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One(?) gifset per episode || 26 Consequences and Cows

When [Vox Machina] returned to the Keep they found two representatives of the northern farmers of Emon who required aid: a series of their livestock had been stolen over the past few weeks and was putting them in dire straits when it came to the necessary amount of meat they had to raise. The group, trying to turn their morality on its head, decided to aid them, awaited out in the center of the cow pasture at night; masquerading, through illusionary magic, as cows themselves.

Hottest Tracks of 2017

  • “Just… like… me.” - Jughead Jones
  • “I love you, Betty Cooper.” - Jughead Jones
  • “Jughead Jones… I love you.”- Betty Cooper
  • “ Hey there, Juliet.” - Jughead Jones
  • “Also…” - Jughead Jones
  • “Also… Jug.” - Betty Cooper
  • “Hold on tight.”- Jughead Jones
  • “ Don’t let go.” - Jughead Jones
  • “Juggie” Betty Cooper
  • “ Betts.” Jughead Jones
  • “ I believe you, Jughead.” - Betty Cooper
  • “ Come here.” - Jughead Jones
  • “ Hey, you.”- Jughead Jones
  • “ My boyfriend.” Betty Cooper
  • “ Jughead Jones is Riverdale. The very soul of Riverdale.” - Betty Cooper
  • “ I love Jughead, Mom.” - Betty Cooper
  • “ and that is why I love you, Betty.” Jughead Jones
  • “ I support you.” - Betty Cooper
  • “ sure you don’t want a ride home?” Jughead Jones
  • “ Believer” - Imagine Dragons

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