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Put on a Show for Me - Let Me Show You Part 2

Author’s Notes: Despite how long it took me to post this, I actually had a lot of fun writing it. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it too. Again sorry for any typos. I try to edit it, but I miss things. 

Word Count: 3,413 (Get yourself a snack, kids. This shit is long af.)

Warnings: Smut. I mean is there anything else worth writing?

Part One: Let Me Show You

Roman knew you were reaching your breaking point. As much as you tried to stay cool and collected under the gaze of his bedroom eyes, he could tell it was all an act. Being an upir had its advantages. One of them being how he could catch your eye and sense your body remembering every welcomed violation he performed on your pleasure deprived body only a few hours prior. He could hear your heart race and he could all but taste the blood rushing to his favorite spot between your thighs. He wanted you again the moment he watched you fall into euphoria in his arms.

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  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she means:</b> I'm so confused why Brendon and Ryan couldn't just literally come out and say Ryden was real. I mean, now, Ryan really misses Brendon and acts like he's his ex that he still loves, and Brendon's dodging his name like old timers in fandom drama. I also don't understand how Brendon could pretend he wasn't writing a hundred songs about Ryan and not make it obvious. Come on, I mean, "How I missed yesterday, how I let it fade away", "Being blue is better than being over it", "There's no sunshine, there's no you and me". Brendon and Ryan were so perfect for each other. And how come he only recently came out as sexually fluid? What happened in capetown so many years ago? Why does Brendon pretend like nothing ever happened, when he has totally kissed him, worn his shirts, his ties, his guitar strap the post-split performance, held up a sign that says "Ryden Exists" in big capital letters. There are pictures proving it! Also why Ryan flew to New York to Seattle just to see him so they could celebrate Ryan's birthday, without telling his girlfriend or anyone else. Ryan said "He's my boy. Always will be." In a tweet and never let him completely go. Does Brendon still love Ryan? Will they ever confront each other again? What did Ryan do? Why did they try to cover up the fact that She Had The World, When The Day Met The Night, and Northern Downpour were about their love? Were they scared what their fans would do? Why is Brendon so avoiding of Ryan's name? What could he have possibly done for it to be so terrible even talk about him for that long? Why can't we know what happened in capetown? Ryan told Brendon so much and almost loved him, while Brendon was obviously head over heels for him? Why are we left in the dark, aimlessly wandering, searching for an answer in this dark continuum that we may never find? Did something that wasn't consented both ways happen romantically? I know Ryden was real. I just know it. There's too much proof to not realize it. If you showed someone who had no idea what Ryden was or who they were a picture of them, they would immediately assume they were dating. Also, their Twitters. Ryan and Brendon were very close on Twitter, and they couldn't have done a better job of acting as gay as possible. Brallon, also. Do people think that this is some kind of replacement? I feel like Brendon just wanted to be all cute with Dallon to try and replace what he had with Ryan. This may or may not be true, but it's what I think. I can tell Brendon still misses Ryan and loves him deep down in his heart, and Ryan has the exact same feelings. I feel that I will always wonder as I lay in my bed late at night... "What happened in capetown... And why?"<p/></p>

Walking in the Wind is a bonus song on Made in the A.M. It doesn’t fit easily into the One Direction canon; it’s not swaggering or fit for a stadium. There are no rivals, no romantic interests, no ships. This is One Direction doing Paul Simon. This is One Direction sitting back, taking a breath, settling into a story.

From the opening, stepping guitar, Walking in the Wind is unhurried. A week ago you said to me, do you believe I’ll never be too far. The song is an exchange between one who’s lost someone, and the one who’s been lost. The fact that we can sit right here and say goodbye, means we’ve already won. The latter remembers their time together, and the former insists: it isn’t over, you’ll find me, there’s still more to come. We had some good times, didn’t we? We had some good tricks up our sleeve. The one who lost sings. And the other responds: But it’s not the end. I’ll see your face again.

Walking in the Wind isn’t a sharp song. It’s imprecise. But it points at a singer trying to interrogate the loss, trying to understand the promise and the inevitable breaking of that promise. The song examines, rather than argue. It doesn’t defend against the present or future absence. There is no armor, no mechanism. Simply truth. The song looks back on what once existed, and recognizes it as a faded medium: a Polaroid.

But that’s okay! The song insists. It’s catchy and chill. The melody picks up and sweeps forward. They sing, insistently: You will find me, in places that we’ve never been. For all that the song is about, the music is upbeat and optimistic. It’s okay, it will be okay. We’re sure of it.

Harry Styles, a co-writer on Walking in the Wind, said of another song he wrote, Olivia, that “it doesn’t have to be so literal.” Olivia doesn’t have to be a person, he insisted. It could be a place. “Sometimes I think it’s cool to take an emotion and personify it.”

I think the same thought applies to Walking in the Wind.

The song is about loss, yes, but not necessarily one loss, one absence. As adults, we become inured to small deaths. The numbers we lose, the friendships that fall away, the moments we forget. All small, nearly imperceptible endings in our daily lives. So many, that soon we stop counting. We’re taught that every door closing will open another, and we whisper this to ourselves, enough so that we forget to notice if another door does open, or if the first door simply stays closed.

We come to understand these endings by containing them within a story. We accept a break up because a best friend says, “Sometimes, relationships take so many parts of you, that by the end, you’re left with nothing,” and you decide to think about the break up as you would a survival story, rather than the more pedestrian “we stopped liking each other.” A move becomes a step forward, rather than a step away; a fight becomes a miscommunication.

Walking in the Wind is trying to decide which story to tell. The one of the absence, or the one of the future reconciliation. This song is about loss. But it’s also about the stories we tell about those losses, and the ways we claim them.

Yesterday I went out to celebrate the birthday of a friend. But as we raised our glasses up to make a toast, I realized you were missing.

Stories rename themselves as we go. Their edges shift. Their definitions change. The way we experience them in the moment is different from the way we experience them in retrospect, and this is what Walking in the Wind hinges on. It’s optimistic, still, in that moment of reckoning. The song insists: you will find me. What has happened, has happened. But more is to come.

This isn’t a song about mourning. It’s about the story that comes from the mess. It’s not an ending, or even a punctuation mark. It’s a semi-colon. Unresolved.  

We may not know if it’s okay. We may not know for awhile.

We had some good times, didn’t we? We wore our hearts out on our sleeve.

We don’t have to understand.

Goodbyes are bittersweet. But it’s not the end.

Not yet.

I’ll see your face again.

-Kelsey Ford is a writer living in Los Angeles.

overwatch starters

 i play to win.  
❝  this is my curse. ❞ 
❝  wait for me! ❞ 
❝  your mother would’ve been proud of you. ❞
❝  let us hope for a different outcome. ❞ 
❝  sorry it’s such a mess in here. i-i wasn’t expecting company. ❞
❝  this is going to make you feel better. ❞
❝  the true enemy of humanity is disorder. ❞ 
❝  a steady blade balances the soul. ❞ 
❝  this is just like old times. ❞ 
❝  even here i feel an outcast. ❞ 
❝  think you can do my job, do you… ❞
❝  all eyes on me! ❞ 
❝  ooh, this is my jam. ❞
❝  got your aim from your mom, i see. ❞
❝  i’ll feast on your soul. ❞ 
❝  cheers, love! the cavalry’s here! ❞ 
❝   our paths cross for now. as to the future, we shall see. ❞ 
❝   we could’ve built an empire together. ❞ 
❝   ah. just setting foot here sets my soul at ease. ❞ 
❝  this time, stay down. ❞ 
❝  can i get your autograph? ❞
❝  why are you so angry? ❞
❝  ever get that feeling of déjà vu? ❞ 
❝  i am a different man now. i am whole. ❞ 
❝  over my dead body. ❞ 
❝   i’m on top of the world! ❞
❝  i’m patched up. ❞ 
❝  kids today with techno music. you should enjoy the classics, like hasselhoff. ❞
❝   what’s wrong? don’t you recognize me? ❞ 
❝   aren’t you warm wearing all that? ❞ 
❝  can’t stop, won’t stop. ❞
❝  i’ll race ya! ❞
❝   mock death at your own peril. ❞ 
❝  this time, i will finish the job. ❞ 
❝  death is an illusion. ❞
❝  look at this team! we’re gonna do great. ❞
❝  i am beyond redemption. ❞
❝   it looks like we will be working together. ❞ 
❝   you’ve rescued me again. ❞ 
❝  i will not be defeated so easily. ❞
❝  treasure? s-sure, i don’t know anything you’re talking about. ❞ 
❝  so this is what has become of you? a pity.❞
❝  you’re so amazing! you inspire me. ❞ 
❝  i miss him greatly. ❞ 
❝  there is nowhere to hide. ❞ 
❝  whatcha’ lookin’ at? ❞ 
❝  woo, nothing’s gonna stop me. ❞
❝  that was your dream, not mine. ❞ 
❝  what you call freedom is an illusion that causes more harm than good. ❞ 
❝  hehe, there’s something on your dress.. ❞ 
❝  you have been judged! ❞
❝   i have the upper hand this time. ❞ 
❝  traitor! ❞
❝  you will never amount to anything! ❞
❝  i’ve got my eye on you. ❞
❝  lot of memories of this place. they weren’t all bad. ❞
❝  the heart of a man still beats inside of me. ❞ 
❝  stay out of trouble. ❞
❝  step into my parlor said the spider to the fly. ❞
❝  one shot, one kill. ❞
❝  don’t think i’m happy about that. ❞ 
❝  now this place? makes me wanna be an atheist. ❞
❝  our world is worth fighting for. ❞
❝  you haven’t aged a day. what’s your secret? ❞
❝  ooooh, shiny! ❞
❝  oh, did that sting? ❞
❝  heroes never die. ❞
❝  where does it hurt? ❞
❝  you’re just a no-good bully. ❞
❝  i’m a one-man apocalypse. ❞
❝  you should look somewhere else. ❞
❝  you said you would arm wrestle me. nervous? ❞
❝  i learned that from my brother. ❞ 
❝  i hope nobody saw that. ❞
❝  on a scale of one to ten, how is your pain? ❞
❝  i’m not a miracle worker. well… not always. ❞
❝  this was once my home. no longer. ❞
❝  sorry! sorry, i’m sorry. sorry. ❞
❝  i remember being here. it was good for my tan. ❞
❝  wish i’d practice my japanese more, konichiwa! ❞
❝  you need a time out. ❞ 
❝  you might not want to tell your friends about that. ❞
❝  guess we know who’s really on top, don’t we? ❞
❝  with every death, comes honor. with honor, redemption. ❞
❝  a punishment for your crimes. ❞ 
❝  i will be on my best behaviour. ❞
❝  you think there’s something worth stealing in that temple? ❞
❝  people should be free. ❞ 
❝  you were never my equal. ❞
❝  death walks among you. ❞ 
❝   last i checked, i didn’t ask for your opinion. ❞ 
❝   you can’t be serious. ❞ 
❝   they’re back. ❞ 
❝   armor? how positively primitive. ❞
❝   now this is my kinda city, everyone’s free to live as they choose. ❞
❝   you need a time out. ❞ 
❝   die! die! die! ❞ 
❝   to think i would have to work with a street ruffian. ❞ 
❝   death comes. ❞ 
❝   one of these days someone is gonna to put an end to you. ❞ 
❝   that which doesn’t kill you…makes you stronger.. ❞
❝   well. you sure take to this bad guy thing easily, don’t ya? ❞
❝   aren’t you supposed to be dead? ❞
❝  i’ll tell you my secret if you give me your coat. ❞
❝   sleep. ❞
❝  never liked you much. ❞
❝  never leave a teammate behind. ❞
❝  together we are strong. ❞
❝  you won’t get rid of me that easily. ❞
❝  i don’t even think children are afraid of you. ❞
❝  i taught you everything you know. ❞
❝  it’s hard to just sit around knowing there’s someone out there that needs to be blown up. ❞
❝  i’ll put an end to your sad story. ❞
❝  you havin’ trouble keeping up? ❞
❝  i have destroyed more of your kind than i can count. ❞
❝ it’s a perfect day for some mayhem. ❞
❝  we’re all soldiers now. ❞
❝  give me your best shot. ❞
❝   you knew exactly what were you doing. ❞
❝   knock me down, and i’ll keep getting back up. ❞
❝   you always did have a high opinion of yourself. ❞
❝   i’m not a young man anymore. ❞
❝  still trying to play hero? ❞
❝  i sometimes wonder if your height is why you’re always in such a bad mood. ❞
❝  this is no place for children. ❞
❝  the world could always use more heroes. ❞
❝  looked in a mirror lately? ❞
❝  Me one, bad guys zero. ❞
❝  i’m gonna have to shoot you down. ❞
❝  this old dog has learned a few tricks. ❞
❝  another one off the list. ❞
❝  i love your glasses, so cute! ❞
❝  if at first you don’t succeed…blow it up again! ❞
❝  that’s for my family back home! ❞
❝  i’ve got you in my sights. ❞
❝  i’m the one who does his job. i’m thinking… you’re the other one. ❞
❝   you weren’t given those guns to toss them away like trash. ❞
❝   i will protect the innocent. ❞ 

john and sherlock telling the story of how they met as a bedtime story, featuring: 

  • bickering over whether it’s dishonest or just dramatic effect to start with “it was a dark and stormy night” because “it was a very mild january afternoon” just doesn’t have the same ring to it
  • john as the Poor Broken Knight, which sherlock takes offense to because obviously john is the Knight of Light, to which john responds that he wasn’t the Knight of Light back then, he was a dreadfully poor knight with a broken brain that none of the healers or sages could fix, to which sherlock huffs but he allows it. 
  • sherlock as the Prince. “just the Prince?” “well, what else? the Consulting Prince?” “i rather thought the Pirate Prince.” “now who’s being dishonest. fine. you were the Pirate Prince.”
  • mike stamford as the fairy godmother, who tells the Knight that he will need to save the Prince three times, and the Knight is like, come on. who’d want me to save them? and the fairy godmother laughs and says, you’re the second person to say that to me today (because, you see, he also told the Prince that the Prince needed to save the Knight).
  • so the Knight agrees to go meet the Prince, and as soon as he meets the Prince he really does want to save him so when the Prince tells him to meet him at the Old Crone’s Tower the next day, he goes. “you better not let mrs hudson hear you calling her that.” “it’s fine, the Old Crone took an herbal soother an hour ago, she’ll be out like a light.”
  • anyway, the Knight goes to meet the Prince, and Tower is wonderful but kind of a mess, and it’s still a mess honestly and it would be nice if the Prince would take the rubbish out on his own sometimes. but the Knight can’t possibly imagine that the Prince will want him around, or he’ll get tired of having a broken Knight around soon at least, or– “john. john, no, even then, it was important. i wanted you here. it felt. it felt important.” 
  • then the Hunter interrupts, and tells them that a Dragon has been terrorizing the village. so they go to the scene, and the Knight learns that the Prince has the power of Sight, where he can See all kinds of things that other people can’t. “it’s not a magic trick, john.” “it felt like one.”
  • the Hunter’s Hounds bark and nip at the Prince’s heels, but the Knight isn’t sure if he needs to save the Prince from them, so he says nothing. “i should think not. anderson and donovan? i could handle them.” “oh yeah sure you did. mmmhmm. right.”  
  • so the Prince used his Sight to understand what had happened to the villager. “though the Prince did need the Knight’s help to See it all.” but then: poof! the Prince disappears! “sorry! i wasn’t used to having someone with me!” “i know, i know. it was very mysterious, though.”
  • and the Knight is kidnapped by the Wizard of Spooky Bureaucracy, stop laughing i couldn’t think of a better name, who threatens the Knight and the Prince. but the Knight defeated him by passing his test of loyalty to the Prince, and the Wizard of Spooky Bureaucracy transported him back to the Old Crone’s Tower as a prize, where the Prince was waiting for him. and so the Knight defeated the first evil. 
  • then the Prince took the Knight for a grand Italian feast, and cast a dangerous spell on him that healed his brain and let him run again. the Knight thought maybe the Prince was hitting on him, and he tried to hit on the Prince back, but the Prince– “panicked.” “oh, is that what you call that?” “yes. i hardly expected to get as far as i had.” “and the next seven years were just what? extended panic?” “…basically?” 
  • once the Knight was healed, they went back to the Old Crone’s Tower, where the Knight wanted very very much to kiss the Prince but they’re interrupted again by the Hunter and his Hounds. and the Hounds sniff and dig and unearth the Prince’s past, which was very rude. “i never did figure out why you stayed, after you found out, you know. about all of that. with your sister.” “i know. i thought about it a lot actually, about whether i was just signing up for more of the same. i’d given up on her because it was just a waste of my time, you know?” “so why did you stay?” “because i knew with you, it would never be a waste of my time. i would always fight for you. i will always fight for you.” “you’ll never have to fight that fight again, john. i promise.” “but if i did. if i did. i would fight it. you’re not perfect; i don’t expect you to be. i just…i only expect that you will let me fight for you.” “john. john. mmphhhhhhhmmm” “mmmm” “mmmmm” 
  • okay okay okay. anyway. the Knight knew then that he did have to defeat the Hounds, and he did defeat them by believing in the Prince. by listening to the Prince, even when the Hounds barked at him not to. and so the second evil was defeated. “and the Prince had just about fallen in love with the Knight.” “shh. we’re not there yet.” “i was, though. i was.” “i know. me too.” 
  • and then they had to battle the Dragon, who managed to steal the Prince away while making it look like the Prince had abandoned the Knight. but the Knight knew better already, and knew that the Prince needed him, and so he hailed a chariot and raced after them. and he arrived just in time to see the Prince doing something very, extremely, insanely stupid, and so he pulled out his sword and shot it straight into the Dragon’s heart. “it was stupid.” “i know it was. i haven’t a clue what you thought you were doing.” “i dunno. either i was right, and i deserved everything i thought we maybe could be, or i was wrong, and you wouldn’t have to go through the disappointment of me.” “sherlock holmes-watson. that is the stupid thing you have ever said in your life. come here.” 
  • and so the Dragon was defeated, and the Knight saved the Prince, and the Prince saved the Knight. 
  • and they didn’t live happily ever after, not quite yet. but they did start living, and that’s the thing about endings after all: you have to live through the beginnings and the middles to find out just how brilliant and fantastic and good the endings can be.

First of all, to you, as someone who presumably does not ship KatsuDeku, I’d like to thank you for coming to my ask box with a calm and respectful question rather than wagging fingers and yelling about how the pairing is disgusting and anyone that ships it is filth; or saying things that people who hate Katsuki and Izuku paired together usually use as an example as to why Katsuki is a pretty terrible person and why they should never be together. So, before I answer your question, i really need to say thank you. 

Without any more delay, let’s delve into this!

And please, just bare with me, I have a point to all this.

Their relationship was indeed abusive growing up, and anyone that can’t see it is either blind, or chooses to be blissfully ignorant. It was a textbook case of bullying, and first I want to say, that by “shipping” the two of them, that I in no way condone treating another human being like absolute dirt.

With that being said, Katsuki is a strange character. Too many see him as nothing but blind rage, anger, and (in my opinion) his most dangerous personality trait, pride. Izuku was a very young boy when Katsuki began bullying him, and our small green son said himself that once Katsuki had gotten his quirk he began to change.

I’m not excusing his behaviour, but Katsuki, as an impressionable child (as most are), with his drive and determination to be the best, was encouraged by absolutely everyone, and denied by no one. They didn’t just whisper that he was meant for greatness, they loudly exclaimed it, shouted it, and ingrained it into his head. He was told that he would be simply amazing because of his quirk, and then izuku, who didn’t have one, matched his fiery spirit all the way, despite HIM being the best.

A childs psyche is easily fucked with. This kid sat there with heavy expectations, and hopes and dreams on his shoulders. He was told he was amazing by everyone, so it must be true right? He treated Izuku badly all because he was quirkless, but no one stopped him from behaving in such a way, despite it being quite obvious as to what he was doing (Katsuki isn’t known for being quiet), so he couldn’t have been doing anything too bad right?

All that pressure, self doubt, fear of failure, insecurity, and self loathing when he couldn’t reach the top comes with those societal expectations and borderline demands. It all builds up inside and it’s been showing in the recent chapters. His treatment of Izuku… I don’t think Katsuki is as apathetic to Izuku’s suffering as he lets on. Katsuki’s anxiety about his own abilities was never Izuku’s fault, but he saw him as a hurdle to climb over, simply because he unknowingly regarded him as someone who was on par with him, quirk or no. Izuku always met him every step of the way in exuberance, dedication, perseverance despite not being as “amazing” as he is, and infuriatingly enough, beat him when it came to bravery.

If Izuku really was no more than a pebble to him, Katsuki wouldn’t have cared so much about building himself up in comparison, and would have simply dismissed him as another side character, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Izuku endured years of bullying, both emotional and physical mistreatment from Katsuki, yet this blindingly upbeat, and downright Heroic boy has this amazing gift to see the good there is in a person. He can read a person, and see their pain, and tries to obliterate it with his words. As an example, for Shouto, Izuku saw that he was suffering, and used the only power he had from the start to try and save him; the power of speech and his belief in peoples inner strength (or something equally as MC protag-ish). I think that’s what he’s been trying to do with Katsuki from the start. I personally believe that Katsuki perhaps knows that, and sees Izuku pointing out these things to him, or admiring them, as him dragging out and mocking what he sees as weakness in himself. Not that ‘being amazing’ is a weakness, but the fact that Izuku sees him, like his front of fury is so transparent that he could stick his hand through his chest, is like he’s being made out to be a fool. Heros are supposed to be strong, show no fear, and unquestionably courageous. Izuku has beat him in every respect as Katsuki sees it now, yet Izuku’s still there, praising him, and ‘making fun of him’. Katsuki has never needed any real encouragement, as he’s always been at the top. It was just expected respects and due praise to him. He probably has no idea what it means to have someone really believe in him. He was supposed to be the one to make it big, yet there’s “Deku”, crushing not just his dreams, but making the voices of everyone around him, and the whispers of the adults of his past louder and louder, reiterating that he is meant to be something.


I just had to explain where I was coming from to make my point here, forgive me.

So Katsuki, as fucked up, and down right foul as he can be, isn’t completely to blame for becoming what he is. Again, I’m not excusing him, but I’m saying that Izuku can see that. Izuku isn’t blind to it, at least not completely, because if I was that kid I woulda’ changed schools a long time ago, but this strong green bean has thought about it- said it to himself- and even said it to atsuki’s face (kind of) that he’s a fucking asshole. Izuku has even gone so far as to think about how he hates the guy.

I completely understand where you’re coming from anon.

I really, really do.

I was also bullied really bad by a few people, but two of them, who were incidentally two of the worst by a long shot, are now some very good friends to me. The only thing I can say about that is… people change. They just… grew up.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to go out there and confront their bullies, or people who harassed them, because not all people can make peace with who they were in the past, or perhaps never learned to function a different way, but it happens. You don’t need to gain any closure with a past tormentor, and you are allowed to live your life without sparing them another thought. That is 100000% a-okay. But so is forgiving people, and helping them down a better road to becoming a significantly kinder person. People are allowed to forgive as well as cast away, and this is something I have become very intimate with given my “family” situation. I completely understand that some just can not be forgiven, not ever… but in light of those who are undeserving, I’ve learned and become aware of who is forgivable. Katsuki wasn’t so bad as to not be forgiven and perhaps be given a chance.

We always forget that children can be so cruel. They can be kind, but they don’t even know who they are yet. They can’t make executive decisions concerning some basic life choices. We can’t expect them to understand what they’re doing wrong all the time. Hell, even as adults, humans are constantly learning and shaping themselves to their environment and the people around them.

One of my bullies, they were especially crude and mean to me because they “liked me”. Now they’ve admitted that it was not the way to approach things, and they’re deeply sorry for the ways they acted in high school. They made my life hell for the few months of grade eight all those years ago. I was on the rugby team with him as well, and he and his friends, who i had to play with, would be especially rough with me. It was fine, I thought. I was capable of handling it. We’ve talked about how the stigma and influence of his father and “friends” drove him to act in those ways. How the “boys will be boys” and “Boys pick on girls if they like them” thing was ingrained in his head. It was so influential and potent in his thought process that he thought that me fighting back only meant I liked him too- and drove him to do it even more.

The second of one of my worst bullies was a girl who also went along with the crowd, but now knows that she was a tyrannical queen bee. She had a lot of insecurities, as most bullies often do, and her mother was always on her about being a perfect woman, which now we’ve bonded over due to our similar circumstances. She knows what she did was wrong, and despises what she was in the past. We found eachother again when we volunteered as sort of ‘big sisters’ to teen girls, and did occasional groups with them as well. She knows she did a lot of bad, but hopes to make up for it now that she’s realized her grave mistakes. She’s since broken up with a lot of the “friends” who were just as toxic in high school, and surrounds herself with body-positive, loving people, and i couldn’t be happier to talk to her, and be friends with who she is today, and accept all her past faults and misconducts.

Now, i’m not trying to project my own circumstances here, because I definitely don’t want to see a few bullies I had in school, but I also broke one of their noses, and drop kicked another, so I feel like i got a bit of payback.

What I’m trying to say here,bottom line, with out all the gabbing, is that people can change. I’m not telling you, or talking down to you like I don’t think you know that, but I’m saying it as a generalization for my conclusion here (and for those who are very adamant that a bad person is permanently a douche canoe).

I don’t believe people are inherently bad. Although a person’s experiences and environment can shape the way they see the world, and how they put themselves forth in it, they can improve themselves. As adults, young adults, and perhaps growing teens who are beyond their years, we can look back and take into consideration that everyone’s issues are at play, and acknowledge that it isn’t always a black and white situation. No one is perfect, but we can strive for it as best as we can.

The majority of KatsuDeku shippers focus on Katsuki making amends, and growing past whatever beastly guise he buried “who he really is” under. I think I speak for most of the KatsuDeku shippers when I say we only want Izuku to get through to him, and for Katsuki to recognize himself, his wrongdoings, and fucking apologize. Most fics are all about redemption, or placed in a setting where it’s already happened. I mean, yes, there’s darker fics, every pairing has those, and it may just seem a little more intense given their past with each other, but really, with KatsuDeku…. I get the feeling a lot of us just really want that witty romcom pairing where they kind of piss each other off, but come together to save the world in the end kinda deal. If it was 2005 or something, we could be having this conversation about Naruto and Sasuke or something, who beat the ever loving shit out of each other, yet still had this deep rooted connected between them (that usually translated to each other through fists and screams, like jesus christ LOL).

Katsuki is also filled with passion and drive, and I think he’s more than a little above average on the attractive meter, so there are those fics where it’s purely them, realizing they can rock each other’s world…


I think we all see Katsuki’s insecurity, and want Izuku to continue to try and ease it- but we also don’t want him to be walked all over. We know Katsuki is a nugget of dickcheese. But this kid has also been publicly humiliated in the sports festival, beaten at every aspect of who he is- or what he was suppose to be, taunted and berated by his teachers and peers (which has never been happened before), captured and made to feel helpless, denied of even getting a hero’s training license (so failing at the bare minimum of what he should be doing), and Izuku can understand those feelings more than anyone else i’m sure. Izuku is a fucking VIP in those departments, or at least he was in the past. Katsuki is experiencing what Izuku has gone through, though in different aspects and situations, and Izuku could probably relate on eleven personal levels.

Katsuki and Izuku have history, and share a lot more in common than either of them would like to admit. They arguably have one of the deepest and most complex relationships in the series, and there’s so much more to them than “the bully and the victim.” They share pain and experiences, and though Izuku’s was majorly inflicted by Katsuki, he’s a big enough person to work past that, and be there if Katsuki so happens to work past his own issues. Izuku’s a strong willed motherfucker, and he’s the only thing that Katsuki Bakugou has never truly broken. If Katsuki could see that, and how despite himself, he’s used Izuku as his strength and drive to keep going, they could be unstoppable side by side.

I’d like to see what they could possibly be if Katsuki can manage grow as a person, which he is slowly, but steadily accomplishing. We just want Katsuki to say he’s fucking sorry, and listen to Izuku instead of getting his programmed prejudices, persistent, and intrusive, selfish desires, his need to excel, and pride in the way.

Izuku is strong, and more than capable of taking care of himself now. He’s made it clear he’s done being bullied, and is more than happy to go head to head with Katsuki to be his equal, though it’s kind of clear Katsuki may have seen him as such from the beginning. Still, he’s always reaching out to Katsuki, trying to raise him up despite his aversion to receiving support, and his determination to be on his own- and be number one. That’s the kind of strength one can only muster if they really care about someone I think.

With all that being said, you also asked me why i saw this relationship as healthy. Their current relationship… is not exactly healthy, but more dysfunctional than anything. There isn’t anything “healthy” about their past relationship at all, but now, I think Izuku is capable of pulling his weight. Some good rivalry never hurt anyone in these sorts of animes. This is also fiction. What I see as alright in fictional relationships does not reflect what I think is alright for a real relationship. There needs to be a firm line between fictional relationships and real relationships. Some are easier to establish than others, and it varies in difficulty from person to person.

If I saw two people interacting as Izuku and Katsuki do now, while knowing about their strength and how they butt heads on fairly equal grounds, I probably wouldn’t interfere. People are allowed to fight. People are allowed to argue, but hey, they’re pretty much on equal fighting terms.

If I saw them interacting like they did in middle school, I would be on that so fast, their heads would spin.

Perhaps I’m a bit desensitized or jaded when it comes to subjects like these simply because I’ve experienced some pretty extreme forms of abuse… but when I think of KatsuDeku, I can only hope for the best. KatsuDeku is easy for me to establish as fictional, and even if it wasn’t, where both the boys are now, I think they can handle each other. Their relationship isn’t so abusive currently that red flags start to fly.

Ever heard of Killing Stalking? Red flags there for me personally. Now, that shit straight up (and I don’t use this word lightly because some people just over use it to the point of giving it no meaning and now it’s just a joke to me) triggered me, because before I knew it, I was crying all over myself and having a panic attack, and flash backs, and all that lovely stuff. But it’s fiction. I recognized it as such, and acknowledged that people are allowed to like it, and read it it, draw it, ship it, w/e they want, because chances are they’re aware that this isn’t how a regular couple should function. This isn’t me saying “It’s not bad enough abuse for me to dislike it, because look what it COULD BE” when it comes to our aspiring heros, it’s just…. Izuku isn’t some helpless little kid, and I very much want him to prove that. He’s not a victim anymore.

KatsuDeku isn’t the best of relationships right now, but it’s certainly not the worst, and has a lot of potential to grow and shape into something. Canonly; more than likely they’ll just become friends, because everything is very hetero-normative in japan, though there’s room for a lot more than friendship. They’ve exposed themselves on so many levels that I think they would be even closer because of their past. Concerning fan works; a shit ton of material to play off of here. A pretty interesting date or two lies in store there, lol.

I’m sorry if I didn’t correctly answer your question, or if I made no sense, or rambled, or left things out that were in my thoughts and didn’t quite make it into my… lengthy response here. If I ever came off rude up there, that was not my intention, and was just trying to explain!

Thank you for your question! My sympathies to your past bullying experience, and i’m glad you no longer have to deal with that ;A;

If i wasn’t clear on anything, or should clarify, don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a lovely day!

Monsta X Reacts too.......

Request: I was wondering if you could do a monsta x reaction to when the boys are a little too rough & end up making y/n bleed a little down there. They’re very apologetic & refuse to touch you after that even though y/n has said you enjoyed it. Kinda make a part 1 & 2 where the 2 is when y/n is sick of their behavior after a week (or two, your choice) & tell them again that you enjoyed it & love them with all your heart & other things that convince them that you’re fine & suggests to take it upstairs for a round

Sorry it took so long. Its a long post and hella kinky shit is in here LOL. I dont know what came over me. SMUT SMUT HELLA SMUT

Part 1 (Hyung Line) 

Part 2 (Maknae Line)

Hope you like it~~~

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Doomworld - Len’s Progression

I’ve literally rewatched all of Doomworld to make sense of Len’s characterization and honestly, I don’t think it’s as far off as I originally thought it was, or that it’s irreconcilable with the Len we know. After I calmed down, I could make sense of so much of his behavior by reading between the lines.

So I’m sharing that with you, a sort of quick look into his scenes in the episode. 

Long post, no gifs, but here we go.

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[JONSA] “You don’t have to love me.”

Pairing: Jon x Sansa

Summary: After a marriage alliance is proposed to unite the North and South following Jon’s coronation, the betrothed have an awkward exchange in the crypts of Winterfell.

[Just a little one-shot to get my writing juices flowing - that sounded gross, sorry ;). Seriously though, I’m having crazy writers block and wanted to flex my muscles a little. Currently obsessed with all things Jonsa, so here we are. This is set post-marriage proposal and is just an angsty little tidbit with a ton of crossed wires and unspoken feelings.] [I may do further updates/continuations of this. Depends on the reception, I guess.]

You don’t have to love me.

Jon couldn’t get those words out of his head. Those heartbreaking, softly spoken words she had shyly uttered to him as she stood beside their father’s statue in the crypt. He had found her there after Lord Tyrion had first proposed the marriage alliance in front of the Northern Lords, gazing up at Lord Eddard’s likeness in rapt fascination, as if he would speak to her if she waited long enough, as if he would come to life and offer her condolences or advice.

When he closed his eyes he could see her still, the image of her face so familiar to him he could conjure it without a moments pause.

The glow from the candle she had lit illuminated her face, her eyes shining like embers in the gentle, golden light. She had startled when he found her, clearly not expecting company. But she didn’t know that this was also his favourite place to go when he needed to think. And she didn’t know that he knew she would be down here. Didn’t know that he watched her, knew her mind as well as his own.

‘Jon,’ she said with a nervous laugh. ‘I didn’t see you.’

‘I’m sorry if I frightened you,’ he apologised, as he edged closer.

She shook her head. ‘You did not. I was just -’ She glanced back up at her father’s statue and sighed. ‘Thinking.’

He watched her for a moment, but couldn’t make out her demeanour. She was always so stoic, something he knew she had learned in King’s Landing. She hid her true emotions, guarded herself in armour of her own making. Only her eyes told the truth. They shone with her feelings, her heart…at least for him. They were turned away from him now, however. And so he found himself saying, ‘I came down here to think, too.’

She spared him a kind, cursory smile, but said nothing more.

He moved even closer, watching her to gauge her reaction, and added, ‘Perhaps we could…think together.’

Talk to me, he silently urged. Tell me what you are thinking.

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“You really don’t wanna have people sneak pics of you buying a pregnancy test, do you?”

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// Just Pee!

March 22nd, 2019

“You should wait in the car,” Sophia said while checking her face in the little mirror of her visor.

“I need some stuff, too. I’ll come with ya,” Harry said while he watched Sophia trying to get her hair under control and furiously dabbing her thumbs under her eyes to get rid of mascara smudges.

They’d worked out together that morning and Sophia had been sweating like a pig trying to keep up with Harry and the result was that ten minutes in her makeup had started running down her face and her hair had tried to free itself from the headband and bun she’d tried to contain it with.

Sophia hated working out and the only reason she’d agreed to go with Harry when he sprung the idea on her was because he promised later in the day he would hold her hand while she would be waiting for two fine lines to appear that could change her life forever. Had she known it would be this exhausting, she wouldn’t have agreed. Or at least taken off her makeup beforehand.

The “two-week-wait”, as her gynaecologist Dr. Ferraro had called the time frame it can take the uterus to accept the fertilised eggs, was over and she couldn’t wait one day longer to find out if the procedure had been successful. The second she woke up that day, she felt tense and nervous and all kinds of nauseous. At first, she blamed it on the prospect of having to take a pregnancy test, knowing the result could flip her world upside down or break her heart on the spot. Then, she realised she had been feeling nauseous for a couple of days but she didn’t dare hope that the need to vomit she’d been feeling was actual, pregnancy-related morning sickness.

Now, sitting in Harry’s car outside a drugstore after their workout, the nausea came back full force. She looked at herself closely in the mirror, her slightly damp hair was falling over her shoulder in thick, dark waves. She ruffled it once more and put on some chapstick. It wouldn’t get any better than what she saw right now without a shower and she regretted not having showered at the gym like Harry had. She sighed deeply. At least her face didn’t resemble that of a panda any longer.

“You really don’t wanna have people sneak pics of you buying a pregnancy test, do you?” she asked him, pushing the visor up and out of her face and turning her head to look at him.

“What?” she asked Harry as she noticed he’d been looking at her already. She reached her hand up immediately to comb through her hair again, self-conscious under his gaze.

“Nothing,” he said accompanied by an awkward cough. He really was peculiar sometimes, Sophia thought.

“Just tell me what you need and I’ll get it for you.”

“Are you sure you wanna go alone? Maybe no one will notice.”

“Come on, you know that if we go in there together at least one sneaky pic will end up on the internet. And it only takes one person taking a closer look into my basket and they will twist it and make it seem like you’re making your hook-up buy her own pregnancy test or something else equally as dumb.”

Harry chewed on the inside of his cheek as he listened to her. He hated that she was right. All he wanted was to be a good friend and go in there, buy a pregnancy test or three and support her like he promised, from start to finish. But, like she said, chances were high someone might spot him and if they saw what the two of them were going to buy, they’ll spin this into something it’s absolutely not.

They’d been there before. Ever since Harry and Sophia had become friends, there’d also been rumours about them dating. Harry could, according to the media, not be in close proximity to women without them tripping over themselves to get into his pants and vice versa. Every now and then a fame-hungry journalist would turn any of their coffee runs into a romantic date and up until now it was easy to ignore these rumours.

However, now that there was maybe, hopefully, a baby on the way, Harry felt more protective of Sophia than ever. It was a subtle change at first, that he noticed about himself. He’d check twice if she was buckled in properly when she rode in his car with him. When they crossed the street, he’d caught himself holding his arm out in front of her body until he was sure walking on was safe. The other day he even insisted on carrying her groceries upstairs for her. He hoped she hadn’t picked up on it because, frankly, they didn’t even know if she was pregnant yet and also Harry had no clue why suddenly he felt the need to take care of her. Then again, wanting to take care of your friend is not a bad thing so he decided not to think about it too much.

“So, what do you need?” Sophia asked again.

“Uh, it’s fine. I can get it tomorrow,” he mumbled.

“Oh Harry please what is it?” Sophia groaned in exhaustion. He could be so difficult sometimes.

“It’s nothing. It’s not important, forget it. Go and get your pregnancy test,” he said and pushed a button that unlocked the car’s doors.

“What is so embarrassing that you cannot tell me?” She teased and laughed at him, his cheeks colouring slightly. “Come on, just tell me! Don’t be a baby.”

“I said it’s fine and now please leave my car or I will flick your forehead,” he grumbled.

“It’s condoms, right? You ran out of condoms?” she teased him further and the pink flush adorning his cheeks was answer enough.

Harry refused to acknowledge her and Sophia rolled her eyes but did as she was told. Inside the drug store she came to think that it was odd that the pregnancy tests were in the same aisle as the condoms. If you were in need of getting a pregnancy test you definitely should have thought of the condoms sooner.

Because she was a little shit and getting Harry flustered was a beloved pastime activity of hers, she grabbed a pack of Trojan Magnum condoms for him. At the checkout, the cashier looked at her and Sophia knew the girl was thinking the same as she’d been minutes before.

‘Too late to be thinking of condoms, innit?’

Of course the cashier couldn’t have known that Sophia’s situation was different so she just shrugged and bagged her stuff after paying and jogged back to Harry’s car. She got in and put her bag on her lap, reaching her hand inside.

“I got four different kinds, just to be sure,” she explained. “And I got these for you.”

She grabbed the condoms and dropped the box into his lap, giggling to herself. Harry’s eyes were wide as they flickered between her and the XL-sized condoms in his lap.

“What is it? Did I get the wrong kind? Do you prefer flavoured or ribbed ones? You know, for her pleasure,” she teased and her giggle had now turned into a dirty cackle.

“You’re a pest, you know that right?” he asked rhetorically and threw the box of condoms behind him onto the backseat. “But at least you got the right size,” he added with a smirk.

Now it was Sophia’s turn to blush.

She and Harry had never been that kind of friends. Of course Sophia wasn’t blind, though. He was gorgeous and fit as fuck and also seriously packing. She’d known since he was Miley Cyrus for that one Halloween party years ago. Drunk Sophia had ogled him all night in his tight and tiny orange briefs that left nothing to the imagination, and dreamt of a world where he wasn’t one of her best friends and she could just go for it, even if it was just to scratch an itch.

“Please, the whole world knows you’re packing. It’s hardly a secret,” she said but kept her eyes forward. She knew if she looked at him now he’d have one of those crooked smiles on his face that ever so often made her knees go a tiny bit weak.

“Good to know that you know, too,” he said and started the engine.

Sophia rolled her eyes again and willed the blush in her cheeks to disappear.

An hour later, after Sophia had showered and changed clothes, Harry and her were both sat on the sofa with the four different brands of pregnancy tests on the coffee table in front of them. Harry watched Sophia closely, her eyes wandering over each box several times. He could see that she was nervous and he wanted to offer some comfort but he felt his own hands shaking with nerves and had no idea what to say.

“I’m scared,” Sophia finally said and it was Harry’s cue to wrap his arm around her shoulders.

“No matter how this goes… we’ll find a way to deal with it. I’m here, okay? All the way,” he spoke softly and pulled her closer.

“Alright then. I’ll start with this one,” she said and grabbed the test on the far right of the table.

“Good luck?” Harry offered, his face contorting into a grimace that was actually kind of cute but Sophia didn’t have time to think about it.

She locked herself in the bathroom, pulled her joggers and knickers down and sat down on the toilet. With shaky fingers she pulled the test out of the box it came in and placed it on the counter next to her. Of course she knew how a pregnancy test worked but just to be sure, she read over the instructions once. And then a second time and a third. Just in case.

She was just about to hold the stick to where she needed to pee on it, when she heard a shuffling outside the bathroom door.

“Harry?” she shrieked.

“Y-yeah? How’s it going?” he asked through the wooden door.

“How’s it going?” Sophia shrieked even louder. “Get away from the door, you creep!”

“‘M not a creep,” he argued and she could tell he had rolled his eyes. “Just checkin’ up on you.”

Hadn’t it been a super weird situation with her sitting on the toilet about to pee on a stick that would determine her whole future, his concern for her could have almost counted as sweet. Almost.

“I can’t pee with you standing right outside. Go away!”

“Come on just do it!”

“Harry… GO AWAY!”



When she was sure he was finally keeping his mouth shut, she placed the test back between her legs and closed her eyes, attempting to just pee.

“I just zipped my mouth with an invisible key and threw it over my shoulder,” Harry spoke again suddenly. “I realised you couldn’t see so-”


“Mouth zipped and ears covered. Now pee,” he said and Sophia waited a minute or so to be sure he actually kept quiet.

When she was done, she took a bit of toilet paper to clean herself up and then some more to put the test on top of on the counter. She quickly washed her hands, got rid of the joggers around her ankles and pulled up her knickers before she rushed to open the door. As he’d promised, Harry stood there with his mouth closed and his large hands covering his ears. He even, unnecessarily, had his eyes closed and Sophia smiled at the dork in front of her.

“Harry,” she called and his eyes flew open.

“Are you d-”, he stopped mid question when he noticed she wasn’t wearing trousers. He really didn’t want to look at her legs as long as he did but he couldn’t tear his eyes away.

Harry had always thought she was beautiful. When he’d first met her she was a pretty girl who he thought was far too cool to be friends with him. Over the years she’d grown up to be a gorgeous woman, a good portion of her body covered in ink, and more intriguing to him than she probably should have been. He’d only ever caught glimpses of the tattoos on her legs when she’d worn shorts, or on a rare occasion even a dress, but now he got the full view and, well, her legs were a sight to behold as were the few tattoos that covered parts of her skin. He’d never tell her how beautiful he really thought she was because they were friends and he was afraid she’d take it the wrong way. It would remain a secret only for him to know.

“Can you get the other ones for me, please?” she pulled him from his thoughts.

“Yeah.. sure,” he mumbled and hurried down the hallway and into the living room.

Seconds later he came back with the three remaining tests and Sophia took them from his hands. When she looked up, he smiled softly at her.

“It’s gonna be okay,” he said and pinched her cheek softly.

Sophia took a shuddering breath and locked herself in the bathroom again.

“Remember, love, just pee,” Harry said and without needing to remind him, she knew he’d covered his ears, shut his mouth and closed his eyes.

// Did It Work?

“The two minutes are well over now, Soph, you sure you don’t wanna have a look?”

Sophia shook her head no, pacing her living room frantically. It had been half an hour at least since she’d done all four tests.

“I can’t. Not yet.”

“Okay, then we’ll wait,” Harry suggested and leaned back on the sofa, his eyes not leaving Sophia’s face. He was dying to find out if her biggest wish would come true but it wasn’t his place to push her.

Suddenly, she stopped pacing. “I’m gonna get the gun out. Take off your shirt.”

“What?” Harry asked through a laugh.

“I need to calm down or else I’m going crazy. We could do the little guitar you wanted or something else… I don’t care. Just… please let me doodle on you,” she made puppy eyes at him and hoped he was weak enough to give in.

“Alright, go get your gun,” Harry agreed, just like that.

“Really?” Sophia asked while already grabbing her kit from the sideboard.

“Yeah, let’s do the little guitar,” Harry clarified before he took off his shirt.

It wasn’t the first time Harry let Sophia tattoo him when she was nervous or in need of a distraction. Tattooing always calmed her down and took her mind off things. She was never as focused as when she did what she did best. It was like she was an entirely different person when she held her tattoo gun in her hand. Harry didn’t mind offering his body as her personal doodle pad. He’d lost count of how many tiny, often silly, tattoos Sophia had given him over the years, apart from the numerous bigger ones, but he didn’t regret a single one of them.

“Where do you want it?” Sophia asked while putting on a pair of black rubber gloves.

“Dunno,” Harry shrugged and inspected his arm. He turned it slowly before he spoke. “The wrist’s crowded already so maybe the shoulder? What do you think?”

“I think I found a spot,” she said and stepped closer, sanitizer in hand and a pen held between her full lips.

Harry swallowed. He’d always found it kind of hot to watch her work but again, he kept that thought to himself. She sprayed the liquid onto a spot at the back of Harry’s shoulder and wiped it off after a few seconds. She tossed the paper towel in the bin and gave Harry instructions on how to sit and hold his arm. Then, she kneeled next to him on the couch, took the cap off the pen and put it back between her lips. Harry watched her every move, fascinated by how focused her gaze was. When he felt the tip of the pen glide across his skin, a shiver ran up and down his spine. He loved getting a new tattoo and everything that came with it. He especially liked getting tattooed by Sophia. It was an intimate affair, letting someone mark your skin in an (almost) irrevocable way, and having a friend do it made it even more special.

“Okay have a look in the mirror and tell me if you like it and if the placement’s okay,” Sophia said after a minute and Harry got up to check out the sketch on his skin in the mirror in the hallway.

Sure, the tiny guitar she’d just drawn on him wasn’t one of the more difficult designs she’d drawn on or for him but it still stunned him how she could conjure up almost any image and transform it into art he’d carry with him for the rest of his life. Of course, he loved this little one just as much as all the other little ones. All the small doodles she’d done on Harry had been done free-hand. It was kind of their thing.

“Alright, Willis, let’s go,” Harry said and sat back down on the sofa. Sophia made him turn his upper body a little so that she had full access to the designated spot and then pushed the pedal of the tattoo machine down slowly, the gun buzzing in her hand.

Sophia took a deep breath and got to work. About five minutes later, she was done and sent Harry to check out the result in the hallway mirror. Unsurprisingly, he loved it. He smiled as he inspected it and then his eyes fell on Sophia who had come to stand behind him.

Their eyes met in the mirror. “I think I’m ready to find out,” she said, her voice steady.

Harry thought it was incredible how tattooing never failed to calm her down and brought her focus back. For him it was similar with making music so he kind of understood but it still fascinated him to see that same kind of passion in her.

He lead the way to the bathroom, still shirtless. The tests all sat on the counter, neatly placed side by side. Sophia had followed on his heels, basically hiding behind his tall frame.

“Can you look and tell me?” she asked, her voice small.

Harry looked at her over his shoulder. Her wide eyes and nervous expression made him want to reach out his hand and caress her face but he just nodded instead. When he turned back around, he felt Sophia wrap her arms around his middle and then she pressed her cheek to the spot between his shoulder blades. Besides hugging each other as a greeting or leaning on each other when they were tipsy, their interactions usually weren’t as physical but it was an unusual situation they found themselves in and Harry didn’t mind her touch at all. They were sharing a secret - Sophia still hadn’t told anyone else about her plans - and it was something they’d bonded over even more over the last two weeks. He smiled to himself before he looked down.

There, lying side by side, were four positive pregnancy tests.

“Did it work?” Sophia asked from behind him.

Harry exhaled. “You’re gonna have a baby.”

Within seconds, he felt Sophia’s hot tears against the skin of his back and then a sob wracked her body. He spun around and pulled her close to his chest, one arm holding her body steady against his and the hand of the other arm cradling her head.

“I’m g-gonna… I- I’m gonna be a- a mum,” she sobbed.

Harry let his own tears fall. If he had a reaction this strong, he couldn’t even begin to imagine how Sophia must have felt in that moment.

“You’re gonna be a mum,” he confirmed and when Sophia heard him sniffle, she looked up.

“You’re crying,” she said, her eyes glistening and full of wonder.

“So are you,” Harry said and wiped away a few of Sophia’s tears. “I’m really happy for you, Soph.”

“Thank you,” she whispered. “And I’m sorry I got snot on you.”

They both giggled and Sophia wiped away the moisture she’d left behind on Harry’s chest. He couldn’t have cared less.

anonymous asked:

do you have any meta or anything at all om finn and killing stormtroopers? someone pointed out to me recently that while he was against killing for the first order, he was willing to kill stormtroopers. i couldn't think of a solid explanation as to why, was wondering if you had something on it?

I’m sure there’s something in my Finn meta tag, though it might be a way back. This discussion got old over a year ago.

The thing is that Finn is not as such against killing. Remember what he says to Rey during his confession? “In my first battle, I made a choice. I wasn’t gonna kill for them.”

People tend to forget those last two words, which puts all of Finn’s actions and words into context. 

Because the First Order isn’t asking him to kill to protect someone who can’t defend themselves, or to protect himself, but to commit cold blooded murder. That’s what they’re asking of him at Tuanul - and if we include BtA at the mining colony - and that is the kind of killing Finn refuses.

But even in combat with armed opponents Finn will still try to minimize the casualties of the enemy when he can do so without putting himself or people he wishes to protect at undue risk. If you want an example I recommend @lj-writes brilliant meta on Finn’s and Poe’s escape from the Finalizer and Finn’s brilliant tactical decisions during that.

But we are, once again, back to the fact that TFA is a very Jewish story and Finn is a very Jewish hero.

Now even people who have never touched a Bible or Torah in their lives will likely know of the ten commandment and that the sixth says “thou shall not kill”. Except that’s not quite what it says.

In the original Hebrew text the word  “ratsakh” is used. This word means “unlawful killings”, what in modern day judicial terms would be covered by murder and manslaughter.

So the line should read in English “thou shall not commit murder or manslaughter”. (Sidenote, it is my understanding that more recent English translation does indeed have the line as “you shall not commit murder”, which as said is far more in line with the intent of the command.)

Note that it says nothing about killing an armed opponent in war - it was never meant to cover that - nor about killing in self defense.

In fact, one of the 613 other mitzvot (commands) not only permits, but commands self defense. So while all human life is seen as sacred and taking another person’s life should be prevented if at all possible, if we are attacked Jews are not only allowed, but commanded by G-d to defend ourselves. With lethal force if that is the only way.

So to recap, Finn’s problem with killing lies in the sixth command “you shall not commit murder or manslaughter”. (And we could say by extension massacres on civilians, which certainly falls under the heading murder.) Not with taking a life in self defense or the defense of someone else, such as on Takodana.

Love and Trust (2/2) (Lafayette x BritishSpy!Reader)

Requested By: @lunettedisdemonsa

Summary: After you leave New York, you have to adjust back to life in England. What happens when you are away from Lafayette? Will you two ever be reunited?

Time-Period: Hamiltime

Warnings: One or two curse words, historical inaccuracies, like please just ignore them and pretend everything works out.

Words: 7105

Tags: @arisu-chan003 @pearltheartist @ssarah2016 @phuckmyexistence @pinkyiger7 @blueco16 @phantastic-fandoms @turtlesneedglasses @ailee211 @ahammyhamham @lady-of-the-spirit @serkewen12 @hamwriters

A/N: Well I finally go this part to be just the way I liked it, and I have to say I’m pretty proud of this. This was such a fun story to write, so I would like to say thank you to the requester requesting for this AMAZING prompt!!! I hope you guys like it and have a fabulous day!!! ♥

Find Part 1 Here!

After confronting you, Alexander made his way back to camp. He purposefully avoided seeing John, Hercules, and especially Lafayette. Alex knew it would kill Lafayette to know you were a spy for the British, so he would have to lie. However, that could wait until morning.

When morning arrived, Alex was jolted from his sleep by a frantic, shouting Lafayette. He was shaking Alex repeatedly while saying, “Wake up mon ami. Wake up! Wake up!”

“I’m up Lafayette, now stop shouting. What is wrong?” Alex questioned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“It’s (y/n)! She’s gone, I can’t find her anywhere!” he said, looking more desperate than Alex had ever seen him.

At the mention of your name, Alex groaned internally and knew it was time to make a decision. Either tell Lafayette the truth and break his heart, or lie to spare his feelings.

“About her, Laf.” he started slowly, but continued once he saw Lafayette’s look of urgency. “Well she got word that her mother was alive in England, but needs (y/n) to care for her. She had to leave immediately, Laf. I’m sorry.” Alex lied and prayed Lafayette would believe him.

It was a few moments before Lafayette spoke, sounding very dejected. “She didn’t even say goodbye.” he said more to himself than Alex. “Well, merci Alex. I’ll be going now.” he told Alex and left the tent.

Alex let go a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Is this how you felt when you lied to Lafayette?

Meanwhile, you had docked in England after a month long journey. It was tremendously lonely, not to mention the sea sickness had hit you hard, unlike on the journey to the colonies.

As you looked around the semi-busy streets of London, you knew you had to find a place to stay. You searched two hours until you found a small tavern owned by an old, married couple. You must of looked extremely distressed because they gave you a room for the night, free of charge.

The next day you went out again, this time to find a job. With the war still going on, it proved difficult. Most businesses turned you down immediately because you were a woman and could not do demanding, physical labor.

Eventually, you found work at a tailor shop, but it was only after you begged the owner and assured him that you could sew, did he give you the job.

Satisfied with your achievements, you headed back to the tavern you were staying at, ready for a hot meal. When you walked in, you sat down and waited for your meal. It didn’t take long for it to come out.

“Thank you, Mrs. Williams.” you told the woman who was letting you rent out a room in her tavern for a reduced fee. She had acted like a mother to you.

She smiled kindly at you and left you to your meal. You turned to the Shepherd’s Pie in front of you and finished in mere minutes. For some reason, that was what you had been craving the past few days. Once you finished, you retired to your room for the night.

The next morning, you woke up and rushed to the bathroom where you emptied your stomachs of its contents. Afterwards, you sat back down on your bed while you tried to figure out why you had been sick the past few mornings.

You hadn’t been around anyone with a cough or cold. The sea sickness couldn’t still be affecting you, right? You felt fine. Extremely fine, actually. Usually around this time of the month you would be getting cramps and-

Your mouth dropped open in shock and you could feel yourself starting shake. You hadn’t bled in a month, not since you and Lafayette…

The tears started falling and it felt like you couldn't’ breath. this couldn’t be happening. Not now. Not when Lafayette most likely hated you.

While you were crying, you didn’t hear a knock at the door, and you most certainly didn’t hear another person walk in the room. Almost scaring you to death, Mrs. Williams kneeled in front of you and took hold of your hands.

“What’s the matter, dear?” she asked, tucking a strand of hair behind your ears.

Instead of answering, you shook your head. You couldn’t burden her more than you already had. Besides, what would she think of you once you told her of your suspicions.

“Please, (y/n). Whatever is troubling you, you can tell me.”

It took a few more minutes for you to calm down, and you took a shaky breath before explaining. “I-I think I’m with child.” you whispered.

She looked take aback, but pushed her shock aside. “Have you told the father?” she questioned.

Your head shot up. “No! No, I can’t tell him.” you sniffled.

A million thoughts were running through your mind, different scenarios of what would happen to you and your baby. You were afraid that if you told Lafayette, he would most likely sneer in your face and turn you away. You could never tell him, keep this huge secret from him, but you weren’t sure if you were strong enough to care for this baby on your own.

From that moment you, you believed it would just be you and your baby.

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How would GOT7 react to their best friend becoming their girlfriend

Can you please do a GOT7 as your best friend turned boyfriend? Thank you so so much hehe 😚 


You were finishing off some of the work you had left when Make came to take you out. Fridays were the only day you really had time to hang out. You were packing your stuff when one of your co-workers came in and put 20 fils due tomorrow on your desk. You sighed and your co coworker went out to the hall and went out to drink with the others. Marks eyes got a mile wide when you unpacked and sat back down by your computer. He was about to go after the people but you stopped him. “It’s okay, Mark. it’s always like this.” Mark got super mad. You couldn’t understand when he almost started yelling at you for doing the work. “they could’ve done it!” You stood up and padded his shoulder. You froze when he pulled you close. You smiled and enjoyed his warm embrace. You kissed a cheek and thanked him for always being there. He took your hand and dragged you out of the building. He smiled and took you out for Bibimbap.

“I will not let this happen to you anymore. I promise.”

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You and Jaebum had taken a trip to Ulsan together to get some time away from everything. The week you had been away felt like a dream. You ate great food and were more relaxed than ever. You ended your vacation with a nice long walk by the ocean. There were only a few people on the beach to watch the sunset. You and Jaebum reached the path back to the hotel you were staying at. You stood and looked at the sun for a while. When the sun had set it started to get dark really fast. The other people on the beach lit candles and pulled out blankets. You started getting cold and Jaebum rapped his arms around you. You smiled. Jaebum turned to you and became quiet when you started talking about going home. “I don’t wanna go home,” Jaebum mumbled. You giggled and thought it was because he just didn’t wanna go back to training. He told you he didn’t wanna go home because he was alone here with you. He told you that if they went home it would be different between them. Back to being friends. They would go back to not seeing each other every day. And he never wanted to be apart from you. He leaned in to kiss you on your cheek. 

I would miss the fact that I can just do this here…”

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You came crying into the got7 dorm. Jackson ran to you comforting you, doing his job as the best friend. You sat down on the couch telling him about how your boyfriend had left you in the snow telling you he didn't like how much you flirted with Jackson. You were sad he had left you, but you couldn’t blame him. You knew you flirted with Jackson but you also couldn’t help it. He was like your second boyfriend. It was very confusing for you. Jackson wiped away a tear from your cheek. “He told me I couldn't see you again,” you mumbled. Jackson pulled away and looked at you like he didn’t know what to say or do. You smiled. “I’ll never leave you,” you said hugging him. Jackson pushed you away asking if this was really what you wanted. If you really chose him over your boyfriend. You nodded and hugged him again. Jackson screamed of happiness and kissed your cheeks. He jumped around the living room. He rushed back to the couch when he realized you were still in the midst of crying.  

“Does that mean we have to wait with dating until you break up with your boyfriend?”

(You being Youngjae)

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You and Jinyoung were hanging out in your apartment talking about your boyfriend problems. Or you were talking about your boyfriend problems, Jinyoung was eating.He hated hearing about your boyfriend, he had told you many times before he liked you and wanted to be with you. You had always nicely declined and pretended it didn’t happen. You started listing all the things you wanted your boyfriend to be and wanted to do. Jinyoung just sat there telling himself he matched it all. At one moment Jiyoung got enough. He yelled how he was all you were looking for and you sat there dumbfounded by his action. You turned towards Jinyoung and placed a peck on his cheek. You smiled and ran ou to the kitchen to get more water. Now it was Jinyoung who sat frozen. His speeches face turned into a slight laugh and he hugged you as tight as he had always wanted to do.

“Just date me then.”


You finally had the big party for your birthday you wanted. You and your best friend Youngjae were fixing the last mistakes and getting ready. You wore the prettiest dress you had and put your makeup on. Youngjae kept staring at you. When 20 minutes had passed and no one had shown up you started to worry. You checked your twitter and saw that one of your so-called friends had posted a picture eating out with a couple of your coworkers. You sat down on a chair with your head in your hands. Youngjae immediately came to you trying to cheer you up. He tried aegyo and smiling cutely. Nothing helped so he hugged you tightly. He looked deep into your eyes and told you that it didn’t matter if those people shwówed up because you had each other. Before you knew it Youngjae was leaning in to kiss you. When he pulled away you smiled and felt happier than you had ever been. You knew this could mess up your friendshiå like cray, but honestly, you had always thought he was super handsome and had always had a slight crush on him.

“They don’t deserve and love you like I do.”

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“Hot” You laughed/cried as you almost spit out the food you and Bambam were having on the street. It was your favorite place. It was so casual and cozy. Bambam laughed at you and handed you a napkin. You started talking about a cute guy, and Bambam almost threw a tantrum. He yelled up about how no one was good enough and he was probably a bad guy. You carefully moved closer to Bambam and whispered, “It’s you, you fool.” You pulled away and continued eating as Bambams frozen smile turned into a smirk. He stole a kiss from you and ran up and down the street laughing. You laughed and tried to hide the blush. when Bambam had calmed down you decided to eat a little more before going. When Bambam was about to say something to the lady with a smirk you paid her and you left in a hurry.

“Y/N wait up! I wasn’t about t say something embarrassing this time.”

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You and Yugyeom had been best friends ever since you moved to Seoul 5 months ago. You met at an ice cream store near their dorm. Yugyeom had forgotten his money and you kindly lend him some money. by that time you didn’t know who he was. There was something about you that Yugyeom couldn’t shake. You were different. He liked that. 2 years later you and Yugyeom went back to the ice cream store. He wanted to buy you ice cream to make up for last time. While you were eating, Yugyeom was acting differently. He was smiling and blushing more than usually. After eating you walked home. When you were outside your apartment, Yugyeom told you he liked you. His smile disappeared when you didn’t answer. He was about to lose hope and walk away, but you held onto his arm. You placed a peck on his cheek. He smiled and hugged you. you felt his warm cheek on yours. You knew he was blushing like a baby. 

“I’ve held that back for a long time”

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-Admin Jibooty

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Hello, I love your posts, they're a joy to read ^w^ I adore so many of your stories. I was wondering if in 'No Sound' we could see how Obi-Wan was when he got the hearing aids for the first time? or Anakin's reaction to hearing his Master speak clearly with the aid of the hearing aids (Given that the Clones couldn't tell he was deaf, I assume along with the hearing aids he had lessons to work on his speaking ability.)

Watching Obi-Wan carefully place the new hearing aids in, Anakin felt his shoulders lower with a small smile of relief now that he knew that Obi-Wan would be able to hear any droids trying to sneak up on him.

Honestly, he wouldn’t have insisted at all if it wasn’t for the droids.

Though it did remind him of that first time…


“What are those?” Anakin blinked at his master, staring at the small silver circles in the others hand before almost face palming himself when Obi-Wan looked at him in confusion. He would have if he wasn’t carrying the laundry basket.

He should know better then to speak to Obi-Wan without making sure the other saw his mouth properly.

Quickly he set down the basket on the floor and signed. -What are those?- The fifteen year old repeated.

Settling the two silver rings on his lap on a napkin, Obi-Wan signed back. -Hearing aids. The healers want me to try them. If they work for me, they want me to start speaking lessons.- He glanced down at them hesitantly.

Anakin slowly moved further into the quarters and sat down on the couch next to his master.

-Isn’t that a good thing?- He questioned carefully, staring at the other.

Obi-Wan sighed and shrugged a bit. -I’m worried about how people react to me after. And what if I get everyone’s hope up only for them not to work out for me?- The redhead swallowed heavily. -What if I disappoint people?-

Staring at the other, Anakin reached out and took a hold of his wrists, clenching his hands on them until he was sure Obi-Wan was looking at him. Then he smiled. “You’ll never disappoint me master. And I don’t care if you can or can’t use them. You’re absolutely blasting awesome everyday to me.” He offered, confidant and smiling.

Blinking, Obi-Wan stared at him before giving one of those breathy little off kilter laughs of his that was so familiar to Anakin before he reached out and wrapped him in a hug.

“Tank yous Anakin.” Obi-Wan got out, the words stilted, coming out wrong but familiar and Anakin pressed his face into the others shoulders, taking a deep breath.

If the hearing aids worked for Obi-Wan, then fine.

If they didn’t, then also fine. Nothing would change anyway and Obi-Wan would still be his master and teacher, someone who cared for Anakin and taught him well.

Obi-Wan didn’t need to be like everyone else to do that.

Obi-Wan just needed to be himself.

Slowly he sat back, watching the other as Obi-Wan took a deep breath before he took one of the circles and placed it inside his right ear, pressing it in slowly with a slight wince at how deep they had to go.

Then he repeated it with his left ear.

Once again he winced and Anakin winced when there was a sharp whistling noise as the other pressed at the left one for a few moments until the noise went away.

The two stared at each other, Obi-Wan letting his hands rest on his lap again.

“…Well?” Anakin questioned.

At his voice, Obi-Wan jerked to a bit and placed his hands to his ears, blinking at him with wide eyes before turning his head to the window where the skycars were zooming past in their continuous ques.

“They work.” Obi-Wan said then winced and turned to Anakin, signing almost too quickly for him to catch. -Is that my voice? Do I really sound like that?- He questioned, visibly distressed.

Reaching out, Anakin caught his master’s hands. “Yes but that’s okay.” He beamed. “You… well you can have voice lessons now if you want… Obi-Wan, they work!”

Staring at the other, Obi-Wan started to laugh too before reaching out and wrapping the other in a tight hug. “They work.” He repeated, words a tiny bit stronger and clearer and Anakin could almost imagine how the other would sound once he had a few voice lessons.


“General sir?” Anakin shook himself and turned to Echo and Fives, the latter holding a pad while staring at him with confusion before his face turned relieved when he caught his attention.

“Apologies Fives, I was thinking, what was it?” With that life resumed once again, Anakin going over the supply list with the two troopers doing inventory as Obi-Wan tested the new hearing aids he had by speaking with Waxer and Boil.

  • tmr books: minho tells thomas that he loves him, thomas constantly comments on how muscular minho's arms are in unnecessary detail eg. 'he could almost see the blood pumping through them' and 'minho's powerful arms folded and tensed, veins bulging all over the place', thomas's heart 'aches for minho', a sentence like 'thomas met minho's gaze' almost every other line, minho hates teresa and brenda for no reason other than that they spend time with thomas eg 'and for some reason minho gave brenda dirty looks the entire time' (jealous.mp3), minho grabs thomas by the shirt and pushes him against a wall; he also climbs on top of him and holds him down when thomas is hijacked and refuses to get up even though thomas has a knife ('minho had pinned thomas’s arms to the ground. he hovered over him, heaving to catch his breath. 'im not getting up until they let your mind go') which makes thomas want to smile, it also says that thomas's midsection arches upwards and his body bucked and minho presses down - that's called grinding folks, they risk their lives for each other countless times, minho tackles to the ground and 'punches the living crap' out of the guy who shot thomas, dashner said in an interview that minho and thomas have the closest bond,thomas's heart skipped a beat when he saw minho, minho runs backwards in the lightning storm to help thomas up when he falls, risking his own life in the process, also thomas screams when minho is hit in the lightning storm to help minho even though he ignored every other glader who fell; minho then 'wrapped one of his arms around thomas's neck' and they moved together, 'thomas rammed into minho [...] thomas quickly spun to grab his friend, wrapped his arms around his chest and squeezed against his struggles to escape, minho pulls thomas into a bear hug when they're reunited, when thomas thought he might die he typed goodbye messages to brenda and minho and nobody else, when jorge offered a deal in which he'd help the gladers but would have to kill minho in exchange thomas refuses even though this might endanger everyone else, looking at minho and thinking how he is his 'true best friend' makes thomas have to 'hold back the tears', minho never once questions thomas's judgement even when every single other character questions him and he follows him into anything, 'no way, me and you', 'i'm with thomas. i'm with thomas one hundred percent', just going to repeat this one - minho told thomas that he loves him. like that's an actual thing that happened. they constantly joke around with each other it's srsly flirting, 'if there was a person other than teresa on the planet he (thomas) could truly call a friend, it was minho', minho calls thomas 'baby' and on one occasion it gives thomas butterflies, when minho reunited with thomas he said 'i've been shucked and gone to heaven' aw, minho says he bet thomas cried every night missing him and thomas says 'yeah', minho curls up and goes to sleep at thomas's feet, minho puts all of his faith in thomas from the very beginning eg by making him keeper of the runners while every other glader doubts him which also means minho is going against the people he's known for years in favour of thomas, he also gives up his own leadership role to make thomas keeper of the runners and also tells thomas 'okay greenie, you da boss', when group b take thomas away (after minho trying to fight back) minho yells after him that they'll find him, 'thomas heard a distant voice, screaming the same words over and over, something about him. about protecting him as he ran. it was minho' hashtag protective boyfriend minho, 'thomas made his decision; he liked minho', thomas says he felt disgusted when brenda tries to kiss him and thinks 'maybe it was the drug. maybe it was teresa. maybe it was -' at which point minho starts talking, thomas says to minho 'i won't keep anything from you. and she knows it, too.', minho says 'if you die i will NOT be happy' to thomas, thomas 'hadn't realized how important it was that minho still believed in him - it went halfway to giving him the courage he needed', minho has surgery to remove the wicked device from his brain while thomas is asleep and when thomas wakes up, minho is sitting in the chair beside his bed. this means minho woke up after his surgery and got up and moved to the chair beside thomas's bed, 'thomas could only worry abut minho', 'your eyes dont lie' minho can literally tell whether thomas is lying by looking into his eyes; thomas also does this bc he says he can tell by the 'hard glint' in minho's eyes that he'd been through an awful time, minho gives thomas nicknames and they always have playful banter, 'the two of them then looked at each other for a long moment, catching their breath, somehow reliving those few seconds all the things they’d gone through', 'even though he couldn’t see minho, he knew his friend lay only a few feet above him. and it wasn’t just the snoring. when someone is close by, you just know it', when jorge was kicking minho, thomas's hands clenched into fists and he hated jorge and wanted to 'beat him like he'd beaten gally'; he'd beaten gally for killing chuck, so the fact he wanted to beat jorge as badly as he'd beaten gally for just kicking minho shows how much it angered and hurt him, possibly hurting him as much as it hurt him when chuck was killed, 'minho smiled, a very welcome sight' aka thomas likes his smile; he also 'couldn't believe how good it felt to see minhos smirky grin again', they playfully punch each other on the arm, 'minho studied thomas' is said at least three times in the first book alone aka checking thomas out, thomas says minho has beautiful hands, thomas often refers to all of the gladers just as 'minho and the others', newt says to thomas 'then you're minho's' and thomas replies 'sounds beautiful', thomas and minho share a bunk bed, when thomas says he'll go somewhere with brenda minho shakes his head and says 'no way, me and you', thomas says he couldn't handle losing minho, 'remember that i love you'
  • fandom:
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  • fandom: they're just friends

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I discovered your fic Take Me to Church this week and gobbled it up. In doing so I couldn't help but notice that you share a strong music theme as is in the story Waiting For the Spark from Heaven to Fall by hollyethecurious and was curious if you realized you had copied that theme? Otherwise I love your story!

Nonnie, I’m sure you didn’t mean to open this can of worms, but unfortunately, here we are.

Yes, there are prevalent themes of music in Take Me To Church and Let Go of the Life You’ve Planned. And the reason why? Because @hollyethecurious copied my story.

Back in February of this year, I was approached by Hollye here on Tumblr. She told me that she had been struggling with her writing, and to get back into gear, she’d used an old college technique. She took a story she liked and reworked it into her own version, which was Take Me To Church.

I was very flattered at first, because very little can make you feel better as a writer than having someone come to you and say, “Your words inspired me to put pen to paper!” However, she was telling me about this because she wanted my permission to submit the story to the Captain Swan Big Bang. She assured me that, if I granted that permission, she would give credit to me and my story as the inspiration when she posted.

I was really unsure because as many of you know, I have put so much effort into Take Me To Church. I have poured countless, frustrating hours into planning it, writing it, and revising it. So for someone to rework the story and submit it to a fandom project where someone else would make artwork for it made me uncomfortable.

However, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, so I told her that I would need to read the work before I could say yes. She said she would, and sent me a document on the same day. Instead of sending me the whole draft, she sent me a single scene, along with an outline with plot points. I was instantly uncomfortable with the similarities; not only was the plot extremely similar, but she had used an exact line from Take Me To Church.

The next day, I expressed my concerns and explained that if she wanted to revise it so that it was really an original fan work, I would be happy to help her. She declined my offer, saying that it would require that she rewrite too much of the story, and with the strict deadlines of the CSBB, she didn’t think she would be able to. She then asked me if she could send me the whole story to look over, because she didn’t want to give up hope of it ever being read.

The document she sent me was well over 60k words, not simply a few random scenes, which told me that she’d been working on this story long before she contacted me. As was the case with the first document she sent, with the single scene, the story was full of similarities. I told her as much, that it was too similar, and I was not okay with her submitting it to the CSBB. She accepted my decision and said she would think of something else to submit to the CSBB.

However, later that same day, she got back in touch to ask if she could post the story to various fic platforms (AO3, FFnet, Tumblr) once the fandom “died down.” I repeated myself: that I was not comfortable with the story as is, that it would need to be extensively reworked to be an original fanwork, and that I was more than happy to help her do that since I happen to be the expert on Take Me To Church. She did not reply and I mistakenly believed that was the end of things.

At the end of May, I was contacted by a third party about a post Hollye had made on Tumblr. The post explained that she was going to be publishing her story at the beginning of June. I immediately contacted her and asked if she was able to take out the similarities, and expressed my surprise that she had been reworking it, since she never replied to my last message. She told me she had worked with “other individuals” who were familiar with Take Me To Church to take out the similarities. Given that these other individuals were not myself or even my beta-reader (the two people who know Take Me To Church the best), I asked once again to read over the finished product to confirm that it had been sufficiently reworked. She refused and began posting the story shortly afterwards.

Since she began posting, I have received messages from multiple people pointing out the similarities between Take Me To Church and Let Go of the Life You’ve Planned. And, like this message, some of them have implied that I might have been copying her. I cannot begin to express how devastating this is, that I could pour my heart and soul into writing something, and have someone else rework it and then refuse to give me my right to protect my work. I have cried over this, and I am infuriated.

There are several reasons why I waited so long to speak up, and they’re fucking important, so listen up:

First off, we’ve had a lot of fandom drama over plagiarism. The fact is, there are lots of stories that are all based around similar ideas, so sometimes you get similar stories. It does happen, and there’s no avoiding it. 

But this is not like that. This isn’t like two people writing two different Priest Killian stories. I know this because I’ve read pretty much every Priest Killian story. I’m one of the people who runs the Priest Killian Network. And I can guarantee you that this isn’t just another Priest Killian story; it’s my Priest Killian story reworked and posted by someone else without my permission. The similarities go far past the basic plot. And this isn’t even me being paranoid, since Hollye told me that she reworked my story when she approached me.

The second reason I waited to speak up is because I think it’s important to be kind, understanding, and encouraging. I didn’t want to be an asshole about this, and so when Hollye continued to ask for permission, it was difficult for me to give her a hard no. I wanted it to be okay for her to revise it and post it, which is why I kept making my offer to help her with it instead of just telling her, “Sorry, no.” I regret it now because now I feel taken advantage of. 

Finally, I admit that I kind of hoped nothing would happen when she started posting, or that maybe I’d even get more readers, since she said she would give me credit. However, at no point has she even mentioned me or Take Me To Church. Not only does this feel like a deliberate move to hide the fact that she copied my story, it also means that people who notice similarities might think, like this nonnie, that I copied her story.

You didn’t ask for the whole story, nonnie, but you’re getting it so that you or anyone else who questions the validity of my work will know the truth. I don’t want to have to waste my time answering another question like this when I’m already upset over this whole situation. Meanwhile, you might want to check publication dates before you imply that someone is copying someone else. Take Me To Church was published August 24th, 2015, almost two years before Let Go of the Life You’ve Planned was first posted.

Anyway, I’m bloody pissed over this whole thing and honestly now I don’t even care who knows it.

EDITED: The other story in question has now been taken down from all sites by the author. 

Turkey Time

Title: Turkey Time

Author: someonexsomeone

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x female!Reader

Summary: Tyler. Turkey Costume. Need I say more?

Warning: like one swear word. FLUFF. adorableness

AN: Thanks for waiting for me to actually post something that I wrote. Everything that I reblog from other writers can be found by looking under my tags #not mine or #fic rec

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“Do I really have to do this?” Tyler asked, turning to his best friend. It was peak summer time, the group just having competed in a little friendly competition. Although Tyler usually was great at any challenge that came at him, for some reason he just couldn’t focus today. Maybe it was the summer heat, or the fact that he was laughing too much to see the ball coming at him. Or, it could be that he couldn’t stop thinking about you. Usually he didn’t trust online dating, but he didn’t have much luck otherwise. You had talked for a week before meeting up at a small Italian place for dinner - finally getting to that first date. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to meet up sooner, but working with Mark took a lot of time and effort. The first chance he got he called you to schedule a date. Everything went absolutely perfect, and he couldn’t stop the smile that crept onto his face whenever he thought of you. You were beautiful, intelligent, and funny. He couldn’t wait for your next date, which happened to be tomorrow night. He just never felt like he connected with someone so quickly before. It felt like he had known for years, not days. However, today, Mark had roped him into doing a challenge video. Which is how he found himself wearing the felt turkey costume, the entire gang piled into his car, driving to nearest Chinese food place. His penalty for losing; wear the turkey costume during dinner at the restaurant of the winners choice. He was very thankful Amy had won - who knows what Mark or Ethan would have picked if they had one (probably somewhere fancy, no doubt).

“You know the penalty, Tyler. Turkey costume the whole meal, no taking it off,” Mark said as he held the camera up, pointing it directly at him from the passengers seat. 

“What would I change into?” He could see the familiar bright sign, advertising Amy’s favorite place, as he turned the corner. He felt his nerves spike, especially since spotted a parking spot right in front. As he pulled in, he noticed a familiar car across the street. That looks like the car (Y/N) has. I wonder what she’s up to now.

“Come on Tyler!” He jumped as Ethan pounded on the glass of his window, his eyes tearing away only to notice he was the only person left in the car. “The Chinese won’t order itself!” With one last look, and a sigh, he exited the car, ready to face his upcoming dread. 

The place looked as it usually did. Table closely cluttered together, waitress expertly bobbing between the people and chairs, and an elderly woman behind the cash register. There were a few people sitting with plates and numbers on their table, others obviously waiting for their to-go orders. He sighed once again as his friends started yelling their orders at him, before taking a seat at a table big enough to hold them all. He couldn’t help but notice that they left the most exposed seat open for him. God, he really hated his friends.

The woman hardly blinked as he walked over in his get up. And he was incredibly grateful for that. He had no trouble ordering (he knew his friends orders by heart anyway), but he had to wait a minute while the woman had to find change in the back. As he waited, the waitress came scurrying past him through the opening in the counter, a small plastic bag full of food in her hand. The smell enticed him, as he smelled his favorite dish buried somewhere in there. Only a few more minutes, he thought to himself. Then you’ll have that exact thing in your belly.

“Here’s your order (Y/N)! Sorry about the wait!”

“It’s no trouble at all, Ming. Tell me if you end up getting that internship.”

“Of course! See you soon!”

Oh no. Oh no, no, no. This was not happening. You couldn't be here. You just couldn’t. He wouldn’t let you see him like this. He couldn’t. He liked you too much to lose you because of this stupid encounter. He kept his head low as you passed, praying that you wouldn’t noticed him. However, Tyler’s hands were shaking so much that he didn’t notice as it knocked against the tip jar. The coins rattled within. The bell above the door jingled once, before closing. He let a breath, before his eyes looked towards the door. Your eyes found his just as you were about to step into the warm LA air, the door closing behind you. In unison, both of your eyes widened comically. He backpaddled, turning to face the opposite wall as the door opened once again.

“Tyler?” No, no, no, no, no. He couldn’t escape. To make matters worse, he could see his friends looking towards the two of you, questioning looks on their faces. Only Mark seemed to understand what was happening; Tyler had, after all, confined in his friend with his worries about his first date with you. “Tyler Scheid?”

“Oh, hey (Y/N),” he said turning, hoping that at least he could seem nonchalant with the situation. Karma really was a bitch. He breath, however, caught in his throat as he took in your appearance. You were dressed adorably in sweats and a hoodie, unzipped so he could the beginning of a graphic tee, small characters scattered across it. Your hair was pulled up into a messy bun, and your chinese food hung low in your hand. You had a simple pair of flip flops, and he noticed your toes looked freshly painted. He was speechless at how beautiful you looked. And to add on top of it all, your smile brightened his entire night, despite him standing in the middle of a restaurant in a turkey costume. 

“W-what….” A giggle slipped past your lips. “What are you wearing?”

“Oh, uh. I lost, and this was my punishment.” You were now openly giggling, admiring him in the outfit. You spun your finger, and he happily obliged by turning in a fashionable way, smiling brightly at you. Yeah, he was humiliated, but your laugh was contagious.  "Your not embarrassed?“ You laughed.

"Embarrassed? Of course not. This is hilarious!” You wiped a small tear that started to form in the corner of his eye. “I don’t think I’ve ever dated a guy who made me laugh so much before.” He smiled turned fond as he gazed at you. You smiled brightly back, caught in his eyes. Both of you were so entranced by each other you didn’t notice Mark stand, walking over.

“Hey! I’m Mark. You must be (Y/N).” You happily took his hand, shaking it. “You want to join us. I’m sure everyone would love to meet you.” You looked over his shoulder at the other three sitting together, who waved happily at you. You waved right back. 

“I’d love to.” Before you could follow Mark back to the table, Tyler pulled to towards him, flushing your side against his front. 

“I hope our next date will be just the two of us.” He kissed the side of your face sweetly before leading you over to his friends. You couldn’t help but admire him. Only Tyler could still make you swoon, make you weak in the knees, while wearing a felt turkey costume.

Another Needed Conversation

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I recently finished this so I thought I’d wait until Gruvia Day to post it. :^)

It had taken longer than Gray liked for him to get Juvia alone so they could talk. First there was a spontaneous victory celebration in Hargeon for all of the mages present there. Then there was the journey back to Magnolia - they’d been lucky to find enough animals and carriages to carry all of the assembled mages home, since the train tracks were too torn up to risk using. As the group of Fairy Tail mages was making their way through the partially wrecked town towards the guild, Gray took a hold of one of Juvia’s wrists, causing her to stop and turn to him. “Come with me,” he asked of her, and when she nodded, he started leading her away from the others.

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anonymous asked:

You might have answered this before but I couldn't find it 😊 you said Jughead had realized his feelings before. When do you think that was?

i’ve talked about it in bits here and there, but i don’t think i’ve ever fully addressed it 

a lot of people believe that he’s had feelings for her since they were kids, but i don’t agree with that. i also don’t like that head canon. i’ve talked about this before, but the idea that jug was longing for betty while betty was longing for archie doesn’t sit well with me. it makes the start of betty and jughead’s story too similar to betty and archie’s. i also am not a big fan of the harboring secret feelings since childhood trope. i made a big post about that and why it’s a large part of why i can’t stand romantic b*rchie awhile back 

i get why people believe that he’s harbored feelings since childhood, though. i think jughead started to fall for betty from pretty much their first interaction onscreen. we have that intense look from him at pop’s in episode 2. i think that’s the first time he’s really seeing her since she got back from spending the summer in california. that supports the statement RAS made about them being connected through archie for the longest time. betty, archie, and jughead were all friends as children, but betty and jughead were both closer to archie than they were each other. that would mean that they likely drifted apart when archie and jughead had their falling out over the summer. so, i think that’s one of the reasons jug agreed to write for the blue and gold. in episode 10, he tells her that she’s one of the only two people that he considers a friend, so he likely wanted to revive that connection. (he likes to pretend that he doesn’t mind being on the outside, but we’ve seen that that’s not true). i also think that even though they were mostly connected through archie as children, jughead always had a soft spot for her.. likely because of how kind she is. we know that his home life has been shitty for most of his life because of his dad’s drinking problem, so her positive demeanor and selflessness probably felt like stepping into sunlight after months in overcast weather for him. i just don’t think that it drew him to her romantically. at least not at that point. it was friendship for him until they renewed their connection at the beginning of the season. i think a part of his sudden shift to romance after a summer apart could also have to do with betty getting over her crush on archie. betty’s feelings for archie were very apparent even when she wasn’t openly talking about them with kevin or veronica in the first episode– if we’re to assume she was always like that, jughead knew that trying to get her attention romantically was pointless (for himself or anybody else). like i said in my post about betty’s development, she starts to shift away from that obsessed school girl attitude very quickly. after years of watching her pine after archie, jug likely noticed that change in her right away. i think maybe he admired the way she picked herself right back up after being knocked down by somebody that she’d cared for for so long. i imagine that added to the affection he already felt for her for her warm personality. it gave him his first taste of really how strong she is. that right there is enough for him to develop a crush, i think 

after his first thought of her in a romantic light, i believe he fell very hard very fast. he was getting to see all of these new sides of her and experiencing her for the first time without having archie as a barrier between them. so, i’d say that his falling process started at pop’s in episode 2 and quickly spiraled from there. he’s obviously very smitten already by episode 4

when they were recasting reggie, the actors were given a scene of reggie and jughead to audition with. i believe that the scene is a deleted one from episode 5 or 6. i wish that it had made it into the episode because it directly addressed his feelings for betty and that other people were picking up on it. i also believe (and i talked about this in another ask too) that their conversation is what inspired him to tell betty he had feelings for her (he ended up kissing her instead, but his original plan was to talk to her). i don’t know if you’ve seen the tape, but jughead tells reggie he got a first edition of the feminine mystique for betty, and reggie basically tells him he has to do more than that. in a much much crasser way, but i think it resonated with jughead. the little things that he was doing that made it apparent to the audience that he liked her were things that she might not interpret as romantic, especially after what happened with archie. i think he realized that if he kept doing these small things and hoping that she’d pick up on them, they might turn into b*rchie 2.0. in the sense that he was silently longing while betty remained oblivious. that thought along with the thought of never getting to explore a relationship with betty must have outweighed his fear of being so outwardly vulnerable and possibly being rejected by her. i, again, think that shows us how far gone he already was for her at that point 

New Challenges

Here’s my fic for @txf-prompt-box ! Loved the prompt so much, I had to fill it right away: Flukemen, shape-shifters and alien bounty hunters–these things are easy for Fox Mulder. Buying tampons? More of a challenge than he thought. (Plus the bonuses!)

Set in season 1.

I can do this, I can do this, Mulder repeats to himself in a whisper, as a mantra, staring at the female hygiene shelf. He can ignore the pads, thank goodness, because Scully specifically said tampons. That’s all she said, though. Go buy some tampons, Mulder. It’s his own fault, of course. That’s another thing Scully said. If you make her go to the forest on a weekend, and can’t stick to your promise that it’ll be a nice trip, she’ll send you on a tampon run once you’ve both scarcely escaped death. He’ll have to remember that for the future.

The explosions of color distract him; would Scully prefer a product in pink or purple? He checks if they have anything in burgundy. That’s a color she likes, he thinks. And it suits her. So does black. But it’s either pink or purple, which makes him think it doesn’t matter. That’s not how one chooses tampons. He touches one of the boxes nervously. Regular, it says. Is Scully a regular? How would he know. Another box says light. Well, she is tiny, he figures, so light makes sense. Maybe. His eyes continue to scan the selection: super, super plus and he is just lost. They don’t have that one, though. There’s not a size chart either. This, he thinks with a frustrated sigh, should not be this hard. Despite common belief in the bureau, Mulder has been with one or two women in the past. They rarely stick around long enough to talk about female hygiene or monthly cramps, though. He’s only lived with a woman once and Diana, not unlike his mother he realizes suddenly, with a jolt, didn’t exactly care to let him in on her thoughts, or feelings. So yes, he knows how the female body works. In theory, anyway. There has to be a way to figure this out.

“Fox, is that you?” Oh no. He doesn’t need to turn around to know who it is. In his defense, when he picked her up, they weren’t talking much. He wasn’t sober either. Mulder didn’t really hear her voice until the morning, when it was too late, and his ears already ringing.

“Marie.” He twirls around dramatically, showing her a toothy, exuberant smile that’s faker than her nails. He glances at them briefly, shudders when he remembers the scratches he had on his back for weeks. Isn’t the definition of a one-night-stand that you spend one night with them and then you never see them again? Of course, Mulder has to be the exception to the rule. As always.

“What are you doing here? It’s so good to see you!” Her voice is not just squeaky, no, it’s bubbly, it’s loud and it’s turning people’s heads. Mulder should be used to this; look, there is spooky Mulder! Right now, though, he wishes he could disappear in between these boxes of tampons.

“Uhm, shopping.” He answers lamely, making a grand gesture with his hand.

“Seems like you’re in the wrong aisle.” She snickers, seemingly coming closer and closer. It’s been well over a year since his ill-fated decision to take her home with him. It was shortly after Diana, right before Scully, and Marie had just been there. He should thank her, maybe, for curing him of his thirst for meaningless nights of passion. Though he’s beginning to think his fierce, red-headed power ball of a partner has something to do with his current blindness when it comes to other women.

“Actually, no. My…” Marie’s hand lands on his chest. Her long nails scratch against the fabric of his shirt. He is praying silently that she’ll stay away from his nipples at least. But today is not his lucky day. Mulder lets out a yelp and Marie interprets that noise as approval.

“My uhm, you know…” Damn it, he thinks. What is Scully? His partner, that’s for sure. He thinks they might be friends. She is the only person he trusts. The only person he wants to touch his nipples. Where did that thought come from? He wonders. Oh right. Marie. He takes a step back and she follows him like a moth follows the light.  

“Marie, uhm, I can’t do this.” She hears his no, lifts her head and pouts at him. “I’m here to buy tampons.” He said it. He said the word! Marie, however, stares at him unfazed. “They’re not for me.” Mulder clarifies.

“We had fun that one time, didn’t we?” He bites his lip just in time and swallows his decisive no. Instead, he nods uncertainly. “We could have more fun, Fox.”

“Uhm, no, really. I’m here to buy, you know, tampons. For my, my,” it should not be this hard; for my Scully, he thinks, but that would mean nothing to Marie, “for my partner. I’m buying tampons for my partner.” Marie lifts one perfectly plucked eyebrow at him. That reminds him so much of Scully that he almost smiles.

“Your partner.” She draws out the words carefully as if it were a new concept for her.

“My partner, yes. We uhm, work together,” hope sparkles in her eyes, “and live together.” It’s a lie, of course, but Marie doesn’t know it. To his surprise, the thought of living with Scully, of going shopping for her, even if it includes buying tampons, fills him with a sense of pride, of serenity.

“Oh,” Marie grabs a box of tampons without even looking at it, as if it were nothing at all, “I get it, Fox. That’s too bad. Really too bad. We could have had so much fun, you and I.” She runs her hand across his chest one more time before she finally walks off. He is certain that he hears a ‘lucky bitch’ before Marie leaves the aisle, and hopefully his life, for good.

Mulder returns to his other dilemma. The tampons. There is no way to decide which box to buy. So he buys them all; one light, one regular and one super. For all he knows, Scully is all three of these things. Maybe, if he asks nicely, she’ll explain it to him. In her stoic, I’m a medical doctor, Mulder voice. He loves that. Just in case he need to bribe her, he grabs two bars of expensive, Swiss chocolate before he finally makes it over to the check-out counter.

Marie is over there at one of the other counters, but she no longer has eyes for him; there’s a new man in Marie town. Good for her, Mulder thinks, proudly carrying the tampons and the chocolate, because there is a definitely a new woman in his life.