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Imagine...Curing Vampire Dean

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Request: Can I get a request about Dean where he turns into a vampire on a hunt and he has a hard time controlling himself around the reader? And they have to get a cure and stuff?

Pairing: vampire!Dean x reader

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character moodboards: blue sargent & ronan lynch

          “To think you could have been dreaming the cure for cancer,“ Blue said.
          "Look, Sargent,” Ronan retorted, “I was gonna dream you some eye cream last night
          since clearly modern medicine’s doing jack shit for you, but I nearly had my ass handed
          to me by a death snake from the fourth circle of dream hell, so you’re welcome.”

  • <p> <b>Hephaestus:</b> Hey dite im home!<p/><b>Aphrodite:</b> hey baby! Im gonna serve myself a drink you want something?<p/><b>Hephaestus:</b> what do you have?<p/><b>Aphrodite:</b> Well I have water, tea, head, and wine<p/><b>Hephaestus:</b> Did...did you just said head?<p/><b>Aphrodite:</b> yeah, you never had head before?<p/><b>Hephaestus:</b> ....I mean...its just feels like alot...right now....<p/><b>Aphrodite:</b> okay<p/><b>Hephaestus:</b> but what kind of tea you have?<p/><b>Aphrodite:</b> I have mint, raspberry, english bre-<p/><b>Hephaestus:</b> actually I'll take head<p/><b>Aphrodite:</b> I knew your dirty little ass wanted some head~<p/></p>

“We’ve had this fight before, the three of us. You don’t have anything that can hurt me.”

“Maybe I do.” Kanan felt for the holder on his left leg where his lightsaber was hidden.

“Nonsense,” Vidian said, waving his hand dismissively. “If you had anything, you’d have used it already. Right?”

Hera looked searchingly at Kanan as Vidian turned back to the console. Kanan began to reach for his secret weapon—but then he paused. Something, somewhere told him: No, not that. Not now.

Not yet.

– A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller

house-mate vibes // (k.l imagine)

Anonymous said: Can you do an imagine of you and kians first kiss. Where you and kian are really close friends (maybe roommates idk) and everybody kinda knows you have a thing for each other. Can you make it quite detailed and cute/fluffy but not too much that it’s cringy?

lmk if it’s cringey, I feel like sometimes i write cringy shit unintentionally so lmk

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jqm said that keith is gonna deal with this in weird, ragey ways. do you see him having an azula type meltdown?


Azula is a completely different person with completely different issues. A nebulous shared fire motif is about the only possible line of similarity I can draw between these two characters.

That Keith’s kinda coming apart at the seams is not a surprise to me- this is Keith who’s been punched in what would appear to be an old and very deep-rooted trauma (suddenly losing someone he cares about, loss of stability, loss of safety) and I’ve talked several times at great length, we’re probably going to see a breakdown from Keith. It depends on how open he is, and how much he tries to soldier through it, and what other stimuli is present.

The trailer seems to heavily imply Keith does not immediately step forwards and mention Shiro wanted him to lead, that, if he does end up trying to work with Black, he drags his heels about it a lot. Even his worrying statement of “you wanted me to lead, this is how I lead” suggests this isn’t really his idea or what he wants.

And we don’t know what Keith’s talking about, or who he’s shutting down with that. It could be he’s unhealthily pushing himself to the limit or shutting out external input. It is probably not a good happy moment, but it raises interesting questions since as far as we know, the only person who specifically nominated Keith for piloting the Black Lion was… Shiro.

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do you have a crush? someone u know not a celeb lol x

omg so today me nd my friends found this cute little coffee shop and my frand wanted a coffee so we went in and the guy working there was so handsome and he laughed at something i said….he’s my new crush : ) so i have a plan, next week i’m gonna go back and see if he’s there and i’m gonna sit in there for a while 

“The great guy on this picture was Al Ruddy. For some reason, Al would always come up to me during the shooting and say, ‘Hey, hey, kid, Pacino, listen to me: You’re gonna be great. You’re gonna be great in this picture. You’re great, ya understand?’ I said, ‘Oh yeah, great, you know, thanks.’ I didn’t know what I was doing! It was really encouraging because he was the only one who spoke to me. There were scenes where I’d be in the middle of the scene, and I’d hear some sort of–I really heard, I wasn’t just hearing things!–I heard people were giggling, sort of snickering. I thought, 'What is that about?!?’ And it was about me!”

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Referring to an earlier anon's questions, can I ask why Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne are 'knobheads'? I didn't know about Benedict Cumberbatch earlier either till I was enlightened by your post. I've been seeing everyone loving these guys so I'm curious as to why you do not? (Just asking; if it was answered earlier, my apologies)

Irons is openly homophobic and also I’ve just personally never liked him even before that; Hiddleston and Redmayne are just the standard posh wanker type of actors, and the idea that they’d be ~groundbreaking~ as any Austen hero just leaves me dumbfounded. They’ve done their romantic hero roles in period dramas, and they said their lines and looked very moonily at their love interests, the end. They’re big old eyebrow-raising shrugs to me and if people want me to fancast things I’m gonna need better actors to work with apart from the current white British flavour of the month dude with perfect RP diction.

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Matt is the baby in the Parabatri, did you see him tapping harrys shoulder repeatedly 😭😭😭and rubbing Isaiahs back...but when other people try to do ☕️☕️☕️☕️I'm just gonna leave this tea here

I SAID THIS ANON LMAOOOOO, matt’s pretty touchy feely but only to certain ppl, don’t you love justice ☕️☕️☕️


“Do you think I’ll see her on the other side?” Eric asked Dylan as they sat together in his car for the very last time.
Dylan sighed. “Probably, man. Death will be like an escape. You two can explore the stars together..” He said, making Eric smile.

“God.. I miss her so fucking much,” He cried softly, his heart breaking into 1,000 little pieces. “I can’t wait to see her again tomorrow. To touch her. Feel her. Hold her in my arms. I know she wouldn’t like what I’m gonna do, but, I have to. Y'know?” Eric mumbled, honestly.

Dylan nodded. “Yeah man, I know. You’re gonna get your girl back.” He smiled patting his best friend on the shoulder. Eric quickly drove him to Dylan’s.

“You ready for tomorrow?” Eric asked his best friend. Dylan nodded. “Yeah. Ready as I’ll ever be..” He said. “Exact place and time tomorrow?” He asked, stepping out of the car. Eric nodded. “Yeah, man. See you tomorrow…”

As Eric drove home, he couldn’t help but think what his girlfriend would say if she was still alive- a couple months ago, she died by suicide. He felt as if his world was crushed; like he didn’t have a reason to live anymore. That’s another reason why he wanted to go NBK- to see his angel once again.

He laid in bed that night, softly petting his dog who laid beside him. He came to the realization that this would be the last time he would be able to pet his dog. The last time he’d be able to lay in his bed, have breakfast with his parents the next morning.

Things always felt different when you knew you were gonna die the next day.
“You ready, V?” Eric asked as they walked back into the library. Eric couldn’t believe what was happening; we was just numb. Numb to the fact that he just killed people, the same people he had gone to school with for years.

The only thing he looked forward to was death.

They exchanged gunfire with the police for a little while until they decided it was time.

“Look, man,” Eric said to Dylan. “This is the last time I’m ever gonna get to talk to you. I don’t know what’s gonna be on the other side, but If i don’t see you, I just want you to know that you were my best friend, and as gay as this sounds- I love you, man.” Eric said, going over to the bookshelf and situating himself.

“I love you too, man. See you soon.”

At 12:08, they were both dead.

at 12:11, Eric was once again with his girl.
hope you like this babe.

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I asked my 8 year old sister what her fave part of spiderman was and she said "when he's in his bedroom and he's naked" I'm screaming this girl is gonna grow up to do great things

aodhlshdksjs tell ur sis that I love her

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I've heard that you can't practice more than one type of magic because they'll cancel each other out, is that true?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m interpreting this as (for example) “I can’t do kitchen magic AND weather magic because they cancel each other out” and if that’s the case then no, that’s not true, and I have no idea why someone would suggest it. That’s like saying I can’t study gardening AND fencing because somehow one will prevent me from doing the other. That being said, if you cast spells for directly opposite results, like doing a rain spell followed by a sunshine spell, then yeah prolly nothing is gonna happen.


Save Chase Brody plan #2,153

OK so I have been seeing all this anti hype and everyone seems to be thinking that he’s gonna go after chase Brody who is a precious bean and must be protected at all costs. And the fact that, since he’s an ego and therefore could actually be eliminated by anti (unlike jack) makes this development even more worrisome. Now. I has occurred to me and probably others that the last time anti killed someone he said that we could have stopped him. So if we really truly don’t want chase to die we should be able to do something about it right? Now don’t get me wrong I want to see what happens as much as everyone else, but I really don’t want an ego to disappear from the channel forever. My thinking is that anti is fueled by our ideas (or to break the fourth wall a bit jack sees what fans come up with and works it into what he does.) So we just need to come up with a way that chase is present because that at least has already been basically confirmed, but where he doesn’t end up dying or is saved. I know I sound like I’m taking this way too seriously, lol, and chase has only shown up on the channel once as far as I know anyway, but I still want the possibility of him showing up again you know? TL;DR Chase Brody is precious and must be saved. Therefore we must band together and create theories in which he DOESN’T DIE! @therealjacksepticeye please don’t kill him off for good! Pleeeaaaseee!?

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Remmeber that guy who skipped school and had anxiety? Same person here... Went to a doc about anxiety yesterday, got really exhausted doc let me take today off... We had a group presentation (which i researched my share of) but I didnt go today... And one of them sent me a picture of a noose and said "use this noose and go hang yourself cunt." I'm just gonna... Hide in my house for the next few weeks...

Oh my god I’m so sorry….

Please report that message and person to your school teachers. And please… please don’t do anything to hurt yourself.

That asshole is not in control of you.

You did the right thing talking to someone about your anxiety, and I think you should tell them that this student sent this to you.

But please be brave and don’t let this asshole sway you. You’re so much better than that swine. *hug*

Talk to me if you ever need to okay? And please talk to your parents if you can bake this. Or anyone you know who can help you through this.

  • *in the Secret Altar*
  • King Boo: You think you can defeat ME?
  • Luigi: I KNOW I can defeat you.
  • Luigi's thoughts: Wow, I do not believe a word I just said. Yeah right, like I actually stand a chance against King Boo.
  • Mario's thoughts: Man, talk about bluff. If King Boo knows as well as I do he's not gonna buy any of that crap.
  • King Boo's thoughts: ...HSEBOEBLFBKbpsvphsvpdvjspjdpjpjsvjvsVUSVKDBOXNSOBSOSBODBZK

Good Cop: I’m a dance major!
Bad Cop: And I’m not.
Good Cop: 5, 6, 7, 8… turn! And turn… Why aren’t you turning?
Bad Cop: Because we never agreed to do this.
Good Cop: You said this was gonna be cool.
Bad Cop: No one said this was gonna be cool.
Good Cop: Now I’m embarrassed.
Bad Cop: Now you’re embarrassed?!
Good Cop: Yes, because it’s in front of people!
Bad Cop: You should wake up embarrassed.