make you regret it.” - from chapter 12 because I’m so excited to go more into the context behind Yuri’s words in the companion fic 

“So make me remember you when I do” - from chapter 13 because damn Yuuri