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Carnival (RWBY Snippet)

Weiss glared at the plush toy at the far end of the stall. This… this thing had dared to defy her! Well, that would end here. Slowly, carefully, she raised the toy rifle to her shoulder and pulled the trigger. The projectile sailed through the air… and thudded into the back of the stall, missing the plush toy by at least two or three inches.

“Wow,” Yang drawled stopping beside Weiss. “You suck at this.”

“Oh, really?” Weiss snapped. “How about you try?”

Yang smirked back. “Gladly.”

Five minutes later…

“This is harder than it looks,” Yang muttered.

Weiss snickered. “Now who sucks?”

“Oh, I’m doing better than you. I’m not missing by that much.”

“You know,” Blake said as she ambled over with a hotdog and a soda. “You should just get Ruby to do this.”

“I am not going to beg my little sister to win a carnival game for me.”

“I am a Schnee. I can do this on my own.”

“At this rate, both of you will run out of money before you win that plush toy.”

“Did someone say plush toy?” Ruby zipped over. She had a bag absolutely full of plush toys. Looking behind her, Weiss could see stall owner after stall owner slumped over in absolute despair. A few of them were even crying, and one was simply staring into the distance. “Hey… I haven’t won any plush toys from this stall yet.” She slapped some money down on the counter and gleefully took aim. “So… I get four shots, right? And there are four of us. Cool.”





Less than ten seconds later, Ruby was the proud owner of four new plush toys, and yet another stall owner was left in despair. She handed one to each of her teammates before skipping off with hers. As they watched her go, Yang nudged Weiss.

“And this is why we’re banned from every carnival in Patch.”

Midnight Thoughts Part it’s-about-my-oshimen-graduating-soon-so-I-need-to-let-it-out-somewhere

Haven’t done this ever since Murai Junna grad… and here am I doing another one about Sakai Mei… 

As usual, Imma put the “keep reading” thing after this so you can skip this post and have a nice day (if you want to read this, feel free to waste your time)


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↳ yoo
↳ guess who I am
↳ who is the most handsome guy
↳ I said in a Vapp shoot that my shoulders are 60cm as a joke
↳ recently people keep askimg me if my shoulders are really 60cm
↳ how are my shoulders 60cm..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ they’re not
↳ if my shoulders were 60cm
↳ if you put 3 of my shoulders together, It’d be similar to namjoon’s height
↳ my shoulders are just my shoulders
↳ not the pacific ocean
↳ If you’re going to name them, please name it something like the east sea
↳ now lets go to the east sea
↳ ah, is there a lot of people not familiar with this song..? (because of a) generation gap..?
↳ everyone, here it’s 3:13
↳ what time is it there?
↳ why?
↳ I know
↳ everyone you doesn’t know, there is actually a 12 hour difference
↳ eat a lot of delcious things today and because it’s sunday eat together with your parents, ok?
↳ I’ll go, bye

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When King Regis calls (part 3)
  • Noctis: No I'm not answering this, after what you did before.
  • Ignis: But Noctis, King Regis would contact you only if it's a very important matter.
  • Gladio: Yeah, have some respect for the old man.
  • Prompto: Maybe he just misses you?
  • *everyone else in the room is giving him a dirty look*
  • Noctis: ... Fine.
  • Noctis: Hey da-
  • *Nyx chokes on his drink in the background*
  • *Aranea decided that it's her turn to make the weird sexual noises this time*
  • Noctis: I'll call you later.
  • Noctis:
  • Noctis: I'm going to ignore all of you for like five mins.

Here is something I did for @meabhd colouring contest 

Your art is simply amazing and when I saw that we are free to colour your lines I thought to myself ‘’ listen Beta, even if you don’t have drawing tablet, even if you don’t have printer and are to lazy to go to the neighbour, you have a damn photoshop and a mouse, for Christ sake go utilize this opportunity to colour meabhd’s lines.’’ And so here I am ^-^. I am not good at many things, drawing being one of them, but with that said I had to do this and I hope it looks… decent. I wish you all the luck with uni and stay awesome. <3

Lines made by Méabh , coloured by me in photoshop using my damn slow mouse. 

Hamilton Characters as things said by me and my friends
  • Alexander Hamilton: *staring intensely at an essay* *whispers* I spelt Shakespeare wrong.... shit
  • John Laurens: *in the middle of PE* I'm a fucKING HOMOSEXUAL!!!1!!1!1!
  • Lafayette: j'aime beaucoup le poules!!!!!
  • Hurcules Mulligan: *slams hand on table* spILL THE TEA
  • Aaron Burr: one time I had a girlfriend for a whole day
  • Thomas Jefferson: on a scale of 1 to sin how much sin do I sin?
  • James Maddison: no I really think its best for me to sit this one out... I'm ill
  • George Washington: I wish you were all dead but here I am... the mum friend
  • King George: To be honest this whole year can just go die for all I care
  • Angelica Schuyler: feMINISM
  • Elizabeth Schuyler: I may seem smol but I'm actually even smoller than that
  • Peggy Schuyler: *opens door* and this is the liquor cabinet
  • Maria Reynolds: one time I broke the law *stares of into the distance* ... littering
Advice If You Ever feel depressed

Everyone goes through tough times, and we all know it’s hard to go through with them, so if you ever feel a bit upset/depressed or if you have things like anxiety, here’s my advice

Please note that I am not a professional and I do not understand the tough time you are going through, also that I haven’t expierenced depression but I do suffer from Anxiety

¤Read a book, start a new series. It will help you distress and relax you, it will also help you sleep if you have sleeping problems/insomnia

¤Start a new TV/Movie/ YouTube Series. When I was going through a tough time, I watched “Animated Atrocities” on YouTube by TheMysteriousMrEnter and it really helped since I enjoy animation.

¤ Colour. You can buy one of those relaxing colouring books, I personally don’t like them but it could work out for you.

¤Talk to someone. I know it’s been said a billion times but it honestly helps.

¤Eat Well And get some exercise. Exercise is proven to help with mental well being, and eating healthier will put you in a better mood than eating unhealthily. Your exercise doesn’t have to be intense, just a nice walk or some yoga will work.

¤ Try ASMR videos. If you want to relax, ASMR videos will help, they may come off as kinds strange at first, but they are great when you want to just relax.

¤ Listen to some music. Whether it’s pop or just relaxation music, it might help your mood, try listening to happier music.

¤ Cry (if you need to). If you are in emotional pain, just let all your tears out, it will help you feel a lot better, just make sure some one is there to help you stop crying and calm you down, you can be surprised how long you can cry for!

¤ Take care of yourself. Do wash your hair, your body, hands etc. It’s better to smell good when you are in a sh*t mood.

¤ Wake up and say something positive about yourself (or write it down). This honestly works! It will help you feel more confident and positive about yourself.


I’m sure Edward’s tendency toward overprotection is largely due to Jasper’s. But the funny thing is, in Jasper’s case it never seems to work?

Jasper: These Cullens sound nice but you don’t know vampires like I do. We need to keep our distance.
Alice: You’re right, it would be crazy to go put myself in danger with a vampire I’ve never met just because my visions said it was my destiny.
Jasper: Hi everyone we’re here to join the fam

—-In Calgary—-
Jasper: Maria’s coming?! You’re staying a million miles away from this.
Alice: But if I don’t meet her how am I going to be able to use my gift for surveillance in the future?
Jasper: *scowl* I hate when you get all realistic.

I won’t allow Alice to live in danger. This Bella kid is toast.
Alice: Don’t you dare, she’s my new best friend!
Jasper: toast aborted ma'am

—-New Moon—-
Over my dead body are you going alone to Volterra!
Alice: lol I’m already on the plane

*rawr* No newborns near my Alice!
Alice: Would you stop getting in my way?!
Jasper: *gets bitten up like a chew toy*

—-Breaking Dawn Part 1—-
Listen, when the birth starts I want you out of the house. I’ll take care of the mini-monster.
Alice: What do you think for the baby’s wallpaper? Bunnies or ducks?
Jasper: *sigh* ducks.

—-Breaking Dawn Part 2—-
: Escape to South America and safety while everyone else gets killed? I mean wow, but it’s nice to see you finally taking the danger so ser-
Alice: Silly, we’re just looking for backup! We’re going right back.
Jasper: The hell we are! You’re safe here!
Jasper: Hey guys we’re back. What, did you think we would just abandon you?

I am really not okay right now. Like, not at all. I’m really going crazy. It feels like my head is going to explode. My heart aches. Actually, everything aches. How do you stop yourself from thinking? I wish my thoughts would be quiet. I wish my head could stop replaying everything you said and the moments we shared. I don’t want to see or hear that crap. I want it to go away. How do you get away from your own thoughts? How can you save you from yourself?

anonymous asked:

I feel like you're the only person I actually trust with characters these days- so how do you think the new DuckTales show should handle Gladstone?

Woah that’s a big compliment, also a big question! I’m sure I’ll be happy with what happens (I mean shucks I’m just glad it is happening), and besides I am just me I’m no writing expert. Having said that there are some hit/miss things I feel could easily happen with Gladstone, so I guess here’s my perspective;

Best case scenario: Accepting and embracing Gladstone as morally grey and using the benefits of a ‘wild card’ character. Now, it’s to be noted that I’m not expecting any character development or exploration for him, at least not in the first season. This show is probably going to be introducing him as a brand new character, as a lot of people (in the USA at least) have never heard of him, so most likely he’ll be introduced and set up simply as a rival to Donald. So far so good and fair enough, but what I’d love to see is the show taking advantage of this rare gift of an unusual character who is a power of self-interest. Gladstone can swing to either side of the good/bad spectrum depending on circumstances, but ultimately wouldn’t do anything to seriously jeopardise his family, or anyone else for that matter. There’s also the joy that ‘fairness’ plays into what happens to him and Donald; when Donald cheats, Gladstone wins outright. When Donald is honest and works hard, even if Gladstone wins the race or wins the prize, there is something that happens to makes it clear Donald actually came out a lot better than Gladstone did. Ideally, for me, the show would gradually lead to indications that Gladstone is a deeply isolated character; not simply because it makes sense psychologically, but because narratively it’s a very compelling source of story material, and gives his personality a great deal of intrigue. Whether they play it that Gladstone is aware of this loneliness or not doesn’t matter, but removing that aspect of melancholy from him reduces him to a very two-dimensional character, and not in the cartoon sense.

Worst case scenario: Pushing Gladstone into the vapid, annoying, just-plain-unlikeable antagonist corner. Similarly, making him too much like Glomgold- Glomgold fits well into the ‘evil twin’ stereotype and doesn’t much care if Scrooge and his nephews suffer (or even die, in some stories). Glomgold will do anything to win, whereas Gladstone certainly likes to win, but wouldn’t go out of his way to hurt Donald to do so (he’s too lazy, for one). They are opposites; Donald is unlucky, wildly passionate, and will work very hard if he has to, whereas Gladstone is lucky, aloof, and avoids work where-ever possible. He’s not a bad guy, he’s simply not a particularly good guy either; the ultimate chaotic neutral. My fear is that this subtlety could be run over in favour of just making him into an evil ‘anti-Donald’, which would feel lazy and destroy his appeal even as an antagonist. All the ‘bad guys’ in the Duckverse have some redeeming quality, some extra angle that makes you love them- you kind of want the Beagle Boys to get into the Money Bin, because they try so hard, and they’re adorable! You want to see Magica De Spell get hold of that dime, because she’s exciting, outrageous, and the stakes are so high! All I wish for is that Gladstone not simply be ‘the person that you hate because he’s an ass’- because then people won’t even love to hate him, it’ll just be a knee-jerk reaction of ‘oh god not this guy again’ whenever he shows up, which isn’t enjoyable on any level. We need to want to see Gladstone’s hilariously absurd luck- we need to want to see him fail because he hasn’t earned the right to win- and most of all we need to want to see him do the right thing, because as unusual as it is we know it’s possible- and that makes it infinitely rewarding when it happens.

(Tiny personal fear which is petty as hell: An annoying voice. Please, god, he’s supposed to be attractive and is canonically good at singing don’t give him an annoying voice. Make him brassy and brash sure but please...)

The foxes as things I've said
  • Kevin Day: “i'll just down like half a bottle of vodka before my interview and show up like ‘WHAT'S UP BITCHES you ready for some FUCKIN hiSTORY’”
  • Matt Boyd: “classes makes me want to die. also depression makes me want to die, but classes is up ther”
  • Neil Josten: “and I’m always like brain can you relax???? and my brain is like ‘uhm no?’”
  • Dan Wilds: “i mean i appreciate it... but that’s extra”
  • Aaron Minyard: “but I’m a cold person so”
  • Nicky Hemmick: “what are you going to do with your life?” “sin”
  • Allison Reynolds: "dont accuse me of being on my period that's sexist, but coincidentally i am on my period and everything fucking sucks"
  • Andrew Minyard: "i'm going to stab her with a pen if she doesn't stop talking in less than 3 seconds"
  • Renee Walker: "i'll probably just focus on my lesbian book for a while"
  • Seth Gordon: "i mean why fake your own death when you can really commit to the role?"
  • bonus:
  • Jean Moreau: “i actually had my conflict resolve technique thing tested for a course and my coping technique is ‘avoidance’”
  • Riko Moriyama: "how can i get him to like me? i dont even like me? sure i pretend im amazing (i mean i am) but"
  • Wymack: "what is it with my tendency to adopt full teams of angsty children?"
Thoughts On S9 Queens

Didn’t know if I should do this but here I am anyways…

Trinity Taylor: Interview was kind of forgettable, other than the fact that I remember she was looking like a traditional pageant queen. Don’t think she’s gonna go too far but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Nina Bonina Brown: I can tell she might be a little messy but it’s probably gonna be entertaining as fuck. She can literally paint anything on her face like WOW. Might go home first due to said messiness.

Shea Coulee: YAS SICKENING THE HOUSE DOWN BOOTS GAGA WERK. Definitely should go far. She’s so gorgeous, I cried. 

Kimora Blac: Seems like a fucking bitch but I’m living for it in a Gia Gunn type of way.

Jaymes Mansfield: I don’t remember anything besides that weird/annoying little girl voice.


Eureka: Really queen? You used 80 million things to describe a red dress?

Valentina: She’s pretty but kind of stupid. I like ha anyways. 

Charlie Hides: rat. and thats the t.

Aja: BIIIIIIITCH. LEMME FUCKIN TELL YOU. I’ve followed Aja for a looooooonggg time. She’s AMAZING. Funny, lip sync queen, excellent drag mother, makes like 90% of what she wears, smart, marketing genius, captivating. This is my winner. And y’all should check out the Haus of Aja if you wanna get snatched. 

Sasha Velour: I’ve also been following her for a long time! She’s so pure, definitely rooting for her, definitely gonna be Miss Congeniality. Also she’s Russian so get ready for that!

Peppermint: YES! Finally trans representation ON the show. She’s beautifulllllll. I hope she doesn’t get shafted by anyone or anyone says anything rude because I will cut a bitch over Peppermint.

Alexis Michelle: I don’t remember much from her MTQ video but I remember that she seemed really sweet and genuine.

It looks like this dress project is gonna happen. Time to explain some things.

okay I did not expect that Belle post to blow up? but here we are, 6,000 notes and counting, so for those of you along for the ride it’s time to be completely bare and honest

  • I’m not doing this to make money. It’s a passion project of mine. However, because it’s a passion project and I am a student and I work full-time, that means progress will be slow. My goal is to have it done for GenCon in August, though.
    • if you’re upset about this, remember - you’re not paying me. This is going to cost several hundred dollars when all is said and done, but I’m not asking for money and I’m not expecting money, because on the off chance that my mental health does what it’s often prone to do and takes a massive dive, I don’t want any creditors to come calling
  • on to Point Two - I’m mentally ill. I’m mentally ill and I’m autistic, which often means there are days when I come home and I want to do nothing. I deal with this, and I get by, but part of living with the shitshow that’s my brain means dealing with the days when nothing gets done.
  • I might fail to do this? The actual making-of-the-gown part. Depending on finances and time and other wonderful things like that. The design (with detailed patterns, so that anybody who wants to make it can make it) is absolutely happening. But see points 1 and 2 - I have a life, and a brain that’s broken and running the world on a shitty emulator because I’m a Mac in a PC world. If I fail, I don’t want anyone to feel like it’s because I’m somehow letting you all down.

If you want to unfollow me? Go ahead. This isn’t an angry post, this is just me explaining where I am, and asking that all of you understand.

Lance has a Type™

Fandom: Voltron
Pairing: Previous Lance/Lotor, Klance
Character: Lance, Lotor, Keith
Summary: Lance and Keith get captured and some things are revealed.

AN - Literally just a dumb little thing I wrote in relation to the crossed out part that i wrote here because no one else wrote it.  Fits with the orignal paladin/altean aristocrat Lance threoy.
Unbeta’d because yolo and stuff

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//I notice a lot of people seem pretty upset that the King is reenacting Rapunzel’s being trapped in the tower by keeping her locked inside the Kingdom. And a lot of people are saying this overprotective father trope is unoriginal and uncreative.

Normally, I would agree with that second point. But here’s the thing- that first point is narratively the ENTIRE point. The narrative is going to force Rapunzel, to a degree, to re-live her trauma.

Does Rapunzel deserve it? No. But is a three season TV series of nothing but fluff and happiness good TV? Also no.

The show is doing this because it wants Rapunzel, and by extension the audience, to deal with the reality of what happened to her. Rapunzel is an abuse victim. Rapunzel was isolated and held captive by a woman she genuinely thought was her mother. A woman Rapunzel loved and believed was protecting her and keeping her safe. A woman who deeply hurt and betrayed Rapunzel in the end, before dying right in front of her.

The Gothel-Rapunzel relationship is extremely complex. It grows even more complicated when you add Gothel’s emotional life into the mix. Gothel did not hate Rapunzel, or even disregard her. She cared for Rapunzel in her own way…but the hair always mattered more. And it was abusive, but Rapunzel felt loved, and in a way she was, but then Gothel was lying to her, but she loved her, didn’t she?

(That was getting a little into Rapunzel’s head. But do you see my point?)

That all put together is traumatic as fuck. That Rapunzel does not have full PTSD is a testament to her amazing resilience.

But to brush that all aside and have the narrative of this show focus on other things would, frankly, be irresponsible show writing. What this series is doing is showing its audience, quite blatantly, that they are not ignoring what Rapunzel went through. In fact, they are forcing her to deal with it by making her essentially re-live it, albeit on a different scale.

This is going to force Rapunzel to talk about it (which I get the sense she hasn’t.) It’s going to force her to be honest about her own feelings. It’s going to force her not to hide from her past. And I am so here for all of this.

Now, were there other ways the show could have done this? Sure. But they are smacking you across the face with it for the purpose of making it obvious. It is a kids show, afterall, and they don’t want to be too subtle. This seems the perfect level of subtlety to me, when I think of it from a child’s perspective.

So when you complain that the King is reminding you of Gothel?

Yes. And that is exactly the point.

The Date Part 2 [Jughead Jones x Reader]

Thank you for the feedback!! I am pretty new to this, as  I said and yeah… anyway, here’s part 2!!! perhaps a part 3? lol jk. not really…

Part 1
Part 3

Summary : You and Jughead have an awkward thing going on between you two ever since the kiss, but with a few wrong decisions you guys come to your senses… or do you?

He didn’t kiss back. And it wasn’t like one of those sappy movies where he’d look you in the eyes and then kiss you, no. He did look you in the eyes after you let go of him, and quickly murmured a ‘sorry’, as he nodded.

Uhm… anyway, you should wear this tonight.” He cleared his throat. “You really think that I am still going after this?” You laughed. “Y/N…” He started, but you interrupted him. “I’m going to stay at home and fuck yo— I mean cry over you!I mean  cry! No, that is not better…” Your cheeks became as red as your dress. Which was maroon. Good job, Y/N. 

Jughead then laughed at your silliness and said then that you should’ve gone to your date, but you just couldn’t. You had called Reggie and told him that your mother is sick and you had to take care of her, and he said that it’s okay, maybe some other time.

“I said that I’d stay at home and fuck him.” You said,looking at the ceiling, then at your phone. “I said that I’d fuck him.” You laughed and looked again at the ceiling, then at the phone. “Screw that.” You threw your phone across the bed and shot up.

Juggie, are we okay?” You said, as the brunette sat on the bed, right after you finished talking with Reggie on the phone. “You have feelings for me?” He suddenly asked you. 

You threw on a green hoodie and a black cap and made your way to Pop’s Chock’lit. You needed a cheeseburger to process the past two weeks. Or maybe three… and a chocolate smoothie.

I…” You were speechless. “Forget it.” He sat up. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow?” He casually said and you smile and nodded, as he left your room. 

You sat at a booth and saw Veronica’s mother. You greeted her and she asked you casual stuff, avoiding any questions that included Jughead. Did everyone in Riverdale know about you and Juggie? Or… whatever was going on between the two of you. 

She left, already knowing what you wanted to order. She has always been so sweet to you. She was really a good woman. You were looking out the window, waiting for your order, when you saw Reggie sitting in front of you. You gave him a soft smile.

“Hey, Reggie.” He gave you one of his smiles that would make any other girl melt. But he wasn’t Jughead. “How is your mother?” He asked. “She’s feeling better now. I am sorry I bailed on you.” You said, but he shrugged it off. “Don’t worry about it. But, since we are both at a table and the food isn’t here yet, how about we take advantage of this?” He smirked. You thought a bit about it. A speed-date? Yeah, that could work after the whole Jug(Y/N) drama. “Sounds good to me.” You smirked back at him.

Your ‘speed-date’ with Reggie really was good and it was just perfect, ‘up until the moment Jughead entered the diner. He saw you and Reggie all smiley-dovey-holding hands, and he wasn’t such a big fan of that. He came to your table and looked at you.

Even though he tried his bet to avoid you for two weeks until he sorts out his feelings, he just couldn’t hold back anymore.He had to do something.

“Hey, (Y/N).” He smiled at you with a smile that made you melt. That smile. “Oh, hey Juggie.” You smiled at him. “Reggie.” Jughead nodded at him, and he did the same. “Can we please talk?” Jughead asked, grabbing onto his laptop bag. You looked over to Reggie who nodded and you followed Jughead outside. “I was stupid. There have been the worst two weeks of my life, I need you.” You both said. “That was just creepy.”You frowned. “Can we be friends again?” You added. “We never stopped being friends, and we never will, but I was hoping that…” Juggie started, but Reggie exited the diner, interrupting him. “You ready to go, Y/N?” He smiled, putting an arm over your shoulders. “Wha…?” Jughead was confused now. When did that happen. “I’ll talk  to you later, Juggie! Reggie and I have to get to the movies!” You smiled at him and left to the cinema.

This is the right thing to do.

I am always down for angst and I would have even been okay dealt with a break up but what I am NOT here for is Barry using the ONE thing that Iris is feeling vulnerable about as a way to break her heart so that she would let him walk away. 

It was cowardly and that’s not Barry. I thought Iris was exaggerating a little bit when she said their engagement was tainted last week but the writers made sure to make that prophecy a reality because it’s ALL the way tainted now. 

I know that they’ll be fine, and probably next week at that because these two have never been good at staying apart, but it’s still stupid that the writers decided to go this route with their breakup. Barry purposefully hurting Iris and making her doubt his love for her just doesn’t make sense in any context. Even with the audience knowing the truth about how devastated he was at the thought of her not wanting to marry him I still can’t reconcile the fact that Barry would do that to Iris. 

All I know is that their makeup scene had better be out of this world amazing. And when (not if) Barry Allen proposes again he had better put Hallmark out of business. Barry better do anything and everything to make sure that Iris NEVER has any reason to doubt his love or anything he does for her ever again. That’s very least he could do. 

#wearethecrankycrew: Community Meetup Event!

Hey everyone, guess what? The crankgameplays community meetup is officially underway!!! :D

And before I get out the info out I just want to say that not only without Ethan this wouldn’t be happening, but all the support you guys brought out to help me with this is so amazing. Thank you all so much!

Alright so I don’t have the biggest plan for this for today but let’s make the most of it while we are all here :)

This is a celebration for not only Ethan closely reaching 300k subscribers (even though it’s most likely happening next week haha whoops..)

But it’s just an all around celebration for this awesome community over here on tumblr! This is going on from Friday through Sunday like I said in my last few posts. I got different things planned for everyone to join in so hope you guys enjoy that!

[[I could go on with this but I got limited time right now unfortunately to actually be here. I’m not disappearing but there’s a chance I will not be available for the next hour or two ;-; I might have to ask for admins to check out the tag so nobody is missed btw.]]

Anyways let’s do this!

So, first thing today is post a picture of yourself or make a post with fan art you have made or any edits that you would like to use to introduce yourself!
Remember to use the tag #wearethecrankycrew so I (and any admins) can see it!

Add your name, when you joined the community, how long you have been watching Ethan, etc. And make this post your own!!

Hope that’s enough to do for the rest of the day, and feel free to tag me in the post as well!

Thank you for reading an boosting this, let’s have some fun. <3

I don’t even know why I’m so sad. I don’t even know if I have any right to be. But all I know is that I wanted to touch you in the softest way I could, hoping I would be able to take hold of you. But sometimes even if you do everything right, all they’ll ever see is everything else that’s wrong. I don’t want to regret you, god knows I already have a few of those on my back pocket. But every time you’ve said and done something that broke my heart just a little bit, it makes me want to take back all the parts of me I openly gave you. Do you realize how hard that is for me to do? I am not this fragile thing that easily breaks, but all my life small pieces have been chipped off here and there by people whose hands just wanted to take and take. I am so tired. All I wanted to do was rest my head on your shoulders just long enough for me to be able to breathe. And for a while I thought we’d be a home, you and I. But somewhere in between the words you’ve said - the maybe’s, the I think I’m in love with you’s, the I want you’s, the you’re mine’s - somewhere in between all of that, you changed your mind. You should have known, they said. But I didn’t. Because we were beautiful. At least I thought we were. That’s on me, I guess.
—  My mistake was… // Confessions | Genefe Navilon
hetalia as things me & my friends have said
  • italy: do u wanna just nap in the backseat
  • germany: haven't you had ENOUGH italian??
  • japan: i love fat pussies. im talking about ur pet cat
  • england: i had a nightmare where the principal told me i couldnt go here anymore because i was too pale
  • france: what the FUCK do u mean ur taking spanish and not french WHY???
  • china: stop being white
  • russia: *casually makes a gun out of legos*
  • canada: they say to make friends be confident but loud confident people are the people i dont wanna be friends with
  • prussia: course i know ur not gonna be preoccupied w every and any girl that walks in, but i am not just any girl have u SEEN ME??? IM GORGEOUS
  • romano: i gave this guy the finger for cutting me off and he had a kid in the car who looked me in the eyes im so fucking happy
  • spain: tbh i only started dating him for his ass