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Tainted Love (part 6)

Summary: Soulmates are supposed to be a wonderful thing, that is until you find out who your soulmate is. You guessed it, Lance “The Fucker” Tucker.

Pairing: Lance x Reader

Warnings: insecure Lance

A/N: I’m so happy I finally have no more writers block for this damn fic! I hope you’re enjoying it!

It had been a good 5 days since Lance stood you up. You still didn’t understand why he didn’t show up. You were so excited to be going on the date with him. You hadn’t even known the man for more than two weeks and he’s already breaking your heart.

“He didn’t show up?” Hope repeats what you had just said.

“Yup.” you say as you pour yourself a glass of apple juice. “I got all dressed up and everything. I was excited to be going on a date with him. I thought he could be different. I should’ve listened to you.”

“That’s weird.” she murmured.

“What is?”

“He came by the gym on Thursday and asked me and Ben if we could help him. He wanted us to tell him how to dress and how to act. I guess he didn’t want to fuck up the date.” she explained.

You sigh. “Well he did.” your eyes began to swell with tears as you remember last night. You waited for him, you texted him and nothing. “I can’t believe I actually thought he liked me I just-”

You stop speaking and let out a small sob. “Oh no, no, no, no Y/N don’t start crying. He’s an asshole.”

“I know It’s just - there has to some explanation. He’s my soulmate. There has to be a reason why out of everyone else, he’s my soulmate.” you sit down on the couch and sigh. “Maybe he had a long day and he took a nap and left his phone on silent.”

“Stop making excuses for him.”

“I’m not I’m just trying to be reasonable. He’s not just an asshole, Hope. I think that’s a front.”

“Doubt it.” she scoffed.

“There has to be a reason..” you mutter. “Hope, where does Lance live?”

“What? How the fuck would I know?”

“I know you know.”

“I’m not telling you either way.”

ou throw your head back. “C’mon.”



“No Y/N.”

“Fine.” you huff. “I’ll just sit here and soak in my sadness… it’s not fair that everyone gets to be with their soulmate but I can’t. And now-”

“Alright shut the fuck up, you’re annoying me.” Hope cut you off. “Be ready in fifteen minutes and when I say be ready, I mean be outside your apartment building.” and with that, she hung up.

Not wanting to waste any time, you quickly pull your shoes on along with a jacket. Wearing a spaghetti strap and gym shorts was fine, right? You shrug and grab your phone, heading downstairs to wait for Hope.

When you got there, she was already waiting for you. You get in her car and put your seatbelt on. “I thought you said fifteen minutes? You got here in ten.”

“Yeah I know, decided to come early. I was gonna wait five minutes for you and if you didn’t get down here in time I was gonna leave.” she says as she drives off. “Because you take forever to get dressed.”

“Well not today.”

She glances over at you, taking in your appearance. “I can see that. Gym shorts? Really? That just screams ‘fuck me right now’.”

“You would know that, wouldn’t you?”

Hope scowled. “I’ll have you know that I’ve only fucked three people.”


The blonde slapped your arm.

Hope pulled up to an apartment building and parked. You look over at her, giving her a confused look. Where were you? “Second floor, apartment 24A. Go, I’ll be back in like an hour, two if I’m feeling nice.”

“Is this…” you trail off and she nods.

“I don’t like him but whatever makes you happy. Also, the only reason I know where he lives is because I had to pass him Maggie’s file.”

You smile. “Thanks Hope.”

“Yeah, yeah now get the fuck outta my car.”

You laugh and get out, watching Hope back up before she hauled ass down the road. Shaking your head you turn towards the building and sigh. It’s now or never, right? You walk up the stairs to the second floor and strut down the hallway, looking at each door. 20A. 21B. 22A. 23B. 24A.

Lance’s apartment was on the left side and you take a deep breath before knocking three times. You wait patiently but there was no answer so you began knocking again. It wasn’t until you heard a faint “yeah, yeah I’m comin’.” that you stopped.

Lance pulled the door open, his eyes glued to his wallet as he fished out some money. “How much is it again?” he looks up at you and surprise struck his face. You were the last person he thought would be at his door. He thought you hated him. “Shit Y/N, I thought you were the pizza man.”

“Obviously I’m not.” you don’t know when you crossed your arms but they were crossed.

The both of you stood there in awkward silence before Lance cleared his throat. “Uh, come in.”

He stepped aside and you enter his apartment. To your right there was his living room which was spotless and right in front of you was the kitchen which was also spotless. There was a door next to the kitchen which you assumed was his room since his infamous jacket was hanging on it.

“At the end of the hallway is a bathroom so if you need to go it’s over there.” Lance says, pointing over to your left. You nod and notice another door. Does he have a roommate? As if he heard your thoughts, he nods his head over to the door. “That’s like a storage room, I guess you could say. The only apartments available were two bedroom ones.”

Again, you nod and look around. The apartment was nicely decorated. You expected it to be… bland. Lance licks his lips and looks at you. “Do you want anything to drink?”

“No thank you.” You watch Lance walk over to the fridge and pour himself a glass of water. After drinking it he rounded the counter to stand in front of you.

“So.. uh.. what’re you doing here?” he questioned.

You scoff. “Do you really not know why I’m here?”

Lance frowned. “Is it about the date?”

You nod. “I’m just going to get this over with.” You say, running your fingers through your hair. Lance takes this time to look at you. A spaghetti strap and gym shorts? Oh man he could only imagine how it would feel to have your thighs clench around his head as he- “Why didn’t you show up?”

Lance blinks twice, coming back to reality. “Huh?”

“Why didn’t you show up? Were you with another girl that night?” you questioned. You sounded like a jealous girlfriend but you didn’t care.


“Is that why you never answered my calls or texts? What about these past five days? Why haven’t you replied to me? Is there someone else? Did you blow me off because you don’t do the dating thing? I need answers, Lance. I need to know if I’m wasting my time or not. I know when we were younger you wanted nothing to do with me but I thought maybe you felt different now that we’ve met.” You spoke.

“No, I’m not seeing anyone right now. I haven’t been with anyone these past five days.” He tells you and you nod. You’re about to continue speaking when a girl emerged from his room.

“I finally found it. Thanks for not helping me you a-” she turns to the both of you, eyes drifting to you then to Lance.

You scoff. “You haven’t been with anyone these past five days?” Lance stays silent. “Unbelievable. I can’t believe I actually thought you had feelings for me. Hope was right, I should’ve just stayed away from you.”

You start walking to the door but Lance grabs your hand. “Woah, wait! Let me explain!”

“Explain what? That you weren’t actually interested in me? That you were probably with some chick Friday night? Honestly Lance-“

“Y/N would you just shut the fuck up and let me speak!” he cut you off and you freeze upon hearing his outburst. “Shit, sorry Y/N I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. Just, please let me explain everything.”

You only nod. Lance lets out a sigh. “She doesn’t mean anything to me. The only reason she’s here is to get her jacket that she left here three weeks ago. We didn’t even know three weeks ago, you can’t get mad at that.”


“Fuck you, Lance!” the girl exclaimed as she made her way to the door.

“Why the fuck are you still here?” he glared at her as she left but not before showing him her middle finger.

Lance runs his fingers through his hair and sighs. “Anyways, where was I…”

“You were gonna tell me why you blew me off Friday night.”

Lance frowns. “Right.. I uh… I got insecure.”

You scoff. “You got insecure? Lance, that is by far the worst-“

“I’m not lying.” He cut you off. “I went down to the gym Thursday and asked Hope for some help. I didn’t want to fuck up the date and since she’s your best friend she knows what you like and what you don’t. So, when I asked her to help me she said that I shouldn’t even go because I was gonna fuck the date up no matter what. She said the only thing I was gonna do was break your heart because it’s the only thing I’m good at and she’s right. You deserve someone much better than me. I’m a fuck up. I already fucked up.”

You scowl. You were going to murder Hope for saying such things. “I know I probably deserve someone better than you but does it look like I care? I can look after myself, Lance. You’re my soulmate for fucks sake. There’s a reason for that. You didn’t even give us a try before you decided you were no good. I don’t know why this one time you listened to Hope when you never do.”

Lance raked his fingers through his hair and you continued. “Why won’t you give us a try?”

He sighed. “Because I really like you and I’m afraid I’m gonna screw shit up. I’ve never been in an actual relationship. I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m so used to sleeping around, no strings attached but-“ he paused. “My friends in high school who already met their soulmates would tell me how great it was and how complete they felt. Even now I stumble across people who feel that way and I always thought it was a load of bullshit. But after meeting you all that changed. I understand why everyone is so focused on finding their soulmate because fuck Y/N it’s the best feeling in the world.

“I want to be with you more than anything in the world. You’re so sweet and so kind and just the complete opposite of me and I’m fucking terrified that I’m going to do something so fucked up and ruin you and I don’t want to do that. I’m afraid I’m gonna hurt you so bad to the point where you hate me and fucking hell that crushes me.”

He’s in tears by now. You’d never thought you’d ever see Lance crying but here he was right in front of you with tears streaming down his face.

“And now I’m crying like a fucking idiot, making myself look even more stupid than I already do.” He sniffled and wiped his face with the back of his hand.

You take a couple steps forward, closing the gap between the two of you as you hugged him. “I knew that whole asshole thing was just a façade.” This makes Lance chuckle as he calmed down from crying. “You can’t help what you feel. You’re only human. It’s okay to cry and it’s okay to be fearful but you can’t let it stop you from being happy.”

“I’m sorry for blowing you off.”

“It’s fine, Lance.”

“No it’s not.” He pulls away so that he can look at you. “Let me take you on a date. I’ll show up this time.”

“We don’t have to rush into anything just yet. We can just-“

“I wanna take you out on a date.”

“Are you sure? We don’t have to-”

Lance sniffled. “Please?”

You smile. “Alright, Lance. I’ll let you take me on a date.”

“Thank you.” He presses a kiss to your cheek. “Since you’re already here how about we go to my room so I can take these pretty little shorts off you.”

He tugs at your shorts and you swat his hand away, laughing. “Lance!”

The mood shifted from serious to playful and Lance giggled. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Let’s watch a movie or something while we wait for the pizza man to get here. He should’ve been here like… twenty minutes ago.”



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Daddy - Isaac Lahey SMUT

Originally posted by babydaddiesclub

A/N: I read this imagine and got inspired so here goes nothing. Credits to the writer.

Summary: Y/n is Isaac’s submissive girlfriend.

Warnings: SMUT,kinda some fluff,Ass spanking,oral (male receiving),unprotected sex (wrap it up dudes),sub/dom relationship & daddy kink.

“Y/n let’s gooo” Lydia whined “Lyd you know I can’t” I frowned “why?” Malia questioned quirking a brow at me “because Isaac wanted to hang out later and if i go to the club with you guys that won’t happen” I explained “since when do you need his permission?” Malia asked “yeah since when?” Lydia mimicked. They didn’t understand Isaac or know him as well as I did. If I didn’t ask for his permission I’d surely pay for it later. Which even though it felt totally great I didn’t feel like getting spanked tonight,my ass still hurting from two nights ago when I had a study date with Liam and it pissed him off.

Keep reading

Negan Imagine ~ Secret

Negan and the Reader develop a close relationship that has to prove itself after he finds out that she has been hiding something from him… 


Originally posted by rikkisixx

The dimmed sunlight of the dusk shone into your bathroom while you looked at the scar on you shoulder while you spread creme over it.

But that scar wasnt just any scar.

It was pretty light already but you could still see where the teeth of the walker had buried themselves into your flesh.

After the jail got blown up you were separated from everyone, had no food, no weapons, nothing.

You had been circled by walkers and in that moment you had to decide to run or to die there. 

And you ran. 

At some point rotting hands had grabbed you and you had felt the teeth burying themselves into your flesh while you’d felt no pain, the adrenaline in your body had been way to strong and that was probably also the reason you had ripped yourself out of his grab and just ran and ran and ran.

When you discovered and realized after hours of running panically that you had been bitten you had thought that all was over. 

Maybe, if you would have had a weapon, you would have ended it not wanting to go through the pain of being infected. 

But it didn’t come that far.

You had never felt any other pain than the one of the healing wound.

You never had feaver or anything else you had seen at people that had been bitten. 

It was just a big wound.

Nothing more. 

And it healed and turned after you had got reunited with your group again into a scar. 

You had almost been afraid to say or realize it but after all, you were immune.

You stopped to lotion the scar and  looked outside the window.
Negan could come any moment.

You still didn’t know why but Negan have had something for you since the beginning and whatever it was it had grown over time.

But after you had to see what he did to your friends with your own eyes, what this man was capable of doing with a big smile on his face, he had a hard time with you, a really hard one to be honest.

Time passed and you got to see way more than just this one side of him.
He could be gentle, even soft when he was alone with you and after some time you couldn’t deny anymore that you developed something for him that grew stronger with every time you saw him and you had begun to accept your feelings for him.
He didn’t know about your scar or even your immunity, first you and the others had hid it from him not knowing what he would do or where he would take you if he found out, now, you knew that he wouldn’t even harm a single hair on your head or let someone else do that, but you were too deep into hiding it to just reveal it.
Yes, he wouldn’t hurt you, but you still didn’t know if he would hurt others if he would find out that they helped hiding something that important from him.

“(Y/N), need to talk to you”, you suddenly heard Ricks voice through the door. You slipped a shirt over, opened the door and looked directly at Rick.

“I need you to go on a run”, he said looking seriously at you. 

“Do we still not have enough supplies for them? Rick, I can try to talk to Negan”, you asked sighing while you leaned against the doorframe, knowing that Negan had taken care of that you had enough medicine and food around.

“No, no it’s not that. You know how close it was the last time, can’t risk that he finds out”, he said nodding over to your shoulder. 

You wanted to answer but before you could do that, you heard a bat drumming against the metallic gates.

“You stay inside, I’ll manage the rest”, Rick said stressed before he stormed outside.
“Rick that-”, you tried to call after him but stopped sighing as you heard the door shut.
Negan wouldn’t be satisfied with hearing that you were on a run, that was for sure.

You stayed in the bathroom, the door closed while you tried to hear if you could hear voices outside and after a few minutes, you did.

“So Rick, I miss my Sweetheart here, where is she?”, You heard Negans voice say. 

“On a run”, Rick responded but you could hear in his voice how tensed up he was. 
“What a fucking shame that I think you’re fucking lying”, Negan said before he continued.

“So now show me where she is”, Negan commanded.

“As I said, she’s outside”, Rick responded as tensed as before. 

“Arat”, you just heard Negan say before you heard the click of a gun.

“So Ricky boy you’ve fucking seen with your own damn eyes that I’m a man of my word and since she could blow that guys head of, you better change your mind and I forget that you were a lying asshole that kept my girl from me or…well, you got another smashed head, you want that? You really want that Rick?”, Negan asked while you swallowed hard.

“She’s inside”, Rick said. 

“Good. So what do you say for not killing another one of your pricks when you fucking lied to me?”, Negan asked.


“What do you say?”, Negan growled sternly after a few moments
“Thank you”, you heard Rick growl. 

“Why not directly like that”, Negan chuckled before you heard the door opening. You opened the bathroom door and walked down the stairs as you saw Negan coming towards you.

“Holy hell, I fucking missed you, Sweetheart”, Negan said chuckling while he walked towards you.

“Has been a long ass time”, he continued as he came even closer, his eyes roaming over your face.

“Four days”, you said before Negan looked grinning at you.

“As I said long ass time, way too fucking long”, he said before bowed slightly down to you to press his lips onto your neck while he beard tickled your skin.

You felt a shiver running down your back, knowing how awfully close he was to the scar you were hiding.
He let go of your neck and instead cupped your face with his hands and pulled you into a deep kiss that let your knees turn weak every single time.

“Can you fucking believe Ricky boy wanted to withhold you from me? Fuck, he better not do that again”, he said after he let go of your lips and you huffed slightly.
You still couldn’t stand the way he was talking to Rick and you probably never could.
“Or did you want him to fucking hide you?”, he asked, a tensed even a bit growling undertone in his voice.
“No I didn’t, you know that Negan”, you said before he nodded slowly and pulled you a little closer.
“Alright”, he said still a little tensed while you leaned your head against his shoulder.
“Don’t be pissed”, you said wrapping your arms around his torso, knowing that he secretly had this fear that you would turn against him.
That you would go back to hating him and doing nothing more that talking nothing but the most necessary things with him and glaring at him whenever he looked at you.
“I’m fucking not”, he said, a little softer, before he looked at your head that was still resting against his shoulder.
“I prepared some great shit. We both are gonna go on a little trip tomorrow”, he said smirking.
“Fucking Rick here with his side eye’s getting on my damn nerve and I think we could use some more privacy ”, he said winking while you rolled your eyes chuckling.
“So you’re fucking coming with me? On a little adventure”, he asked smirking before you slowly nodded.
Hiding it here or outside, there wasn’t a real difference.
“Fuck yeah”, Negan said chuckling before he pecked your lips and continued.
“But not today anymore, it’s already getting dark outside…Why don’t we go up to your private paradise? I feel like I could use some damn time with you”, he said smirking, before walking with you upstairs.

You laid on your bed, hearing the water of the shower prattling while you waited for Negan to finish.
Finally, the water turned off and minutes later, Negan came out of the bathroom wearing some sweatpants and a white shirt, his hair wet and his face surprisingly freshly shaved.
You had never seen him without his beard, but he definitely looked just as good as with one.
“You shaved?“, you asked chuckling while you looked at his beardless face.
“Yeah, had to get rid of this shit”, he said stroking now over his bare skin while he walked over, pecked your lips and let himself fall next to you.
“What? You don’t like it?”, he asked looking over to you.
“I like both, just gotta get used to not being tickled by it anymore”, you said chuckling while you laid down next to him.
He looked grinning down to you and leaned a bit closer to capture your glance.
“Well I guess we can fucking work on that”, he said huskily before he leaned down and captured your lips.
He quickly deepened the kiss, his hand had a strong grip on your waist, you hummed satisfied but still hungry into the kiss as you let one hand rest on his strong chest, the other one run through his dark and still wet hair.
Someday, this would lead to way more or at least you would want it to lead to way more, but wouldn’t be able to.
Hell you couldn’t even wear a tank top around him, how were you supposed to be naked around him?

You didn’t know for how long you just laid there with him, kissing him hungrily before he let go of your lips and began to kiss and nibble down your jaw to your throat while you buried your hands deeper in his hair and hummed again.
You enjoyed the feeling until you felt him traveling lower and with that closer to the scar.
In the very moment your realized that, your body flinched slightly making Negan stop and look confused and somehow concerned at you.
“You alright? We can stop right fucking here if don’t feel comfortable”, he asked while you tried to find a way to handle the situation.
“I’m fine”, you said running your hand through his hair.
“Really? You know what I told you about fucking, that also counts for this shit. I can fucking wait, only thing making me pissed is when you’d do it without fucking wanting it”, he said looking down at you.
“Yes, really and I know”, you said leaning up to peck his lips.
He let himself fall next to you into the pillows before he looked at you, something between a smile and a smirk on his lips.
“Come over”, he muttered, lifting his arm for you to huddle up.
You let yourself fall into his arms and laid your head onto his chest.
“You’re not gonna tell me where we’re going tomorrow, are you?”, you asked tracing your fingers over his clothed chest.
“Nope”, he said while a throaty chuckle let his chest shake.
“Not even a hint?”, you asked hearing him chuckle again.
“Not even a fucking hint”, he said while you sighed out in disapproval.
“Oh come on, you can’t make me ruin the fucking surprise”, he said pulling you closer.
“Alright”, you muttered before you laid a while there with him, just enjoying each others presence.
"You trust me, right?”, he suddenly asked while you huddled up closer to him.
“Yeah, why are you asking?”, you muttered against his neck.
“Hmm…doesn’t matter”, he muttered while you could tell that he was lying.
“You sure?”, you asked rising your head from his chest to look at him.
“Yeah”, he muttered while you nodded, still not believing him but knowing that you wouldn’t get it out of him now.
And secretly, you knew why.
It was the same reason he had reacted that tensed this afternoon.
You laid your head back into the curve of his neck, while you felt how he wrapped his arm tighter around you.
“Good fucking night”, he said before he placed a kiss on your temple as he pulled you closer.
”Good night”, you muttered back before you drifted off into a deep sleep.

The sun was already shining brightly as you walked with Negan outside the house.
He still hadn’t told you anything about his plans with you but it wouldn’t be too long anymore until you’d find out.
You walked down the porch, Negan’s arm tightly wrapped around your waist as you saw Rick walking along the street into your direction until he stopped as he saw you.
"Ricky Boy, gonna sneak my girl away for a bit”, Negan said as you were walking closer towards Rick and you could see his face dropping.
“What? Shocked? Gonna bring her back safe and sound”, Negan chuckled while you stopped walking and already heard Negan’s voice commanding something to his men.
“I’ll be careful, I promise”, you said as you walked over to Rick while trying to somehow get at least a bit concern out of his eyes before you heard Negan’s voice again.
“Sweetheart? You fucking coming?”, you heard Negan’s voice while you could clearly hear the smirk through it.
“Yeah”, you said still looking at Rick before you finally turned around and walked over to Negan who stood there, smirking and with open arms just to sling one of them around your waist.
“Je-sus! We’re gonna have so much fun”, Negan called out, making obviously sure that everybody around you including your friends heard him before he chuckled and walked with you closer towards the gates.
“That wasn’t necessary, Negan”, you said while you felt him pulling you closer, before he opened the door of the truck for you and you hopped in.
“Believe me, it fucking was and just for the record, I simply said the damn truth”, he chuckled before he walked over to the other side and sat down in front of the steering wheel.
The gates slowly opened in front of the truck as Negan started the engine and you began to leave Alexandria.

Just a few moments after you had begun to drive off you felt Negan’s big warm hand placing on you thigh shortly before he began to let his thumb circle over your knee and you could feel a comfortable warmth stream through your body.
There were they again, the gentle touches that were just a bit of the soft side of the big bad wolf Negan.
You looked over to him and could see him looking smirking at the road, obviously seeing your glance from the corner of his eyes.
He took your hand and lead it to his face, to brush his lips over it and you hummed smiling as you felt them against your skin.
”If you continue making those fucking sounds you force me to stop this fucking truck and take you right into its back”, he said chuckling and with a big grin on his lips before he looked over to you for a small moment.
”If that was a threat, it failed”, you said chuckling.
”I know”, he muttered grinning while he brought his hands back to your thigh and squeezed it teasingly.
”Oh fuck”, you suddenly heard him say after a while and your glance wandered to the street.
A car laid upside down on it, walkers in and around it that made it impossible for the car to continue driving.
”You stay here, I’ll manage that”, you heard Negan say while he grabbed Lucille.
”No, I’m coming with you. It’s quicker if we do it together”, you said gripping your knife.
“Alright”, he nodded reluctantly before he hopped just like you out of the truck.
Just moments after that you began to walk over to the rotting corpses, that began to slowly stumble towards you.
Your knife dug into the rotting skulls, one by one until you felt how a hand grabbed your shoulder.
You turned around as you felt how the walker ripped your shirt trying to get you closer to its mouth before you could stab your knife into its head.
Breathless you saw how the dead walker sank to the ground before you heard a familiar voice.
“What the fucking fuck is that?”, you heard Negan’s voice behind you as you noticed the what the torn shirt exposed.
The scar.
You gasped, shoved the fabric nervously over the scar again before you turned around to him.
“Nothing just a scar, nothing more”, you said trying your very best to keep yourself and your voice calm.
“Just a scar? That are fucking teeth right there”, he said shoving the fabric back and you could feel how your body began to tremble.
“Wh-what the fuck?”, he asked looking at the imprinted skin before you shoved his hand away and swallowed hard.
He looked bewildered at you, with a questioning glance in his eyes while you realized that you wouldn’t get out of this anymore.
Negan wasn’t dumb.
You felt how your heart began to race just thinking about the consequences for the others that could follow.
But there was no way out.
“I-I got bit a long time ago…I don’t know why but nothing happened”, you stuttered while you tried to avoid his glance.
“Holy fuck…you’re immune…”, he muttered almost inaudible while you could feel how your tensed body trembled even more and your breath increased.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”, he asked before you looked struggling up to him and you could tell that he could see the fear in your eyes.
His glance began to darken the second he seemed to see the fear painted all over your face and saw how much your body trembled.
“Yeah, sure”, he began to growl, some pain flinching in between the darkness filled eyes.
“We’re leaving”, he growled before he turned around and began to stomp away and you had no idea what you should do.
You slowly followed him, seeing how he bashed a walker’s head with that much anger filled force that the head turned ultimately into mash while you could feel yourself jolting up.
Negan was angry, really angry and you knew him, he was capable of a lot, especially in this kind of mood.
You saw how Negan finally approached the truck before he looked back to you.
His dark glance hit you, that heavily that it let you flinch in fear while your eyes widened.
His eyes turned even darker, the pain was still flinching in between while you watched his every move.
“Where are we going?”, you brought out while you unsuccessfully tried to prevent the tremble in your voice.
“Alexandria”, he growled before his jaw clenched again while he looked at you.
“Or did you fucking think I’d take you right back to my sanctuary and give you over to my damn doc as fucking human guinea pig?!”, he called out growling while you could see the vein in his neck pulsing through his anger.
“No, I-I…”, you stuttered trying to find the right words.
“Don’t fucking lie!”, he yelled, his eyes gleamed in anger while in yours formed the first tears.
“At the beginning..yes I did but for some time now I just didn’t know what you’d do to the others of you’d find out that they hid it from you too…I didn’t want you to hurt them”, you said while you tried you best to hold the tears back.
Negan didn’t look at you, while he punched the metal of the truck angrily.
“Do what you need to do, but do it to me, not to them, please”, you said before he shook his head while he clenched his jaw again.
“In the truck. Now”, he growled while thousand questions shot through your mind trying to figure out what he would do.
You slowly walked over to the other side of the truck, and sat in, while Negan let himself fall next to you, hastily started the engine and drove off.
His grip around the steering wheel was that hard that his knuckles turned pale white, while he stared sternly at the road and speeded over it.
“Negan,…you need to slow-”, you said trying to slow him down but got cut off by him.
“Do not tell me what to do!”, he snapped growling while you flinched back.
“You still fucking see me that damn way, after every fucking fuck thing. Fucking lied into my damn face last fucking night”, he growled still staring at the road.
“Negan…”, you tried to begin before he continued.
“Listen I can have any fucking woman I want, so if you wanna go off, just tell me and I can stop putting my damn time in you and get to finally fuck someone again”, he said, you knew that he just wanted to hurt you as much as you had hurt him but his words still had an effect on you that created multiple stitches in your chest.
“Then do what you can’t keep yourself from doing”, you said hurt while you felt the lump in your throat making it almost impossible for you to talk.
You sighed, trying to stop the tears from falling down your cheeks but couldn’t. You felt the first tears streaming over your face as you felt Negan’s glance wandering over to you.
You suddenly heard a loud rumbling, load groans coming from the road as your glance shot up and you saw how the truck ran over a group of walkers, one rolling over the window while the other ones got under the vehicle and made it abruptly stop.
You felt your body being forced against the widow to your side, your head almost crushing against it before you could stop it.
“Shit are you okay?”, you heard a panicking Negan say as he grabbed you and turned you to face him.
“Yeah”, you stuttered before he pulled you closer into his arms.
“Fuck, fuck..”, he said breathless, pulling you that close that your face got buried in his chest.
“I thought for a fucking moment..that..fuck”, he said while holding you that tight that you could feel him trembling.
“I should have told you,… but Negan I didn’t lie about trusting you, I do…I-I’m sorry”, you sobbed into his shirt before you heard his voice.
“I’m fucking sorry, I didn’t mean it, I was just..”, he mumbled but stopped, as you slowly got out of his embrace to look at him.
“We both fucked up, huh?”, he muttered, while his rough hands wiped the tears from your face and you slowly nodded.
“I fucking hate fighting with you, really, I can’t fucking stand it,… so we can drop this shit I just need you to  promise me something, no fucking secrets anymore”, he said looking serious at you.
“I promise”, you said while you looked at him and he slowly nodded and pulled you back over to him and you laid for a good time just in his arms before you heard his voice again.
“You know what? We’ll see what kind of punishment comes to my mind, when we arrive at our destination”, he huskily said while you exactly knew what he was thinking of before you looked up to him and he began to chuckle.
“We’re still going?”, you asked a little surprised while he looked down to you.
“Sure, I guess we fucking need that especially now”, he said, now without the husky tone in his voice but a more gentle one.
“You’re still not going to tell me where, are you?”, you asked before he began to chuckle.

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Escape:   the medical school years

“I wish ye could come wi’ me,” he breathed into her ear as he nipped her lobe.

She arched at the sensation of his hot breath in her ear, pushing her hips back into his.

“You know I wish I could,” she panted back, running her hands over his bicep, and up to grasp his shoulder.  

He kissed her like a man beyond thirst.  Twisting behind her she responded like a starving woman, devouring his mouth, pushing back against him, hard. She reached between them and took him in her hand, guiding him home.  He grabbed a thigh to hitch it up higher over his hip.    

Jamie groaned at the hot, welcoming feeling that was his wife.  Claire purred when her husband filled her, rubbing her in just the right places.  

He moved slowly, savouring the last moments with Claire before dawn when he’d have to leave for the International Whisky Competition.  Claire loved when he roused her from sleep, whispering his desire, running his fingers over her sleep warmed flesh, stroking her to a fever pitch.  

He moved deeply, taking his time, feeling the weight of her breast in his hand, the pebble revealing her desire underneath his palm, drawing out the moment when she would shatter in his arms.   Drawing out the moment for himself when he would feel his heart beat faster, and his body vibrate uncontrollably.  

When she moaned his name, he smiled against the back of her shoulder, for there was nothing sweeter in this world than his name on her satisfied lips. Seconds later he called hers, lost in pleasure.  

They held each other until their hearts steadied and both drifted back to sleep.

“Sassenach, have ye seen my shaving brush?”

“Which?  Uncle Lamb’s?”

“Aye,” Jamie was frantic, looking through drawers and the medicine chest, trying to pack his shaving kit.

“God, Jamie, who can find anything in this renovation?  I can run up the stairs and check the bathrooms up there?”

“Nay bother.  Ye’d have to take the fire escape as they’re working on the kitchen and blocked off the stairs inside.” He slammed the door under the sink. 

“Since when?” Claire said as she popped her head around the door frame.

“Yesterday,”  Jamie murmured, preoccupied.  “Maybe I left it at Lallybroch.”  

He zipped up the bag and placed it into the suitcase laid out on the bed.  “I think that’s everything I need.”

Claire grabbed her backpack and met Jamie at the door. She wound her arms around his neck and raised on tiptoes to kiss him.  “I’ll miss you.”

“Miss ye, too, Sassenach,” he bumped her nose with his, “but I’m no’ ready to say goodbye to ye just yet.”  He took her hand, and opened the door.  “Come.”

They walked out onto the street to a black Range Rover waiting at the curb.  An older man, lean and wiry, hopped to attention when he saw Jamie.  He had a black knit cap pulled low over his head, and the collar of his navy blue pea coat was turned up against the cold.  His gray beard was trimmed short, and Claire was immediately drawn to the deep smile lines around his blue eyes.    

“Claire, this is Alec,” Jamie said as he introduced his wife.  “He’ll be yer driver this week.”

Claire reached out to shake the man’s hand, somewhat confused.  “My driver? Jamie.  I don’t need a driver.”

“Aye, ye do.”  Jamie clapped the smaller man on the shoulder.  “Alec is our company driver.  Takes us to the airport, picks up clients for us, takes us to meetings, and such.  While I’m away he’ll take ye to University.  More importantly,” Jamie looked intently at Alec, “he’ll pick ye up from all those late nights at the library.”  

Claire stood up straight and faced her husband.  He could see her stubbornness rise.   “Jamie, I can drive myself.  I can take our car.”  

“Sure, Sassenach,” Jamie chuckled, “because it’s not like ye never fall asleep on the way home or anything when I pick ye up.” He raised an eyebrow and opened the car door.  

Claire had the good sense to look embarrassed. “Well.  Thank you, I guess. It’s nice to meet you, Alec.  But are you sure you want to do this?  My schedule is crazy.”

“Och, no worries, ma’am,” Alec said in a thick Highland accent.  

Jamie and Claire climbed into the back of the warmed vehicle.  As they drove to the University of Edinburgh, Jamie lifted their entwined hands and kissed his wife’s ring.  “Seriously, Claire, call Alec. Dinna try to go home by bus or anything.”

Claire studied her husband’s face.  There was something in his eyes that she couldn’t quite put her finger on.  Seriousness, yes.  Longing, yes, because he wished she could travel to Chicago with him for the competition. But something else.  It looked like worry, but on a deeper level.  There was something darker in his eyes that gave her pause.  

He needed her promise.  So she gave it.

“I promise, Jamie.  I’ll call Alec.”

His eyes flashed briefly, then he nodded his head. “Good.  Give me yer phone, Sassenach, and I’ll put in his number.”

Dropping Claire off outside her building, Jamie stepped out of the car and let her out.  He wrapped her up in a bear hug, and lifting her off her feet, planted a firm kiss on her lips.  Forgetting themselves, their kisses became a bit more fevered until catcalls, and whistles brought them back to their surroundings. Jamie let her slide down his body and whispered, “Call ye every chance I get.”

“Regardless of the time difference.”  She placed a hand against his cheek, “Come back to me, James Fraser.”

“Soon as I can,” he said, and kissed her lingeringly on her forehead.  

He climbed back in the car and watched Claire walk quickly into the old stone building.  Damn, he’d miss that fine arse.  Alec pulled away from the curb and looked at Jamie in the rear view mirror. 

“I trust ye, man.” Jamie said, looking back at him through the glass.  “Ye ken what to look for.”

“Aye,” Alec assured the young man.  “Yer Da was a good man, and a friend of mine.  Ye’ve shown me a world of kindness, as well.  I’ll take care of her.”

Jamie nodded, knowing that the older man understood what was expected of him this week.  When they got to the airport, they shook hands, and grabbing his luggage, Jamie walked away.

Alec watched him go marveling at how much like Brian he was.  Same strong walk, and the same straight set of his shoulders.  He smiled at the memory and climbed back into the Rover. How badly he wanted a cigarette right now, but he would never succumb.  He owed it to Brian.  They had gone to school together and were good friends.  Then, Alec spent some time in the military while Brian went off to Uni. When they crossed paths again years later in a pub, Alec was an alcoholic chain-smoker crying over a recent cancer diagnosis.  Brian had him sobered up in rehab, and gave him a job at the Distillery as a driver.

The irony.  An alcoholic working for a whisky maker.  

Yet, Brian’s actions gave him back his life.  Cancer in remission.  Sober, and non-smoker.  It didn’t help his already broken marriage, but it did give him his self-respect, and that meant everything.  When Brian died he was sure that would be the end of his job.  He approached Jenny and Jamie, literally with his hat in his hand. Jenny had showed him into her office and wandered over to her sideboard, littered with whisky tumblers and decanters, and various refreshments.

She poured three cups of coffee, God love her. His heart melted.

She and Jamie had been talking, she explained, handing him a steaming hot mug.  They’d decided she and Ian should move to Lallybroch, now that Brian was gone.  She was pregnant and their growing family would need the space.  The commute would be a long one, so Alec would be needed to drive her and Ian to work from Lallybroch, every day.  As well, his current duties as driver would remain.  There was a small cottage in Broch Mordha that he could have, so that he’d be close to Lallybroch for the daily commute.  Then, Jamie handed him an envelope containing his new salary.  He had to draw on all of his military training to not cry at the figure on the page.  He stood, shook hands, thanked them for the coffee and stepped out into the hallway.  

At that point he allowed himself a good cry, for the loss of his friend and in gratitude for his children.  Jamie stepped out ten minutes later and handed him a set of keys.  He left him alone to find the Range Rover in the lot.  It was all too much.  From that day forward ‘Old Alec’, as the Murray kids called him, became protector of Brian’s family.  

A family that now included Claire.

She checked her phone thinking she’d calculate what time it was for Jamie. Jesus H!  11:45!  She needed to get home and get some rest before her 8:00 class tomorrow morning.

She quickly texted Alec, then started packing up. Claire was surprised at how fast her phone pinged in response.  

Which door will I find you to pick you up?

She texted back.  East door.  Thank you, Alec.

He pulled the car from its spot on the street and headed towards the library. The rain was steady, but not driving down.  Still, he’d get as close as he could. 

The night was dark as pitch but the streetlights helped.  It seemed like she wasn’t there when he pulled up.  No matter.  He punched the button to start the hazard lights and waited for a glimpse of her before jumping out to get the door.  

Claire bolted down the stairs.  She felt good about how much work she’d gotten done, but she also felt guilty for keeping Alec up so late.  She wondered what Jenny was doing for a ride this week.  If Alec was driving her, he couldn’t be driving Jenny.

In her preoccupation she took the wrong hallway to the door.  Turning quickly to correct her mistake she bumped into a solid wall of flesh.

“Umpf!”  She staggered back, clutching her bag.  “Robert!”


Horrocks bent down to pick up the book he dropped in the collision.    

“Sorry.  I didn’t see you.”  She took a moment to step around him, but he stood up and filled the narrow hallway.  She stopped, unsure of what was happening for the moment.

“It’s fine,” he said, in his charming Irish lilt. “I saw you moving like a bat outta hell, and I wondered if you were all right.”

She relaxed.  Of course.  That made sense.

“I’m going the wrong way.” She made a motion toward her head.  “Tired.” She stepped forward again, and this time he let her pass. 

The foyer was well lit and made it hard to see into the darkness.  Everything was reflected back at her in the glass, especially Robert, still behind her. However, she could make out the blinking red hazard lights and knew that would be her ride.

“Night!” she said, throwing the words casually over her shoulder.

Just before she opened the door he grabbed her upper arm.  

She stiffened.

“It’s raining, Claire.  Let me get my umbrella.”  He was standing entirely too close.  She looked up into his blue eyes.  A very different blue from Jamie’s, she thought.  Icy blue. Not the usual warm, ocean blue of her husband’s.  She shivered, and she wasn’t sure why.

“I’ll be fine. My car’s right there.”  Hitching her knapsack higher on her shoulder, she bent her head and stepped into the misty darkness.  

He held the door open as he watched her jog to the car.  

That’s when it hit him.    

He wasn’t sure what, exactly.  But he couldn’t breathe for the weight across his windpipe, and the force pressing his face into the side of the wall, away from the door. He was trying to get his feet under him from being knocked off balance but he couldn’t manage.  Stars swam before his eyes.  

And then, blackness. 

Negan Imagine ~ Little Runaway

After you and Negan take care of a toddler, not only you think about what it would be like to have a child of your own…

(Request: “Please can you do one with Negan, a fluffy one?”)

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Faint light streamed through one of the rare windows in the hallways of the Sanctuary as you looked out of it, down onto the endless seeming woods.
You were deepened in your thoughts as you jolted up, suddenly feeling arms wrapping from behind around your waist, some warm lips pressing themselves on your neck.
“Did I catch you fucking off guard, Sweetheart?”, you heard Negan chuckle against your skin before you turned around to look at him.
“Maybe”, you said chuckling while you looked into his eyes.
You were the one woman by Negan’s side for a long time now.
The one he left his wives for, the one he wanted to be with and after all, you couldn’t be more happy about that.
“Thought you’d still work”, you added placing your hands onto his chest.
“Got some fucking spare time and guess what, I’d like to spend that fucking time with my favorite person”, he said letting a big smile create on your lips before he continued.
“Which is why I’m going over to Simon now”, he added, before laughing at your shocked face expression before you began to laugh and slapped his chest.
“Asshole”, you said laughing while Negan chuckled and pulled you closer.
“Nah but seriously, I wanna use the damn time I have with you, so what do you want to do”, he asked looking at you.
You wanted to answer his question as you suddenly heard sounds coming from around a corner.
You looked irritated at Negan before he let go of you and went around the corner, followed by you as you saw a little boy crawling on the floor.
“Holy hell”, Negan said before he leaned down to the toddler and picked him gently up.
“Hello little man”, he said to the cooing boy who giggled at Negan.
“What the hell are you doing here, huh? Where’s your mommy and daddy?”, he asked in a soft voice while he gently dandled the toddler in his arms.
The boy cooed as an answer before he giggled again and stretched his tiny chubby toddler hands out trying to grab Negan’s beard.
“Jealous huh? Well, you gotta get a bit older for that”, Negan chuckled while he looked smiling at the toddler and you felt some strange warmth spreading out in your body as you saw him this way.
You knew that he had a soft spot for kids.
And you also knew about his job as coach before this whole thing started.
Yes, of course, he had been the special kind of way he is but you exactly knew that he secretly wanted them to like and to look up to him.
You suddenly heard the loud bang of a shutting door sound through the hallways before you heard a quiet whimper coming from the toddler.
The lower lip of the boy began to tremble, his eyes became glassy before a few sobs left his mouth.
“Shit, oh come on buddy”, Negan said sighing before he softly put the boys head against his chest and dandled him until he got calm again but stayed huddled up to him.
Negan would be a great father, shot through your head.
You had never talked to him about that topic, you didn’t know if he wanted kids himself and especially in a world that was as cruel as the one you live in.
And you, well of course, you had imagined what it would be like having a child with him and you had felt your body being filled up with an extremely comfortable warmth just thinking about having a little boy or girl with Negan, but you had your doubts.
Not because of Negan, or your relationship or anything else, you had no single doubt regarding that, if it would be only about you and him you would love to start a family with him right now, but about this world and having a kid growing up in it.
Negan looked from the toddler up to you, his glance soft before he raised his voice.
”Where the heck could he come from? The nursery?”, Negan asked, seeming to ponder.
“No, the nursery is on the other side of the building, that's’ too far, he can’t come from there”, you muttered pondering yourself, while Negan sighed quietly before he began to grin.
And hell, you knew that grin way too well.
“Maybe we could just keep him”, Negan suddenly said chuckling before you heard the little boy giggle.
“Oh yeah, you like that fucking idea, don’t you buddy?”, Negan laughed as he looked at the cooing boy.
“We can’t keep him”, you said laughing while shaking your head at Negan.
“Oh shit, did you hear that?”, Negan asked the boy in an excessively dramatic tone.
“We really gotta find his parents”, you said again as you laid your hand on his arm to get his attention before both, Negan and the boy, looked at you.
The boy giggled at you, stretching one of his hands out to you while he cooed once again.
“Oh see, he fucking likes you too!”, Negan called out triumphantly.
”Yeah, I like him as well”, you chuckling said, letting the boy wrap his hands around your fingers.
From the corner of your eyes you could see Negan’s glance intensifying as he saw you looking smiling at the boy in his arms, the tiny hand wrapped around your fingers.
”And that’s why I want to find out where he belongs”, you said, looking up to Negan who stayed for a moment simply looking at you, still with that smile on his lips, as if he was caught in some trance before he broke out of it and looked back to the boy .
”Alright, so then we’re gonna go on a little journey, huh”, he said dandling the toddler while another soft smile flashed over his lips.

While you walked you saw how Negan’s glance changed into a pondering one, his eyebrows slightly pulled together before he raised his voice.
“What kind of craphead lets his kid crawl around in the fucking hallways”, Negan growled while you kept walking,
“Don’t know, but I’m sure we’re gonna find out”, you said looking at him, before you heard a voice calling through the hallways.
“Caleb?! Shit…Caleb, come on where are you? ”, you heard a desperate male voice sound through the hallways.
“Guess we got our craphead”, growled Negan before you saw how a man came around a corner, his eyes watery and filled with desperation before he saw Negan and kneeled immediately.
Negan stopped walking, his glance frozen while you saw him clenching his jaw before raising his voice.
“Stand up”, he commanded and the man followed his order, stood up before his eyes widened by the sight of the boy in Negan’s arms.
“Caleb…”, he exhaled before he got cut off by Negan.
“Is this your fucking son?”, he asked, his voice still serious.
“Yes, Sir”, the man said hastily nodding while his glance stayed stuck on Negan and his son.
You saw Negan nodding slowly, his jaw clenching again before he slowly walked towards the man who began to tremble.
“You know what’s fucking crappy? Huh? You know that?…Guess not, so fucking listen to what I’m gonna tell you prick. A fucking toddler crawling around in the damn hallways”, Negan said calm but with that dangerous undertone in his voice before he continued.
“You do not let your toddler son out of your fucking sight. You do certainly not let him crawl around the fucking hallway. Got that?”, Negan asked staring down to the man in front of him
“Yes, Sir”, the man said with a quiet and trembling voice before Negan leaned towards him.
“What was that? I didn’t understand, you’re gonna have to speak up”, he said before he leaned back.
“Yes, Sir”, the man forced in a louder tone out of his mouth.
“Good. What the fucking heck were you doing anyway while he was playing runaway?”, Negan asked still with that undertone in his voice.
“M-my older son, he is sick and I just…”, the man said before his voice cracked and his eyes filled with more tears while you had to swallow by his sight and actually had to pity him.
Negan sighed, his glance got less frozen before he began to talk again.
“Now you calm the fuck down and fucking listen to me again”, Negan said before he continued.
“Step one, you get your son here to the damn nursery. Step two, you fucking go back to your older son and get him back on track. Step three, you be the fucking father you’re supposed to be. Understand?”, Negan said looking at the man while the boy was still huddled up to him.
“Yes, Sir”, the man said nodding while he swallowed hard.
“Alright. Don’t ever wanna see him crawling around here again…and what do we say to me, for having to spend an assload of my precious time trying to find you prick?”, Negan asked as he slowly and gently got the toddler out of his position.
“I am deeply sorry and thank you, Sir”, the man said before Negan nodded and gave Caleb over to his father who pulled him close to his body.
The man nodded again before he rushed with his son around the corner he came from.
”Mission fucking accomplished”, said Negan now with a small grin back on his lips before he pulled you into a deep kiss that filled you up with warmth.
He let slowly go of your lips, his forehead resting against yours, his hands still cupping your face for a while before he backed a little away.
”Gotta finish the fucking work, shit I’m fucking sorry, couldn’t even really do something together”, Negan said slightly scoffing.
”It’s okay, I mean, we had a special variety today”, you said softly chuckling.
”Oh shit yeah”, Negan said chuckling before he continued.
”By the fucking way, we got the whole fucking night to make the time up”, he said winking at you.
”Of course”, you said chuckling back before Negan grinned wider, pecked your lips and eventually let go of you.
”Till later, Sweetheart”, he said winking once again before he vanished around a corner.

It was already late as you returned from finishing your last task to your room, you didn’t have to work or anything else but anyway, you wanted to have something you could contribute.
And even though you have had something you had to do the last couple of hours, you had the some thoughts stuck in your head and they all circled around Negan and you and the thought of having a child with him.
That picture of him and that toddler, how he gently he handled him and the joy he had in his eyes, was still crystal clear in your mind and just gave you the same warm feeling every time you saw it in your mind.
Tired from the whole day, you snuggled into the dark sheets hoping that Negan would come back soon and while you were thinking about it, your eyelids got heavier and heavier and finally pulled you into a deep sleep.

Slowly, your eyes fluttered open, the moonlight shined through the windows telling you that it was still night while you felt that you were laying in Negan’s arms.
You heard a quiet yawn that made you slowly look up to Negan, seeing him staring out of the window while he seemed to ponder about something.
“Everything alright?”, you muttered with a sleep drowned voice while you raised your head from his chest.
Negan’s eyes directly shot to yours, his glance softening.
”Hmm”, he hummed nodding.
”Really?”, you asked, as you clearly saw that something was bothering him.
He sighed quietly, swallowed still pondering before he looked into your eyes.
“Did you ever think about having kids with me?”, he asked in a serious tone while he swallowed hard once again as if he feared what you could answer.
You felt that warmth spreading out in you again while a smile formed on your lips.
“Yeah”, you said softly while you saw his eyes lighten up in the faint light.
“Fuck really?”, he asked his lips now forming a slight smile.
“Yes”, you said sitting up while nodding and still looking at him, as he leaned against the backboard, the smile becoming wider.
”The boy made you think about it, huh?”, you asked, your glance not leaving his face.
“Think about it again”, he said chuckling before he raised his voice again.
“Just fucking imagine a version of you and me, just in fucking tiny, running around,…and I mean, even the fucking making process is a hell lot of fun”, Negan said smirking while you slightly slapped his chest, laughing softly.
“Of course, we can fucking screw either way, but getting a damn extra gift for it is fucking great”, he chuckled amusedly before he went quieter again and sat a bit more up while he locked eyes with you before he pulled you closer.
“I’m a damn happy fucker with you either way, just want you to know, but would you consider it? Like really fucking consider it?”, he asked in a serious, but still somehow soft tone.
“Yeah, I would, really Negan but…can we do that? Get someone on purpose into this fucked up world?”, you muttered while you looked at him.
“Don’t fucking know Sweetheart. I really don’t, but I know for fucking sure that I’d keep the both of you safe no fucking matter what”, he said while you felt his hand placing around yours and squeezing it softly.
You buried your hand deeper into his big warm one while you smiled thinking about it.
“And hell, you’d protect them too. You can, I fucking know that you’re a fucking fighter”, Negan added while his glance stayed on you.
“Holy crap, our kid would be some badass, probably with a damn fucking potty mouth”, you heard Negan laugh slightly while you looked pondering down to your hand that was still buried in Negan’s
“Sweetheart?”, you heard Negan’s voice say after a few moments of silence before you looked up from your hands.
“We don’t have to decide any fucking shit right now”, he said before he lifted an arm to let you huddle up to his side.
You nodded and let yourself fall into his embrace, felt how he pulled you closer and placed a kiss on your head.
Snuggling your face into his chest your thoughts kept circling around the same thing.
This feeling you had about it wasn’t just caused by a mood or something.
If it was just some kind of mood you wouldn’t think about it that much and serious, knowing that something like that shouldn’t be decided by having some kind of mood.
But it wasn’t, it definitely wasn’t.
You wanted a child with him, you wanted to start something big together with him and you were grateful to even have the chance to in these times,
These times.
They were the only reason you struggled, but maybe, maybe it wasn’t even that necessary.
You had the Sanctuary, the safest place you had seen since this thing had started and even if something would happen, you both would manage it somehow, you had managed already so much together, so you could do that too.
And next to that, the picture in your mind, seeing Negan with your own child on his arm, dandling them like he did with the little boy this afternoon, grew more and more.
You couldn’t change what the world was like, but you could make the best of it, with and for the ones you love.
And with that thought, your decision had been made.
“Negan?”, you asked quietly, trying to find out if he was still awake.
“Yeah?”, he answered before you lifted your head and looked at him.
“We should do it”, you said before you saw how a smile flashed over his lips.
“You really want to? Like, are you fucking sure? I just don’t want to fucking push you”, Negan asked not being able to get that smile from his lips.
“I’m sure, I really am. I want that with you, every little bit of it”, you said while Negan kept looking smiling at you.
“Fuck, I’m a damn lucky man”, he said, his smile mixing with a smirk right before he got you closer to pull you into a deep kiss.
“Guess it’s the damn right time to fulfill what I promised earlier”, Negan muttered smirking against your lips.
“Guess so too”, you said chuckling slightly against his lips, feeling how Negan moved on top of you, while you knew that every single decision you had just made with telling him that you wanted to start a family with him, had been nothing but the best you had ever done.

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The Raid (Dean x Reader)

So here it is. Nothing special, just a lot of my thoughts on season 12 episode 14 put into what the reader tells Mary with a little bit of fluffy cuteness at the end. 

Happy Reading!

Words: 3172

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

Excerpt: “Then why—”

“Because he’s not thinking rationally,” you said.  “All Dean knows is that you weren’t there. Does it really matter why? And now he’s got you back, and, because he’s the ultimate family man, he thinks that everything is going to be okay. John isn’t here, but you are, and that’s good enough for him because now he doesn’t have to do it on his own. And then you go and do something like this.  You tell me why he’s mad.”

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Your name: submit What is this?

Mary looked as if she was backed against a wall.  If you were being honest, you thought that maybe she deserved it.  Maybe she deserved whatever Dean said to her.

“I’m doing this for you,” she said in her ‘I’m your mother’ voice. “I’m playing three decades of catch-up here.”

Dean shook his head, shoulders set and jaw clenched. “And we’re not? How do you think this has been for us? We’re your sons, and you’ve been gone. Our whole lives, you’ve been gone.”

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Prompt: Hi, its me again. 😊. I saw that requests were open. If they still are I came back to make that request for a story where the reader disguises herself when Negan comes to Alexandria so he wont notice her. However one of the saviors starts bothering a young girl causing reader to tackle them and blow her cover. Thank you. ❤ @Lokis-Imaginary-friend (Tag isn’t working!!)

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,573
Warnings: Curses, sexual assault threats, violence
Category: Angst/fluff (???)


You stood in front of your sink in your cramped bathroom. You stared at the mirror before you, it was still steamed from the hot shower that you’d just had. You lifted one baggy sleeve of the sweatshirt you were wearing and caused a gap in the foggy glass.

A male version of yourself looked back at you. Your hair was tucked into a hat to give you the look of someone with short hair. You pulled the hat down a little so that it would implead most of the view of your face. You deemed yourself presentable and in all honestly a pretty hot man.

You were also wearing a grey, food stained, baggy sweatshirt that made your body look almost box like and also taking away the curve of your breasts. You looked like any other tired man in the end of the world.

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anonymous asked:

Could a possibly request a minific from that reblog? If so, could I have gramander and a subtle kindness please. Thank you! P.s. I really love all of your writing, it's just stunning. Like wow. And I hope you're having a beautiful day. Xx


Side note, I write weirdly when I’m sick sooooo sorry if it doesn’t make sense. I shall try my best! :D (proceeds to fail).

All the nurses were in love, it would appear; and it seemed to Newt that they were all in love with the same man. He had only been working at the hospital for about a week when he started noticing it - the way the nurses would light up around 8:30AM every morning on the dot. 

He saw the way they congregated in the hall to look through the door’s little window and spot him. Only Queenie seemed unaffected by the man; kind as ever as Newt watched her take a bouquet of flowers from the man and wish him a good day.

So one day, he decided to corner Queenie about it.

“What is with that bloke with the flowers that’s got every woman’s knickers all in a bunch?” Newt asked, startling Queenie from her work.

“Oh, you mean Mr. Graves?” Queenie said, her normally bright face instantly lighting up. “Of course everyone’s in love with him, he’s such a sweetheart. And quite a looker too, if you don’t mind me saying.”

She winked.

“But why, Queenie?” Newt asked, hefting himself to sit atop her desk. 

“You don’t know?” She asked with a bland little blink, then smiled - something strange behind her eyes. “You know what, you should meet him. He always stops by at 8:30, right here.”

“I don’t see why,” Newt grumbled, suddenly uneasy about meeting this stranger. “Seems silly. He’s just some bloke, right?”

Queenie stood to straighten Newt’s scrubs before shooing him off her desk. 

“Tomorrow, 8:30AM. Don’t forget,” is all she said. 

That night, he tells himself it’s foolish. No, he won’t go to the front desk to meet a total stranger. That’s just dumb…

And yet, there he was - sitting innocently on Queenie’s desk - waiting for a “coincidental” meeting with the man that had the hospital in an uproar. From the door, he had never quite gotten a good look at the man before. So nothing could prepare him for the moment that Queenie suddenly hushed his conversation and nodded at the front door of the hospital.

He was… he was perfect. Tan skin tucked away beneath a stark white button down and a tight black vest. The faintest wisp of chest hair peeking out from the top two undone buttons, sleeves rolled up to the elbows, forearms covered in slick black ink. Simple, flattering black trousers and crisp black boots. Hair pressed back, with just a few rebellious strands tickling his brows. Coffee black eyes, warm in the center like a dollop of cream. 

The man smiled at Queenie, then caught sight of him and blinked - curious, but not perturbed. And when he finally reached the desk, Newt felt his stomach drop at the creamy rich Irish lit of his voice. 

“How’s my girl doing today?” The man purred, and Queenie giggled.

“Right as rain, as always, Mr. Graves,” Queenie said as she stood. “Have you met Newt?”

“‘Fraid I haven’t,” Graves said, turning to address him, and Newt just wanted to melt into the desk and die. Graves stuck his free hand, the hand not holding a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers, out to him and smiled. “Percival Graves.”

Newt opened his mouth at he took the man’s hand, but all that came out was an embarrassing squeak followed by a pain moan of sorts and a crimson red flush. Graves’ smile, if possible, grew warmer.

“You’ll have to spell that one for me,” Graves teased.

Newt,” Queenie said, smacking Newt’s arm pointedly. “Is a new nurse here. I thought he should meet the hospital’s favorite visitor.”

Graves blushed ever so slightly - just the faintest hint of pink - at that and Newt couldn’t help but feel jealous that even when embarrassed, the man blushed so tamely, so handsomely, it wasn’t fucking fair.

“Ah, that,” Graves said, then turned to smile at him again. “Don’t listen to these angels, I’m really not as exciting as they build me up to be.”

Newt squeaked again, then jumped down from the desk suddenly - eager to be away. 

“Right, well, must run. Duties, and all that–”

Queenie stopped him.

“Wait, Newt, take these,” she said, passing the lovely bouquet from Graves firm hands to Newt’s trembling arms.

“Oh, do you not want to take them to your…?” Newt trailed off, stunned.

Graves shook his head.

“No, I never do. Wish them well for me,” Graves said with a little nod, before beaming at Queenie again, “Have a lovely day, Queensies.”

Queenie blew him a kiss goodbye as she quickly scribbled a number on a post-it. 

“Here, take them to this room if you don’t mind, Newt,” Queenie said, “I would do it, but I’m awfully busy.”

Curious, Newt thought as he walked away, hands full of flowers - she didn’t look awfully busy. But she did look mischievous as fuck. 

He takes the flowers to the room that Graves never visited, but brought flowers to everyday. All the way there, he pictured who this person might be. A lovely young lady in a coma, maybe - his fiancee. Sleeping away the years they had promised to each other, too painful for him to see. Or perhaps his grandmother or father. Or a coworker. 

Instead, the room belonged to a bald little girl with big blue eyes and a smile that didn’t deserve to die. Newt slipped the flowers into her lap and melted - taken away for a moment by the light of her excitement - as she buried her face into them and beamed. Her mother wiped away a tear that he daughter didn’t catch, but Newt did. Her father placed them in a vase, only –

There were no other vases… And this man brought flowers every day?

“Rest up now,” Newt said softly in parting, then went about the rest of the day with the stranger - Percival Graves - on his mind. He found himself eagerly listening whenever the nurses spoke his name. He kept track of where the flowers went, a different room each time. He tried to connect the dots, but couldn’t, so finally - he went back to Queenie.

“Alright, spill,” Newt said in a rush, startling her again. “What gives?”

“Hmm? You’ll have to be a bit more specific, honey,” she smiled knowingly.

“That handsome bloke, Graves. What’s up with the flowers?”

“Handsome, hmm?” Asked a voice from behind him, amused and warm and terrifying. Newt just about shot out of his skin - then burned out of it, he was flushing so bad. 

“Running a bit late today, Mr. Graves,” Queenie smiled, winking. Graves chuckled bashfully.

“Forgot the shop keys at my place, set me back a bit.”

“Kind of you to still make the trip,” Queenie said as she accepted the flowers from him as she always did. Graves shrugged.

“They were just going to die if I didn’t. I’d rather them go here where they can slip away making someone smile rather than let them wilt in my shop, unseen. I don’t know why people don’t enjoy wildflowers more,” Graves said. 

“Me neither. Well, their loss. I’m sure that…” she trailed off as she looked at her computer, “Ah! Ms. Johanson will love them. She’s going into surgery today and could use the smile.”

“Perfect,” Graves said, “You’re such a saint, Queensies, you always know where my flowers need to go. Bless you.”

“Wouldn’t be no saint without the man that gave’em,” she said.

Newt blinked, the pieces falling into place.

“You’re a florist,” Newt said bluntly.

Graves blinked. “Yes… you didn’t know?”

“No, I thought…”

Graves chuckled.

“You thought I had a loved one tucked away in a bed here somewhere?” Graves asked, then said, “If I did, I’d be sitting in the chair beside’em every damn day. No, got no one to sit beside, thank God. Single as the day as I was born. I just stop by with the flowers I can’t sell anymore and let Queenie here give’em to a good home.”

Newt blinked.


Graves looked down at his shoes, a flush building lightly on his cheeks. “Foolish, I know. Everyone tells me what a waste of money it is. I could wait another day to sell’em but–”

“–hot,” Newt blurted out before he could stop himself. Silence fell between the three of them. Queenie looked far too pleased for Newt’s comfort.

He opened his mouth to apologize, but Graves’ shocked face just melted into amusement and a unidentifiable flicker of something Newt doesn’t quite catch before giving Queenie a parting wink.

“Gotta run, Queensies,” he says, then smiles differently for Newt. “Newt.”

And he’s gone, walking away again - his ass a fucking sin in his pants. 

“He’s a good man, that Mr. Graves,” Queenie said as they watched him slip through the hospital’s front doors again. “He’s got that subtle sort of kindness. Don’t you think?”

“So it would seem,” Newt squeaked, “I’m just gonna go lock myself into a closet now and die, bye Queenie.”

“Bye dear!”

The next morning, there’s two bouquets at the front desk. Wildflowers for Mr. Scorsfield in 303b, and a handful of Forget-Me-Nots littered with Daffodils and baby’s breath for Newt, tagged with a little card bearing nothing but a number and this:

You’re not so bad looking yourself.

guess who got to watch wonder woman in all her 3D glory this afternoon

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Pairing: Dean x wife!Reader
Word count: 570
Warnings: A swear

Part 8 of Last Chance

There seemed to be a fire under Dean lately, and you were wondering what clicked for him. He’d been extra considerate, and more like the Dean you’d fallen head over heels in love with all those years ago.

When he was home, he took one day to give you a break. He’d do everything you did every other day, telling you to relax. Of course, you still wound up helping with little things, but just the fact that he was trying meant the world to you.

At the moment, you were relaxing in your bathtub, a glass of wine, bubbles, and candles all around. You’d put on a face mask, some music, and let yourself feel human. For now, you were Y/N, the twenty something year old who liked music, reading, curling up and watching a funny movie, and had a habit of trying new hobbies just to give them up a month later. You weren’t so-and-so’s mom, you weren’t just Dean’s wife, and you weren’t covered with everyone else’s names. You were yourself.

Hearing the door, you looked over and smiled. Dean was leaning on the doorframe, smiling. “So, both kids are out.” He sounded so proud of himself, and it was deserved. Most nights your daughter conned him into ‘five more minutes’ of dolls a few times over. Or ‘just one more book’ until he’d read her the entire fairy tale book. “I’m going to heat up the oven for dessert, and I will meet you in the living room when you’re done. Take your time. You deserve it.” Moving forward, he leaned over and kissed you lovingly, your heart skipping a beat.

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Theresa ‘strong and stable’ May: “People talk about the sort of Brexit that there is going to be - is it hard, soft, is it grey, white - actually, we want a red white and blue Brexit. That is the right Brexit for the United Kingdom.” 

John Oliver and every rational person left on Earth: “But what does that mean? You’re heading into a negotiation that will set the course for Britain for generations, and you’re naming colours on the fucking flag? Forget running through fields of wheat - that must be the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said. And actually, you know what - I apologize to that guy from before - I said there was literally no worse way to discuss this than with cheese, but I was not counting on Thatcher in the Rye here answering a policy question with a fucking colour scheme.”

Locked In (Part 10)

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Reader and Sam think of happier things to distract themselves from their situation…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did…

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a-real-life-horror-story  asked:

Prompt: Draco, hungover, waking up in someone else's bed next to some hella fit guy... but wait... no way... he can't be Harry Potter! Draco h a t e s Harry!!

((thanks for the prompt, missed you!))

The club was too loud, too dark, and Draco was miserable. He took a sip from his fourth drink.  Was it just the fourth? Whatever. No one was counting. “And then when I asked him to meet me for a drink, he fucking laughed,” Draco paused to take another drink.  Well, Potter’d said yes but he was laughing when he did.  That couldn’t have been a real yes.  "So I said, ‘you know what. Never mind.’ Now I’m here drinking by my damned self. Wanker…I really hate him.“

The couple sitting at the bar next to him gave him a sympathetic look, both women talking over each other with the typical ‘you can do better’, 'I bet you could get any man in here’, 'he doesn’t deserve you’, and the like.  

Not long after, the woman sitting closest to him leaned over to speak with a hint of privacy, “We’re going to go. You’ve got a bloke coming over looking at you like he could eat you with a spoon.  Good luck, sweetie,” she said before pulling the other woman to the dance floor.

Draco threw back the remaining contents of his glass before turning to see just which bloke’s company he’d be settling for that night.

Draco struggled between sleep and consciousness for a few minutes.  He hoped desperately that the hangover potion was still in the pocket of his jacket. Fuck.  He wasn’t wearing his jacket.  He was in bed but not his own.  The buckle of his belt was digging uncomfortably into his skin, and he didn’t have a shirt or shoes on.  Draco opened his eyes and tried to take in his surroundings. It wasn’t quite morning yet, and he wasn’t alone.  The other man was sprawled across the other side of the bed, turned away from Draco.  He was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts that looked painted onto his very nice arse.  

Draco sat up though his whole body protested the movement. Draco thought it was such a shame he’d passed out before he and this gorgeous man had the chance for a shag.  It couldn’t hurt to look for a minute before I sneak out, right? Draco’s eyes trailed over strong legs, an arse he wouldn’t mind burying his face in. Are those scratch marks on his back? It was hard to tell on dark skin in a dark room, but Draco knew he sometimes got a bit rough when snogging. Draco couldn’t quite make out the tattoo that took up the entire width of the man’s broad shoulders.  Wait…Draco’s eyes settled on a messy head of hair that he would recognize anywhere.

Draco’s head throbbing worse now than it had been seconds before.  Potter. “What the fuck!?”

Potter shifted, “Eew. You always wake up like that?”

“Only on special occasions,” he said, “what the fuck am I doing here?”

“Hopefully, you’re drinking the hangover potion I left on the side table for you before going back to sleep for a couple hours.  Or possibly just sitting quietly thinking about how to make up for the worst first date I’ve had in ages.”

Draco froze. “What?”

Forbidden Ecstasy - Chapter One

Pairing: NeganxReader

Chapter Warnings: Swearing (It’s Negan so obviously lol), mentions of rape (very little), no smut yet but it’s a comin

Chapter Summary: Negan meets the reader for the first time and instantly takes a liking to her

Series Summary: The reader (who isn’t Negan’s wife) catches his eye and he might maybe end up loving her?? (ooo) After working in the laundry room together Negan decides he wants a taste.  Meanwhile the wives find out and aren’t very happy (but who gaf)

Requested: Yes!! By the lovely @prettyepiic, (the part she requested doesn’t come til later when the smut comes in ;) ) thank you so much for the request darling!! Love me some Negan. Go follow her peeps!

A/N: My first Negan fic whaaat??? This didn’t start out as a series but… shit happens *shrugs*
A/N2: Send me some requests y’all! And shoot me some feedback, good or bad, I appreciate every word :)

TWD Masterlist

(Gif not mine my dudes. But damn is he fine. *drools*)

Originally posted by rikkisixx

“Still not pissin’ our pants yet? Shocker. Y’know, I’m really surprised I haven’t been able to make at least one of you’ns shit yourself by now.” Negan said boisterously as he waltzed in the gates of Alexandria. “Rick, my man. How’s the family? Good, I hope, I really do. So tell me… where the fuck is everybody? I come here expecting everybody to be dressed in their Sunday best and standing in the streets upon my arrival!”

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7| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3870

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The next four days passed without an anccident. You were getting used to having Madame Hyejin banging on the door at six thirty. You were getting used to Minjee interrupting your conversations with snarky comments. You were getting used to Madame Choi’s fast commands, and your stamina were building. You were getting used to the inevitable pain in your stomach, but it was getting better. The bruises was fading. You were even getting used to the constant stares you got. They hadn’t backed down yet, even though nothing had happened. But there was one thing missing: Jimin.

You hadn’t seen him since he’d lead Taeyeon away from you at breakfast Wednesday morning. You’d watched the studio door on Thursday, but he hadn’t come. You’d watched it on Friday, but still nothing. On Saturday’s shortened lesson, he still hadn’t turned up. You never saw him in the Dining Hall, either, or in the corridors. It was like he’d disappeared off the face of the Earth.

You wondered now if he’d left the academy and gone somewhere else. No doubt there was loads of schools who would accept him within a heartbeat. It wouldn’t have taken long. He could be at another school right now, and that meant that you would never be able to see him again.

You tried to tell yourself not to think about Jimin. You came here for ballet, and he was getting in the way of it.

You still weren’t participating in Pas de Deux classes. However it seemed like you didn’t miss much. Madam Zhang just sat on her chair and did nothing. Though she seemed to have healed her pride, she still didn’t bother to teach anything. It was more like practicing, and when no one had tried much Pas de Deux in the past, practises couldn’t make perfect.

Jiwoo and Yuna complained day and night they really wanted Jimin to come back. “She’s useless! Jimin was always the one who taught us stuff.” Jiwoo was telling you again, as you sat at dinner Sunday night. Sundays were everyones off day, but you still had three hours of classes in the mornings. Today, Jiwoo, Yuna and Hyeun had taken you on a long tour of the grounds, all the way from the front gates to the lake and forest at the back of the property. Some people went home on Sundays, if they lived close by, but Gwangju was way too far away from here. Also you didn’t want to spend money on the train ticket

“And Jimin kept everyone in line.” Yuna mumbled, nibbling on her bread roll. “Now Minjee won’t shut her damned mouth.”

“I wish you hadn’t scared him off, (Name).” Hyeun added. “He always looks so sexy when he’s teaching.”

“We don’t know if it was (Name).” Jiwoo said.

Hyeun smiled. “Well, he was perfectly punctual before (Name) came and danced with him.”

“Either way.” Jiwoo said. “If he doesn’t come back soon, we’re going to have to tell Master Jinho that he has got to change our teachers.”

The hall was suddenly hushed as the man Jiwoo talked about stood up.

“Good evening everyone.” Jinho’s voice rang out through the hall. “I am pleased to announce that the notorious Amour de la Beauté review will be held on Sunday, a week from now.”

Excited whispering broke out. “Dance review?” You asked Yuna.

She was grinning like a maniac. “It’s more like a dance battle. Year against year. Head teachers against seniors, that sort of thing.”

“The program of the show will be posted in the Entrance hall and classrooms shortly.” Jinho looked around the hall. “Prepare to be beaten, my friends.”

Taehyung, Hosoek, and Jungkook ‘ooooohed’ from their table, while Seokjin yelled. “You’re on, Dad!”

Jinho just laughed. “School dismissed.”

Hyeun leapt up squealing. “Oh my God! This is gonna be epic!”

“I know!” Cried Yuna, and they began leaping up and down together.

Jiwoo was grinning. “This sounds like a big thing.” You observed.

She nodded. “It is.”

That was confirmed the next day when Madame Choi gathered you all into a group after having done half an hour of barre exercises. Exchanging glances with Jiwoo. Madame Choi didn’t seem like one for long speeches and group meetings.

“Now.” She said. “I have been informed that the Dance Review will be on Sunday.”

The rise in attentiveness from the class was obvious. Madame Choi raised a pointed eyebrow. “Master Kang’s class have beaten my classes for four years.” She let one corner of her mouth slide up in the smallest hint of a smile.

“We shan’t be letting it become five.”

Hyeun squealed and clapped her hands delightedly. “Go Madam C!”

The smile was back down in an instant, replaced by her usual, almost-scowl. “Control yourself, Miss Yah. Now, we have very little time. There will be absolute focus from every single one of you for the rest of the week.” She nodded. “Alright I want half of you on stage right, half on the left.”

She clapped her hands. “Today please!” Everyone hurriedly stood up, trying to work out which side needed more people. “Miss. (Surname) you will be centre stage.” You stopped in your tracks.

“Center stage?” You choked out.

“Yes, Miss (Surname).” She said, exasperated. “Now, if you please.” Your heart didn’t think it necessary to beat as you moved to stand in the centre of the studio, face a deep red.

“Alright, we have three minutes, three minutes thirty most, on stage. We begin with Miss (Surname) alone on stage for the first few bars. Mister Ghim, the introduction please.” The pianist began to play. It had many notes, but it paused tentatively in places. When the first of the quick notes came in, Madame Choi cut him off.

“Alright, that is where we will have Miss Gwan and Miss Yang come in. Yes, yes step forward, now I want you to flank her on either side, yes very good.” You shared a look with Jiwoo. She smiled at you excitedly, clearly thinking your solo was a good thing.

“And now on the next bar we will have five more of you and so on and so on. I want an inverted triangle.” Your classmates came on, working out where to stand. “Good, good, alright now this is where we begin the full dance.”

You spent the next hour going over and over the fast paced choreography. It involved so many pirouettes, you could pretty much feel the satin wearing away on your Pointe shoes. “And spin and land for arabesque and down and step and up and three four. I want those legs straight!” Sweat was beading on your forehead as you pirouetted across the studio and held up another arabesque, then down again and back.

There was half an hour left when she finally allowed everyone a five minute break. “Miss (Surname), over here, if you please.” Well, apparently not everyone. You went to stand in front of Madame Choi, your legs aching, and sweat pouring down your back.

“Your solo will begin in that arabesque you held so well the other day.” She told you. There was no question of whether you wanted this solo or not. You had it.

“An arabesque?” You couldn’t help but splutter.

“Yes, Miss (Surname).” She said. “Now, I will teach you the choreography and you must rehearse it every waking hour until Sunday. Understand?”

“Yes, Madam.” You nodded.

“Good, now as I said, you begin in an arabesque.” She gestured for you to do so. You went en Pointe, holding your left leg up behind.

“And hold for one two three and then raise your arms…good, now slowly back and changing legs, have your toe touch your knee. And bend your waist left and hold…and now straight into pirouette pirouette pirouette and leap left stretch left leap right stretch right and back to centre for the others’ entry. Hold it in third. Okay, now I want to play you forward a little through the entire thing, so whilst Miss Yang and Miss Gwan are doing their pirouettes I think I will have you couru for eight counts up…”

Her instructions went on and on. You had never, ever been given solo dance before, and now you were extremely worried that you would never remember all these steps.

“Alright, break’s over.” Declared Madame Choi. “Back into positions for the first entrance!” You hurried back to the centre of the 'stage’ and tried to remember all that she’d told you.

“And one two three and enter enter enter enter! Keep going, yes and up on three four five six and now to the right and…”

“I can’t feel my legs.” Yuna groaned, flopping into a chair with a plate of Greek salad.

“I know what you mean.” You told her, your face inching toward your bowl of soup as you tried to refrain from sleeping. “I never knew my toenails had nerves in them.”

“(Name)!” The call of your name woke you up a little. You looked around. Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna were all sitting around you. Confused you turned in your chair. A long slender, pretty girl stood in front of you. Jung Dawon. Adding to you surprise of seeing her here, you took in her white tights and red leg warmers with a matching red leotard. In one hand she held a pair of red and white polka dotted Pointe shoes.

“Uh, hi.” You said, bemused.

“Oh, silly me.” She said sticking out a perfect manicured hand. “I’m Jung Dawon, ballet fashion extraordinaire and friend of that immensely idiotic Park Jimin.” She smiled at you bouncily. You smiled back. She was pretty gorgeous. You stood up and shook her hand.

“I’ve been so curious to meet you, it takes a lot to get Jimin to dance with anyone but Taeyeon. You really must tell me your secret!”

You frowned. Was she serious? “Uh…”

She smiled again. “Just kidding. However confused by him? God, aren’t we all…” She shook her head and jumped, clapping her hands, as if remembering something.

“Anyway, I came bearing a message from Mistress Hyejin. She said she would like you to go to her office after your ballet history class as she would like to speak with you.”

You frowned. Why would Madam Hyejin want to see you? “Did she say what it was about?” You asked Dawon. She shook her head.

“Something good, I hope.” She said. “I like you.”

“What are you doing over here, jagi?” Suddenly a tall figure foreshadowed both you and Dawon. He wrapped his arms round her waist.

“Jinnie.” Dawon said, looking loving up at him. “This is (Name).”

Kim Seokjin was way taller than you’d thought. You had to crane your neck to get a good look at his handsome, blonde framed face.

“How’d you do?” He nodded politely to you. You smiled at him. “Come on jagi, we have to get to character.”

“Mmmm.” She groaned. Even though she was tall her head only reached the height of his shoulders as she rested it against his chest. “Not character.”

“Come on, I know you know you like it.” He said, kissing the top of her head.

She sighed. “I know you know I do.” She slipped out of his arms and took his hand instead, then she turned to you.

“It was nice meeting you properly, (Name), you’re nothing like Taeyeon and the gossips are saying. See you later!”

“Bye.” You said, watching as she skipped away, Seokjin keeping up with his long strides.

You slid back into your seat. “Friends with seniors.” Jiwoo muttered. “It’s a strange world, isn’t it?”

“Too true, Jiwoo, too true.”

After Ballet History, you did as Dawon had told, heading down to the cool entrance hall. You walked down a corridor you’d never been down before, passing the grand staircase looking at the plaques on each of the doors. At the very end of the corridor you found Master Kim Jinho’s office. Next to his door was Madame Kim Hyejin plaque.

Head Ballet Mistress, it said.

You knocked, your nerves thrumming.

“Come in.” You heard Madame Hyejin’s voice through the door. You opened it, finding yourself in a small but open office. Everything was dark cherry wood, but two windows and a door led out onto a veranda. One window was partially open, letting through a gentle breeze. Framed photographs covered the white papered walls. They were all of ballet dancers striking complex poses and moves. You swore you could recognize Master Jinho and Madam Hyejin in a dozen of them.

The latter person was currently sitting behind a small and elegant bureau. Next to her, stood a very tall boy. Not as tall as Kim Seokjin, but taller than most boys your age. His face was grim and had a pasty dullness to it. Dull brown hair was cut in a bowl shape a good inch above his brown eyes.

He was dressed in a crisp white t-shirt tucked into black tights.

“Miss (Surname).” Said Madame Hyejin. “This is Mister Dahn Eungkwan. He has agreed to be your partner for Pas de Deux classes.”

“Hi.” You said, looking him up and down. So this was why you’d been called here, so that you could meet your ticket back to the hell of Pas de Deux.

“Hello.” He said with a short smile, then looked down again.

“Mister Dahn is one of our second years.” Madam Hyejin said, as if reading your thoughts. “He’s very skilled at Pas de Deux.”

“Right.” You said. That wasn’t going to make this any easier. You didn’t want to do Pas de Deux…

“Good.” Hyejin said, gracefully standing and walking a round her desk. “I best let you go off to your first class together.” She opened the door and you and Eungkwan walked out. You followed. He walked quickly and quietly up the stairs. It had already occurred to you that you would know even less about him than you had about Kihyun when he’d first put his hands on you. The reassurances about his skill level weren’t reassuring at all. You didn’t want to dance with someone else. It was so constricting.

You walked along the corridor in silence. Finally the two of you reached the studio. You took a deep breath and walked in.

“Why are you late?” Madame Zhang demanded. Today, her thighs were squeezed into a burgundy pencil skirt, with a matching suit top. The rest of your class were performing promenades. They looked like they’d been doing it for some time.

“My class started forty-five minuets ago.”

“Sorry Madam.” You said. “I had to see Madame Hyejin. Uh…” You hesitated, looking at Eungkwan, who was standing with his chin high, as if he were above this place.

“This is Dahn Eungkwan, he’s my new partner.” It made him sound like some sort of object.

Madame Zhang’s beady eyes looked over him as he nodded at her respectfully. “Madame.” He said. You wondered if that was how all second years talked. The seniors certainly didn’t seem to.

“Well hurry up and take your places. You’ve already disrupted enough.”

You hurried to the side to put your Pointe shoes on. Eungkwan stood waiting for you with a blank expression. Jiwoo caught your eye across the room. Her look was a questioning one. 'Later’ You mouthed.

It had never taken such a short amount of time to tie up your Pointe shoes, even though you were trying to slow the process down.

“And up on one two three four and turny turny turny and down two three four.” You tentatively stood up. Immediately, Eungkwan placed his hands on your waist and stepped forward in time to Madame Zhang’s count. You went with him, coming up on to Pointe and raising your leg once again into an arabesque. A chill of fear went through you. This was the move Kihyun had hurt you the most, the one where he’d almost suffocated you. Immediately you came back down, pushing Eungkwan’s hands away in the process.

“Sorry.” You muttered to Eungkwan. He didn’t say anything and you took a deep breath.

“And toe and step and up two three four.” You followed the counts, managing to get up this time and Eungkwan began to turn you around. You hated the feeling. It was like you couldn’t control your own body. Like you had to entrust it to someone else. Someone you didn’t even know.

You swallowed as he turned you back to the front and allowed you to lower your leg again. Fortunately, you all didn’t spend too long on promenades. The other moves weren’t as hard. Madame Hyejin was right. Eungkwan was very good at the Pas de Deux. He was patient with you, letting you stop when you were being a coward, and he never held you too tightly. But there was something missing…

You worked it out when you were performing a sequence up the ballet studio, much like when you’d performed with Kihyun. Whilst everyone else whispered to each other as they waited for their group to be called up.

Eungkwan and you stood alone, looking dully at the dancers performing.

“Thank you very much for doing this for me.” You told him.

He just nodded blankly, not quite looking at you, then returned to watching the dancers.

Your group began. “Tondue out and then courus and gentlemen jump left and ladies jump right and then step together again and up arabesque hold for one two three…”

It was then that you glanced in the mirror and saw the very blank expression on Eungkwan’s face. It stayed the same as he began the promenade, turning you around without absolute no spark in his eyes. Then you lowered your leg and launched into the next set of courus. It was curious, watching his face as he stepped behind you. He watched your moves as you spun out and back again. The series ended in an attitude, with your leg bent slightly around his body. His expression didn’t change. When the music stopped and you lowered your leg again, he took his hands off your waist and went back to the end of the line, like nothing had happened.

He was right; nothing had happened. You had performed a sequence of ballet moves. The both of you had both performed the moves perfectly, but not as a pair.

You tucked a stray lock of hair back into your bun and got ready to do the sequence again. You couldn’t quite stop the memory of those few moments with Jimin sneak into your head. Dancing with him, his entire presence had wrapped around you, everything had felt so fluid and perfect…but you couldn’t think about him now. What on earth was the point when he didn’t seem to be turning up to classes? And even then, what had he got to do with you? Like he’d said the last time you’d seen him; You were just helping in a demonstration.

You tried to exhale as you once again performed courus upstage. You had had this thought trail so many times over the past few days, and it never solved anything. All you could understand was your own weird need to understand him. And even that had lead to quite a few bizarre questions.

The rest of the class passed slowly. When Madame Zhang finally nudged her chair back into the corner and dismissed everyone. Promptly people went to chat while taking their shoes off.

You on the other were frozen in spot. Bored and confused, at the same time. Eungkwan and you hadn’t had any trouble with each other. Technically, you were perfect together. All the moves worked, but neither of you seemed to being enjoying yourselves. He hadn’t said a word since his quiet 'hello’ in Madame Hyejin’s office. But now you turned to him.

“Thank you.” You said. “You must be missing classes for this.”

“No not really.” He said, looking down at his feet.

“Oh.” You said. “I figured everyone had sixth period classes.”

A tiny smile came to his lips. “I don’t consider Ballet History as a class.”

You grinned. “Me neither. It’s very, very boring.”

“Hm.” He just muttered, and waited a couple of seconds to make sure you weren’t going to say anything else before slipping off to a vacant corner to take off his shoes.

You turned around, seeking out Jiwoo and sat down next to her.

“He’s very quiet.” She observed, looking over at him. “How’d you find him?”

“Madame Hyejin organised it.” You told her. “He’s a second year.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Impressive! I thought that he looked way better than the rest of us. You should make the most of him and his experience.”

“Aww, come on.” Yuna slid into your conversation.

“(Name’s) danced with Park Jimin.” She waved a finger at Jiwoo. “There’s not much to compare to that.”

Not wanting to pursue the sizeable subject of Jimin, you quickly changed it. “So how does this Dance Review thing work? How do we work out which class goes first?”

Yuna was grinning again, your diversion clearly having worked. “I think they flip a coin or something, but we’ll go look at the program right now. God!” She squealed. “This is gonna be great!”

You laughed and let her pull you up. Hyeun joined shortly after on your way down the corridors. “I reckon that partner of yours is kind of cute, (Name).” She said. “What’s his name again?”

“Dahn Eungkwan.” You told her.

“You should try him out.” She advised. “His silence was sort of adorable.”

You frowned. “Yeah…”

When you got to the staircase, you immediately heard the clamouring of people in the entrance hall. Yuna and Hyeun squeaked and began running down the stairs. Jiwoo and you followed, but in a more dignified pace.

The crowd in the foyer was large, full of people coming down just after class. Some were declaring that their classes were going to win. Seniors were shouting about which teachers they were facing. The teachers themselves stood off to one side, having a good laugh with one another as they watched the chaos.

Hyeun, who was a little broader over the shoulders than most other ballerinas, made a path for the three of you to get to the notice board. You scanned it down, searching for your class. However you didn’t have to look far. You were first up.

A bolt of nervous energy went through you. That meant that you were opening the entire show. Oh damn, but something much further down the page caught your attention. It was the signups for the seniors going against the teachers. Next to Master Jinho and Mistress Hyejin was a neat, simple script:

Park Jimin and Shinn Taeyeon.

A thrill ran up your spine. That was his writing. You knew it. The poster had only gone up today, that meant that he was still here! That meant that Jimin was somewhere in this building…

The thought warmed you more than it should have. Jimin hadn’t left, Jimin was still here, he hadn’t gone…he hadn’t left you


Summary: You get the joy of meeting Jocelyn. Based of @youre-on-a-starship head cannon Running into Bones’ Ex Thank you for letting create with your aid!

Warnings: Some strong language, Jocelyn

Pairing: Bones/Reader

A/N: This was really fun to write. I like it a lot.

Word Count: 1423

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powerovernothing  asked:

First off, let me tell you, your fan fiction literally made my entire night and I just have it tucked away on my computer to reread because it was written SO DAMN WELL and IN CHARACTER AND OH MAN. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. YONDU'S WORRY WAS SO GOOD! UGH. But if you're still wanting prompts. How about -- Peter and Yondu get into a massive fight and they say things they don't mean, and they have to deal with the messy emotions afterward; as well as the awkward attempts to fix it.

Hey-o! Got that second one coming right up! :P


He’s 16 when he tells Yondu that he hates him. Of course, he hasn’t ever exactly been ‘fond’ of the centurian, but he’d never said that he hated him outright until now.

The crew had just come back from an on-world raid, where Peter decided to disobey a direct order, and in doing so, botched the whole operation, but ended up saving Yondu’s life in the process. They got into a fight about it pretty badly when they docked for the night to check into a hotel.

“That was COMPLETELY unnecessary, Quill! You damned near got every one of us killed out there! The hell were you thinking, tryin'a cut the trip wire!?” Yondu cinched the ties around Peter’s bedroll a bit too tightly, absolutely fuming. By this point he was too angry to weave around the subject of their heist to any listening ears.

“I only tried to cut it because I KNEW you wouldn’t have made the jump! You would ended up pulling it yourself and getting hurt or worse if I hadn’t!” Peter raged in retaliation.

A few remaining crew members grabbing their supplies listened in on the fight for a moment, but then quickly moved on, lest they inquire the captain’s wrath. The only ones left in the docking hangar were Peter and Yondu.

“Boy, you need to learn to listen when you’re told not to do something that serious! Because out there, in the real world, there ain’t second tries, and when YOU screw somethin’ up, it’s YOUR FAULT.” Yondu threw Peter’s bedroll at him and stomped off towards the bunks of the ship.

“Where are you going??” He shouted in exasperation at the centurian. Their argument was far from over.


It was completely in the heat of the moment, but even then, Yondu realized he shouldn’t have said that. He didn’t mean it. Quill was like a son to him. He’d saved him by keeping him, against orders. But he couldn’t turn around to face the young man. Not now.

He couldn’t see it, but he could just..feel Peter’s frustration.

“I..-” The boy huffed out. He sounded like he was crying. Or trying to hide it.

“I hate you.” And all it took were three words to wound Yondu as deeply as his words had struck the boy.

He didn’t turn around until he heard the teenager’s footfalls exit the craft.

All he could get out was a whisper.

“The hell have you done, Udonta..”


It was late in the night when Kraglin came back to the ship. Yondu had just finally drifted off when the man came strolling into his room, taking a seat in the chair in the room’s opposite corner.

“Why you here? You forget somethin’?

“Just checking on ya, Cap'n. Sounds like you and Pete got into it pretty bad earlier.”

Yondu sighed and nodded sullenly, sitting up in the bed. He winced when he moved his bruised shoulder the wrong way.

“Kid’s pretty upset. He cried until he passed out. Must’ve been serious.”

“Said some things I regret, Krag.”

Kraglin nodded, listening at his captain spoke.

“Things like that happen, Cap'n. We’ve all done it.”

Yondu struggled with his next words, reliving the moment they were said in painful detail.

“I was just..I was so damned angry..I just couldn’t look at ‘im. He-..He said he hated me.”

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it none. He seemed like he was feelin’ pretty bad about it.” Kraglin rose from his seat and started towards the door.

“Kraglin, you think I messed it up with the kid? I don’t..I’m not exactly…father figure material.”

Kraglin paused, unsure of how to reassure his captain for a moment. But then he smiled, and spoke one last time as he walked out the door.

“Just talk to him in the morning. It’ll work out.”

Alone again, and now fully awake, Yondu was left to ponder his thoughts once more. Maybe think of a good apology while he was at it.


He had the chance to make use of the apology he’d come up with at breakfast the next morning.

Peter sat by himself when they all went back to the ship to eat. He laid over the edge of the table, his bowl completely forgotten in front of him, even though it was full.

Yondu sat with some of his fellow Ravagers to eat, and then went and joined Quill after he’d cleared his dishes.

“What’s eatin’ ya, kid?” The Ravager king asked, his tone of voice gentle. Peter had been avoiding him all morning.

“Not the crew..yet.” The boy replied somberly, not even looking up.

“Hey, listen. I didn’t mean none of them things I said yesterday. I was angry, and scared..and stupid.”

Peter gave a short glance in Yondu’s direction.

“I was scared cuz I was afraid we were gonna get hurt when that charge went off from the trip wire. I was afraid you’d get yourself hurt. You were right there when it blew.”

Peter finally sat up and Yondu reached to put a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, boy.”

Peter sat silently a moment, taking a deep breath before he answered.

“I don’t..I didn’t mean..I don’t hate you. I’m sorry I said I did.”

“I know. I know. It’s ok, Quill.”

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 7 – The Literal Opposite Of Squad Goals

In which the Foxes don’t exactly win Squad Of The Year, everyone fights with everyone, disturbingly weird sexual tension is more disturbing and weird than sexual, and just when you think ‘oh man, it can’t go downhill from there’, spoiler alert: It does.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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When I Met BTS in Atlanta. Pt. 3 (9/26/15)

so it was over, but it wasn’t over. Get me? The people came on the mike and was like, “all the people who does not have the hi-touch wristband may leave.” Basically, if you don’t know what a hi-touch is, it’s where we got to meet them and give them high fives.

And guess what we had? 😏 oh yes. The wrist band boi! We were so excited. This was going to be our chance to finally meet BTS and nothing could ruin that. So they escorted the VIP people who were on the floor down to meet them first and everybody else would follow.

When it was time for us, I was so nervous. I didn’t want anything to mess up this moment. We got closer and closer to where they were….when we finally walked in and met them.

*angelic voices*

I don’t quite remember the order they were in, so I’ll do my best. I believe it was Jin, Suga, JHope, RapMon, Taehyung, Jungkook, then Jimin. I know for sure Jin was first and Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin were the last three, in that order.

I’ll go through each one.

JIN is so effin tall in person. Like he was so tall man. Can’t even describe it. He was just tall. And more good looking in person as well. Many fans saw that his expression was kind of sad and blank during the hi-touch, but I didn’t see him sad. He was more than likely tired.

SUGA is actually really pale. I mean, I knew he had white, milky skin, but up close, the lights on the ceiling was shining down on him…..he looked like a mf ghost. That’s how pale he was. I was just staring at him in awe. Boy.

JHOPE was extremely happy to meet us. He kept a smile on his face the whole time. He even told me and my sister, “thank you for coming!” of course I smiled back because he was just so happy and cute.

RAPMON. This dude is freakishly UP THERE. like..I told y'all Jin was tall. Rapmon was tallER. I literally had to look all the way up just see him. And knowing that I was short, he bent his arm down so I could give him a high five. (HaHa RapMon.)

TAEHYUNG. I got to him and was staring at him nonstop, and I actually said, “oh my god.” while staring at him and he started to smile at me as I hit his hand. Like GAWD DAMN TAE. That boy was so good looking in person. THEY ALL WERE MAN.

😖 JUNGKOOK WAS MF NEXT. This was my chance to say something to him because I was wearing his button that these fans gave out while we were waiting in line. and I wanted him to see that. 😒 but I didn’t say shit. I was so disappointed in myself. That is my mf bias and I went mute. But I did get a grin out of him.

JIMIN. Boy oh boy. Y'all know he short, right? I know that. You know that. We all know that. BUT NOT THAT SHORT BOY. I am 5'1 originally, but because I was wearing wedges, I went up like three inches, so like 5'4. I was next to him, and I guess he must have left his shoe lifts because that boy was no taller than me. Like…I was at his damn earlobe. 😂 That’s how specific it is. Y'all think he’s like 5'8, 5'9…basically what his profile says. ✋ Nah son. Nope.

So yes..it was crazy! I waited for my sister, which wasn’t that long, damn security were rushing us. It was so fast. We were basically fangirling because of what happened when I sort of tripped because of those damn wedges and the guard next to us was like, “uh uh, move it along. Go do that somewhere else.”

……you want me to trip and fall somewhere else? Like..PLEASE don’t make me get on your ass. He didn’t even try to help me up or anything. Fucking rude. 😡

That was the end and we’re walking out the arena when we saw a boatload of people standing outside waiting to get in.

We were so confused because we were thinking, “is BTS having a second concert or something?” which was crazy because they said nothing about a second concert for Atlanta. So let me tell you why they were really out there.

Apparently TGM, the shitty company that was handling everything, oversold too many tickets for the concert and the people outside were actually waiting to get inside. Meaning..there was no second concert. I felt really sad for them because while we were inside getting lit, they were outside the venue IN THE FUCKING RAIN. None of us in the venue knew of them being out there, but basically they been out there for quite a while.

Eventually, they got to go inside after everyone else left out because they didn’t want them out in the rain. ( Now they care about them. 😒 ) but they did something really fucked up. Those fans were walking inside thinking that they were going to meet BTS or at least see them.

TGM already fucked up earlier that day when they ran out of posters for the fan sign and made BTS give autographs to the fans on a fucking piece of paper.

But once they got inside, the staff informed the fans that they weren’t going to meet BTS and they were actually leaving as they speak because they had to go back to their hotel. Being furious at that moment was truly an understatement. Girls started crying. Others had started to cuss out the staff. Especially this one woman..( you can look all of this up on YouTube. Its all there. Just type in BTS Highlight Tour Atlanta. )


Like..she was seriously pissed. Because it just didn’t make any sense how they treated Atlanta fans at this concert. They didn’t even inform BTS that there were like 80 more fans outside waiting to meet them. They knew they oversold their tickets and didn’t do shit about it. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think the ones who didn’t get a chance to see BTS or even the least bit of their performances got a refund for their money back. AND THIS WAS LITERALLY A YEAR AGO.

So basically, TGM cheated them out of their money and is, say it with me folks, A SHITTY COMPANY.

Moral of the story: Don’t trust companies like TGM because they will fuck you over.

We were just lucky enough to come back in time and have friends that saved us a spot in line.

Because if it wasn’t for them…..we would have been one of the people who wasn’t fortunate enough to meet them.

All in all, it was a worthy experience that I shall remember forever in my mind and heart and I hope they come back and have a FULL concert so the fans who were left out the first time can have another chance at meeting these great group of boys.


“We’ve had a doozy of a day.”
“You thought I looked like some kind of freak?”
“I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad I’m not hung like a bear.”
“How is he even walking right now?”
“He looks like he’s gonna walk it off, he’s gonna be fine!”
“Uh-oh-oh, it’s the pancakes! You don’t like pancakes, I will get you somethin’ else!”
“We have go to hide all of the sharp objects!”
“Everyone just stop for a second and let’s talk this out, okay?”
“Nobody wants to hurt anyone.”
“You could’ve fooled me!”
“How ‘bout I make some tea and we all sit and talk this out.”
“When you see a college girl prancin’ around in front of you half naked, you do not call out my name!”
“Oh my God, they cut off his bowling fingers!”
“There ain’t nothin’ up there but pain and suffering on a scale you can’t even imagine.”
“Like I said, I remember weird stuff.”
“I thought it might look kinda intimidating. Does it?”
“I’ve never stood so close to pure evil before.”
“It’s time for you to feel my pain!”
“I’m ready, frat bitch!”
“It’s true. You’re half hillbilly.”
“They’re never gonna believe that.”
“She’s just human. Why don’t you go over and talk to her?”
“Talk to her? What… What in the world would I say?”
“Girls can smell fear.”
“You are a good lookin’ man… more or less.”
“You got a damned good heart.”
“I told you, I’m a zero with the ladies… they hate my face!”
“Dreams are not stupid.”
“There is no truth! Everything is a lie!”
“This vacation sucks.”