i said i was going to bed two hours ago

3 am sentence starters

  • “ why are you awake? “
  • “ i can’t sleep. “
  • “ go to bed already. “
  • “ i’m a being of pure power, i don’t need sleep. “
  • “ i’ve been running on 5 hour energy all day, there’s no stopping now. “
  • “ i’m. so. tired. “
  • “ i had a nightmare. “
  • “ it’s nothing, go back to bed. “
  • “ when’s the last time you slept? “
  • “ you’re clearly exhausted. why are you doing this to yourself? “ 
  • “ wake up. wake up. wake uuuuup. “
  • “ i’ll sleep when i’m dead. “
  • “ yawning doesn’t mean i’m tired! maybe i’m just bored by you telling me to go to sleep so much. “
  • “ is something wrong? “
  • “ i just need to finish what i’m doing, then i’ll sleep. “
  • “ you said you were about to go to bed two hours ago. c’mon, time’s up. “
  • “ is it okay if i sleep in your bed tonight? i’m kinda freaked out. “
  • “ stop bossing me around, you’re not my mom. i’ll go to sleep when i want to. “
  • “ you’re pouring coffee all over the counter. “ 
  • “ why are you making hot pockets at 3 am? “
  • “ i don’t care when you go to bed, but do you have to wake me up in the middle of the night with your loud music?! “
Good things come in threes

The first time it happens, Kraglin gets temporarily demoted down to crewman for a week, with nothing but scrub duty assigned to every waking shift, while Yondu stomps around the ship with his coat collar high and a murderous scowl on his face. (The ship’s bathroom facilities have never looked so sparkling clean before, because never let it be said the two of them couldn’t find new ways to express their rage through sheer bloody-minded spite.) 

Kraglin gets the last laugh, though, because Yondu promotes Gef, of all people - speaking of spite - into his position for the week. And well, let’s just say that when the words “first mate” finally revert back to their proper spot next to Kraglin’s name on the ship rosters, the collective sigh of relief from the crew actually stirs the back of Kraglin’s mohawk from the force of it as he makes his way back to the bridge. He doesn’t say “I told you so” because that would be inviting swift death by arrow, but he doesn’t work that hard to put away the smirk, either. Especially since Yondu’s still got his collar up.

The second time it happens, Kraglin gets assigned to a Long Distance - solo for almost a flarking astral month - that winds up netting them a healthy balance of units, but also nearly kills him at least half a dozen times. The last of which he only escapes by dint of some truly reckless piloting through flarking Kree territory. All things considered, he feels completely justified bitching to the quartermaster about the cost of repairing the resulting damages to his M-ship, which gets passed up the chain to the cap’n, which is perfectly fine, because he was intending to bawl Yondu out anyway for 1) trying to kill him and 2) not having the common fuckin’ courtesy to try to kill him face-to-face.

The bawling-out goes about as well as can be expected - i.e., Kraglin ends up knocked on his ass. Whereupon he waits until Yondu’s standing over him, clenching his blue fists and breathing hard and doing a piss-poor job of hiding that yellow sharp-toothed grin, then surges up and wraps his long arms around Yondu’s legs and takes his captain down to the floor with him. 

This leads directly to the third time happening. Yondu sits up gingerly afterwards, touching the newest (and largest) hickey on his neck with an expression on his face that looks equally torn between disbelief, furious rage, and post-orgasmic fucked-out daze. It’s almost magnificent to watch.

“You…you just don’t learn, do you, boy?” he grinds out, eyes narrowed.

“Nope,” Kraglin says. He regards the faint but ominous flare of red along the cap’n’s crest with about as much equanimity as can be expected from someone who’s buck-ass naked and has been screwing said cap’n into his own mattress, enthusiastically, for the past hour, and might be a mite dazed himself. He shrugs internally and reaches down to rummage around in his discarded jumpsuit. “I gotchu something for that, though, while I was out on assignment.”

Yondu squints down at the coil of red material that Kraglin holds out to him. “The hell is this?”

“Scarf. Grabbed it from the mark’s closet when zie weren’t looking.” It’s expensive stuff, almost indecently shiny and satin-like. “’S real Shi’ar silk.”

“I know that, ya idjit,” Yondu says, but he’s a true Ravager, and can’t keep the avaricious gleam from his eye.

“Figured I’d try to make up for…y’know…the neck thing,” Kraglin explains diffidently. He might be pretty sure of his place by his captain’s side, but he also ain’t dumb enough to keep going and say that he’d really only been thinking about how good the red would look against Yondu’s blue skin. Wrapped around Yondu’s throat, tucked into the collar of his duster. Wrapped around Yondu’s wrists. Hell, maybe wrapped around Kraglin’s wrists, and ain’t that a fantasy designed to keep all good little first mates up at night.

Yondu doesn’t help his case when he yanks the scarf from Kraglin’s hands and winds it around his fingers, looking thoughtful. 

“Don’t think this means y’got any kinda permission,” he says, with a meaningful purse of his lips.

“’Course not, sir,” Kraglin says, and he’s even mostly sincere this time.

(Dedicated to @ask-a-ravager aka write-like-an-american, because my version of Kraglin, Yondu and the Ravagers owes more than a little bit to theirs.)

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Pairing: Finn Bàlor x Reader

Word Count: 2412

Warning[s]: Alcohol, Angst, Cursing & Fluff

Summary: A few years after breaking up with Finn, he is still in love with Y/N. Y/N has evolved from the person he once knew. He believes that she doing so much better without him, and he will drag her down. In reality, Y/N keeps this facade to hide her true feelings. After a night of drinking, Finn comes to Y/N‘s hotel room unannounced. Y/N let him in and take care of him for the night. Before falling asleep, he reveals his true feelings for her. In the morning, she confront him.

Tag[s]: @wweobsession1029

A/N: This is my very first one shot on here. Please don’t give me too much scrutiny if it’s terrible. Based on the song Exchange by Bryson Tiller. Requests are open!! 

This what happens when I think about you. I get in my feelings, I start reminiscing. Next time around, fuck, I want it to be different. Waiting on a sign, I guess it’s time for a different prayer. Lord, please save her for me. Do this one favor for me. I changed my player ways, got way too complicated for me. I hope she is waiting for me.

Tears welled in my eyes as I read over the text messages on Finn’s phone. 

Emmy: Finn, are you going to come over tonight?

Finn: Of course, I will. It may be a little while though.

Emmy: Why Finny? It’s been a good week since I saw you! 

Finn: I know baby, but I have other things to do tonight before I see you.

Emmy: Is it revolving around that bitch, Y/N?

Finn: Stop referring to Y/N as a bitch.She is one of your best friends, but you still choose to call her that? You know how much it irks me when you call her that.

Emmy: Why don’t you leave her already? You’ve been cheating on her for months. I’m the real woman since I fulfill your needs unlike her. Y/N is nothing more than a boring, naive, little bitch. She gets whatever she wants… However, she is not getting you too! She doesn’t deserve you, Finn, I do.

Finn: You’re out of line Emmy. You know I would never do that to Y/N. I’ll not come over if you keep talking to me like that.

Emmy: Okay… Fine.

Finn has been cheating on me for months… How could I have been so damn oblivious? Emmy is was one of my best friends. I should have known this would happen. Emmy told me I would lose Finn if I continued being “my plain Jane self”. She said someone would swoop in and snatch him up for themselves. Little did I know, Emmy was the very person.

I introduced Finn to Emmy. The worst mistake I ever made… Emmy is right, I a naive as hell. 

The sound of footsteps interrupted my thoughts. “Babe, I made ‘he popcorn.” Finn’s accent filled my ears as he walked into the living room.

I got up from the couch, and I made eye contact with him. We planned on watching Lego Movies for the night. No way that was happening.

“Is ‘here anything wrong babe? ‘hy do you have my phone?” Finn asked. His facial expression showed confusion, but I looked into his blue orbs. Finn’s eyes read a man, who was caught red-handed.

“Why do I have your phone?!” I rhetorically asked, throwing my head back. I tried holding my tears back to no avail. Then, I looked at him, head-on. “Your phone went off. I went to reply, but I saw the message from Emmy. I didn’t think that you would be friends with Emmy, let alone, text her. I looked through the messages, and I was “amazed” by what I saw. You’ve been cheating on me with one of my best friends. And you thought I would never find out?! Do you think that I am really that stupid?! You never meant it when you told me you loved me… Didn’t you? Actually, I don’t need you to answer that since it’s crystal clear.” I grabbed my keys off of the coffee table, and I slipped on my shoes.

“Y/N, I love yer. You know that without a doubt. Emmy means nothin’ to me, I promise yer that. Trust me, babe.” Finn said. It sounded like he meant it, but I am not falling for that crap.

I ignored Finn, and I walked to the door. He grabbed my arm, gently as I opened the door.

“Let me go, Finn!!!” I yelled, looking into his eyes with my tear-stained ones.

“No, Y/N, I can’t let yer go. E’ery time I told yer, I loved yer, I meant it. I will ‘lways be in love with yer. Don’t let my mistake changed e’erythin’ between us. Please, don’t ‘eave me Y/N. I’m pleadin’ wit yer.” He pleaded. Finn looked remorseful and apologetic, but I won’t budge. There is no way in hell I will fall for his tricks. This has to be one of those tricks.

“I don’t believe you, Finn. You’re nothing more than a lying, dirty, cheater. I’m not falling for your silly games. Go be with Emmy because I am breaking up with you. I hope you have a nice life with Emmy.” I told him, and I pulled my arm back. I was able to get out of his grip since his grip on my arm softened. Then, I pulled the bracelet he gave me off of my wrist, and I threw it on the ground. 

Finn had a blank expression on his face. It was as if he was in a trance-like state. This is a side I never saw from him before. I took this moment to leave. Once I ran out of Finn’s apartment, I ran to my car. When I was in my car, tears flowed out of my eyes like a waterfall. After a few minutes of crying, I started up my car. I drove out of the parking lot…

“Who in their right mind hates pizza? Everyone loves pizza.” Sasha exclaimed. 

“Believe me, my cousin hates pizza. She threw up the very first time she ate it.” Bayley said.

“I don’t think I can believe you. There is a kind of pizza for everybody. I don’t think she has found the right pizza for her.” A giggle fell from my lips. Sasha equated finding the right kind of pizza to finding the right person.

“I think pizza is not for her.” Bayley shrugged her shoulders. “I’ve accepted it, and I thnk you should too Sasha.”

“No way.”





“Y-” I had to interject before they got into a full-blown debate about pizza.

“Stop, Bayley, Sasha, we aren’t arguing about pizza.” I interrupted them. Almost in unison, they pouted. I couldn’t help but laugh at the women.

“Alright Y/N, Sasha and I are planning to go out on the town after Raw. Do you want to come with us?” Bayley asked. Before I could give my answer, I saw Finn in the distance. He was walking down the hall. The moment we made eye contact changed my mind.

“No- I am going to just stay in my hotel for the night.” I stated, turning on my heels and walking away from the women. Three years later… and I still can’t handle being around him. One reason is because I am still in love with him. Why?! He cheated on me. I should have moved on by now. He’s moved on too… Finn’s moved on by now…

I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder, "Finn-” I began, but I turned around to see Sasha.

“Y/N, Y/N, it’s been three years. You will have to make peace with everything that happened sooner or later.” Sasha told me.

“I know, I know…” I shrugged my shoulders. “I’m going to head out since I have no other commitments tonight.” I said, hugging Sasha.

“Okay, but text me when you get to the hotel.”Sasha stated, as I pulled away from the hug.

“You know it.” I said, “See you later.”

“Bye!” I began walking away. Once again, I saw Finn. He stared at me in awe. It was like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. I looked away from him. Whenever he is around, I try saving face. However, I know I am failing at it.

Hours Later

The nightly marathon of Forensic Files was on, which I tune into every night. I sent Sasha a text message once I made it to my room. That was a few hours ago, now it’s nearing two in the morning. I have to go to bed or I will risk being  crabby when I have to get up. Just as I leaned over to turn out the lights, I heard a knock on my door. Who could it be at this time of night? A huff fell from lips as I got out of bed. Then, I opened the door, and my eyes widen at the site of the very person behind my door. It was Finn…

“Y/N… ‘ts been sooooo long. We need to talk.” Finn slurred. He was intoxicated, and I couldn’t leave him out in the hall. Who knows what could happen to him. If anything bad were to happen to him, you wouldn’t forgive yourself.

“Finn, come on in.” I said, taking his hand, guiding him into my room. He was stumbling slightly. A chuckle fell from his lips. 

“Yer hand is very soft.” He chuckled again, and I shook my head. Then, kicked the door closed with my foot.

“It’s time to lay down Finn. You’re drunk right now, and you need to sleep it off.” I told him, as I sat him onto one of the beds in the room.

“I’m not drunk Y/N. I’m just feelin’ good.” Finn insisted, still slurring his speech. 

“We’re not debating this.” I said, guiding him to lay in bed. Then, I put then I put the cover over his body.

Finn pouted, “Yer light ‘ts on. Yer must be stayin’ up. Why can’t I stay up wit yer?” He asked, still pouting. I sighed, and I turned my light out.

“The light is out now Finn. I am going to bed as well.” I insisted, hoping he would believe me.

“Fine Y/N.” He huffed, before rolling to the left side,his back facing me. Hopefully, I will get some sleep. Then, I walked up to my bed, climbing into bed. 

After twenty, I believed Finn was asleep at this point. I haven’t heard his voice in a good ten minutes. My eyes began closing, and I felt myself doze off when I heard Finn’s voice.

“Y/N” I heard the man say.

“What is it Finn?” 

“I love yer, so much. After all ‘his time, I still am in love with yer. I wish yer could know ’hat. I regret ‘hat I did e’ery day.” My mouth widen in shock. He still loves me? I can’t believe this. Drunken tangents does mean sober thoughts… Right?

“F-” Before I could say anything, I heard snoring. Shit. The alarm had 2:45 in red, so I should go to sleep anyway. I closed my eyes once again before dosing off.

When I woke up in the morning, I heard a groan. I opened my eyes, seeing Finn with his hand on his head.

“Fuck…”  Finn groan. He didn’t realize I was up. 

“Morning…” I began, and he turned his attention to me, “ You need some aspirin for that headache of yours?” I asked while grabbing the bottle off of the nightstand.

“Yes, please, Y/N.” Finn stated. I got out of bed, untwisted the cap and poured two pills into my hand. Then, I grabbed a water bottle from the mini fridge. I walked over to him, handing the pills and bottle to him, “Here you go.” I said.

Finn smiled, “T’ank yer Y/N.” He said, patting a spot next to him. My eyebrows raised, and I sat next to him. He took the aspirin while drinking his water. There was an awkward silence for a while. “I don’t remember a thing… I was so shitfaced. How did I e’en get ‘ere?” 

I looked over at him, “You knew must have my room number since you showed up here last night.” I told him. His eyes widen, as if he knew he fucked up.

“Well, I guess it was just a coincidence.” Finn lied.

“Finn… I don’t think it was. Last night, you told me that you are still in love with me. Also, you regret what happened to us.” I looked him in his eyes. A hint of fear showed in them.

“Damn. I fucked up once ‘gain.” He said, “I know yer hate me. I ruined your friendship with Emmy, I cheated on yer, and I kept yet up wit my bullshit. Hell, I ‘ever deserved yer in the first place. I know damn well you don’t want me back. I ruin e’erything for yer.” Finn got up, “I better go. I placed my hand on his arm, and he looked down at me, confused.

“Sit back down Finn.” He sat back down, next to me. Finn was still confused about what was going on.

“Y/N… What-” He began, but I interrupted him.

“You had your time to speak, now it is my turn.” I said. Then, I took a deep breath. A million things ran through my mind. “Finn, I will tell you, you did hurt me when you cheated on me. Especially since you cheated on me with Emmy. I’m a good actress… I never moved on. I invested more time into wrestling to fill that void. I love you too Finn, I am just not sure if I can-” I started, but he interrupted me.

“I know what you’re going to say. You’re not sure that you can trust me again. I can understand that. I did yer wrong. I’m willing’ to prove to yer that I mean it when I say I love yer. ‘ven if it will take me a thousands years to do so.” Finn said, looking me in my eyes. A smile crept on my lips. It was the affirmation I needed. 

“You know what Finn? I am willing to give you another change.” I smiled.

“Really? Yer giving me another chance? I won’t make yer regret it.” He said looking into my eyes. His eyes are still mesmerizing to me after all this time. I tried holding back the urge to kiss him, but he is like a magnetic… The more I tried getting away, the more I get sucked in. He leaned down, slowly, kissing my lips. I kissed him back, almost immediately. Sparks coarse through me like the first time we kissed. I missed lips. After what seemed like eternity, he pulled away from the kiss. His lips were still on mine.

“I love yer Y/N.” He said, smiling

“I love yer too.” I said back to him, a smile on my own lips. 

the devil

→   Jungkook x Female Reader

→   fluff???

→  2180 words

You remembered what your grandmother once told you First impressions always give away a person’s real face, when you first met the boy, who had the words massive flirt  written all over him. You had disliked him instantly. His cocky smirk when he talked to girls, his way of showing off anytime possible, the way his voice was drenched in narcissism; it all added up to the picture your mind painted of him. A self-focused dick, who loved nothing more than having everybody’s attention. That’s why you decided to not give him any, to leave him hanging every time he initiated any form of communication.

It started with ignoring the little notes he passed you in class, went over to not reacting to his flirty comments and ended in you taking a different seat just so you didn’t even get tempted by his alluring words. You promised yourself to not fall for his charming facade.

He had seen you the first time he entered the room. A small figure, eyes glued to your phone, fingers fidgeting with the black wires of your earphones. In the middle of dull faces, meaningless words and loud voices, your silence spoke to him. A somewhat unremarkable girl, who still captured his entire attention. That’s why he decided to make you notice him.

He had high hopes for it, after all girls had always fallen for him easily. Though he should’ve known – you’re different.

Your weird relationship, which consisted of him trying to get you to at least acknowledge his existence and you resisting every try of his, went on like this for months. your plan seemingly was a success, no further problems erupted when it came to refusing to give him the attention he was longing for - until one eventful night.

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Don’t You Like It?

Kiseok/Simon D X Reader 
Jealous and hurt by his actions while he’s away out of town is definite cause for retaliation. 

Kiseok was not usually a warm guy. In fact he was mostly cold and often grumpy. However, he liked you. That meant, that more often than not, he was incredibly sweet to you. That’s what you liked about him. His disinterest in everyone else made his interest in you feel that much more significant.

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A/N: 52 followers! I’m so excited I didn’t think this blog would take off so quickly! You guys are great thanks friends!!

Devin: It started innocently enough. The two of you were having one of your typical horror movie marathons. You’d seen most of them, but there was one Devin put in that just rattled you. There’s no way you’d fall asleep tonight. Not wanting to admit he’d finally found a movie that scared you, you insisted on watching another, and another, and another. It was now just after 3am and you knew Devin was getting suspicious. “You sure you’ll make it through another one Y/N? You’re looking tired.” “Oh don’t worry Dev, there’s no way I’ll fall asleep on you.” Devin smirked “Y/N, why don’t we just finish this tomorrow, we-“ “NO!” You were a bit too hasty with your response, because the smile on Devin’s face said it all. “Are you scared baby girl?” “…no…” “Alright, then you won’t mind if we turn off the lights and go to bed?” “Or, counter offer, we stay up all night like vampires and sleep when the sun comes up and we know it’s safe.” You smiled hopefully. After a minute Devin sighed, then stood up to put another DVD in the player, “Fine, but only because you’re cute when you’re scared.”

Chris: You’re not sure what woke you, but you were suddenly awake and aware of how cold the bed was when there should’ve been a warm body beside you. You crack one eye open to peer at the almost blinding light of your clock. 3:17am. You groan as you fumble out of bed, knowing you’re only hope of falling back asleep requires dragging your boyfriend back to bed. “Babe?” you stagger across your apartment only to find him hunched over his desk. Your voice cracks “Babe what the fuck.” You can hear Chris chuckle from across the room “I’ll come to bed soon, I promise.” “Yeah that’s what you said 5 hours ago.” You yawned as you curled up in his lap. “So are you gonna show me what you’re working on or not?” “It’s just some lyrics, I’m not even sure if it’s going anywhere.” “Well show me anyway. If it’s important to you I wanna hear it.” You spent the next hour listening the Chris sing to you before the two of you finally crawled into bed.

Ricky: You had just finished another chapter of the book you were reading. You started to stretch and ended up hitting Ricky, who was so absorbed in his own book that he didn’t even flinch. Come to think of it you didn’t actually remember him getting in bed. Looking down at your book you realized you’ve read at least 7 chapters since you got in bed. You roll over to look at the clock. “Oh my god.” You flipped back over to poke your boyfriend, “Ricky…Ricky…Rick…Babe c’mon it’s late.” You nudged at him again “Ricky babe it’s after 3, we need to sleep.” “One more chapter…” he muttered almost inaudibly. “See but saying that is why we’re still reading at 3:30 in the morning.” Ricky huffed, finally tearing his eyes away to look at you, “Fine. I guess we should go to sleep.” You smiled as you pressed your lips to his. “You know you’ll thank me in the morning.” “Mmm-hm.” He mumbled as he turned off the lights and scooted closer to you, finally falling asleep.

Ryan: “Ok,” you laughed “I guess I’d kiss Adam, Fuck Ed, and kill Shawn.” “What!?” Ryan laughed swatting you with the magazine. Neither of you were able to sleep, so you’d been laying in bed playing Kiss/Fuck/Kill using an old issue of People magazine. “You’d really fuck Ed Sheeran over Adam Levine?” You shrugged “His music is better just better.” “Alright, well, I’d question your taste in men if your boyfriend wasn’t such a stud.” “My boyfriend is an idiot,” you giggled trying to shove him, “your turn.” Ryan turned towards the clock “Actually babe we should probably try to go to sleep, it’s quarter to four.” “Noooooooo.” You whined burying your face into the pillow. You heard the lights click and felt Ryan wrap his arms around you. “Don’t worry Y/N it’ll be morning before you know it.” You sighed, already feeling Ryan’s warmth lull you into sleep. “Fine, fine. We’ll sleep.” You felt him plant a kiss to the side of your head. “I love you Y/N.” “Love you too Ry.”

Vinny: “YES!” Vinny jumps off the couch as the two of you once again dominate several strangers on Xbox Live. Your winning streak started shortly after you’d finished dinner and was now going into the wee hours of the morning. You’d thought about calling it quits but the smile on your boyfriend’s face kept you going. Now however it was getting late and your exhaustion was starting to effect your game. You’d finally been shot in the last round, and while Vinny continued on avenging you you began to doze off. Eventually some on-screen explosions jolted you awake. You gave in and started to poke at your boyfriend “Hey Vin, it’s getting kind of late…” “Hang on babe I got this.” He mumbled, shrugging you off. “But baaaaabe,” you whined “It’s after 3. Don’t make me go to bed all aloo-oone.” You snuggle closer and lean your head on his shoulder. You know he’ll break quickly, but just for good measure you press your lips to his neck. The game shuts off almost immediately. You had to chuckle at how cute he was fumbling around with the controller. “Don’t laugh at me, it’s not ‘cause of you I’m just done kicking the crap out of these guys.” “Of course.” You said as you dragged your boyfriend to bed.

Put a ring on it!

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“And you look like a douche, you’ll fit right in.” You heard Dean say as he slapped Sam’s back in the other room.
You chuckled to yourself, “He can’t look that bad.” You yelled from the bathroom while you fixed your makeup.
“Oh no, he’s right, (Y/N/N), I look like a douche.” Sam replied.
You quickly walked out of the bathroom, in a short 50’s style floral halter sundress and a pair of wedge sandals, to witness Sam’s attire and immediately you heard a cat call whistle. “Yowza! Sweetheart you look great!” Dean hooted. “Doesn’t she look good, Sammy?”
Sam cleared his throat, “uh yeah… she looks real nice.”
“Tell me again, why do you get to play her husband on this case? “Dean asked in a jealous tone.
“Because…we are closer in age, so that’s more believable.” Sam responded.
“Also Sam can act like a much better douche than you can, Deano.” You added mocking Sam.
“Hey, hey, that is no way to talk to your husband.” Sam sassed back.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Request

Can you do a jake gyllenhaal imagine when the reader is in labor with his baby and then she hast it and then he see the reader breastfeeding and getting all emotional and stuff please💕?

You were hooked up to machines, poked with IV’s, and sweating from the flashes of pain that had been coming at you from within for 14 hours. You clenched ice chips between your teeth as another contraction shot through you and you squeezed Jake’s hand tighter than before. Your nurse came in and checked you one last time before she announced that it was time to push.

“Are you ready for this Mrs. Gyllenhaal,” your Doctor asked and got ready.

“I was ready 13 and a half hours ago,” you said through gritted teeth. And got ready to push.

“Ok, the next contraction is about to start and when it does I want you give a big push and count to five. Ok?” You nodded at your Doctor and got ready.

“She’s going to be here soon, Y/N,” your husband grabbed your hand and slide to the edge of his seat. A pang of pain went through your body and you pushed, gripping Jake’s hand until it turned white.

Two pushed after that you collapsed on the bed crying. “I can’t do this, Jake. I can’t do this.”

“You can baby. You’ve done so much so far and you’re almost done. Just a couple more minutes and our baby girl’s going to be her. You can keep it up for a few more minutes. I know it.”

“Ok,” you nodded and braced yourself again. “Ok,” you pushed again harder than before and yelled as the worst pain you had ever experienced coarsed through your body. It went away in a matter of seconds and was replaced by a high pitched crying.

“It’s a healthy baby girl,” one of the nurses said and the tears streamed down your face.


Jake walked into the room from his quick trip to the cafeteria and stopped in the doorway when he saw you with your newborn, Violet, curled into your chest. You were looking down at her as she ate and the sight before him was too much. He had waited since the first day he met you to have a family and here it was laid out before him. You looked up and smiled at him. “Hey,” you grinned. “Are you crying?”

“No,” he wiped his eyes and went back to his spot next to you. “It’s this stale hospital air getting to me.”

You looked back down at Violet and were caught off guard when Jake leaned down to kiss you. You smiled largely and leaned against your bed. “What was that for?”

“Because I love you. And our daughter.”

I hate you!

Pairing : Winchesters x Sister!Reader, John
Word count : 2,274
Author : Mel
Warnings Across parts : Incest, Non-con elements, cheating. IF THESE BOTHER YOU DO NOT READ. I don’t want to listen to you bitch.
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Part 4 of ‘WTF is wrong with me’

John was pissed to get back to the motel and find no boys, and no Impala. You sat on the edge of the bed quietly while he paced and cursed.

It was a while before his phone rang. “Yeah?” He growled into it. “Fuck, alright.” You looked up at him worried. “Don’t you fucking move, you hear me? I need to bail out your idiot brothers.” He left without another word, slamming the door.

You sat in silence, waiting. Quiet tears falling from time to time. You sniffled and wiped off your cheek as you heard the Impala and the truck pull in. You jumped when the door flew open and Dean was shoved into the room. “First I catch you two morons with your sister, then I have to bail you out of jail because you almost fucking killed a guy?!” John was fuming.

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Fanboy [Chapter 2]

Summary:  After discovering the wonders of Ladynoir fanfiction, Adrien sets out to start his own with his classmate Marinette helping him along the way. But when does fiction start becoming reality?

This story is also beta’d by the wonderful @serendipitousReckonings here on archive, @dickerdoodlez on tumblr.

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Chapter 1 Tumblr post

Adrien’s yawns filled the dark spaces of his room, his eyes stinging from exhaustion with his fingers still typing rapidly. He was frustrated, so frustrated, and constantly found himself ignoring Plagg’s constant complaints about how late it was.

He always hated how his father regarded him as someone impatient and ill-tempered. He always did what he was told with a forced smile – always following along with Chloe’s plans even when he preferred to stay home and play video games; always trying to maintain that image of perfection that his father enforced. So, he was honestly confused and annoyed with his father’s view of him.

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Hello [Are You There?] Pt. 1

OK. A lot of my SE readers have been asking for me to write another fanfic and I’ve decided to do another one in parts but unlike with all of my one shots, I have no idea where this is going, I just know certain scenes I want to be included and that I’m living up to my promise of incorporating fluff, heartbreak, angst and smut into this series. I don’t know if what I’ve come up with so far is particularly interesting to you guys so please let me know if you want me to continue or if I should come up with something else, feedback is key ;) Someone specifically asked for me to write Protective Elena and my conversations with SErs of late has been about how no one really appreciates how much Elena fought for Stefan so I had that in mind when I wrote this, as well as a desire to sort of continue an interrupted makeout scene that happens between them in season 2. I really do hope you guys enjoy this and please reblog and comment (if you do), tagging people: @blackylovesicecream @stefan4president @emjo029 @demetrias-stelena @melissasbamonromantictales @kissmebluesexyvioletsme @theeverlarkfamily @savagetore @stefan-is-too-sexy-for-you @christinaelena-1 @fiftyshadesofstelena @everythingdobsley @stelena-forever-and-always @taylorwritesstelenaslovesongs @do-you-think-im-spoopy @stelenaclub @tvtaughtmehowtofeel @youareatypo @stelena-lover-forever @stelenamagic

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“I don’t know what they are called, the spaces between seconds– but I think of you always in those intervals.”

— Salvador Plascencia, The People of Paper   

It was the middle of the night and the sky was a dark, blank canvas; there was no moon, no stars to cast the town below in silvery light. Stefan’s room was pitch black and silent except for the rustle of sheets as Elena tossed in bed. She had a lot of energy; too much energy and it was churning beneath her skin, working her muscles, hindering her from relaxing into sleep. She turned on her side for the fifth time and watched as Stefan slept on his back, completely still. For a moment Elena allowed herself to gaze at his profile, his chiselled jaw and straight nose and eyelashes so long it sometimes made her envious. He had the features of a sculpture, a true Adonis.

           “You’re staring again,” he said, keeping his eyes closed.

           “I can’t sleep.”


           “You didn’t change the mattress?”

           “It’s the same mattress as last night and the night before and the night before that.”

           “What about the sheets are they new?”

           “No,” said Stefan. “Now go to sleep.”

           Elena bit her lip and kept looking at him.

           “You’re still staring,” said Stefan.

           “Are you sure this isn’t a new mattress?”

           “Why would I lie about this?”

           “So you can shut me up so I can go to bed.”

           “But you aren’t going to bed,” said Stefan.

           “I can’t sleep.”


           “Well what about the room is there something different about the room? Because—”

           Stefan sighed and snapped open his eyes, turning his head so that he was looking directly at Elena. She smiled sheepishly at him. “Sorry, did I wake you up?”

           “Yeah and now you’re going to pay the price.”

           Elena started to protest but Stefan rolled over so that he was on top of her and her words turned into screams of laughter as Stefan kneeled between her legs and tickled her.

           “Stefan, Stefan, please stop! Please!”

She couldn’t breathe from all the laughing, tears were in her eyes, her stomach began to ache and she tried to push Stefan’s hands away as she writhed uncontrollably on the bed, her legs flailing, a screech in her throat.


He growled and tickled harder, grinning as Elena tried in vain to fight back. He lessened the pressure as he shifted his weight to get more comfortable but Elena saw the opportunity and took it. She lifted her head and pressed her lips squarely against his, reaching up to put her palm on the side of his face. Stefan pushed himself into the kiss so that Elena’s head sank down into the pillow, his mouth opening hers with such enthusiasm that she couldn’t help but giggle as she moved her hand to grip his neck. Quickly, Elena turned so that Stefan was the one lying flat on the bed and she was on top of him, gently tugging his lower lip with her teeth, eliciting a grumble deep in his chest. He slipped his hand under her tank top, skating his fingers up her bare back so that her entire body erupted into shivers. She kissed him harder, sucking his tongue as his hands glided from her back to her chest, his palms kneading her and massaging her, exploring her with reverence, with passion. Stefan broke away from the kiss, keeping Elena’s face inches from his, so close that their eyelashes brushed each other each time they blinked, and he held her gaze as his trailed his fingers further down, a soft caress from her breasts to stomach … beneath the waistband of her pyjama shorts …past the lace of her underwear …

And then —

Elena moaned and Stefan gasped as he eased a finger into her, rubbing and circling, their smiling mouths hanging open and pressed against each other. Elena circled a hand around Stefan’s moving wrist and subtly grinded against his movement, relishing the sound of the grumble in his throat, aroused by the feel of him stiff beneath her. When Elena quickened the pace of her gyrating hips, Stefan withdrew his finger, grinning as Elena’s lustful frustration passed across her face, kissing her nose to keep it from exploding. Elena narrowed her eyes in playful challenge and moved away, kneeling upwards. She crossed her hands at the hem of her shirt and slid it off, letting it fall to the bedside. She started to lean back down to Stefan but he sat up before she could, his head raised toward her, his lips parted and his eyes raw and fixed and steady on her gaze; his stare had the contrary effect of inflaming her skin and calming her mind. He nibbled on her chin and then kissed her along her neck and shoulder, running the tip of his tongue down her throat, causing Elena to clasp the back of his head and graze her fingers through his hair, clenching the strands, sighing heavily as Stefan’s mouth found her breasts. Abruptly, he held her tight around the waist and swivelled, making her squeal and she was pinned back down on the bed, laughing loudly. Stefan kissed her hard and fast and instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his waist, one hand on his shoulder, the other on his back, pressing him to her, urging him on as he rocked into her and Elena marvelled at how even with the flannel of her shorts and the cotton of his pants, she could feel the intensity of his hardness against her groin and it made her ache all over. With fumbling fingers, Elena untied the strings to Stefan’s pyjama pants and then plunged her hand in, gripping his manhood, causing a groan full of need and desire to crack in Stefan’s throat and resonate deep within her body. He pulled away from her, his eyebrows creased and Elena slid his pants down as her hands stroked his shaft, becoming more and more eager as his moans echoed in her ears and moistened her thighs. She felt his hands on her waist, tugging off her shorts and then suddenly, finally, wonderfully, he thrust into her and then —


Elena woke up with a start, sitting upright in bed. She was slicked with sweat and her hair was sticking to her forehead and to her back. She was hot. Really hot. Quickly, she threw the covers off of her so that the cool air could soothe her skin. It was light outside. Painfully bright. Day. Or morning. She squinted her eyes and used her hand as a visor. Why was it day or morning? What was going on? Had she been dreaming? Elena looked around frantically. This was Stefan’s room. She was in Stefan’s bed. So then what was —? And then she saw the figure by the window. Saw who drew open the curtains.

And then she remembered.

Stefan was gone.

Stefan was —

           “Jeremy and I decided it was time for you to get up.” The figure moved away from the window to the middle of the room and revealed itself to be Matt. He sat down on the edge of the bed. “That was some dream you were having.”

           “It wasn’t a dream, it was a memory,” said Elena.

           “Of you and Stefan?”

           Elena nodded her head quickly “What time is it?”

“It’s almost eleven.”

“You shouldn’t have let me sleep this late. Maryland is like a four hour drive from here.” Elena started inching off of the bed but Matt moved to stop her and she sat back down on the mattress.

           “You needed the sleep,” said Matt. “You’ve been going all across the country nonstop all summer. You just got in from Nevada two days ago. Stefan wouldn’t’ve wanted—”

           “I thought we agreed we wouldn’t talk about him like he’s dead,” said Elena sharply. Matt raised his eyebrows at her town and then he lowered his eyes. Elena sighed.

           “Matt, I’m sorry. I know you’re just looking out for me. And I know I don’t always thank you even though I really do appreciate you trying to make sure I’m OK,” said Elena. “But I’m not going to be OK until I find him.” She shook her head, her voice gravelly with emotion. “I have to find out where he is and why he’s in so much pain.”  

           “But how do you know he’s in pain? And —” Matt licked his lips and took a deep breath. “And how do you know he isn’t dead, Elena?”

           “I feel him,” she said simply. “I know that that doesn’t really make sense but …” She looked around the room, casting around for the right words. “It’s like a pit in my gut, a void that’s been there since Stefan left — since he’s gone missing and and it keeps getting bigger and, and, and stronger and I just know it’s because he’s in trouble. Like my body is responding to his pain even from miles away.  And then other times … it’s like I can feel him in the room, sense his presence or his … soul or, or something and it’s reaching out to me and just when I think I can reach back it’s gone.” Her voice turned into a strangled whisper. “God, it’s killing me.” She looked at Matt directly in the eye. “He’s alive.”

           She got up from the bed and walked across the room to Stefan’s closet, wrenching open the door.

           “And what makes you think that Maryland will be any different than Nevada?”

           “The same reason why I thought Nevada would be different from California,” said Elena. “Hope.” She started taking out a towel and a robe. “I know it’s a crappy lead, Matt. I know the other ones were crappy too but I can’t sit around and do nothing.

           “You sound exactly like how you did when he went off with Klaus,” said Matt quietly.

           “And he came back to us then, remember?” said Elena, slamming the closet door shut. “I can’t give up now just like I couldn’t give up then. Stefan doesn’t bring that out in me. He … he makes me believe. And I have to believe that I’m getting closer to finding him.”

           Matt stared at her for a while and then let out a deep breath. “Well you can’t drive to Maryland alone,” he said. “I can co —”

           “No,” said Elena, cutting him off. “You need to stay here.”

           “Elena, you’re human again, you need back up.”

           “And I’ll have it,” said Elena. “But I can’t let you —”

           “Look, I’m not new to any of this. I’ve seen my fair share of danger just by living in Mystic Falls and being friends with you guys. I’ve been in my fair share of danger.”

           “It’s not about that,” said Elena. “I mean it is but it’s mostly … You’re the glue. You know that right? You’re the glue keeping all of us together, keeping us from falling apart, from drifting away from each other. Jeremy and Bonnie and Caroline and Tyler, they all need you here, they need you to hold down the fort.”

           “They need you too, you know.”

           “Like I need all of you,” said Elena. “But I also need Stefan. And you guys do too. He’s a part of us, Matt.”

            He blinked a couple of times. “Drive safe,” he said. “And try to stay off bridges.”

           Elena returned his grin and watched as he loped out of the bedroom but as soon as he turned his back and closed the door, her small smile no longer pulled awkwardly at the corners of her mouth and her expression slid back into its true form; quietly agonized and full of painful longing.

           An entire summer.

           That was how long Stefan had been gone.

           That was how long Elena had suffered the pit in her gut, the void in her stomach. For two months her body was telling her something was wrong, something needed her immediate attention. For two months, her body had been screaming Stefan’s name. At first Elena convinced herself that it was her vampirism, that it had to be some kind of after-shock from switching her humanity back on. But then she’d actually become human again, spelled into mortality by the witches, and the sick feeling within her lingered, intensified. She let herself feel it, embrace it, let herself listen to it.

And then she knew.

Knew it in her heart, in her bones, knew it like how she’d known that on her eighteenth birthday, Stefan had been on the other end of that voiceless phone call — he was in trouble, he was in pain and he was holding on. For her.

It wasn’t a question. She had to find him. That was all she wanted. Him back to her. Him in her arms. The feel of his body next to hers, against hers, enclosing hers and … and …

Elena stilled. A chill had entered the room, prickling her arms, the nape of her neck, causing her back to arch and her shoulders to hunch — a movement across her skin …


… Stefan stood in front of Elena, watching as tears brimmed her eyes, eyes that were looking directly at him, directly through him because he couldn’t be seen, because he wasn’t in her world. The desperate desire to hold her overtook his body with excruciating urgency, making his fingers tremor with the impulse to touch her, and he saw it on Elena’s face too: the need to be comforted and satiated by what only he could give her — his touch. Her need was like a punch in his chest and Stefan tried to do it. To touch her.

           He reached forward, stroking the side of her face, tortured by the inability to feel her skin beneath his fingertips yet solaced by the attempt, by the fact that he was in front of her at all. He traced his thumb along her jaw and slowly, she closed her eyes, almost like she was reacting to him and Stefan parted his lips, sighing heavily, teary-eyed and hopeful. She could feel it. She could feel him. Feel something. He knew it. Elena leaned into his palm, like it was a natural inclination, her face smoothing out into relief; her arm even jerked like she was about to put her hand on his like she’d done so many times before when he’d held her face like this. And then she opened her eyes, her pupils darting back and forth, her eyebrows creased in confusion.


           The way she said his name, it made his lips tremble. He opened his mouth to respond and then —

           It was like a hook behind his navel, dragging him backward at warp speed. And then he collided into something, a body, his body, reanimating its parts like he brought himself back to life. He yelled out her name.


           No sound.



           He was choked by water. No air. No room. Immediately, Stefan started thrashing around, his fists crashing into something metal. The lock box. His lock box. His tomb. He was drowning. No, he couldn’t be drowning. He couldn’t accept it. He wouldn’t accept it. Stefan banged on the door, pummelled his fists into the indentations he’d managed to cave into the locker from his earlier attempts to escape. Breathe, his brain told him. Try and breathe. Holding your breath is killing you. Stefan tried to fight the impulse; he wanted to die. He wanted to see —

            But it was instinct.

           He took a deep breath and the water squeezed his windpipe; he tried to cough but only inhaled more water, stuffing his nose, crushing his throat. He was lightheaded but his temples throbbed, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t escape. He just wanted out. Out! Out! OUT!  He tried to crack his elbows against the side of his lock box but it was too narrow for him to bend his arms, he was confined to one position, he couldn’t even turn over if he wanted to.

           More water in the airway.

           Everything constricted.

           The pain was a particular kind of unbearable. And Stefan wanted to die. Not to stop the pain altogether but to trade this physical torment for the emotional anguish of the Other Side. When he died, he found himself in supernatural purgatory, sometimes for thirty seconds, sometimes for ten minutes, sometimes for even an entire hour. And there, on the Other Side, he could check in on Damon — the sight of his brother a pang to the chest and a comfort to the mind at the same time.

On the Other Side he could see Elena, relish the cruel pleasure of a near-touch, a half-conversation; he could hear her whisper his name, her voice rich with yearning and thick with sorrow, steady with hope. And that was what he wanted more than anything, that was what kept him fighting to wait, fighting to be rescued.

           The sound of his name on her lips.  

I Thought I Lost You // {Liam Dunbar Imagine}

I Thought I Lost You // {Liam Dunbar x Reader}

Imagine: After you and your boyfriend Liam get into a fight you leave his house and on your way to Lydias you loose control and flip over, you then wake up in the hospital..

Wanrning: Car Crash, Blood, Description of Wounds (not too much), Kissing, Kind of Long.

Scenery: Winter - Kinda Raining, Cold, Evening


You were furious with him,
You were just so mad,
You felt a lump in your throat,
Tears threatening to come out,
Your chest felt like it was burning.

“Have you ever stopped to think how I feel?” you shouted at him.

He stood there looking down, speechless.

“Nothing ever happened between us, why don’t believe me” He said raising his voice.

“Tell that to Hayden after you two kissed behind the bleachers”

“I-I didn’t know..”

“That I knew about that little kiss of yours? Yeah, surprise..”

Your vision became blurry,
Tears started filling your eyes.

“I trusted you Liam”

Your voice cracked from the tears chocking up your throat.

“I loved you Liam”

“I love you too Y/N” he said starting to walk towards you.

“Y-Yeah, I’m sure” You said before turning away towards the door.

You felt Liam grabbing your wrist firmly turning you towards him,
He held your arms keeping you close to him,
You felt warm tears starting to stroll down your cheeks.

“Don’t go Y/N! I need you.” He said looking into your eyes.

“I need to go” You broke free from his grip walked out the door,
Not turning back.

You got into your car closing the door and locking it.
You felt the tears strolling down your cheeks,
You started crying into your hands.

You called Lydia.


“Lydia..” You said in a tearful voice still chocked by that lump of tears in your throat.

“Y/N.. What happened?”

“W-We fought a-and I don’t know what to do..”

The tears kept strolling down your face,
You could barely see.

“Come over now, I’m here”



“Okay, I’m on my way”

“I’m here.”

You hung up.
You dried your tears and took a deep breath.

It started raining a couple minutes ago but not to much..
You started your car and started to drive to Lydias.

On your way there the rain started getting stronger and it became harder to see, especially when your eyes were still a little blurry from crying.

You were driving on a slightly isolated road next the woods,
The rain started getting stronger and stronger.

You suddenly see a deer in the middle of the road causing you to sheer aside,
The wet road caused you to loose control over your car,
You started spinning and drive off the road and flipping over on the border between the road and the woods.

You blacked out.


“Hello?” Liam Answered his phone.

“It’s Lydia, Y/N was supposed to come over after you two fought, She didn’t arrive.”

“What do you mean?” Liam stood up from his bed, He started walking back and forth anxiously around his room.

“I mean she’s not here!” Lydia raised her voice.

“Then where is she? She left my house an hour ago!” Liam said starting to raise his voice as well.

“Something happened to her Liam”

“Can you try tracking her?” he asked

“I can try..”

“Well?” Liam asked nervously.


“I feel trapped, cold air, kind of like the forest.”

“Anything else?”

“No but I suggest you track her scent, It’s supposed to go below 10 degrees tonight, She can die Liam” Lydia said starting to choke up her self.

He hung up.

He quickly looked around his room to find something that belonged to you, he looked at his lacrosse jersey..
The other day you wore his spare jersey to his game.

He quickly picked up your scent and started running towards the woods.

After about 20 minutes he comes across a flipped car,
He runs over to find you blacked out trapped in the car,
A huge cut across your cheek and your body covered in bloody cuts from the shattered windows.

He tried pulling you out without success,

“Y/N! You need to wake up!” He shouted with tears starting to fill his eyes.

His eyes started glowing as his body filled with strength,
He pulled you out of the car carrying you in his arms.


“Somebody help me!” Liam shouted entering the E.R

Melissa hurried over to Liam as other nurses took you from Liams arms putting you on a hospital bed.

“She got in a car crash, I-I don’t know what happened but its all my fault” He said holding his head in his hands as he sat down on a waiting room chair.

“Liam none of this is your fault” Melissa said trying to comfort him.

“I need to go to her, wait here” she said leaving to go into the closed room.

Scott, Stiles and Lydia came in the door.

“We heard what happened, is she okay?” Scott asked Liam.

“I-I don’t know.” Liam said with tears filling his eyes.

“It’s all my fault”

“No its not Liam.” Lydia said trying to comfort him.

“Yes it is! If I hadn’t messed up we wouldn’t have been in that fight, I caused her to leave and she got in a car crash.
She could have died and it’s all my fault.” Liam said as tears started strolling down his face.

It seemed as if time stopped,
Every minute felt like forever and as many of them pass your friends have been anxiously waiting in the waiting room.
It has been about an hour;

Melissa came out of the room.

“She’s stable but she’s hurt pretty bad, she’s still unconscious.”

“Can we go in?” Liam asked as he stood from his chair.

“Yes but let her rest, She’s extremely injured.”

Lian, Scott, Stiles and Lydia all walked into the room.

You were laying on the bed unconscious, with a stitches across one of your cheeks.

Liam walked up to you, You looked so calm,
He started stroking your uninjured cheek,
He sat next to your bed resting his head next to your hand.

It has been a couple hours and you still haven’t woken up, yet Liam never left your side.

You wake up in a hospital bed with Liam asleep next to you,
Stiles, Scott and Lydia asleep as well.
You’re have stitches on your face and bandages all over your body, you are connected to an IV.

You look over to a wall clock, it’s 4 am.

“Liam..” You grunted quietly.

He quickly got up, his eyes widened as he looked at you.

“You woke up!” He said in a slightly excited tone waking up Scott, Stiles and Lydia who quickly came up to your bed surrounding you.

“Yeah.. What happened?”

“W-Well, after your fight with Liam you called me, you were driving to my house..” Lydia started to explain.

“While you were driving the rain started getting stronger making it harder to see, you saw a deer in the middle of the road causing you to swerve off the road loosing control.” Stiles continued.

“Your car flipped and you blacked out” Scott said.

“After you didn’t arrive at my place I got worried and called Liam” Lydia said sitting next to you turning her look to Liam.

“He tracked your scent and found you unconscious in your car.
He managed to get you out and carry you to the hospital” She continued.

“He saved your life Y/N” Scott said.

Liam was sitting on the edge of your bed looking down at his shoes.

“You were unconscious for almost five hours.. He never left your side.” Lydia said looking into your eyes.

“Is this true Liam?” You asked.

He got closer to you holding your hand.

“Yes, I-I was so worried, I couldn’t stop think about you and when Lydia said that she thinks something happened to you I nearly lost it.
When I found you in your car blacked out I couldn’t get you out, I thought I lost you. But after looking at you in there, hurt; I realised how much you meant to me, how much I love you, You made me stronger and gave me the power to get you out of that car.”

Tears started strolling down your cheek.

“I love you Y/N, and I couldn’t bare to loose you”

Scott elbowed Stiles giving him and Lydia a que to leave you both alone.
They left the room leaving just you and Liam.

Liam got closer to you, sitting next to you as you laid your head on his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry, I never meant to hurt you Y/N” he said.

“I’m willing to give you one last chance..
Only because you saved my life but this can never happen again, I love you Liam but if you cheat on me one more time there will be no more chances” You looked up to him,

He looks back at you,
Looking into your eyes.

“I will never hurt you Y/N, and about what happened..
There has not been one moment ever since that damn kiss that I haven’t regretted it, seeing how much I hurt you broke my heart and I never want to hurt you again.”

He leaned towards your face raising his hand up to your cheek, stroking it:
You both look into each others eyes.
You suddenly feel his soft lips brush against yours,
You kissed a long passionate kiss.

Your lips separated slowly as he bites his lower lip,
You rest your head on his shoulder putting your arm around his waist as he has his arm rested on your shoulder, hugging you tightly, pulling your body closer to his as you both fall asleep in each others arms.


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First Time for Everything

Summary: Tom surprises you with American football tickets and you become his personal football teacher during the game.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,973

A/N: Prompt #12 | If you didn’t know how much of a sports head I am, this is going to prove it. There’s some American football 101 in here which I honestly enjoyed writing. My favorite thing is probably teaching people about sports because it makes the game much more enjoyable.

You had been dating your boyfriend Tom for a while. You both had met during your study abroad trip to London for the summer. You both instantly clicked for your love of movies and dancing. However, your differences kept it interesting. You preferred to be inside while Tom enjoyed the great outdoors, but then you preferred sporting events and he preferred video games. Distance kept you both apart for the last half of the year, but Tom had planned in August to visit you during winter break in New York City. Little did you know that he had purchased two tickets to watch your favorite American football team play their rival at MetLife Stadium. He had only ever attended football, or soccer, events in London. He enjoyed them very little because he didn’t like the huge crowds and the yelling from the fans. However, he knew how passionate you were about your team and was willing to sacrifice a night of sports for you. He also didn’t mind that you would have to teach him everything there is to know about American football.

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A Bad Connection || Tae || Final

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5//Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Final

Word Count: 1991

Genre: fluff, romance, youtubers au

Summary: Childhood feuds are meant to remain as a memory, nothing to be taken too seriously. Unfortunately, you and Kim Taehyung aren’t that mature.

Taehyung sighed, standing in front of the mirror as he carefully fixed his hair. His lips were set in a tight frown as he carefully touched up small strands of his hair. A long sigh left his lips and he fell back onto his bed. There was a knock and Jimin came in, eyebrows raised.

“What’s wrong with you?”



“Why do I feel so depressed?”

Jimin smiled, leaning against the doorframe, “Well, I guess that’s love.”

“What kind of love is that?” Taehyung sat up straight, staring at himself in the mirror. “Is that actually love? Do you think she hates me?”

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Ok like that baek smut was kefhjdsjsj but can u do another one where you wanna try something new and he suggests u dominate him ? Love u ❤


Okay so…here’s more awkward Baek smut. :S Love you too!! <3

-Ray :)

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“You want me to what?”
“Dominate me.” Baekhyun repeated innocently. Your mouth fell open.
“Why?” You asked confused as to where this was coming from. The two of you were just fine a minute ago, lying on the couch together watching television. But somehow watching television turned to Byun Baekhyun wanting you to dominate him in bed. 

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When you least expect it - Part 13: Before Sunset

Characters (AU: first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Mills), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore (mentioned), Balthazar (mentioned), Jake Winchester (OC - mentioned) Lucifer (mentioned)

Pairings: Reader/Dean,

Warnings:  Implied smut, mention of loss of child, swearing,mention of cheating,

Wordcount: 3500ish

A/N: This is my newest series. It is a Mechanic!Dean AU and it is mostly written from the readers POV but it will have a few from Dean’s as well. It is an emotional rollercoaster so consider yourselves warned. It will have smut, fluff and angst. It will get pretty dark at some point too.


This chapter: What happens when the reader and Dean wakes up after having spent the night together? 

Again thank you to @blacktithe7 - this time for helping me get Sam just right :)

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12


Dean’s POV

He had been awake for a few minutes. Just staring at her as she slept in his arms. He still couldn’t believe she was real. That she was really there. That last night hadn’t just been a dream. Dean gently stroked her hair away from her face, careful not to wake her. He looked at her soft features and the peaceful expression on her face. He hadn’t seen that in a long time. Not since before the accident.

As Dean watched her his mind started to jumble. What did this mean? Why had she come here last night? Did she want to try again? Could she really find a way to forgive him? Or was this her way of saying goodbye? God he hoped not. The only way he had gotten through so far was by holding on to the faint hope that maybe one day she would come back to him. If he lost that he weren’t sure what he’d do.

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Everybody Relax! Part 4

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Summary: Things at the Sub Shop had become pretty regular. Same people coming in and out each day, even the little weird things Trucker and Zo do weren’t particularly surprising. Tish had gotten another job and only came back a few days a week. She and Priestly decided they were better off friends. He’d entered a cycle of work, mope, work, mope. He stopped cracking jokes, didn’t dye his hair, didn’t do much in general. Piper and Jen decided to take matters into their own hands….

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Much to the dismay of Piper, Jen, Tish, and Trucker, nothing seemed to have changed between you and Priestly the next day.

“So Y/N, how was the date?”

“Horrible. The end wasn’t too bad though…”

You and Priestly looked at each other and smiled softly. He’d walked you home and said that if anything like that ever happened again you could always call him. He’d hugged you and left. Nothing significant had happened, but things seemed…different. The two of you were closer now.

“Priestly? How was yours?”

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RivaMika Jam (very late post)

Zerolr’s A/N: Unless it’s a fic I’m wholly dedicated too, I don’t do much research and write it with the knowledge off the top of my head. But shamefully I admit I spent a bit of too much time look up specifics and details of this to make this short drabble immersive. It’s super late but here it is anyway. This started with the prompt and then turned into something else I don’t even know myself anymore lmao what the fuck ahahaha *cries*

FireTigress3’s Prompt:
So basically Mikasa is getting off a flight that’s been delayed for quite some time, so it’s pretty late. It’s a business trip, and someone was supposed to be holding a sign with her name on it. She waits for about an hour, and no one shows up, so she decides to hit the airport’s bar until she figure out what to do or find out her hotel.

Optional: Levi is the person who’s supposed to be picking her up ayyy

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