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cold isn’t the word to describe the chill caressing your bones. not even fucking close. freezing, could be decent enough but still, not really. you don’t want to walk to catch the train, you’re begging God to miraculously will a bus to course this street or your friend Tristan to have worked a late shift, but you face a truth harder and colder than the 5 AM air: he never takes the night shift.  It’s always something about the uneasiness that creeps up his spine when someone walks through the entrance past 4 AM. Is it illegal to crave a short stack at that hour?

the trek is just as creepy as it was yesterday, and the 3 years before that you’ve been working at the mom and pop diner and taking the late night shifts. the journey never changes, just the amount of death you wish upon yourself between the change of seasons. “goodnight Melina, see you Monday.” you call behind you, exiting the back door. the dark alley set before you sent a whole new line of chills up your spine. mom always warned you that the dark can be murderous.

the memory of her vice-like grip that used to run through your hand as she picked you up late from the babysitter when you were little, always tingled when you walked someplace shrouded in black. It was like she was there with you, without the embarrassing “be careful, baby!” she’d shout after you if you’d stray a little too far. she knew you’d be fine. you were just like her in every way, so she was never scared for you.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love Dan and Phil, individually and together, but I think they're not trying to hide a romantic relationship. Don't you think that after ten years, they'd finally come out if they were? I mean there are a lot of gay couples on youtube and it would not be that big of a deal today than it was in 2007. Just wanted to hear your opinion on that. Have a nice day!

before i answer, disclaimer: i have ADD and this post might get messy since i find it difficult to concentrate and phrase myself properly (and english isn’t even my main language!)

well, i’m not gonna try and force my own views down your throat or anything but let me ramble a bit about why i wholeheartedly believe dan and phil are in a relationship;

i think i’ll start with the very fact that they recently moved to their third shared home together. say whatever you want to say but if they were indeed just friends, considering they’re in their mid 20s and 30 dont you think they’d want to move out separately and get going with their lives? and dont you think they wouldn’t be so keen on making comments about keeping living together in the long run (or forever….  a forever home say whaaaat). 

now, you might argue with the good ol’ “but they benefit from living together regardless of relationship status”. fair enough. however, let me point out that it has became as clear as day especially in 2017 that they share a bedroom. i don’t know about you but i don’t think two strictly platonic friends who just moved into a duplex would want/ need to share a bedroom unless they’re uhhh mayhaps in a relationship and love to cuddle? i know a wild concept…….

and i’m sorry but if you want to argue against the shared bedroom fact with the shoebox phil claims is “his room” i have nothing to say but shake my head. no way phil actually lives in that room that has no windows and no space to move around and why is the entire room crammed in this one corner… where is the rest of the room……. and why is that room has no personal touch to it…. it’s literally just AmazingPhil props and things……… feels much more like a set to me than an actual bedroom. (also we saw phil’s mirror and hair straighter in the moon room aka “”dan’s bedroom”” which i think we can all collectively agree is simply “the bedroom”)

another thing that strikes me is how dan joins phil’s family vacations (especially in 2017) and how he seems to become part of the family much more than anyone who’s classified as “platonic” to phil would have. dan is just as much of a lester as cornelia is? dan joins the lesters just as much and as frequent as a spouse would. in fact, dan joins the lesters so much on their adventures that if im not wrong, the longest dan and phil spent apart in 2017 was not more than a weekend? that’s whack!

now these were just three things that were very prominent in 2017 regarding the belief whether dan and phil are in a relationship or not that were “behind the scenes”as in going on in their personal lives, kind of? i mean sure we see the  shoebox on AmazingPhil and the moon room in some liveshows and we get pictures from their shared vacations but now i will move on to what we see on screen across their channels

i’ll start this with a throwback to the boncas bc i think that damn speech is enough to debunk any “uwu platonic” argument, ever. i don’t think phil would have done THAT if dan didn’t mean a whole lot to him and i think saying the universe would rip in half in they go apart is a concrete proof that they themselves can;t and don’t want to imagine a life in which they are not joint at the hip. 

moving on to gamingmas, which i will forever find so significant?? they broke a lot of boundaries during that month regarding of invading personal space, a bit of a more mature humor (esp on phil’s account), casual touching and a whole lot of flirting and a lot less (almost none at all) looks straight into the camera to show they are aware this is filmed or to do a “wtf is this lol” kinda thing. gamingmas was a turning point. i will forever firmly believe they did all of that in an attempt to normalize this kind of behavior on screen (and it definitely worked!)

dan and phil continued the vibes of gamingmas well into 2017 and the casual touches, lingering gazes and flirting (as well as expressing affection towards males in specific) is now the normal running theme over at dapg to a degree where we don;t even lose our shit anymore. we joke and meme but nothing strikes us as overwhelming bc we are “used” to it, which i think dan and phil aimed for i genuinely think they wanted to get to this stage of showing more comfort and more intimacy on screen without everyone and their mothers going whack over “pHaN iS rEaL!!!!!1″ and for it all to come across as oh so casual and chill! 

so now you ask, “they go through all that why not just come out lol”

WELL, in my honest opinion, dan and phil will never officially come out as a couple. and you know what, maybe things would have been different if The Video didn’t leak and get spread around (twice, mind you.) but things happen and one thing lead to another and after all they have been through and how they were shaped as people and their experiences with guarding and protecting themselves and their privacy any sort of statement about whether or not they are a couple or just friends or even paid actors  (let alone labeling themselves and their sexuality bluntly) is highly unrealistic. so if you are waiting for a coming out video or whatever to convince you that won’t ever happen i’m afraid. 

dan and phil value their privacy and they have every right to do so.

so yes, maybe in the early days of 2009/10 they were very flirty all across social media and on camera and maybe just maybe you need to consider the few following things regarding why they stopped with that:

  • The Video leak. like honestly? can’t and won’t find any more justified reason to feel the need for privacy and shielding yourself and making comments on how ‘het’ you are  for instance just to brush off the most intimate thing imaginable that since has been glorified and memorized by millions(?) of people who were never meant to even know this video and that declaration of affection even exists. is it scary. and i fully understand the “no homo howell” phase and how awkward they appeared together on camera for awhile, very very proud of how far they;ve came esp in 2017 though. 
  • the radio show! is it a little tied to The Video leak since the second leak happened when the radio show was still fairly new but before they moved to london (into their second shared home coughs) they weren’t all that big, you know? but with the popularity of the radio show came the increasing popularity of their youtube channels and their followers/ subscribers count went up and up and their content became exposed to a much larger range of audience and these new audience/ fans were not familiar with the past (at least not at first glance) and dan and phil needed to leave “good” impression (not that being flirty and dumb wasn’t good impression but it wasn’t all that professional and now they’ve grown big enough to be in need of professionalism.)

these two things were a turning point to how dan and phil view themselves on camera and their content itself (phil sticking to the AmazingPhil PG persona) (dan with his struggles with creativity and integrity zzzz) and really, considering their story  (and how well known the early days are, and how dan and phil are aware to that…) it suddenly makes perfect sense why dan and phil aren’t in any sort of rush or need to ever come out.

however though, i think that the “post baking universe” as in the halloween 2016 baking video, the boncas speech, the european leg of tatinof, pinof 8, and gamingmas were a prep to this switch in dynamics we have seen in 2017 and that keeps very steady so far. feels as if late 2016 was so “wild” bc they were testing the waters and our reactions to see if they wanna pull through with this change. 

so, even if they will never officially come out, their dynamic both on and  off screen screams that they are literal boyfriends and they don’t need to spell it out for us to know and see. anyone who cares enough about their relationship status and look at their content with it in mind can very obviously and easily see how in love these two dorks are. same love from the early days of 2009/10 only now it has shifted into a steady, secure, safe, most wonderful thing and you can see that their love towards each other in filling their hearts with pure joy.

so yeah, dan and phil are definitely in a relationship and that doesn’t seem to change anytime soon, if ever at all.


Stutter- Matthew Tkachuk

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You guys are the best! Thank you so much for your understanding and patience and I promise! I will be back on track this weekend! I love you guys so much!!!! Enjoy!

Warning: none

@two-minute-minor Request: So I have a bit of a stutter and I will always take my time with my sentences when I’m speaking around people I don’t know yet. Maybe the reader is similar? So like she’s been dating Matthew for a while and one day she doesn’t even try to stop herself so she stutters when she speaks and Matthew is all like ?! bc woah he’s never heard her speak like that


              You had a stutter.

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Such A Pain With Rain

Chris Evans x Reader

Request: Hello there :) I wanted to ask you if you could do a one-shot for me: Chris and the reader are out for their first date, it starts to rain during their date. The reader makes fun of him bc he didn’t check the weather forecast.fluff end?:) thank you 

Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Fluff

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Admin Lovebug


 ~Your POV~

Rain. Just, ugh. My dress was soaked, my wet feet were sliding out of my sandals, my hair looked like a drowned rat and my mascara was probably running down my cheeks. And this meatball, what an idiot. Let’s have a picnic, he said. It really was a great first date idea. But the jerk didn’t even check the forecast. I had met Chris through some friends. We had all met up at a bar one night and we were the only single two people in the group. I’m not sure if our friends planned it this way, but we hit it off and spent most of the evening spending time together and talking. We exchanged numbers and starting texting each other the next day. We had made plans to get together the following weekend, with Chris having the idea of doing a picnic at the beach. I started getting ready about two hours before Chris was to pick me up. I just wasn’t happy with how my hair or makeup looked. I wanted everything to be perfect. I wore a light blue sundress with some casual white sandals. I decided to wear my hair up in a messy bun, with some curly tendrils hanging down the side. Light makeup included just a little eyeliner to accentuate my green eyes, some mascara and a little lip gloss, I was trying to go with a more natural look. Chris, being the gentleman that he was, arrived about 5 minutes early. He knocked on my door and when I opened it, he extended arm to walk me down my front path to his car. We drove to the lake in his convertible, top down, sun shining down on us. We talked and laughed on the drive to the lake, never once seeing any indication of the impending weather. We parked in the lot near the shore and grabbed the blanket and basket that was tucked away in the truck. We proceeded to take a slow walk down to the beach. When we got to a spot that seemed to meet his approval, he took the blanket from me and spread it out on the warm sand. We kept up the conversation as we got the food out of the basket and as we ate. Once we were done, we packed everything up and sat and watched the boats sail by, and the incoming waves, still talking. Time seemed to fly by, and I noticed it start to get darker and darker. I gazed out to the water and noticed that there were fewer and fewer boats out on the water. Just as I looked over at Chris with a little bit of concern, I felt the first drops of water. Within seconds, it was full fledged downpour. We scrambled to gather the picnic things and rushed back to the car. Luckily, Chris had put the top up prior to our beach excursion.

 ~Chris’ POV~

Really!?! I mean, come one. Why of all days, did it have to rain today. I met this amazing girl, wanted to have an amazing first date with her, and this is what I get. I’m an idiot for not checking the weather first. I met Y/N when we were out with mutual friends. I was instantly drawn to her and we carried on a great conversation. So great, I wanted to have more. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch. I was nervous asking her out, but she amazingly said yes. I suggested a picnic at the beach. I mean, what could be a more romantic first date? I was ready to go about 3 hours before I even needed to leave. I ran through everything a thousand times. I had the blanket, basket filled with goodies, drinks, everything needed. I really liked this girl and I wanted everything to be perfect. I got a major case of butterflies when I showed up at her door. She looked so beautiful when she answered. Here I was, a schmuck in jeans and t-shirt and she was looking amazing in this cute blue dress. I gave her my arm and led her to the car, opening the passenger door for her. I ran around to my side of the car and away we went. Once the initial nervousness wore off, we got along great. We kept up our conversation and laughs, from the time we got to the beach, while we ate and even when we were just people watching. Soon though, it started getting dark. Before I could even look at my watch, I felt it, those first few drops of rain. Y/N and I looked at each other, grabbed the picnic stuff and made a mad dash for the car.


The two of you didn’t say much on the drive back to your place. In fact, you didn’t say anything until you had pulled into your driveway.

 "Well, that was fun", you said rather sarcastically. 

 "Oh my god, I am so sorry. I had no idea that was going to happen.“

 "Kinda noticed. Your cute, I think I can forgive you. Would you like to come in, dry off, maybe have some coffee or tea?”

 "That would be great. That should give me plenty of time to apologize and get up the nerve to ask you out again.“

 "I’ll go out with you again, but this time, I’m making plans.” You said with a grin.


Aaron Carpenter Imagine - By stay-cloudy-caylen


k so i haven’t done an imagine in ages and i thought you might want one



sorry for any mistakes bc lazy to check oops


You sighed, walking through the corridor hurriedly. You kept your head down as you rushed past everyone to get to your locker unseen.

It had become a habit that you were bullied during school. You had no clue why everyone hated you, but they did. It had been like that ever since you started this school. You didn’t fit in. You were ‘weird’, a 'freak’. You were counted as a fat, ugly outcast. No one cared about you and you were just alone.

It sucked never having someone to sit with at lunch or get told off for chatting with in class. Someone to have stay over on a Friday night and just eat pizza and laugh and cry over boys. To take selfies with and mess around with. Not having someone to cry to when you most needed it.

In your case that was all the time.

You were always told that being different was good, but what a load of bull that turned out to be. In school you learnt it was bad to be the slightest bit unique. You had to be pretty or popular, otherwise you’d get nowhere. But sadly, you weren’t either of them.

You sighed in relief as you reached your locker, unlocked it and put your books in safely. You sorted out your hair quickly and took a breath to compose yourself.

Maybe they’d leave you alone today.

You screamed and jumped back as your locker door was slammed shut, almost catching your face. Your eyes widened, your hands starting to shake. You definitely spoke too soon.
You looked up to see who was against you today, not being surprised when you saw Dylan’s face.

Dylan was the bully of the school. It kind of made him popular but that was because people were scared of him. Hooking up with girls every night and fucking them at weekends. He was so up his own arse, everyone only supported him because he would make their lives hell if they didn’t. Like he did with yours.
On the first day you met him, he asked to get with you. You ofcourse said no and he bullied you ever since. He spread around that you had sent him nudes, tried to get him to love you and more. That was when your life went down hill.

“Look what we have here,” he chuckled as everyone crowded around, “Little McFat Slut,”

All the people laughed at his insult and couldn’t help but laugh yourself.

“Why the fuck are you laughing? Something funny?” he spat, walking closer to you.

“Well I just guessed after all these years of torment, you’d be able to make better insults,” you shook your head, “You seem a bit rusty mate, quite disappointing if you ask me.”

You had no clue where your confidence was coming from but you wished it never came as he stood infront of you.

“Good job no one was asking you then,” he smirked. He pushed you against the locket wall, your back slamming against it. You hissed in pain, pain shooting through your back.

He laughed in satisfaction before throwing you to the ground. You cried out as everyone laughed again. It puzzled you how people could be so cruel, laughing at someone’s hurt. It was truly disgusting.

You quickly got up and scurried away. You weaved yourself in and out of people who all just stared at you. You could hear Dylan and his posy laughing at you but you kept your head down. A few tears ran but you wiped them away as you ran down the hall.
You continued your way to your next lesson until you crashed into a tall figure.

“Shit,” you muttered as your butt hit the ground. You looked up and felt your eyes widen as you saw who you had crashed into.

Aaron Carpenter. The schools 'Mr Popular’.
Everyone loved him, but not the way they liked Dylan. Aaron seemed genuine. He always smiled and had a polite attitude to everyone. With him being captain of the baseball team, you expected him to be as much of an ass as his team mates were, but he wasn’t. From what you could tell, he preferred to make people happy. Being in a few lessons with Aaron made you fully aware of his behaviour. He was funny, no where near a player and he always was ontop of studies. You admired him for that.
He could have easily made your life hell like everyone else did, but he didn’t. He obviously had friends that he hung out with aswell as the whole school loving him, but he tended to stick to himself. You never saw him around the halls and he wasn’t part of the crowed who hated you. He just didn’t take part.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to crash into you. I-” you were cut off by a light laugh as you picked up your bag.

“Don’t worry about it,” he smiled, giving you a hand up, “I wasn’t watching where I was going. It’s (Y/N), right?”

You took his hand and bit your lip, keeping your head down. You nodded lightly before looking down the hall. You had no clue how he knew your name, but it made a small blush linger on your cheeks.

“Look I’m really sorry, but I need to go,” you sighed and started to walk away. You were pulled back by a hand on your arm, tugging you gently.

“Are you okay?” he asked, furrowing his eyebrows. You nodded and retrieved your arm before darting down the hall.

You smiled, walking out of last period. You had been left alone all lesson with no interruptions and plus, Media was your favourite lesson. You loved making movies and stuff.
Your teacher had held you back and told you,

“You could go placed with your work. You just have to believe in yourself a bit more,”

And that had truly made your day. It was the boost of confidence you needed.

The halls were empty as you strolled, finding it weird that for once you were relaxed in school. Your footsteps echoed against the walls.

When you walked outside you pulled out your phone, texting your mum that you’d be back soon.
As you slipped it back in your pocket, you were grabbed and violently shoved against the wall.

“Ow,” you cried out before a large hand slapped over your mouth. You looked up panicked, the sight of Dylan not making you feel any easier.

“Hello there,” he smirked, “Miss me?”

You struggled under his grip, thrashing about. You kicked your short legs as he held you up on tiptoes.
You screamed against his hand, mumbled threats he all but laugh to.

“You know,” he whispered, “I’ve always had my eye on you,”

You furrowed your eyebrows with a frown.

“When you rejected me, I was heart broken. But now, you’ll make it up yo me, because I know you like me too,” he laughed.

He slowly blew on your neck, leaving sloppy kisses. He licked over your collarbone making you shudder in a bad way.
Your breathing was thick and stressed, your heart rate abnormally fast. Tears ran down your cheeks and he touched you with one hand whilst pinning you to the wall with the other. You thought against him, trying to get free. You bit his hand harshly, making him move awake slightly.

“Don’t be a bitch,” he snarled, shoving you onto the concrete. You cried out as a stinging pain sawed through your cheek. You sobbed, clutching your face. A scarlet liquid dripped down your face from your lip and nose, the impact ripping both. He started to advance you again before someone spoke up.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Your head flung round, sight blurry.

The boyish figure ran towards you, crouching down to your level.

“Dude fuck off, she’s mine,” Dylan laughed, walking over and grabbing your wrist.
You yelped in pain as he yanked you up.

“Get off of me!” You screamed, trying to pull away.

“Mate, get off of her!” Aaron shouted, “It’s clear she’s terrified! I swear to god I will beat the shit out of you,”

He laughed again, pushing you back to the ground, “She was a side bitch anyways, you can have the whore,”

You pulled your knees to your chest, sobbing. You listened to the footsteps walking away, thinking both boys had left.

“Hey, are you okay?” you flinched back as Aaron put a hand towards you.

“I won’t hurt you,” he reassured, “I want to make sure you’re alright,”

You looked up at him, biting your lip. You sniffled continuously, not able to look him in the eye.

“Shit,” he mumbled, inspecting your face, “Well it doesn’t look too bad,”

“I need to get home,” You mutter, leaping up.

“I don’t think so,” he laughed, “I’ll take you back to mine, clean you up. No ones home and I guess you don’t want your mom asking questions,”

You looked at him nervously, shaking your head.

“Come on, I won’t hurt you,” he frowned, “Promise,”

You sighed, giving up and taking his hand a he led you to his car.

“Sorry,” he smiled sadly as he dabbed at the cut on your lip.

“It’s fine,” you whispered, ignoring the stinging.

You both stayed quiet for a while, you kept your eyes to the ground as you sat on his bed. He was kneeled in between your legs which of course made you blush every time he moved.

“Why were you at the school?” You asked, finally plucking up the courage, “So late, I mean,”

“I was looking for our coach and heard you scream,” he sighed, “I’m sorry I didn’t get there sooner,”

You shrugged, “Don’t be,”

“I just feel bad,” he sighed, biting his lip in the same way you always did, “Did he do anything to you? Like, you know,”

You shook your head, “Just touched me and stuff that’s all,”

“That’s all?” he repeated, his voice raising. You backed away abit, your heart jumping.

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” he sighed, “It just makes me so fucking angry,”

You paused. Something inside you snapped. You pushed him away and stood up.

“Why? Why does it make you so angry? You never cared before, so why now?” You shouted, “When have you ever made an effort to help me before? Like when I’ve been shoved into lockers, had lunch thrown at me, hit, scratched and hut generally bullied. You seemed pretty damn careless back then! Is it because he hit a girl? That’s why you’re angry? Not because it’s me, oh no. You couldn’t give a fuck. Just like everyone else.”

Rivers ran down your cheeks as you let it all go. Why now did someone care? He had all these years to help you but he didn’t.

“I never knew you got bullied that bad,” he whispered, “I’m sorry I didn’t do anything.”

“It doesn’t make any difference,” you cried, “You could have done something but you chose to protect your popular status,”

He slowly walked towards me and you made no effort to move. He gently grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers. Your breathing slowed down a bit, his touch comforting you.

“I’m sorry,” he pulled you into him gently, “I’m so sorry,”

You played with the hem if his shirt, not in a sexual way, just because you easily got restless. You always fiddled with something.
He kissed your temple, making your heart race. You didn’t really mind the affection, surprisingly. It just made you smile.

“I promise no one will ever hurt you again,” he whispered into your ear, rubbing your back.

“How can you promise that?” you asked, rubbing your face.

“Because you have me.”


it’s a bit shitty but yeh



Meeting Elizabeth

so, after having cleaned up my apartment a little bit and gotten my life (somewhat) organized, I think it’s time I sat down and wrote about Saturday (with a surprise Sunday addition). (I’ll write a separate post summing up the whole weekend later, including Brett & Capaldi, but I think this one’s gonna take it outta me so I’m keeping it focused on Liz.

basically, all our timing and plans on Saturday - our designated AoS-focused day - went incredibly well. my friends and I ended up within the first stretch of people in line for Elizabeth Henstridge’s autograph that morning, and she arrived just in time for us to meet her before we had to rush over to Brett’s photo op. since I was so close to the front, she talked to us when she first walked out and began settling herself at her table. she apologized if she was kind of out of it because she’d just gotten off the plane and was so jetlagged, and I joked that really we’re all in the same boat. she laughed and said oh yeah, being at comic con is kind of like being jetlagged all the time isn’t it? @eclecticmuses joined in the joking, and I made a crack about how all the lights seem too bright, and it went back-and-forth a bit. then she got to signing (no selfies available for purchase at the table that day). 

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