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The Neighbors : Fast Forward


                                               6 Years Later


       You jolt awake at the sound of your four year old daughter’s whisper. You look to your doorway and can only see her curly blonde hair and big eyes peeking through from behind your door.

“What’s wrong, Brooklyn?” you ask as you wipe the sleep from your eyes. You look the the clock. 4 am?!

“I miss Daddy, can I sleep with you and the baby?” her voice breaks. You watch the tears stream from her eyes. My poor baby.

“Of course, my love. The baby and I would love that.” You rub your hands over your enormous baby bump.

 She runs to your bed, jumping in on Steve’s side. You lay your arm on the top of his pillow, scooping her to bring her closer.

“I miss daddy too, but he should be home any day now,” you tell her as you kiss her forehead. Her hands go to your tummy, gently pressing them against it. She moves herself fully next to your giant tummy now, leaning forward to gently place a kiss to it.

“I love you,“ she whispers against your stomach. Tears start falling from your eyes at the sight. How the hell did I get so lucky? She’s so beautiful and so much like Steve. I can’t wait for this one to pop out.

“Come on baby, let’s get some sleep. Then when we wake up I’ll make us some waffles,” you offer as she crawls back up to snuggle you.

“Okay, momma,” she sleepily says. You hear her breathing even out then loud snore leave her lips. Just like her fucking father, snoring like a bear. You fall asleep a few minutes later. Movement on the bed wakes you up and you open your eyes noticing it’s still dark out. You turn over to Brooklyn and almost shriek at the sight. You didn’t expect to see Steve laying next to you with her on his chest.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up, doll.” He slowly leans over and kisses you, trying not to wake the snoring angel that is occupying his chest.

“How did the mission go? Everyone okay?” you ask. You try to roll your body over to face him but it takes a few tries. When you finally do, you see him biting back a laugh from watching you struggle to move with your belly.

“Shut up Steve, just answer the question.”

“The mission went well, everyone just has a few scrapes and bruises.” He runs his fingers lightly over Brook’s back.

“She missed you. She wanted to sleep with me and the baby.” Your hand always seems to go to your stomach when you talk about the baby.

“I missed all of you. Are we going to look at the houses later today?” he asks, closing his eyes. You both are startled when you hear Brook’s sleepy voice.

“We need a swingset, daddy,” she mumbles, clearly still half asleep. You quietly chuckle, watching as her chubby little hand reaches up to Steve’s cheeks. “I love you daddy,” she slurs.

 Steve leans in and kisses her. “I love you too, sweetheart.”

  Not more than 20 seconds after, her deep snores return.

  “I swear that kid snored in the womb, Steve. She just had to inherit that from you,” you grumble, moving closer so you can wrap your arm around his.

“I hate to break it to you, but you snore too doll. Like a fucking bulldozer. It wakes me up all the time.” No I don’t!

“It’s not nice to lie to pregnant ladies, Steven. Especially when it’s your child inhabiting the woman. And I don’t fucking snore, you wake yourself up from snoring, grandpa.” He chuckles, moving to kiss your head.

"Did you ever think this would actually get to happen, doll? Married with a kid and one on the way?” he asks sleepily.

“I always hoped it would. This life, this family, it’s something I wouldn’t ever want with anyone besides you, my love. I love you,” you reply as you trace your fingers around your tummy. You assume Steve finally fell asleep but when he answers, familiar butterflies soar through you.

“And I love you, more than you know.”

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I run and run a thousand miles, and I am barely breathing. Only the fuel of a passionate heart keeps this body strong and moving forward. Could it be I found a place to rest? How far until I'm OK? Trees of the town reveal the time has come once again to shift our shade and colors. The world always changes around us but weakness will always remain; Through all the pain, believe in who we are right here and now! Raise one hand to the sky; raise them both lift them high!!

go to my ask and paste the last thing you copied and send it to me without any explanation

will you judge me if i said i recognized this without google

this is host club ending

I will be taking more time to tend to this blog now that I have an easier schedule to work with. With that I have a lot of things that I need to do with you all.
I LOVE interacting with you guys, thirsty or not it’s extremely fun to me. With that, I decided to try my hand at streaming with my measly little laptop. I won’t be making any effort to getting a whole new desktop until I’ve finally moved into my new home. (about two months from now)
With that, first things first, who is willing to take a commission or something for making me a streaming layout. I’m willing to sit in call with you in order to figure how things work, getting OBS running etc etc etc. If you are willing to help with that then please let me know through a message and I’ll try to get with you on my days off.

Another thing, though I’m still relatively bad at it I will try to start taking pictures and what not more often. Still gotta get over that hump of “I don’t think this looks good enough”

All in all I want more asks I don’t care what they are ask me literally anything and I’ll try to answer it (if it doesn’t make me cringe or feel the need to block)
My submit box is still open for your pets cosplays and all around cute selves and sooner or later I would be down to play some custom games with some of you!
I’ve got a lot of work to do with this blog and I’m will to start! So let’s get it started!!

Back to Normal: P1

Summary: MC becomes friends with Becca, leaving Kaitlyn confused and jealous.

            You are sitting in your room staring blankly at your laptop when a knock at the door draws your attention. You perk up and run a hand through your hair. “Come in.” When the door opens, your shoulders slump at the sight of Zack. “Oh, hey.”

            Zack places a hand to his chest, feigning offense. “Wow, no one’s looked at me with such disappointment since the time I stumbled home drunk in my underwear.” Off your curious look, Zack adds, “Long story for another time.”

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I want you to imagine yourself wearing female clothes. A nice, silky dress, panties, garter belt and stockings, the whole works. Tell me how it feels, rubbing against your body. Imagine me bending you over the counter, teasingly running my hands up your thighs and groping your ass. I'm pushing up your skirt and coming down to kneel behind you. I'm kissing and licking at your thighs, gently cupping your cock through the lacy panties. I want to hear you beg for me to continue, to fuck you hard.

Part 1/6

@skarpetkamroku replied to your post “8 and 30 for FenHawke? Please figure out a way to ruin my life”

This is beautiful, but sad. You’re gorgeus but evil.

She wakes to a hand on her face, thumbs running over cheekbones. Warmth in his palm, tenderness in his touch. Sun slips through the cracks of the curtains, the smallest of light which brightens the whole room. The fire has long since died, embers cold. There’s softness in blankets, comfort in pillows, heat of him so close beside her. Hawke smiles at him, still slow with the touch of sleep. “Hello you,” she says softly.

“Hello,” he says. “I, ah – you looked sad. While you were sleeping.” The slightest frown. Fenris looks away from her, as if suddenly caught by the thought that what he’s done is wrong.

“Did I?” Her hands slide up his arms, wind around his neck. “I was having a bad dream.”

“What was it about?”

“I can’t remember now,” she says as he bends down to her, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. She tugs him down closer, laughing as he loses his balance. His weight settles on top of her as he presses kiss after kiss to the line of her jaw, at her throat. He looks up at her, so bright and happy, and she at him. She brushes a stray lock of white hair from his forehead, smiles as he rests his head against her chest, his arms wrapped around her.

I love lazy morning kisses so so so so much. When he’s fresh out of the shower and is running late for work and is rushing to put his clothes on but he slows down just to climb on top of me in bed and run his one hand through my hair and the other along my side and he tells me how he wishes he could stay. And I tell him maybe he could just be a little late today, and he laughs and says once we get started he would never leave. And then he kisses my forehead, down to my nose and then my cheeks and then my neck before bringing his lips back up to meet mine. And we just stay like that for a little too long and we get a little too in to it before I pull away and remind him he has to go to work. He kisses me one last time and I tell him to drive safe, he smiles and says he’ll try his best. I feel so warm and wanted.

I can’t stop thinking about touching her.
I just want her skin on mine, I want to feel how soft her lips are and I want her hands interlocked with mine.
I can’t stop thinking about her head on my chest as I run my fingers through her hair.
I can’t stop thinking about being with her.
Driving in the car with her in my passenger seat, sitting across from her at dinner, and laying next to her.
I just can’t stop thinking about her.
School AU Prompts (part 2)

• “dude… is that a hamster in your pocket?” au

• “you moved away when we were in elementary school and moved back when we’re in high school and dear lord have the years been kind to you” au

• “you play the tuba and for some fucking reason you have to play a little dopey tune whenever I walk in the band room” au

• “so YOU’RE the kid who naruto runs through the halls!” au

• “you rick rolled everyone at prom and I’ve had a crush on you ever since” au

• “we won’t stop talking in class so one day the teacher makes an animated slideshow of us holding hands in an attempt to shame us no homo” au

• “I know you are so athletically challenged that it’s pathetic but I’m gonna keep picking you for my team in gym class because you’re cute” au

• “listen I don’t care that you’re being ‘sO RåNdoM!¡’ by riding a bike through the halls and I don’t care how they let you inside with it but it’s nine in the morning I’m late for class I’m tired and I need you to get out of the fucking hallway” au

• “… who’s the kid in the morph suit?” au

• “you know a lot about recreational drugs for a freshman” au

• “I’m considering getting into trouble myself just to see how they handle your dumb ass in the principal’s office” au

• “you called me a furry so I have to defend my honor and challenge you to a Pokemon card battle” au

• “I called you a furry and you challenged me to a Pokemon card battle are you serious? you know you’re not helping yourself look better in any way right?” au

• “I told you you were wearing too much makeup so you immediately wipe off your lipstick with your hand and smear it on my shirt… I’d like to make a formal apology” au

• “same backpack?? same backpack!!!” au

• “we’re wearing the same shirt, heh one of us is gonna have to change… you’re right that joke is old… yes I’m sorry… okay I’ll think twice before talking to you again… yes I know my place now” au

• “you’re a senior for crying out loud, stop writing 'suck on dis dick’ on my window when we ride the bus” au

and then she said “kiss me” …
I paused for a few moments and took a few deep breathes
I really needed a minute to think about what she had said
and what she really meant
I swear there are so many different ways I have imagined kissing her
so many different moments i have dreamt of kissing her,
but during those few moments so many different thoughts were running through my head:
I want to kiss her softly
I want to kiss her hard
I want to be aggressive
I want to be gentle
I want to kiss her lips
I want to kiss her back
I want to grab her face
I want to grab her neck
I want to touch her hips
I want to touch her hands
I want to kiss her
and by that time I lost my chance
I hesitated the kiss
but I swear the next time I get a chance like that
to kiss a girl like that
I’m going to kiss her
I’m going to Kiss her like she’s mine
and kiss her so she stays
next time I get a chance like that
I won’t even hesitate I’m going to kiss her
—  I-viii-mmxiv

There is this boy at my school who I think is the most attractive boy in the whole universe. He has tan skin that just seems to maintain its color no matter what time of year it is. His hair is a chocolate curly brown, that he runs his hands through at least 200 times a day. His eyes are a caramel-brownish shade that I truly melt into and am lost for words when ever I look into them. But he also has this laugh that is literally one of a kind, and not in a cute way, its high pitched and almost girly but its still music to my ears and always brings a smile to my face. When he talks to his friends, he always makes the funniest jokes and, when he needs to be, nice/helpful to them.

All my friends say that he isn’t attractive and has no like able qualities, and they just cant understand why I like him. I can never seem to figure out why they don’t think he is attractive or funny, it literally blows my mind.

But to be completely honest, I’ve never even had a conversation with him. Im not even friends with the people he’s friends with. I dont think I will ever be able to work up the courage to talk to him and tell him all the things I love about him.

So he will never know that while his friends are mocking his laugh, I’m falling for it. Or when he is smiling, I want nothing more than to be the one making him smile. Never will he know that when he runs his hands through his hair, its my dream to run mine through it too .

But, he will never know any of these things.

So if you are ever thinking that nobody will ever love you because you haven’t been asked out on a date or a stupid boy in high school hasn’t confessed his undying love for you, don’t think that someone doesn’t think of you as an amazing attractive person.

While you’re sitting in class laughing with your friends, someone may be falling in love with the sound of your laugh(even if its a funny one), or the way your eyes light up when your truly happy, or even the way you run your hands through your hair.

Don’t ever think your not good enough just because some boy/girl hasn’t told you how amazing you are.

My BTS wings experience

I will start this off with saying I lined up at 2pm on Wednesday the night before. So yes I camped out & was number 35 in line

It was so cold I literally thought I was going to freeze to death and I would never make it too Thursday night to see BTS. Skipping all that I will say the line up process for so messy and people were trying to cut even when we were in numerical order. Let me tell y'all when they opened those doors. It was a fucking stampede and security was SCARED.

They let us in so slow. My friend got through easily. Then I got through easily. But my other friend they was patting her down We were stuck. When I tell you I grabbed her hand and dipped. I DIPPED. No one was getting in the front of me. But luckily we caught up to my friend.

Then they gave us a whole speech on no running but I was like no one is gonna listen. Which they didn’t. But me and friends got barricade 

They kept playing the songs and music videos over and over which I didn’t care because it’s BTS. When it started and the introduction was playing on the middle screen aka the sheet I almost shit myself. Then when not today started the sheet didn’t even fall all the way and Namjoon was so confused. It was stuck but eventually it fell. Then it got real! (Video)

For the solo stages Begin was first  and the choreography was so much better in person. He’s so talented. Then next was Lie I believe and I barely recorded it because Jimin is so unreal I was so shooked.

Namjoon stage was so cute and us shouting “We love you!” The smile on his face and his dimples. Lawd Then next was Tae. I almost cried tears of joy because he really did that. (Video).

Cypher was so fucking LIT

When they came through the floor with “Lost” I was blessed with Tan skin (Video)

Tae was standing there for so long. I kept making eye contact. He fixed his hat so I involuntary fixed my hat when he did it. He smiled @ me

This part almost made me cry (Video).

They’re cutest beans ever. Actual sunshine. (Video)

Look at how happy Jimin was to see my banner and I wasn’t expecting anything at all!



1st I’m just gonna say that me and my friends are like magnets to BTS.

After the show they pulled up next to us on the highway and we waved to them and I’m not sure who, but someone waved back

and it just so happens that today we were walking down the block and saw Rap Mon taking his picture.


Also Ran into JRE in Ktown. So sweet. Nice seeing him again



Prompt: Y/N’s life with Lin, told through her ever-changing hair color.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Warning: Angst.

A/N: I want to say thanks to my beta, Sarah (@how-could-i-do-this) <3! Go over and send her some love, she helped me out so much! I hope you guys enjoy!


 Lin stands at the threshold of the bathroom door, silent.

 You run a shaky hand through your hair, unsettled over the new length. Your once waist-length blonde hair was now cropped, reaching right below your chin. You turn to face him, ignoring his sunken and watery eyes, and smile.

 “Well? Do you like it?”

 He stares at you for a bit longer, scanning your face.

 You playfully pout and bring your hands to your hips. “Lin.”

 He snaps out of it and reaches for you, bringing you into his arms. “It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

 You giggle and kiss his cheeks. “Good, I’m glad you like it. I finally have an excuse to experiment on some new looks.”

 His arms tighten around you and he says nothing.


“H-here?” Lin whispers as you tug him into the costume closet at the Richard Rodger’s Theatre.

“Yup,” you reply, popping the ‘p’.

You push him against the door once you close it, enjoying the surprised look on his face. “Here’s to opening night,” you whisper, pressing your lips against his.

He chuckles, hands burrowing into your bright red hair, and returns the kiss. “To opening night,” he murmurs against your lips.

His eyebrows comically shoot up towards his forehead when you slide down to your knees.

You make sure you hold his gaze when you unbuckle his belt.

“Let’s make sure it’s a memorable one.”


You tie the red ribbon around your braided hair, pleased at how your lilac tresses complimented your skin. You wrap your green scarf around your neck, completing your cosplay for Bulma, your favorite character from Dragon Ball Z.

You twist and turn in front of your mirror, admiring how nicely the crop top shirt and yellow shorts hug your frame.

Lin whistles when he enters. “Looking good,” he sings.

He joins you in front of the mirror, dressed in a pink button-up shirt and khaki pants. You suppress your giggle when you inspect his hair, his short locks practically defying gravity.

He groans, pulling at his spiky hair. “I look ridiculous.”

Today there was a huge cosplay convention happening in New York City, and somehow you convinced Lin to accompany you and to dress up as Vegeta.

“Thank you for putting up with me,” you coo, kissing his cheek.

He rolls his eyes, feigning annoyance, but the obvious gleam of happiness betrays him.

“You’re my wife, I have no choice.”


After a short walk through the neighborhood, you got winded, so Lin suggested a rest at the park. The two of you sat on a bench, watching as children ran around and played.

You rest your head against Lin’s shoulder, your wavy dark green hair spilling over your thighs. “So this is it,” you say.

“We’ve lived here for so long…” he trails off, sighing.

You loop your arm through his and intertwine your fingers, wanting to soothe his worries of moving to London for Mary Poppins. “I think it’ll be a nice change,” you say, “plus I’ll be right there with you.”

“You’re right. As long as we’re together,” Lin gulps, voice wavering, “I think I can handle anything.”

Unshed tears flood your vision. “I’ll always be by your side no matter what, Lin.”


Lin adjusts the blanket over the both of you. “Cold?” he asks, voice hoarse.

You snuggle against him and breathe in his scent, your eyes half-closed. “A little.”

You smile as he lightheartedly rubs your head, playing with the short black strands. “I think this is your best look yet.”

You look up at him, chuckling. “You have more hair than I do. I think this look is a disaster. I miss my wigs.”

He laughs, but the sound is empty and hollow.

After a moment of silence, he speaks.

“You think you’ll be able to stay up a little longer?”

“I’ll try my best,” you sigh, fighting against the pull of sleep.

“I’ll be here in the morning,” he whispers, voice weak.


After months of battling ovarian cancer, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wife of three years has passed. Today, after weeks of being absent from social media, he finally breaks his silence.  The recent EGOT posted a heart-wrenching picture of his last moments with Y/N. Y/N, dressed in a hospital gown, looked beautiful wrapped in Miranda’s arms. He writes: “My beautiful wife, may you finally rest in peace. I know you’ll be watching me and cheering me on, like you always have. I’ll make you proud. Wait for me.”