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The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 12]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

“Buckle down, folks,” calls out John Older [first assistant director], his voice resonating around the caves [representing the inside of the Sycorax ship], “cos it’s very difficult to work in here. Let’s go for a take…”

“The door!” screams Billie. “Close the door!”

Noel spins around. As the Sycorax grabs him, he manages to pull the TARDIS door shut just in time. Slam! Door closes. Well, not quite.

“Er - he didn’t close the door,” says Jon. “It’s swung back open.”

“Oh fiddlesticks,” cries Noel, frustrated. “That TARDIS door is such a naughty old thing.”

Actually, that’s not exactly what Noel said. I’m paraphrasing. But this is a family magazine, so let’s just leave it.

“Okay, Noel, you blew the plot,” laughs James [Hawes, director]. “If the door doesn’t close, we’re screwed.”

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Hi! Favorite kpop blogs??? Thank you

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I adore your work. This is an odd question but might I ask how you take your pictures? Is it with a cell phone? An SLR? In a proper studio? I'm creating a product line and the entire photography portion has me in tears. I haven't the capital to hire a professional so I'm asking anyone whose photos I love.

That’s not odd at all! In fact, let me run you through how I do mine because good photos are so essential when you want to sell anything online! I do have an SLR camera but lately I’ve figured that my phone camera works just as well, and it makes it easier for me to instantly upload pics on Instagram and the like! 

First thing you want to do is to find a spot in your house next to a big window where you’ve got plenty of natural light coming in! (or even somewhere outside your house) For me, this is the window beside my bed, so I use my bedside table for all my photography.

Next you need to decide on the overall aesthetic that will go along with the theme of your products! For me, I like to use somewhat darker colours with added decorative elements. Your style can change and develop of course, but try to keep most of your aesthetic somewhat consistent!

Here’s a bunch of decorative items that I might use as background props for my photos! Simple things like faux flowers or feathers can look really nice and make the overall look of a photo more interesting! Experiment with arranging different items until you’re happy with your result!

You don’t want the background items to be too overwhelming and stand out more than your product! Trying out different camera angles and placements can help give you a sense of what works! Take lots of photos and compare them to see what makes your product stand out more!

Another inexpensive strategy would be to get some decorative rolls of paper! Here’s some that I got from Paperchase c: 

Works really nice both with or without props! A light and simple background can really give a more professional feel to a product!

Also, if you’re photographing any kind of necklaces you need to get you one of these yo! Here’s some rather inexpensive ones: x and x!

Having the natural light source come in from the window makes such a big difference! When you take your photos keep in mind image composition and the golden ratio (maybe read up on it if you’re not familiar) to help you with your positioning and angles!


and with a bit of cropping and editing: 

Hope this has been helpful! I’m not saying you have to do it this way, but here’s how I do it! Depending on your line of products you might want to do it completely different! But I promise that it’s not that difficult to take nice photos yourself and you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment. Try it out and experiment, and I promise that you’ll get better at it the more you do! 


Word count: 1940
Pairing: Peggy Schuyler x Reader
Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day and of course everyone has a Valentine. Besides you.
Warning: swear words. Gayness. Hamliza. So basically me. Beware, tis I

Notes: This is a Valentines fic, but my lazy ass was lazy and i didn’t get it done on time. But well, a lot wanted of you wanted a Peggy fic. (No, nobody requested this. I felt like it.)

“God, I fucking hate Valentine’s Day”; you groaned irritatedly as you arrived at the table where all of your friends sat and were in the middle of a conversation.

Peggy was currently picking at a red rose, which she was holding in her hands and look at you with a surprised expression on her face.

“Why would you say that?”, she asked uncomprehendingly and with a long sigh, you sat down beside her.

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💜💛💚 Bon Mardi Gras!  

Seeing as how people always go all out and usually get crazy drunk for Mardi Gras, I feel like Edward would really enjoy this holiday (plus everybody else is wearing mask too). And I thought that Rachel would like Mardi Gras too for all the elaborate masks and beads and since there’s usually alot of cakes and treats going around. On a related note, I was watching The Princess and the Frog while drawing this and you can kinda see that the way I drew Edward was influenced by Dr. Facilier 

Even though I don’t actually live in a place that celebrates Mardi Gras, my mom’s side of the family likes to celebrate it. We get to throw a party and make King cake and we buy beads and mask too! Laissez le bon temps rouler!

The million dollar question(s): How exactly did Kakashi react when he found Sakumo dead on the floor? Did he sit there in shock? Did he go get help? 

When did he finally let himself cry? Who let this child stay in the Hatake manor after Sakumo’s suicide?