i said i wanted to draw him right


All I want for Valentine’s Day is to feed my Edgy Starchild some ice cream~

This took forever, and I debated for days whether or not I was even gonna upload this. I did each set of 4 in their own file and each time I started over, the style changed. Lighting was a struggle. I had the most fun working on page 2. Page 3 was rushed. And page 1 was an experiment.

My friend said I made him too muscular. I tried to deny it, but she’s right. Next time, I’ll draw him as a stick figure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I knew something was wrong with him the first time I met him. I’m just foolish enough not to listen to myself right then. 

i just finished reading the latest translated chapter available of killing stalking and man, it’s already ruining my life! ;A; i wanted to practice drawing all of them and had intended to just post seungbabe but then this wip of the most terrible man on earth nagged at me so there have a contrast of good and evil


So I’ve been looking around the BBS, Vanoss, h2o delirious, etc. tags, and a lot of people are getting shit on for what skin tone they make specific BBS members.

I understand that people want artists to stay true to the skin tones of our amazing boys, but there’s no reason to shit on the artists for not getting it exactly right. Three good examples of what I see people getting upset over the skin tone of a BBS member is Evan, Jonathan, and Marcel.

Yes, it has been said, mostly by Cartoonz, that Delirious is caucasian, but that doesn’t mean we have to draw him white. We haven’t seen what he looks like so why not let artists explore and use their beautiful talent to create him however they want! If you don’t want to see him tanner, or darker, go find another artist who draws him how you see him!

Evan has shown us what he looks like so we know he’s pretty tan, BUT!!! you also have to remember that artists use different lighting and with different lighting comes different skin tones. Also, not every artist uses his physical body as their reference! Some artists use his GTA character, which is pretty light skinned. Before you jump to the fact that artists are “white washing” him, look at the picture a little more, and look to see if they use his physical or GTA body.

Marcel is the last one I’ll do, because I don’t want to spend a good hour writing for the rest of the guys. Marcel is a black man, yes, but he’s not as dark as his GMod or GTA character, and if you don’t agree with me, you can go on his twitter and put a side by side picture of him and his characters. Again, people use different versions of him. For instance, I, most of the time, use what his actual skin tone is- a lighter brown color. Just because people draw him with a lighter or darker brown skin pigment doesn’t mean you have to piss in their Cheerios.

Hating or putting someone down just for the fact that you do not like the skin tone they give someone is a real dick move. If the artist is happy with what they have for the person, let them be happy! If it’s not effecting your health or state of mind, you don’t have to say anything!


Oki so my friend from school saw Comet, rite? WELLLLLLL

he wanted to draw him and i said “ye” and gave him my full body and said he could draw right next to it if he wanted to. one 45 minutes period later, he gives me this masterpiece next to my trash:

And so i’m just completely amazed. He doesn’t have a Tumblr and I forget what he asked me to refer to him as when crediting him (as he didn’t want his name out and about, and he didn’t have a DA either), I’lll ask him about it tomorrow and edit this post.

This art is lit


I’m sad because I can’t give him an ahoge…

I know I said I wouldn’t draw him in Fates style, but I just remembered that the Roy amiibo came out, and apparently, it’s not compatible with Fire Emblem: Fates (yet). I know it’s too early to jump to conclusions that Nintendo would not end up updating the game/creating a patch that would allow compatibility with the Roy amiibo but….
….I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to draw him so badly.

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Your Ghost AU??? It's??? Taking over my life??? I want to draw some fanart for it fren I'm just not a good artist sorry. But anyway!! Could we get some more stuff on Phillip's new parents?? Cuz u said Phillip honestly loves them... so they must be good ppl right? And what do Ghost!Alex and Ghost!Eliza think of them?

Ah yes, Phillip’s parents
They are very loving and work often but Phillip doesn’t mind. Phillip’s new dad is very… well, he’s just an infinite source of dad jokes and happiness. You’ll probably find him singing horribly with his son and just trying to cook but failing miserably-
His mom is very smart and she’s the kind of mom to help their kids with their projects (even though sometimes they aren’t allowed too but her kid needs help gdi). She loves the garden outside and she tries to show Phillip how to knit but Phillip ends up teaching her-
Both his parents are funny and just pleasant people to have around-
Alexander and Eliza…. they don’t dislike them. At all. They actually like Phillip’s parents. They try to help them around with small things and Alexander likes to listen to them talk about current events and other things-
Eliza likes the jokes they say to Phillip and she just wishes she could’ve done better sometimes-

<< Page 48 >>
Please… just leave me here to die… I don’t want to be saved by him.

You can expect if Lalnable could use his leg, he’d be running right over to Lalna and strangling him to death right about now. Oh hay… doesn’t this whole scene seem awfully familiar…? It’s probably just my imagination. ;D

There is so little dialogue in this one I was almost unsure I had the right version of the script. Also in the script the dialog for Rythian just said [Sounds of Anguish] but I think his face conveys that enough. Also I never want to draw crossbows again… actually i think I just can’t draw weapons in general…

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Ok, bro. I just REALLY like your character, Elias and I've been imagining like... weird ass hospital scenarios happen when my character Skylar, like got like injured or something and he shows up at the hospital and Elias sees him and just "how are you even alive right know" and... I kinda wanted to draw these small scenarios. I'm like... asking for permission to do this because CRIPPLING ANXIETY and it's just a thing I do. God this is so long sorry m8.

hell, sorry this took ages to answer

i mean, elias doesn’t exactly work in a hospital, it’s more like a single infirmary he owns inside some decrepit building
but go for it if you wanna :,D

(ringing tone) (kchlick)



“Hey, ma! What’s up?”

“Happy birthday, my dear!”

“…oh? Uh, today? Oh, geez, I totally forgot! Sorry I’m not there right now, ma! I promise I’ll come tomorrow.”

“Don’t be silly, it’s your birthday, you can do whatever you want.”

“Oh, right. Heheh!”

“…how are you doing?”

“Oh, you know. Cleaning up after dad’s mess. Same old same old.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“What?! What for?!”

“I’m sorry you have to take care of him. I’m sorry you’re now responsible for the person who’s supposed to be responsible for you. If only I could stop him…” 

“Stop it, ma, we’ve talked about this before right? Dad needed someone to beat some sense into him, and I wasn’t even the one who ended up doing the deed!”

“…yes, but…”

“You know what? I’ll come by tonight. Don’t mope about it anymore and just, I dunno, prepare a cake for me or something.”

“Eh? But, I haven’t done the groceries!”

“Well then, get to it! I’m wrapping things up for today and continue later, so be sure to have everything ready. Love you, ma! Bye! See ya!”

  • Me: wow this character is so sad I just want him to be happy.
  • Someone: you know he's your character and therefore you have that power right?
  • Me: *drawing said character dying* what I can't hear you

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Hi, with all the negativity going on, I was wondering if you could perhaps channel this into a jealous Robert picture? Love to see Aaron at a bar getting attention and Robert being unable to cope. I need Aaron to come out of this strong, kicking Robert out of the Mill and making a home for him and Liv (re-painting the bedroom too!) One day I hope they can find their way back, but right now I'm so angry with what the writers have done to us!

I know I said a week ago maybe drawing jealous Robert might help me get through this week but that was before I saw it. I’m not really in a place right now where I want to draw them. That may change in the future but not right now. I’m still going to watch the train wreck for now because apparently I can’t stop myself. But I don’t think I’ll be able to draw them until Aaron actually knows everything and they can start sorting stuff out. It’s only day three of this disaster so my feelings may change, they change hourly right now as it is, but at the moment, no, I can’t. Sorry.

“Give them to me, Novak.”

“Okay, if you want to,” Cas leaned in and stole a small kiss. He smirked, “That’s what you meant, right?”

“I meant my glasses, you idiot.” Dean blushed.

“You’ll have to be more specific next time. Look, there’s that cute blush again!” said Castiel, finally giving him his glasses. 

Had to draw some cute Nerd!Dean and Punk!Cas because hiyochi and I were roleplaying this morning (she writes Dean).

I want to make the them look like model right there, but idk what I’ve done ._. I’ve been into digital coloring for 9 years but there is not once my drawing turns out good. Anyway, final term exam is coming, and my GPA is on verge so I can only be a silent reader as usual ._. Even tho I want to draw tianshan fanart and reblogging interesting post, I have to focus on studying more. Dammit why I would choose electrical engineering at the beginning -_-

I have many imagination for the next update right now, such as
1. Guanshan is crying. He Tian retell what his brother said to Guanshan (if you want to protect othes blablabla) but end up hugging him anyway. Oh right he apologizes about the kiss too and so the two start to bloom :9
2. Guanshan make homemade lunches for Jian Yi, Zheng Xi, Xiao Hui (yes I mean her!) and He Tian. Turns out Guanshan and Xiao Hui know each other, but not that close. Xiao Hui become He Tian’s source of Guanshan’s past :9
3. Guanshan takes care of He Tian the night right after the event. Suddenly He Tian’s brother appears to visit him due to the incident that day. Guanshan then sees another side of He Tian :9
4. Somehow after the event, those two agree to be more open and show their true self (e.g. Guanshan is actually smiley and eager when doing something while He Tian is literally childish and easily excited ._. It’s just example ok) when there were just the two of them :9
5. Damn I run out of idea

Anyway I predict OX will update around weekend or next week ._. Recently he updated every 8-9 days so… (I’m such a stalker I actually count)

enjoy your day fellas. Btw yuri on ice has updated lol :9

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three favourite Gasters?


yeah turns out I couldn’t narrow it down so here are just a few of my favorites~
if you wanna recommend any other good ones tho my thirsty little heart will thank you
(I don’t wanna tag anyone over a shitty doodle LMAO… idk if links tag? but gotta give credit yo– be aware some of these are NSFW)

G/Lich!Gaster is AllocateAloe’s
Voidster is DirtySkellyLover’s (haha look at him trying to pick a fight with the only actual god in the room)
Omnipotent!Gaster is The-Noise-Maker’s
Alien!Gaster is WdGadget’s
Slimester is Maximum-Overboner’s
“Salty” (not actually his name I know) is Gasteritis’ 
Doc is Pornojalka’s
RoyalGuard!Gaster is Demorrtis’
Flux!Gaster is xxdhxx’s (wanted to include @Devon-Aster’s G as well, but I ran out of room OTL)

Recently, my room mate and I discussed the strange orbs that float around Sebastian whenever he’s near a trap. The boring answer is: it’s a game mechanic designed to give the player an edge against traps; the storytellers in us weren’t going to let that slide.

 I used to think it was floating blood bits, but that would insinuate that it’s Ruvik warning Sebastian. Already that’s a stupid thought, considering the man wants him dead. My roommate, however, suggested that they could be embers. In the right lighting they had a surprisingly warm glow, and the longer I sat on that idea, the more I liked it. Now it’s a head canon of mine.

Embers draw a connection to the house fire that destroyed the happy life Sebastian once had, but more importantly they represent his daughter, Lily, who was lost in said fire. Like Ruvik’s reborn Laura, she manifests within STEM (through Seb) in a way that helps to protect him, silently warning her father of the hidden dangers lurking just beyond the darkness…

Let's Make Something Beautiful And Destroy It

Artist / Band Member: Vic Fuentes
Inspired by the song: Disasterology - Pierce The Veil

You were in math class. You were so scared because you just moved to SD and this was your first day of high school. You were writing and drawing in your notebook as you saw people walk to the back of the class. Suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder.
“Hi, I’m Jaime and you? You’re new right?  Because I haven't  see you in here.” ‘God,  this dude knows how to talk because looks like he can’t shut up.’ You thought.
“Uhm yeah, I’m new. My name is (Y/N  ).” You said smiling to him. He was cute.
“So, my friends are in there, there’s a free seat if you want.” He said pointing a 3 dudes seating and talking.
“Ok, let’s go to there, then.” You said grabing your things and moving to the free seat next to a guy with shoulder-lenght hair and a beautiful brown eyes.
“Hi, my name is (Y/N) and yours?” You  said waving your  hand to him. He was fucking gorgeous.
“H-hi, my name is Vic.” He said blushing. “You’re beautiful” He said to you.
“Thanks.  You are too.” You said so blushing.

Vic’s P.O.V’s

She was  so beautiful, gorgeous.
I was so nervious dude she’s so cool. I think I like her. I know, I don’t even know her but (Y/N) was so beautiful. I can’t even discribe her beauty.
*No one’s P.O.V*
The months passed and Vic found himself so in love with (Y/N). The same with her. But no one said nothing.
Today was the last day of school and you knew that if you didn’t tell Vic you were in love with him, he was going to move to LA and you didn’t want that. You walk to his room (because you lived together) and knocked on the door.
“Come in.” You heard Vic said.
You walked in and he was with his guitar siting on his bed.
“Hi (Y/N)” He smiled to you.
“Hi Vic, I wanted to tell you something and It’s very  important” You said looking at the ground.
He left the guitar over the bed and walked to you. He make you look him in the eyes.
“What do you wanted to tell me?” He said getting closer to you.
“I-i love you, and not like a friend or brother I mean I really love you, I fell in love with you so hard and I can’t really help myself.” You said blushing so hard.
“Really? You’re just joking or you’re talking for real?” He said shoked. He didn’t let you answer he just kissed you. It was the sweetes kiss full of love.
“You know what? I love you too.” He said and kissed you again.
And then you felt that you love for him was endlessly, it will not matter if someone try to destroy it.

a doodle of jimmy from my twitter (which also has some draws i havent posted here yet)

chatting with @grapefruitbomba made me want to draw him again and i dont regret that decision.  

So I met shanedawson today. I went up to him and he smiled so big and I asked if he could hang me by my hair and he laughed a bit and said ok. I got in front of him and he held it the wrong way and said “how do you want me to do it” I moved it. Holding his hand really slowly and put it around my neck. He said “okay” and grabbed me right under my boobs and pulled me to his chest 😍😍😍😍😍 then held me tight and then I have him the drawing I did and he said “that’s so cool I love it! Wow!” I hugged him and he hugged me really tight and I said thank you and when I let go he said “post this and I’ll like it and follow” I said “it’s already up” and started to cry as soon as I turned back around. I literally couldn’t walk down the steps and the lady gave me a tissue. I’m not ok. Omg it was amazing.

Father. It’s me, Michael. I did it. I found it. It was right where you said it would be.”

Hey guys I’m back with a new Springtrap work that I did. Wanted to keep practicing drawing him in the style I usually use traditionally. Check out the other work I did earlier –> (X) 

Poor guy’s got a boo-boo, he can’t walk properly anymore.