i said i wanted to draw him right


All I want for Valentine’s Day is to feed my Edgy Starchild some ice cream~

This took forever, and I debated for days whether or not I was even gonna upload this. I did each set of 4 in their own file and each time I started over, the style changed. Lighting was a struggle. I had the most fun working on page 2. Page 3 was rushed. And page 1 was an experiment.

My friend said I made him too muscular. I tried to deny it, but she’s right. Next time, I’ll draw him as a stick figure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


YOLO.exe - PART 1

> a Fatal_Error has Occurred Side Comic

> Non-canon Comic

> Next

This is the beginning of a very fun interaction ;)

For those who may not know/remember, this is Fresh_Hell :D

It’s important to note that this is the first non-canon side comic I’ve started- this isn’t actually part of the canon story. It’s more of a fun ‘what if’ scenario to explore. Even though he probably actually never would, what if Fresh decided to possess Fatal_Error? What would happen next?

I have several ideas for comics like these, but I can’t start some until certain parts of the canon story have happened, or else they won’t make any sense, or might spoil something in the main comic before we get to it. The same can be said for the canon side comics too - it’s all about timing. So comics like these might pop up from time to time, and update as we go along.

But anywho I’m rambling ^^

Peace out, brahs <3

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies!

“His Wedding” (Part 10)

Summery:  Modern-Day(AU) Bucky and you are former exes. He moved on but you couldn’t. Since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will go fine with your two best friends, Steve and Natasha by your side.

Word Count: 4875 (omg)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: heart wrenching angst (again)

Characters (by appearance): Bucky Barnes, Reader, Natasha Romanoff 

A/N: if you need comfort come to my inbox

i feel like i fucked up with the grammar of this part because of the flashbacks, but i tried editing it over and over again. still i’ll come back and go over it again!

“His Wedding” Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

(gif is not mine*)

Previously on “His Wedding” :

“If anything’s gonna change, it would be only be my love for you, because I’m gonna miss you so much that it will intensify to infinity.”

“You can love me infinity right here. Please don’t go?” You add softy.

But that night, he still went, leaving you holding back your tears at the gates of the airport, as you sadly waved him goodbye.

And little did you know, you were saying goodbye to your Bucky forever.

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The Past On Your Doorstep - AU

Dean x Reader

Summary: After more than 4 years Dean knocks on your door, surprising the hell out of you. Then it’s his turn to be surprised when he sees a little girl standing next to you.

A/N: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Word Count: 1900+

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Canadian Boys l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

prompt: Shawn & (y/n) managed to go from ‘dream couple’ to a messy relationship in front of the cameras, and Shawn doesn’t seem to accept that his ex has decided to move on with the one and only, Justin Bieber.

Originally posted by ladycucciola

Shawn could feel his cheeks heating up as Ellen started a game of Who’d You Rather.

“Rihanna or Sophia Bush?” Ellen asked and pictures of both women appeared on the screen behind him.

“Sophia Bush, no doubt.” he said confidently.

“Hmm, looks like you had your mind already done,” she teased him. “Okay, Sophia Bush or Kendall Jenner?”

“Sophia Bush.” he answered with a hint of laughter on his voice.

“Wow, you’re very sure of yourself.” Ellen said and he shrugged. “Sophia Bush or Margot Robbie?”

“Oh, no! You can’t do that!” he said making the audience laugh. “Ugh, Margot Robbie.” he answered and the audience ooh-ed.

“Margot Robbie or Camila Cabello?” Ellen asked and Shawn shook his head.

“Camila is a friend, so…” he started but the host interrupted him.

“She sure is,” Ellen said, earning laughs from the audience. “So, Camila or…”

“You didn’t let me finish!” Shawn complained laughing.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s my show,” Ellen joked. “Camila Cabello or (y/n) (y/l/n)?”

Shawn felt his cheeks heating up profusely. “They both are very good friends…”

“Oh, is there something you aren’t telling me, Shawn?” Ellen asked.

“No! Of course no.”

“Then answer the question.” Ellen said smiling and looking to the screen where there was Camila and you.

Shawn bit the inside of his cheek. “(y/n), she’s amazing.” he answered and everyone seemed happy with his answer.

“Then I guess we have a winner!” Ellen announced as another picture of you filled the large screen. “Shawn Mendes everybody!”

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The Arrangement (Part 6)

Summary: Jess informs you about Dean’s past, and Sam teases Dean. After dinner, Dean brings you home to find someone unexpected waiting for you, and helps you deal with it.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,800

Warnings: language, sexual tension/references, a mild panic attack, mentions of breakups

A/N: Part 6 because I have homework I don’t want to do. Hope you guys like it!

Need to catch up? See the series masterlist

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almondmylkbitch-deactivated2017  asked:

Simon dragging Baz into a Lush store, and even though Baz is grumpy about it, he's the one who ends up spending over £100


“Just fuck me up,” Simon whispered under his breath, eyeballing the Sunnyside bath bomb.

Baz just stared at the metal bucket, overflowing with bath bombs covered in gold edible glitter. He tried to gently guide Simon away from the display, but Simon’s feet might as well have been made out of lead. “No, Snow. I draw the line at glitter.”

Simon just glared up at him, jaw set and right hand already defiantly grabbing a Sunnyside and dropping it into their basket.

“I don’t want to fight you today, love,” Simon said, wiping his hand on Baz’s jumper, “but you did promise to let me go to Lush today.”

Baz flicked the side of Simon’s head and shoved the basket at him. They’d been in here less than five minutes and he was already drowning in all these smells.

The sales lady had been far too chipper when they’d entered, there were too many bright colors, and the gigantic blocks of soap with knives stuck in them were making Baz really uncomfortable.

Simon, on the other hand, was living. He loved all the cute little bath melts, and the Valentine’s Day display they had, with cherub-shaped soap bars hanging from the rafters, was ridiculously cute.

He took a picture to send to Agatha since Penny definitely wouldn’t appreciate the aesthetic properly. 

Simon,” Baz snapped, suddenly leaning over Simon’s shoulder and almost making Simon send the display flying. “Quit doing a photoshoot and get what you need. I agreed on 30 minutes.”


I should have known, Simon thought.

Somewhere along the way, Baz had remembered he loved to pamper himself. Like, really loved to pamper himself.

They’d been in there over two hours before Baz was ready to leave. Now, as they ambled their way back to the flat, there was a clear distinction between Simon’s stuff and his boyfriend’s.

Simon looked down at the reasonably-sized bag of goodies in his mittened hand. He got a couple bath bombs, a shower jelly in a nice cherry scent, and the Ocean Salt scrub because it reminded him of the beach he and Baz went to all the time in the summer.

Then, he glanced a look at Baz’s pile, stacked up toward the gloomy sky. Even with his vampiric strength, he looked wobbly under the weight of bath bubblers, lotions, fizzies, scrubs, eyeliners, shampoos, and boxes of every soap the store carried.

“You know, Simon,” Baz said conversationally, his voice muffled underneath a loofa, “I do think you bought too much.”

Simon snorted, winding an arm around Baz’s waist to guide him from falling off the curb. There’d be nothing for it if all his precious goodies ended up tumbling out all over the busy London streets.

Giggling into the pink scarf he had wrapped tight around the lower half of his face, Simon replied, “I think we’re getting a bit confused on who bought what. But I still love you.”

Baz, beginning to teeter up the steps to the front door of their flat building, paused. Simon heard him hum. “I love you, too. But,” he quipped, “I’d love you even more if you opened the fucking door for me.”

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Yoon Jisung Mafia AU

warning: violence, drugs, guns, drinking, sexual harassment 

  • the first time you saw yoon jisung, you didn’t know who he was
  • he was clearly injured, with bruises littering one side of his face and a huge open wound on his arm
  • you were just a night-shift worker at the local pharmacy, with absolutely no medical knowledge further than what you’d seen on grey’s anatomy
  • he was clearly in pain though, so you rushed to help him wash the wound out
  • “i just need some bandages” he hissed, face scrunched up in pain
  • “it’s fine, you clearly need help!” you exclaimed, tightly wrapping a bandage around the wound on his arm
  • after finding him some bruise cream and helping him pat it on, you rang up a few more packets of bruise cream
  • “i hope you feel better!”
  • jisung thanked you, sending you a bright smile despite how much pain he was in
  • you totally forgot about that strange occurrence until he showed up again, this time with scrapes and scratches running all up and down his exposed arms
  • he was dressed in a suit, matted with blood and dirt and all scratched up
  • “are you okay? you need to go to a hospital!”
  • “no hospital.” he said firmly “i just want to buy bandages”
  • you frowned, looking at the man
  • then you realized that blood was dripping on the floor
  • you flipped the “open” sign to closed and quickly led him to the back, grabbing a few supplies before going into the breakroom, where there was a sink
  • “where are you hurt?” you asked worriedly, “is your chest hurt?”
  • you helped the man ease out of his suit jacket and carefully unbuttoned his white collared shirt, so worried about him that you didn’t even realize what was happening
  • he stared down at you as you carefully slid off the shirt, cheeks a bit redder than before
  • his chest was full of old scars and a single tattoo above his heart of ‘101′
  • “i’m going to clean these, is that okay?” you asked, pointing to the scrapes all along the side of his torso
  • he nodded, turning to make it easier for you
  • “aren’t you being a bit too trusting?” he asked slowly, knuckles turning white from the pain
  • “you’re hurt,” you pointed out “and you’re at a pharmacy. i’m not going to be an asshole.”
  • “thank you” 
  • you carefully rinsed the scrapes, applying gauze over them before moving on to the ones on his arm.
  • “what’s your name, anyways? this is the second time this has happened, and i still know nothing about you.”
  • “jisung.” he replied shortly, making you cock an eyebrow.
  • “that’s it? nothing about yourself?”
  • “you don’t want to know about me.”
  • “right. i suppose you’re not going to tell me how you got hurt?”
  • “like i said, you wouldn’t want to know”
  • it becomes a regular thing– jisung would show up late at night, seriously injured
  • you always thought it would be a lot smarter for him to just go to the hospital, but he always insisted it was a bad idea
  • but when he shows up with a bullet wound in his shoulder, you draw the line
  • “i can’t keep doing this without answers, jisung! you need medical attention, not some ace bandages put on by a college student!”
  • jisung just kind of stared at you intensely, but you refused to back down, you had enough of it
  • wordlessly he just left, and when you ran out into the street to call out for him, he had disappeared
  • as the days progressed, he didn’t show up to your night shift again
  • and you started to realize how much you missed him
  • even when he was injured, he was bright and sunny, asking you how your day was and providing you with words of encouragement
  • and even if you didn’t know what his profession was or why he was always so injured, you knew that he was kind and caring and funny
  • one night you’re restocking the cough drops when there’s this loud crash at the front of the store
  • and you rush out, thinking that maybe, just maybe it’s jisung
  • four or five men, all dressed in black suits, heavily tattooed , stood there
  • “it’s her!”
  • one of them pointed at you, making you scream
  • you didn’t know what was happening but they didn’t look like they were there to buy some pain relievers
  • you raced down one of the aisles, knocking over as much stuff as you could to slow down their paths
  • you got to the door to the back room and locked it quickly, shaking and panicked
  • through the little window you could see one of them coming closer and closer
  • and then there was this super loud pop and a scream, followed by similar sounds
  • “weapon on the ground, s.coups”
  • you’d know that voice anywhere, but you didn’t want to believe it
  • through the little window, you could see five men dressed similarly to the other guys, all holding guns up, ready to shoot
  • the man in the middle was jisung
  • you’d never seen him so threatening or murderous before
  • one of the other guys yanks the last guy, s.coups, up and starts tying his hands behind his back and jisung begins looking for you
  • “(y/n)?” he yelled loudly, voice desperate
  • you fumbled to unlock the door, stumbling out into the store
  • as soon as he saw you, he hugged you tightly, stroking your hair as you started crying from the shock of it
  • “minhyun, grab me a blanket from the car, will you?”
  • “i was so scared,” you sobbed into his chest, shaking terribly
  • “i know, i’m sorry baby,” he soothed, rubbing circles into your back, “i’m here now, you’re safe” 
  • he carefully wrapped you in a blanket, leading you to the back room and helped you sit down on the couch
  • the other guys with him scouted the store and took the man, s.coups, outside as jisung comforted you
  • he pressed kisses to the top of your head, apologizing softly to you
  • “it was my fault, baby, they saw me coming here whenever i got injured and i guess decided to take you out”
  • “w-what do you mean?” 
  • “baby, i’m with 101″ jisung murmured into your hair, letting you lean on him, exhausted
  • “you’re in the mafia?”
  • “yeah, i am”
  • “and that’s why you were always hurt?”
  • “yeah, i didn’t want to tell you because that would put you in danger”
  • you started sobbing all over again, feeling emotional from everything that happened
  • jisung looked at you, frowning
  • “hey, hey, why are you crying, love?”
  • “i just don’t want you to get hurt anymore!”
  • he smiled, facing you as he carefully brushed your tears away
  • the two of you looked at each other, and you felt your breath waiting in your lungs
  • “can i kiss you?” 
  • you just nodded, leaning forward to let him kiss you tenderly, rubbing your back
  • you started crying again, totally overwhelmed
  • when you parted he hugged you again, pulling the blanket tighter around your shoulders
  • the other guys he was with offered to drive you home to your apartment, and your legs were still so shaky that he had to piggy-back you out
  • he helped you to your front door, and as he was leaving, you grabbed the hem of his jacket
  • “jisung, can you stay?”
  • jisung turned to you, smiling gently
  • “of course, baby.”
  • you spent the night cuddling as he held you tightly, still apologizing for putting you in any kind of danger.
The Starks (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader) Chapter 2

Relationships: Tony!Father x Reader!Adoptive daughter           

Peter Parker x Reader

Um I need to say that This story was planned last year so it won’t match with the plot of Spiderman Homecoming. Just a fanfic you know….

Let me know if you want to be tagged!

+) minor edits made because i got confused with when American high school’s over. (in Korea school’s over around 6 o’clock p.m.)

Chapter 1


[Name] picked up her bag and headed to the kitchen. It had been a crazy week. Going shopping with Pepper, getting to know other Avengers, learning rules of the Tower, things like that. She entered the kitchen and everyone were there, enjoying their breakfast.

“Good morning, [Name].” Vision was the one to greet her first. Everyone turned around to do the same. [Name] returned their greetings and sat down next to Natasha.

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Love’s not a competition (but I’m winning) Prompts

Anonymous said:Could you do prompts of a secret pairing who bickers in public, giving the impression they hate each other (as they actually kind of do) but behind closed doors they make out hard against a wall or something// Anonymous said:Could you write some prompts about 2 males rivals giving their first kiss after/during a fight? 

Anonymous said:Rival getting jealous when someone tells them that they have a crush on the hero? Tysm! 

Anonymous said:I love your writing sosososo much! Can you please do some flirty rivalry prompts?

1) The door had barely closed before they were shoved up against it, drawn up onto their toes by hands curled tight in the front of their clothes. Their lips parted as the air knocked out of their lungs and a mouth crushed against their own. God knows why they kissed back, but they did. Fiercely, desperately, fingers twining into the back of their rival’s hair to hold them close. 
“God,” their rival growled. “You’re maddening.” They kissed again, moved down to their throat - making their back arch against the door with a bite. “You think you’re so much better than everyone else.” A grind of hips, a rake of nails against their side, drawing a needy sound. “Still moan like everyone else when you’re kissed, don’t you?” 

2) “Don’t kiss me just because you don’t want to hear what I have to say!” He still leaned in for a second kiss even as he said it, nipping at lips far softer than his rival’s words words were. Words were not enough with how pent up even being in his rival’s proximity made him. “Just because you know I’m right!”
“Oh, you’re not right,” his rival said. “I simply couldn’t bear listening to how wrong you were a second longer.”
“Yeah - well - you’re a terrible kisser!”
His rival’s eyes narrowed at that challenge.  

3) “You screwed me over!”
“Don’t worry,” their rival purred. “When I get your promotion, I’ll be sure to invite you in to take a look at my new office. You can get a look at the spectacular view while I bend you over my brand new desk. Then I can really screw you over.” 
Their mind went black with heat for a second, and they spluttered, even more indignant at themselves for liking that thought in anyway.

4) “Why would you want to date them?” they sneered, ignoring the squirming of their belly. The sharp bolt of jealousy wriggling. “They’re pitiful. Annoying.”
“I’m not asking you to like them, I’m saying I do. And that we’re going on a date so please, please, please, try and behave and be a bit nicer, alright? As my friend?” 
“I’m just saying that you can do better.” 

5) “I forbid you to date them.”
“You can’t forbid me to date someone,” their rival said. “You’re not that important to-” It was foolish to kiss them then. They knew it was. Messy, graceless, uncouth. Their rival blinked at them, stunned. 

malec + “I want to take care of you”

“I want to take care of you,” Alec whispered, nearly inaudible. The way that Magnus stiffened within the circle of Alec’s arms affirmed that he’d heard the statement plainly enough. Alec tried to pretend that it didn’t pull at his heart, make his chest tighten with sadness. Truth be told, Alec was a terrible actor. No wonder Magnus had read him like an open book when they’d first met.

 “I know that,” Magnus finally said slowly, carefully weighing each word as he spoke it. He was worried about what he was saying, which meant he was worried about tripping Alec’s insecurities. “I just… need time.”

 Alec pulled back so he could see Magnus’ face; see the raw damage beneath the layers of makeup. Magnus was a lot better than Alec at hiding his feelings, though, and all he saw was a tight-lipped smile. “I feel helpless,” Alec confessed, eyes searching out something, anything to latch on to. “I feel like I broke this before it even started.” He gestured a hand between them.

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oh look, a thing!

I actually had this funny thought while drawing. 

Why is everyone saying that Anti is doing things to the other egos? Aren’t we the ones coming up with that stuff? Aren’t we the ones changing them, coming up with the entire story and “rewriting their code”? “Corrupting” them by taking things out of context and trying to fit it into our theories and ideas?

Example; While Schneeplestein did act weird during his first appearance on the channel, he was not intended to be a killer, right? But as soon as the video dropped, people drew him as that, made him become that. Now he may be a killer even though his intentions were different from the beginning.

Since they’re fictional, anything can happen. I can say Chase dies in one of my drawings and he would technically be dead. - A lot of people see him as alive, though. So he is corrupted, he’s both at any given day.

Now that I think about what Anti said in the Say Goodbye video, that it’s all our fault … makes much more sense. Because he was completely right. I mean, we cheer and freak out whenever he’s there. We feed on him just as much as he feeds on us. Endless circle of motivation.

Also interesting to note is that, logically, he does grow stronger from us wanting more and giving him attention. Because the more we cheer, the more time and effort will be spent on his glitch animations and the acting and special effects. He may not be ‘real’, but his intentions could be seen an such. Technically, there is a whole bunch of reality in that little fantasy. 

JuST A THEORY THO. excuse this.
Back to drawing– xD 

Imagine admitting you want to marry Chris while you’re drunk.

You tumbled out of the cab and stumbled up the driveway of your boyfriend, Chris’ house. It was 2:18AM and you had just finished up at your co-worker’s bachelorette’s party, a party where you got ridiculously wasted. The original plan was for you to spend the night at your own apartment- as it was closer to the bar you were at- but after the third round of tequila shots, your urge to see the ever-so-handsome Captain America had you arriving at his doorstep instead.

You pulled out your keys and fumbled with the lock for a while before you finally opened the door. The noise drew the attention of Dodger who was now on alert and ready to pounce on the intruder. He barked once then stopped when he saw that it was you, he padded towards you and nudged his head into your hand when you reached down to pat him. You struggled to get your heels off and winced when your keys and box clutch clashed against the hardwood floor.

“Shhhh!” You told Dodger and pressed your finger to your lips, trying not to giggle. “The fossil is asleep upstairs, we can’t afford to wake him up.” Dodger tilted his head in confusion. “I could use some Fruit Loops.” You said to no one in particular and made your way to the kitchen. “Dodger, do-” You glanced back and realized the pup had made his way upstairs. “I’ll take that as a no.”

Chris was aroused from his sleep thanks to the noises you were making downstairs. He turned on his bedside lamp and glanced at the clock, wincing at the bright light; 2:23AM. He could hear Dodger scratching at his door but it was only when he heard a loud crash that he scrambled out of bed. He opened the door and Dodger barked at him before racing downstairs. Chris followed him and caught sight of your keys, heels, and clutch making a trail towards the kitchen; the only room with some of its lights on. He entered to find you trying to pick up the broken pieces of your favorite Captain America drinking glass.

“Dodger, stay.” Chris instructed him when he saw him start towards you; you looked up at them, eyes wide like a deer in the headlines. “Don’t move, Y/N.” Chris instructed you but you moved anyway. “Y/N, just- stay.” He spoke to you like he would to Dodger and you stilled. “What are you even doing here? I thought you said you were going home.”

“I thought you said this is my home.”

“I see you had a great time at Carly’s party.” He commented with a light chuckle and you nodded with a wide grin. “Hold up.” He said and reached for the light switch and turned on all the lights in the kitchen so he could have a better view of where not to step. “C'mere.”

“But you told me not to move,” you pouted like a child.

“God, you’re wasted.” He chuckled; he could smell the alcohol on you as he scooped you up off the ground. “Okay, lemme see.” He sat you down on the kitchen bench and took your hands in his so he could examined them for cuts. “Did you cut yourself?” He asked when he couldn’t find any. “Hey,” he cupped your face in his hands, “are you hurt?”

“I missed you tonight.” You told him and wrapped your arms around his neck; he chuckled softly and hugged you back, kissing the side of your head. “I wish you could’ve been there with me, it would have been a lot more fun.”

“I wish I could’ve been there with you too.” He agreed and pulled back, brushing your hair out of your face. “So I could’ve kept an eye on you and made sure you didn’t get totally hammered,” he chuckled. “I’m honestly surprised you found your way back here.”

“I can always find my way back to you, Cap.” You smiled and poked his cheek, drawing another chuckle from him. He always found drunk you incredibly amusing; it wasn’t a side he saw often as you weren’t one of those girls who partied all the time, but let’s just say that when he did- he made sure to enjoy every second of it. “I want some Fruit Loops, do you have any?” You tried to hop off the bench but he used his body to lock you into place. “What are you doing? I want Fruit Loops.”

“The last thing you need is sugar,” he said then chuckled when you pouted adorably. “Right now, you need Advil, lots of water, and- sleep. Stay up here, okay? I don’t need you cutting yourself.” You scrunched your nose and nodded. “I’m going to sweep up this mess first.”

He left you there and walked to the broom closet to grab the broom and dustpan. “Hey Chris?” He heard you call out to him from the kitchen. “Can I have my water in that glass I like?” You asked as he walked back in. “You know, that Captain America glass from Stan Lee’s team.”

“Yeah um-” He chuckled and lowered his gaze onto the said glass that was shattered on the ground. “I don’t think you can ever drink water from that glass again. Considering you broke said glass,” he reminded you and your face fell. “Exactly how much did you drink?” He squatted on the ground and swept up the glass that was fortunately empty when you dropped it.

“Lots,” you responded simply and he chuckled with a shake of his head. “Hey, where’s my phone?”

“You left it in the hallway,” he answered and you hopped off the counter. “Uh uh-” he held up a finger at you and you climbed back on the counter. “I’ll get it for you, just stay there please. You are in no state to be maneuvering around, I don’t need you to break anything else tonight.”

“What did I break?” You asked, completely forgetting about the glass you’d dropped earlier tonight.

“You are ridiculous,” he chuckled. “Just stay there.” He dumped the swept up shards into the bin then walked out into the hallway to get your clutch. He picked it up off the ground then fished out your phone and saw a text notification from your best friend, Luca, that was addressed to him.

“Hey, Chris.
Did she make it to yours okay?”

Chris responded with a quick “yeah, I’ve got her.” With your phone in his hand, he placed your clutch on the table then made his way back into the kitchen. “What are you doing?” He stood in the archway and chuckled at you; you had stripped off your red dress and was now sitting on the bench top in just your bra and panties. “Aren’t you just a sight for sore eyes?” He teased you as he walked over.

“Just out of curiosity.” You wrapped your arms around his neck as he pushed himself in between your legs and placing your phone down on the counter and his hands on your waist. “Are you going to marry me?” Your question surprised him, but made him smile nonetheless; your drunk mind was speaking for your sober heart.

“Are you going to remember this in the morning?” He asked and you thought about it for a while then nodded your head. “Yeah, I don’t think so.” He chuckled softly, rubbing small circles into your skin. “Well, since you won’t remember this- I might as well be honest with you.” You raised your eyebrows, waiting for his answer. “I am definitely going to marry you. I’ve been thinking about it since our first date, I’ve just- been waiting for the right time to ask. We’re both busy people, I want the proposal and the wedding at a time that works for the both of us.”

“Have you thought about how you’re going to propose?”

“I have,” he nodded, “numerous times. My favorite is still the cliché of taking you to a holiday cabin, cooking you dinner, and putting the ring in your dessert. I’m just a little afraid you might swallow the ring whole,” he joked and poked your side, causing you to giggle. “Why so curious? Are you afraid I wasn’t going to marry you?”

“Well- if I’m being completely honest, I guess I was a little afraid you didn’t want to marry me because I wasn’t sure about having kids.” His face fell slightly; he was a little upset with himself that he made you feel that way. “I know you like children and that they are an important part of your life plan, so yeah- I was a little afraid I wasn’t enough.”

“I’m sorry I made you feel that way,” he kissed your forehead. “You are enough, Y/N. You have no idea how much you mean to me,” he told you. “All I want is you, you are the most important part of my life plan.”

“And you’re the most important part of mine, which is why I’d gladly have children for you.” You told him for the first time in three years and he felt his heart skip a beat. “I tell people I don’t want kids because it seems scary, but with you- it doesn’t seem as scary.”

“This is by far my favorite drunk Y/N moment,” he told you with a wide smile. “Thank you for telling me that,” he gently pinched your chin between his thumb and index finger, brushing your pink lips with his thumb. “You won’t remember this but at least I know where you stand. Like you say, drunk minds speak for a sober heart.”

“I’ll remember this,” you nodded. “Give me a pen and I’ll write it on my hand.”

“No,” he chuckled with a shake of his head. “I would prefer you not to remember this ‘cause I would like the element of surprise when I propose to you. Now c'mon,” he lifted you off the bench and plopped you onto your feet. “Let’s get you an Advil and put you to bed.”

“Chris?” You grabbed his hand and pulled him back towards you when he tried to walk to the pantry to get the medicine box. “I think I’m in-love with you.” You told him and he nodded in acknowledgement, chuckling. “No, I’m serious.”

“We’ve been dating for three years and you just told me you’d have kids for me, I think I already know that.” He caressed your face and kissed your forehead. “Do you want to make any other shocking announcements? ‘Cause I really need to get you that Advil and put you to bed otherwise you’re going to be having one hell of a hangover tomorrow.”

“No,” you shook your head, letting go of his hand. “That’s the only one.” You said then grinned which made him laugh. “Can we have pancakes in the morning?” You asked as he grabbed a sachet of Advil from the box.

“You can have anything you want,” he nodded. “Take this,” he popped two pills out of the sachet and passed it to you. “Let me get you some water.” He grabbed a glass from the cabinet and filled it with the filter tap water. “Here,” he passed it to you with the instruction, “down the pills then drink it all. I don’t want to see a drop of it left in the glass.”

“You got it, Captain.” You saluted him then proceeded to do as he instructed.

“You’re going to have a lot of fun tomorrow morning,” he chuckled and kissed the top of your head.

What do we think, part 2?

Here’s my mini-series Masterlist.

{ virgins have more fun | erwin smith x reader }

A/N: A Erwin Smith x Virgin!Reader lemon.
Warnings: unprotected sex. Erwin being too sexy for his own good.
Word count: 1654

“Why are you still standing?” Erwin’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts. You realized that he had been sitting on the edge of his bed and you were left standing with your arms wrapped around your mid section.
“I um-”
“Come closer.” Erwin requested. You took a few steps forward until you were standing directly in front of him. He  looked up at you with a warm smile and rested his large hands on your hips.

“Your body language tells me that you’re nervous.” If there was one thing Erwin could do it was read your body language. It could be his super power easily. He always knew when you were upset.
“And may I ask for what?” He asked. You chewed on your bottom lip nervously as you looked down at him.
“I don’t feel as well as I did earlier is all.” You gave a halfhearted smile and pushed your fingers through his soft blonde hair.

Your hands were on both sides of his face when you gave him a light chaste kiss on the lips. All of a sudden, Erwin wrapped his arms around you and playfully slammed you onto the bed taking you by surprise. His hands traveled up and down your sides tickling you as you laughed in pure joy.  The biggest mistake was telling Erwin you were ticklish because he took advantage of it every time.

The tickling eventually stopped leaving your cheeks flushed and your breathing a tiny bit uneven. Erwin smiled as he took your beauty in. His heart seemed to flutter when he noticed the silver diamond necklace he gave you on your very 1 year anniversary. It was simple but yet very beautiful. You have yet to remove it.

“I love you..” Erwin said in what seemed like a whisper. You smiled and brought your hand to his cheek grazing your thumb over it gently.
“I love you too.” You smiled softly. He looked into your eyes deeply searching for something. Maybe a sign that told him that you were ready. He wanted to take your relationship to the next level.
“I want to show you how much I love you.” Erwin said never breaking eye contact. You were a little shocked but deep down you knew this was going to happen eventually and you were completely fine with that. You wanted him to be your first and your only.

You opened your mouth to say something but you slowly closed it and nodded your head. Erwin leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss that was filled with love and tenderness. His hands slowly but surely explored your body. Feeling on your breasts and massaging them through your shirt. The feeling was new but it felt amazing. Erwin lifted up your shirt to where your bra was completely exposed and noticed your hardened buds through your bra. He felt himself twitch in his pants.

Erwin finished taking your clothes by unhooking your bra and gently tossed it to the side. You felt your cheeks heat up as his eyes explored your body. The cold air hit your sensitive buds making them aroused. Erwin pecked your lips and started to suck on your neck, attacking your sweet spot the was just under your ear and you let out a breathy moan.

His warm hand found its way to your breast and started to massage it while playing with your hardened nipples in between his fingertips. You blushed even more as you felt his hard member against your inner thigh. You slowly started to rub your leg against his member earning a very deep groan of pleasure from him.

Erwin’s hand found their way to your pants and unbuttoned them before taking them off completely. Erwin took a finger and grazed it over your underwear, right over your clit. A jolt of pleasure went through your body causing your hips to buck.

“You’re so sensitive, doll. I barely touched you.” Erwin said and a blush appeared on your cheeks.
“Don’t tease me.” You pouted.

Erwin chuckled and lifted himself up from you then discarded all of his clothes but leaving on his boxers. His member was extremely prominent through the thin fabric of his underwear. His size was very impressive, it was bigger than you imagined. He left a trail of kisses from your lips to your belly button and all the way until he met the lining of your panties.

He looked up at you from confirmation to continue and you gave him a small nod. He soon pulled down your panties and out them to the side. He smiled to himself as he spotted your hardened bud and took a finger then started to rub circles around it. Your hips bucked at the new sensation but Erwin kept your hip pinned down to the bed forcing you to take it.

“W-wait, Erwin-” You whimpered at the feeling.

He wasted little time and attacked your womanhood with his mouth. His tongue did amazing things to your clit, flicking it up and down and drawing shapes and patterns around it. He inserted a long finger into your awaiting hole earning him a deep arc in the back from you. You felt something in the pit of your stomach form and you just had to release it.

Your orgasm took the breath out of you and made your body shake uncontrollably. Erwin kept your hips pinned down firmly enjoying watching your orgasm attack your frame so hard.
“Hm, already?” He smiled to himself. His fingers parted your lips then kissed your sensitive clit.
“Can you teach me?” You asked in a sweet voice.
“Teach you what?” Erwin asked looking up at you with curiosity in his eyes.
“How to make you feel good.” You said propping up on your elbows.


Erwin was now laid on his back with you playing with the elastic lining of his boxers.
“Take it out for me, dove.” He ordered you in a soft voice. You pulled down his boxers revealing his cock that had sprang up and hit his stomach.
“It’s very big, Erwin.” You said in awe making Erwin chuckle at your cuteness.
“Grab it then I want you to start stroking it.” You followed his directions precisely then looked up at him for a reaction. He threw his head back and a small moan escaped his lips.

He continued to guide you until you wanted to try something different so you licked the underside of his cock in one long swipe. Erwin took in a sharp breath and his eyes averted to you. Getting the reaction you wanted from him, you began to kiss and lick the tip of his manhood until you eventually took what you could fit in your mouth.

“Am I doing it right?” You asked looking up at him through your eyelashes stroking his manhood slowly.
“Y-yes. You’re doing so well, doll.” He tried to compose himself.
“I want to feel it inside me.” You didn’t mean to blurt it out like that, but you were growing very anxious for him to take you.


“Just ease down on it slowly, okay?” Erwin said and positioned his cock right at your wet hole. You nodded and took a deep breath as you eased down on his cock. The both of your reactions were completely different. Erwin moaned out loudly in pleasure as he felt your tightness surround his manhood and you cried out in pain from his manhood stretching your hole to what seemed like it’s limit. Tears escaped your eyes as he finally filled you up fully. You rested your hands on his chest and had your head slumped as you shut your eyes tightly.

Erwin lifted himself up and wrapped his arms around you drawing light patterns into your naked back. You rested your head in the crook of his neck.
“We can stop if you’d like.” He whispered into your ear lovingly. You sniffed and shook your head.
“No, I want this.” You said.
“I don’t want to cause you any more pain.” Erwin said, the same caring tone never leaving his lips.

Without warning you started to kiss on his neck and grind onto him. The feeling of pain was becoming very faint as the new feeling of pleasure overcoming you. You felt his cock poke you in all the right places making you feel very dizzy. Erwin laid back down his hands attaching to your hips.

“Take me, Erwin.” You whispered. It took him very little time to start thrusting up inside you. The feeling of us cock slamming up into you was enough to put you over the edge.
“You’re so tight..” Erwin moaned in pleasure. He took his thumb and started to rub your clit you felt yourself tighten around his member. Your orgasm took you by surprise but nonetheless it was extremely powerful.

“I-I” You tried to get the words out by you just couldn’t. You leaned over and rested your head onto Erwin’s shoulder. He didn’t stop pumping into you though. You noticed his breathing started to become very uneven and you could feel him twitching inside of you.
“Cum inside me please.” You pleaded and if on cue, Erwin released his seed deep inside of you. You felt the thick hot ropes of his cum shoot up inside you as you let out a whimper of pleasure.
Dear god, (Name)..” Erwin moaned.

You both stayed like this for a few more moments until you got off of him laying beside him resting your head on his chest. Erwin wrapped his arms around you tightly.

“Did I do good?” You asked looking up at him with big eyes.
“You did amazing.” He said with a reassuring smile.

anonymous asked:


*bows dramatically* as you wish, my dear anon! :3 have some Shance!
It was hours before Shiro deemed Blue calm enough to approach. The door slid open, and he moved slowly, quietly, towards the still possibly volatile Lion. She was sitting cross legged in front of Lance’s pod, head resting on her hand with an elbow set on her thigh, eyes firmly on the dipping and climbing line across the glass that signaled Lance’s heartbeat, golden orbs rising and falling with every pulse.
Shiro didn’t speak, just sat next to her to watch the vitals as well. Her eyes flicked to him for a moment, but chose to merely chuff in acknowledgment and continue watching her Paladin sleep.
Several moments passed before she spoke up. “I’m not sorry for yelling at you.” Blue said quietly, drawing her knees up to her chest and trapping them with her arms, resting her chin on her knees. Shiro shook his head. “I wasn’t going to ask for an apology. You had every right to get angry at us. I didn’t realize I’d been putting him down and making him feel useless… I just wanted him to learn from his mistakes. He really is a good sharpshooter and an amazing Paladin… but I guess I just kept forgetting to say it aloud. As for the ignoring him part… there’s no excuse for that. We all should have paid more attention to how he was feeling. The other Lions did take up some of our time… but we should have included Lance more.” He explained, leaning back on his hands with his legs folded in front of him.
Blue huffed out a short, wry laugh. “At least you admit to the error of your ways… Though I understand the need to spend time on the Lion and Paladin bond, your team bond could use some work. I do hope you treat him better after this… he might be a little bitter at first, but to be fair you all kind of deserve it.” Shiro chuckled. “I won’t disagree with you on that… but I can promise that I’ll praise him and pay attention to his feelings more from now on.” He seemed to think something over, before caving and tilting his head to look at the overprotective mama Lion.
“I don’t want to lose him either. I was worried sick when you two got hit with that laser… even before that, I kept having nightmares about Lance disappearing or worse, getting killed… I can’t tell you how many times Black had to keep me from barging into his room at night just to check on him.” Shiro admitted, almost shyly. Blue raised an eyebrow, filing the information away to confirm with Black later. Sighing, he continued with a confession that shocked her to her core.
“I think… I might care about him more than I probably should.”
*loud evil cackling as I leave you all to drown with this cliffhanger*
Part 7 anyone??? I’ve gotta go eat lunch with Mum, so I’ll be offline for a little bit ;3
Enjoy the Shance!

Spirit in the House - Chap 3/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1,652

Warnings: Mention of Car Accident, Coma, Language

A/n: I’m so excited to share this story. Hope you’ll like it :)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Originally posted by eventhisusernamewastak3n

Bucky gestured to the sofa in front of the television, allowing Pietro and Wanda to take a seat. He looked around quickly, but you were not there.

“I don’t feel anything.” Wanda said, closing her eyes to focus. “You sure there’s a spirit?”

Bucky mumbled a ‘yes’, his eyes still roaming about the room. Pietro put his feet on the coffee table and you suddenly appeared next to Bucky. Wanda tensed immediately.

“Tell him to take his dirty feet off my table.” You snarled, looking at Pietro. “Who are these people?”

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every time I feel bad about my art someone random always compliments me on it, wether it be in person or online

thank u

run pt. 4 (end)

summary: spencer rushes to get back to you, most of the team finds out he is the father of your child, you two talk it out.

words: 2056

warnings: pregnancy, panic attack, swearing, minor angst at the beginning, FLUFF THATS CHEESY, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IF THATS A REAL WARNING, i’m a better angst writer than fluff


read part three here

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Overly Drunk

Kai Parker X Reader

Word Count: 600

Requested: Anon

Request: Hello! Hope you’re well! If you have time, can I request a reader x Kai where they both get drunk and Kai admits he likes her / they sleep together.? But then the reader sneaks away during the night/afterwards because she also likes him but thinks it was because he was drunk and she is just a one-night stand to him. Maybe he tracks her down after? Thanks so much Love x

Originally posted by vanessaiivves

You never had a one night stand before and you didn’t plan on having another one, you didn’t like the feeling or maybe it was because it was Kai OR maybe it was because he said that he liked you, either way, you were nursing a bad headache and acknowledging some bad life choices. “Hey, short stuff.” Damon greeted as he sat in the booth opposite you.

“Hi.” You waved lazily as he glanced at the sunglasses on the table next to you.
“So were you really drunk last night?” Damon asked.
“You guys give me a supernatural problem and I’ll go get a supernatural hangover.” You grumbled.
“Well, can I ask you about this?” He asked showing you a selfie of you and Kai at a club,
“I don’t remember that.” You mumbled.
“Really?” Damon asked, “What about this one?” He asked showing you a picture of Kai giving you a piggy back but you didn’t have a shirt on. “Seems like something I missing… Oh, I know your shirt!”
“First of all my shirt is not missing it’s in my hand.” You said pointing to the shirt in your hand before continuing “second still don’t remember that. Where are you even finding these?”
“Twitter,” Damon answered.
“I didn’t even know you had a twitter account.” You mumbled.
“I don’t Alaric sent me the link,” Damon answered.
“Why does he still follow Kai?” You asked and Damon shrugged before looking at you.
“Did it go… Further?” He asked and you just looked at him.
“I mean do you want me to lie or…” You asked taking a sip of the water that was on the table.
“Ugh.” Damon groaned and you rolled your eyes. “He’s the enemy.”
“So were you at one point.” You argued.
“Well looks like your problem just showed up,” Damon smirked.
“Don’t you dare!” You glared at him as you heard Kai somewhere in the grill.
“Bye.” Damon gave you a waved before walking out.

It took him a couple of minutes to realise that you were there but when he did a bright smile slid across his face and he wondered over, he noticed your glass of water and sunglasses and let out a childish giggle. “You hungover?” He asked as he slid into the booth in front of you.
“Mmhm.” You hummed.
“I could have helped you with that if you hadn’t left before I got up.” He smirked reaching over and brushing your hair out of your face.
“I…Um.” You were lost for words as you looked around. “We were both drunk, I just thought you wouldn’t want me here if you woke up.”
“Why wouldn’t I want you there when I woke up?” Kai asked. You shrugged in response.
“I was available, but maybe not who you wanted.” You shrugged.
“Not who I..? Oh.” Kai smiled leaning forward his face close to yours. “You thought it meant nothing.”
“I was a one night stand right?” You asked.
“I hope it isn’t.” Kai smiled leaning closer still.
“What?” You asked.
“I told you last night, or don’t you remember?” He asked.
“No I remember but you were drunk.” You shrugged.
“Well then let me repeat it now I’m sober. I like you, probably more than I should.” Kai smirked, “and I really want to kiss you.”
“Maybe you should.” You whispered.
“Maybe I will,” Kai said leaning forward.
“Alright break it up!” Damon walked in clapping to draw your attention but instead of listening Kai turned you round to face him before pressing his lips to yours smirking as he did.

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mmeishi  asked:

AU & fic prompt bc im thirsty: i LOVE the Hell's Kitchen AU with Victor as Gordon Ramsey bc we already know our boy has no mercy when it comes to criticism (but he always gives Yuuri tender and constructive advice) (to everyone's chagrin) (not bc he's 100% in love or anything) (and 100% of the viewers are just waiting for them to bloody kiss already)

“This soup is…”

Yuuri grimaces as the cameraman zooms in on Victor’s face, waiting for the inevitable negative reaction. His hands are in fists by his side and he nervously makes eye contact with Phichit, who offers him a sympathetic smile from across the room, knowing that Yuuri hadn’t wanted to be in front of the camera much.


“I’m sorry,” Yuuri blurts out. “I’m sorry, we can rework the recipe or maybe we could try and take out some of the basil pesto or even–wait, did you say it’s good?”

Victor hums and swirls his spoon in the creamy dish, then brings it back to his lips and takes another appreciative taste. “Really good, Yuuri. You said you made this recipe yourself?”

“I… I…” Yuuri stammers, because his favorite chef had just complimented his favorite dish and he’s not sure whether he should scream or nor because the camera is trained on him right now. Although, as he continues watching Victor, he finds that he cares less and less about the camera.

“Are you surprised?” he asks, eyebrows drawing together. “Here, try it.” He takes the spoon, retrieves more soup, then raises it.

He has got to be kidding.

“You want me to taste it?” Yuuri asks to confirm, because he will not do something embarrassing on camera, but he will be spoon-fed by Victor Nikiforov, because he may or may not have had many dreams regarding being spoon-fed by Victor Nikiforov in the past.

Victor nods, offers a smile, and Yuuri glances at Phichit one last time for help before eating the soup. “It’s good?” Victor asks.

“Yeah,” Yuuri says, unsurprised, because his soup is always good.

The renowned chef turns to the camera, makes an odd hand symbol that causes the crew to stand up and walk away. Yuuri swallows thickly, shifting on his feet, as Victor stands up, the two of them now alone. “If you know that it’s good,” Victor says slowly, “then don’t expect me to say that it’s bad. You’re very talented, Yuuri. Too talented to be on this show, really, but I’ll make sure that that comes across.”

“Oh,” Yuuri exhales.

“Now what else do you have for me?” Victor asks, chipper again in an instant, and the camera crew comes rushing back over to continue filming the episode.