i s2g he's gonna kill me

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doctor scenario + the sick one needing a shot but needles scares him too much so the other one mUST FIND A WAY COMFORT HIS SLEEPY SOBBING BUNDLE

The doctor scenario kills me I s2g. I’ve read it like 17 times.
I’m not gonna lie, I’m imagining yuuri being the sicky. He’d probably be so tired and fuzzy he’d be like “I didn’t even want to come here and now THIS?” or when the doctor leaves to prepare it he turns to viktor in a panic like “viktorInevertoldyouthisbeforebecauseit’sembarassingbutI’mscaredofneedlesandIreallydon’tevenfeelthatbadokaysopleasedon’tmakemedothis”


“That last pitch was good. They can’t hit your pitch past the fence if it’s that low. The important thing isn’t to prevent every hit. It’s what you do after they hit. You’re starting to pitch like an ace.

Because of the fact that they had dated for a few weeks, Sawyer felt that Ela knew him better than most people. She had met him at the beginning of the absolute worst time of his life, only two weeks after he lost his sister. Even though things hadn’t worked out romantically, he was always going to want to keep Ela in his life as a friend. Right now, he needed all the friends who were willing to deal with him. It was already the hardest part of his life, yet things only seemed to get worse, and on top of that he felt himself crumbling mentally. He and Ela had been texting like normal when it had been brought up that he wasn’t doing well. He had no energy to lie to her when he’d normally pretend to be okay. When Ela invited him over, he took the opportunity. Although he looked like hell, and he knew it. He had on sweatpants and a hoodie, and it was apparent he hadn’t gotten a full night of sleep in god knows how long. Sawyer got to Ela’s place, knocking on the door before standing back, waiting for the blonde to open the door. ( @gabrielarhxdes )

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Any ST Season 2 headcanons?

hey girl!!!

okay let’s get down to business (to defeat the demogorgon ahahaha I’m sorry.)

  • I think we’re going to see a lot more of Will, based on the fact that the second episode title is The Boy Who Came Back to Life and that his slug problem has escalated ten fold
  • Max is gonna figure it out maybe? I think her arc may have more to do with Will because when I first read about her she seemed almost too cool™ for the maple street squad with her skateboard (slay girl slay) and kind of reserved attitude, i feel like she would be the character to catch Will in the act of throwing up a slug and be like “you better start explaining right now before I go get everyone else”
  • WILL! BETTER! NOT! BE! THE! VILLAIN! Or I’m getting my Taylor Swift on and suing every one while Blank Space plays in the background. But I’m not worried because Will being the villain would sit with Joyce Byers, Mom of the Year™, for a minimum of like 11 seconds.
  • Speaking of Queen Joyce, I’m so ready to see her move mountains for her loved ones again while Lonnie chokes. Her finding out about the slugs and being upset Will didn’t tell her, but letting it go because she’s so worried (poor joyce. My poor mom)
  • Hopper still being tragically in love with her (I mean, if David Harbour has anything to say about it)
  • I’m also SO READY to see this battle OTP hook up and dig up all those government conspiracies cause I expect we’re about to see a whole new can of worms opened especially because….
  • Dr. Brenner isn’t dead. At least, my hc is that he isn’t. (and Stephen King’s too and he’s right about everything) because his death was so… underwhelming?
  • Also @ the duffer bros can Stephen King write Dr. Shit- I mean Brenner’s death? Now that would be iconic.
  • Along the lines of iconic Karen Wheeler better kick some ass. Sorry Caleb- butt. I want to see her be involved this time and take on her fair share of fights. Because I think she’s kind of that hidden bad butt like Nancy was.
  • And Lucas is gonna be so bad butt and he’s going to prove everyone who ever doubted him (people I’m suing too) wrong!!!!!
  • Johnny boi back with those mixtapes. A new Should I Stay or Should I Go? More clash? Hmmmmm… also taking after his step father and being tragically in love with Nancy but all of that kinda of flying out the door because holy guacamole Will is throwing up slugs and Will is the important thing in Jonathan’s life (besides his mom and Joy Division
  • Nancy! My gir! Is probably busy being perfect and this best older sister. I bet she’s going to organize this #justiceforbarb. Hopefully she’ll give a eulogy and I will make us all cry. Nancy never forgetting Barb ever. Nancy killing those monsters and thinking “for Barb!” every time. I cry
  • More of Jonathan making breakfast. It’s my aesthetic
  • I can’t say what I think will happen between Steve and Nancy. I just hope they stay friends, all three of them. I need my monster hunting squad.
  • I can only hope Steve will be back with that bat swing™. NOW THAT’S MY AESTHETIC
  • I want to see some justice for Terry Ives. Her story was so heartbreaking so yes #avengeterryives
  • My boy Dustin being literal sunshine everywhere he goes. If something hurts him i s2g you’re gonna see me on the news for arson
  • A new monster! The Thesallhydra mostly because of that D&D foreshadowing amirite?
  • Mike!
  • My
  • Poor
  • Son
  • Still having those heart eyes and still believing El is out there, but for him it’s faded to background and not as intense as it first was on the outside. He still hasn’t given up on her though!!!!!!!!!!
  • Back to jopper for a second: Joyce finding out about the deal Hopper made and how he’s still in with the government and losing it
  • I like the idea of Max (yeah more girls on the show!!!!!!) but Billy sounds fishy…. My spidey senses are tingling
  • More information about MKULTRA. More experiments from MKULTRA???
  • Mike’s face when she returns breaking me
  • El’s face when she first sees Mike I’m crying!!!!
  • Millie, Finn, Caleb, Gaten, and Noah slaying us all with their amazing acting.
  • Hopper and El teaming up to take on the bad men or monsters etc…
  • The OST and music from 1984 being lit
  • I just want more of the boys and Eleven, okay?
  • who do I bribe for Holly and El bonding?
  • Max and El being besties (y’all don’t need to worry (; )
  • What am i missing?
  • More mileven. (at least there better be)

Most of these are predictions but I can guarantee one thing about season 2:

  • me crying.

so i wanted to share my photos from hobbitcon 2014 because i love them very much ha

the first one’s from last year and i just got it signed this year. when i handed it to dean during the autograph session he literally said
“woah this totally looks like i’m checking you out!!”
well thanks you dick for making all the preparations to stay cool in your presence useless. i laughed (probs sounded a+ stupid doing that) and then started to shake again. i had tried to avoid that bc it was rlly bad last year and i at least wanted to be able to talk to him normally hahaa didn’t work too well
but he drew a cute little heart on it so he’s forgiven

and the second one’s this from this year. i actually wanted to kinda switch roles in comparison to last years photo and told him to just pretend he’s in shock (bc i was a year ago ha). well and he gave me this super cool shocked face so i had to laugh and well that’s how this picture happened

and then when dean signed the shirt my lovely best friend made for my birthday, i realised he drew an a+++++++ cute heart on it [internal screaming]. i’m still in shock ahahaa

i love dean so much i s2g this is gonna kill me sooner or later

Title: Colored Lines

Chapter: 3. Thanks to You

Word Count: 3665

Summary: Hide always enjoyed the spontaneous irregularities in life, the little things that made every day special on its own. He didn’t really expect something as special as the graffiti that had caught his eye instantly and struck something in him though.

AU in which Kaneki is a graffiti artist that fascinates Hide to no end.

Notes: I was planning to update before but due to recent tg:re events I decided to grieve for a week and then I came back to a writer’s block and basically deleted some thousands of words and remade the whole plot… But!! Here it is!!

I’m getting busier and I don’t know when the next update will be, but I’ll work hard to deliver it asap and with the best quality I can. Thanks for all the feedback, it makes me so so incredibly happy. You’re all the best <3

*will smith pose* look at my wonderful beta kanekibot. Thanks so much for the help, Jams <3

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Hey there, could you tell me something about Seventeen? Like, introduce them to me (each member)? And also, introduce me ships of this boyband? I'm kaisoo trash so if there's couple like that there (obvious, cute and hot at the same time) please let me know. Thank you!


also if I used one of your gifs and would like me to remove it dont hesitate to message me im v sorry 

i got carried away and this took like an hour oops also if you want a TL;DR verison let me know

A Handbook for Slipping into the Diamond Life

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Jared Padalecki and Justin Bieber

i’ve seen a lot of stupid shit on the internet but the overreaction to this entire justin bieber and jared padalecki thing truly takes the cake

i’m not sure there is way for me to physically care less about every part of this “scandal” and the amount of time that is being spend on it in the media is both darkly amusing in its absurdity but more than a little out of control at this point. like

jared should be fired from supernatural

omg they’re going to kill jared

I’m never going to watch this show again

supernatural is going to get cancelled because beliebers are gonna boycott it

No he shouldn’t. No they’re not. No you’re not. No one cares.

Can we move on to the next issue now

like piglets in hats

woah game changer - play on words - is it the same, should it be confined to one meaning - DISCUSS