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//wheeze I couldn’t help myself so I made my own Djinn pony

Despite her name, Silver Tranquility is not so… chill, but in fact a really quirky and enthusiastic mare. 

She loves the moon and astrology and she never misses the chance to use moon-related phrases in her speech. She also wags her tail when she’s focused.

Oh also, she gives excellent massages. 

Djinn ponies are an open pony species by @ask-the-french-olive
///I hope it’s okay ;;;;; 

My submission to @thankyoucheritz

Dear Cheritz, I would like to thank you for all the care and attention you put in your games. The amazing worlds, beatiful stories and lovely caracters made me quickly become a huge fan. There’re aren’t enough words to say how much I love your games and the work you do. Again, Thank you for being such a amazing company that listen to the fans and care so much in providing a perfect experience for everyone.

!Please, do not repost!

being mentally ill is so much fun!! i love liking someone then having a burning rage against them in 0.2 seconds. love it

  • Mod is dead tired and depressed and keep getting bad news and all that jazz. Mod will move out and is so not ready. Mod just want her and her family to be happy.
  • Mod just wanted a salad and dissociated so hard it took her too long to get back in this realm of reality and scared the cashier of the week.
  • “ Don’t talk to me while I am being ugly “ -SaaS 2017
  • Oh yeah this is not modpon but Olive but it makes mod laugh to draw Olive as her depressed self
  • Mod don’t know how to draw ponies anymore. Wrow.
  • Also Mod don’t update because she find her story cheesy, bad and all that. Also sometimes she finds her art bad. Which it is right now. 
  • And because her computer crash all the time and lose almost every drawings she starts and it makes mod even more mentally tired. Believe it or not but mod worked on the next update and guess what. Lose most of her work. Thank buddy ol’ pal of computer of my ass.
  • Maybe Mod needs help. Like guest artists ? Maybe. Mod hates asking for help about that kind of stuff.
  • Mod loves her friend Marissa who go away tomorrow and is very sad that it is already over.

This is the best day of Scott’s life.

They’ve brought him home a baby brother - Scott’s second brother and he’s so entranced he can’t take his eyes off the bundle of blankets in his arms. Virgil doesn’t really do much; he just eats and sleeps and sometimes when he cries, Scott picks him up and he stops being unhappy. Massive blue eyes peer up at him from his blankie and uncoordinated fingers reach out to grab hold of Scott’s hand.

Scott holds him tight and safe and this is the best day of Scott’s life.

Virgil’s three now and Scott’s his favorite word.

In the darkness when everyone’s supposed to be asleep, sometimes there’s an oof and a Scott? before hands grasp at his duvet and a little Virgil follows it, half of Scott’s size and a lil nervous of the things that might be lurking under his bed.

Well Scott’s seven and not afraid of no monsters. He takes his torch and baby brother’s hand and fills Virgil’s whole room with light ‘til he can see there’s nothing there but shadows and stray socks. There’s admiration in those big brown eyes and a sloppy kiss goodnight before Virgil slips back into his dreams, safe and sound in the knowledge that Scott will scare the monsters away.

It’s the best day of Scott’s life when he can keep his baby brothers safe.

And then suddenly Virgil’s five and Scott’s gotta let his hand go ‘cause they’re at the gate to Kindergarten and it’s time for Virgil to spread his wings and fly. ‘Cept he doesn’t, he turns right back round and sticks himself to his big brother like glue.

“S’okay, Virg.” Scott holds him as tight and safe as he did the day their parents brought him home. “Kindergarten’s real cool. They got whole tubs of crayons and glitter and all the stuff that’s too messy for home. It’s gonna be awesome. I promise.”

And at the end of the day when his little brother comes racing back to him with glitter in his eyebrows and something blue in his hands that’s supposed to be Scott, it’s the best day of Scott’s life to see that smile on his face.

Virgil’s ten now and too young for this. Dad’s carrying Alan like a balloon that’ll float off into the sky if he lets go even just a little. Johnny’s gripping Gordon’s hand tight which leaves Scott to reach out to Virgil as they follow their mother’s casket out into the dusty churchyard.

Sometimes hands aren’t enough. Scott’s arm goes around his little brother’s shoulders, keeping Virgil upright as much as his brother supports him. They’re gonna need to stick together so much as their mother disappears beneath the earth this time and their father begins to fall apart.

It’s the worst day of their lives but at least they’ve got each other.

The world’s a different place when Virgil’s 21 and he graduates from Denver School of Advanced Technology. He’s a man now and so is Scott as he waits in the shade for his brother to leave the campus one last time.

It’s not been an easy journey to this point in their lives, but whoever said life was easy? It requires time and effort and sometimes for one person to reach out and bridge the gaps that open up across the years.

And Scott does, when his old best friend appears from between the gates and those brown eyes meet blue. He reaches out just like he did the first time he ever met his brother to welcome him home. To begin again like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Or – as Virgil will come to learn once they make it home to their father – like a Thunderbird.

Best day ever.

(happy birthday, lil bro! <333)

This is what happens when I want to do a red/black color scheme and also lowkey wanted to make a Djinn Pony (by @ask-the-french-olive!). 

We get an edgy-looking Djinn. xD Who is rather sweet and laid back despite her appearance.
She likes bones and has a bone flute collection (most of which she’s made, herself), but her real thing is song. She’s always swaying or twitching her tail to a rhythm it seems only she can hear. Nocturne sings her prey to sleep with sweet serenades and lilting lullabies as she waves her horn in an infinity pattern.

Hope you think she’s as lovely as I do, Saas! :D