i ruined the mood :


Quinx + Masks


I mean, she’s like…the smartest person I’ve ever met, in a kind of sexy librarian sort of way which who knew that’s my thing.


Tfw when fanfic says “his hair was silky under your touch” when in reality you know it’s damaged af because his HaIr WAs fUCkiNg dyEd LiKE 155286282926 tIMeS

i really believe kubo is going to make it happen. an extremely grand conclusion to victor and yuuri’s relationship where yes, it will commit to the idea that they are truly in love as lovers, but like her previous tweets stated it’s going to be more than your overused, boring dokidoki please-date-me love. they’ll be best friends, lovers, family, everything. they’re soulmates, two halves that only feel complete with each other. DEEP THROATING LOVE.


How about forgetting all this and running away?