i said i wanted to draw him right

  • Me: wow this character is so sad I just want him to be happy.
  • Someone: you know he's your character and therefore you have that power right?
  • Me: *drawing said character dying* what I can't hear you

Imagine admitting you want to marry Chris while you’re drunk.

You tumbled out of the cab and stumbled up the driveway of your boyfriend, Chris’ house. It was 2:18AM and you had just finished up at your co-worker’s bachelorette’s party, a party where you got ridiculously wasted. The original plan was for you to spend the night at your own apartment- as it was closer to the bar you were at- but after the third round of tequila shots, your urge to see the ever-so-handsome Captain America had you arriving at his doorstep instead.

You pulled out your keys and fumbled with the lock for a while before you finally opened the door. The noise drew the attention of Dodger who was now on alert and ready to pounce on the intruder. He barked once then stopped when he saw that it was you, he padded towards you and nudged his head into your hand when you reached down to pat him. You struggled to get your heels off and winced when your keys and box clutch clashed against the hardwood floor.

“Shhhh!” You told Dodger and pressed your finger to your lips, trying not to giggle. “The fossil is asleep upstairs, we can’t afford to wake him up.” Dodger tilted his head in confusion. “I could use some Fruit Loops.” You said to no one in particular and made your way to the kitchen. “Dodger, do-” You glanced back and realized the pup had made his way upstairs. “I’ll take that as a no.”

Chris was aroused from his sleep thanks to the noises you were making downstairs. He turned on his bedside lamp and glanced at the clock, wincing at the bright light; 2:23AM. He could hear Dodger scratching at his door but it was only when he heard a loud crash that he scrambled out of bed. He opened the door and Dodger barked at him before racing downstairs. Chris followed him and caught sight of your keys, heels, and clutch making a trail towards the kitchen; the only room with some of its lights on. He entered to find you trying to pick up the broken pieces of your favorite Captain America drinking glass.

“Dodger, stay.” Chris instructed him when he saw him start towards you; you looked up at them, eyes wide like a deer in the headlines. “Don’t move, Y/N.” Chris instructed you but you moved anyway. “Y/N, just- stay.” He spoke to you like he would to Dodger and you stilled. “What are you even doing here? I thought you said you were going home.”

“I thought you said this is my home.”

“I see you had a great time at Carly’s party.” He commented with a light chuckle and you nodded with a wide grin. “Hold up.” He said and reached for the light switch and turned on all the lights in the kitchen so he could have a better view of where not to step. “C'mere.”

“But you told me not to move,” you pouted like a child.

“God, you’re wasted.” He chuckled; he could smell the alcohol on you as he scooped you up off the ground. “Okay, lemme see.” He sat you down on the kitchen bench and took your hands in his so he could examined them for cuts. “Did you cut yourself?” He asked when he couldn’t find any. “Hey,” he cupped your face in his hands, “are you hurt?”

“I missed you tonight.” You told him and wrapped your arms around his neck; he chuckled softly and hugged you back, kissing the side of your head. “I wish you could’ve been there with me, it would have been a lot more fun.”

“I wish I could’ve been there with you too.” He agreed and pulled back, brushing your hair out of your face. “So I could’ve kept an eye on you and made sure you didn’t get totally hammered,” he chuckled. “I’m honestly surprised you found your way back here.”

“I can always find my way back to you, Cap.” You smiled and poked his cheek, drawing another chuckle from him. He always found drunk you incredibly amusing; it wasn’t a side he saw often as you weren’t one of those girls who partied all the time, but let’s just say that when he did- he made sure to enjoy every second of it. “I want some Fruit Loops, do you have any?” You tried to hop off the bench but he used his body to lock you into place. “What are you doing? I want Fruit Loops.”

“The last thing you need is sugar,” he said then chuckled when you pouted adorably. “Right now, you need Advil, lots of water, and- sleep. Stay up here, okay? I don’t need you cutting yourself.” You scrunched your nose and nodded. “I’m going to sweep up this mess first.”

He left you there and walked to the broom closet to grab the broom and dustpan. “Hey Chris?” He heard you call out to him from the kitchen. “Can I have my water in that glass I like?” You asked as he walked back in. “You know, that Captain America glass from Stan Lee’s team.”

“Yeah um-” He chuckled and lowered his gaze onto the said glass that was shattered on the ground. “I don’t think you can ever drink water from that glass again. Considering you broke said glass,” he reminded you and your face fell. “Exactly how much did you drink?” He squatted on the ground and swept up the glass that was fortunately empty when you dropped it.

“Lots,” you responded simply and he chuckled with a shake of his head. “Hey, where’s my phone?”

“You left it in the hallway,” he answered and you hopped off the counter. “Uh uh-” he held up a finger at you and you climbed back on the counter. “I’ll get it for you, just stay there please. You are in no state to be maneuvering around, I don’t need you to break anything else tonight.”

“What did I break?” You asked, completely forgetting about the glass you’d dropped earlier tonight.

“You are ridiculous,” he chuckled. “Just stay there.” He dumped the swept up shards into the bin then walked out into the hallway to get your clutch. He picked it up off the ground then fished out your phone and saw a text notification from your best friend, Luca, that was addressed to him.

“Hey, Chris.
Did she make it to yours okay?”

Chris responded with a quick “yeah, I’ve got her.” With your phone in his hand, he placed your clutch on the table then made his way back into the kitchen. “What are you doing?” He stood in the archway and chuckled at you; you had stripped off your red dress and was now sitting on the bench top in just your bra and panties. “Aren’t you just a sight for sore eyes?” He teased you as he walked over.

“Just out of curiosity.” You wrapped your arms around his neck as he pushed himself in between your legs and placing your phone down on the counter and his hands on your waist. “Are you going to marry me?” Your question surprised him, but made him smile nonetheless; your drunk mind was speaking for your sober heart.

“Are you going to remember this in the morning?” He asked and you thought about it for a while then nodded your head. “Yeah, I don’t think so.” He chuckled softly, rubbing small circles into your skin. “Well, since you won’t remember this- I might as well be honest with you.” You raised your eyebrows, waiting for his answer. “I am definitely going to marry you. I’ve been thinking about it since our first date, I’ve just- been waiting for the right time to ask. We’re both busy people, I want the proposal and the wedding at a time that works for the both of us.”

“Have you thought about how you’re going to propose?”

“I have,” he nodded, “numerous times. My favorite is still the cliché of taking you to a holiday cabin, cooking you dinner, and putting the ring in your dessert. I’m just a little afraid you might swallow the ring whole,” he joked and poked your side, causing you to giggle. “Why so curious? Are you afraid I wasn’t going to marry you?”

“Well- if I’m being completely honest, I guess I was a little afraid you didn’t want to marry me because I wasn’t sure about having kids.” His face fell slightly; he was a little upset with himself that he made you feel that way. “I know you like children and that they are an important part of your life plan, so yeah- I was a little afraid I wasn’t enough.”

“I’m sorry I made you feel that way,” he kissed your forehead. “You are enough, Y/N. You have no idea how much you mean to me,” he told you. “All I want is you, you are the most important part of my life plan.”

“And you’re the most important part of mine, which is why I’d gladly have children for you.” You told him for the first time in three years and he felt his heart skip a beat. “I tell people I don’t want kids because it seems scary, but with you- it doesn’t seem as scary.”

“This is by far my favorite drunk Y/N moment,” he told you with a wide smile. “Thank you for telling me that,” he gently pinched your chin between his thumb and index finger, brushing your pink lips with his thumb. “You won’t remember this but at least I know where you stand. Like you say, drunk minds speak for a sober heart.”

“I’ll remember this,” you nodded. “Give me a pen and I’ll write it on my hand.”

“No,” he chuckled with a shake of his head. “I would prefer you not to remember this ‘cause I would like the element of surprise when I propose to you. Now c'mon,” he lifted you off the bench and plopped you onto your feet. “Let’s get you an Advil and put you to bed.”

“Chris?” You grabbed his hand and pulled him back towards you when he tried to walk to the pantry to get the medicine box. “I think I’m in-love with you.” You told him and he nodded in acknowledgement, chuckling. “No, I’m serious.”

“We’ve been dating for three years and you just told me you’d have kids for me, I think I already know that.” He caressed your face and kissed your forehead. “Do you want to make any other shocking announcements? ‘Cause I really need to get you that Advil and put you to bed otherwise you’re going to be having one hell of a hangover tomorrow.”

“No,” you shook your head, letting go of his hand. “That’s the only one.” You said then grinned which made him laugh. “Can we have pancakes in the morning?” You asked as he grabbed a sachet of Advil from the box.

“You can have anything you want,” he nodded. “Take this,” he popped two pills out of the sachet and passed it to you. “Let me get you some water.” He grabbed a glass from the cabinet and filled it with the filter tap water. “Here,” he passed it to you with the instruction, “down the pills then drink it all. I don’t want to see a drop of it left in the glass.”

“You got it, Captain.” You saluted him then proceeded to do as he instructed.

“You’re going to have a lot of fun tomorrow morning,” he chuckled and kissed the top of your head.

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why do you keep drawing that old miser? if I had your skills at art I would be drawing donald, or even better, Huey Dewey Louie and Webby!

I actually don’t know if I should take this as a complain or a compliment. But I guess I understand your point.

On the first hand, I want to offer an apology. Let’s be realistic… you’re kinda right. Not exactly for Donald, because I have a bunch of ideas I want to draw including him, but you’re right for the kids. The big problem I have with the kids is that, although they’re only 4 to 5 years younger than me… I don’t feel identified with them. I enjoy their personalities and designs, and love the ideas other people has about them, but… I don’t have any ideas myself. I don’t have enough creativity to make something about them. Sometimes I have some random inspiration but that’s all. It’s such a shame because, as I said, I really enjoy them. My personal favorite is Huey. Actually, you’re going to hate me, but I have more ideas for old DT kids than for new DT kids. Maybe I need more material about them to have inspiration. I may try to draw them more often after I finish all the stuff on my to-do list :> So expect a lot of Huebert one day! ;3

On the second hand… why do you sound like you hate Scrooge? Correct me if I’m wrong. But really, whyyy?? I mean, you’re free to hate him as much as you want but… but not in my house ;A; In this house we love and appreciate Scrooge McDuck. I know he can act like trash sometimes but he has his charm. He’s pretty great, actually!! Don’t touch him. He’s only a drawn old duck, he deserves love and rest.

You know?? I’m going to temporally change my icon to Scrooge only to solidarize myself with him, and because I can (?). Also sorry for the bad english, not my native languaje.

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Your art is terrible, seriously learn how to draw better! Also, keep your fuckin nasty yaoi hands off Jon you creep! Jondami shippers are so fucking disgusting and weird! Especially, when considering that Jon is just a little kid you pedo freak! And by the way, even if Jon was gay he would never fall in love with Damian, who is the epitome of a privileged, spiteful, sociopath! Go seek some help you need it!

First, if u don't like my work, just don't fucking watch it. U said it's disgusting, yet u keep watching? Seriously, what's wrong with u? Maybe u r the one who needs to see the doctor.

Second, u r not Jon, u have no rights to speak for him or decide who he should be dating or how his future goes.

Third, Damian is an amazing character with a lot of potential undiscovered yet. That's what I like about him, he's great as fuk, deal with it.

Last but not least…I think u knew what u just said is total crap, u r nothing but a pathetic loser hiding behind the screen, it’s just gross, and there is no argue of that. If u want me to stop drawing Jon, say it right to my face instead of using anonymous to attack me. Let everybody see who u really r.

EXO reacting to you being good at drawing nude people


He was working in his studio and you were drawing in your room. You both were at your home. As always you were drawing body postures, and different types of body movement or hands movements to improve yourself in nude drawing.

After a while, Xiumin decided to come and check up on you to see what were you doing. You two haven’t really talked about this passion of yours of drawing naked people, and no wonder he didn’t know, you didn’t ever draw a naked man from reality, you just saw other pictures and drawings of that kind.

He entered your room and came across the room at your desk. You didn’t see him entering the room so you got scared and suddenly jumped up a little. He started laughing then looked at what were you doing. At the pictures with the bare bodies of men and women he just got shocked and stood still for a minute.

“(Y/N)? Don’t tell me…are you by any chance…into those kinky things? Oh my, why didn’t you tell me? I would have been a model for your drawings” he said while licking his lips and looked at you in a way to turn you on.

“What?! Oh no waaay, I’m just studying… I mean!! noo, ahm, well…I didn’t even have a model, ever.” you said while blushing and looking down.

“Hehe- I’m sorry (Y/N), I was just teasing you, but you know I’d do that if you asked me, we can do that tonight, like that one scene from Titanic :> “ he laughed while he pulled you closer in a hug.

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Suho knew you were good at drawing, he just didn’t knew what kind of drawings you like making. So one day, when he was free, he decided to get you to draw him.

Not knowing anything, he pulled a chair in the middle of the room and asked you to draw him. You draw him all, normally as you always do, just without clothes on.

By the time you finished, he was almost asleep, so you woke him up and told him you’ve finished the drawing. When he gets a look at it, he starts blushing hard and asks: “(Y/N)?! You told me you were good at drawing, but you didn’t tell me you were going to draw me like this”

“Sorry Suho, I might have forgotten to tell you, is it that bad?” you asked him trying to make eye contact.

“Well…no, that’s the actual weird fact, this drawing it’s very accurate, scary accurate.” he says then looks up at you, holding in a laughter. The two of you were just friends, but at that moment, you felt as if the connection between the two of you was more than friends.

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The two of you went on a picnic date near a lake and Lay was so sweet he treated you like a princess all day. After you ate a little bit and took a walk round the lake, Lay came up with the idea that the two of you should try to draw each other, not just the face but the whole body of the other one.

He told you you should draw the way you know better and the funny thing was that you only knew how to draw naked people, but you haven’t told him that. You thought he didn’t really mind you drawing him in that way since you were dating.

After both of you finished drawing, he offered to show first his drawing of you, and it was so cute, not really realistic but it did look like you. When you showed him what you drew, he said: “Ahm…(Y/N)….I didn’t mean that kind of drawing…agh, i mean, it’s realistic but you should only draw that when we’re at home” he shyly looked at you then got closer and leaned on for a soft kiss on your lips. “I will punish you later (Y/N)”.

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(omo, I can’t focus on what to write at Baekhyun because of the gif with lay)

Baekhyun actually knew you were good at drawing naked people, he once saw you drawing, but he didn’t mention anything about it, he waited for the right moment to bring it up. 

And today was the day, the right moment. He entered your room, he took a chair in front of you and told you: “So…I want you to draw me, right now. Do you need me to take off my clothes first?”. He looked stone cold at you, right in your eyes.

“Baekhyun? Ahm…How did you know? I…are you mad?..” you said while closing your eyes for a minute. He didn’t say anything for some time, then begun: “I’m angry how you never asked me to be your model, I’ll teach you a lesson, you’ll learn how to draw my body tonight.”.

After saying this, he pushed in for a french kiss, then picked you up in his arms from the chair and got you to his bed. The rest is history ;) You learned how to draw every inch of his body that night.

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You were in the same class at him once or twice at the college and he kinda liked you but he never got the chance to tell you anything. You, by the other side, you liked him a lot. And since you were good at drawing, you even drew him naked and did all sort of kinky things while thinking of him, you just didn’t know he liked you too, but if you did, oh God, you might jump to the moon and back of happiness.

One day, you were drawing him again, on a bench next to the class you were going to have in the evening. He? He was coming too at that class. And actually he already came, but you didn’t see him. And you just didn’t realise that he was right behind you, analysing what you were drawing. 

He stood there and said nothing, then when you were finished, he finally spoke: “That is a really good drawing of me. You have a good memory. I often tried to imagine you like this too, but I couldn’t ever tell for sure how’d you look naked.”

Hearing his voice, you immediately jumped up and apologised at him, bowing , you felt soo embarrassed that you couldn’t even look at him. Then you hear: “Heyy, I’m not angry at all, rather that angry, I am happy, I wanted to tell you I love you since the beginning of the year, I’m glad we got here.”

You raised your head and saw him smiling gently at you.

“You know…Right now, after seeing that, I do have 19+ thoughts of you in my head” he said, laughing.

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Chanyeol knew you liked drawing people in that sort of way, so one day, as you were drawing his dog, he came up with the idea that you should draw him. Naked. He seemed like he took some time to ask you to do this so you didn’t ask him if he was sure.

He got all naked and stood on a chair and you drew him. After you finished, you showed him and he seemed way more impressed than you expected him to be. There truly was a good and funny thing that you enjoyed too while drawing him, and no, it wasn’t what you think about. It was the fact that he was all red, from head to toe when you drew him, he was embarrassed even if he tried so hard to hide it.

“Yaa…you should teach me how to draw like this. You have a beautiful body but nobody draws you, it’s really unfair.” you blush all over too when you hear him say that and when he sees, he giggles and pulls you closer to him.

“I am in love with every inch of you” he says then kisses your neck, leaving a mark there.

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(I have to cover up my eyes, I can’t focus because of these gifs)


He was your private tutor for singing, you really wanted to sing well and you needed some help, but you surely didn’t expect your crush to be the only private music teacher available. You really weren’t that good at singing because your first passion was drawing people…naked…people.

The first time he came to your home, the two of you made the introduction and after the introduction you took a break and went to bring him some tea. 

While you were gone, he accidentally came across a notebook of yours and opened it. He was so shoked to see on the first page a drawing of him naked that he didn’t even know where to throw the notebook so that you won’t notice that he looked in it.

By the time you came back, you gave him the tea, but for some reason he was all red and he didn’t even make a sound for 15 minutes. After a while, you saw your notebook on the other side of the room, which was strange because you always leave it on the desk. 

Seeing you look at the notebook confused, he apologised: “I’m sorry (Y/N)…I accidentally opened your notebook while you were not here…but you shouldn’t feel embarrassed…I…I like you too….but I really wasn’t prepared to see that, even if it’s a good drawing.”

You apologised too but he stopped you halfway with a soft kiss on your lips that suddenly turned into a crazy session of french kisses. The day pretty much ended in your bed….he surely did teach you how to get clear high notes.

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(I had to go down here to focus back again.)


You were together with him in a movie shop and you were searching for something good to watch when he came up with the idea that you should watch a 19+ movie.

You didn’t say anything, just followed him in the area with those movies, the you saw a movie with a naked man on it’s cover and said: “Ah I could easily draw this”.

You said it without noticing and Kai heard you. He grabbed a random movie, bought it and went back home with you. At home, he threw the movie on the couch, turned back at you and looked smiling like the devil at you, he was up to something.

He got you in his arms and went with you to the bed, he threw you there and asked you “You draw random men naked and your man not? What is this? are you making fun of me?”

“What…babe what the-” he stopped you with a french kiss that escaladed quicly to many kisses all over your body. “Do me a favor and draw only me from now on” he said while taking off his shirt.

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(I aM NoT OK.)


The two of you were playing with his dog when the dog suddenly ran across the room and grabbed your notebook to bite it. When Sehun saw, he ran to the dog to take the notebook.

Unfortunately for you, the notebook was open, and Sehun saw your drawings with naked people in it and started laughing then said: ”You know, I used to draw naked girls too, just one time I decided to stop because I wanted to draw my girlfriend next and i didn’t have one at the time…but now I have..Sooo do you mind being my model from now on? I promise I’ll be yours too if you say yes.”

You said yes laughing warmly at him and he came closer to you and kissed you in a way that shouted “I love you so much”.

The night ended with the two of you modeling for each other.

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*** Note: Sorry it took so long, I had to catch my breath, I got bias wrecked too many times.

Sorry for my bad english.

It’s in his kiss

A Drabble Games fic requested by @eclairer-le-ciel, featuring Kili

10: “You should’ve told me.”
11: “I can help you.” 

Based on “Imagine Kili teaching you how to kiss” from ImaginexHobbit.


You weren’t nearly finished moping when Kili strolled, cheerfully munching an apple, onto the terrace you had chosen as your hiding place.

“I was wondering where you’d disappeared to,” he mumbled through a mouthful. “Big day, eh? Are you excited?”

A closer look at your woeful face brought him up short.


He tossed the apple’s core out into the air to plummet, smaller and smaller, to the valley floor below before leaning on his elbows on the balustrade beside you.

“I’m sure everything will be fine,” he said encouragingly.

“Easy for you to say,” you lamented. “No one’s trying to marry you off.”

He snorted with laughter. “Please. You know my mother.”

“Fair enough,” you couldn’t help but chuckle, though you quickly sobered again. “Kili, what if I don’t like Durgrim?”

“Then you refuse the match,” he said matter-of-factly. “You know the choice is yours.”

“I know,” you fretted. “But it still feels like I’d be letting everyone down. His father is one of the greatest lords in the Iron Hills, after all.”

“So what?” Kili shrugged. “You’re the one who has to live with him for the next two hundred-odd years. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy.”

“You’re right,” you sighed. “And of course, it’s entirely possible that he might not like me, and all my worrying will have been for naught.”

“He’s a fool if he doesn’t,” Kili said loyally, and you nudged his shoulder with yours in affectionate thanks.

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4 Walls // Seventeen - Wonwoo

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GENRE: college!au \ angst + fluff


PROMPT: Wonwoo always comes back around.

A/N: A continuation to Q&A

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Hi! Can I get a scenario where Toshinori, Kirishima, and Iida's s/o gets a nightmare and they climb into bed with them? Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. ≧◡≦

Glad you enjoy my blog and guess who mostly beat their writers block! (great books always help tbh, if anyone ever wants to recommend one, go ahead! I love receiving recommendations.) I was going to see if I could spend all day writing today to makeup for lost time but apparently I’m going fishing later so I’ll see how much I can post when I return!

Toshinori had been asleep until you had crawled into his bed. He had been quite surprised to see you under the covers. “____, what are you doing here?”

“…do you want me to go?”

Gently smiling at you he pulled you into his embrace, settling your head against his chest. “No, I just want to know what suddenly brought this on.”

You sighed, one hand gripping onto his shirt, “…had a nightmare. .” you mumbled into his chest. 

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“You’re safe, so it doesn’t matter.”

Toshinori’s grip on you tightened, “You don’t have to worry about me, I’m the symbol of peace!” He chuckled, but not hearing a response from you he continued softly. “I’ll always make it back to you, no matter what happens.” 

You yawned softly, sleep overtaking you as his warmth and soft heartbeat lulled you to sleep, “You better, or I won’t forgive you.” 

“I love you, ____. I’ll always find my way back to you, even if I have to fight to the ends of the earth to get to you.” When he didn’t hear a response he looked down to see you had already fallen asleep. Toshinori couldn’t help but smile at your sleeping form, glad at the fact that you could so easily fall asleep with him. 

Kirishima woke up the minute you called his name from his doorway, you were actually surprised he woke up so easily since you had said his name softly.

“____, is that you? What are you doing?” He asked sleepily, trying to rub some of the sleep out of his eyes. He could see you fidgeting in his doorway, “Is something wrong?” 

You could hear the evident worry in his voice, “Can I sleep with you? I-I mean, as long as it doesn’t bother you…”

Kirishima could feel a blush crawling up his cheeks, “Y-yeah, that’s fine.” 

A small smile made its way to your lips as you quickly crawled into bed with him. “Thank you, Eijirou.” You quickly snuggled up to him. 

He quickly wrapped his arms around you, drawing you as close as possible, “Anytime, ____. Can I know why you suddenly wanted to sleep with me?” 

“I had a nightmare and couldn’t sleep.”

Kirishima smiled as he pressed a kiss to your nose, “Don’t worry, your hero is here to chase those dreams away!”

He could hear you giggling, “Good to know I can count on you.”

“A man always protects his lover!”

“A mans lover just wants to sleep right now.”

“Oh, right, sorry,” he said sheepishly. 

“Good night, my hero.”

He couldn’t stop the smile on his face, “‘Night, ____.”

Iida woke up with you poking his face. He sat up quickly, much too quickly as he hit his forehead against yours. You two winced, holding your own foreheads. 

“_-____, what are you doing here? This isn’t appropriate.”

“I-I know…”

“Then what are you doing here so late? If you have something you want to talk about it can wait until tomorrow.” He instantly regretted his words when he saw how upset you looked. “What happened?”

“…I had a nightmare. .”

“And you wanted to talk about it?”

You quickly shook your head, “Maybe later. .”

“Then what are you doing here?”

You cast your eyes down, heat rushing to your cheeks, “I-I wanted to sleep with you…”

Iida felt his face heat up, “Y-you know that isn’t appropriate. .!” 

“Please, Tenya, I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep alone.”

He easily relented, not wanting for you to have trouble sleeping. He lifted his covers and made room for you, which you quickly went under and joined him. Iida felt his face heat up even more when he felt you snuggled up against him. 

“Thank you,” you mumbled against him. 

He only sighed, wrapping an arm around you, “It is difficult enough to refute you, even more so when you look upset.”


“I’m not necessarily complaining, but we will talk about your nightmare tomorrow.”

You could only nod, sleep slowly overtaking you.

All I Want For Christmas (Telltale Batjokes Christmas Fluff)

AN:  Merry Christmas everyone. This is possibly the most stupidly fluffy thing I have ever written. I hope you like it, and that these two dorks can bring you a little bit of Christmas cheer. As always, the full story is available under the cut.


“If you could have absolutely anything in the world for Christmas, and I mean anything, no matter how ridiculous it might seem at first, then what would it be?”

Bruce Wayne delighted in watching the way John Doe’s face lit up at the question.

It had occurred to Bruce just a few days earlier that John had probably never had the chance to celebrate Christmas before, or at least not properly. They probably did something to celebrate inside Arkham Asylum, but Bruce doubted there would have been much in the way of presents or cheer.

Bruce wanted to make this; the first Christmas that he and John had been together outside of Arkham for; the best day that he possibly could.

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I keep seeing people say how BigHit is treating Taehyung like a shit, using BT21 and this is not true. First of all they draw their own characters and decide their personalities. Yes, he looked really down sometimes and didn't talk at all but remember what Jimin said for him. "Taehyung had many things to overcome at the beginning of this year... He overcome everything on his own... He has been mature..." Bang pd really cares about them. And I'm sure they all had bad times.

okay so i’ve been seeing people talk about this a lot and tbh??? i think we should stop speculating his emotions. tae had some strong reasons to be sad this year and people should stop complaining about him not being 1000% happy all the time and drawing attention to it. he’s an actual human being who has the right to feel sad, and as you said, they all have probably gone through a bad time at some point and i strongly believe all the members and their team are there for each other

Imagine Chris surprising you and your daughter.

Author’s Note: Oh my God, how cute was the Gifted trailer?! ❤️

“Mama.” Your seven year old daughter, Olivia, looked up at you as the two of you walked home from the park with Dodger. “Do you think Daddy will be home for my birthday party tomorrow?” She asked, her big blue eyes filled with so much hope; they painfully reminded you of your husband’s, whom you hadn’t seen in almost four months thanks to his acting career.

“I don’t know, baby.” You gave her small hand a light squeeze. “Your daddy would love to spend tomorrow with you but his work keeps him very busy.” Olivia sighed but nodded understandingly. “Even if he misses it, know that he loves you very much.”

“I know that.” She looked up at you and smiled. “It’s okay, Mama. I understand.”

It broke your heart because your seven year old shouldn’t have to understand why her dad was missing yet another birthday. She should have been throwing a tantrum like she did when she turned five and you missed your a flight home from London because filming had taken longer than expected. Either she was growing up faster than most kids her age or she was just used to her A-List parents and their incredibly demanding jobs; being in the Hollywood industry meant occasionally missing family milestones.

‘We’ll celebrate again when Daddy gets back,“ you told her. "We’ll see it like you have two birthdays.” Her eyes lit up with excitement and she grinned. “Yup,” you nodded, confirming her suspicion. “That means double the presents too.”

“Yay!” She cheered excitedly. “C'mon Dodger, I’ll race you home!” She pulled her hand out of yours and sprinted ahead; Dodger yanked his leash out of your grip and ran after his master’s mini-me. “Dodger, wait for me!” You heard your child laugh as Dodger ran ahead of her.

You chuckled softly, following behind them. The two of them loved to race, but they usually only did it when the house was in near sight. You’d warned her about roads and cars, and stranger danger, so she always made sure it wasn’t much of a distance before she raced the pup home.

“I never get to beat you.” Olivia sat on the front porch with an adorable pout on her face. Dodger barked and jumped around her playfully, drawing laughter from her. “It’s okay, Dodger. I still love you,” she hugged him and nuzzled her small face into his fur.

“C'mon, you two.” You chuckled as you walked up the porch stairs and unlocked the door. “Let’s clean up and get ready for dinner.” Olivia and Dodger followed behind you inside the house. “You said you wanted to make some pizza, right?”

“Mm hm!” Olivia chirped, taking off her sneakers as you worked to lock the door. Your eyes narrowed at the brown boots sitting by the shoe rack; you were sure Chris had taken them with him, perhaps he took the other ones. “I love pizza, just like Daddy! If he were here, he’d be real excited for dinner too.”

“Yeah, he would be.” You nodded and held out your hand for her to take. “Let’s go wash our hands and then we can start making our pizza dough. What are you feeling like?” You asked as the two of you started to walk towards the kitchen. “Thin and crispy, thick and fluffy, deep di-” Before you could finish your sentence, your daughter pulled her hand out of your grip and sprinted towards the bearded man lying on your couch.

“Daddy!” She pounced on him, her tiny body landing knee first on his chest.

“Oh God.” He coughed then chuckled, wrapping his arm around her and sitting up. Olivia squealed excitedly as he rose to his feet, throwing her over his shoulder. “You’re growing fast, little one.” He lowered her back down onto his hip as he walked over to you. “Soon you’re going to be as tall and as beautiful as your mama.” He smiled at you and you smiled back, genuinely happy to see his handsome face. “Hey you,” he leaned forward and kissed you.

“Welcome home,” you pulled away to say then returned your lips to his.

“Bleh,” Olivia made a face then laughed when Chris broke the kiss to tickle her. “Stop, Daddy!” She squirmed in his arms then cupped his face in her small hands, forcing him to smile with her fingers. “We’re so glad to have you home.”

“And I’m glad to be home,” he grinned at her. “I couldn’t miss my little princess’s eighth birthday, and I definitely couldn’t miss pizza night.” He poked her side and she giggled, making his smile reach his eyes. “What are we thinking? Thick and fluffy with lots and lots of cheese?

"Yes, please!” She nodded in agreement. “What do you think, Mama?” The two of them turned to you with the same hopeful, pleading eyes. You chuckled; the two of them knew perfectly well it was hard enough for you to say no to one, let alone two.

“Like I have a say when it comes to the two of you,” you chuckled. “Fine, yes. Thick and fluffy with lots and lots of cheese.” Chris and Olivia glanced at each other, grinning happily. “I don’t care about any of that 'cause all I care about is that we’ve got you back home.” You admitted, walking into Chris’ open arm.

“Me too, sweetheart.” Chris kissed your hair. “Me too.”

Dinner with friends

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

Rated ~Smut

Pairing ~T.O.P x Jiyong x reader

Series masterlist

The chatter in the room became a low murmur as you swayed in your seat to the smooth jazz and sipped on a glass of red wine. you could feel your entire body pulsating as the alcohol made its way through your veins.

You were brought out of your trance when you felt a hand gently skim across your knee and come to rest on your exposed thigh. you lifted your heavy eyelids to see your boyfriend Seung Hyun smirking back at you. He slowly leaned in nuzzling his face into your hair.

“You’re drunk” Seung Hyun chuckled.

“No you’re drunk” you slurred back poking an accusing finger in his chest causing him to chuckle again.

“You’re so drunk that i bet i could do this…” Seung Hyun whispered as his hand caressed its way up your thigh under your skirt stopping before your panty line.

You looked up at him shooting him a warning look only to have him chuckle once again before turning to the conversation of the dinner table as if nothing had happened.

His hand moved further down your inner thigh and a knot formed in the pit of your abdomen. why was this turning you on? you knew it was wrong to do this in front of your friends and Seung Hyun ’s band mates but you couldn’t bring yourself to deny this man.

Feeling flustered you looked around the table making sure no one could see what was happening. luckily everyone was to engaged in chatter to notice.

You took another sip on your wine when Seung Hyun’s pinky brushed against your panties causing you to cough as you choked on the wine.

“Are you ok noona?” you heard Jiyong ask from across the table.

You looked up to see everyone looking back at you. you instantly felt your cheeks heat up with the intensity of a wild fire.

“I’m fine, the wine just went down the wrong way” you replied with a squeaky voice. the entire room erupted into laughter. you noticed Seung hyun laughing particularly hard so you elbowed him in his side.

“Yah! i’m sorry jagi, did we upset you?” Seung hyun asked as he leaned in and firmly pressed his lips against yours. he pulled away and stared longingly into your eyes. he did it on purpose, he knew it drove you crazy.

“So _____-ah when will your next exhibition be open?” Taeyang asked.

“Well I’m still not decided on all the pieces yet…” you paused as you felt Seung hyuns pinky slowly moving up and down your clothed slit.

“Why is that?” Jiyong chimed in.

“Umm…. I’m ah… not entirely convinced by them.” you couldn’t concentrate, Seung hyun knew exactly how your body worked and took full advantage of it.

“What do you mean?” Taeyang asked again.

You could feel the cloth of your panties getting slicker and slicker with each stroke his pinky made. you could barely think but you knew you had to answer soon or they would start to get suspicious.

“I guess….. you could say that I’m…… just being a typical artist….. never happy with my work” you giggled nervously, thankfully the other diners all laughed with you.

You flinched as a rush of cold air hit your warm core where Seung hyuns large hand used to be. you swore you saw Jiyongs eyes narrow at you for a moment but your suspicions were swept under the rug when you felt Seung hyuns hand once again.

He hooked his fingers under your panties and gently pulled them to the side and you bit your bottom lip in anticipation. he ran his index finger up and down your wet slit.

Everyone seemed to go back to talking amongst themselves and you couldn’t help but let out a small sigh in relief, but just as you did Seung hyun stuck his index finger inside you. you had to grip the table just so you wouldn’t let out the moan that was hanging in the back of your throat.

Seung hyun picked up the momentum of his finger gliding in and out of you, your breathing became erratic and to no avail you sucked on your bottom lip to try and calm yourself. you were sure that you two would be caught at any moment, but as your eyes darted between the other diners no one seemed to notice, until you saw Jiyong.

Sitting back in his chair with his arms crossed he smirked at you with a glimmer in his eyes. there was no doubt that he knew what was going on under that table.

Seung hyun slowly lent into you. “I can tell you like him watching you jagi, i felt you clench around my finger as soon as you noticed him. I want you to keep eye contact with him” Seung hyun said breathing down your neck.

Seung hyun then placed his thumb on your clit and started to draw circles around it while his index finger continued to move in and out of you. You did as he said and kept eye contact with the man sitting across from you. His cat like eyes boring holes right through you.

Seung hyun started to speed up his fingers and you let out a whimper, Jiyong bit his bottom lip at the sound. He looked around at the other dinners, they were all to busy giggling at another one Seungri’s stories. Jiyong then uncrossed his arms and picked up his fork from dinner, he looked up at you and winked as he threw the fork under the table. keeping his eye contact with you he slowly slid under the table. you could feel yourself get wetter with the thoughts of him watching you down there.

Seung hyun used his free hand to grab your chin to face him, he stared into your eyes for a moment before he pulled you into his lips. just as Seung hyun pushed his tongue through your lips and against your own tongue he removed his fingers from you and slowly slid his hand down to your knee, opening your legs wider.

hot air rhythmically danced its way over the skin of your inner thigh, making its way towards your core painfully slow. you grasped Seung hyuns shirt in anticipation and he chuckled into your mouth.

Suddenly Jiyong put his lips against your swollen clit, you moaned into Seung hyun and gripped tighter into his shirt. you felt jiyong’s hands caress your thighs as he sucked and lightly nibbled on you. you began to lose control as the knot in your abdomen got tighter.

You moved your hands to Seung hyuns face so you could pull him deeper in to the kiss earning yourself a low growl from him. Jiyong stopped for a moment and you pulled away from Seung hyun, you looked up at him panting in a hot mess, Seung hyun smirking back at you.

Just when you felt you were safe from the two mens desire to make you squirm, Jiyong used his thumbs to spread your lips open, then ran his tongue up your slit and flicked your clit. your mouth dropped open, before you could make a sound Seung hyun captured your mouth with his and quickly rammed his tongue down your throat.

Your head was starting to spin from the attention from both men. you knew it wouldn’t be long before you completely lost yourself in all the stimulation. Jiyong picked up his pace flicking your clit with his tongue. you ran your hands up Seung hyuns pecks, over his shoulders, to his back, clawing at him through his shirt. Seung hyun moaned, returning your rough kisses.

You felt a finger push through your folds, into your hot core. he curled it up slightly, hitting just the right spot. your body began to shake as you felt your release getting closer. you pushed your nails harder into Seung hyuns back causing him to growl.

“Oh get a room you two” Seungri shouted. you quickly pulled away from Seung hyun and felt Jiyong slowly slide his hands down your thighs.

“What? you dare talk to your hyung like that?” Seung hyun growled back at him.

“Hey where did Jiyong go?” Taeyang asked looking around the room.

Suddenly Jiyong popped up from under the table, holding his fork high in the air.

“I found it” he proclaimed as he sat back in his seat. not taking his eyes off of you he slowly reached down to pick up his napkin and slowly dabbed the corners of his mouth.

“Hey hyung, i’m hungry. is there anything for dessert?” Daesung asked.

“There’s some ice cream in the freezer, help yourself" Jiyong replied.

“Thanks. would you like some hyung?” Daesung asked walking past you into the kitchen.

“No thanks, i’m full” Jiyong purred smirking at you.

-To be continued-

Slash's straight hair
  • Axl *about his tattoo (Appetite For Destruction cover)*: Slash wanted straight hair, so we gave him straight hair.
  • Slash: I didn't ask for straight hair.
  • Axl: Yes you did. You totally did. Yes you did.
  • Slash: I've never said that.
  • Axl: Yes you did, totally.
  • Slash: What makes you say that?
  • Axl: Because you did.
  • Slash: Why? Was I drunk?
  • Axl: I don't know, yeah i think you were, you were at the hell house.
  • Slash: Oh, yeah. Because I told Bill... I told Bill... I said: "You'll never gonna be able to draw curly hair right."
Connor Soulmate

Warnings: None I think

A/N: Yes, I said I was going to do Evan too, but I really have nothing right now, so it may be a separate post. Enjoy :)


  • This guy
  • He probably draws small doodles on his hands
  • And you secretly look forward to them
  • But you don’t ever write back because you don’t want him to think you’re bad at drawing
  • And Connor thinks that he doesn’t have a soulmate, and that crushes him a little
  • Until one day
  • You had been doing homework, and you forgot a math equation so you ran to your computer to find it, until you realized that you forgot to bring a paper, so you quickly scribbled it down on your hand
  • Connor noticed immediately
  • Like, what is this random math equation doing on my hand?
  • You quickly realized after doing your homework that your soulmate could and probably has seen what you wrote
  • So, you wrote “sorry” on your hand
  • Connor’s eyes lit up
  • Because maybe he wasn’t alone after all
  • The two of you started talking more
  • Although it mostly consisted of awkward “hi”’s and “how are you?”
  • But soon, you finally mention his drawings
  • He gets super embarrassed
  • He didn’t think you liked them
  • You said that you thought they were great
  • And you learn that Connor lived across the country from you and you almost cried
  • Like, you had grown such a strong bond with him, and you now learned that you weren’t able to see him, because you were in high school and couldn’t even drive without your parents
  • But, he tells you about after high school and how he wants to move to New York
  • And you plan to go there after school
  • So you start saving up
  • By working more hours at your job
  • And suddenly, Bam! It’s the end of the school year, and you have enough money to go
  • Your parent’s try to stop you, but you tell them that you’re going, because you’re 18 and you’ve been waiting for this forever
  • You call Connor
  • And you learn that he’s at the airport getting ready to go, but his flight was cancelled and it was going to be the next day
  • And you realized that you were going to the same airport as him, and were going to be in the airport as him
  • (yes, I know this is almost impossible but just go with it please)
  • Anyway, you get there
  • And you immediately see him, because of the time you guys spent talking on the phone, and skyping
  • You smile and get really giddy
  • You just call out his name and this boy is so shocked by you
  • You were even better in person
  • He just fucking ran over to you and kissed you
  • It was the first time he’s seen you that wasn’t in front of a computer screen
  • You just were so happy you finally met him
  • Then you two live happily ever after
Sick Day (Drabble)

Summary: Feeling ill isn’t so bad when you have Dean Winchester to keep you company. 

Characters: Dean x Reader 

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: First drabble! @alliekay727 - I saw your post about not feeling well and so I quickly wrote this. I hope this makes you feel a little better, imagining Dean is there with you. <3 


Sick Day

Dean knew from the moment he woke up that you were sick. You were usually up before him and he’d noticed you tossing and turning all night.

He got up quietly to go to the kitchen to grab a glass of water for you. When he got back you were half awake, covering your eyes with the duvet as the light from the corridor streamed in through the door.

Dean sat down on the bed beside you placing his hand to your forehead.

“You alright, sweetheart? You don’t look too good”, he said anxiously.

You squinted at him in the bright light, your head pounding as you tried to sit up.

Dean placed the glass of water on the side-table before propping up the pillows behind you for you to lean back on.

“What time is it?”, you muttered groggily.

“Eleven”. He frowned, worried about you. You hardly ever slept this long.

You picked up the glass of water, taking a small sip before you felt some tightness in your stomach.

Dean noticed your discomfort, glancing at you apprehensively.

“You ok? You’re not going to throw up on me are you?”.

You smiled, shaking your head.

“I don’t think so… it just feels… tight?”.

“Period?”, he asked.

You glanced at the calendar hanging on the wall next to you.

“Hmm… maybe… I’m not due for another week though”.

He checked your forehead again, his warm touch calming you a little.

“You’re on the warm side… I wouldn’t call it a fever though”, he said, removing his hand from your head.

“Crap… what about our date-night?”, you moaned.

You groaned, annoyed that you felt so shit. Of all the days too. You’d planned a date-night with Dean for the evening so this was super inconvenient.

Dean shook his head reassuringly.

“We can do it another time… you just focus on feeling better. Do you want breakfast?”, he asked.

The thought of food made you feel a little nauseous right now so you turned down that offer but you knew he would be hungry.

“Go and have something to eat, D, and then maybe we can watch TV?”, you suggested.

Dean left to get breakfast from the kitchen, eating it there so the smell didn’t make you sick.

He returned a short while later with the laptop, clambering into bed next to you and resting it on his lap as you leaned against his shoulder.

“Ok, so what do you want to watch?”, he asked, cheerfully.

“Umm… whatever really. Something funny”.

He wrapped his arm around you gently, drawing patterns on your warm skin as you browsed through the comedy section.

Once you had found something to watch he settled down, keeping an eye on you, making sure you were ok.

“Do you want anything? More water? Hot water bottle?”, he asked after the first episode had finished, noticing you had begun to drift off again.

You shook your head.

“Nah, I’m good. I have everything I want right here”, you said sleepily.

He chuckled, pulling you closer to him and placing a gentle kiss on the top of your head before pressing play on the next episode. 

You drifted in and out of sleep for a few hours, Dean remaining by your side as you rested, his familiar scent relaxing you whenever you felt the tightness in your stomach return. 

With Dean, being ill wouldn’t be quite so bad after all.


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hey! idk if this prompt has been done/ won’t work, but i really just want pure unadulterated fluff between the twins richie and mike and them just lying around talking about life and trying to figure out how everything got so bad and just having brotherly moments and loving eachother like the soft boys they are

(this definitely works and i loved writing this)

The June before Will was taken lost, in the woods, The Wheeler’s sent only one of their twin sons to a family member in Maine. Richie had been having problems focusing– and much to a bigger complaint, keeping his mouth shut– and another parent in the neighborhood told them about a specialist in Derry to try and help him with his Attention Deficit Disorder, which Mike always thought was fake; that was just Richie.

Mike had never been away from his twin for longer than a few days, and he had his own reservations about the idea, while Richie was always screaming about how much he hated seafood. He was sent away later that week. By the time he returned the following December, he was a different brother than Mike had sent away.

Richie never slept well as it was, always up and reading or writing or telling jokes to Mike in the middle of the night, but since he had returned, he was restless. He turned over on his bed countless time, his quiet mumbling and groaning keeping Mike up. Their parents never suspected anything, Richie still able to keep his energy levels up to eleven and bouncing around the house, nearly breaking everything like he used to and proving their plan had failed. Mike had heard all the stories though. First, in Richie’s sleep, the boy muttering names that Mike remembered from letters, postcards, and phone calls. Eventually he got the full conscious story, trading his own adventure with Will and even introducing him to Eleven. All Richie kept saying is how much he fucking hated clowns.

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In response to this au (brought to my attention by @downthedungeon; thank you), I wrote a little something:

Clarice was 17 years old, in her final year at the Bozeman Lutheran Home, when she had heard about the arrest of Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter. It was all she could do not to go to bed and thank the Lord - if He indeed existed - that she had not met that “Hannibal.” Surely, she reasoned, there were other Hannibal’s in the world. She ignored the fact that she on her way to be a criminal justice and psychology major. And that he was a criminal and a psychiatrist.

Jack Crawford’s office, almost eight years later, was very lightly decorated. There was leftover paint on the walls from furniture moved, and most of the office seemed to be in a state of just slight disrepair. Starling shifted in her seat as Crawford continued to spout off about qualifications and all that jack shit that would hold her up from getting into Behavioral Science once she graduated.
“Do you spook easily, Starling?”
“Not yet, sir.”
“See, we’ve tried to interview and examine all of the serial murderers we have in custody. To build up a profile, of sorts. Most were willing to cooperate. But the one we want most, we haven’t been able to get. I want you to go after him tomorrow in the asylum.”
Clarice Starling felt a glad knocking in her chest and some apprehension, too. Mostly apprehension.
“Who’s the subject?”
“The psychiatrist - “
Starling felt her stomach drop.
“Hannibal Lecter,” he finished. The trainee was apparently unaware of her ghost-like appearance. Crawford observed her to have almost suddenly fainted, or she was simply mortified.”You alright, Clarice?”
She took a moment, looked down at her hands in her lap, and then back up to her superior. “Just fine, Mr. Crawford. A little nervous, that’s all, sir.” Then, something she had just thought of. She had an opportunity and she seized it. No need to tell either of them. She could get this done, and it could work out well for her. “Also, um, sir. I would prefer that you use my middle name if you would like to address me so personally. Clarice is my aunt’s name, and it just confused things for me when I was little.” Bullshit. “Marie is fine, for the time being.” Crawford seeing Starling so nervous left him simply off the rest of the day, at least until he took two aspirin.

Marie Starling had made her introductions to Dr. Chilton. To herself, and only to herself, she contemplated who the slimy doctor’s soulmate truly was. A voice in the back told her that the only suitable name for Frederick’s soulmate would be Hishand. Starling had to keep herself from smiling before greeting the orderly. It was a stupid joke. It shouldn’t have been that funny.

“Dr. Lecter, my name is Marie Starling. May I speak with you?”
The prisoner got up from his cot and slowly approached Clarice, before greeting her. She started to explain to him the situation they had at Quantico, but he cut her off with a raised hand. “You’re one of Jack Crawford’s, I expect.”
“I am, yes.”
“May I see your credentials?’
“Umm. Dr. Lecter, I’m still in training at the Academy and therefore I don’t yet have credentials.”
Jack Crawford’s freshly-printed temporary ID card sat in her bag. Despite her request to be called Marie in his presence, “STARLING, CLARICE M.” was printed in bold on the card. So much for that.
“I see.” He moved toward his small bed once again.
“Excuse me, Doctor, but I do have this badge Mr. Crawford gave to me just in case you didn’t believe me.” Lecter cracked a wide smile at that. “I also have papers containing his sign-off for this meeting. Will that suffice, sir?”
“I think so. Although I do wonder why Jack Crawford sent a trainee to me. But that’s besides the point. Now then, what did Miggs say to you?”

Hannibal Lecter could hear Starling’s inexpensive shoes long after they clicked their way down the dungeon hallway. Migg’s particularly foul stench permeated the air, so much that Dr. Lecter retreated to the far opposite side of his cell as to avoid smelling it. He thought of the girl. MA-RIE. He sounded it out. MAA-REE. Heavy on his lips. MARIE Starling. It had an interesting ring to it. Was there a chance that it was not just Marie Starling, and that she was actually the Clarice he had been looking for for the past fifty years of his life? Yes. Was it probable? Definitely not. However, with four life sentences weighing down on him, he wasn’t quite sure when he was going to meet another woman, mind with or without the name Clarice. In addition, he highly doubted there were any men named Clarice around, so that ruled out that option. Hannibal’s upper lip nearly completely enveloped that of his lower. He bit softly. Maybe he had missed his Clarice because of his incarceration.
While the doctor would not claim to know the plan of the fates, if they in anyway resembled his relationship with God, he was quite sure he was, crudely put, fucked.

“Years of silence, and then Jack Crawford sends down his girl and you just went to jelly, didn’t you? What was it that got you, Hannibal? Was it those good, hard ankles? The way her hair shines? She’s glorious, isn’t she? Remote and glorious. A winter sunset of a girl, that’s the way I think of her. I know it’s been some time since you’ve seen a winter sunset, but take my word for it.
“Do you still think you’re going someplace with a window? I don’t think so. I called Senator Ruth Martin and she never heard of any deal with you. She never heard of Marie Starling, either. Only some twenty something hick named Clarice with a knack for slutting herself around for cheap ambition. She got you, Hannibal. She got me, too, and she still has Jack Crawford.
“You must really be slipping, old man. Not only did you refuse to pick up on her phony deal, you never even knew her real name. She did it to save her reputation, I suppose, in case something backfired. She could say Clarice Starling never failed to save Miss Martin, Marie Starling did.”
Chilton attributed Hannibal’s sudden willingness to cooperate to Frederick’s own master manipulation. The cannibal was just excited to tell everyone Buffalo Bill’s name in exchange for a real sunset.

Freddie would never realize how right he really was.

Starling knew Chilton had fucked it up. Now in more ways than one.
“Good evening, Clarice,” he said. She didn’t falter when he said it.
“I thought you might like your drawings back, Doctor. Just until you get your view.” Keep him where you want him.
“How very thoughtful. Or did Jack Crawford send you for one last wheedle before you’re both booted off the case?”
“I came because I wanted to.” There was more truth to that than she would have liked to admit.
“People will say we’re in love.”
Hannibal felt true, unbridled pain shoot through his being when Clarice Starling flinched at his accusation.

twistedraisa  asked:

This may be a weird request but can you do a Plance high school fic w/ Pidge singing in the choir room alone and Lance just passes by and hears her amazing voice so he decides to join in. I know like I said weird but I think it's cute.

so like a High School Musical AU right well i tried but i was never in choir and my knowledge of music in general is so outdated (so you can imagine whatever song you like in the right place) but i hope you like it!!

Lance meandered down the empty hallway from the chemistry lab to the gymnasium. The silence was eerie, enough that he ran his hands along the locks in the lockers, producing some sound other than his own footsteps. Usually other students filled the halls when Lance left his last class for after school soccer practice, but after a mishap in chemistry his teacher had forced him to stay behind and help clean up.

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“Give them to me, Novak.”

“Okay, if you want to,” Cas leaned in and stole a small kiss. He smirked, “That’s what you meant, right?”

“I meant my glasses, you idiot.” Dean blushed.

“You’ll have to be more specific next time. Look, there’s that cute blush again!” said Castiel, finally giving him his glasses. 

Had to draw some cute Nerd!Dean and Punk!Cas because hiyochi and I were roleplaying this morning (she writes Dean).

Pine Scented Memories

Pay 14 Prompt: Pine

Pairing: Jack x Reader

Warning: Fluff and Jack

Word Count: 428

Title: Pine Scented Memories

You took a deep breath of the air, the scent of pine filling your lungs and you smiled. The scent of pine brought back good memories of simple and happy times with your family before the monsters came.

“(Y/N)… What are you smiling about?” the familiar voice of Jack asked.

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