i said i was gonna do this


Jody always said I’d get myself killed… hunting. And I’d be like “good! If I’m gonna go out, then that’s how I wanna do it. Doing something great”. But Patience’s vision… It’s one thing thinking that you’re gonna die, but actually knowing it? For once a part of me kinda just want to sit back.

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Was it anything in particular that set off this "recent" (like two or three years worth of content) spur of Ghost Rider from you, or were you just always sitting on it since seeing Nic Cage's glorious personification? (Personally, I got a kick outta Agents of SHIELD's ghost rider shit)

Actually, there was something that spurred it on, and I remember it vividly.

It’s 100% @hyperchronic‘s fault.

I had been talking to her about something, and somehow Ghost Rider came up.  She mentioned to me that there was a sequel to the original 2007 Ghost Rider film with Nic Cage, which I had unashamedly liked.

I had never heard of this sequel.

So I’m doing a drawing stream, right, of this image right here:

(like I said, I remember this sequence of events VIVIDLY)

…and I decide, “y’know what, I’m gonna watch that movie Gi told me about.  I’m gonna pull it up and we’re gonna watch it here, on stream, while I’m working.”

So I did.  We watched the whole blessed train wreck… and God help me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And it made me curious about the original comics, which I’d never read before.  So I started reading them, using a simple guide for beginners to Ghost Rider, and jumped in on the 2006 series because it caught my attention the most.

Again, God help me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  (At the time, I had no point of reference by which to get indignant about Danny Ketch’s horrendous mischaracterization in these comics, but that’s neither here nor there.  It would come later.)

After that, I went back and started with the original 1970s series, because I kinda fell in love with the character of Johnny Blaze, and HAD to see where he started.  The original comics are a mess, but they’re a delightful kind of mess, and I was immediately hooked.  From then on I went through all the publications chronologically as I could find them and just fell more and more in love…

…but I wound up feeling weirdly dissatisfied, too.  Every instance of the Ghost Rider character is written by somebody who clearly loves the series, but it seems like none of them can agree on what to do with the character, so the story is inconsistent and all over the place.  I first expressed my dissatisfaction in a post where I hypothesized about what would have happened had the original 1970s series not ended so abruptly and with so many loose ends (I’m putting some of my drawings for that post below)…

…and then went “wait a minute, what if the WHOLE SERIES was more cohesive and with stronger direction?”

That’s where Ghost Rider: Re-Imagined came from.  It actually came on the heels of another project that I’ve put kind of on hold, wherein I was re-imagining an old 1967 anime called Golden Bat.  I hit a dead end there and wound up redirecting most of my creative energy into GR:R, instead.

Probably a more in-depth answer than you were expecting, but hey!  Never let it be said that I am not thorough. :V

under my skin - nine

nine || my thoughts echo your name

“Imagine how much money I could save up if I don’t have to spend it on coffee for a year?”

Niall rolls his eyes. “Imagine how much fun you would have if you go on a date with me?”

“You know, Ni, you can always ask her out on a date,” Suki suggests, wriggling her eyebrows at him.

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I love how many curveballs 'Mark' is throwing us, but part of me is worried that it's gonna build up to nothing

he said not to expect anything in the next few days as far as videos is concerned, i believe.

but i think he’s gonna do something with this when he can.

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No amount of self reblogging your art is gonna make it any better and no one likes people who do that

… i never said it did? i reblog it because not everyone is online at the same time? there are a such thing called timezones and people being busy.

hmmmm, honestly I don’t know how I feel about Super Sons of Tomorrow arc. Seeing the good Conner, Cassie and Bart was great, and Damian and Jon bonding is a+ but the story itself was just…a little convoluted? 

And wow oh wow does it irk me that Clark straight up blamed Damian for this whole thing. That’s…not a very Clark thing to do, imo? Like, I get it was a set up for Jon to defend Damian and cement their friendship, and Clark’s just being a hella protective daddo, but still? Clark’s all about second chances and seeing the best in people and he knows Damian is a good person and learning to be a better person and he’s gonna straight up blame him? Especially when the only thing said - at least as far as I remember - was that adult Jon and Damian had some sort of giant disagreement. Not that Jon went nova because of or to protect Damian. Like where tf did Clark get that, or did I just miss it? 

(And you can see in the art that it just absolutely tore Damian up? Clark’s basically bullying a child, what the SHIT. Then turns around and is all nice dad to him? That’s shady af and I don’t like it.)

And then Bruce was just straight up useless. Insert *shows up 15 min late with Starbucks* meme here. And then makes both super sons sad by rushing the vote a bit. Then just WALKS AWAY BECAUSE HE DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK. 

It was just…very strange to me. But I’m glad Damian and Jon’s friendship was proven without a doubt, for both readers and characters alike. (Only for it to be ruined by Talia, if the solicits for the next Super Sons arc is any indication. Sigh.)


@therealjacksepticeye If you see this, I spent a while on this comic short.
I call it ‘Where’s Schneep? - A Comic short’ 

Sounds like asgore named this comic xD

In case you are unable to read my terrible handwriting:

( Jackieboy man: )

‘A Sam? What is the little guy doing alone? wait…

 is it…


Hey buddy

 Why are you alone?

 Where’d your owner go?

 Where’s Schneep?’

In other news, as I mentioned in a reblog of some nice art yesterday, I also sketched the alter Sams today.

And - as I said in an ask to Jack that he probably didn’t notice - my sketchbook is full of Septicart and Sean’s fluffy hair so I’ll probably gonna make a bigger post with that stuff xD I also changed the pic on my arm cuz the old one got washed off


Or in german aka the doctor’s language


missmagius replied to your post “I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I can’t help but think that…”

ya i think it’s irresponsible to give white people ammo to be cunts bc i feel like white people are gonna be like “but THIS black person said” and honestly the whites should never be given that benefit of the doubt lmao. it’s not about just hair is about the discrimination black people face for wear hair the way it naturally grows and white people being like “but bob marley tho, 420 blaze it” and dreads can have a lot of religious significance. so. never let white people do anything ever

I mean, I know what you’re saying, and I thought that, too, but like the fact of the matter is that if you hold everybody to the same standard of cultural appropriation, you either end up catching people of color in the net (Zendaya has no reason to be wearing dreads by most people’s standard of cultural appropriation! she’s soooo lightskinned, and she wasn’t even wearing real dreads!) or you end up letting white people be racist.

I’m not saying that NONE of these things are racist, but that’s just racism, not cultural appropriation. some unwashed white wearing dreads is not the reason a black person wearing dreads gets discriminated against, and I would bet that a white person that wears dreadlocks would not be the sort of employer TO discriminate against a black person wearing dreads. white people getting rewarded by white supremacy is bad, but the answer to that is to destroy white supremacy, not to police the behavior of individual white people.

also it acts like cultures from people of color are like, ‘special’ and ‘not for everyone’ whereas white culture is universal. why should everybody get to like ballet, but only people of color get to like yoga? I think yoga is just as cool as ballet is. also, are only people of color allowed to experiment with and enjoy other people’s cultures? Cultural sharing happens on both a micro and macro level–who’s to say that white person with dreads or braids didn’t have them put in by their black friend? are people of color forbidden from sharing our culture with white people, too? and how about cross-culturally between people of color? how earnest do you have to be to be ‘allowed’ to partake in a culture? Okay, so a white hipster with a weed smoking fetish can’t get dreads–what about a white person who moves to Jamaica and becomes a Rastafarian? what about someone who’s asian or latino? can THEY wear dreads? what about mixed people? can they wear dreads? what about black people who aren’t from a dread-wearing culture? can they wear dreads? what about a black person who’s from the culture, but is white passing? what about a white person who was adopted by a black family? what about a white person who grew up in a predominately black neighborhood?

Like, I just don’t feel comfortable ever saying that race should be prescriptive of behavior. I don’t care if it validates racists–they were going to be validated regardless, and they don’t need me to say it. Also, black people are not a hive mind, and I think there’s room for nuance. It definitely makes me uncomfortable to think some racist might use my thoughts and opinions to validate themselves, but I also genuinely believe that most of the time, people admiring other people’s cultures and wanting to participate in that is a GOOD thing. I don’t honestly see how anything bad can come from wanting to meet more people and experience more things. I think monoculturalism is death to leftist ideology. cultural and racial purity is what fascists call for. I don’t think any culture or race is ‘pure’ or immutable, and I think you’ll find that most white people with dreads are actually probably not as racist as your average white, probably have more than ‘one black friend’, and probably have political goals that align more with mine than with my fascist enemies’.

Again, it’s not perfect, and what you’re saying does give me pause, and it does concern me… but I’m much less utilitarian than that. I care much more for pure ideology than I do on tangible outcomes.

Also, I think, generally, that being antagonistic towards white people in activist spaces isn’t actually helpful. Like, I’m antagonistic as fuck towards them, but only because it gives me pleasure to antagonize whites, not because I think it’s politically useful. So if anti-racism activism focuses on policing the individual behaviors of people who may-or-may-not-be racist just alienates potential allies, and makes the whole movement look bad. It focuses too much on symptoms, and not the problem.

Like, if capitalism and western-centrism and white supremacy didn’t exist, would white people wearing dreads be bad? Probably not. So like, my focus is going to be on destroying those systems of oppression, rather than policing the behavior of individual people, which, again, I think is alienating, exhausting, and ineffectual.

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Hi, sorry for bothering, but i just feel like i need to talk to somebody. There's a person who i loved since i was fifteen, and after a year of being friends we started dating. But then after a year of relationships he said, that i'm not the one who he thought i am and it's better for us to break up. He suggested to be friends again, though. I agreed, but we i kept pissing him just by doing ordinary stuff and our relationships became shittier and shittier... After the latest big argument

(after which i was depressed for two weeks) he acted like he’s gonna fix everything and be nice with me… But now he suddenly started acting like always and it’s completely killing me. I’ve got no actual friends, and nobody to talk with, he was my closest person in the world… Ahh it just sucks. Thank you for reading this, you don’t have to answer, but thank you so much for listening

i’m sorry if i sound too harsh but DROP HIM DROP HIM DROP HIM. cut him off. he’s going to try and get you back you though but be unapologetic. i’m sorry but you really need to get away from him, for your own sake

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For the prompts, I'm gonna be super evil here (and because I ended up really digging this ship when you prompted me with them last time), Krystal/Rachel, 53, please. :)

Rachel tipped the glass to her lips, shutting her eyes as she swallowed the last of her wine.

“Sorry,” said the blonde woman from behind the bar. “I have to close up.”

Rachel opened her eyes, casting a glance around the room, empty now but for the two of them. Finally. No distractions.

“Do you?” Rachel replied, fishing through her bag before digging out a handful of large bills and sliding them across the bar. “And now?”

A smile pulled at the other woman’s lips.

“You know, if you wanna spend time with me that bad, you could just ask.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Rachel huffed.

The bartender laughed, pulling another bottle out from behind the bar and tipping it in Rachel’s direction. Rachel glanced at the label, then nodded approvingly.

“Okay,” the woman said. She pulled out a corkscrew and began twisting it in. “So I guess I was just imagining your eyes on me all night? I’m not blind.”

Rachel only offered a wry smile in response, dragging her eyes slowly along the red of the woman’s dress and slower still along all of the exposed skin.

With a pop, the cork was pulled from the bottle, drawing Rachel’s attention back to the situation at hand. The bartender flashed Rachel a knowing smirk as she poured.

“Two glasses,” Rachel said.

The woman tittered, shaking her head.

“I have to drive,” she said.

“My driver will take you home.”

The woman laughed again, then pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, considering. Finally, she pulled another glass out from behind the bar.

“Oooh, your driver,” she said, mocking, even as she began to pour herself a drink. “I’m not the kinda girl who’s impressed by money, you know.”

“Good,” Rachel shot back. “I have no interest in sharing a drink with someone I can’t respect.”

The woman finished pouring, raising her eyes to meet Rachel’s. Rachel’s lips curled into a smile.

“Rachel Duncan,” she said. “And you are?”


Rachel resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the name, instead pulling Krystal’s glass closer to her side of the bar.

“Come take a seat, Krystal,” she cooed.

Krystal drew a deep breath before stepping out from behind the bar, slowing down as she rounded the corner, allowing Rachel’s eyes to run up and down the length of her bare legs. With a smile, she approached the seat next to Rachel.

“Not there,” Rachel growled, leaning back to allow Krystal room. Krystal’s eyes fell to Rachel’s lap, blinking in stunned confusion as she processed what she was being asked to do. Finally, her eyes shot back to Rachel’s, a smirk crossing her face. She moved closer, placing a hand on Rachel’s arm before slowly sliding it up to her shoulder, then stepped up onto the base of Rachel’s chair.

Impatient, Rachel slid an arm around her back, drawing a small yelp from Krystal and pulling her fully onto her lap, legs astride the seat. She moved in, hungry, nipping at the skin of Krystal’s neck.

“Ohhh, fuck,” Krystal moaned, shuddering under Rachel’s touch. “I don’t… usually… do this kinda thing.”

Rachel pulled back to look up at Krystal. She could see it in her eyes. The game was over. The flirtatious-yet-detached girl behind the bar was gone, given over to lust.

Krystal dove forward, sealing Rachel’s lips with her own.

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Thank you for the binge post. Binge eating disorder is exactly what I suffer from and when I see that someone says they binged (usually on something under 500cal) I’m just like...honey trust me, that’s not a binge. You’re gonna be okay. I only know because my daily intake when I’m on a binge cycle is 3000-4000 calories which is very bad for just about anyone unless they’re a pro athlete or some shit

Exactly! Everyone thinks I’m trying to shame them or invalidate them because they feel disgusting for over eating. And like I said, I understand how over eating can FEEL like a binge. But all that does is invalidate those who suffer from BED.
I hope you’re doing alright. I wish you health, happiness, and recovery 💕

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Would it be possible to get some advice on public speaking? I have this hugeass presentation tomorrow where I have to act very professional and stuff and I'm kind of panicking. I have to try to convince an entire room of opposing views to vote no on a mock-government policy

I’m gonna let Enjolras take this one.

Well, first, it’s important to remember that no one knows as much about your topic as you do. Many people fear they don’t know enough, but I assure you, you do.
I typically split my larger public speeches into small fragments in my head so that I am able to think “I talked about that, so now I’m moving on to this.” It just gives me checkpoints so that I know I’ve said everything I needed to. Also, practice makes perfect. Run through it a few times aloud, even if you already have in your head (Do what Combeferre does and recite it in the shower if you’re nervous about others hearing you). That will minimize the amount of errors you will have with little things like tripping over a word or two, but even if that does happen, it’s not the end of the world. I’m sure you will do great, and at the end of the day, it’s nothing to be worried about.

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Hmm someone told me that the producers said klance wasnt happening but even if it doesnt im still going down with this ship

hmm well i take everything i don’t hear from the producers’ mouths with my own ears with a grain of salt, and i’m not sure what your friend’s source was….if it was that one interview where they were like “well we’re gonna do what’s best for the story and not just do things because fans want it” etc. etc. personally i didn’t interpret that as killing the ship although i know a lot of people saw it that way. it just seemed to me like they were purposefully dodging the question so *shrug emoji* that could mean a lot of things. i’m still fairly optimistic but also as you said, even if it doesn’t happen i’m still gonna ship it regardless lol.

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Nicknames: Wifey on here & Cat in real life.

Gender: I’m a lady << what she said 

Star sign: IDK I’m not into zodiac or anything like that.<< what she said lol

Height: 5″5

Time: 10:42 PM

Birthday: Not gonna announce the date since I don’t celebrate

Favorite bands: Coldplay, One Republic, The Fray, Imagine Dragons, Third Eye Blind, Vertical Horizon, Audioslave, Evanescence, The Chainsmokers (some of those I don’t follow anymore but still a fave)

Favorite solo artists: Mat Kearney, Ingrid Michelson, Adele, Enya, John Mayer, Sia, Jewel

Song stuck in my head: Rewrite The Stars (GAHHH WHEN WILL I ACTUALLY SEE THE MOVIE?!)

Last movie I watched: Avatar

When did I create my blog: A little over a year ago for this one

What do I post: Sherlolly x infinity to the power of a really massive ship. Oh yeah and sherlolly writing. And sometimes general Sherlock stuff. 

Last thing I googled: the name of one of the bands I loved whose songs I could remember but their name escaped my brain for a moment lol!

Do I have other blogs: nope

Do I get asks: a moderate amount, I’d say

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What am I wearing: Pajamas

How many blankets do I sleep with: 2- one comforter and one sheet

Dream job: May sound cheesy, but basically what I do now. Helping moms and babies with breastfeeding.

Dream trip: Ireland…if I could get beamed there lol

Favorite food: Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Indian 

Nationality: I’m from America

Favorite song right now: a few songs from The Greates Showman, Thunder by Imagine Dragons, Lights Down Low by MAX, Silence by Marshmello. I feel like there’s more but that's where my brain stops lol.    

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Different Types of Hufflepuffs
  • The Soldier: the epitome of "Yes, we can" always defying odds, Eye of the Tiger playing in the background
  • The Sunflower: Friends with everyone, never gossips, some bitter people don't like them because "no one is ACTUALLY that nice" yes they are
  • The Punk: wears exclusively leather, probably has hair dyed a crazy color, chokers are a must, does not put up with people's shit
  • The Dork: blushing 80% of the time, loves the little things in life, lives for sweater vests
  • The Guardian: will fight anyone who talks shit about friends, probably has a hit list
  • The Designated Driver: always taking care of friends, gets called "Mom" or "Dad" a lot, low key loves it
  • The Golden Child: perfection™ incarnate, cannot do anything wrong, probably was on the LIFE cereal boxes as a kid
  • The Sass Master: has a snarky comeback for everything normally followed by a chorus of "yassss queen", lives life with a smirk or cocked eye brow