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Okay but if you really listen to Lena’s voice when the fundraiser starts and she asks Kara if she’s seen Supergirl, just the tone of her voice and the way she said it. Yeah, Lena soooo knows Kara is Supergirl.

And then when she eventually reveals that to Kara, Kara’s all stuttery and nervous and how could you tell, I have glasses.

And Lena just laughs and says to Kara, I have eyes Kara, I realized the moment after I shot Corbin and saw you standing there.

Kara just says how no one recognizes her, especially that easily.

And Lena just smiles and says how maybe none of them pay as close attention to her as she does.

Okay, this needs to be made into a fic. Get to it people. :3 <3

Saving Grace

Author: carry-on-my-pretty-weeper

Character: Reader and Steve

Relationships: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1221

Warnings: Yelling, swearing, birth, and mentions of bullet wounds

Author’s Note: Frickin-bats asked

 -Hi! I saw you were taking request and I was wondering if you could please write one where Steve and a heavily pregnant reader are both avengers and one day Steve gets seriously hurt on a mission and the stress causes the reader to go into labor so the team is there for her? Lot of fluff/angst and maybe a happy ending? Thanks soooo much! 😊

“Ouch,” you muttered to yourself.

“What? What’s wrong? Is it the baby? Is it coMING! DO I NEED TO CALL DOCTOR CHO?!” Bucky asked freaking out.

“No Buck I’m good! It was just a kick,” you said chuckling. He looked immediately relieved like you could’ve given birth right there and then on the path. Then he looked a little upset. “Hey,” he said squatting down to be level with your belly, “you treat your mom good okay?”

“Bucky, babies kick. It happens from time to time. It’s a normal thing,” you say trying not to giggle. You two start walking back into the tower. Steve has been on a mission with Tony Clint, and Sam. That left Bucky and the girls to take care of you. Of course there was Bruce but he was scared of hurting you normally now being pregnant he won’t even stand close to you. Once you entered the tower you knew there was something wrong. Wanda and Nat were rushing around the room and as soon as they saw you they stopped and tried to act casual. “Hey y/n welcome home,” Nat said weirdly.

“Um hey,” you responded, “is something wrong? You guys are acting really strange.”

“No, no, no nothing’s wrong everything’s okay,” Wanda said unconvincingly.

“Uh-huh,” you said looking around, “okay guys I know you’re lying so what is it?” They looked at each other before the phone rang you went to pick it up and answer it but as soon as you do they both yelled at you not to answer. “Okay Nat so it got worse we can’t find a hospital in this god forsaken place and so we have to tend to Steve ourselves,” you heard Tony’s voice say.

“What?! Steve is hurt? What happened? How bad is it?” you were frantic your Stevie was hurt.

“Y/N? Oh no, you weren’t suppose to know. Shit,” Tony said.

“Well I do so tell me what’s wrong, NOW!” you said forcefully.

“Okay don’t freak out but Steve got shot, twice,” Tony said hesitantly you were taking short quick breaths and you felt like you were going to pass out, “he’s-he’s bleeding pretty good and we can’t find a hospital so me Sam and Clint got to fish out the bullet ourselves.” Wanda, Nat, and Bucky rushed to your side when you doubled over. You felt something, did you pee yourself? It has been happening a bit. No it was too much to be pee then it hit you. That was your water, your water just broke. You were going into labor. “My-my water. It just broke,” you stuttered out.

“What? Right now?” Bucky asked.

“Yes right now,” you started, “go get Doctor Cho,” you told Bucky before you winced from the contractions. He sped off in the direction of the infirmary. Wanda picked up the phone that you dropped said told Tony what was going on. You couldn’t hear what he was saying but he sounded panicked and you couldn’t tell if it was from your pregnancy or from something happening with Steve. “Is Steve okay?” you asked Wanda. “Really? You are going into labor and your thinking about Steve,” Nat asked.

“My husband has been shot twice, which you two didn’t want to tell me, and I don’t know what is happening and if he is going to be okay and you question if I’m thinking about him. Of course I am!” you said grimacing a bit another contraction started. Doctor Cho was all but shoved into the room by Bucky. “What’s wrong?” she asked confused.

“Bucky didn’t you explain to Doctor Cho what we needed before she got here?” Wanda asked him.

“No, I was just told to go get her. Now she’s here,” he responded sounding very stressed out. He was more stressed than you were and you were the one having the baby.

“Y/n’s going into labor,” Nat explained. Doctor Cho’s eyebrows furrowed before she spoke, “Labor? She isn’t due for two more weeks.”

“Well Steve’s been shot so when y/n found out it put her under lots of stress which we think why she is going into labor early,” Natasha said.

“Well we got to get her to the infirmary, follow me y/n,” Doctor Cho said turning to you. You grabbed her hand as she led you. You kept crying out in pain because of the contractions. Once they got you on the bed the baby was well on it’s way. Nat, Wanda, and Bucky were all there for you. Bucky let you hold his hand to squeeze. Nat and Wanda stood by you much to the doctors dismay. “Fuck!” you said as another contraction started. “Fuck! Fuck! Shit! MotHER-”

“Y/n I’ve never hear you cuss so much,” Bucky said astonished.

“Well when you are birthing a fucking human being I think that gives you the fucking right to say whatever shit you want to!” you said cringing. “Aughh!” you screamed out.

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“I see the head!” you hear a doctor say. Thank god! You didn’t know how much more you could take. You had endured torture on multiple occasions and nothing could compare to this. “FUCK!”

“The shoulders are almost out,” another doctor said. You looked to your left and could see Bucky wincing to be fair you were holding his hand extremely tight. You tried to loosen your grip but then another contraction initiated. You squeezed even harder if that was possible and the baby was out! You heard her cries and your eyes filled with tears of joy. “She’s a beautiful, healthy baby girl,” Doctor Cho told you. After the cutting the umbilical cord and wiping her off they handed her to you.Admiring her you saw she had your y/c eyes and Steve’s blonde hair. Then looking up at Wanda and Nat “Would you two want to be her godmothers?” you asked. They looked at each other with excitement and nodded vigorously. Then turning to Bucky, seeing his wide eyes you asked “Bucky would you like to be her godfather?” He looked from her to you and slowly nodded his head with a scared smile. It was decided, one of the doctor’s came back asked you what you would be naming her. “Grace…Grace Peggy Rogers,” you stated. You knew that Steve would love her. Right then the doors burst open and standing there was Steve. He looked pretty banged up and he was out of breath. He looked over to you with wide eyes as he took in the little girl before him. Nat signaled to the others to leave. They all left as Steve walked forward to the edge of the hospital bed and stared in complete awe. “Steve you’re here,” you tiredly exclaim.

“Of course I am I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” he said as he leaned down and kissed you on your forehead. Slowly and carefully did the same to your daughter.

“What’s her name?” he asked gazing down at her.

“Grace Peggy Rogers,” you said. Once he heard the name Peggy he glanced up to you. He kissed you again but this time on the lips. When you separated you asked “Do you want to hold her?” He nodded reached down and held her in his arms. “Our little saving Grace.”

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Hello! What's your favorite cute moment of tg and tgre the one that always makes you smile?

Hello Anon :) I do indeed have one moment that I really enjoy and, even if it’s an old one, to these days I still think it’s very funny and cute at the same time.

It’s in ch32 of TG when Kaneki asked Touka to train him but Touka said he’d need to learn how to do backflips to reach her level xD 

and then Yomo showed up…

And it’s just soooo funny because he just stands there wondering what they’re doing…

Look at Kaneki’s face and at him “flailing” “panicking” and “squirming” hahahahah, he just cannot do it! xD And then…

Touka just dropped him down without being careful and she’s like “oops my bad”.

I don’t know, I just love this moment, it was just before Kaneki met with Itori and it’s just so sweet to go back in time and remember a moment Kaneki could hardly fight (consider all that happened from the momen he really started to fight…), plus it’s likely that he knows how to do a backflip now. 

Still I just think it’s cute and funny how Kaneki and Touka are training together for backflips and then Yomo shows up like “wut”. 

Thanks for passing by Anon, I hope that satisfies your curiosity!

KS Chapter 14: The Chat ??

SOOOOO .. the official translation is finally here. And am I the only one who thinks Sangwoo sent a pic of Bum in the group chat? 

We see him holding his phone up, like he’d take a picture (because nobody texts like this and in another panel we see him reading his texts holding his phone down near his hips, soooo i don’t think he’s reading texts either) 

Then he smiles happily creepily 

and then we get an insight in his text messages and the thing is .. if he’d only said the “I’m thinking of bringing someone” then WHY would someone answer with “He needs to gain weight lol”???? I mean; Sangwoo clearly does not need to gain weight bc his bod is kinda hot, but Bum could use some extra weight. Why did he send a pic? Did he send a pic? Who are those guys? And what afterparty? 

I guess Sangwoo has some people you’d consider “friends” but I’m getting weird vibes. I kinda don’t think that he’ll take Bum there to let them sexually abuse him or something, but something about those guys doesn’t seem right … 

Tell me what do you think? I’m just hoping that this maybe turns out to be just a regular meeting between regular guys who drink and talk, but this is just some happyland-illusion I wish for Bums well-being and I don’t think it will come true. 

I’m not off work yet but lemme tell you something

So once I got to work, I noticed this new guy okay. And I’m like “hey are you new?” And he said “yeah” and I was like oh cool and went on with my day. Then my manager walked in telling me not to use my phone around him cause he need to learn before he can do stuff w his phone and I said sure and she said that he’ll be coming back here to learn.

So when he came back to the prize counter, I ended up teaching him everything and whatever, but I soon learned he was a senior student for interactive media (the program I wanted to get into) and he said he was the one who was looking through my application and I’m like “soooo…did I get in??” And he just smiled at me and was like “you really wanna know?” And I nod and he’s like “you got in” and I f r e a k e d I was so fucking happy and like he was telling me how they rated the applications out of 5 and he said mine was a 6/5 and I was like oh my god.

So we talked a bit more and like he’s really super cool and chill and I’m so glad he’s my coworker omg

That’s all I had to say sorry for long post

One last post before I sleep: the entire band except Papa basically Dad-ed me because it was so cold and I was in a flimsy angel costume! As well as I can remember it: Old Water/ Aether- “You need a coat!” I think I hugged him the longest! He also apologized for making us wait like bruh I would have waited till morning i had no where else to be it was no biggie! Alpha-“Aren’t you cold in that?” He also said my drawing was cool! He hugs soooo good! Air-(after getting me my autograph) “Go home and get warm!” Also when I called one of the Mummy Dust bills a dollar he corrected me (in a joking way) and then said it was a 666 and then proceeded to ask some dude for weed! Lmao also a good hugger Water Ghuleh- “of course Honey….!”(when I asked for a hug!! 😭😭😭😭😭). “ You should have brought a cloak!”(Or something along the lines of that. She also said my angel wings were beautiful!!!) Papa- apologized for “making us wait” as if any of us would blame him and then proceeded to sign something for everybody! He asked me “is this supposed to be you?” When he looked at the drawing and didn’t even say anything when I asked for a hug he just went in for the kill! I still can’t believe it!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Transition Update???

I know no one on here is really going to care but I need to post it somewhere and this is my only safe place to.
So starting today, i got onto a new insurance plan and they cover hrt! Soooo that being said, within this year i really want to focus on my transition. Whether it be just coming out to my family, seeing a therapist or going as far as going on T, this is my goal and now i have a crucial tool to do so.
Im beyond fucking excited and this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time! Wish me luck guys!!

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It's like watching two addicts in love. They believe it's the others addiction that's holding back the 'ship. They each believe the other has to recognize their own problem and ask for help before the 'ship can move forward. However, neither can also see their own addition that also needs addressed before the 'ship can move forward. Until both admit their problem and ask for help they'll stay on that hamster wheel and we will keep watching them spin in circles until one fall off for good.

so reeeal

this is soooo real

and in all honesty i was half expecting them never to admit to any of it and I cannot believe I just… can’t believe they’ve done it? they’ve said it all and they took it that far…

god I hope they deal with it properly






(ok let a girl dream)

Aldnoah.Zero Ep. 23 Review

Why is Slaine fighting a pointless war?” - Asseylum 


How I’m going to feel going to work in only one hour after trying to digest this whole episode: 

I’m speechless, to put it lightly, and not in a good way. Literally, I cringed at how stupid Asseylum was in this episode, and the fucking ridiculous things that she said about Slaine. I literally facepalmed when she asked why he was “fighting a pointless war.” Like, HELLO, ARE YOU THAT THICK? And HELL YES EDULRITTUO, YOU TELL ASSEYLUM ABOUT SLAINE REMAINING THE GOOD GUY AND HOW MUCH HE CARES ABOUT HER, I NEEDED THAT SOOOO BADLY. 

Oh my god tho, I could’ve seen Asseylum becoming Empress coming a mile away but marrying Cruhteo’s son really caught me off guard. It’s obvious that it’s one of those “marriage for power” relationships, seeing as he’s her right-hand man right now, but I’m still allowed to scream in disgust at the whole thing. Shit is about to go down next episode. Why can’t Slaine stop getting dicked on omfg

YOUR SIGN: PEOPLE I KNOW (brace yourself)


Aries – You are so brutally honest, and I love it! Well, most times I do. I like your honesty when it needs to said and no one else has the balls to do it, but I hate when you just say things because you’re childish and want it your way. You guys are a blast to be friends with and you’re SOOOO attractive, but, my God, you are controlling. I feel like you’re going to chain me in your basement just so you know where I am and know that I’m your only friend! You can be a scary BBF and terrifying lover.

Taurus – Why are you eating candy at 8 AM?? It’s funny because you are so rigid and strict about some things, but underneath it all, you’re actually a mess like the rest of us. A lot of you are really into experimenting whether it be with drugs, your body, etc. but most of you don’t go off the deep end.

Gemini – If I need to find something out or I want to gossip, you are my go to person! I swear you were all detectives in a past life (or you just go out so much and know so many people) because you always have the dirt on people. You’re flaky as fuck though. I can’t make plans with you more than a few days in advance, but if I call you at
2 AM to go on an adventure, you’ll be at my house in 10 minutes ready to rage! As for that two-faced stuff, fuck that noise. Everyone is a little two-faced. It is what it is.

Cancer - All the women are fierce warriors and great, loyal friends!!! But you’re also bat shit crazy. Men, you are a little too sheltered for my liking, but you’re really supportive too. As a whole, you are all really inventive and artistic! I’ll say this: great friends, but can be really difficult lovers and partners. Also, you guys can talk shit like no other.

Leo – You guys are really affected by the people around you, even those that you don’t know that well. You function best in familiar surroundings. If you are used to chaos, you’ll survive in chaos. If you are used to order, then it MUST be orderly. Huge hearts and will literally give people the shirt off of your back. You overload your schedule and you’re prone to lateness, but whether you’re going to a party or to the grocery store, you always look good. You enjoy being spoiled, but you spoil back, so no one really minds!

Virgo - You attract the most insane people. I’m talking like severely fucked up, negative people, and you accept them,!! yet you beat yourself up over the littlest things!! Your logic: it’s okay that you robbed an old lady today. OMG I can’t believe that I forgot so-and-so’s birthday!!! I am a terrible person! I deserve nothing but the worst. There is not return from this. I am spiraling downward. It is the end!!! Relax. Accept yourself. I love every Virgo I’ve ever met. Give yourself a break!

Libra – I’ve never met a balanced Libra… Actually there’s normally some kind of imbalance either in the chemicals in your brain or from the alcohol in your system. You can easily come off as standoffish and even downright snobby because you’re hard to read. But you actually aren’t at all!! In fact, you can be one of the most down to Earth people I know! You’re sometimes vain, but at lease you make everything look pretty (yourself, home, children, etc.)!!

Scorpio – You are so intense all the time. I really like you as a person, but I can only take you in small amounts. Your vindictiveness is refreshing and too much all at the same time if that makes sense. You love unconditionally until you’re betrayed and then you’re a fucking nightmare. Fun to be on your good side. AWFUL TO BE ON YOUR BAD SIDE. Your strength increases during Autumn, and you are at your maximum strength during October. You’re like a werewolf on the night of a full moon.

Sagittarius - For a fire sign, you are really moody. CONSTANT LEVELS OF HIGH ENERGY. Turn down for nothing!! No, literally nothing. The apocalypse is here, and you’re ready to go clubbing. A tsunami could be going on right outside, and you’d still be up to go swimming. You never stop!! Peace, love, and you are crazy as fuck. 

Capricorn – You’re so smart, but you must be a know it all. It’s nice that you stand behind your opinions but not everyone cares. You really inflate your own ego sometimes, and it makes everyone want to POP YOU in your face!! We admire your ambition, but you don’t have to talk down to us. On the flip side, YOU GET SHIT DONE! And you always find a way to bring home the bacon. GET AFTER IT!!

Aquarius - What planet are you from? Nevermind. Do not answer tha-NO I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANOTHER TALK ABOUT ALIENS! LETS TALK ABOUT EMOTIONS AND OUR FEELINGS. YEA, NOT SO EAGER TO SPEAK YOUR MIND NOW, ARE YA?! Also, who do you think you are showing up randomly over and over again. Either stay or go and be gone.

Pisces - You all have such beautiful souls, and you’re so nice. Sure, you can be a little manipulative, but you really are very caring. You’re super artistic and creative too. However, you guys are EXTREMISTS! You have crazy highs and lows and have really addictive personalities. Also, don’t let other people influence you. You are such an individual!!!

I hate how much civil war makes no sense. Like, this would make soooo much more sense after battle of Manhattan or IM3 or something like that. Why now?? Why do these so called superheroes who want to protect care NOW about the damage?
I’m seriously willing to bet money that Marvel saw that DC was making BvS and said fuck no Operation Civil War is a go.
Tony and Steve are suddenly friends?? When???? Please point to me a time when their friendship actually made sense?? Who the fuck cares about their relationship?? I need someone to hack into Marvel’s emails and find the one that proves this because I KNOW it’s there. I just KNOW it.

I think it needs to be said again (and again ;D) that I seriously adore every single one of you who take the time out of your day to support me or say something nice or try and cheer me up…all of it is soooo appreciated and unexpected tbh. blah I’m like tearing up big time rn. I only post my personal things (usually) just to be able to look back on them. my memory isn’t what it used to be, sadly, after trying depression meds that didn’t work out for me. so I’m really pushing myself to post more because it does help with my depression to look back and see that I was in a similar place once before, and I got out of that dark place and went through some amazing times. unfortunately that’s a cycle that will last my whole life. but YES BACK ON TRACK. it helps so unbelievably much when I’m in my dark hole and I honestly don’t believe I have anyone who actually cares when I’m like that, so you guys may have saved me multiple times…who knows. I’m here though, and I’m still fighting. <3 I know if I can make it out of my personal hell over and over, you guys can too. just don’t stay silent if you’re hurting. vent, reach out, talk to a stranger about anything, talk to a stranger who might be able to help, visit with family or friends who don’t mind sitting with you or talking to you for maybe even hours. NEVER feel afraid or like you should hold back from speaking your mind, venting, etc. you will only feel worse. I know it’s really hard to want to help yourself, but you have to start with little things like that. just taking care of yourself in whatever ways you are able to.


Soooo, I don´t know if anyone remembers the preview of this, but I got a comment on this from  @crlpblz , who said that she would read this if I publish it and that made me so happy ^^ that I decided to do so :) It´s the comments and tags that make me confident enough to publish or do something and that one comment was all that I needed! I don´t know if this will be continued, since I have too much to do right now ( and still anoher doujin to finish *feels terrible for that*) So I will just leave it at that :) 

P.S: If anyone wants to see how Levy looks colored they can check out my Halloween art xD ;) 

HI GUYS! I really wanted you to know this, it’s long and really important for me and this wonderful fandom =)

Okay so hi! I’m dear old Francis here hehe no big deal. I mean I’ve only been in this fandom for almost 5 years and I’ve made a few friends. I’ve been checking everything out and always being tuned in with everything. I may not contribute a lot to the fandom and probably not that well known but… I’ve really really wanted to tell you guys all this. to being with I want to say that I LOVED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU FOR SO LONG! And I’ve said it to some of you but now I want EVERYONE IN THE FANDOM TO HEAR THIS OUT! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I NEED YOU AND MISS YOU WHEN YOU’RE NOT HERE! I want everyone in this fandom to know that you’re SO important! Everyone! I know you don’t know me but I’m ALWAYS AROUND! LIKE I BLOG EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

AND I’D LOVE TO TALK TO YOU MORE AND SHOW YOU HOW AMAZING IT CAN BE TO HAVE A FRIENDSHIP! I LOVE TALKING TO PEOPLE AND BEING ASKED QUESTIONS! I WANT TO REALLY MEET YOU AND BE FRIENDS! I actually want to talk to everyone of you but I’m a little shy so i just reblog things hehe but I’m dying to be your friend and talk about things. This was why I came for in the first place. To meet these wonderful people that unknowingly ALWAYS make my day a little brighter =) You always manage to pull a smile out of me even in my darkest days.

Since yesterday I read wonderfully done’s @thatsnicebutimmarried‘s fandom call and inspiration post, she practically stole the words from my moutn and I loved it! I loved how much that inspired me so much! And really made me realize that I want to HELP! I want to! I’ve seen sooo many people I love (even though they probably don’t know me) suffering in the fandom.

I want to say on record that I’ve been here for SO SO LONG and I’ve NEVER seen anyone this affected by this wonderful fandom! For years this fandom has been (and I’m not being  presumptuous here this is what I’ve seen) next to the best! I LOVED IT SINCE DAY ONE! This has been one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL JOURNEYS I’VE EVEN BEEN IN! Because yes, this HAS been a big journey with all of you guys! I mean I know I don’t talk to much, I’ve made a few fanfics and a few fanarts and I really try to give my talent to this fandom (maybe it’s not enough heheh because I dont even COMPARE to those GREAT and AMAZING artists of the fandom hehe) But I’ve tried. I feel happy for it too. Everyone has a role and it’s important. Like, where would we be without @kingofthewilderwest, @avannak, @e-willss wonderful analysis? or with out our wonderful artists like @visualeffecting, @axonmanage @faragonart, @socij, @non-heinous @bgsdragons, @funkytoes, @jennis41digsdragons, @ekayart and much more? WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT THE AMAZING WRITERS????? @tysonrunningfox, @hiilikedragons, @oh–you–pretty–things​, @thaipothetical-situations​, @katemarie999​ and @emmerzk​, @nefertsukia​, @sjhodge​, @elusivist​, @midoriko-sama​, @e-wills​ OF COURSE! @thatsnicebutimmarried​ me bae! @avatarsarny@dragonescence​, and SO MUCH MORE! SO many amazing people! What would we DO without those AMAZING gifs and edits and wonderful enthusiasm on COSPLAYS! WOOOWWW @spontaneousdragondemigod@welcometoberk​ let’s NOT forget wonderful @graphrofberk​ THE @kingofthewilderwest@icelandiceel@crazyviking@thebrookeofdragons​!!! @avataviking @jack-frostitutes, @frosty-viking, @the-httyd-lover @dreamberks THIS BEAUTIFUL CONSPLAYER: @howtotrainyour-toothless-dragon, @hiccstrid, @hiccstridfanart, THESE TWO! @nokki1 and @jiidesu!! My faves! @lifeonberk, @loving-life16, @effyeahhiccstrid @thehttydblog @thehttydfan THAT WONDERFUL @hiccstrid-support-group I missed someone sorry!!! You can feel free to add =) I love everyone though! 

GUYS THERE ARE JUST SOOO MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE I CAN’T EVEN COUNT! AND I WANTED TO TAG ALL OF YOU!  I know much more but I don’t have time right now! JUST WANTED ALL OF YOU TO KNOW THAT I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU SO MUCH! You’re so funny and talented and I really feel SOO SOOO sad that bad things like hate and fights and rude anons are happening to this fandom.

LET’S GET AWAY FROM THAT HATE SICKNESS AND RECOVER WHAT WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN! THE COOLEST FANDOM AND THE FUNNIEST EVEN WITH DEAD DAD JOKES! COME ONE PEOPLE! Let’s raise fandom and show the world that together we can accomplish anything! WE as a comunity of young people with talent and goals and friends can do something big and wonderful to the world! We can do it and I’m SO SOOO HAPPY TO BE PART OF THIS FANDOM AND HAVE YOU BY MY SIDE!

Yes I don’t talk a lot but how I wish I would! Because I want to take THIS time to tell all of you how much you mean to this fandom and to me as a person! You’re NOT just random URLs you’re wonderful people who I WANT TO HELP AND SUPPORT! This is after all also a support group for all of our dragon needs! I love this so much and I will NOT lose you to rude and hateful people! We can stand together and BE something bigger! 

So please I’ll try to contribute a little more by bringing some of my fanarts and fics if I can hehehe I haven’t actually written in a while but I love fanarts and I LOVE TO TALK! After all I’m part of this fandom too right? So I’d LOOOVE To analyse with you and talk to you WHENEVER YOU WANT! I’ve told you before. I’m literally on Tumblr 24/7 just waiting to talk. I LOVE to talk and listen so PLEASE at least personally, I’d LOVE to talk to you about stuff. I love to help as much as I can and I’d LOVE to open up to you guys. PLEASE DON’T HESITATE to talk to me I don’t bite! I SWEAR I DON’T BITE! Please I you need help of just want to talk to someone I’M HERE! OK?? And yes, I’ll tag this post in everything HTTYD related because I do want everyone to see this and understand the meaning of this fandom. WE ARE A FAMILY. A BIG FAMILY OF DRAGONS!

So that’s that hehe long post and I hope you enjoyed it. I love you all guys and I’m finally telling this to you. To all the writers and artists and enthusiasts =) You are the best people! WOOOOO

Surprise Visit [Calum]

Anonymous said: Can do one where your dating Calum and he’s been gone on tour for a while and you really miss him, so you surprise him at one of his shows? Thanks! I love your blog! :)

A/N I’m so sorry, I wrote this soooo long ago and completely forgot to post it. Well, I forgot all about it actually. Oops? This is going to have a 2nd part because it’ll need one.

P.S. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think :)

Part 2


How many months had it been since Calum had left for the tour? Up to now it was four months… Four horribly long months. You’d been dating Calum Hood, band member of 5SOS, for two years now and it had been anything but easy. When the band started to get globally famous, it meant he had to be away from you for much longer periods of time. It did take a strain on your relationship; it got harder every day.

You couldn’t deny your immense pride and happiness for Calum and the boys, but it was just so hard sometimes. For hours now you’d been slouched on the sofa in your front room aimlessly flicking through channels on the TV. Absolutely nothing good was on as per usual. Why did no channels play good shows anymore?

Sighing, you chucked the TV remote on the chair beside you and flipped your phone in between your fingers. Boredom was like a curse, it was a lingering cloud of doom that just sat above your head. Just as you were about the click the TV off and go upstairs, something came on that actually captured your interest.

The new video for Amnesia began to play on the screen and you felt your heart sink to your feet. When Calum’s face appeared on the screen, you erupted into a sobbing that continued even after the video ended. You couldn’t even believe how badly it affected you to see him but not be able to feel him. Honestly, you could almost feel your sanity slipping out of you grasp and it was getting fairly concerning.

Picking up your phone you clicked dial above Calum’s name, only to be sent to voicemail. Flinging your phone off the floor, you heard the screens glass crack but you no longer cared. It was insured anyway. Pacing the living room, you furiously ran your fingers through your hair knowing just how much you needed Calum right now. Sleeping with one half of the bed empty was like sleeping with a broken heart. You woke up every morning expecting his husky morning voice to greet you with ‘Morning beautiful’ like it used to before he went away, but it never did. It hadn’t since he left.

Your phone began to vibrate on the floor and you rushed to grab it. Honestly, you believed it was without a doubt going to be Calum.

But it wasn’t.

“Hey (y/n), how’re – wait are you crying?” Michael’s voice flooded through the other end of the phone and your heart sunk further. If that was even possible.

You sniffled before responding, “No, I’m totally fine. Being alone is the greatest thing in the entire world. Thanks for asking.” You couldn’t have sounded any bitchier. Michael knew better than to snap at you when you were like this. Out of all the boys, he was your closest friend, besides Calum. He was the one that introduced you to Calum in the first place because you’d been friends for many years prior to that happening.

“What do you mean by 'alone’? You know you’re never alone, you’ve got me, Cal –”

You couldn’t stop yourself from interrupting him, “well it sure doesn’t feel like I have any of you. These stupid time zones are messing with me. I miss him so much, Mikey. It’s tearing me apart; I can’t deal with this for much longer.”

“I know, I know. But it’s not much longer now! Like… Two months and we’ll all be home!” He tried to sound excited, but it didn’t make this any easier on you.

“Two months, too long. Mikey I literally can’t function without him. You don’t get how hard this is, I hate waking up to a half empty bed and going to sleep without him there. I hate knowing that I’ll go to work and come back and be as alone as ever. The distance fucking sucks.” You hated whining to Michael, you knew this wasn’t his fault.

But he did understand you more than you initially realised, he’d lost the love of his life because of a similar situation to this just a year back. If he’d been able to be with her more than he was, then they one hundred percent would’ve still been together to that day.  But no matter what he did, he couldn’t win her back and he’s not coped very well with it ever since.

“I have an idea!” Michael burst out; the joy in his voice was somewhat confusing.

“What is it?”

“How about I pay for you to come out here? I mean I’m not saying you couldn’t pay for yourself. It’s just from the UK to the LA is pretty expensive and I mean I don’t want you blowing all your cash on it when I have plenty to spare.” His rambling was one of the cutest things about him by far.

“Mikey, come on, there’s no way I can let you do that for me. It’s not fair.”

“Yes you can let me do it and you will. Anyway, you’ve got no choice I’ve booked your flight already.” Just as he said that an email came through on your iPhone.

“Why are you doing all of this for me?” You couldn’t help but ask. Nobody but Calum would ever do something like this for you, well until now.

“It’s not just for you… Calum’s been really struggling with being away from you. He hasn’t been himself recently and the lads and me are just really worried about him. We knew the only way to cheer him up would be if you were here.” It broke your heart to hear that Calum wasn’t doing well either.  “Get all your stuff together in the next hour and a half; you’re boarding the plane in three hours.”

“But, what about work?”

“It’s all sorted, I rang them for you and said there’d been a family crisis and you weren’t sure when you’d be back.” He said it like it was no big deal.

“Michael!” You scolded him.

“Bye, (y/n), love ya!” With that, Michael hung up the phone and you started racing around the apartment. He’d clearly had this planned all day and just not bothered to tell you.

Pulling the medium-sized suitcase out of your wardrobe, you threw random items of clothing inside of it in a messy fashion. You decided you’d iron the clothes while you were there otherwise you’d never make it in time for the flight. Anything you forgot, you’d just buy while you were there. You had to make a mental note to remember to get some dollars while you were at the airport.

Everything was ready about an hour later and you called a taxi to take you to the airport. Thankfully, you didn’t live all that far from the airport so you’d get there fairly quickly. When the taxi arrived, you dumped your suitcase in the back and sat in the front beside the driver. The driver asked where you needed to go, although that was pretty obvious considering the suitcase.

After a fairly boring, twenty minute taxi ride you were at the airport. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t nervous. It wasn’t so much the flying itself that worried you, it was seeing Calum again. What if he didn’t want to see you? That was always a possibility and it terrified you. You’d only spoken the previous night though and he’d repeatedly mentioned how much he missed you. Maybe you were just panicking for no reason. Michael was going to meet you at LAX when you arrived, he’d promised to be there right on time to pick you up from the terminal.

The time ticked by agonisingly slowly until you could finally board the plane. You’d been incessantly checking the watch on your wrist until the overhead tannoy finally announced that your flight was ready. You couldn’t really quite believe this was actually happening. It’s not every day you just hopped on a plane to LA.

You spent the enter flight squirming in your seat. Before you got on, you’d planned on sleeping the whole way there but no matter how hard you tried to, you just couldn’t. You watched multiple movies and even finished reading some of the book you’d started a few days back. Still, there was at least another four and half hours to go. Everyone else on the flight was sound asleep and you felt so lonely it was unbelievable.  It was currently night-time in wherever you were flying over. The transition from day to night in different parts of the world was so surreal. One minute it was light, the next you were covered in darkness. But seeing the stars up in the sky was so much more beautiful than seeing them down on earth. Sometimes when you peeked a look out the window, you just sat and gazed at them for a long time. Another hour later and you managed to doze off; you’d practically exhausted yourself at the first three quarters of the journey.

When you touched down at LAX, your head started racing at the thought of seeing Calum and the boys again. You probably looked like hell, but god knows you could’ve pee’d yourself with excitement.

Getting off the plane, the security checks took look longer than you could bear to wait. You were so close to Calum and the boys, you just couldn’t take the waiting around any longer. Once all the checks were done, you made your way through the arrival gates. You didn’t even get the chance to look for Michael as was already running towards you with open arms.

“Y/N, oh my god, we’ve missed you like mad!” His arms engulfed you in the sweetest hug.

“I’ve missed you all too, Mike.” It was so good to be hugging your best friend again. Truthfully, it would be even better to be hugging your boyfriend.

On the ride back in the cab to their hotel, Michael gave you a rundown of what was going to happen. Firstly, you’d go back to the hotel and put a ‘badass’, as Michael called it, outfit. Then, you’d go to the arena they were playing at an hour before they did so you could hide out in their dressing room before they arrived. Security was already informed of your arrival; so they had no need to worry about you being some crazed fangirl.

“So, you got all of that y/n?” Michael inquired as you pulled up to the hotel.

“Sure have, Mikey!” Grabbing hold of your hand, he helped you out of the taxi. You had to come in through the back entrance, that way Calum had no chance of knowing you were there. If he found out you were here before you got to surprise him, this whole trip would be depressing because you really wanted to make this special for him.

Traipsing up to the boys rooms, Michael pulled you into his and Luke’s, where Ashton and Luke were both patiently waiting for you both to arrive. You’d walked in dead silence in case Calum was knocking about close by. This seriously felt like some secret spy mission.

“Y/N!” Ashton and Luke yelled simultaneously as their 6ft+ bodies nearly knocked you over when attempting a group hug.

“Hey, guys.” There was nothing that made you happier than being with these goons. They were the only friends you could rely on all the time. If Calum wasn’t available to talk to you, which wasn’t often, then one of the other boys would take your call and sit and talk to you for hours about any old rubbish that sprung to mind. All of you cared about each other so deeply; you were truly a little family.

“Don’t let Mike take all the credit for your travel and accommodation here mind, we totally chipped in as well.” Ashton piped up out of the blue.

“Thank you all so much, this is just the most amazing thing you could’ve done for me, and Calum.”

“We just want to see you both happy again.” Luke spoke that time. A light knocking sounded on the door.

“Room Service, I got some dope.” Now, that was 100% Calum. You all glanced at each other with panicked expressions. Ashton frantically ushered you into their en suite bathroom and stood in there with you.

“I-“ You went to say something, but Ashton put his hand over your mouth. Shaking his head, you decided it’d be best to keep your mouth firmly shut.

The door to the room clicked open, “Cal, buddy, come on in! Ashton’s just gone for a shower.” That was Ashton’s cue to turn the shower on, and he struggled to get it working at first. But he got it eventually, with your help. This was killing you being so close to Calum and not being able to just run into his arms.

“Yeah, he stunk of shit this morning at breakfast.” Calum retorted. Honestly, you nearly blew your cover there and then from choking laughing at him. “Anyway, when he’s finished in there can you tell him to come to my room? I have some things to talk to him about.” His voice trailed off at the end, and that twinge of sadness could be heard in his voice.

“Yeah sure, bud. And hey, it’s not long until you see y/n again now… like two months.” Michael tried his best to sound enthusiastic, but he’d already seen you so he didn’t quite feel the loss like Cal did.

“Two months too long. I just wish she was here.” His sigh was loud enough to hear even above the noise of the shower. Ashton looked towards you and gave you a reassuring smile. He knew that this had to be tearing you apart being so close but so far away. A single tear slid down your cheek and Ashton pulled you into him in an instant.

“I know mate, I know.” The three of them exchanged their farewells and the door was shut. You couldn’t help but let your sobs get louder. You really weren’t sure you could wait any longer anymore; you’d never heard Calum sound so glum.

Ashton held you at arm’s length, “It’s not long now until you get to see him. We weren’t expecting him to come round till after you’d left, sorry.”

“It’s ok; it’s really not your faults.”

After that, you took your time to get ready as you had a few hours. Michael and Luke let you use their bathroom to change in and such like, they didn’t want to leave you on your own down the hall. To be honest, they were quite certain that if they left you alone you’d run to Calum in the first ten seconds, and they were determined to have this evening go exactly to plan.

honestly hearing taylor’s speech before clean and the song itself was something i needed SOOOO badly because my anxiety has been getting so out of hand lately and i don’t think i can ever thank her enough for that because even though she can’t fix my problems it really helps and makes me feel so much better and so cherished so thank you so much for everything you said and did in detroit taylor i love you

Soooo I’m a Sales Supervisor at a popular gifts store. This girl came in while I was in back on my lunch break to return some jewelry this afternoon. (I was the only management working today, so I was the only one who could do the return). I asked her what she needed and she said, “I bought these, but they’re not the right size. I haven’t opened them.” So I look over the two packages of nose hoops she brought in. I can clearly tell the sticker on one was moved and one of the hoops was warped and still bent open. As I’m looking at the sticker she insists two more times to an associate behind the register with me that she didn’t open it. I politely informed her that based on our store policy jewelry that has been opened cannot be returned, but it can be exchanged for something else. (reason being because we can’t sell it after it’s been opened.) She makes a face and says again, “what, I didn’t open it.” I showed her the bent hoop and politely repeated the policy again and she sighed. To keep her from getting irritated, I asked her what was wrong with the hoops in the first place. I have my nose pierced with a hoop in it, so I was curious as to how they were the wrong size. She said “I was trying to put it in, but I couldn’t push it through on the inside.” While I explained to her how to put hoops in, I couldn’t help thinking, wow you just admitted to opening that, and attempting to put the jewelry in. You flat out lied to me. Don’t try to pull a fast one on me lady. Don’t. Even.