i said a hip hop hippy hippy to the hip hip hop


I said a hip hop/the hippie, the hippie/to the hip, hip hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it/to the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie/to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat/Now, what you hear is not a test - I’m rappin’ to the beat/and me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet.

Lucio - Hippityhop splash screen wallpapers
High-res and alternate takes HERE.
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I said a hip hop, Hippie to the hippie, The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it

GUEST: You know hip-hop?
CONCIERGE: Yes. Of course.
GUEST: Where I get?
CONCIERGE: Well, do you want a live hip-hop, or to purchase albums?
GUEST: No. The hip-hop bus.
CONCIERGE: Ok, the hip-hop tour. Let me get that information.
GUEST: Just a bus where I hip on the bus then hop off the bus. A hip-hop off and on bus.