i said i can't anymore

i think a lot about how kaz brekker, this monster, this bastard of the barrel, this crook with dirtyhands…offered to give himself up to let everyone else go free. the odds would have been stacked against him yet he stubbornly stood by his choice and said, “i’m giving you a way out. take it.” i want to cry, this boy, he was e x p o s e d in crooked kingdom. coldhearted my ass.


Initially, I was terrified. But ultimately, I was proud to come out; because it wasn’t just some concept… it was about my feelings for this amazing woman. But now, I don’t feel liberated or like I’m on some great journey. All I feel is pain because you don’t want me.

you know what drives me crazy? people that be standing up here saying “we need to give him the benefit of the doubt, we need to give him a chance and see how he leads”

I’m sorry, do you want the world to just fuckin…ignore the hate trail he ran as a campaign? we just what, pretend the last 18 months didn’t happen and his behaviours and attitudes and cabinet picks are not indicative of the man he is and the administration he’s going to run?

if someone treated you like shit every day at work, made your life hell, bullied you, objectified you, harassed you, and then got promoted and became your boss, do you just forget that happened because he might treat you better now he’s in charge?

nah fuck that, power doesn’t change a person for the better, it just makes the type of person they are more obvious, and idk how much more obvious it can be that he’s a hateful piece of shit, so fuck giving him a chance or the benefit of the doubt. fight back. resist. don’t ever accept this man as president. acknowledge it happened and fight to fix it, but don’t accept it. acceptance indicates something is okay, and this? absolutely isn’t.


my voice gets really loud when i talk and i always talk about being gay because like…….. i’m gay….. and so at school i would say “i’m gay!” “that’s gay! “it’s because i’m a lesbian!” constantly and loudly during conversations and i would say it in front of literally anyone. and yet SOMEHOW there were still people shocked that i was a lesbian. like this kid i met last year was having this deep discussion with me and i mentioned i was gay and he gave me this shocked look…. like there’s no way people never said anything about it. when i moved to california i remember getting tapped on the shoulder in my first week of classes and turning to see a scrawny little kid point out a girl across the classroom and whisper, “she’s a lesbian,” to me. and people talked about the, like, 3 out kids at that school constantly and i just can't—literally cannot—believe that i flew under the radar. i mean i looked like the most stereotypical lesbian ever for my first two years of high school. i wore flannel and baseball caps and had short hair and once it was even green. and i talk about being gay all the time. plus i was literally VP of our gay straight alliance and went on the school announcements to promote it. how? the fuck? was anyone surprised?????