i said i stopped chipping them.

OTP Things:

1. “You can’t be mean, because I cook the food…and I could technically poison you.”


3. “Pick your underwear up off the floor.”
“Why? You’re the one that threw them there…last night…remember?”

4. “Sharing a single strand of spaghetti is not romantic. Stop asking.”

5. “You set the fire alarm off making mac and cheese!!”

6. “You just called my mom, Mom. That’s, like, better than when you said you loved me for the first time.”

7. “Potato stix. Not potato chips. Not french fries. Sticks. S-T-I-X.”

8. “Connect-four my ass. You fucking cheater.”

9. “You’re seriously going to make me sleep on the couch because I BEAT YOU IN MONOPOLY!”

10. “The blanket is a shared utensil. You can’t just wrap yourself like a burrito and leave me to freeze to death.”

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Can I request a scenario with RFA + V and Saeran where MC is told that she is being let go from a her job and is upset?

Can’t really do a scenario for something like this;; Did a reaction instead  ( ̄▽ ̄)


Request Killing: 18/30

Reactions to MC Let Go From Her Job


  • He used to visit you at work after his classes were over… Disappointed he can’t do that anymore
  • Also angry for you
  • Why would you, of all people, be let go from your job?
  • He knew how much of a hard worker you were
  • “It’s okay, MC. It didn’t pay you that well, anyway,” he said, trying to comfort you.
  • When he passed by the building you used to work at, he’d stick out his tongue childishly every time.
  • Despite how he spoke ill of the place and seemed angry, he was upset that he couldn’t see you as much anymore, more than anything.


  • Probably the least helpful in this situation, to be honest
  • But he does get pissed for you—he knows how much you’ve been overworked
  • Gets in a fight with your manager
  • A brutal, physical, hands-on fight
  • (Also lands a hit on that one co-worker who was an asshole)
  • He risked getting caught by the police, but he fulfilled his promise to you of taking revenge.


  • His eyes actually light up when you say that you’re out of a job now
  • Which confuses you, because you thought that of all people, he was the most likely to sympathize and feel sad for you… and like, a pat on the shoulder or two…
  • But he looked happy?
  • “Be my model! I’ll pay you very well~” he exclaimed, beaming
  • ??? You didn’t think you looked the part for a model, though…
  • “Seriously, MC, you’re a work of art. You know that saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well. If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would see just how beautiful you are.”
  • Eventually coaxes you into modelling for him, on the condition that you may quit if you find a better job


  • Calmly processes the information that you tell her over the phone
  • Doesn’t want to get upset or anything, since she’s not the one going through this…
  • But she wants to help you as much as she can
  • Searches for jobs with good pay and management
  • Sends the best picks with advice on how to appeal to each company in your job application
  • “The least I can do is help you find a new job,” she replied when you expressed surprise from her actions


  • Worried about your living conditions as soon as he learns that you were let go from your job
  • Immediately offers for you to live with him temporarily
  • “You won’t be able to pay rent and take care of everything else until you’ve found another job, right?”
  • If you reject him, he’d still drop by with cooked meals and take-out everyday so that you didn’t have to worry about food expenses
  • You tried to reassure him that you had enough to take care of yourself for now, but he insisted
  • “I’ve been there before,” he explained. “I was careless with spending before I found my next job after I was let go from my first. It was harder than I thought… And I don’t want you to go through that same experience. Let me take care of you before anything can get worse, please.”


  • “No worries! I’ll help you take revenge!”
  • Spreads bad rumours online about the place you used to work at
  • Forces it to shut down due to the lack of popularity and profit
  • Secretly adds money to your bank account without you noticing, since you’ll be out of a job temporarily
  • Asks what you’d be interested working as
  • Sets up that specific job for you by kicking someone else out of that position… amongst several other dirty tricks
  • When you asked why he’d go so far for you, he simply replied, “You’re gonna be my Honey Buddha Chips supplier from now on! I can’t be bothered to go out and buy it myself, and I don’t have a legal bank account so!!”
  • SO. You’re gonna be his chip dealer. Should’ve known his generosity didn’t come for free…


  • He doesn’t seem all too concerned when he hears that you were let go from your job
  • Everyone else in the chatroom was worrying about you but all he said was, “Oh, is that so?” and then stopped replying
  • You didn’t expect him to show up at your door with a stack of papers
  • He handed them to you and turned on his heel to leave
  • “Wait! What’s this for??” you asked, confused by his sudden appearance
  • He furrowed his eyebrows, “The reports you have to hand in tomorrow, of course.”
  • “Huh?”
  • “…Didn’t I tell you that you’re my second assistant now?” When you shook your head, he chuckled. “There’s no way I’ll let anyone in the RFA be jobless, silly.”
Doomed — Min Yoongi (03)

Words: 3932

Warnings: demon!Yoongi + violence + angst + fluff + actions that may lead to smut (but don’t worry, this chapter doesn’t have smut) + tears may be shed

Description: Living with two demons isn’t an easy thing.

[01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06]

Living with two demons was way harder than expected.

Living with Yoongi was good and Taehyung seemed like a cool guy, so you thought that living with both of them would be easy.

But boy, you were wrong.

“Y/n! Stop thinking so loud! I can’t sleep.” Taehyung complained as he walked out of your bedroom, clutching a pillow in his arms.

“Stop reading my mind then.” You tell the boy. “You know I can’t. It just happens.” He sighs.

“What am I supposed to do about that?” You asked.

“Stop thinking about stuff, duh.” He says. 

“No! I want it!” Taehyung whined.

“No, Taehyung.” You said, holding the bag of chips in your hand. He was begging you for it.

“But I’m hungry!” He groaned. “There’s a fridge and a stove.” You said, pointing to both objects in the kitchen. “Make yourself something.”

Taehyung pouted as you ate the chips. A couple moments passed before he did anything. Suddenly, he grabbed the bag of chips out of your hands, running to the other side of the counter.

“Taehyung!” You groaned. He laughed, eating the chips as if he was taunting you.

You ran to the other side of the counter, trying to catch him, but he ran in circles as you chased him around.

You finally gave up, sitting down on the couch, trying to catch your breath.

“Why are you still living in my house?” You groaned, putting your face in your hands.

“Because you love me being here.” He smiled.
He wasn’t lying. In the weeks that Taehyung has spent living with you and Yoongi, you’ve grown really close to him.

Taehyung is a fun guy. He’s funny and he’s just nice to be around. He has a good vibe, even though he’s a demon. He seems to always be in a good mood, and he rarely gets annoyed. Taehyung was genuinely a good person.

But, oh boy, he annoyed you so much.

Taehyung wasn’t the only one who annoyed you. If it wasn’t Tae getting on your nerves, it was no other than Yoongi.

He loved to mess with you. He says that it’s his “source of entertainment in this harsh, harsh world.”

You were in the shower, cleaning yourself. You suddenly felt a tap on your shoulder. You yelled before turning around in shock.

It was just Yoongi. He moved the curtain a little so only his face was visible to you.

“Yoongi!” You yelled. He just laughed as if he didn’t just scare you half to death.

“Yoongi, get out!” You groaned, pushing him away. “Or should I get in?” He asks, smirking as he undid the first button on his shirt.

“Don’t.” You tell him. “Get out.”

“Fine.” He sighed, removing himself from the curtain and walking away. Or at least, you thought he walked away.

You turned around, starting to clean yourself again. When you finished your shower, you stepped out, wrapping a towel on your waist.

You saw someone sitting on the closed toilet seat and almost jumped in fear. “Yoongi!” You groaned once again.

Seeing your reaction, he looked at you and chuckled, standing up and walking over to you.

“I just want to spend some time with you, jagi.” He speaks. Hearing his nickname for you sent chills down your spine. You liked it. A lot.

“Yoongi, let me get dressed in peace.” You tell him. He groaned, not taking no for an answer as he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

“Why are you like this?” You sighed as he rested his forehead on your shoulder.

“Because I lo—” He started, only to be cut off by the sound of the bathroom door opening.

You both looked at the door to see Taehyung. Once he saw you two, he covered his eyes and turned around.

“Um—I—this is not what I expected to walk in on.” He says. “What do you want, Tae?” Yoongi asks his friend.

Taehyung stayed turned around with his hands over his eyes as he spoke. “Hoseok-hyung called. He said that we need to go to you-know-where, now.”

Yoongi looked at the boy for a few seconds before sighing and looking at you. “I’ll be back soon, okay?” He kissed your cheek before walking out of the bathroom.

Even though he said that he’d be back soon, you knew he wouldn’t be.

Whenever Yoongi and Taehyung leave like this, they don’t come back until it’s really late. Sometimes, they don’t even come back until the next day.

You always wondered where they went. You wonder what that place was that they always talked about.

Maybe it had something to do with the “demon council” that Hoseok was talking about the other day.

You asked Yoongi about it a couple of times, but he always told you not to worry and to forget about it.

But you couldn’t forget about it.

You wanted to know what it was. Badly.

“Y/n,” You heard someone say, waking you up from the nap that you were taking on the couch. You sat up at looked at the figure that stood in front of you.

You blinked a couple of times, adjusting to the light and seeing that it was Taehyung.

“Hey,” he greets you. “Hi.” You waved. “Where’s Yoongi?” You ask.

“Um—well—he's—” he stuttered, but he didn’t need to finish his sentence for you to understand. 

“He’s not coming home tonight. I get it.” You sighed. Taehyung nodded. “He said he’s really sorry.” He tells you.

“It’s fine.” You said. You missed Yoongi a lot, but you understood that he had demon business going on.

“I have to leave soon. I won’t be back until tomorrow either.” Tae informs you. “Great. So I’ll be home alone.” You say, sarcastically.

“Well, on the bright side, you can sleep in your bed tonight.” Taehyung says. Of course. Taehyung was a “glass half full” kind of guy.

“Yeah, okay.” You said, standing up and starting to walk to your room. 

Sometimes you wished that Yoongi wasn’t a demon. Of course, if he wasn’t, you would’ve never met him. But that didn’t mean that you didn’t want him to be normal.

You liked Yoongi, a lot. You missed him, a lot. But he’s always busy with demon business. You wished that he could just take off a couple of days and spent them with you.

Maybe if you became a demon, you’d get to spend more time with him.

Who are you kidding? Being a demon has a lot of consequences. You can’t handle being a demon.

You hated the way your heart ached every time you found out that Yoongi wasn’t coming home. It killed you on the inside to hear that he wouldn’t be spending the night with you, like he always does.

You can’t count that number of times that you’ve thought about breaking up with him, just because you don’t get to see him as much as you want to.

“Y/n,” you heard Taehyung sigh. You stopped walking to your room and turned to face him. “I think you forget sometimes that I can read minds.” He says.

You didn’t say anything, so he kept talking.

“You don’t have to break up with him, y/n. You can’t break up with him.” Taehyung says. “I’m not going to break up with him, Taehyung.” You say.

“You better not. Yoongi needs you in his life. I know he’s not home all the time to be with you, but he really does need you, y/n.” He explains. “You don’t understand how stressed he gets when he can’t come home to you. He gets so upset. He wants to be with you just as much as you want to be with him.”

“I know that, I just—”

“I get that it’s hard for you since he’s a demon and you’re not used to dating a demon, but everything be fine. Don’t worry about it. Yoongi cares about you so much, y/n. You should hear how he talks about you with me, Hoseok and Namjoon. He’s head over heels for you.” He explained.

“Taehyung.” You started.

“Y/n, he’s really, really sorry that he can’t be with you all the time. Don’t blame him for it, okay? It’s not his fault. He’s trying as hard as he can to handle everything.”

“Okay.” You say simply, nodding your head. “I get it.” You tell him.

Taehyung nodded. “Now go to sleep. Yoongi and I will be back tomorrow.”

You listened to him, going to your room and closing the door before getting in your bed and closing your eyes.

You couldn’t help but think: how the hell could Taehyung be so annoying at times, and then be so nice?

You laid on your couch, reading a book. It was evening time, so everyone was awake. Yoongi was cooking something (probably ramen) and Taehyung was in your room watching tv.

The book you were reading was so interesting. You couldn’t take your eyes off of it.

“Y/n,” You hear Taehyung say, whining as he walked out of your bedroom and into the living room.

You hummed, still reading your book.

“I wish you would stop reading that book.” He says. “Why?” You asked. “Because I can hear your thoughts. I never knew a person could be attracted to a fictional character.” He explains.

You blushed, putting your book down. “Taehyung.” You groaned. “I’m sorry. I was just trying to watch tv, but I heard everything that was going on in your head.” He speaks. “I don’t think you should read this book anymore.” He picked up the book and looked at it. “What is it, anyways?”

“It’s an erotic book?” He asks. “Now all of your thoughts makes sense.” He chuckles.

“Taehyung.” You groaned once again, trying to take the book away from him.

“What are you guys talking about?” Yoongi asks, coming into the living room and standing beside Taehyung.

“Y/n was reading this book. I heard her thoughts. They were wild.” Taehyung explained, giving the book to Yoongi. “Wild?” Yoongi asks, looking at the book before raising his eyebrow at you.

You blushed once again, burying your face in your hands as Taehyung spoke. “Hyung, you should’ve heard. She was thinking about you while she read the book.”

“Really?” Yoongi asks. “What did she say?”

“She said that she wants you to—” Taehyung started, but you cut him off, speaking over him.

“Don’t!” You say, warning him. Both boys chuckled and you sat there, embarrassed. “Taehyung, how long have I been telling you to stop exposing me like this?” You asked.

“Well, I’ve been living here for about two months, so……about two months.” He answered, laughing. “Oh, come on. It’s funny. Yoongi loves when I expose you.”

You sighed and looked at the boys.

“Taehyung,” Yoongi started, causing the younger boy to look at him. “I think you should sleep at Namjoon’s and Hoseok’s house tonight.”

“Why?” Taehyung raised an eyebrow at Yoongi before seeming to understand what he meant. When he realized, his eyes widened. “Oh my gosh.” Taehyung says. “I know why you want me to leave. You want privacy. You guys are nasty!”

You giggled as Yoongi spoke. “Taehyung.” He groaned. “Fine. I’ll leave. But make sure you wash the sheets when you’re done.” Taehyung speaks.

Yoongi hit Taehyung on the back of his head, and Taehyung held his head in pain before leaving the apartment.

You and Yoongi were alone now.

Yoongi sat down beside you and put the book on the coffee table. “So,” he starts and you looked at him. “You want to tell me what you were thinking about while you were reading this book?”

You shook your head, still slightly embarrassed. Yoongi just smirked. “I think I saw the movie to the book. I know what happens in it.”

“The movies aren’t always the same as the books. More stuff happens in the book.” You explained. “Then show me what happens in the book.” Yoongi instructed.

“Yoongi,” you started, but he didn’t let you speak. Instead, he pressed his lips against yours. You pulled away, looking at him for a couple of seconds, as if you were asking a silent question.

“Y/n, stop being so worried about everything.” He says, seeing the look on your face. “I’m not worried.” You said. “I’m just—”

“You think that we’ll get interrupted?” He asks. You nodded. The last time you and Yoongi tried to get intimate, his phone rang while you two were in the middle of doing your thing. It was Hoseok calling to tell him that he had to be somewhere, and that it was urgent.

And then Yoongi left. Literally leaving you high and dry.

“Don’t worry.” He says, wrapping his arms around you and picking you up. “I don’t have to be anywhere today or tomorrow. I’ll be here all night.” He pressed his lips against yours once again.

He walked to the bedroom, closing the door and laying you on the bed when you got there. The whole time, his lips never left yours.

Yoongi hovered over you, one of his arms running up and down your body while he used the other one to hold himself up.

Yoongi pulled away, going to pull of your shirt, but he stopped when you spoke. “Promise me that you won’t leave tonight.” You say.

Yoongi looked into your eyes, seeing the worry on your face. “I promise I won’t leave tonight, baby.” He tells you. “I’m going to stay, and make up for lost time.” He said as he removed your shirt, followed by his.

“I’m gonna treat you like the princess you are.”

A couple minutes after you two started making out, you went to unbutton Yoongi’s pants, but he stopped you, breaking away from the kiss.

You raised an eyebrow, looking at him as he looked back at you and spoke.

“I love you, y/n.”

Yoongi’s POV

“Min Yoongi.” I heard the man say. He was a couple feet away from me, sitting on a big red chair. The chair he sat on had two slightly smaller chairs on each side, which were occupied by people I’ve grown too familiar with.

“I’m glad to see you again.” The man smiled at me. That was a lie. I knew that.

“Lehun, we both know that you’re not happy to see me.” I told him. He just chuckled.

“I’m just here to get Taehyung. Where is he?” I ask.

Lehun looked to his right, just as a door on the right side of the room opened. Two men came through the doors, holding each of Taehyung’s arms as they dragged him inside the room.

He was beat up. Just as beat up as the day that y/n helped him.

“Let him go.” I say to the men, but they didn’t listen to me. I hated to see Taehyung struggling against their grasps.

“Yoongi.” Lehun started. I turned to look at him. “We have to talk.”

“Talk about what?” I ask. “Stuff.” Lehun says.

“Tell them to let go of Taehyung, then I’ll talk.” I say. “No.” Lehun says, simply.

I groaned, knowing that Lehun was stronger
than me, so nothing that I could do would change his stubborn mind.

I looked at Taehyung, and the boy slightly smiled at me. “I’m good. Don’t worry.” He says.

I looked back at Lehun. “You said you wanted to talk? Let’s talk.” I tell him.

“Okay.” He says. “There have been rumors going on about you. Did you know that?”

“What kind of rumors?” I asked.

Who knew that in hell, they spread rumors around m as if they were immature middle school students?

“Well, it was very interesting. I have to know if it’s true.” Lehun chuckles. “I heard that you’re dating a human. Your human.”

How did he find out?

“What are you talking about?” I asked, pretending not to know. He couldn’t find out about y/n. It would put her in so much danger.

“You know what I’m talking about. You know that you’re not supposed to be in a relationship with your human. That’s against the rules. You could be killed.” Lehun informs me.

“I’m not in a relationship with her.” I stated.

“You better not be. Your connection with her should be strictly demon related, nothing else.” He tells me.

“I know that.”

“Min Yoongi, I swear, if I find out that you’re dating your human, I will not hesitate to hurt you. Your friend Taehyung likes to break rules, it’s wouldn’t come as a surprise if you did too.” He explains.

“I’m not breaking any rules. I’m not dating her.” I say. “Now let Taehyung go.”

Lehun looked at the people who were holding Taehyung. His servants. “You heard the man. Let him go.”

His servants let go of Taehyung, and Taehyung started walking to me before falling to the ground, screaming in pain.

My eyes widened and I rushed over to the boy. As I looked down at him, scratches began to form on his face, bleeding.

I looked over at Lehun who was smiling. He was the one who was doing this.

“Leave him alone!” I yelled.

“But it’s fun!” Lehun says.

After a few moments, Lehun finally stopped.

I felt so bad, watch Taehyung lie on the ground in pain. There wasn’t anything that I could do to help him.

After Lehun stopped, I picked Taehyung up and left, flashing back to me and y/n’s apartment.

“Y/n.” I called, holding Taehyung up. Y/n came out of our bedroom, her eyes widening once she saw Taehyung.

“Oh my gosh.” She says. “Put him on the bed. I’ll go get the first aid kit.” She instructs, going to the bathroom to get the kit.

I brought Taehyung to the room, lying him down on the bed as y/n came in. She instantly started tending to his wounds. This wasn’t a new thing. It happened quite a lot. More times than it should have.

“Thank you.” Taehyung says to y/n as she finished cleaning him up.

Y/n nodded, smiling at the boy before grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the room, closing the door.

“You know,” she started. “You’re going to have to tell me what’s going on soon. You can’t keep bringing Taehyung in like this and not telling me what happened to him.”

“You already know what happened to him. He got hurt.” I tell her.

Y/n rolled her eyes. “You know that’s not what I mean.”

“Y/n,” I started. “Yoongi, I understand that it’s demon business or whatever, but you can’t just keep leaving me out like this. I’m your girlfriend, don’t I deserve to know?” She asks me.

“I don’t need you worrying about what’s going on. It’s too dangerous. You’re in danger by just being with me.” I said.

“So you’re saying I shouldn’t be with you?” She asked.

“No! Well—yes, but that’s not my point!” I say. “So what is your point? You don’t want to be with me because it’s too dangerous? You think I can’t handle it?” Y/n asked me.

“I didn’t say that! Of course I want to be with you! I love you. I’m in love with you.” I tell her, looking into her eyes as I grabbed both of her hands. “You know that I love you, right?”

“Yes, I know that, Yoongi.” She answers. “I’m just so tired of being left out. I want to know what’s going on.”

“Y/n, I would tell you, but it would get both of us in trouble. I’m not supposed to be with you. If they find out, we both could die!” I explained.

“If who finds out?” She asked. “Y/n, I can’t tell you.” I say.

“Yoongi. I want to know what’s happening. I want to know what you do every time you go out. I want to know why Taehyung keeps coming home hurt. I want to know that the hell a demon council is. I want you to stop keeping secrets from me like I’m a child or something.” Y/n says, pulling her hands away from mine.

“You want to know so bad? Fine! I’m not supposed to be dating you, y/n! It’s against the rules. The only reason I’ve been with you all these years is because I was assigned to you. Every demon gets assigned to a human. And when the human turns twenty-three, the demons have to turn them. But you’re not supposed to date your human. I broke that rule and I could be in big trouble. If they find out that I broke it, they can and will hurt both of us!” I finally explained to her. “There. I told you. Are you happy now?”

“Why are you crying?” I asked her, seeing the tears roll down her face.

“So that’s all I am to you? Just some stupid human that you’re supposed to turn?” She asked. “I didn't—” I started, but she cut me off.

“Is that what you’ve seen me as this whole time? A stupid human that you’re just supposed to turn? Did you even want a relationship with me? Do you really love me? Or is it all just a lie? Is it all just a lie to make me more willing to let you turn me? Is this all like some stupid, sick game to you?” She asks, jumping to conclusions.

“Of course I really love you, y/n! This isn’t just a game. I love you. I love you so much. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t have tried to keep this from you for so long.” I tell her.

She rolled her eyes, wiping her tears away, but they still came.

“I never ask you to keep it from me.” She said. “You didn’t have to.”

“I did have to. I wanted to keep you as far away from danger as possible. I care about you, y/n. I love you. You know that.” I say, wrapping my arms around her. I expected her to push me away, but she didn’t. She rested her head on my chest and cried into my shirt.

“I didn’t want to get you mixed up in all of this, y/n. It’s not all fun being a demon. It’s really not.” I tell her.

After a few moments, y/n looked at me. Her tears stopped coming. I didn’t know if it was because she was done crying, or if she just used up all of her tears.

“Y/n,” I started. “Now that you know, I promise I’ll do everything I can to protect you. I can’t have you getting hurt. I need to keep you safe.”

“You need to keep yourself safe. You said that if they find out, you’ll be in big trouble. They can do worse to you since you can withstand more pain.” She tells me. “Listen, y/n. You don’t have to worry about this for now, okay?” I tell her, just wanting this conversation to be over already.

“Go to sleep on the couch. I’ll go check on Taehyung and then I’ll be with you.” I say.

Y/n nods before I released her and she starting walking to the living room.

“Yoongi,” she starts, stopping in her tracks and turning around to face me.

“Yeah, baby?”

“I love you, too.”

A Place To Call Home  pt. 9


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 11,069

Warnings: Language, mentions of abuse, smut (bad smut, but there’s smut)

A/N: SURPRISE?! I know you guys have been waiting a long time for this part and it’s finally here! I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get it up, getting through this part was really a struggle for me and I’m not sure why. Every time I thought it was done I wasn’t happy with it and I started it over. I’m actually pretty happy with how this came out and I hope you all like it! Hopefully the next part wont take as long to get up. I was going to leave you all with another cliffhanger but I decided since you had to wait so long for this I would be nice and not torture you with that. 

Originally posted by find-madness

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I used to work in a theme park in a line-order restaurant (serving guests and serving employees) some of my stories.

>An elderly British couple came in, the woman asked for tea. I inserted the tea bag, filled the cup with hot water over the bag, capped it, sleeved it, and handed it to her. She looked at me in abject fear and confusion before turning to her husband and asked “An American who knows how to make tea, WHAT IS THIS?”

>A different elderly British couple asked if the Fish and Chips we served was real fish and chips, I told them it was until the health department said we had to stop serving it in news paper. The wife thought this was hilarious.

>A man came through, looked at our menu and said that our food looked good but was way too fatty, I agreed and jokingly said that “you know what they say, a heart attack is just your body’s way of saying ‘I have eaten all the delicious food the world has to offer and now I am ready to die.’” The man thought I had a valid point and ordered a double cheeseburger, his wife was significantly less amused.

>A couple with a young child approached with the distinct repeated sound of air being blown through the souvenir cup straw. The father asks for a refil, after I fill the cup he sighs and with a deflated tone says that he regrets teaching his son how to make noise with the straw. The mother slowly nods her head with pursed lips and a look of “I told you so.”

>A kid asks how much longer the restaurant is open. I tell him that we close when the park does in 360 minutes. Kid freaks thinking everything is about to shut down, so does his dad until he does the math and realizes that that was six hours.

>A platoon of soldiers comes in during our breakfast hours, having a week’s leave after basic before getting sent to their assignment. The each order an English Breakfast (eggs, sausage, country potatoes, fired english muffin) with a Belgian waffle (we only have two waffle makers because we don’t normally get that kind of traffic in the morning) we stop taking breakfast orders at 11. We give the last soldier their breakfast at 1. We have to tell lunch customers we are no longer serving breakfast as we give breakfast to these people idling about.

>Guy from Philadelphia asks if our Philly Cheese Steaks are “real.” I tell him no, describe why. My coworkers are pissed, he thanks me for actually knowing what he asked and orders one. Tells me he can’t tell the difference. I use that in my response from then on.

>Guy from Delaware asks if our Philly CheeseSteaks are “real.” I say no, but people from Philly have said they can’t tell the difference. He orders one, stops me while I’m making it and asks where the Cheese-wiz is. The guy in front of him from Philly angrily asks if he’s from Delaware. The guest angrily replies that he is. A fight almost breaks out. My coworkers learn that I was not joking when I said people from Philly take their Cheese Steaks seriously.

>Man comes in asking for beer, tries to prove his age with an ID held together with scotch tape. Gets pissed when I deny him service and ask for alternate proof of identity.

>Woman tried to use void ID to purchase alcohol. Produces valid ID when asked for alternate ID (she had moved so she had to have her drivers license changed). Insisted that the ID with the word VOID punched into it was still good because it had not yet expired.

>Old woman angrily demanded to know where I was after my day off. Claimed I was the only person in the park who knew how to make fish right, and demanded that I tell my manager that they were no longer allowed to serve fish on days when I was not working.

>Guy in charge of all the restaurants in my area of the park is performing an inspection during set up and decides to QC the aforementioned fish. Declares it to be “nice and flaky, like a lot of the people who work here.”

>Tram driver angrily yells at me for serving hot food that will make him sleepy and crash a tram full of guests. I tell him that I don’t control the menu or food policies and that his meal voucher doesn’t cover the salad bar, which is written on the voucher. He asks how he could be expected to read that when he doesn’t have his glasses?

>See a coworker doing a half-assed job closing as I’m getting ready to clock out at doors. I tell him if he half-asses it he won’t have to answer to one of our supervisors, he’d have to answer to the coworker who has been at the park longer than many of the workers have been alive. He laughs. The next day the elderly coworker demands to know who closed last night, I tell her about my conversation with the closer. She takes closing shift from me so she can “teach” him how to close. He never doubted my cleaning advice again.

Panicking And Flirting.

Jughead x Reader 


Summary: Reader has a panic attack but Jug comes and saves the day but not forgetting to make sure he sees his damsel in distress later on for dinner. 

Words: 1407

Warnings: It could be triggering but it’s really not anything too intense.

Originally posted by mallverine

I didn’t really tell people about my anxiety because no one actually payed enough attention to notice or to care so I would just live life as normal and hope I could avoid situations that I knew made me anxious and panicky. This was hard because even though I had anxiety I still tried to be as out going and confident which made it hard to try balance the two.

But today was different, so many things were going horribly and I was actually surprised that I had held it together this long. I walked in the student lounge and set my bag on a table to try find something to eat because I felt like I was going to be sick. I wasn’t alone for long because soon after the school jock, Reggie, walked in with his little minions and a few other people like Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper walked in and sat on the couches.

Not finding anything in my bag I took money from my pocket and went to the vending machine in hopes they would have a energy bar. I just got to the vending machine when Reggie stepped in front of me, I tried to ignore it and move to the side but he kept following me and all his friends were laughing or passing around snarky remarks.

“What’s wrong (Y/N/N) am I in your way?” He slurred meanly as he stood over, getting too close in general.

“Please Reggie.” I whispered and tried stepping to one side to get past but he mimicked my move.

“Sorry princess, I didn’t hear you.” He smirked, I turned around and started walking away when he pulled me by me jacket sleeve. I got pulled back and was now leaned against the cold vending machine while Reggie snatched my money away from me, “What would you like?” He purred, I know this was just playful boy flirting but it was too much. My anxiety was over the roof and I couldn’t stop it now, I was pushed too far and there was no turning back.

I just stared at him in shock and helplessness, "Helllooo earth to (Y/N).” He mocked, all his friends started laughing and I couldn’t help it any longer, the tears just fell and there was no point in stopping them now. A confused expression came over Reggie’s face  before he started laughing hysterically. I was now shaking, with tears running down my face, sobs and breaths choking in my throat and had a group of teenage boys laughing at me.

“Hey assholes! What the fuck are you doing.” I heard someone say from the end of the room, the laughter grew from the boys.

“We did nothing, she just started freaking out.” Reggie said between his laughs.

“Get out, all of you.” The voice said, I could see him in the corner of my eye, dark hair and a smallish frame. “Before I call Weatherbee.”

“Okay, calm done Mr. detective.” Reggie laughed, “Come boys, lets go.” He called and walked out the room with his friends.

I felt two hands wrap around my shoulder, they felt softer than the voice’s, I didn’t open my eyes as they lead me to one of the couches and sat me down. I opened my eyes, they burned and I was still shaking, battling to breath, my stomach doing flips, and my hair matted to my wet cheeks.

“(Y/N) it’s Betty, and Archie and Veronica and, you know what it’s the whole gang here actually,” she chuckled slightly, “Just relax, breath in… and out.” She carried on for a while until I calmed down a little. I sat there for a good thirty seconds after she got me to stop crying, the all watched me, which wasn’t making things better. I looked around the room, Veronica and Archie giving me emphatic smiles but when my eyes fell on Jughead he looked panicked himself. I looked over at Betty, she saw my shy expression and chased Veronica and Archie off to get us all food. Betty told me to stay where I was while she got me a new shirt from her gym locker because I had used mine to wipe away my tears.

As she walked out the room Jug turned to me, “Are you okay (Y/N/N)?” He got up and sat next to me carefully and handed me his jacket.

“Yes, thank you Jug.” I said and gave him a teary smile as I draped the jacket over my shoulders.

“You’re still shaking.” He pointed out, I sighed when he continued “What’s wrong, because I feel like that there.” He pointed in the direction of the vending machine, “Was the tipping point of something much worse.“ He talked with a soft tone as his gaze raked over me.

"It’s been a long day.” I said, he was clearly unsatisfied with my answer because he sighed and looked at me like I needed to explain further but when I remained silent he didn’t give up.

“Have you eaten?” He interrogated me further. I shamefully shook my head, his eyes widened slightly and he began to rummage through his backpack only to pull out a bag of chips and handed them to me. I held them as we spoke not wanting to eat his food. “You’ll be fine now right, just a sugar low? Do you need water?”

“It’s just my anxiety, Juggie.” I said quickly with a soft voice. “Relax, I’m fine now.”

He looked up, his brows furrowed together in confusion, “I never knew…”

“Because I’ve never told anyone.” I cut him off while shaking my head.

“But Betty knew, when I got up to make them stop, she knew what to do.” He stared at the ground with his elbows on his knees.

"Betty has dealt with it before…” I replied back monotonously.

“Oh.” He frowned and fiddled with his dark hair for a moment, “But you’ll be okay right?” He said taking my hand for reassurance.

“Yeah,” I said taking his hand and smiling at him, “Thanks for helping Jug.” I squeezed his hand and settled back into the couch.

“Anytime.” He said with a grin. We sat in silence for a few seconds, my heart went from racing because of fear to excitement. “Do you want to come to Pop’s tonight with me? We could talk more about this?” He motioned to in between us with a giddy smile on his face.

“And what would this be?” I smirked playfully.

“So you don’t want a this?” He acted sad but then squeezed my hand making sure I knew he was joking. “So, Pop’s tonight?” His eagerness evident in his tone.

I could feel the blood rush to my face, he arched an eyebrow waiting for an answer. Just when I was going to say yes Archie and Veronica walked in and I mentally groaned, why couldn’t they’ve waited two more seconds?

“Turkey sandwich madam?” Veronica placed the neatly packaged sandwich on my lap and Archie handed me a bottle of water.

“Thanks guys.” I said immediately unwrapping the food and taking a huge bite, I could feel my stomach settle almost instantly. Jughead had pulled his hand away from mine when they entered the room but that didn’t stop him from giving me sweet glances, every time he looked over at me I couldn’t help but get butterflies.

I looked over at Jughead because he was staring at me, he mouth Pop’s  and shrugged his shoulders I then gave him a quick nod and we turned back to the conversation. I watched the grin grow on his face as he pretended to listen to Veronica. The bell went and Archie shot up saying something about forgetting his math homework and left the three of us alone.

Jughead stood up stretching and then held a hand out for me, “I’ve sorta got AP English now.” He said as I took his hand and pulled myself up next to him, “but I’ll see you later.” He smirked and fixed his hair before heading off to class. I grinned and felt the blush burn on my cheeks.

“Was that what I think it was?” Veronica squealed, I bit back a smile and nodded causing her to erupt in a fit of giggles and squeals, “Come on we have to find Betty!” she exclaimed and took my hand dragging me down the corridor.

What To Expect

Requested by Anonymous: Reader is Barry’s girlfriend of four years and she finds out she’s pregnant but she doesn’t know how to tell him because she’s affraid it’s too soon.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 1793

A/N: Hey guys, here’s another request after a long ass time lol I hope you like it, I’d love to hear your opinions x


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Jihoon gets a bit jealous of you and Daehwi joking around, and a cute conversation ensues (because the cutest kind of relationship is one with communication)

  • this is so short i’m so sorry but it’s 5am and i just want to post this and sleep
  • non au?
  • jisung and sungwoon the aunties and  guanlin the angsty teen

“The stress is on JEOjang, (y/n),” Daehwi giggled, dancing around as he did the little rectangle hand sign that Jihoon, your loving boyfriend, had coined on the show.

“No, no, you’re doing it wrong!” You exclaimed, quickly getting up to show the younger how it was done. “You go Nae Maeum Seoge Jeojang!” You wiggled your hips a bit, winking at Daehwi, who dissolved in giggles again. The two of you kept doing the little hand sign, collapsing into a fit of giggles.

“Ah, they haven’t seen the pains of the world yet,” Jisung mused from his position sprawled out on the couch. Next to him, Sungwoon chuckled, readjusting the curlers in his bangs.

“Let the youngsters be,” Sungwoon nudged him, “oh, what a joy to be young.”

Daehwi got distracted with some game Woojin was playing on your phone, making you realize that Jihoon wasn’t even in the room. Heading to the kitchen, you found him resting against the countertop, sipping a glass of water.

“Hey,” he greeted with a small smile, kissing you lightly.

“You disappeared, what happened?” you asked, leaning comfortably into his side. He readjusted himself so that his arm was around your waist. Jihoon shrugged.

“Dunno. Felt kind of weird, I guess,” he replied, setting the water glass down, “jealous? We don’t ever mess around or joke like that anymore, and I guess I just felt uncomfortable seeing you do so with Daehwi.” You shifted your position so that you were leaning flush against him, smiling up at his adorable pout.

“I don’t joke around with you anymore because I barely have time to see you,” you explained in between quick pecks to his face, “I want my time with you to be valuable, not taken up by silly jokes.”

Jihoon smiled, leaning down to kiss you. “I know babe, it was just a split-second thing. I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“If you say so,” you replied a bit suspiciously, leaning up to kiss him on the lips again.

“Aw, ew, hyung!” Guanlin complained, not even looking up from his phone as he opened the fridge to find a snack to eat. “Can you guys stop being so gross?”

“Buzz off, brat,” Jihoon teased, throwing a chip bag at his head. Guanlin glared at Jihoon, taking the chip bag nonetheless. “If we have kids, I don’t want them to turn out like that,” Jihoon said firmly, making you laugh.

“We’ll raise them to be mini Jihoons,” you replied, snuggling up to Jihoon. The two of you stood in the kitchen for a few more minutes, content to just hug, before Jisung called for you to join the others in the living room for some game.

Jughead & Reader: Trapped

Read part two here

Summary: You’re not the biggest fan of Jughead Jones and he’s certainly not your biggest fan. But one night the two of you are working on a project at school and end up getting locked in after hours. While waiting for someone to come and let you out, you and Jughead end up opening up to each other.

Requested by: suckerforjughead

Listen to: The English Summer - The Wombats

School was over for the day and while everyone made plans to go out and have fun on Friday night, you were stuck at school. You had to work on a project and needed to use the computer lab for research. Normally you’d go home to work but your sister was having a slumber party and there’s no way you’d be able to concentrate on your work while they blasted One Direction and danced around the house. 

You opened the door to the lab and saw a few people on the computers already. A few were broken and had hand-written signs on them telling you to use a different one. But the other open ones were taken. You sighed and decided to wait for one to open up.

Pulling out your phone to text your friends and to check some apps, someone left one of the computers. As you slowly made your way over to the chair while reading about a new album coming out by your favorite band, someone cut in front of you and sat at the computer. “Hey!” You yelled. 

You realized who it was and instantly became a thousand times more annoyed. “What the hell, Jughead?”

“The computer was open. I grabbed it. You snooze you lose,” he said as he set his book bag down and started to get things ready for some research. 

“You clearly saw I was walking towards it. I’ve been waiting for a computer for ten minutes,” you said as you put your hand on your hip, glaring at him. 

He shrugged his shoulders, looking at the computer as he opened up Google and typed in some information for his project. “Don’t know what to tell you.”

“You’re such an asshole,” you mumbled as you kicked his chair and looked around at the other computers. 

“Thanks for the info,” he said nonchalantly as he typed away.

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title: saeyoung, i’m gay.
genre: humor and fluff
fandom: mystic messenger
characters: rfa, v, saeran, and vanderwood
summary: saeran suddenly announced that he’s gay… saeyoung was so shook

note: i got this idea when i turned in my bokuaka story to my teacher. the first question they said, “are they gay?” im like… didn’t you see the hint over there. and then this girl asked, “did you used the wrong pronoun for this keiji guy?” im like no… that’s literally a guy… who’s married to a guy… and they stopped reading it. T_T so yeah enjoy this beautiful story i made because im pissed :D

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Listen, I’ve always followed the rules. I’ve read the pamphlets, heeded the advice of the upperclassmen, never overstepped my boundaries. Carry the iron and salt, only tell your false name, leave three containers of coffee creamer and two caramel squares under that one table in the dining hall every other Tuesday, study in brightly lit and highly populated areas of the library, all the little things you pick up by your second year at Elsewhere.

Don’t mess with the Gentry if you don’t want some kind of trouble. Simple.

My goal, once I figured out what kind of place this school really is, was to stay as far under the radar as possible. I even went as far as to pay extra for a single-person dorm room so there was no risk of having my roommate Taken and Replaced. So, you would think I could get by pretty easily without stirring anything up. Yeah, I thought so too.

Just because I take extra precautions not to mess with the Fairfolk doesn’t mean I’m immune to the imperfections that all college students have. This includes occasionally letting my room get…a little messier than I probably should. But, hey, I don’t have a roommate to call me out on it, so it happens. And that’s where my trouble began.

It started about two weeks ago, when my room was in the state mentioned above. I didn’t think much of it, until I started waking up with weird marks on my body. My arms, my neck, anywhere that was out from under my blanket while I slept. They were almost like bug bites, but also had the unmistakable qualities of burns. Dozens of tiny little burns. I thought maybe it was some kind of bug that had gotten into my room somehow and was eating from the open bag of chips on my desk. But when I cleaned my room to try to find them, there wasn’t a trace of anything. Not a single bug. Still, I left out an ant trap the next night before going to sleep, just in case.

The next morning is when I knew this was something Other. The chips that I had thrown away were out of the trash bin, the bag ripped apart and crumbs littering the floor. The ant trap had scratches around it, but was empty. And there were even more marks on my arm than before. They weren’t itchy or even particularly painful, but they filled my with a kind of dread that could only come from a warning.

I gave in. I bought a mood ring from a shop down the road and brought it back to my room. I needed to know what this was. If I had a name for it, or could at least describe it, maybe someone would know what to do.

That night, I laid in my bed, trying hard to look asleep, the mood ring clutched in my palm so tightly that the cool metal left a circular indent on my skin. I left another bag of chips out on my desk, wanting to draw it, them, whatever, to a specific spot. And I waited for something to happen.

And waited. And waited.

Hours went by, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I was beginning to think that maybe, somehow, it had been a mouse that had gotten into my trash. And maybe the marks really were just bug bites. Maybe this school was making me crazy and paranoid.

And then, right as the clock on the wall ticked to three am, the noise began. It could have been mistaken for bugs–flies, maybe, or a few small bees–if I wasn’t listening closely. But the sound of wings flapping was unmistakable. Tiny wings, but definitely not bugs.

I sat up quickly, turning towards my desk as I put the mood ring in front of my eye, and I saw them.

I thought they were little birds, at first. They were about the size of hummingbirds. But the longer I looked, the more sure I became that they were not birds. They’re bodies were long and spiraled, almost lizard-like but also nothing like that. More skeletal. I could swear that there were places where pieces of their body weren’t connected to the rest of them, and yet they moved like a whole creature. Their legs looked mangled and twisted, like there was no way they could support their bodies. Their wings were translucent, somehow both clear and every single color all at once.

There were about ten of them, I think, all tearing into the bag of chips, flying around it as they took pieces off.

I spent the rest of the night in the building’s common room.

The next morning I called maintenance, but they were no help, just giving me basic instructions for any kind of pest. I tried following what they said by not leaving any food in my room the next night. But in the morning there were only more marks on my arms, and they had torn through my backpack. I tried calling maintenance back, but they stopped answering my calls.

Like I said, that was two weeks ago, and still no one has been able to help me with my little infestation. I’ve been sleeping in the common room. I leave a bag of potato chips on my desk so they don’t destroy anything else.

I went to my RA, and they told me to write a letter explaining my situation and they would deliver it. I don’t know who they’re delivering it to, but I guess it’s whoever is reading this. So, please, whoever you are, can you do something about these things? I need my room back.

West Building, Room 212


And Now She’s Gone

Part one

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 2694      

Summary: After the reader’s death, a grieving Archie is determined to put the man responsible behind bars. Unfortunately, without physical proof, there isn’t much he can do. While Veronica plots against her father, Archie may never forgive the secret Jughead and Betty have kept from him.

Note: This is part two of I couldn’t let them hurt you. Hope you enjoy. Don’t worry, there will be flashback stuff that’s actually Archie and reader.

Archie didn’t say a word as his dad drove him home from the hospital. He didn’t say a word when they got home, or when his dad opened the passenger side door, waiting for him to get out. He didn’t move. He just stared straight ahead, not actually seeing anything. All he could see was her cold, blue, dead lips and the way her hair spread around her under the ice. He saw her hand pressing up against his hand through the frozen barrier. Her content smile as she closed her eyes.

“Arch.” His dad finally said. He still didn’t respond. “Come on inside Archie. Please.” Archie slowly shifted so that his feet landed on the ground and he walked to his porch, running his hand up the railing. Guitars played through his memory, sitting on the porch with Y/N, teaching her how to play. Fred unlocked the door and let Archie go in first. His eyes fell upon everything around him, his mind reeling with images. Late night study sessions on the couch. Making breakfast for Y/N in the kitchen. Watching her come down the stairs wearing his shirts.

It was too much. Every memory cut into him, stabbing at his heart. He couldn’t bear it.

“I can’t be here.” He pushed past his dad back out the door.

“Archie!’ Fred followed his son down the sidewalk. “Come on Arch, come back inside.”

“I can’t dad!” He yelled, not caring at this point if he woke up the entire neighborhood. “I can’t. Everything in that house reminds me of her. Everywhere I look, I see her face. I feel her frozen skin. I hear her last words over and over and over in my head.”

“You will see her no matter where you go.” His dad sighed. “There will always be some memory of her connected to every part of this town. Believe me, I know.” He ran a hand down his face. “After your mom left, I thought I couldn’t go anywhere. Every place I went, I figured out some way it reminded me of her and refused to go there again. Eventually, I could manage to start going back. It took some time, but I kept going until I didn’t feel it anymore, or at least not as much.”

“That’s different.” Archie spat. “Mom lives in Chicago. She isn’t…” He stopped himself from saying it. Once he said it, he’d have to believe it. It would be real.

“I understand why you’re upset Arch, I do.” Fred stepped towards him. “But why are you beating yourself up?”

“Because I couldn’t save her!” The words rang out through the houses, followed only by silence. Archie inhaled a sharp, pain filled breath. “I couldn’t save her. I tried, dad. I tried talking to her, but she kept moving away- like she was scared of me. When she fell through the ice, I couldn’t breathe until we found her. But I wasn’t fast enough. If I had gotten through the ice sooner, she might be… she might be alive.” Fred sighed, opening up his arms. Archie stepped into his father’s embrace, feeling like a little kid again. His body shook with sobs.

“Shhh,” his dad held onto him, wishing that there was something he could do to stop his son’s pain.

“I loved her dad.” Archie cried. “I loved her so much and now she’s just gone.”

“I know.” Fred comforted. “I know.” They stood there for nearly ten more minutes, neither saying a word. Archie cried until it felt like he had nothing left. No emotion, no senses, just one word eating at his insides. Dead. Y/N was dead. Fred pulled away slightly. “Let’s get you inside now. You must be freezing.” Archie looked down at his snow coated clothes. He hadn’t even noticed the cold until then. Forcing his feet forward, he went inside.

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My dad is always telling me how I can’t ask people to stop making noises that trigger me if I sometimes make noises or do things that get on their nerves. For example, this morning I’m stirring my iced coffee quietly in the car (trying not to be annoying but ice) and he said “oh so you can do that but we’re not allowed to crunch loudly?!” These kind of comments used to make me feel really guilty because on the surface they make since, i can’t get mad at you for making noises if I do it too, but there’s a big difference here. I have an actual disorder that’s being triggered and he doesn’t. Even still, I try to be considerate of his feelings but I refuse to feel guilty for asking them to stop talking with their mouth full of food and crunching chips in my ear. It’s my disorder and I have every right to ask them to be considerate.

Married to a Monster - four

Originally posted by callmeminseok

Paring: kaiXreader, minseokXreader

Word Count: 2.8k

Summary: You are forced into a marriage with your once love/childhood best friend. Although, you don’t love him anymore and are disgusted with having to marry him. After driving yourself to suicide twice, you know you can’t ever fix things with him but even though, you push forward for the happiness of your parents who are still grieving the loss of your older sister.

Notes: This series will contain talk of suicide, self-harm, abuse, death and possibly more. This series will also have smut, but chapters will be rated [m] accordingly.

One | Two | Three | Four

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Dulled Mind - Chapter 1

“Welcome to the greatest hive of scum and villainy in this entire damned sector,” Bulat chuckled as he landed the cruiser in the spaceport of the most aptly named Avarice Quartus. “Now, let’s get fucked up, shall we?”

Naomi leapt off the ship, going through the bubble of contained air after their ship had been maglocked to the port. They landed on the surface of the spaceport, and walked inside. The artificial gravity kicked in, and Naomi’s feet planted firmly on the ground. She brushed the clinging static of the containment field off her black shirt and waited for Kate to get off the ship.

Kate’s long hair stood up in messy strands from the static electricity, levitating in the air. When she straightened her hair and let it hang down again, Naomi decided to have a little fun. Kate’s hair floated back up, suspended high in the air like some sort of creature that had taken up residence on her head. Kate flattened it down again, shrugging it off as just some electricity that hadn’t quite gone away.

Naomi made it rise up again. Kate caught on, glaring at Naomi, who responded with a smug smile. The hair came to life under her influence, moving and twisting around to form a false mustache around Kate’s mouth.

“Hey, stop!” Kate pushed the hair away, trying and failing to hide an amused smirk. “That tickled.” 

Naomi blew a kiss over in her direction.

“Love you, babe,” she said.

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heartbroken | danisnotonfire (requested)

request: Do you take requests? If you do could I maybe get a really fluffy dan imagine, where the reader just went through a breakup and dan comforts her and then they get together? I love your blog by the way!💙💙💙
word count: 420 haha blaze it
tw: none
note: hello!! im back from a really long, unexpected hiatus (i had writers block yikes) and hopefully updating regularly now. this one was really short and crappy, but it was driving me insane that nothing had been posted in months. so yeah, im back. also no, i didnt mean chris as in chris kendall, it was just the first name that came into my mind i love chris

“Seriously, he was a dick anyway.”

Y/N, one of my best friends, was sitting next to an enormous pile of used tissues, clinging on to my comforter which I knew would most likely be covered in snot soon. This morning she had knocked on my front door and instead of getting a smile and a wave in greeting like I had expected, I had been mauled into a hug and a, “he broke up with me!” was (very loudly) spluttered into my ear. Now, four hours later, we were both lying on the lounge and I was trying to make her feel better.

Y/N and Chris had been dating for five months, and according to Y/N, this morning she had woken to a text from Chris saying that he wanted to break up. Nothing more, nothing less. Literally just, “I think we should break up, bye”.

“Also,” I continued, throwing the comforter off of her in case it actually did end up getting snot on it. “Phil bought you food, and we have your favourite movies. Because fictional people are way better than real people, yeah?”

She laughed, wiping her eyes. “Yeah, I guess so. Unless those people are you and Phil. In which case, you guys are better.”

I picked up the DVD cases and held them up in front of Y/N. “Which one?” I asked. Pointing to The Breakfast Club, I got up from my spot on the lounge and put it into the DVD player, then sat back down next to her.

As the movie started I felt Y/N lie her head on my shoulder, moving closer to me. I put my arm around her, a smile on my face as I turned back to the movie playing on the TV.

Almost two movies later, Y/N had stopped crying, and we had eaten two full packets of chips (a/n: or crisps whatever lol) and were almost finished watching Sixteen Candles. Normally, I wouldn’t have ever watched these movies, but these made Y/N happy. Seeing Y/N made me happy, so I agreed to watch them.

“Thank you, Dan,” Y/N said, as the credits for the movie started rolling onto the screen. “For all of this.”

“What? It’s nothing, really. You know I’d do anything for you.”

Y/N smiled gratefully, hugging me tighter. “No, for everything. Like, putting up with me almost every day. Buying me food. Y'know?”

“Yeah. Well, it’s my pleasure. You’re a great person Y/N, anyone would be happy to have you in their life.”

I Can’t do this Alone

Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 2622

Part: One, Two, Three

Summary: No one could have prepared for this. As Archie faces the consequences of his actions, Jughead enlists the help of Cheryl Blossom, who is being charged with arson by her own mother. Betty finds assistance with a much different crowd. Maybe leather suits her.

Note: So this chapter was depressing to write, but still a lot of fun. Fred Andrews is a saint and deserves better! Also, an even darker side of the characters will be coming out, especially Archie. Jumps around a bit like the last one. Enjoy! This is the forth part of Goodbye Riverdale so be sure to check out the first three if you haven’t already. Tags: rochyu

“Dad?” He whispered. This wasn’t happening. It wasn’t real. “Dad!” He screamed, rushing to him. He pulled Fred into his lap and shouted at Pop to give him a towel. As soon as he held the fabric, he pressed it to the wound and the towel was instantly soaked through with blood. “Call an ambulance!” Pop rushed to the phone and dialed 911. Fred reached his cold hands up at Archie.

“Archie…” He coughed. “I needed to tell you something.”

“Shhh, you can tell me later.” Archie cried. “Right now you need to save your strength okay?”

“Archie,” His dad sighed, blood trickling down from his lips. “I may not have later.”

“Don’t say that.” Archie yelled, starting to shake with sobs. “Don’t you dare say that.” Suddenly he felt like a little boy, running into the kitchen with a big cut on his knee from falling off his bike. Tears had streamed down his face he had pointed at the bloody gash on his leg.

“Fix it daddy!” He had exclaimed. Fred picked him up and set him on the counter.

“Everything is gonna be fine, little man.” He rummaged around the kitchen for a bandage while little Archie wailed. “Here it is.” He said and placed the band aid on the cut. “See? All better.” Archie nodded and sniffed, wrapping his arms around his father’s neck.

“I love you dad.” He had said. Fred chuckled.

“I love you too kiddo.” He ruffled his red hair and lifted him off the counter. “How about you and I head down to Pop’s and get some milkshakes?” Archie nodded vigorously and Fred picked him up and carried him to the car.

Now, laying on the cold tiles of Pop’s, Fred’s blood stained the ground, seeping into Archie’s clothes and skin. Fred’s vision blackened around the edges. The only thing he could see was his son’s mortified face. Sirens sounded from outside and paramedics surrounded them, lifted Fred off of Archie’s lap. They placed him on a stretcher and rushed him into the ambulance. It was the second time Archie had ridden alongside someone he loved in a span of one day.

The paramedics told Archie that he needed to stand back, but he held on tightly to his father’s hand.

“I love you dad. Please, I can’t do this alone.” He sobbed. Fred smiled, his teeth red with blood.

“I love you too kiddo.”

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about Finnie the driver tweeting and RTing stuff about shippers being the worst and Sam & MM and Cait & T being together? I know it's personal for him because some people judge his relationship with a fan and now he hates us all, but he sees Sam and Cait together every day, he must know. And I'm sure Sam and Cait are very fond of him (the whole crew) would he disrespect them like this if it wasn't true? Some things just make no sense to me.

I don’t think anything about what Finnie tweets because he locked up his account long ago and I don’t care enough about what he has to say to hit the follow button and beg for access. I know he thinks he is all that and a bag of chips because of who rides in a car he drives sometimes, but he ain’t that special.

If he truly is a close friend to either or both of them, then I believe he would not speak any truth on Twitter about a topic that Sam and Cait have repeatedly from day one said is off limits.

Anything he shouts on Twitter is horseshit and only intended to fuck with people. He’s part of the fringe fuckery.

Stop drinking the Fucktardian KoolAid.

Sunglasses and a tip. James Logan Howlett ( Wolverine ) x reader

Fandom: Marvel, X-men, Wolverine, James Logan Howlett
Warnings: based on Trailer so Nothing is probably right.
Words: 1270

It was quite a strange, but white child in the store. She walked around, opening a some chips, a drink and put on sunglasses, looking at herself in the mirror. Your colleague wanted to take care of it but you instantly ordered him to go do something else, take a break or something so you could take care of it yourself. You walked up besides the young girl, kneeling besides her with a bright smile.

”Aw man. I wished I looked as awesome as you do in those glasses.” you mused, the girl turning to you with a strange look on her face. She was about to run away but you laughed lightly. Hey, don’t run away. I won’t force you to pay for it, you told her and she stopped for a second, raising her eyebrow at you.

”I don’t really like having to pay either. But I’ll pay for you, alright?” you said and she nodded her head slowly, taking of her sunglasses. She then put them on your face, inspecting you.

”I don’t look as cool as you do, do I?” you asked and she shook her head, making you laugh and take of the glasses and then gave them back to her. She put them on again and ate more chips, watching you. You smiled at her and then stood up, telling her to follow you, walking over to the candy section of the gasstation store. You took out a candy-bar, then took two and gave them to her. These are my favourites, you said, grinning brightly as she took the treat from you, inspecting it before she nodded her head. Happy that she took them you then realized you hadn’t seen her with anyone. You stood straight again and looked around, frowning as you saw no other person around.

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family - jack avery

warning: none

a/n: i’m writing imagines like no tomorrow


you and jack have been dating for awhile and your grandparents were in town with your 16 year old brother. you thought it would be a good idea for them to meet your wonderful boyfriend although he has met your mom multiple times.

your little brother, colby, was dying to meet the man that stole your heart and give him the “brother test” which you weren’t excited for. your brother had scared of many of your boyfriends before jack.

“jack, please don’t be scared of my brother. he’s 16. he can’t do you any harm,” you told jack as you walked into the elevator that would take you to the condo they were staying at.

“i promise, baby,” he kissed your forehead.

you were wearing comfortable clothing because your were completely normal around your grandparents. your outfit consisted of yoga pants, a white crop top, and some nike tennis shoes. your hair was in a ponytail covered with a hat.

you knocked twice on the door once you got there. the door was soon opened by your brother.

“y/n!” he exclaimed and wrapped his arms around you, making you let go of jack’s hand.

“hey, colby!” you smiled. you hadn’t seen your brother since christmas and it was nice to see him again.

“how are you?” he said, breaking the hug.

“good, good. you? you look like you’ve grown a foot,” you laughed.

“i’m good. now, i’m taller and more muscular than most guys on the basketball team,” he flex his arm to show his muscles. out of the corner of your eye, you saw jack take a big gulp.

“oh, colby! this is my boyfriend, jack,” you gestured to a semi-frightened jack who stuck out his hand for him to shake.

“nice to meet you,” colby said with a no expression on his face.

once they ended the handshake, you grabbed jack’s hand and walked inside to see your grandparents looking at the newspaper.

“grandma! grandpa! it’s been awhile,” you told them and hugged them while they sat on the couch.

“my, my! look at you! you are gorgeous!” your grandma told you and smiled at you.

“this is my boyfriend, jack,” you smiled at jack.

“george, do you see what i see? this man is so handsome!” your grandma explained to him.

“he’s a looker,” grandpa said and got of the couch to shake his hand.

“nice to meet you, sir,” jack said.

“oh quit being formal! it’s just me!” grandpa laughed.

“take a seat! colby can you grab the snacks?” your grandma asked your brother.

you and jack sat in the couch across the small room with your fingers still intertwined. you kissed his cheek for reassurance and he squeezed your hand.

“so i hear your in a band?” grandma asked.

“i am. we just finished tour,” he said, proudly.

“wait, you’re in a band?” your brother asked as he set the chips and salsa on the coffee table.

“yep,” jack said, popping the p.

“man, i’d never think that y/n would fall for the band geek type. i mean i saw her boyfriends in high school.”

“colby! stop it!” you scolded him.

“just saying,” he shrugged.

“anyways, jack is an amazing singer and sold out his tour,” you boasted.

“is that so? that’s wonderful!” your grandma had a wide smile.

“so there’s millions of girls that want you to date them?” colby questioned.

“yes but y/n is the only one that caught my eye,” jack made eye contact with you, sending shivers down your spine.

“but you could leave her for anyone?”

“colby, i swear to god if you ruin another one of my relationships-”

“i’m just looking out for you,” he told you.

“i’m 18! i don’t need you to look out for me!” you stood up causing him to reciprocate the action.

“i don’t want your boyfriends to be like dad!” he yelled.

“guys, sit down now!” your grandpa shouted over your bickering. you both obeyed and sat down. your grandparents got up and went to the other room so you could figure things out.

growing up, you and brother were pretty much raised by your mom. your dad had left when you were 7 and colby was 5. you don’t really know why but your mom stepped in and became both roles. you never really told jack the whole situation because your mom was in the hospital and a lot was on your plate right now.

“jack will never be dad,” you told colby.

“how am i supposed to know? i lost dad and i’m losing mom. what if he breaks your heart and i lose you too? what do i do then?” he told you, voice cracking. you never knew that was how he felt.

you walked over to him and rubbed his back. jack must have felt awkward being in this situation.

“i’m sorry, dude,” colby said and stood up to bro hug him.

“it’s fine,” jack said and returned the hug.


one hour later

“we should go,” you said, laughing at a joke jack told.

“so soon?” your grandma asked.

“yeah, jack has to record tomorrow and i have an essay coming up,” you told them.

you all said your goodbyes and walked to your car after a silent elevator ride. you got in the passenger side and jack started up the car.

“sorry you had to witness my brother and i fight,” you told him, feeling bad for him.

“baby, it’s okay. no family is perfect,” he said to you and grabbed your hand and kissed it.

“i’m also sorry for not telling you about my dad. there was just a lot on-”

“y/n, it’s fine. i know a lot is going on right now,” he rubbed the back of your hand with your thumb.

“how was it?” you asked him.

“your family is amazing,” he smiled at you. “i know where you get that trait from.”

“you’re cheesy, noodles,” you giggled. “wait, where are you going?”

“to in and out, my love,” he turned the corner where an in and out was.

“i love you so much.”

“i know, i know. now, what do you want?”